Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 23, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1952
Page 5
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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, FoytHivlllf, AtkcnMt, W*tn*Max, January 23, I«5I 5 ' TEACHER WON EUROPEAN TOUR 0 N SALE AT Hits Plan For Ambassador To Vatican City Episcopal Bishop Urges Pressure Against Proposal Lillln Rork-(/l 3 )-The Episcopal bishop of Arkansas declared lo-J day t h a t President Tnuii;in's pro-1 posal to send an ambassador to the Vatican ''violate? the American principle of the separation ot church and stale." "And," said the W. Hcv. ll.\ Bland Mitchell in his address to I the 80th a n n u a l Diocesan convention here, "it increases religious intolerance and controversy at a time when the need for national . _ unity and Tor cooperation between | Miss Marjoric Ramsey, right, school teacher rf L*gan, W. V*., who has ; the various religious communions' just returned from an all-c\pcnsc tour «r Europe, the pift of Lewis C. j in America is imperative." I Tlerney, left, volunteer State Defense Bond Chairman and Radio Station Bishop Mitchell called upon the; WOHS. Miss Ramsey sold $50.000 worth ot Honda in a statewide contest. ON SALE AT Eisenhower's Convention Plan To Unify Europe Wins Support Washin«ton-(/l'j-Gcn. Dwight D. Eisenhower's proposal for a con- tial race today, said the Eisenhower proposal is "a splendid step in slitutional convention to u n i f y ( , )( , ,.,,,, di ,. ccUon . If t h c y wU | Rcl Europe drew applause today from| u n i f i c r i | ,,,,,,, it w i n bo casicr f o r | Republicans! and Democrats--in-' ((j wy| . k w | ( h t h c m eluding other potential 'preside!!-! convention and individual mem-1 hers of the church to urge Arkansas Senators McCleilan and! Fulbright to vote against confirm:!- i tion of any appointment of an a m - i bassador to the Vatican. ^ lie said "the fact that Mr. Tru-' man has lor the moment bowed: before the storm' 1 and w i t h d r a w n the name of Gen. Mark Clark as his appointee to the post docs not mean the matter will not come up again. A "Lenal Fiction" "Vatican City as a political en- L-IUUIM;; umn |juiu-mi«i i»...uu^,-. , . \itv is a legal fiction to bolster up Uil | candidates. STM 3 '" M'MahTM (D-Conn) the pretensions of the U n m a n j Tho statement from Supreme*' 1 '" 1!ls unk : r , ed , f h f lllmo . ls Dcm -| Church to temporal power," the Headquarters. Allied Forces i n | ocratic prcsidenlial P r i m a r y bishop said. "Mr. T r u m a n is de- Europe .jot avid attention from JE"'"*' Kcta ^ c 'l;. »« r . CC[ , l h a l himself if he t h i n k s he Is lawmakers and politician,. r.uropcan u n i t y ,sn I just dcs.i- able; it is imperative if Europe is going to be able to handle her own i defense in a few years." } Senalor Wiley (H-Wis). r a n k - 1 ing GOP member of the ForciKr | Relations Committee, said, " I k c f j move is splendid and in the r i g h t | direction." Senator Case (R-SD), who has been urging European u n i l y for several years, was "greatly encouraged that General Kiscnhowei^ should make the statement right j now. It should add to his strength! as a presidential candidal' proposing diplomatic liaison bc-J u was Eisenhower's first pub- twcch two political stales. N n j ] j c statement since his announcc- mallcr how he may phrase it, i l j m e n t t h a t lie would accept the w i l l mean an ambassador irom: Republican presidential nomina- our government to the so-called tion but would not campaign lor Holy See, a religious organiza-i it. tion whose frcnius for dominating) The politically-minded asked if the political l i f e of nations for its! u would be a pattern fur other own purpose is writ large on the , Eisenhower statements. Some j wondered if it had been cleared nf hipntry. "An ambassador to the Roman: w ji n president Triunan and Scc- Caliuilic Church means inevitably j velary of .State Achcson. a papa! nuncio in Washington -- j Senators of lioth parlies said n church o f f i c i a l with the stains- thc-y agreed w i t h General Eiscn- of a political ambassador. . . . I t j h o w c r , would enable that church to cx-| n c said: j crt special pressure and i n f l u e n c e - i. Russia may plan a global war on nur government. -- niul there, eventually but ri^ht now could are people in many nations where! no t win at a single slrnkc. the Roman Church is dominant who can tell you what that means." DOROTHY DIX - C O N T I N U E D FROM PAGE FOUR will certainly be much happier while your husband is away if you arc at least surrounded by the things you both took such joy in acquiring. Spending the w a i t i n g - interim in a strange rooming ' house would be the most depress- "It would not look to me to be a sensible t h i n j t to provide a clo- unl war, and I think that also includes the Russians," Eisenhower said. '2. The mere call (or a European u n i t y convention "would mean ;i j lot in the United Slates," w h i c h : cannot alone bear the entire burden of the North A t l a n t i c Treaty. | 3. r.onjr-lcrm defensive security in Europe "cannot gain strenKth and s t a b i l i t y if Europe is to remain split up i" a number of imlc- I rnt itch of ilry ski '; GALLON Vanilla Ice (ream 64c Holland Bros. Locker Plant OLDER FOLKS with ITCHING SKIN For [hi iinnrinir, i i i n d i l r t i i n c , Jiersist- ing thinn yTM could do. Further- j pcn( i on[ economies." more, the possibilities arc that , Approval ny K c f a u v e r · your husband w i l l be able to j Scnator K c f a u v c r (D- . ,.., spend his furloughs, at least, at ; | )CTlc ,| to Announce his foraial en- i» (i»'i! In u-r»irh nml srrnlch. Ccl home. To be able to come to his 1 , r v Mn lhr , ncmncralic presirlen- J'"'"" 1 i11 " 1 c cl " li! ' ! - M Hn| i: »'» r «. , t m i d d l e :itrc, K-Mllol O i n t . pccinl, s n n t h i n ' : relief. Ari.s in nlnco of isMnc skin oiU -- X V O I K S f a s t . nl c o m f o r t lasls. H o w food it [rets own home, with his own f u r n i s h - ings, will aid his morale im- | measurably. Kstablishing a home is the first achievement of marriage; it is. in fact, t h e complete basis and pur- j pose of marriage. A c q u i r i n g a separate domicile is not possible j or practical with all ynung cou- : pics, but il is the perfect begin- \ - ^_ nlng to a happy f u t u r e . Since you ! _ _ _ and your husband have been able ( to achieve this essential nucleus, rlo your best to m a i n t a i n i l . ' , Through the loneliness of separa- j tion, the uncertainties of our trou- ! bled times, your homo will he a j haven for both of you. | for both of you. ; Krsponsibilily AVill Help The responsibility of keeping a home will be good for you, too. II : will also serve as a laboratory 1o; test your expanding t a l e n t s in homcmakinc:, so that when your husband is home for short visits-- , and u l t i m a t e l y for good--you'll j have a whole string of n c - ; complishmcnts to show o f f . w : Think how proud he'll be t o ! bring his buddies home for a well- cooked meal, how pleased to ex- · hibit your h a n d m a d e slipcovers. I Established roots, a f i r m fotinda- ; tion; these arc the things your home w i l l give you and your soldier-husband. Don't surrender them unless it's absolutely ncccs- ' Black or dark skin acts as a ; trap for tile sun's rays, c a t c h i n g ! the Incoming heat at the surface,' thus preventing its penetration to deeper body tissues where it m i p h l . cause damage, ! 5 doctors prove this plan breaks i the laxative habit ! DRESS BELTS -- BUCKLES COVERED BUTTONS Custom Finished And Ready to Wear the Same Day We Receive Your Order. SH Green Stamps on Everything MeKcchan's Fabric Center it c. cen If you t a k e l»*»livM rrRuUrly-- her*'* hnwynii on ilnp! Jlfcaunn S T-w Ynrlc doctor* nrtw hsvn provM vou may lirrftlc I ho l*«»tivo h^liit. Anl K i K h t y - t h f c c pfrrcnt of Ihd rt«M tMtui Hid l\.'. So run you. R t n p i n k f n K * tmt pvf-rynii no w t like. Instfml! Kri-ry nirhl for ono wwk t.ikn 2 Curtrr'i l . f t t l n Uvrr I'ilh. Prrnnil wwk -- "DP each hielit. Third w«ck-ona every ollior nl^lit. Then -- nolhin K l Kvt-fy d.iy : drink f\fM cl»M« of w«lcr; net definite time fur n-eiilarjty, Five N'cw York dnrlnm proVrd (hit p]»n C»n brrxk Ihn h»tivo rmhit. How mn n Unlive brok Ihr. Ui»livf hxliilT RtcnuM Curler's I.Hila Mvfr 1'illn "unbUfk" th» \fi"nnr diRr^llvn lr»L unil frnm thrn nn kt Furthfr-- C u r t r r ' n l.ittli* Liver rillit rtnuln . RfMk thi U u l i v o hkbit . . . *ilh Curler'* UltU 1,1 v* r I'illi . . . And tf r*(ul»r n*t(ir*]|y, Wh»n K'firry. nvf rf »(ine, overwork mik* you lrff|ul«r (Fmpnrinly - t»U t'urtff'i 1.1IIU Uttf filli l»mpor»nly. And nrvcr cM (ho ·lnit*\ i our h . Curl^'n I.ltllr I.ivrr Tilli. 1?r »( *ny t, iod*y. You'll It jtnLdul llii tint ol Ammran clattic... flexible, comfortable SMOOTHY by ntr SHOF WITH rwi ttHHiiui Sec how easily it Ilexes! So comfortable on your foot you hardly know you're wearing shoes! The Smoothy is craficd of line calf that takes a bright shine . . . durable calf that fits your fo^i li' ·· a " '"'ove. SMART BUY FOR LATE WINTER AND EARLY SPRING Red Calf or Turf Tan Cr'f 95 ' l j i'oi)cri-y f i l l e d * * * * * * FINAL CLOSEOUT OF ODDS AND ENDS LEFT FROM MITCHELL'S CHILDREN'S STORE Purchased By HUNT'S 3 DAYS ONLY Many of you have asked "What has become of balance of Mitchell's stock?" Because of the short lease we had on the Mitchell building we could not extend the tale there longer. However we are giving you this last chance to select your needs and gifts at GIVE-AWAY prices. Even jowcr than our previous sale. All items priced to sell and must go this week. So shop early, Shop HUNT'S. THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY GIRLS · 100% Virgin Wool Swear- ers, 3.98 Values · Girls' Blouses, Up to 3.98 Values ·Girls' Raincoats, 4.98 Values ·Slips, 2.98 Values · Girls' Gowns Pajamas, Up to 3.98 Values NOW $1.00 Girls' Dresses · 2.98 Values Now i.UU · Values ot 8.98 Now O.UU · Values to 12.98 Now 9.UU ·Girls' Gloves, 1.50 Values · Caps Hats, 1.50 Values NOW 75 INFANTS, KIDDIES AND GIRLS ANKLETS 7 for 1.00 Girls' Cotton Knit Skirts 2.49 Values ...... NowSOc · GIRLS' PURSES · GIRLS' MUFFS · GIRLS' SCARFS Value 1 QQ I-TM Now 25c S K I R T S Values to 6.98 ......... 2.00 INFANTS WEAR · EVENFLO BOTTLE NIPPLES · T R A Y CLOTHS · INFANT WEAR, BROKEN LOTS NOW Playtcx BABY PANTS Now 25c · No Layawys · No Phone Order. · No Alterations MATERNITY GOWNS Up to 5.95 Values OOO Now · MATERNITY DRESSES Values to 24.95... Vz Price CHILDREN'S SHOES Sizes 0-6 UP to i on 5.95 Voluci Now I.WU INFANTS WEAR ·Baby Dresses, 1.98 Value ·Christening Gowns, 3.98 Value Baby Diaper Pants, Large Size Only ·Diaper Bags, 2.25 Value · Infant Sacque Sets, 3.50 Value · Nylon Waterproo Didie Pants, 1.98 Value ·Compact Nursing Bottle Sterilizer, 2.98 Value ·Batiste Slips, 2.49 Value NOW $ 1.00 · Blanket Sets, 8.98 Value · · Silk Coal and Cap Sets, 12.95 Value ·Wool Coal and Cap Sets, 12.95 Value · Sheet and Pillow Case Sets, 8.50 Value Now · Infant Caps, 2.98 Value · Infant Gowns, 1.98 Value · Cof-N-Tol Shirts, 2.98 Value · Infant Soakers · Playlex Plastic Sheets, 89 Value · Playlex Bibs ·Playlex Baby Oil Cream, 79? Value Now 50* · Infant Robes, Values to 6.95 · Infant Silk and Wool Sacques, Values to 4.98 Now *2°° BOYS ·Caps and Hals, 2.49 Value ·T-Snirls, 1.98 Value ·Sport Shirts, 3.98 Value Now 75' BOYS' SWEATERS 3.98 Value Now 1.00 BOYS' SHORT PANTS 3.98 Value NowSOc Boys' COAT AND PANTS SETS 5.95 Vaiut Now 3.50 BOYS' BELTS l.OOVolut 50c BOYS' PANTS Values to 5.98 2.00 BIBALLS Values to 3 . 9 8 . . . . . . . ..1.50 BOYS' SOX 7 for .1.00 MISCELLANEOUS · Shower Birthday Cards, Up to 25c Values Ic · Baby Rattlers 25c · Baby Oil Ointment, 1.25 Value . . . . 2 5 c · Felt Cloth Toys, Values to 1.98. lOc · Flowers lOc · Gift Sachets for Infants 10c CORNER EAST A CENTER · No Refunds « No Exchanges ·Every Sale final ODDS AND ENDS

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