Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 23, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1952
Page 2
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^_ MUftlHWIST ARKANSA* , milMHimillllimiHIIIIIIIIIXIIIIIIIIMIMMIhlHIIIIIlilllllllimiMIIIIMIMIIIIIIIIIII m Society "~ MRS. KATHLEiN DOZIEft · Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . N a v a l Ileservc Kleclionic.i Company Drill, Kaion Huildinc, Delia Sisma, Hugh K l n c a i d , 7:3(1 Kappa Alpha Phi, 4Ti KaM Hock Slrccl, 7:30 Flishl. n. JIB4IHI1 Volunteer Air Force Jtcscrve Tniming Squadr I.O.O.K., 100K Hal|, (I- -·'· . '. " ·10 Club I^mce. Uark Bowl, 8:30 ':'· T/jHrsdti] 1 ...... . ·'·· Hotnry Cluh, Washington Hotel, 12 ' Pahiila' Cluh, Blue Mill," 1 ."''.. ' · . ' · · Slump'Nu Mqtltoi'i-srid'Wives,:Mi?/;;. W. Slrw'arl. 1 Jefferson School'SIUdy Cluh, M'W; J»rk llucld, l!30 Trowel And Spade Garden Cluh, Mrs. Boh Hoston, 2;3f) * Daughters c-l Demcter, Faculty f.'Iub Rooms. 6:30 Boy Scout .Board of Hc\ icw, First Presbyterian Church, 7 V. !·'. W.. lOfl'-l West Center, 7:30 Far West Chapter One, n. A. M., Masonic Mall, 7:30 Vollure J)5li, 40 ami 8, Lesion Hut, 7:30 Demonstration^Club Women Planning State-Wide Membership Campaign Put Wnlsii of L i t t l e Hock was a I visitor here yesterday. Lei Us Assist Ytii WE HAVE AH ADDIMO AND nauniWG MACHINE FOB EVERY TYPE BUSINESS ilio STANDARD AND ELECTHIC TYPEWRITERS . . Wti repair (.vpewrllcr* of nil 1 make*. Prompl and r#llnl)lc nervier. WrH* nr phone 1 fnr * frer IrlKl In your own offlre. No nbl(«flt!6n. .14 yearn in thf Typfwrllcr und Adrtlni M»- chlne Uuafncm, Aitnli far thf Un«trw«M 0. B. WILLIAMSON AND CO., Inc. 123 W. Mounliln Phont 1471 FAYETTEVILLE, AflK. Postal Auxiliary Meels Al Rogers Home T h e . A u x i l i a r y of N. F. I 1 , O, C. met st the home, of Mrs. W. H. nosers yesterday at 2 p, m., wllh Ntrs. Joe Hackus as tiucst. . Mrs. Silns H. Campbell! president, presided dunnc the bi.isi- nc/» mectiris at which lime a don a t i o n was made to the March of Dimes. ·The next meeting will he held February 2(1, w'hcn new officers will he Installed. Safer Cough Relief fOU CHILDRIN l : nr cnn^h^ nntl hrnnchitK due tn colch you cnn now gclCrcomiilsiun (.pccially prepared for Children in a new pink and Mur. puck;ipi imd he suic: { I ) Your child will like ii. (2) If conlaim only safe, proven inJrcdleriK c (!t) II cuiidurtf no niircotics tu dist u i b nutiuc's prcicesscs. (4) H will nld nature In sooihc and ticul raw, (cndcf'i inflamed throat and bronchial membranes, ihm relieving lite couph flnd promnlinc rest nnd (itccp. Ask for CrcnmulMon for Children in the pink nnd blue package. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN nlltm C.^h, (Wit Mti, M "Hot flashes" of change of life stopped or strikingly r«litv«d In 63-10%* of tht cotti in doctcrt' Utlil ·Those a u l I o c R . -- allerniiting . with nervous, clammy feelings -- and »ccom- panlcd 'oltcn by rc»(l4ss jrrl- Uiblllty and ncrvoiisnos? -*· arc woll-knovrn |o women sufTrrlni? the funcllonslly-cniiscd distress of middle life "change"! You want relief from such suffering. And--chances nrc-- vou can pel . I t / TlirlllliiR rellcfl Thanks to two' jnitwus l.ydii Flnltliam medicines! ·/Kdodorj-fnfj.LydlaPlnkhnin's Compound mid Tnblei.i bruufiht relict from such distress In 5J nnd SO"' (resprcllvcly) of Ihc cases tesicd. Complete or .tdU/iii? rc//r/; Amar.lnc, .von sny7 Not to the nutn.v thousands (»f womrn whn know from experience whni. these Lydln Plnkhnm medicines cnn ckil Their nctlon -- actimlly -- Is very tnurtrrn. They fxcri. n wleiitlflcnlly calming, toothing effect! Trv Lvdift Plnkhiun's on the bnsts of medical evidence! Sec If j/oti, loo don't cnln iilcssfrt rrlicf from those terrible "hoi flnshrs" niul uettlcncss so common tn "ch«nKe of life." Don't, intt it. of]! Ocl I.yflln rink-' hum's VeBcUblc Uoinijoiind or tn», tmpraeed '1'nblels mth added Iron llrtal slid only 5Sf}, Wnndrr/ul -- loo -- for the func- I lonRl pains, cramps, "drncprd-oiit" fecllims anil other discomfort of monthly inriutfinil pcrlodsl Dr. George S. Ivcy Methodists To Hear Dr. Ivey The Methodist Churches through- nut Northwest Arkansas will hold a mass moclinK Sunday n.f.rm/^.i, nl 3 o'clock in the Central .Methodist Church here in Faycltcvllle. Thl.-: meclinn w i l l close a 10-day evangelistic program l h a t h'nn been carried out t h r o u g h o u t Arkansas ihis week. The speaker for this important mvcllnii (will be Dr. Georfo S. (vey who Is the 3fi year-old vice president of Centenary College, Shrcvcporl, La. Durinfi the last ivar .Ooetor Ivcy was a chaplain In the ^Vrrny Air Force with r a n k of a major. W h i l e stationed 1 at Rnrksdalc. Field at Shrcvcporl, he organized a menV Bible class. in the Noel Memorial Methodist Church which reached sn average nlteiidrmce of over 200 men. On lcnx'in£ the chaplaincy Doctor Ivcy became apsocialc pastor of Noe I Memorial Mcthodjsl Church where j he made ;i w i f l c reputation will the Sunday evening preaching service. Early in 1950 he was made vh:c president nf Centenary College. Doctor jvey is widely known as ,'i public speaker and v.-a.-: listct in "Who's Who in A m e r i c a n Colleges" Inxt year nnd cited partk-u- larl.v as a special occasion speaker. Last year he was .sclecled a.- Slircveporl's Younc Man of the Year for 11)30 and rci'o.'jnizcd as tin? .vounji man who contributed most to the progress of t h a i sreat city. Last December in a similar program in Louisiana over (i.ODO jieo: \\e were hroufjht inlo the church |lhrnii|!li Ihlrf method of a United I Uvaiirrelistk- Mission. Last Sunday j throtlch the visitation jiroRram i over 1,000 were bronchi Inlo Ihc jJUclhodisl Churches in Arkansas, The muss mcelinj; Sunday w i l l close Ihc statewide program. Ozark Club Meets At' Burl Smith Home The Oziirlt C n m i n u n l t v Cluh met w i t h Mr. nnrl Mrs. Burl Smith Monday, will] 11 members and four quests present. The day was spent in (|iilltin H /or Ihe hostess w i t h a luncheon served at noon. Husbands who al It-nded .spent the day euttins s|routs for Ihe host Mrs. Olclla B l r n i i r i K h a m w i l l be hostess at t h e next meeting, Feb- r u a r y 4. Announcements · j Past Mjitron'.s Cluh of O. K. S. ' The Post M n l r n n s Club nf t). !·;. K. will inert Thursday evening nl 7:.'iO o'clock al Ihc home nf ·*'··· Blonnic Hose Ilcnbcst, 203 \Vcs Clcl)urn Street. 8 And 10 SMIon 307 R nnd '10 Siilnn :tn? w i l l inert Thursday evening al 7:30 o'clocU .-U f h c I.cfiinn H u t , Who Gives Green Stamps? McKtthan'i Fabric Center II Eiii Cinl.r Johnion'i Flint «nd W«llp«pti Slori II North Block SI, Hilton Iroi. Drift-In Furnlluri Slort Hwy. Tl North Town ft Campui MEN'S WEAR Olirk Thiitrt Bldf. Uner IrM. Shoe Sttrti ··ulh Side Squirt We Do! Fairway Grocery 411 N. Clunn'i Dairy (Houit lo houst dolivory) Phoni 6CO-W-4 Oinrk Cltancri 101 N o r t h Block St, Harlon'l Stivict Slollon P r l t n d l y Gulf SUIIon I I N o r t h Colligi McRty-McNalr r«y«ll.vlllt Printing Co. Rtllil 8lor« CASH Suit! O n l y Phillips Motor Co. i20 .North Collegi Moon'i Gift Shop 25 North Block St. Fairway Hartlwari 230 Mill SI. Waggontr'l Bak«ry 106 W«»l Conltr SI, Qunktr Drug Stor* 11 E«»l C«nHr St. Rcebi'i Jewelert M Kill Cfiilcr R«d««m your SAH Grttn Stampi at the Rodtmption Ctnlcr, 420 North Colltgt At a district confci'encc of Hnnio 1 Dcmnnslratirm Club voincn yer.- lerday in Harrison, plans were made for a slate-wide in ember- ship drive to bo conducted from February u n t i l National Homo Demonstration Club V/pf.-k, April 27 to May 3. Vice presidents of t-acli club an; to serve a,v membership chairmen fin (I Mrs. H, B, Maxwell, ulrue vice president from W a s h i n R t o n County, is Ihc state c h a i r m a n . The slogan for the drive is A (t-friif\fir\ TV»1 I I I ILniOOIl 1 Lp. _ . ^-.' · » · -^« Butler, Bride-Elect An ;i fit-moon te:i given from 3+ to II o'clock yeslcrday by Mrs. Earl Uyess and Mrs, Preston Woodruff lVCjcc at the Woodruff home on East! 1VA1JJ Prospect -Slroel, was attended b y i Hpproxirnatcly 150 Kuc.sts. The tea , w«s in honor of Miss Carolyn "52,000 members In 1852/ 1 Coun- j liutlcr, bride-elect of Oliver cil officers a l f e n d i n H from Wash-; Wickci ham Gatchell, Jr. I i i K t o n . County were Mrs. H u f i h i i n iho receiving line wt-r.- Mr^ Williams, president; Mrs. H. H, Maxwell, vice president; Mrs. I. J. Kirkpalrick, sccrclary-treas- urer, Homc'Dernonsti'ation Agents Mnrfiarct H, Brownficld and Mary Jane Raker. Tin's meeting followed an o f f i - cer. 1 ; 1 conference Monday in Washington County at the Arkansas Western Gas Hospitality fiooms which was attended by SB officers and members nf 38 of Washington County's 59 clubs. Woodruff, Miss Butler and her mother, Mis. J. W. Butler, Jr., and Mr.i. JJyrss. Tlie ciiniii^ inble, covered with n n appliqued organdy clotli, was centered w i t h ;i heart, the toj) nf which wns made of red feathered caniHtions. Satin streamers and i n a l i n c c-ncircleM it. The honorce recclverl ;\ hen rtshii pert corsage mjitchintj the center arrangement. During the first hour Mrs. Clifton and Mrs. Alexander Green presided at the table, Arnislins in the d i n i n g room were Mrs. James L. Smith, Mrs, Norman McCartney and Mrs. Lonnic Hall. From 4 Id 5 o'clock Mrs. Mod Cttshion nnd Mrs. A l f r e d Mathcock presidud, and Mrs. Frank Gordon, Mrs. Joe Bates and Mrs. Loycc Mathcork assisted. , . , · , , . · Mrs. M a r r v Shult/. and Mrs. Van West Maple Street Monday night. . nov _. c!1 polim | f t m .jng the last The Evening v.'as spent m Pharmacy Wives Meet For Canasta, Bridge I'harmary wives me' homo of Mrs. Mary in Ih' rsten Of Wilburn Ptak Ka.vettcville Business Collcce a n d j Is nov: employed nt the University in the cashier's office. Mr. Ptak served four years with the Marines during World W r II, returning to attend the U n i v e r - j sity. A year a^'O he was recalled | inlo service find has only recently returned from Korea. After a short wedding I rip the couple will make their home in Shrevepnrf, I.a., where Mr. Flak is employe,] \, f th« Southwestern Gas and c l«ctric Company. Kce t» wttfe We MM*--rat* The wedding of Miss Doris Ann Karsten, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. tfarslcn, to Wilburn U . j Ptak, son of Judge and Mrs. James .Ptak, was solemnized a ceremony performed in the chapel of Central Methodist Church by the Rev. D, L. Dykes, Jr.. Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, For her wedding the bride wore v * j r* N ciiftrUij. in WICKS . W VAPORUB pent in i'i«...i;; · hour w i t h Mrs. Marion Wasson, best canasta and bridge with Mrs. Betty Mrs. 0. II. G.imblc :md M r s . j Thg b r j d c js a g,. a( i ua i t of the Steed an;l Mrr. Dorothy Bolti v/inncrs for bridge, and Mrs. Jitn- my Box w i n n i n g at canftsta, AssiEtiriji Mrs. Pa/.deia wcru Mrs. J'can Bishop and Mrs. Jackie Lou Holirran. The nc.xt mcclinu of the c l u b will be w i t h Mrs. Ine?. f l r i f f i n at -'» East .Second Street. a navy blue suit with winter while and navy accessories and an orchid corsage. Her only attendant was her sister, Miss Karolyn Kar- slcn, who wore a noundstooth checked suit with black and white accessories and a gardenia corsage. . W i l l i a m D. Phipps served as man. M n u p i n Cuniniings. assisting. Others who assisted were Mrs. J. M. While, Mrs. Paul Hccrwaecn, Mrs. Clement Crandall and Mrs. H. G. Woodruff. Mr. a n d Mrs. Allan J. Uuckrcus have as their guests this week, his parent.--, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Buchrcus of Jlobarl, Jnrl. Don't Sufftr Another Minult No mailer how many rrmctlic« 'you have tried for ilchFnc cczemn, rtsoriiiijs. infections, athlete'.-: fool or whalevcr voiir shin (rouble msv be--anylhinfi frnm hfwd In foot-- WONDER SALVE unH Wonder McJirfllfd Soup run help you. Developed for Ihn ho.vs in Ihf Armj 1 now for .vor folks Hi home 1 WONDER SALVE it while. Krcaselpj*, anliscplir. No ugly appcarpncc Safe for children. Get WONDER SALVE and WONDER ANTISEPTIC SOAP- rcsulls or money refunded Truly wonderful preparations. Try them. Sold in FayclleTille by Quaker, Ricknlij, and Fareltoville ^Drug Slor*i; «r your hometown druggist. THE BLAIRS, STATIONERS Tht Oldest Offict Supply House in Northwest Arkansas IT'S VALENTINE TIME Wi hovi the ones you want, from Ic to $5.00 each Fayetlcville's Lirgtst Stleclion -- Slyled by Gibson h« Squar* i Make If A Safe Weekend A 'ittle extra cart h all lhot'» needed to male* thi« ° s °fer weektnd.- Driv« carefijUy an j be iur« of arriving horn* lafily. Call 3010 DELlVIRY CONYERS PHARMACY BLOCK t DICKIOR Invitation To Spring Advtrtitcd in CHAf.M ... and Ours Alonel / Three olecas . . . trimly, lersoly tailored . . . combined to give you a crijp, bandbox look wherever, whenever you wear them, the suit-checked and plain . . . prettily curved and calculated lo make the most of your own lithe lines! The matching coat- brief, boxy onrl beautiful. Sizes 10 to 18. Suit, J65.00. Coat J59.50. Two pairs of pockets . . . one set moderate sited, ((,, other Intriguingly lorge . . . give a new and important JQQ^ | 0 ^ t wonderful Swansdown short coat! Correctly casua^ ||, e dtep* slashed jumbo cuffs, ihe neat, notched collorl A ma rve | ou$ COO f for informal wear in a fascinating all-wool Iweeej [,y Anqle Sizes 8 to 18. $55.00. . . ' Other Pure Wool Short Coats in White and Sherbet Pastels from $29.50 Books Closed -- Charge Purchases Will Appear on Your March Statement, One of Arkansas' fine Stort t

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