Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 24, 1974 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1974
Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., July 24, T974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Helen Lists Things She Can Do Without ^ Two Anarchists Are Sentenced BARCELONA, Spain (AP) -A military court today sentenced two young alleged anarchists to long prison terms for robbery, resisting arrest for illegal possession of arms. Oriol Sole Siigranyi ; s, 26, w:s sentenced to 48 years and Jo-e Readers All: -^.'. It's the summer doldrums: So Met's lake a holiday from heavy -problems and instead, list (as '.a group of us did at a recent ·'get-together) things we don't ··need any more of. . like: The cheerful "Have a nice "day!" from a traffic cop who ' has just given you a ticket that ' will cost you lunch money for · a month. · Ditto from the supermarket clerk. It's not her fault prices go up each week, but must she ask you to enjoy them? Paying 35 cents for a soft -drink that's four-filths ice! " W a t e r g a t e mania: Sure. " m a n y are guilty, a purge was · needed, but with the Kissinger · incident, have we perhaps -started a witch hunt? I wondqr if history hooks may yet record -"the summer of '74 as "the "second coming though with a · McCarthyism, of McCarthy," difference: In · government chopped down writers (among "others), and in Walergalism, writers (among others) appear b e n t on chopping down government. · Non-spraying spray cans! S y r u p y TV commercial. repeated so often you want to "throw up. - ' The big chase scene in almosl "every good guy-bad guy show Couldn't ihe criminal be caughl just once without reels o! ^.running through weird buildings -or minutes of wildly careening cars? Hard French r o l l s in res . taurants! They make you look ; like Henry VIII gnawing a bone -- even when you break them in small pieces (if you can). .... Clerks who call you "Young ...lady" -- when you obviously . aren't. Direct - mail "over - 50 ads ;Whose business is it if I'm getting on? Telephone salespeople whi ."Start, "Congratulations! You're · . one of a selected few in youi area to he offered..." . . Holier-than-thou types whi ,;yell, "What's the world comini · to?" yet cheat in business deal and wouldn't help a blind man across the street. Luis Pons Llofoct. 19. to £1 years. Pons Lionet already is sor ving a- 30-yenr prison term for terrorism, lie was convicle'l laic last year with anarchist Salvador Piiig Anlicli, whu was executed March 1. The government said Sola Sugranyes and Pons Llo'ret were members of the Iberian Liberation Movement, an und e r g r o u n d organization o f anarchists. Young people who accuse Iders of polluting Ihe coXmlry, ut leave their rally halls lit_red with trash. Or call arents "prejudiced," but only mix with their own little crowd. Self-sealing glue bottles. Can't omebody invent one that won't log up? Companies whose bills include indow-envelopes for your elurn check. Has anyone ever luffed the bill in right, the first me around? And finally, my cat who will nly drink water from the bath ub; and howls to get out when e's in, and in when he's out -- always in Ihe middle of the ight! So what's your favorite Thing you don't need any nore of"? Its a good parlor lame, if you don't get too jersonal. -- H. )ejr Helen: "Uninvolvement" makes the but, alive rluwta buy ixpenstve siiUs-inexpensIyely- leadlines more often elieve me, "caring" is and well in our neighborhood. A triend of ours saw a young jirl weaving on Ihe highway, rying to thumb a Jidg./He bought she was ill [or poped and slopped to help. Turns out she was hungry. She'd come cross-country to marry a fellow who dumped ler, she h a d ' n o money; arcnls wouldn't take her back, 3ufc she could have a home with an aunt --if she could 2,000 miles of free .alien. Friends and neighbors rallied round, gave her lodging, took up collections of clothing and money, fed her well -within a week the girl her way back home, adequate wardrobe, and a little extra emergencies. "How can I ever thank you?" she asked at the bus slop, and someone said, "Don't try: Just pass it on someday when you're up' and another person is 'down.' " -- M.D. VIRGINIA 23222 I SUIT ISPOHT COAT i PAIH SLACKS 2DOUBte KNIT sutTs ' o; ^ SPOFIT COA) MATCHING"'" SLACKS ' g CUSTOM TAILORS Fayetteville for Two Days, July 25, 26 DONT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY G«t custom measured for your mall order men suitl, sport coals, shirts, ladies sultj, drosses, formalwear, coats. SALE! SALE! SALE! SELECT FROM THOUSANDS OF IMPORTED SAMPLES Regular "-" Men's English worsted suits tBOT Double knit/Cashmere spt. jacket JSftOQT Men's slacks 2*60: Men's shirts 2W* Ladies/Men's Cashm, Top Coats 30*00: Ladies "« LUD|NG DUTY ^«« CALL FOR APPOINTMENT MASTER TAILOR: S. Ramesh at the Holiday Inn Tel: 443-4323 phone anytlmtr II not In, love your name 4 phone number Now 70.00 42.00 21.00 6.00 78.00 68.00 iharged ansas' probably month. Pine Bluff Murder Trial Is Postponed PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) - rho trial of one of two men hi the slaying of Ar- first will woman lawyer be held next Cleveland tee Brazcll, 20, of Pine Bluff was scheduled to slatid trial next Tuesday in Je- "crson County Circuit Court in connection with the death of Ruth Shnable Cameron of Pine B l u f f . Bui Judge Randall Williams of Pine Bluff postponed the tria' at Ihc request of Brazell's attorney, who rnust attend a federal court hearing that same day. Pros. Ally. Joe Holmes o Pine Bluff said no new tria 4 Cycle Automatic Washer · Your cho Ice o [ 4 wa I o r levels--saves you lime and hot water · · Two wash speeds- two spin speeds - · Three wash, and rinse temp combinalions including cold \valor selection · Famous fillnr-flp lint control system 219 00 WWA8310P GOODYfAR SEHViGE STORES 104 N. EAST · FAYETTEVILLE Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 -- Saturday 8:00-4:00 ate has been set for Brazell's ial yet, but that it probably oulil bo held sometime in ugust. Brazell and Columbus Lee lay, 20, of Pine Blutr were rrcsted May 31 - one day afler Irs. Cameron, 78, was found eaten and bound with claslic bandages In the bedroom of her home. .... . . . Brazil and Clay will be tried scparalely. They have been charged with a capital felony in the commission of burglary · and robbery in connection with the woman s death. The prosecution will seek the death penalty. Little Money Speas3-Bean Main Dish Salad (3 kinds of beans lorpmMn without meat.) 1 10 or. 'pkg. frozen Uma ffeans 2 15 o;. cans ni B*ity Btara, drain . 2 c. sliced celejy 1J2c. chopped grem pepper 1/4 c. chopped wilon Ccok lima as dirreled on bM, dn*l. hi larj» bml,-«nillr» all Ingiidlt lift. Heal unlil sugar Is mHlrf. OTttuoir Dash pepper Pour over bean mixture. Varlnata 24 rflUrt. servings- _ Great Taste spe IhB flavor with Ihe good tang coofcj have dope/Tried on slnci 1888. SPEAS VINEGAR Appla Cider · Distilled · Com FREE RECIPE BOOK. Wrlla Speas Company 2400 N !cti ots on Ave., K a ns as Cl ly, Mlssou ri 64120 Got a problem? An adult subject for discussion? You can talk it over in her column it you write to Helen Bottel, care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. For All Practical Purposes Spain's Franco Era Is Over MADRID, Spain (AP) -- No ' m a t t e r how Generalissimo -.Francisco Franco's batlle lo re, gain his heallh turns oul, Spain already has slipped inlo Ihe post-Franco era. The crossover took place the 81-year-old chief fighting for his life of cfi: when -.state. a Madrid clinic, temporarily ^transferred the last of his vast '"powers to Prince Juan Carlos r d e Borbon. Politicians view the · ·.shift as an irreversible political step toward the future, even if -.Franco fakes some of it back. The country accepled the end · 'of 35 years of one-man rule wiihout a quiver, or "serenely : -and with maturity," as the government-controlled press put it. One of Franco's doctors said Tuesday he saw no medical 'reason why the old man couldn't function again as chief of stale whenever he wants to. Privately, however, predict a long and uncertain period of recuperation, with Franco's advanced age working against a full physical comeback. Constitutionally, Franco rescind at any time the verba 1 o r d e r surrendering Polilically, it may be matter. To bounce the chief-of-state powers back and foti'h could foe damaging to both Franco UA Concert To Be Broadcast · The concert prescnled at Ihe University of Arkansas July 12 ; - b y the Estival Singers, the summer school choir, will be heard Sunday on KNWA radio in Fayetteville. The concert will be presented · on (he station's regular pro- · gram, "The Finer Things in , .Life," according to Edward ···Froning, station manager. The program will begin at 1 p.m " KNWA is heard at 109.3 1 megacycles on the FM dial, on "Channel 13 of the Fayetteville .. cable television system, and al- · so on the cable-TV systems in Springdale and Bentonville. The concert features the Gio- "achino Rossini number, "Petite Jilesse Solennelle," which was written in Paris, where Rossini '-spent the last 13 years of his life. According to Professor Richard Brothers, director of the choir, the "Liltle Solemn Mass" is "one of Rossini's fin" est creations." Brothers noted that the title is something of a misnomer, sincclhe work lasts for well over an hour. Soloists on the program are Alma Brothers of Fayelteville; Hila Knight Savage o{ Gould; , Janet Turner of Fort Smith; Pat Dean of Brinkley; Lewis Welcher of Russellville; James Jusliss of Forrest City; Tony Davis of Verona, Mo. ; Neil Brecden of Pine Bluff; Todd Gordon of Claremore, Okla.; David French of North Little Rock; and Bob Mann of Fayetteville. Paula Hartley of Fort Smith served as piano accom- pianisl. Lhe 36-year-old prinoa he ha trained from boyhood to be hi successor. High government o' ficials are known to feel tha Juan Carlos should be a Howe to stay on the job in a period while Franco around. Said a member of the political opposition: "We, the Socialists, and the Christian Democrats a n d the Communists, I believe, are in agreement to give Juan Carlos chance. "We do not expect the prince to rlo much while Franco alive. But the prince is of generation that is not responsible for the crimes of the civil war. We can accept him on that basis. People of his age are the majoriy of Spain and they want liberalization." Franco surrendered the first of the powers that he took after winning the civil war in 1939 when he named his longtime confidant. Adm. Luis Blanco, as premier in June 1973. The admiral was assasinated last December-a stunning blow to Franco-and the mayor of Madrid, Carlos Arias Navarro. replaced him. Juan Carlos and Arias Navvaro are now the country's leaders. With the powerful influence he has accumulated over the years, Franco still commands a strong following both inside and outside the government. But he is not the same political force he was only two weeks ago. 5 3 /4% 71/2% We have a savings program and Interest rale to meet your needs. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association 201 N. East Avenue WE PAY TOP MONEY For JUNK BATTERIES Our 20th Year in Fayetteville, 442-9567 605 South School Hiwoy 71 South VAUGHN BATTERY [LhnltaJ STYLISH HANDBAGS Novelty T-SHIRTS FOR BOYS MAN'S WATCH T-SHIRTS FOR MEN EASY-CARE SLEEPWEAR SAVE $2! WIGLET SHIRT BLOUSES OPEN DAILY 9-10; SUN. CLOSEr WED^THURS., FRI., SAT. ONLY! ELECTRIC ADDER KIPPE SNACKS STEREO HEADPHONE ROASTED PEANUTS ELMER'S GLUE-ALL SKIP-FREE BALLPEN Swim Mask MSEai*l FIOWE8 DUST 5 Gal. Plastic f/afer Can HAVAL JELLY* 72 Qt, Thermos® ICE CHEST 55 Qt. Thermos® ICE CHEST SPRAY ENAMEL FLOWER, ROSEDUST Good July 21-27, 1971 Good July 24-27,1074 WINDOW SHADES INSECT BULBPAGK Chlorine Powder Alg aecida for swim pools 2 Ibs rlooro-darkening. While. 37 H"x6'. DISPOSABLE 3/8"DYMO® LABELLER i, ,_,.-i 3-dimensional l Llm " 3 ' slorylavorites. HIGHWAY 71 B. NORTH AND ROLLING HILLS

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