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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 24, 1952
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rm MIMIC INTEREST It IHI FIRST CONCERN OF TKtS NEWSPAPER lOCAt FORECA3T- .vuociotcd r'rcts Leoitd Wife . .i , King and NtA rtcnurt. t\:-fitoullo and ··icin-'!." mostly cloudy and warmer to-nfil'.t and tom'irro-j.- wiih urcasioTjal lisjhl rain tomorrow, lilsh temperature yesterday 37; Inw 18; "inn It/da;. -H. Sunrise 7:23; «un.-.i:l 5:37. VOLUME 90, NUMUR 155 ~FAVtm~VIUE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY IVtNING, JANUARY M, HSJ PRICE F1VI CINTS Decision Set February I In Election Case Testimony Is Completed In Circuit Court Quads' Mother Hopes To See Babies Soon Murfrccsboro, Ark, - I/I 1 ) - Mi* Leonard Ponder may cet to see her four new babies Saturday for the first .time .since they were born January 14. She was allowed to get up for a few minutes when her husband nnd Dr. M. D. Dun carr^arrived here from New York and Washington yesterday. Mrs. Ponder said she hopes to be strong enough by Saturday to visit A Heavy Snow - Even For California bators. Officials Of Party Witnesses; Many Votes Challenged By FLOYD CARL, JR. The lepnl struggle In determine which nf twn men was elected mayor of Faycttcvillo in the November general election will be decided--short nf an appeal in thr Arkansas Supreme Court -- Fcb- ruary 1. Circuit Juc?£c Mfiupin Cummings announced yesterday at the conclusion of testimony lhat hui would hand down a verdict on. lhat date. His task is In say who-[ Ihcr Mayor Fowcll nhea, declared j the Democratic nominee, or write-: in candidate Arthur H. Davidson! won the election. ' i Yesterday's session was I he , third day of testimony in Rhca 1 ?,; election contest suit against Dav-i idson--two day? of court were conducted on .January 11 and 12.; The final session brought a display of It-sal fireworks late in thr afternoon when David-son's attorneys made a last-minute attempt to prove that nhea was not the Democratic candidate. Ji'dpe CummiiiRS sustained ob- by Rhca'.s attorneys, rul- .... ing that since the Democratic! lion." Central Committees certification j An official U. nf Rhca as a candidate is in the j beamed to Korea is im-| said: · "Either the Reds have no intension of reaching an armistice and Adlai Stevenson Visits Truman, Talked Of As Party Nominee Choice the scene on the mam si. eel of 1 luckee, C.i!n.. on U. b li.fhu.iy 411 ncai Ihe L.illfoi nla-Nciad sirong cnougn oy oaiurnay 10 visit l llia Jii l|M - j"- 1 - 1 "- ij " LI "- "·"··· -"· -- - 1 n,..*,^, -the Nashville hospital, where the I border. Autos and trucks were buried under 10 foot .snow drifts, quads, still unnamed, are in incu- U. N. Indicates Belief Reds Are Just Stalling Allied Raiders Strike Defense Line Of Reds In Korea; Warships Active Seoul, Koroa-l/Tj-Allicd raidinjr! Eighth Army reported, parlies ended the 19th month of Another Allied force the Korean War today with bold hit Ihc Chinese northwest of Koranic)?" in pre-dawn raid. The Eighth ! Chinese fire damaced fou tanks, hut all limped hack to Al- strikes into the Red defense linc| Armv . sa jrt (he raiders pulled back on the wcslcrn Ironl. The h c a v i - i t o their own lines after killing 20 cst light was west of Chorwonj lleds in an hour-long fight. Capitulation Through .', Sheer Exasperation May Be Their Aim rnurt record -- testimony material. The judge, indicating exasper- Munsan, Korca-ffl^-Thc United Nations command today accused the Communists of "playing the waiting game" in the Korean truce talks, hoping the Allies will pitulatc nut of sheer . broadcast, from Tokyo where United Nations tanks and! The frozen eastern and central infantrymen loughl for six hours! fronts quieted after heavy Allied Wednesday against Chinese entrenched on a hill. The raiders struck again Thursday. The Chinese rained grenades lank and artillery blows Wednesday. i^ Allied tanks reached a scv- milc front between Kumson;! lied lines. A Wednesday fifth was damaKcd i the fight west of Chorwon. Par E"- ters said Air Force Hcntlquar- Allied warplancs (lew down flti Ihc Allies and opened upl and the Prkhan river on the ecu-; with heavy machine Kim and rifle| tral front and hurled more than' fire. The fight continued, the U. S.i 1,600 rounds intn Chinese hunkers. 920 -sorties Wednesday. U. N. warships pounded Hcd targets on bnlh coasts and supported Allied ground troops on the eastern end of the batllelinc. A North Korean communique said Communist guns Tuesday sank one Allied "war Korea's Kasl Coasl. ?an iruce ^r. Co 11 To Army Of Wesley Couple , ation as defense- ·aitoriicr'Euircne Coffclt Rtlcmptcd to push this lino ' arc-nicrcly kilHw£"1imc untiftheir next offensive, or (hey have been on any "The latter alternative may be the truer one at this date." The broadcast said the Loi i en Hiicmpicci to pusu nun um- ··*···«· ··· ·*-··«· · -, -- ---. of testimony despite the court's | instructed- not to bargain ruling, told the lawyer that it ap-' ' pea red there had been some "Irickcry and perjury." Party Officials Called The chairman and secretary, of Ihe Washington County Democratic Central Committee were brought lo the s ' - n d by Davidson's attorney?, v.ho in both cases atlcmntert lo ask the party officials if they considered their certification of nhea. Ihc parly nominee valid. Both times the inquiring attorney was cut off when Judge Cummings sustained objections by Hex Reds' ''waiting same" is "an overt admission from Communist leaders that rijrht now they do not expect anything to happen." Trisoncr Issue Up As negotiators hairglcd fruitlessly over Korean truce terms Thursday, a U. N. delegate accused the. Communists of planning to use sick and wounded prisoners as a lever to force Allied acccpt- ace of. Red armistice terms. The charge came from Hear Perkins, an attorney for Mayor j Adm. R. E. Libby. after Ihc Reds Rlica. Finally, after a scries otj turned down a repealed Allied sustained objections and a warn-, np p c ,-,i f or an immediate exchange ing by Ihc court that the testimony O f 'sick and wounded prisoners, would not be allowed,-Coffclt told "n is evident that you intend to the court that: | use them as a lever lo force us to If Chairman Vh'Gil Ramsey and) a( r rce ; 0 your fraudulent dc- Secrctary George Caudle were al-| mands," Libby said, lowed to testify, they would say ],, an adjacent tent at Panmun- that when the Democratic Ccn-! j onl| ij, 3. .negotiators aeain asked Wins, Duty On . i Found Shot lo Death i /-- \i/ · · Hobby Bert Gage, 23, son of Mr. JUry V_Qn WO IT \ MH \ Mrs. Jolm T. Gage of wcslcv, | Ark., was found shol to death in · Oklahoma City- i/P) - Robert : a |W ,-u'in Inkstcr, Mich'., ycslcr- Gcorge. Roeckman of Kingfisher, j ,j av afternoon. Aulho'illcs there Okla.. wrote U.S. Judge Edgar S. j wc ' re investigating today. · Tbe Vaught: ' ! youth disappeared Tuesday from '"1 am in receipt of a summons . j,j s home in Inkstcr. He was cm- io appear in U. S. District Court j n ] o ycd in the automobile m.'inu- for duty January 28. 1 am also in | facturing industry, and had lived receipt of an order to report for I | n \ n \^{ armed forces physical cxamina-' lion January 29. Please advise as to what I should do." Me added in a postscript: "Would prefer jury duty." Judge Vaught answered: "We perhaps can get along better without you than they can." Springdale Leading In March Of Dimes Drive Springdale is far out in front of Fayettcvillc in the Ghost Writers May Attend A Special Course Kefauver In Race To Stay, He Announces Need And Place For New Blood, Senator Asserts Washington-f/l'l-Semilor Kcfau- ver's fliils'h-fishl bid (or the Democratic presidential nomination sharpened tbc big question today: Dues President Truman plan In run again? Mr. Truman i-ould end the speculation by announcing bis plans al a news erinferenee bite today Tbc While House pro\'irled nn advance bint be mighl do FO. Kefauver, -in. formnlly entered Ibc race ycslcrday. The Tennessee senator said tie was "in until Ibc finish," regardless of whether Mr, Truman seeks rc-clee- lion, ! ."1 urn goinir lo work b:irfl to win," 'said the former chairman of (ho .Senate Crime Investigating Committee. Wilb his allraclive wife, K.mey, .seated by bis side, Kefauver told newsmen: j "I regard il as Ihe riirlit nf the American people t o - h a v e as wide] a choice as possible in choosing their lenders.-There Is a place--': tral Committee mcl In certify Tihca -- and other candidates the Communists lo express simple terms" whether they March of Dimes campaign. Frank Kuttlc, chairman nf the drive for funds for Washington County, said today tliat his books shosv Springdale has on hand S1.G47.70 to help (here was not a quorum present. lc]K | | o increase their air strength It wari here that Judge Cum-i Curing a n armistice, tilings commented: | Observers phrasing "1 don't understand why the head and secretary of our Demo cratic Committee would make swor of -the ·n statement, uiTdcr oath, that question strengthened belief that the U. N. misht accept an oral by Ihe Reds not to con- then promise struct or repair military airfields. Such a uledsrc would become part . i n r the conference record, be written into ·the for Belgian Doctor Speeds something happened, and testify that it isn't Irue." ,, He wos speaking of Ihe cer-, wnu | ( | no i llficalion of Rhca's nomination, arm j s tjec. which was signed by bolh Ramsey TI IC issue of airfield conslruc- and Caudle and notarized before , ion hns blocked agreement on it was sent to the Board of Elcc- nmv tn police an armistice lion Commissioners. "Well;" Colfelt replied, truth never hurts, anybody." Ramsey--who did not vote in the election--was dismissed from- ru'ij the stand without testimony. How- ' |Q fjg|n |gX3S 111110 ever Caudle teslificd that he voted ; . r for Davidson as a write-in candi-1 Brussels. Bclgium-f/P) - A Bel- date against Rhea, and identified 1 gj an doctor was speeding to Sf Davidson in the courtroom. j Antonio, Texas, today where he Caudle was the third county o r . no p c :; to save a six-year-old gir Democratic parly official to Icitify | dying of a brain tumor. The phy- hc voted for Davidson against the ; sjcjai^ or. Roper Haentgcs of present mayor. Earlier yesterday ' Rep. John W. Murphy told Ihc court he wrote Davidson's name in on the general election ballot. And earlier in the trial County Treasurer Clint Shook testified he voted for Davidson. Klfctlon Held Nov. « The. trial stemmed from Davidson'.-: apparent write-in victory over nhea, who was seeking reelection. Rhca polled 83 votes and Davidson ill. Later, Rhca was certified as elected alter Judge Cum- mlngs told the election commls- sioncrii to name Iho candidate .\ho, on the face of the ballots, ecclvcd the most voles. This meant nhea, since David-, m'« voters wrote in his name In j irce styles--Arthur n. Ilavid- .11, Arthur Davidson and ,V B. uidson. Davidson appealed Ihc ·Ision lo the Supreme Court and 1 hodv trnl him bark to Clr- ·ONTINUBI' «N I'AOF, FI1TF.RN money amount of far in the kstcr about Me is survived by his parents: three sisters, Mrs. Nclda Kulker of Inkster, with whom he had been making bis home: Mrs. Doris Lilterell of Wheeler, and Mis. Carolyn Case nf the home; Iwo brothers, Ralph and Billy, ot Wesley; and his grandmother, Mrs. II.' K. Gage, of Wesley Tentative plans alt In return the bor!-y here. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Nelson's ?"uncral Home. ; Paper Says Governor To Seek Defeat Of Enemies [Foreign Policy Continuance Aim Of President i ; Powder Which Can Kill Lost Along Highway New Hriinswirk. N. .l.-i.-l'i-l'iibi c j 111-5 searching along louli- 25 be-1 tween lUhwny ami nearby Raiila! township luriiiy fin twn drums of j potassium cyanide -- one- "I Ihc-j deadliest known poison-.. , Tbe 100-pound c o n t a i n M s « boulieed ullt of a truck ye:;tcrrl!iy ' and Police Ciii'l- Haiiild I'clciMin I of Harita township issued a gei;- i eral alarm warning c-vcr.voiii- '.o j |. Jt kec]i their hands off If they should I Klc be Ion ml. | me Chemists say t i c white powder - || m ,|,[iii| is sn iiolsonniis lhat anyone wlliij tml m ,, .,.,,,.,,,,,, touches it. and then touches a Dcmo-ratl! nicslduiitir.'i iiomina- mucous membrane would be killed u Vinson Reportedly Indicotes He Does Not beek Honor Nfw Yoik-WV-The New Yurk lines said today Gov. Adlsi K .evcnMin «l Illiivils was being ilinnc'l prominently among in- I Democrats in Washing- candidate for th» and a need -- for new lilnod and new ideas in both parties." ·Kefauver said the ^'paramount issue" is "peace in the world." Hr, added that under the Rowcvcll and Truman ndminislratlnns dur- the last SO years "we have speaker art 5 ' " tamirUkt.b'e vi^iy*«!! Nomination Of McDonald To Be Studied Fulbright Will Call Committee Together To Discuss Matter Wiisliliigton-M'l-Prcsldcnl Tru, man'.-! unr.iinallon of llarry A. I McDonald, a Republican, to head Ihc Reconstruction Finance Corporation today faced an early Ken- ate test. Some opposition to McDonald iitnong members ot the, Senate Ranking CommiUce appeared-to be waning. Senator Maybmik (-D-SC), who reported lion. A W ishismlr.ii tllrp.iti.-Ji . .1.-inics Rcslon. Ihi; lead story l-i · . the TimcF. said this 'peculation followed --\ visit Sti'vcnsnii hart with President Truman at Blair House Tuesday night. , : Among the reasons for the rpcc- I ulalinn wrri.- these, Hestnn wrote: "I'n-:--i:ieiil .Trumnn has .indi- ; ciited to pei^onal friends bis nfcf- ; crance and that of his family k lh;tt he should not run again. \ "With this In mind, the prcsi- dent )ins emphasized within the .. last low tlnv« that hli iirinclpal ; coiueru I-- tl-at' the ncniocrallr pruty should nominate » man whrwe convictions and abilities in- ... ilk-ale that he would and could. ! rnrrv on the present forciRn policy of the United Stales. i, -It is imdcrn'.ood thai 1-red M. \ Vinson, chief jur.tico ol the Unitc'l 'f. .States, prcvlouilv mentioned as i. Mr. Truman's llrjl choice, has in- ji dicaled to the president he prefers I.. not lo be a candtdolc. ;'·! "Before deciding to withdraw ·).- from the race, however, the prcsi- :-. dent now is seriously aurvcyln 1 ; ! the field of possible DcniocraU': ji candidates nnd asked 'Governor : , Stevenson tn call upon him with nijtu.l. .. ..... : Times is'nuppovtini! Octi. ^ words are their own, credit American University with an assist. H announced yesterday a course designed to teach (jhost writers to pattern their work to the man for j whom they're writing. j Dr. Walter P. Bowman, head of the university's Department ol Communications, said it's wrong lo put Churchilllan words in the mouth of a man who can't deliver them the way Churchill docs. And most of 1 all, he said, the ghost writers will be taupht to be sure their-speakers understand what they're saying. i Bandits'Career Ended, But Loot Is Missing Kl Paso Tcxas-(/P)-Mexk'jin officials .said today a Run fight on I ho Mexican side of the ; ..... · I t \ -- !'.. I IlKitOS l'». t:uHllll»i,-*.i ·-!·· ........ i (j ( . iiuii;:* (.1 r'M|^»',.n -~ -··· vigorously purs u ng a foVe ,sn p I- 1 )ia - ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,., us ,,,,, | Dw|( , ht D . Ei ^ nhnlv cr, a .ftepub Icy in Ihe Interest of woi Id peace. , ' , ,. i u ,iij y i iicmi. for Brcalrtcnt, . ""H goes' wUbout' saying t h a t wc[ J"'^'""" must have clean government," he!" iccommcn added. McDonald." Little Rock-i/l'l-The Democrat said today Arkansas Governor Mc.Malh will seek dcfcai this year Some worthwhile thlncrs have sin " Grande near here took care of foul- bandits who pulled a darins daylight raid on a Juarc/., Mexico, bank. However, about 570.000 o( been done, but not enough--not nearly enough," The Tenncsseean made no specific mention nf the income lax scandals and other wrorfgdoinc- in-governmcnl disclosed 'by congressional inyestiKrUlnir committees during the. last year. He said Congress has a duty along with the executive branch of the government lo help eliminate "the criminal' influence wherever it existed" in the United Slates. 0 Ha* Supported Truman Kefauver generally is rca.'ir.ded as an.administration supporter on most mailers. It hart nol been clear, however, just what his position was on some phases of the President's controversial c i v i l rlchts program. That issue has ·h would justify j llcan, for prcalitcnt, - acainst Mr. Llstlna several piissiblc Demo- 1 crntle prraldentliit candidates, the Times story said: "Of these, Gov. crnor Stevenson is denerallj' foil lo have the most experience In the field of foreign affairs." House Commerce ijiibunii:nillee which lias refused to give the Senate any information about the case. McDonald himself says, "I have nothing lo tear" from the inquiry, winch is based on charge.-: of the I'ousc Judiciary Conr.mllU-e staff that fraud has 1 marr.ed some SEC operations. None of these accusations was aimed at McDonald individually,, hut the- Senate group questioned his appointment to a new job pending the outcome of the SEC probe. Senator Fulbright ( D - A r i O , chairman of a banking subcommittee dale has on band ?J,G4i..O tn help Mc.Matb will SCCK (icical mis CHI - . , . , .... :,,,,,. fight infantile paralysis, and Kay- of his foes in the 1051 legislature. thc_ $l.4,orirMool Is SUM nnssuig. cttcvillc has raised $973.73. A good! The Little nock * "'" portion of the money colleclcd in ! tcrpretcd this as Springdalr came from an amateur 1 lhal McMath will newspaper in- an indicalion seek over Radio Station 1 term. Six , Brussels, claims lie knows a w : to dire brain tumors. Me only hopes he doesn't gel there too ' late. Doctors who operated on the I little girl last December 2, said ' she .had a "stem brain tumor, pos- show staged KBP.S. Of 12,300 cards mailed oul, to be returned wilh money for the campaign, only 800 have been turned in, Sultlc said. He reported that 3,300 of the lilllc packets were mailed out to Fay- cUeville rcsidcnls, and bul 500 bearing money have been rcturn- eil. Suttle said checks or money for the March of Dime.-: may be sent to the post office or to a bank. A-Bomb Over-Rated, Colonel Cautions San Antonio, Tesas-M'i - The] chief of the armed forces special weapons project says Ihe atomic' bomb is vastly over-rated in the! public mind. "People must become aware that the A-bomb is not as all-powerful and all-destructive as il is reput- in Ihc reported purse, the newspaper said, listing them as Ellis Fasan, Little Rock: Max Howcll. Little Rock; Ernest Nicholson. Two bandits were killed in the lialf-rour batllc and two were third'captured. j Last night State Attorney Gcn- prominently· r|1 al llumberlo Rcynal of Chihua- 1 hua Mexico, told the El Paso split the Democratic party, , Timcs that Juare?. police had i . r abandoned the search for other men who were first peeled of taking part in the rob- nearly all Southerners billerly op- poser! lo the program. . Asked aboul jt when ne announced his candidacy, Kefauver said he is opposed to creation of a Fair Employment Praclices Commission with authority to en- In job discrim- or added. sus- Uarrison' Grover Carncs. Stult- ,..--- - - ,, , "art- i-mir, D Johnson. Crossotl: bery. Officials said they had no and'Bob Bailev. Jr., Rnssellville. idea where the rest of the loot The Democrat qroled its "au-' from the Bunco Naeional dc tboritativc" Fourcc as savin* thai; Mexico was hidden. Carnes and Bailey were not e x - ; peeled lo seel; re-election. New Type Carrier To i Fight Subs Is Planned Says Armistice '.,, I ination cases. The serial ' however, he will support Ihe Democratic party platform on thai issue as drafted at Ihe nominating -onvcntion in'July. Saved BY Barrel After Cave-In At Los Angeles naval c o m m a n d e r says Italy Wafhinglon-f/Vi-Thc N'avy plans. pi ann ed a submarine attack in lo build, severs! escort aircraft| N CW York Clly Harbor for Decem- ,, , k , \ / i I/is Angelc.»-l/r.'-Tbey saved Saved NeW YOrk; Ted Wicbers from being buried i alive in a cave-in by lowering a Romc-(/7VA w a r t i m e Italian which Maylia'ik has ferrcd the nomination, said re- he plans lo call a mcetin,", of his Rroup ''Friday or early next week" to consider the mailer. Merchants Plan Special "Day" For The Ladies This'is leap.year, mid l-ayelte- vllle merchants have decided to Icl the uomcn of Northwest Arkansas have Iheir "day." The Helai! Merchants Commil- lee of the Chamber of Commerce today designated February B)Leap Year Day--as "Woman's D.iy." Spcriiil bargain prices will be offered "for -vomcn only." and favors and prizes will be. given to lady Customers. Details for Hie special tprina pro'.noljon were discussed this morning at Roy Turner Quits As Democratic Treasurer Oklahoma Cily.-f/l'l-One of Oklahoma's most prominent citizens. Hoy J. Turner, yesterday gave up his Job as national treasurer of thr Democratic 'parly, Turner told Ucmdcnitic Chairman Frank. E. McKlnnuy that his wife!* illne.-3 nnd the uncertainly as to when she'll lie welt again has made H Impossible for him to carry out his duties'as treasurer. The wealthy cattleman nnd independent oil producer was chosen .by McKlnney as l|:e man te,handle the Democratic strings last December 13. He succeeded Si;!-, ncy Salmon, Jr.. of St. Louir,. [Jut Turner'never did gct'to bf treasurer. His v.'ifc became ill ;m-:l he canceled his trip lo Washington "for a month." Then, today, he thought it best to resign because the doctor couldn't say -when Mrs. Turner well again. Turner wns Oklahoma's governor from 1047-1951. He owns a ranch fix miles east of Sulphur in an area known to natives as "Hereford Heaven." Methodists List 3,992 Converts In Four Days llaenlgcs heard about Sue's' 1 0 TM ical Asscmbly plight through an Associated Press dispatch published in a Brussels newspaper. The story said Sue's father. Engineer .lohii Ford, had appealed to doctors throughout the world lo try to save his child. Ford said if there was a physician anywhere who had a new Ircal- menl for Ihe diseaje, he would (ly him lo San Antonio. Burns To Death erino .- dly woman. Mrs. Mnllic. J. Mndl- "We'd all be dead right now if the bomb cou' " carriers of 'n new type specially designed- to meet the threat of Russia's growing submarine fleet i Congress has been asked to ap- ' prove the construction of the first of these fast, IB.OOO-tnn, fiOO-fect carriers. Chairman Vinson ID-CJai of the Mouse Armed Services Committee reported yesterday. Judge Soys Election iCose Decision Stands her. 1943. but the Italian armisliee came along before the scheme could be carried out. The commander. .1. Valerio Bnrghese. said in a letter-lo-thc editor published in the newspaper Roma lhat a long-range submarine was to carry a smaller one within close range of New York. The little one was to slip up the Mudson River "t'o Ihe heart ol t h e j city" to make ".he atlack. barrel over his head. - i ! " r 'he Merchants Committer. He Wiebers. SO. of Orange, wn | don l.ev.'is Is chairman of I working in a 15-foot sand pit at j group. an asphall plant when the walls rollap.'ed, burying him up to his chin. The barrel, dropped over him by alert fellow workers, protected him and enabled him tn get air. has lieen allribuled to il. II m a , Snriiig'-'/Vi-firctill -Inner conventional weapon, subject l o ! ' _ " . . . Ihe same laws nf physics which| control all other explosives." Clayton Is Candidate For State Treasurer ! Little Rock-(/P)-Slate Treasurer 1.1. Vance Clayton has filed a cor- C. Floyd Huff, .Ir., turned down Fred D. .Johnson's icriueM for an| olher hearing on his lawsuit lo he ; reinstated as Hot Splines mimiei- I pal judge. Huff, ruled vesterday (hat he would not reconsider la-,1 · week's derision, in which he said that Lloyd Darnell had been eleel- urna ini/ram i ·'· ·-··"*· -- j -- - , cd municipal judge anil war, en- Dei-moll, Ark.-l/Ti-An Arkansas · nipt practices pledge as a cnnrtl- titled to hold lhal office, ' . ii-- «* n 11iA 1 Mr.»1]_ .I*** tn* pAnnnilnDlInn in Ibii: .Inhll.'.On fllld 1 \\ attnmCV. Ilicll- nrd llobbs, said Huff's decision Aluminum Reported Available For Cars Firemen brought him oul through a hie pipe lowered over Ihc barrel. He icfused medical aid. _ -., -. r\r\f\ Foreman Ot Z,UUU- Form Is Found Dead Rlancharii, O k I n.-'/I'l-A :."i- year-old graduate of Oklahoma A. and M. College was rhoi lo Washington-!/!'-Senator Moody i death early today al the -J.flOd- 'Il-Michi said today the Air acre Ouy Merchant Farm ne.n FOH-C is releasing enough aluml- hen -.vhere he was foreman. Mystery niim to hike automobile moduc- tlon to 000 can in tin 'inailer of Ifi.'iZ. daughter d i e d le rejiorlerl the Air Force iri.Innunry in. surrounded the death n( sf-rondiert' Black, whose two-month-nld o( Little l(ock-l/l')-Arteinsas Mcth- lod.iy claimed :l.90r ctm- verl.i for the fir:.', four days ot their stale-wide United Evangc- brcakdist, mcciins:"slie Mission. " The Rev. Cecil Culver, cxccutivt chairman of the mii-sion, said 13-,- S113 pcr.-ons had attended the services throuch lasl night. He said 770 persons -.-.ere con verted last nigiil. and thai -% Ufjfl pci^ons aticnded Ihe fervic-cs The total offering lo tUtc ii $21,he .-aid. strnnRulation lure No.-thwc't Japan Reporled To Plan 150,000-Man Force Tokyn-'/JVTht 1 iicvv.spjipcr Yt itiri s.'iid tori,iv ,J;ip;m pkir.s hiillri a mililiiij forro of l.'iO.iiO'i crmiiul Ironp'. I..M* p);inr.'- nml .10ft wjm-hips nflcr ihr ponce treaty ^or.s intn foirc. Poultry Market-- Thr poultry man'.et today.M re- porlnl by the University of nr- Kansas Institute ol Sciencr and Technology and* the Daity and Poulliy Market News Service of the U S Department of Asrlcul- riant Itack In Production Memphis, Tcnn. - i.T.'- The hi; Firestone Rubber plant here wj: ne': ii. i.iorlu lion today .liter ;. livo-day shutdown caused by a ' wildcat stnke by :t)0 o( its 3.DOO employes. The Weather-- Arkansas--Part^ cloudy, little warmer this .ifternoon, Increasins cloudiness and warmer tonight and 'Friday. Occasional rain In south portion Friday. . . . . son, 7B, was burned falally when her clothing caught Mr* at her home yesterday. dntr for renominatlon in this year's Democratic primaries giving up "several million pounds" ol the melal hecaujf of a change in ilf. produrlinn tlme-lable. It Is y e a r s uemncrfUK p i i i n n i n . - v i^ iiro lli»ni, smit i n i t ' . ' n i - . i . - , . - . i , - - is th« first to fll« for i state oflire . probably would br'appcxlrd In Ihe slrelchlna Us airplane program i Arkannan Stipremr Court. , ' over » longer period, hf Mrs. Black faid .-'he found husband In bed, shot through Ihc lemple. Officers r.aid the victim apparenllv was »hol with hir. own .SI pallbr'r ri(|f. Arkans.i.: in.nliet demand lair lo good, ti.idltii! .iliovp normal, pnce.s p-iifl f.o h, fjirm up '.o 2 i'. m.. broiler*- and fryers .ill wrights ;!7-:n. mostly 28 cents per pound.

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