Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 24, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1974
Page 12
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IS · Northwest ArkonwiJ TIMES, Wed., July 24, 1974 Livestock ''"·*''' · · / R e p o r t Beet. 'cattle supply ; took a j drastic drop at the two auctions held in Northwest Arkansas this past weekend according to the Federal State Maiket News Service , \- " Auctio'n;resxdts were: SPRINGDALE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 900, week ago 2458, year ago 1100. Supply largely good and choice 300-GOO lb. feeder steers 25 per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 percent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility and Commercial $22.-25.90. High dressing Utilities $25.90-27.40. Cutter $21-23.50. Canner $18-21.30. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 1265-1840 Ibs. $32.80-36. FEEDER STEERS: Choice 300-400 Ibs. $31,50-3150. 400-800 Ibs. $30.-33.50. High Good and Low Choice 300-500 Ibs. S28.-32. 500-800 Ibs. J28.-30.50. Good 300450 Ibs. $25.-27.50. Several Hoi- stein 400-1260 Ibs. $24.-26.75. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice 300-CT5 Ibs. $27.-$30.25. High Good and Low Choice 300-400 Ibs. $26.-28. ' 400-600 Ibs. $25.-' 27.30. Choice 300-600 Ibs. $23.8026. REPLACEMENT C O W S : Choice 3-7 year old cows 70D- 1000 Ibs. few sales $26,25-27.50. COW . AND CALF PAIRS: Good and Choice 3-6 year old cows with 75-150 lb- calves at «ide $250-300 per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts 225 head including 18 sows and 2 boars. Last week 346 year ago 230. Bariows and gilts $350 lower. Feeder pigs $1.50-2.25 lower. BARROWS AND GILTS US 1-3 200-220 Ibs. $35.-35.50. SOWS: US 1-3 300-400 Ibs. t27.-2B.;400-480 Ibs. 52S.-27. BOARS: $21-21.40 FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 40-60 Ibs. $14.50-19. per head. FAYETTEVILLE CATTLF,: Estimated receipts 700, week' ago 1522, year ago 1452. Supply largely good and Choice 350-600. lb. feeder steers 25 per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Utility and Commercial $22.-25.25. Hfgh dressing Utilities $25.25-26 Cutter J20.-23.25. 'Canner $18. 20 50 SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grad 1-2 1100-1820 Ibs. $30.253575 FEEDER' STEERS: Choice 200-300 Ibs. $34-37.80. 300-500 Ibs. $30.-33.75. 500-700 Ibs. $29.32.50. High' Good and low Choice 300-600 Ibs. $27.-30.25. Good. 300-500 Ibs. $25.-27 FEEDER HEIFERS Choice ^OO 300 Ibs $30 34 50 300 600 Ibs. $27 3075 High Good and Low Choice 300 550 Ibs {25 27 Good 300500 Ibs $22 25 REPLACEMENT C O W S Choice 3 6 years old 7001000 Ibs $24753025. Good 36 jear old 700100.0 Ibs $213475 4 X , COW AND CALF PAIRS Good and Choice 1 6 year old cows with 75150 lb calves at side $250 315 per pair. Good and Choice 3 6 year old cows , with 200 300 lb. calves at side i $295 350 per pair HOGS Estimated receipts 450 head, including 25 sows 5 boars Week ago 525, year ago 257. Barrows and gllfs $2 50 2 75 lower; BARROWS AND GILTS; US 1 3 200 250 Ibs. $36, 36 25. SOWS US 1 2 300 400 Ibs $26 27.. 400 500 Ibs $25' 26 BOARS- $21 226(1. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 30-80 Ibs. $15-1950 per head, US 23 25 35 Ibs $12 50 15 per head New Uses For Old Railroad Buildings Sought INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. ( A P ) -- Finding new uses for America's 20,000 landmark railroad stations has set off a nationwide effort to save the old buildings. Architects and business and civic leaders are meeting in Indianapolis for a two-day workshop aimed at breathing new life into the once-busy rail terminals, some of which date back to 1830. Already some communities, towns and large metropolitan areas have begun or completed renovation of the architectural monuments into an assortment of uses, including cultural and historical centers. Indianapolis' Union Station, a terminal built in Romanesque revival architecture in 1888, is now being modified to house an assortment of small businesses. "New isn't necessarily better," s a i d Alan Green, secretary-treasurer of (ho Educational Facilities Laboratory, which recently studied possible new uses for the stations under grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The endowment is leading the effort to preserve and find new uses for the terminals. A mixture of small businesses is just one of several possible uses for the buildings, he added. "Many of the stations lend themselves to that mix very nicely because'Of the great central hall, : kind of a galleria," Green said. The Indianapolis project calls for four levels' of shops including a restaurant, bars, a gourmet candy shop and a designer dress store all opening into a main arcade. New uses for the old buildings are not limited to the larger metropolitan terminals. The Nordson Foundation of Am- Jiurst, Ohio, already has restored one station in Oberlin, Ohio, for use in (he Head Start program. 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SAVE MONEY EVERY DAY AT SAFEWAY DISCOUNT Hot Dog or Hamburger low Priced/ Questions About Social Security E d i t o r ' s Note; This column is a joint effort ot public service by the TIMES and the FayeUevilla Social Security Administration office, Mrs. Rose New- tome, district manager. Anyone having a question about social security is invited tt send it to the Northwest Arkansas TIMES, 71701. All inquiries must b« signed and should include address of sender. Names will not be published. Q. I now get the supplements! security income (SSI) gold check each month. When my checks fir. started I was not working, but now I pm earning $40 per month from a part-time job. Will this affect my SSI check amount? A- Additional earned income or unearned income may lower the amount of your SSI check and must "be reported. However, you may have as much as $85 a month earned income (wages, self-employment income) and still get your full check, if you lave no other income (earned or unearned). Q. I am 80 years old and I have never worked at a job where wa'ges were covered by social security. However, I receive a special payment of $62.10 per month. Will I be abl« to get the SSI (gold) checks? A. We will have to know morg about your living arrangements and any other income and resources in order to determine if you are eligible. Your special payment will stop if you become eligible for supplemental security income (SSI) checks. Q. My husband died in January 1974. He was receiving Railroad Annuity checks and I expect a funeral allowance f r o m both the Rail road Board and Social Security? A. A lump sum death payment is payable only if social security has jurisdiction. Social security pays both a lump sum death payment and survivor's benefits. If the Railroad Retirement Board has jurisdiction and will pay survivor's benefits, no lump sum is payable by RRB. The law allows payment of benefits by other agencies during the worker's lifetime, but upon his death only o n a agency can pay benefits. Tha jurisdiction is determined by consideration of certain criteria. The benefits payabe by either agency will be based on the combined records. Father Pleads For Return Of Missing Son LOS ANGELES (AP) ~ "Please, for God's sake, come to your senses. Don't take my little boy's life. Give up. You can't win." Retired Detroit millionaire industrialist Robert Adell broke down and cried. It has been seven weeks sines Adell's 16-year-old son disappeared in what has becoma a puzzling kidnaping case a n d Adell was making his first pubic plea for help. With tears streaking down h!» 'ace, Adell told newsmen Monday he was offering a {50,000 reward for the return of hii missing son. "1 want my son, living or dead," Adell said. Lawrence Adell disappeared June 1 from a Palm Springs, Calif., coffee shop and his father later received a phone call from the apparent kidnapers demanding money. Adell .attempted to deliver $400,000 ransom three times but the money was never picked up. Adell, a former Detroit fir* commissioner, then worked with the FBI and did not maka a public appeal. But after former Teamsters Union President James Hoffa intervened unsuccessfully last Saturday, Adell decided to take his c a s a to the public Monday. Two men are in custody and charged with extortion and conspiracy to kidnap in connection with the case. A federal grand jury is expected to return indictments soon. Adell said he has pleaded with the two men in Jail, Anelo Inciso, 61, identified by ths FBI as a convicted Chicago racketeer, and Hugh Pheaster, 41, an admitted criminal abortionist and convicted bank robber, to lell him where his son is. On Monday. Adell pleaded to no one in particular: "You cannot benefit by h i d i n g him or running with him." Hoffa visited Inciso, a former acquaintance, in jai! in hopes of gaining information about the boy. Adell later said the conversation was unproductive, but added that Hoffa gave Inciso his home telephone number in Detroit in case Inciso d.ecided. :o say anything regarding the case. To Head Firm SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (AP) -Dollie Cole, socialite wife of the president of General Motors, has been named to head an auto parts supply firm. Noel Gage, chairman of Huron Die Casting Inc.. said Monday Mrs. Cole had been elected president of the f i r m . Huron makes injection molded plastic parts for the auto industry and employs about 135 persons. "Mr- Cole is not a stockholder in the Huron company, and in view of the imminence of his retirement from GM, we see no conflict of interest." Gage said. Ed Cole t u r n s 65 | this fall and falls victim to GM's mandatory retirement.

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