Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 24, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

1$-- NORTHWfST ARKANSAS !*». f»i«i»M». «4. Federal Agents Always On Trail Of Big Dope Traffic Figures Like Jim Yellow By IH)N WIIITKHBAI» · Washington-Wl-Tlie nwslcrs of America'^ narcotics tluvcs are the underworld fiuurcs who toiilrol the supply of smuggled "dope" which bring? thenvfanlnslic prof- Its tram Ihc 50,000 ndclkls In tills country. ·nicy are rcspunslultf Ira a trat- I l c ' t h M l, clcitniyiiif! tin; Imdles . mid minds of men, women nncl children who bceonic prisoners of the haljll. They lire the men huiilml day and nighl b y . U . S. Narculk's . Uuronu agents. ''Jim Ye'low" HobcrtG v/;ts one i i lilrf was a LTUL-IMI mumi-i,.. · · ·. of t'lic hunted. A/jcnls tracked him whole cnrcdilly laid plan would down In his WnrtilnKliin Icollapse if Huberts became suu- aiMirlmnn two yours ago. Roberts, | plrioils. Htil then Jim Yellow said: * :im-pDUiul, llijhl-sfelnncd Neijro, "That doesn't make any difference drove a Cadillac and lived In l u x - . I hav urv with his uruwii-hnircd young I In." Yellow. Recognize* A Friend At the apartment house. Watson left Chappcll In the car. lie walked Into the building nnci knocked on Robert*' apartment door. Roberts peered nut, recognized nn old 'friend--and Ihc Informer stepped inlo Roberts' apartment with Its thick carpets, expensive f u r n i t u r e nnil $3,000 television set. . "Arc you alone?" Roberts asked. The Informer replied: "No. 1'n: r u n n l n K with a w h i t e boy, but lie 1 ! all right." Till* was a crucial moment. The n white wife. Uring him w h i t e , wife. "Tinkjy." Federal 1 agents .hud Watson railed Chappcll Inlo the r c u r r i i i - UK-."" .--· l)ce " °" apartment to meet Roberts. "Make Hubert*' troll for yeais. They sus- 'yourself at home," Jim Yellow uecli-ii he was' n big-shot in the told his visitors. Then he asked NL-W i he was a ing-snqi in nit-- iom ins vuu"i». i nun uu York-Washington narcotics Watson what k i n d of c o r ' l i traffic, and that he was one of the bill' hidden 'souiccn supplying .dope to street peddlers who passed it on to addict;;. They caught him in 1IM5 with 44 ounce.' of heroin In hl» possession nnd sent him to prison. The Treasury Department announced "Her his arrest Hint the "Kast's largest dope rinR hus been cracked." · Dul Jim Yellow 'spent only ZV4 ' years behind bare. Then he came back Mo Washington and soon tlic aBCrits were on hi", Irall again. The -flleti of the U. S. Narcotics Bureau Hive this, story; One October day two strangers cume to town driving a flashy Cadillac convertible with Michigan plates. One. of the men wns a Negro, Jim Watson, who had known Roberta years before in Detroit'; Ills White companion was Narcotics Agent Howard W. Chap- pcll. masquerading under the name "l.onnle." They made discreet inquiries and then drove to Roberlii' apartment hour£. This wns the beginning of n tense Tl hours--with tueccss or lallurc depending un whether they could "iinin the confidence of Jim EVERYTHING IN PIUMIINO and SUPPIIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHNMfNT AVI. driving. "A 19'tn Cadillac convertible.," the Informer replied casually. Jim Yellow warf Impressed. "Mini, you're doing all right, too," he j:aid. Talk Grin To Done Finally the talk got around to m a r i j u a n a and Watson asked Roberts if he had any "pot." Jim Yellow went Into a bedroom and cume out with three or four ounces of marijuana in a hat-box lid. "Help yourself," he said. Watson rolled some marijuana cigarettes nnd Chappcll simulated smoking one. . "This is good s t u f f , " Watson laid. * . Chappell said; "It must hnvc come from around Lexington, Ky." Roberts replied that it was a fact the marijuana had come from Kentucky. Meanwhile, Roberta wife, Tlnliy, came Into the room with a girl friend. Hoth began chain-smoking "reefers." The couple and their visitors were now on friendly terms. They had dinner and visited a nightclub and before they went home Jim Yellow gave them a supply of marijuana cigarettes as n gesture of hospltalily. Aiikit For Heroin Next day Chappcll ami Walson returned to Roberts' apartment to watch a baseball -name on television. And then Walson made his pitch . . . "I've got to get my nose cleaned," he . told Jim Yellow-- UARK SOON V W I V I I W I Mortons?; When it j rains ; it pours ; PLAIN OR IODIZED shot meaning he needed a heroin. Jim Yellow picked up a telephone, dialed a number, and told someone: "When you come over, Ijrlng 10 of those t h i n g s and come over right away." Later, a Negro brought a racl; f u l l of money into the apartment, and be handed a little brown envelope - t o Roberts. Jim Yellow passed the envelope to Watson- an envelope conlainini! 10 capsules of heroin. Watson gave Jim Yellow $30-the usual price of $3 a cap which junkies p a y to Washington peddlers. And the ngcnl.-: had thcii evidence. Hut they wanlcd a bigger h of heroin if they could get it. During dinner, Walson asked Roberts ubnut the chances oi "getting a piece" -- Hotting a large q u a n t i t y of heroin. Jim Ycllov/ told him he could dcJiver an ounce the next afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mow much w i l l tile s t u f f cost?" Watson asked. 'Three hundred dollars," Roberts replied. Wiitson protested he could oily Lhc same a m o u n t in New York nl a much cheaper price. "Like hell you can," Jim Yellow retorted. "You know there is a panic there and if you want any stuff that Is good, you'll have to get it from me." The following day, Chappell and Watson tried t'.vlcc to contact Roberts. Uut the Inst time they knocked on his door, Tinky pecked around Hie chained door and told them Jim Ycllo'w wasn't there -and she wns leaving soon, too. The game was over then. Narcotics agents raided the apartment and sei/ed more evidence. Jim Yellow was sentenced to spend 20 months to f i v e years in prison. Ills wife, Tinky, was sentenced to I B months to four years. They appealed to the District Court of Appeals -- but wore denied a new hearing. What to do witli leftover t u r key? Mix it with celery a'ul salad dressing, make up n ring of jellied cranberries, and f i l l the center of the ring with the turkey naiad. The use of vinegar, n mild acid, ·ends to loosen the hard deposit hat forms Inside a tea kclllc. Now for Malaya MITAIN'S new high commissioner for Malaya, Gen. Sir Gerald Tcm- pier, Is shown in London on Ills return from Ottawa, where he talked with Prime Minister Win- lion Churchill. Red - supported guerrillas are conducting small- icale warfare In the rich British possession. Previous commlaslonei waa assassinated. (InternationalI MISSION STREET GROCERY 525 MISSION PHONE 117 ARMOURS PERK SOAP, 2 Boxes ...... 29c SALAD BOWL SALAD DRESSING, Qr. . . . 33c YELLOW BONNET KRAUT, No. 2 Can . . lOc KRAFT DINNER, 2 For . . - . . ' . . . . . 2 3 c CAIN COFFEE, Ib ............ 79c SUNSHINE CRACKERS, Ib ........ 30c MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING, 3 Ibs ..... 69c LARGE BISQUICK .............. 45c DONALD DUCK ORANGE JUICE, 46-oz. . . 22c TOMATO JUICE, Libby's,46-oz ........ 28c PEAS, No. 303 Can, 2 for ......... 29c NIAGARA STARCH, 12 oz ........ 15c GAINES DOG FOOD, 25 Ibs ....... $2.49 Fruits and Vegetables DELICIOUS APPLES, Ib .......... 17c WHITE GRAPEFRUIT 6 for ........ 29c TUBE TOMATOES ........... 22c BANANAS .............. 15c VELVETA CHEESE CORN KING BACON ..... BALLARDS BISCUITS, 2 Cans OLEO ........... v We Reserve^ the Right to Limit Quail title $ 89c 39c 25c A BOND FO?. "THE DUCHESS" Mary Ann Myhrc, 19, Duchess of Diiluth, hands Under Secretary of tlic Treasury Edward II. Folcy Jr. her "coin of Ihc realm," while Mr. Folcy passes over * $100 Rlant-slzcd U. S. Defense Bond. The ceremony tooic place recently in Dulutti, Minn., when Mr. Folcy presented the city with Treasury Minutcman Flag (or a successful Payroll Savings campaign amonjc employees. YOU CANT FOOL A HOME ECONOMIST! IS THE ONLY SHORTENING THAT GIVES YOU GUARANTEED CAKE INSURANCE I'se A-Gonna Be In Campbell Super Market SOON Fixin', Flippin' and Serving Those Famous Aunt Jemima Paneakcss. Aunt- Jemima in person, so Honey Chile watch this paper for appearing date. Large No. 1 M , Doz. 43c Wilson's Bakerite,31b.can83c SHORTENING Maryland Club Coffee . . Ib. 85c ARMOUR'S Treet . . . can39c YELIOW BONNET Peaches . . RED BUD Tomatoes.. YELLOW BONNET Peas . . . No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2!/2 Can 19c 15c 29c FLORIDA 2 DOZ. Juice Oranges 49c RED RIPE Tomatoes ·»· TM 21c CALIFORNIA Lettuce Large, Firm Head 19c CRISP Celery t;2for25c EXTRA LARGE Tangerines, dz. 29c Bacon, sliced, lb.46c LEAN Pork Steak, Ib. 49c U.S. GOOD SirloinSteaks.lb89c FRESH Ground Beef, lb,63c KRAFT Elkhorn Cheese 58c LIBBY'S P'apple Juice lr29c RED BUD Tomato Juice i: 25c LIBBY'S Fruit C'ktaiK; 39c DONALD DUCK Orange Juice '£,* 19c ARMOUR'S SUNSHINE KRISPY Crackers, Ib. box 3k Prize Taker Perk -sr 21= 27c Flour 25 £ $1.79 Trend . 2 te 35c HuHHay Bleach, qt. lie BROWN or, POWDERED Sugar · Ib. box lie HI-NOTE Tuna, can 19c PACO Milk ;:·: 10c RED BUD Catsup... '.o»r. 15c Sardines. 2- 25c CHUM Salmon. 39c RED BUD Hominy N c A Real Budget Saver TALL BOY 22-oz. Can Vegetable Soup 17c Compare This Fine Quality Soup With Any Brand. SUPER M A R K E T A. D. MORRIS ALFRED MORRIS, MGR. HOYT GRUNWOOD Armour's Sweet Sixteen Oleo, Ib. 21c

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