Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 24, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1974
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

A REAL 6H?l?.' WHAT KINO OF SKI lOOUtt? WANT TO 5EE W ? SHE MUST 6E FATANP SKiNNf' rr WAS A GISI! sue HEL107AWNAME tS CHARLIE effiXDN. VE5, I'M THE GN6 HER HOUSE SO SWE'CAN AR3W6tZe TO ME IN PERSON.' kWPENTEPAT V\ THE PARK ICAN'T SS.T IT OFF HER HERE'S MY CHEEK. TAKE IT AND START RUNNING.' DELIVERY SERVICE VOU KNOW, BAW, I'VE GOTTA WORK ffSii IF.VOUR AUNT MWHIE SELLS HER HOUSE, THAT'S THE ENP OF/W TRVINGTO ^ FIND OLD OBEOIAH'S TREASURE.J I'VE GOT TO SEUVT. ICAHT LIVE IN THIS House OF HORRORS ONE MINUTE" MORE THAN X HAVE _ 10. SACRIFICE HISTORIC HOME OF . CAPT. WHEW I FUST Lfltp B/ES OW SNUFPV-- fl DOG'S LIFE EOER S1WCE POPPV LOVE ftTFUST SIGHT THE/SAY THAES A WONP6R WOLF" AROUND!! BUT, ISASHIVERIN' ' LI'L COWAPD 1 .! \!_ THeys HOT UPON m LATSST SLAN LIKBAHtSU * WOLF"Me/zety MSAMS A FEUA WfffitLffC£ OUTA PO0PATCH SOMETIMES 1 WISH H£'P QUIT TRYINS TO 3IVB UP YOU PUT IT IN THE RI0HT, ANP WHAT'S Tl4e J?AW£R OTTOPC WITM IT? MV U6FT DRAWER REFWeeRATEPy, MOT THE RIGHT/ I TOLPYOU TO PUT MV BAR IN LSPT DRAWER,' NO, WAITER, GIVE IT TO HIM HE SETS IT BUT; BOSS--YOU SA;O ir WAS GOING TO BE YOUR TREAT/ Q^ 5-^Bclicvo ftor MM 24 · N«Mhw«« Arkaiuai TIMES, W«d., July 24, 1974 DUKE OF LONSUEVILLE. C1540-1573? · ' OF THE PROVINCE OP PlCflRDX R?AMCE, KTTHEASEOF11 SAILING- VESSELS CONSTRUCTED N KVWAdLON THE PERSIAN SUUj ARE BUILT U/THOOT Tfff Off Of MllS llllllM LESTER L COLEMAN, M.D; Drafts In Car May Cause Facial Palsy MMIMHIIimiHnilllUlM 1( e STRATOSPHERE , ABOVE ARCTIC SBERIA is W4RMS2 THAN JHE STffOSFtt/BP?A8CVE SiXTKOPiCAt. COfTKAL FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope · T w o days after , I; . had a complete examination.and was found to be, in perfect, health I suddenly developed paralysis of the face. Could this attack have been prevented? Does the face ever return to normal? .; ' Mr. T.N.S., Ind. Dear r Mr ; S.: · The condition you describe may be a paralysis of the muscles of the face called Bell's palsy, named after Sir Charles Bell who first recognized it. A large nerve known as the "fabiai'nerve"- can be 'affected by. a virus, a draft or injury during surgery of the mastoid bone. FACIAL NEhVE This 'facial nerve , has three branches. The first is distributed .to the forehead. . The second goes to the; upper eyelid The third controls the muscles around the lips a n d - t h e lower part of the face. . ·- People.with Bell's palsy have difficulty raising their eye prows, closing -the eyelid, an tmd it impossible to whistle. It is purely coincidental tha Ihis happened shortly after yoi were examined and found to be in perfect health. ' A number of people wit] facial paralysis -are found ti Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find. what your outlook is, 'according to the stars. FOR THUKS., JULY 25 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) . A fruitful day indicated, but your returns may not be quite as great, as you expected. Remain composed and ready to shift to a lower gear in expecta- ons - for the present, at least!! AURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) The cool-headed approach- in 1 matters -will bring better suits than the emotional one. our fine skills and talents are le for recognition soon. BMINI (May 22 to June 21) This day may be described a duel between promise and erformancc. The effort ex- inded and the direction taken ill be the deciding factors, link before acting! ANGER (June 22 to.July 23) A broad new concept of your b is in the making, which yon ould strive to. understand, onlact with persons 'who have ight, · workable ideas could [ange your strategies. EO (July 24 to Aug., 23) . You may run into some oppo- ion now,' but y o u . need 'not '', it disturb your .equilibrium your sense of humor. You sually enjoy outwitting op- ising forces. IRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Fine - influences! Aim for rly accomplishment, planned your usual orderly fashion, it do not reject the novel or ifamiliar without due con- deration. IBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Shun breakneck speed, bul either delay nor be tardy ir ction. Both extremes, anc thers, must be curbed. Group terests, partnerships favored. CORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Put past doubts, disappoint ave'been exposed to a constant raft while driving an automo-'.. }i1e with the draft window, open, 'erhaps - this explains why Bell's palsy seems , to occur more often on the left side. Early treatment . with corli- one and stimulation of the face muscles.- and ; the facial ncrvS vith electric currents make the, :hance of recovery'excellent; Each-individual case may. b* specifically : .sludied. : .tOj chqosa he ideal form of treatment., EASY PAINTERS. Why do some people tend to 'aint more easily than others? Miss N.B-, ; Va; Dear Miss-B;: : . The process of fainting is .echnically known : as syncope. [I is. caused by .'a temporary sudden reductioni'of the flow of uloocl and oxygen "to the brain. Hunger, drugs, on a severe emotional upset may be respon- ; sible for the change in the bloody- flow. Even a ( rapid :change ol'-;- position .Can cause fainting. » The -threshold .for · fainting-"' varies with different people,'-: Some react more violently to^. stimulus than do others.'. 1 " There is no specific profile sug gesting that one person ralheK," than another w i l l ' h a v e - a "grea-^ ter-tendency to fainting.. ments behind you; they only put limits on future 'success. Itrcss your versatility; you could now.add the;"twist" that boosts projects to success. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. This may: not be-a speclacu-, but it offer^some-gains and much;pleasure.- Start-with he will to make it better than ever and you will "be.happy.. APRIGORN (Dec. -22' to Jan. 20) Analyses, conjectufes, -decisions must be given plenty of ,irhe in order to prevent errors. Be alert. '. AQUARIUS : (Jah. 21 : to Feb. 19) It may. not be easy to appreciate all suggestions-and. directives, but,'with all your strength and self-confidence,, back those you know to be timely and well ,hought-dut. , PISCES (Feb. 2(Uo.Mar. 20) A good spot for' your intuitive forces, your ingenuity, alertness and inventiveness.'Do use them : or sound purposes. - ·. YOU- BORN TODAY: : Versatility, gregaripusness and boundless energy are your "outstanding traits. Although you are very . progressive in your :hinking and your methods, you lave a great" fondness for old traditions 'and for the antique in art and furnishings - may even succeed as a-dealer such objects. With a.great flair for the dramatic,' you could also excel on .the stage or, in the legal profession, asra trial lawyer:' .Other, fields- suited to -your abilities: politics, ' statesmanship, manager of large enterprises or music.-Traits-to curb: Overaggressiveness. and a tendency' to dominate 1 others. Birthdate of: · David \ Belasco, playwright, theatrical producer; Henry Knox, 1st Se'c'y o f : War, U:S.A. . - . i B. JAY BECKER Oh Contract (Top Record Holder to Masters* Individual Championship Play) South-dealer. · Both sides vulnerable. NORTH 4 A J 7 4 . · 10 9 6 2 + A 9 3 EAST 4 . 0 8 5 2 * K 1 0 9 3 V Q J 9 7 » K 1 0 8 5 4 # K Q 7 4 . * 5 3 + 6 + 74 SOUTH 46 . * A J 8 . + K Q J M 8 5 2 Thebidifingi-- Sooth West 1 + 3 * 5 * Pass North 1* 4* East .Pass Pass Crossword By Eugene She/far ACROSS -ISkffl 4 Goads 9 Hudson or Humboldt 12 Worn at a luau B Eagfe's nest 14 Norwegiai statesman 15 Iron pyrites 17 Slave, for one 18 Greek letter 19 Secular 21 Educate 24 Tended fte furnace 27 Bill's companion 28 Soak 30 Foe 31 Vestments 33 Red or Black 35 Soon 36 Theater stalls . 38 Viper 40 French season 41 Amatory 43 Reproves 45 Island east of Java 46 Man's nickname 47 Any split pulse 49 Famous musician 54 Slender finial 55 She wept for her children 56 Contorted 57 Longing 53 Records 59 Native of: a suffix DOWN 1 Mr. Landon 2 Early auto 3 Spanish ' /, uncfe .-4 Parish head . 5 Feasts sump- . tuously 6 Spanish gold 7 Fennel and anet 8 Unruffled 9 Besmirched Avg. solution time: 26 rain. M. French river n'SHU 16 Papal name · 29 Hebrides island 21 Ascend . 23 The green · ·'''· of grass 23Bogy 25 Overact 26 Units of . '· force 29 Social fathering a Bristle 34 Attribute '37 Tacitnrn 29 Princess, etal. 42 Eyelashes 44 Suffix : forming nouns 47 Ruler of -Tunis 48 Primate 50 Cut off SlNnmber Opening lead - queen ol hearts.. From the moment North puts the dummy down, South shoulc start worrying about the possi bility -· if he attempts two dia mbnd finesses 1- that he will he defeated if it turns out that West has both missing honors. (Of course, he should also be worried that the final contract is not three notrump which is ice cold.) : To - stake the. entire outcome on the location' of the diamond honors-w6uld-be the wrong way- of-; playing the hand.' Instead South should try to eliminate;, t h e ' luck element'by building' up an end position that assures the contract however the dia-" monds are divided. He wins the heart with the ace, cashes the ace of spade* and ruffs a spade. He then enters dummy with a trump, ruffs another spade, and plays another trmin'p to dummy before ruffing the last spade. The contract is now certain. The defenders are at South's mercy when he plays the three of hearts and forces them to win it and lead to the next trick. If West takes the heart, he can do no better . than lead a d i a m o ivd , thus restricting South's losers to a heart and a diamond. '· ' If East takes the heart, the same result is achieved when he returns a diamond. South follows low and West has the, choice, 'after winning the .diamond, of playing a diamond or a heart. In the latter case, South ruffs in d u m m y and discards the jack of diamonds from his hand. Actually, declarer can predict a successful outcome, by playing in this manner, as soon as he learns that the trumps are divided 2-1. But to enjoy such a feeling, of security, ha must embark upon h i s elimi-. nation plan of play very early and not leave anything to luck. '· PONYTAIL Answer to yesterday's puzzle. scrap 53 American humorist "You shorfdn't listen to my father when be says he's dad HE doesn't have to boy me dinner... tbaf 8 just M« Ofonvl c^nu. «f hunv»l» b» weird sense of bunorl Delivered to your door seven days a week for. less than 1l£.a day. That's a bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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