Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 23, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1952
Page 9
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NOBTHWHT AUANtM tIMH, ArV«m«i, W«nMd»y, **' Personals from Fort Smith after arrlvin* in I L*« School. The pwU-ail !». been ' Fort Smith from KorM ycsltrday In her family tlnct 1870. The pic- outhern en- i NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES | FOR JAI£-MOJM tit morning. He was with the froup I of Arkansas National Guard rrtcrti I Durst, head of the U. A . · who returned lo the United States Irt"department, left inday N«w Vork City lo attend a joint · inn front, iiefcting of the College Art As- year ·ftdation «nd Artist.-: E q u l i j . lure of. the famous Southern sen er»l Is hanslne in the p r i n c i p a l s , office. Mrs. Lichlytcr reported tic A H C M L / J . * t l u I f l u l l l t - t l I'J Ul*: U l » l v t - u .Jlnn-.T ~ - .· · : after spending * your on the fight- portrait \Vas purchased by her -· - - -- ·· ·····- - father ,laino» BaeRett, when money Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wilson anil «on, Bromo Wilson, who will wed Miss Donna Colnnian here Friday ·veninK, arc expected to arrive today from Camden. Mr. and Mrs. P.. D. Golf of K»yettcville,' and Mr. snd Mrs. A. C. Golf of Colorado Springs, will leave Saturday lo jpend two or three weeks in Southern Texas. Lt. Paul Jameson has returned from more than a year's service with the Navy in Japan, where' he was legal officer for the U.S. Fleet Activities at Sasebo. He left Fayettevllie ago last January. I.t. Walter Har.letl of Fayettc- villc, now with the 69th Field Artillery Battalion in Korea, J-eceiv- r-d the Air Force Medal and the Oak Leal Cluster, January 15 Hailclt is air observer attached to the 25th Division. He I* the grandson n( Mrs. Belle Hazlctt, 402 South Locust, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. C, R. Hazlett of Tulsa, Okla Springdale The Berry Street Women's Mis- j sionary Society met Tuesday Jt 12:30 o'clock for a cooperative was beliitf raised for 'a monnmer.t erected in honnr of General Lee in Richmond, Va. Obituary n n i r - 3 r c i j l i per word M n « l r In- · r l l o n Thrrr roniccutivt Instrtlpn* t-pnu prr word M l u l i n v i i u ortlcr 42c In BtlvanciJ--not 7 t'onu prr wort C l H S t l f i r d ntli i-= t a K f n ovrr t h p telephone Deadline to. d»H£JJ:3(I « l.KOAI, NOTICES rifled ariv Snturday "WARNING ORDER In Tht Chpncery Court Of Waihlntton Ounty, A r k a n t a * Henry B. Walker ami John M H i l t o n P l a i n l i f f f t VI. I. O u h l and' Kuhy N f l l Ouh nl H o r l i u r t 1- C l u h l «i^«^^ Hi-r . , , . . . i Drlrndant Toflimy Alb*rt monat The ucfcntiants Funeral services for Tommy A l - 1 ;j 1 ' nruh ,^ 'This ? bert Monds, 34, of B r t l f l o w c r , ; tl((V( ., nf | a n«wcr Calif., who died January S. o f ; jhc P l a i n t i f f in burns suffered in a fuel t a n k rx- : u'ltncss my hand nnd wai f plosion were held J a n u a r y 9, in ! Cnurl thi-. 7ih day of January, Bellflowcr wilh burial in the j ^-^H.^ri Sunnvsid^ Memorial Park at Bell- WA.VT TO KENT OR lU'V hnut* ,K. .turllo much. " plMlle Y"i!l lo P Wn TMM"'' rocker .nd ollnni.n .,,..1, J,'",,,'-T.vrm.Ml. inpnt K\tp vvn^nrr, Ntttllcr. niuMiiri i nnd h a i h l n r t i r . H. U. llorton. WK. ; Neil 2CSU. . . .. j W A N T T() ,; KNT ACTIKS t r O f c RAIT^-RRAI^rRTATf s 27ACRES""" I SKRVICESJirmRD^; · LOCAL, nr Inn* rtlfUf ftr Urjp InftH*. Ci F. Wonr!. rc haulinf Small II Mumtar 7- at USED Ininp ladle, m«hifinn.v l i n U h . . S7 Jill. Lewis Bros. Co, ,Inr. USKD living i - omm o|ii:i:n|ii l i u r t 1- C l u h l Coal c i r c u l n u i i n m ! , onm lahli*. nhlong. }10.00 POritABLK ciolhoj (frier, Le\vis Bros Co.. Inc. _ · ' Cl.UB A l u m i n u m now at Lowh Bros Co.. Inc. f.E\vis""rinos."" Bvnrilx w m h r r G B W M l i r r . T r n k cleaner H n t p o l n t t-loftrlr rni Good r I3*3W or nt-e H(iwnnl U Pl a f t r r i TO 10 ai-rrs" n r n r lown Jt.h nliiK*. f nvnmnn'M . McCartney Lewis Co, Inc. 2!) (til 10 fin , .IH.fn :,fl n:i . iMin FOR RENT building with or wilhoul F o r m e r l y UOOMS. h«'li. ahnvc e n t i t l e d B. Grcer chancery Clerk By Joy ntl! ' L '' D " Mr Monds was bnrn on April 8, 1!)17 in Fayettcvllle. anri has FRATERNAL NOTIUF. _ Co.. Int-. TOO "inert" il' _ irh._ Lewli USE!) dlnlnx Hrnj. Cn . 1 USKU 'hed · , rnadP Ills home in Be-llflowcr (or the -past n i n e years. He was cm- Dean George K. Braniean will: luncheon and a royal service pro- ........... . tend the mcetinc of the Slate srnm. Ten members !.nd one vis- ployed as a maintenance man al '?"? j/'^uun f t ) r Profes i itor, Mrs. John Adams, attended. I the Triangle G r a i n Company. i n i ; t i i n OoM. I The meeting opened by IKc group j Where the f a t a l explosion ito h.l in LitUc r J tomorrow through Saturday. singing "Love Divine," and Mr:. Lawrence Layman led a prayer. Dinner Rucsls Sunday in the j Mrs - C. C. Minor was in charge of home of Mr. arid Mrs. John Davis ! »"·- program. Those on the p r o - i the Rev. Hucklebury of Mr. and Mrs. At ettcville. and Fort Smith, . rcu gram anri their topics were': Mrs. a n f l Lawrenec Layman "The Fall," on bmnn, anrii LJn " lt1 "- 1 - ^-v""" 1 ···- :. , ·«»"". 1 ~' ....-~- - mlri Frton Kav i "The Promise"; Mrs. Grace Brad- irrs. Mrs. Grace Caudle and Mis. ' ·* i ,,!,. u A i,,..,!...TM, 1 * rhr.TM,, TJnnhlr." t u n ' A f 4 n , T i c nf T * a V f t t e v i l l o . curred. He was a member o Teamsters Union Local 692, Surviving him are his w i f e , Thclma Monds; his mother a n d , father, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew ,H. NOTICE Monds of Fayctlcviltc: five sis- FAR WEST CHAPTER No. 1 Meets Thursday, '7:30 Degree Work ! ely, "Abraham's NOTICE If you have f u r n i t u r e lo sell, consign il to our Furnilurc aucllnn each Saturday where you arc as- ,,.,,,,, Store .. .. . .1.' I'it ; grocery f i x t u r e s . "·"", Brown's Grocery. Ill Weil la'. Lewi, """·i (a , 0||e p hon( . 2 4 I J 'ffi»lf»."j1.M| Inn. ! A I I K A I . Itock Inrm. 2(m «crf». w i l l ! r n r J i i n I T i i ;G, R. Crandell KW\ Estate | | U J ' I HODM USED exlciiKion · nnrl MX linlclil I.rwls Bros. C'r El.'ECTnOl.UX pile*, ncnl Inr i Inhlc. S I U M . UwU stiilc Chair « n d ?wls Ornv Co.. Inf. d l n l l i B rnnin tnble. IK cjiliirs. irin.flfl set. . Inr. clplinrr linrol. K i n a l l hi-ooflrr Ii o o » t. lint llnnsr. Onr ol ttic hi'il Icni-c.l p l a r r * n u i v i l l f l n r t \snn r r o l I n r : r J r Till* iilarr w i l l rcrtiilly c u r l V Ml ncl put IIP l i n v t n It-rfl I h f o i . S4! in ivr r r n i ami I'n Mnit-li lit rs. I M rs . Marjorie Lcdbcttcr of Wil- , aim i no ncnecmci i^ni IM ; ivn a. i rrtrs. iviaijone iji.-uuum.i ... .·.. , n jirf 4 tshonhnrrl seaman re ' Slclla Ki "S' "Growth of Mission- Hams. Okla., Mrs. Mary Lee Dun- ! Donald A. Shepherd, .seaman e- . Anderson. ,,,,, n r Fort Smith, and Mrs. Hetty "J Collection was taken and nursery s» Diego. c.m. Wayni Henbcst has returned from Yahlequah, Okla., where he addressed science classes from B»»lcy High School and Teachers Colle'jc Monday a f t e r n o o n , and a Par6nl-Teachcr group Monday nisht on "Birds of. (lie Ozarks." He showed color transparencies during his talk. J. L. Lewis n[ Springdale was t a k e n lo Oklahoma City for Medical treatment. He was accompanied hy his wife find daughter. Thc t r i p was made in a Callison- Sisco ambulance. FOR jj_AM'__gft_TRADE : n!K \M\ sinaH liu'sl'irrs'i ill Kliirl m a k i n g money trm ilny J .-.. slnrl Mnfll 5cll nn nt-culint nl 111 hr-nlth. Come Invc.illcalt fnr i n u r - srlf. I'linnc IfiTTW' n f l o r ^ Z p. in. OLbSMOnrLE'lS. lOSd'nr 1!MI nuli-k ronvcrllblc. a. M Prlcrsrn. Phnnt MONKY TO LOAN F I l A H O M E LOANS Lmv interest, lunu terms UTLKV A N D C O M P A N Y , INC. IMionrJ^Ojl L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . n H u t u jinci f u r M i l u r c lonns. f i n a n c e the purchase of KiNrjEnnAnTKN-Nurairy. ouii'r rhit- yuur new or used car. NEWLIN REALTY W11ST n M ( K . A M K U N U S U A J . I . V n i r r i room i i n f u r t i l j i h c c l [ipriftmr-nl, s l c n m h r n l . . .- . , f l n n n 53.1 Hhaily. flu ·T»;!'.S2?» -"--"- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Slln,i c y;^ c £^^£X''iw. l^hnnr- inU 1UJU.SK.WOHK "nr " r a r ^ tnr :6.".tl . . CflNTACT FOU» "ronnl npnil;nc sqviarc. Sulinn'o .-(ir Rimrl for o f f i r r - nm! family. T H M K K rtm I DROP hy l.-l , . we inlclil ji Rome I I P U . i t a l k II il have . t p n r l i n r n l In i , .it il'-t North ClUirch TUnEE rotnn mndcrn niiiirlinoiH. uIUI- llo* pnld.. Slit r t i l l y . . H n i n i n n m l n r a l l y Company T»i NICK "lieilrnoin. prlvAlr cnlinnrt-. pri- Ph _ ~n" . in. plumi- irnUhcti nnnrtint-n!. n .Slnllnc Drlvr. r t m e n l Atliilt*. r n l i IflU. TWO "fnr»liihrii"p 1 rl'valt : "lic(lrnomj' (or men students nt :i!3 North U n i v . Ph. H7DW_or 'JI.VJW. ·OH~lir.NT" Uii'dirniNlicd ppiirtments. Ono dowtmtairs: (in* 1 upslnlrH. Srp- a r x t r ciiirnncc*. Knch has four rottnn niul hJith. Corner Sprin« m»l Ollvi- Hcfrrrnrp*. Plinnc 1"PR 'l«y: RiFi rvc- Mr. «d Mr«. B. V. Brnck Mr. anrt Mrs. B. V. Brock n! Lincolri announce the birth "f a daughter, Jauary K, at the City Hospital. Mr. ad Mr?. J » c k lifl ' 1 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Belli of Fay- - . en Snlltnlny. who wish It- 1-a a chance trntn firiiiR RUIIS nnd inc oui comic lumKs. Mrs. Perr Slicrman. City I-ak, ; Hani!. 71HW r- INSTRUCTION LESSONS, firm?, cliulnc, KicciiwnlT. .Monrp'5 Cernmi I linfi \V. N o r t h fit. I CuMPI.ETETour InBli Bi-liuul s ill spare titnc Texts f u r n i s h Slurli.l QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 N o r t h Block Sl.i or our used car lot. Corner Center and Church Strrrls. Thc Thclma Bagby circle of the 1 cltevilie announce t h c b i r t h o[ First Baptist Church of the Worn- | son. January 23, at the Count; en's Society met Tuesday a f t e r - . Hospital. | ^ on'"--- °'TM "i ^ I »»'- ·"* »"»· SiTS»n«l« James H. ^m.n. instructor! »^^:^ lh« boou! I . M r and Mrs. Bill Nuiinelec of in chTcliBinc-ering at he Univer- Others present were: Mrs. Hoberl i Fayetteville an ouce the bi 11, of -«v will" go to Little Rock dur- Harms. Mrs. Ernwl Walden, Mrs.' a daughter, Jal a , j 23, al the nV t h e meeting. tomorrow Carl Carmack. Mrs. Virgil D. County 'Hospital. --------- ,-. through Saturday, of the . Stale Board of Registration for Professional Engineers to t a k e ilie state- board examinations for rcKistra- tlon ·« « professioal engineer in Arkansas. Robert Harris, fh"' nicTling "rtf'rcshmcnls ' was 1 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kochtman nf me mccims, i v . I \ Vcs i Fork announce the birth of^a Frank j son. January 22. at ' vnd hv the hostess. plnmn. Kn classes. Sriul for 47 paEfr i fji^'g t h7rks iiiuf An"c k r l ^n" 1 1r,.ooT.'''''pO M Bo n x "1«»; ^'NCT |,l« ' ah,.' ·ka Sprincs. A r k i i n s n s j FOR .SALE--LIVESTOCK jri^ 12-lii. Hf.n.12 R h o a t x . IMinni Cpl. .lack Lehman. - «nd Mrs. Ralph Lehman, arrived home ye'fterday afternoon DISSTON Chain, SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR (0. Five 'hostesses, Mrs. I-ran* | son. .i«iu,«... "· "" ,',',,:;';,", ",u. EAHN Sharp, Mr* W. T. Pitts, Jr., Mrs. I Mrs. Fochlman s a patient at Ihe , George Harncr, Mrs. Edward | County Hospital, son of Mr j Berner. and Mrs. Robert H a r m s ' cnlertaincd wilh a stork shower larp home on Maple Drive night in honor «f Mrs SITUAT1ON_ MALE ialiorSlorj .wriulil like Ii Today's Market-- HELP WANTED--MALE WANTED. ~a "nicclinnicnl ciiKiiu'rr IhoroiiRhly familiar \ \ l l h cnnliH-crini; Thcrnintlyn.iinlcs -as In ninkc work- ins (Irau-infis for a patrnt lurhiiic inolor. Daviil H. HoUElHnn. Lcslit;, Arkansas. HELP WANTED--KEMAI.E PA'nT " llmtP lclcphonc^~intrrvic«-ers Call f r n m IUIIHL-. Not scllinK. 17.-,». Cnincl C e n t r a l S l a l i o n , York 17. N r w ^ Y o r k . _ inoiicy nl homo. F u l l m -_.Writc Ho.x K - l . J^'I'ilnc: GlriL~or wonTan" lo~5tay n l f i h l s will! A r m y o f f i c e r ' s wife. Plione_ 1'infin. WAN r fEl5~Tale"lnd'y. A p p l y niitlifs n e p a r l i n e n t Store. K o n l h Side of Square. No plinnc calls. 3l 1f ''ii- I.-OK SALF.--AUTOMOTIVK nox " p n r t - i r d . r y e h c a n i c l u r n t c In N o r l l i - J ] 946 elhcr Also ' ' n n i l ' p p n m l h n n l H t e d _ n H m l n l : CA1H PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. Colltet 2353 flY«H*Tilli, ArklAMI Joplin R*nd«rin9 Co: wilh a bouquet of yellow jonquils I . " ,""" as a center piece. The home was -ne J a n u a i . . . i r f . - e e n A ' HOES 11. 1 " ~ r - - - - - · · - , decorated m yeiiow ""."''-^. it ^ a ' live mostly 25 to SO, higher than r - hassinet was tlci : ora ' c , Vamcs I Tuesday's average w i t h weights | ' ;ii' r riii,"'sari AnBcin"'Tc"sa«." i ££ Self ^th^r'sScU over f o Ibs 40 to 50 up. Bulk | ^^i^ a^ok.' .^^ I and Mr., Car. Carmack: «,nmnt j £.« ^1 ^ ^^ ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,..,, -n- Jjur,.^TM r,s., the pri7.cs. Gutsts present w e = i , , 2 l f i n (n 2 |S Ih. prohir-ni. Not a driller. W h i t e : nuc ^ m f n ! hC iir H^-"?^TM ! %£*TM. P-^rs paid up to - -rlc, or ,,,,, ,,,« , PERSONALLY ENDORSED U S E D C A R S 2 1950 Hudson 2-doors. Healers, plastic seal covers, one With radio. Both very low .mileage and In per- pecl cohdilion, 1948 Civilian Jeep 1946 Jeep Sicilian Wagon 1946 Civilian Jeep 1947 Hudson Convertible, radio, · heater, overdrive. Hudson Club Coupe, radio, "heater. Bargain. 10 Chevrolet 2'-door. Radio healer. One owner cor Very nice. ilfi. merrier!. Or w i l l lr ·Cornef H u n t s v l l l c ^rS«i|l|fi|r|:^^ Mrs H K Wilson, Mrs. R. J . ' to 1R.2.1. Around 310 IbF. 1 i..ill. I M . Knfm · ,,, Mrs'. Russell Seay, M r s . , to 170 Ibs. 16.75 to 18.25., 140 | Irvine ,.-, c. Sprin^dalo. Ark. TRANSPORTATION OFI'liREI) OZARK MOIOR CO. Springdale FOR RENf n ACI1KS. C""rt I ronin limnr. pli-nly of out h l l l l d i n e i , a l l I r n r r t l . Cunrl herry p a l c h . A l t ' i n t Vi nrret nl e i l l l i v a l e d land, I.o\i- cash r e n t . NEWLIN REALTY N E l T SAWREY B R O K E R STANDARD REALTY CO. a Eai Mniiinain iMiniic ni'i ni.:,-J Mtirffi' E" S" ATMVA"fT}TG"~ ; B U L L D O Z I N G v Grov«l, Fill Din. Top Soil-"--'D. M. f A T T 0 N : J~~ Phont 24^_ ~~J."WlTiTL ' ELECTRIC CO. ; ', f'v.Hr'h'.nwi Qoolily lnlloll»n .:,,r'^r^« RUMPS ·POWER hat y d. jtut Kforur II. til A'CHKS [f\ vlllc POMC : Acnks on . i v r · Jin el p r o d n e l i Only MII-in i t n t n uni.v j.i.:iun.'iu. WILKINS REALTY CO. DH2 N n r t h Cnl!" K r AVI- "~"9l5 RUSH DRIVE'" _ liiiiVeriiitv-- FlirnlBhrrt P r l v n t c linth. Pho " a i t n r t - fl.iJ p B r l l i i c n l . u l l l l M.^ linu^p t r a i l e r . l i l h W i l l o w . nt. NKAfl" inrnl __ ·"ifriNiSHKD - ... tics paid. Phnni- m 2 nOOM im'furniihrrt Phone 12."iflJ. H'J.1 St U N F U I I N I S H K I ) ^ ' rt _ . APARTMENT. nlrfiy~l J^ll. _Phniie_H57. _ ____ __ N I C K mife'l nparlnienT' a m p l e closcifl. raiji'. Plinnr_2Mil. _ ___ LF.VF.nETT. ilootn.C 'S.1.50 weelT. . 1 I 7 I J . _ _ _ L I N I V E R S t T Y APARTMENt'S o n e bedroom u n f u r n l i h e d 137.51). (urn- hoed J72.M.. iwo bedroom n n l u r n - l»l-ed 572 HO billl PAid Bendlx l a u r - T y « v « l l a h H P h o n r 25IOR I ' A n k V I E W ApAllTMr-.NTS nh beif- -oom u n f u r n l ^ b e i l $:flOO. f u r n l i h t d iBr, no; t w o bedroom iinnlrnliheo J6S.M Hcndli I p u n d r y » v « I H h l s pboii' jc li.tth. with llnrn rnnin, h n i (HI?! U tl«-« ' w.i*hcr. 't'hU hnnip FOR SALK--RKAL ESTATt Xi-'C. C L E A N ' A S ' A ' t ' T N ' A N h WF.U. In Kfinri town. Buy or t r n d r * clrrtll car (or r q u l p n i n i l anri Irflf" 1 hiltld- !nc nr buy h n i t d l p K niul rnulpnicnl I) nn unon tcrniK. (o KHrfiKf^ ncnr^ Fa; \\H\\\f "X M O N E Y GOOn HKAT.. Pnr.TTV Kootl i i n p r o v p d «n «crr». on cnncl ronil lint 1 m i l e Irnm 11 h i d h w a y . (or S2,nnn. I j r r ( p i f r f l l»i*- tlniu. r x t T p t i n n n l i y nlcr 2 Ijcdroiiui j h«mr. L u r f j e C M t l l b l n « M ^ n l i v i n g j rnntn and d l n i n n rnnm. httllt-ln ' ' Cfibinf i. cftnpni-l I c i t f l i c n . ninlnrt.n Ifirjjc liftth. w i l t r l i ^ p t . u t i l i t y for n u f n m n s k ' -... ..,-. . t u i i l t f i v e y c a r t has n i t t h e fc (if a mucli l i l g t t r r priced I'nvemhiil «nd m-urr |tk|tl. onr l i f t r l l y hlt« line. Thc Vl'Iff! I* »' SH),2rill.(HI, nn ( I n n t U ' i n K t r o u l i l r i h r r r i» H l r r n d y a coititilnntl r. It. A. and «.\l. t r m n f n t n o i m l nf n n p r o x Sl.OfW nn . ... m c i t l x IMS t h a n i r n t . F o r f u r t h e r McCartney-Lewis Co., Inc. KIT. O. II. Rmiihl'c I'liniw I"-''... C A T T L E ' l l A N C I I K S 17 ACIIfca. \«ll hnnrovcrt. 2«o ai-rtt. p r n n a n r h t j i m t u r r . npw IIOIUP. Illin ACHKS. 32^ Hctos f e n c e d . 2(H n f r c * rich Imllnnl I n n d . Ml a r i r orchHril n n u r 'iinntum. 35J ACHES. 2W »rrr« iMirn r m l u r r . ·ccrfcil In nrctutnl urnsi. t f r t t n n rlovcr Htul Iripeilrm. n i l innriern inipriHTnicntK. 331 AcnF.S. fiMl nrro nrrtletl lit l a m e jrrnnRri yy\ flcrn w i n t e r pnalittr. inn itpren woodlftllll |)»kturr, ni* nnri modrrn Imprnvenieiili WF. h a v e l)ic I n p llstlnii on 'Hoc'* Phon» 14. Wtil Forli ~j "24"~Hb~UR "jERVrCf ON H c m i l i l c h i n j , Pltolln|, Cov«r«tl Buiioni, lullon Haiti, Toiloi» Belli ond Buckltt. Sptciol A t l f n i i e n giv«n Moll ;rti"!|Ord»ri. Saliifncllon er Monty SINGE* SEW'NG MAGHINI CO. II S.B. St.. FMtmvlll* · . Excavating - Bulldozing Disking T Brush Rake ,,,; Ponds - Roads - Cliarii^jr iH. H. JONES. Conlractbr Plinnc MM,'F»y«tWvlH» Home. Tune Up Ihal Engine for Spring . «*· K'"'. _·"·:· MAKF.n A N D A Thtre't more pep . . . mort jure powti- In your .«j?9i'i», ;T-I inrrni in r*firuiwf^/upanins. f^-i M.-; . ^ Q ^ 9 bttrt aVHindlJ mi G. R. Crandeli Real^iH^' °»« "·'"; rtTm ^ d "^' iNiJJoril^^at sirtct Phon\2m-i«J^-brlng out thf BEST In yWj^ tORnn "00 ^'^ *1. t° r '' w "^ a Jcienlific tun* up. MKW f i x rnoin lioinc. I. I lovd Mrs nut-M-'ii o v o j t j - i - u - i in Walter V kcrv. who is hrr grand- i Ibs. 14.SO to lfi.50. 100 tn 110 Ibs. no her Mrs. 6 a le Lynch, Mrs. t,,- j , 3 .00 to 14.25. Sows 400 Ibs. down Blovcd Mrs. Elmo Samuels. 16.00 to 16.50. Heavier sows 14.00 Mrs laniic Colcman, Mrs. Ernest !io 15.50. Stacs to 14.00. Waldcn Mrs Hubert Johnson, the Hoars 10.00 to 13.00. honorce' mother. Mrs. Billlc Gra- C a t t l f 2.000. salable ham Mrs. Arvil N u l l , an a u n t , i Calves 350. salable 35" · ... cx-pcmc Im-! nn. r t e f r r c n c c s 2lli n n d :iOlh " Pho VALUES! 2,000. ] .3--1 rATR-- PF.TS RKGlSTEnkD rocker sp'nnlcl puppies. Chrnp. phone i PERSONAL 1917 CH'kVJIOLET. " = , " ' s t n k c hcd.__P_lion« 2I2:!J. WC A J l i a " t m c t o r " l i k e ) 2I73J. · l'3l7"CHKVJlOLKT"*cluh" coupe. A - l mo- i c h n n i r n l shapf. Phone 2942W. UU'ICK SupsV J fJour sccliir.. til'iie" 17 N o r t h Collr-Ht, " i VICTOHIA ANflUS RANCH, R j . ---in I BEFORE you L-dtch in- i la i n, m i -i. , -Mrs. Lee Hamilton, Mrs. Espcn. t ] u des about n o i i o i r loads of steers. , imi . Nnrili t «n ·virythinq k..d,u.,l.,. for II VALUES ·IH. IrUndly. k.lpll i.t-ki y.u'tl Walters and sixteen people sent | other classes in small volume with | jifts After the honorec had j cows m a k i n R up about 25 per opened her gifts refreshments 1 cn ,,t ,,f a n overall modest supply were served by the hostess. i ,,[ cattle. Moderately active, rlc- The Irene Branum or Ihe First j man( i clearinR, some nooil and Baptist Church Women's Mission- | chniee steers and heifers stroiiE at · · ·· ·- 32.00 to 34.00. Cows active and stronc wilh u t i l i t y and commercial mostly 21.00 to 23.50. Canners and cutlers 16.00 to 21.00. vealers steady. U t i l i t y and commercial bulls 24.00 to 2R.OO. Cut- 21.00 to 23.00. Prime vcalcrs scarce. EOorl and hieh ----- llial cold are us . ( , rt cojtl prcvcn- side DIUK. 930 North ,, ISR WANTFII TO BUT ir~or six inch jiilnler. ml molor. Carpy nus- CASH f with ' a " " J- l I I U I ; r A r k ' llon. Ii. iinln ' r l l f n un- .. . lcr. M7.S.OO. . i f M O O K I . :hcvrolol. 2 door ssdnn S'JUlOO. Phone 8.11 W. ^^ _^ roil SAU; on M;ASI; lilGH'WAY cnfr. New equipment, KO" lnnlnrss. 1-oiiK ILMSC. Henl ri-HMin ihk. Write Box K-.t. ',Tlntc. FOK SAI,F--MISCKI.I.ANF.OUS 1 X | J Onter Match $8.00 ,,,,-v Society met at the home o I Mrs Calvin Little on North Mill 'street. Members present were: Mrs. Landreth Lloyd, Mrs. Harlcn Philips. Mrs. William Hunt, Mrs. Elmo Samuels. Mrs. Troy R y a n , , Mrs W. T. Pills, Jr., M«- · I a m l = U o r bulls Coleman, Mrs. George Harncr, and three visitors. Mrs. R. N. Gosnell, who taught the book, Mrs. Lewis Eplcv president of the society, -1 Mrs."John Morcland. the asslE Pastor's wife. At the close of the , ,, ; l l I i c r t i n n arris. HOUR- 7. Fny- or soc r as. Give complete and cxnrl lora- milkc... price. F.iiRcn r t t r v i l l r _ Tnrl i HITHER a chirltcn or slock ranch in ' Arkansas. Ci description, irii;c lion so T can drive to Ii M. -Glenn. C a n a t _ W f n t h r s l c r . Ohio. A GOOD'f-fir-top'hiRRBCc cnrrit-r. Telc- _phonr_ r.OTW. : ! WA'NT t V h i i y a «iock ranch r a p n h l i 1 1 if r u n n i n K AVON COSMETICS YOUH f r i e n d l y r L - p r c s n t i i j i i l v u . Phone 2813.11 or drop » cnrtl lo J n h n U Hohcrls. U n i v o r s i t y S l n i i u n , Max 17H. T h n n k you, SPINET p!,im». " A nirp hnrt;;iln op- p n r d i n l l y . Fitmnui niiikr. OfiL'ltifU- ly ro*l oVcr ST.MKin. Perfect condition. Bid s a v i n f i to rcsponslhlc parly. May asinine l i a l a n c c on small povmcrt!i. W r i t e c r r d i l m a n a a r r . I mil In Pi-mii Co 11'* M u l t i Slrrrl !" ' " " -" - "S l r r r l ' No. 4. Jx«, IxS 2x1 5Vje o foot StfTJinixtd Roofing, cor* rugtttd and V crimp $10.25 mectinK refreshments were serv bv the hostess. choice vealers larccly 32.00 to 40.- , , 00. U t i l i t y and commercial 22.110 i ll ! 1 . ! " 1 1| to 30.00. ! iniiii7ionT"R i s i s t a i . t l shcci , i 21)0 salable 1.200. Few j _Lo«-cH. Ark. _ i sales and 'bids fully steady on 1 raATOEns.^w^u.o^ Bw^prlc,-, j nii E. (lesse. lloulc THnn | rnr .. r " Pr :rH c°n M?n [JHAVKL i -nni io r . ,,,,,,,,, I, ! LOVELY -V, lo,, e lh ' " rnnttllion t"" Oil ronrtllion. 5...TM. "LACKS iN H NonTmvEST A'IIK. " NEWLIN REALTY \ V E S T _ F p n K . A R K . "SOUTHWEST FAYETTEVILLE Or.'K nnd nne-li»lf ncrr^ r e r l i l c l»nrt K l v e rnnin home an'1 «imill u n r n . Yniiiic v a r i e t y (ircharl f n r htnne """ASSUME F. H. A. LOAN TWO lieilrrioln home, lew y e w r i (il'l. Incalcri Weil nr Ille V t l e r n n ' i llni- n l l n l . ThU home H w e l l cotijlriiclr-l lin.1 h» p l n i l e r e r t I n l e r i n r w»ll. Thermoslaled rloor hirnnee h e n l . K h r u b J nnd p l a n l l n c « In y»rn. A Snl f,"i"!i" "hmv yoil/Vlinnc 7M HAMMOND REAITY CO, Sacrificing Apartment House it. t i t i l l l y rootii nnd .... -. ,, r n i n k f this lh- li*r!it I t u y In « Uircc "THE PUTTER B AGENCY i K. Ccnlor Pho tic JflM- r^~fn(irn lioiisc. 2 room f n*. ctRclrk-Hy In h n if i e. ?r lv Ilii* Honr, drilled well liou»f. C l t v WKK VICES _OFFEK Kll I.A"nfKS hnl.1 rehloeked n n d ^ r e t r l m med. Kllznbclb Curry, 341 North Willow, Phone 023W. Kincoid Co. · - DM* Wl'f · 1(lln( Moderate cost. Driv* up. MODERN MOTOR^ 125 W. Mounloln. ^hont J31'- AUTOMATIC *P»UAH6t CO. A Belttr Plict l» Buy ·"·'·' : tiutpolnt 11 N. Bl«k DCALEk , .'fh. 1» W n, wno'lcd lambs al 20.50 tn 30.00 f u r small lots. Mostly choice firnrtc In j f r,f\ i tir.iin, new HI un«". «*«. = ! i*- · paid. Central Feather Co.. 1S2.1 K.... *M Avenue, St Louis. Illinois. riiiK M - Cornelia Harmon of Tulsa. TM?TM.£TM^^"^ .^^ND^OUNP,,_. l e f t o v e r the weekend a f t e r spend-, ;,___ (n ^ D f i n H p H . Mtablish m a r - I FOUND.. Irish scilrr. Owner ui nicn^v...- .· I Hone to definilclv establish m a r - ing a two weeks' vacation in me i S(jme ^^ ]o|s , o pr|mp l n t s home of Mrs. C. T. Marshall on , .. .- .. Shiloh Street. FOUND. Irish «ctte a,l John Worln lane. _ FOUND. 1 Owner pay for 41-4. Terry VII- FENCING H«»TT 4 paint bitb win ^ $8.50 .pool H«rr paint btrb wiM $7.90 ipoal JI" Fltld r«nc«, 11 '/i »«u|« $11.75 roll 41" Pftulttr «nd Rlbblt Wit. $9.75 roll SANFORD-GREEN LUMBER CO. Your Uptown Lunttor Yard Clinic in Miami, Fla., resumes his duties Sunday mornlnB. M i s . Mooreland and her two sons, who have been vislllnn in Texas, returned over thf weekend. The Wilma Weeks Circle of the First Baptist Church Women s Society met Tuesday al the home of i Mrs Bailey on Mnplc Street. Those 1 m-cVcnl were Mrs. n. (.. I..»r.c. M"cc Sanders, Mrs. Harvey Tniitl, Mr, n O. Smith, Mrs. Teflon BrtidTM. »n«l Mr,. Jim Wilson, I Mr* Dale KM" hecame a nev, ember n" rt Mrs - K n r l J wa * a visitor a n d ' t a u c h t Ihe book. The. Ann .ludson circle of the ^;io,"rv"soefefv": i!;e 1x v; m TMe church Tuesday aficrnoon with six mfinbors present and one no,' member. Mrs. Delia Mabry. Mrs. llarrv Croft, Mrs. 11.00 to 14.00 according to weight and quality. Cull ewes dnwn lo 9.00. Aged bucks mainly 11.00. Not white, 'nol wheat, not rye, hut a flavor-blend of nil three-- Jtmge's Roman Meal Bread. GAS is FINE In Ihe Furnace-nol in Your Stomach MUS. BROWN h a v e y n i r f n u n d niothji in your' hnme? Stop (inniaKC w i l h Berlmi Flx-e year n u a r a n l c e . J.ewls _Bros._ Co.. Inc. Piece Wftlnnl ~dine.iltr, t j i i f f e t , l a h i c and 4 chnirs, modern le- liKlil niniilc d i n e t t e , wnnd :halr« S39.SO mil v e l m i r l i v - i n K room n ,..,,, cnnd r t m d l t i t i n ' S79 .'.n Snfa. rn^e f l o r a l slip cover, cnn- u l r u c l l o n Bond S24 SO Sofa. ISIh c e n t u r y , wood t r i m . r.rcen r l n m a r k SW Mi Snfa. hhic-Rrav and wine s l r l p e S24 .VI Dresner, d a r k nnk. s w i n s l n R l u l r r n r S 1 7 M Piece I . i v I n K llnmn Kniemblo I n c l u d e s hed d l v n n . 2 occasional chnir*. In Ar|un, Inn or brown p l n u i e . 3 end lablcs and e n f f e e Inhle. K x c e p l l o n n l I Special STUM I inn HALKS wire bound bri^M nic«dow hay. Phone 209IW. AUTO radios for all car«. Dixlr Ilndio Shop. _ PH1LCO Icfrvislfm. A'ulhorlrcd denier. ni!oc_nadio Shop. iTKH ranptiprr.v plants for unlo! S2.l.fift per thousand. Kldon 1-at-fj . Pr.-ilrle tlrnvf,_ Itoutc 1. J'LANT " b e a u t i f u l "'\-olori-d "maple*. ['hone «W2. USED 'cnn^olr rndlo. Nice ponrtttioii. plays wtll^sri.Ofl. MO Llndfll. 21MM VA~C««- irnctor wilh culllvalor nnd mnwer. W C - A C t r a c t o r w i t h innwrr. H. M. Peiom-n Phone 20M. P r n i r i t FoFUilER BRUSHES fn 7 In in ycarV 8 u n l l » . ' mom «nd i h a t h ench. uond l o e n l l o n .nenr Um- : v e r s l t y Very p.ond hasic eonslniellnn hul n'-ed» l l n l i h l n « work. ""'"^ .... n v , r S I S n f i n M lo hoild Sell week X i n . M i n n n . M u ^ l luve 'i Phnne 3M2W2. Automotive ·Fire · Health and 'Accident · Polio ·Liability · WOrtKMF.N'S COMPENSATION · Plate Gloss ·Burglary Ihir For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory ~~~TM siior " Arcade lldg. We slock l)l.vd_ M I I I ALrT'strrel We Rive S A H ( i r e e n Sl;imp! t o n Brni D r l v e - I f i K n r n l l u r . M l R h w a y 71 N n r i h . IMmnc 1770 If yotir .iturnach burns "like fire" II means your fond t u r n s to R»S instcud o( d i R C s t l n c ."-'o you are In misery with bloat nnd cnn | hardly breathe. ' MM Flla Klcteher I FayeUevllle people say they a r e , _iii«ir»- ·,, 'J I..',, 'price presented i free of irtomach k a.i since they unl Kxirp nicr"N'wflni,i«,.rni v ^ and M » - , N c t l i * !,,' CERTA-VIN. Thin new picdieiiic gTM.','. """' ·'"""" '"" on the p r n j i a m . _ _ _ _ _ ^ ^^ foBd (Bg(pr _ )n(| b _, Ucr Taken before meals It works with our food, Gas pains en! Wont vanishes! Contains V l l a m i n B-l lo enrich the blood, Dive yon pep K u 1 a r dairy Im O l.lnr|p|l._ Phone I 5 H e'-wlitr-l Ir.lilcr. P r r l f - c l .inpe. i I'M Ford coupr Nc« l i a l t i - r y W o r l h uvire llir S9.'i jinked · J o h n i)errc I r n r l n r . I,A inoocl Plnw» r u l l l v a l o r i . ele Why own « 'Miiiliy Irnctol^ wlien you cnn i l d r for only s:,7:. J f l r k Carlisle, lp|iplione It'.'iV/ I'l.AY pen and "nnil." Tci'terhnhe. l i k r n ,, w p|n,,,e!. rhifj^i's*, ,i,-r i.,i*li',.r ^ c ' l l n v v k i i i '-"'"J- . "^,f,L 'j'S '·,! ,,,, ,, so li r o u t e , M i d d l e Hirk. - , r n l l i Joinn nl l u r r i n . i l h ALICE'S ' B E A U T Y SHOP Now up town. 7'i K M m i n U l n M A h r . - _ n n d MjU_tliit.__P" f '!y : .J^ f ! ^. "~"ct)i7vAnD r S BEAUTY SIIOP "114 W Meirlnw-Plmnn ""' M;irh . ---------S W I M IIRKSSr.l) houv whole (,r h u l l r u n N I T t m K C O M P A N Y he«.l n i l and lonvf lanl "ill ' ' TM " 1 """" """ ' ll'll- . C O l i N , hay nn'il «u ··" I I A I N I l O W ' T n O I I T Nr; v. Pin.lie 3ISIM.1 old c l n l l \ P f i u n e n r k Tri'iil K u r i n The fiolary Cluh mel Monday f t noon Victor II. Wnhlforrl who Is "tat"' «,rorvl.«nr lor the (arm I r a i n i n B was ihe «««l »pe»ker. p i Sln«lpl»rv introduced li.c The club voted In award fa ' sh 'prl,« 01*500. MM a n d * 13S ^'WK ""-"'«· and make. n«rven : ,, iblc people soon feel . l i f f c r c n t all over. So clonll to on f i i l l e r i n k . (Jet CF.RTA - V!N. · Clinehfn's Fay ·I K. In Irif f l l C v l l l e Drill! Slnre. SPECIAL u r n M n e h l n c n J O H N I I H O D K H A P P I . I A N C K CO I N m l h Illnek · Phiiin: M I . I K i C A C J K . silll" ease h r l e l enict. n - t lTM« : H A M P T O N S A n . M V S I ' r i p i l i l S M i rn i LU. rliln.i . . rnlilii' uwih'l'i''.' f u l l 34f'iSW R l l M M A R K SAI Q U A N T I T Y e l u l d r e n rln .ShnF Shop, .Tftnilar? l'f. Very r e f t - Wt m«t 01 btat any compttition 401 WEST DICKSON r '" ln '' ' A r l - r r t U r In thf TIMKfv . W K A T I l K n S T n i P h K C o r i A T I N C J -- W A I . I . I ' A P F . n \;ixnow ci.fl/M-:iNT, F u l l y I n j u r e d Call nr W r i t e M. SMITH Wnl Knrk SAND AND OKAVKI. ROAD AMD Driiv«WAY ORAVEl - ALSO TOP SOIL IJ05J -II n ·« I N i U P A H C E Automobile - Liability Fir* - Extended Cdveroge Poiio ~ Plate Glass WADE FINCHER "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE" Hebllh ond Accident ' . Workmans Compensation'. Plate GlcUl., .. 4ilrc)lctry Aufovnobil* ·; folio : PoullA'" fi" llpbility Trip UTLEY ; ond Company, Inc. Georg* F. Caudl* -. Vice Prciidenl * Iruunnci Mjr. H. I. Ull«y J. Than* 60S: 1 Pr^ildfnt Telephone 7203 JANUARY CLEARANCE Of new living Room Tobies -- lamp Tables - End Tables -· Slop Table* -- Tier and Drum Group 1-Values from 10.95 lo 17.95 to clear a t . , iroup 2-Valuns from 15.95 lo 19.95 lo clear a t . . Group 3-Volues from 19.95 lo 29.95 !o door ai.. Group 4-Valuci from 29.95 lo 44.95 lo clear al.. LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. USED CAR.SPECIALS 1946 Mercury, radio and hooter. Runs perfectly vvith Columbia rear .end 19-19 Ford 2 door, radio, heater and overdriv* $l.095-d; 1950 Plymouth 4 door special deluxe. This is a clean car , . ····· 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 4 door, clean . 1951 Chevrolet P/2 ton new. No miles. This truck sells for $1819, I am offering this truck for I also have 25 more good clean cars from 1941 to 1951 Tackett's Auto Exchange - ISOUTH71 HIWAY PHONE 2182 $695 $1295 · $1295;j

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