Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 24, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

4--HOUTHKWIT MKANSAS tWMI, NyttltvUi. ArlnaniM. Hnwelay. J«m»«ry 14, IM1 Showing Next Week At Fayetteville Theatres WESTERN, ACTION, DRAMA ON BILL AT LOCAL THIATMS THIS WEEK. . "WESTWARD THE WOMEN" . . . /.Wtttero «dy«nlur« I«l». ' This ocdtemenl pilohod tlory sttrrlng Robert Taylor and Ofnltc Darctl opens «t the Ourk Sunday and plays thru Tuesday. . It is the iimiulluoiK.iind roiifln* 'clor.v of tin? perilous trek of 20fi who leavi Illinois and crow a 2.000 mile tlrfleh of 18.10 pioneer rmmtr.v lo find homes and IiuFbnndi; in : fertile California villey. "WESTWARD TIIK WOMEN" Is an adventurous trrk of 200 women. Binder the leadership of one man, '...'. proven lo he gripping en- 'tcital.imeii'. j-ou will icnlly enjoy . , . it'* dlftrienl In entertainment. "THE BLUE VEIL"'. . . Humanly apptillnf iiorr. This tfcama (.larrlni .f»n« Wy. Cha Orders Taken for Forging H»KOK mjsj Presses As U. S. Attempts To Catch Up With The Reds 111811.. JAW WtMAH wondMfiil human Internet »lory you' -SON or on. JEKYLL" . . . Towerln* hiijhli of (men ( "' This film ruche* a new h?l{lil ·,,, in horror find Mart) IjOiils Hflyward .and .lody Lnwrancc. H opcnn'*t "the Uark Saturday and pl»y« thru Tupfdny. lla.vwnrd. nt the o/fspriiiR of hi* .^.father's cvll'sltcr-fgo. is brought ·lip without learning his unholy * f hrrltat!e. Whcii he doc* find out lie refuses to marry unlll he proven ihal his father w;is not n lunatic but n iterlouii rcienlinl who had diticove.tml valunblr: chcmicid lo help humrmily by re- KKYLI," mftiillains HPH I-.3UBhtrjn. .loan Hlondell, Richard Carlson and mgny'mor* optnc it th« Ozark Wednesday. .lant U'teen'In Ihc h«i'l-w}rin- liil rolo as tilt htrolnt, « World. Wai 1 I widow whose bsb.v r|lM shortly aflel' birth. In urtent ne«d of a job. she becomw a nnr. r .o for a molhOrlcH child, but soon real- l/es Ihal she finds connotation 'in the work'. The ttpry that unfold* durinc ·ier tliirl.v years of nuriinjj is a enjoy. Inlcceal from thr , Family JUtU AO«MS "FINDERS KEEPERS" comtdy. This new hilarious film starring Tom Ewell, Julia AcUmn Anfj Dusly llenlty opens at the I Wednesday and olays thru Friday F'rom Illn ttpcniilR when "Dusty 11 Nlagcers inlo th* presence of his grandmother haul- ine a little red wagon filled with money, tiptll the final si-Snc which iiliows the lot thrmvinj; hlfc family Inlo a ntnv uproar, lliere ii hot a moment Hut dO* tiol hold you on Hie ed/ie of your State W caii5* you lo i-em- bark In jalos of lailib- t*r. You'll lovt "Dusty" Hctiky, too. PALACE . . . KilWlfty'*'. Monday -- "THE PR1NCB WHO WAS A THIEF" with Piper Laurie, and Tony Cm-Ms . . . plus . . . "FOHLORN IUVER" with "Busier" Crabbft . . . Tuesday 'thru Thursday .. . . "JESSE JAMES" Mnrrlnfc Tyrone Power. Friday Saturday--"STAGE ftCOACli DRIVER" with Whip Wilson . . . plus . . . "JOE PALOOKA ,aN THE SQUARED CIRCLE" ftarrlnt Joe Klrkwond, Jr.. flOVAli . . . Krldny ft. Saturday Onlv . . . Double Feature . . . "CONVICTED" slai-rlns'tMcnn Fnnl and Brndcrlck Crawford . . . plus . . . "AL ,IENN1NC;S OF OKLAHOMA" with D,-m Urn-yea. HURCHMEN END WORLD SURVEY Washimton-l/Ti-Attr mor« tlun Ivt yf»rn of talk and argument, hfc Unilfd StitCB jovernmcnt «nd ndiulry are finally .tlirlcd to- wtrd brealclnf an Important bot- Ifntek In high tpecd produullon if warnlanes, and catching up illh a nu.inlan Iji.-hnolojlcnl lead. Th# Air Force said today orders ir 16 hu«e lorgiiu presses nre mder contract. These massive ools c»n turn out btller parls lor el bomber* and fighters f»r f«i,t- er and at lowar manpower and iollar cost Ilinn present procttscs. Bui II will bt two years or more jcfere the new machines can be delivered to tdd. to the handful of forging prefer nnw in operation Ihe United Slalfs. The presses appear lo be part ot boltlenecks In detcm.c production crltlcli'.efl in a new report by Senate-House mobilization "watch dof" rommlttee. The committee blamed the Pentagon and various defense agenclcc for shortsightedness contribulinB lo Ihe lool shortage. Retoftnize Bhortaces In answer to r|Uffillons about the committee's criticism, 9 De- Itnse Department spokesman said Ilic department recognized ma- chhn tool shortages existed in llic early -stkies ot the production build-up.'' But, "he added, the point has been reached "where the bulk of the machine toolfc required has been ordered and cither is delivered or scheduled to b$ delivered within the reasonably nCnr fu- Une." The reasonably near future was not .'I'pccificd in terms of months or years. A check wl|h'the. Air Fore? and *wilh Industry shows fhal tlie m^lop problem continues to b* ! lools lor making jsl engine..:. These lools are needed, anionc other things, tor boring Ihrouel) metals of hitherto Unknown hardness needed in the high-temperature jeld'dtxl for machining down to walch-llke precision the turbine buckets '»il(J olhqr moving parls of Ihc 'engines. Tool.-* and techniques u;;cd in niffklnj; convcnlioii"! pinion en(clues are useless in jet manufacture. The Air .Force believes Figssla has In use. at least one huge forglnit prefp, of mo!:c than .SO,000 tons ca'paclly, which the Heds cap- lurrcl from Oermany at Ilie end of Work! War II, and which I hey arc using lo niass produce parls of Ihe MlCi-l.-i jot tighter*. A PITHS of that size is far larger than any how in ui-e by the Unilcd Slates. Now the United Slates is trying to catcli up with Russia-and, Indeed, with the ricrman de- signers ol th« ltd wir. Appropriation Provided The nuw program includes construction of two 50,000-ton forging three cwnpiny'c all-Urn* record tellers, even the laic Enrico Caruso, Alma Cluck ar.u Mi.iai, Anderson. He,la a former conductor of Ihc Rochester Philharmonic Orchcs- tt-n. . His sister his appeared with the Philharmonic Symphony in New York, at the New York Lcwisohn Sladium, with the Chicago Symphony and a number of oilier leading musical organisa- tions, ijhe has Just completed tours of Canada and Endauri and has appeared on many radio programs. The crater lake of Chubb Crater j averages 0,100 feet in diameter. three 3S,000 ton mid 25,000 ton. L'onfrett provided last year i 210 million dollar appropriation for heavy forging 'and extrusion presses. The orders have jcen placed on that basis, but vllh rislnj costs the funds' in«y )'e inadequate for the program. - Ciovci'i.mcnt ana Industry ttavl-' «l talking about getting logeiher ! .ools for aircraft production In early 1948.' There wss disagreement over the big presses. The government originally proposed that the Air Force build and operate a planl, somewhat like « naval gun factory, where all Ihc presses would be assembled to turn out products ordered by Hit armed forces-- A(r force, Navy and Army. Industry objected to this on several points, amonp. them that Ihe job war, .essentially one for industry and that there also was Ihe daiifjer of puttlnc all the ells In one, vulnerable basket. Negotiations fell Into a lull and I his v/ti followed by the economy trend which made funds tor the machine tool program' scared. DC spite the outbreak of the Korean War In June, 19.10, It w«S not unlll last fall that government and industry finally' agreed on '» new program for presses. Al Severance, head basketball codch at Villanovrj, firndualcd Jrnm Ihat Institution in 1929 as valedictorian. 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Council of pre«byterlan Men, Greetlpi them It Paul Moe«r, ifilional eccretary. Thrj have been ttudylni condltloqa Ig are»i o» world di|fur 1952 "On* Great Hour of Sharlni" movement /I 'OPP Uurbi aiirl his slslr-r, Amparo, \yill prrscnt 9 rolic^rt of piano niutir Ihc rncninR of .lanu- ,-iry 2f) at Memorial Hall ill .loplin Mf)., undrr ?poiiKorsliiti nf Mrs. ,1 I,. Wilder. Th6 two arc making .1 phoi't lour of the country, ^iul will play in Jnplill Tucnrla.v nighl. llurbi plw.vrd last at Jonlin ii in-iS. anrl ha*? playprl also in Sprlnefield. In holh apnearanccs he wjs greeted hy capacily Hurbl is one of the most popular arilsts in* the wnrlcl -- playing in cnnccrl, movinc piclures and 01 rrcrii'dhiRs. Hccently he receiver from a recording company more than $118,000 tor fix months' sale nf hln rcrordincs, the larges slnslc royalty check nc firm evti issupd to a I'lflKslcal recordinc arlisl. He has outstripped A . Dirt-ERENCE IN MILK? Just Icl your family be the judgosl CHANGE lo ficih Darlcraft . Milk (01 ·n* week and ice why* 10 many fami* (let nafur«lly prefer In rich, fin* flavor. At your ar«ter» . . . In fh» new lyp« ptotNc coaled cailonl A Great New Home Appliance AUTOMATIC ELICTRIC Pr«i«nt Stock at Old Pric« Dithwalhtr without Sink Available Built-in Dishwasher Saves 7 Hours a Week! Mil l..d M, teuth «ie 41 Otuble w»ih««, ··»·!· tlnm « ellrtw tlaclrlf«llr« . V r*rm«nent icp w«ik iur(«t «n W LOOK TO HOTPOIN1 IOR THI HNI»T-««IT AT Automatic Appliance Co. 11-13 N. ILOCK PHONE 1J3 EVERY KROGER STORE N| Same Low n ^roqer v ) No* you can fl«! Iht »omt low prite» in all Arkaniat Kroger itoret reaordltM of tin. How«v^r, prie«» in the following citits may vary . . . they or* nft tt by Krogar's Lillle Rock Bronth: Wynn«, EorU, Paragiuld, Wolnul Ridge, For«sl City, l«pon»»\ Owwlo, JOBM- bero, Blythevilla, Helena, Mariana. Pork Beans Von Camp's tender Delicious beans in rich tomato sauce. 3 No. 300 Cans 39 Northern Beans Baby Lima Beans Pinto Beans Pet Milk Woshburn Brand Dried. Woshbutn Brand Dried. Woihburn Brand Dried. Alto Carnation Rainbow 2lbs.2S Sweet Gherkins 13 Kroger Bread EatmoreOleo Freih, uft, Nutritieui. Economical, Smooth, rich. Krofler Brand. ll-ei. jar. JO-ot. (Off 2lbs.45 6-ot. cant 2 - 2 1 29« Frozen Orange JuiceS 2 Cooked Ham 63' Arkansas Moid, Shank ready to cat, D .. 11 A real Kroger Portion ID. Value. Bun Portion Ib. Sliced Bacon Piece Bacon Dry Salt Meat Neck Bones Wicklow Brand. 1-lb. layer package. Armour Star 2 to 3 Ib. first cut. Loan Streaked. A real value. f.ecn, meaty, Wing on. lb.39* Pork Sausage lb.29 Pork Liver lb.19i Mexican Chili 2 Lbs. 25* Ocean Perch Holly Irand or Armour Star. Tender economical nutritieut. Armtur Iqnner Well itaitntd. Filleh, Tap quality. Ib. roll 39* lb.29 lb.59 lb.4S Pork Roast Caulifl Fresh, lean picnics. Cut from small corn fed porkers. ower s Large, snow-whitf htads. Buy at Krofjtr and save. Head 25 Florida's. Sweet, juicy ORANGES PASCAL CELERY Crisp, full -Grttn. U.S. No. 1 rtds. Waihad, leltctid. 10 59'

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