Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 23, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 23, 1952
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IM WBIIC INTWIST · THC FIRST CONCfRN Of THIS NEWSPAPER $orthtoe$t rfeansa$ Associated f'rcss Leased'Wire King and N£A Peuturei IOCAI FOMCAST-- r'aye-Ucville snd virinlty generally fair and continued cold to- nir;ht with temperatures from 10 In is. Tomorrow partly cloudy and slichtly warmer. High ternprr- ntnrc yesterday 38: low 12: norm Inriiiy 27; sunrir-e. 7:2-1: sunset 5:37. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 154 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 73, 1952 PRICE FIVI CENTS It's Muddy In California ·A new hillside home in the Chcv,v C'hasc section near Clendalc, Calif., built recently by Mrs. Mildred A. Lovejov at a cost of 519,1100 and containing SB.OOO worth ot new furniture, is inundated up to the eaves by a sea of mud sent slithering down the hill by torrential rains. The mud battered down doors «nd crashed .thruush windows to invade every hrol; and cranny of the house. Election Contest Up Again More Witnesses Are Heard In Circuit Court James Taylnr of Ward A, j Aim Allen of Ward 2. ! Williams of Wind 4. John H. ]!ay nf Ward -1, James W. Scwell iinci Mrs. .lamps W. Scwell »f Ward 4. R. !,. Mnrlriox r.nd Mrs. H. L. M:ul- dnx of Ward 3, Hubert Burch nf Ward 3. Mrs. Wilnia Taylor of Ward 4, J Mrs. Jo An William H. Alien of Ward 2. Dalph C. Barnhnrt and Mrs Ralph C. Barnhart nf Ward I, and E. J. Fall of Ward 4. Representative Of Mrs. E. .I. Ball was ill and nn- _ . T i | able to testifv. However, her vote LOUnty Among I nOSe j for rjnvitlsnn was stipulated and Whn Offer Testimonvi cnlcrctl lnl " ""' 1L ' L '" lci - yyno wrrer l e ^ i i i n u i i ^ ^^ ,. lu . vcrs obk , dc ,i t n , hc As Favcttcvillc's mayorality , vntrs of Mr. and Mrs. Allen as light rc-«pcncd in Circuit Court |''cinR east in one wnrd wlnle t?day. a parade of W defense v.'it| llvcd in "^i"^ . nesses took the stand lo testify thai they voted for write-in candidate Arthur B. Davidson in the November fi pcncral election. Before court ivas recessed for lunch, all 20 of tiie witnesses Ican-ed fi'om Hie witness box lo point to David.-on, automobile salesman · nd former sheriff, as tlie man they intended to support in the clec- ·tion. A few of the witnesses r;m into minor difficulties. Two--a man »ncl wife--admitted they voted in Ward -1 allhouph they were Ward 2 residents. Davidson is being forced to produce the people who voted for him by writing his name on the ballot three different w a y s -- A r - thur B. Davidson, A. B. David- Opponents Of Dixie Downs Are Victors Proposed Track In Crittenden Voted Down By Citizens 28 Persons Die When Plane Hits Apartment House 11 Are Injured In New Jersey As Ship Attempts Landing E I i 7 . a b c i h, N. .I.-l/Ti-A foa-1 bound American Airlines plane' cropinc i t s - w a y into Newark A i r - ; port crashed into a residential · area yesterday. Its 23 panscncers; and five other persons were killed.; Robert P. Patterson, 60. former. secretary of war, was among the : victims. i The twin-engined Cnnvair, in-1 bound from Buffalo, hit a three-; Mory frame apartment building; nnd exploded. Flames enveloped! two nearby dwellings. j A mother and her t w o children: were killed as their home collapsed about 1hrm. A third child, i trapped in another building, and! an unidentified person also died in the flames. I Eleven persons were injured, I including nine occupants "f nearby homes. Also hurt were a fireman and a rescue worker who had joined disaster units at the scene, just 2.8 miles from Newark Airport. For DO minutes, no mie could near the flaming wreckage. The 18 passengers, three crew members j and two c o m p a n y personnel i aboard were burned beyond 1'ecog- | nitinn. Clou Ms of steam and innoke i blanketed the area, less than a r I mile from the spot where a non- j ° I scheduled plane crash 38 davs ago I ' killed 5B. Mavor .lames T. Kirk said 'hi.- city nf 112.DOO, about 12 miles southwest of New Y»rk City, has been living under nn "umbrella o f , danger" an.1 that Newark Airport! should be relocated "regardless of | cnst." j Landing Attempted Tl:e plane had started ils landing approach from a hrisht of about 1.500 feet, using an instrument landing svj-lcm. The ceiling was down in -100 feet and vNibility was three-fourths of a mile. Suddenly il plummeted nut of the 'oi, nanuwly missed Battin High Famed First Cavalry Moves To Japan To Defend Islands 'On Front Line, Says Commander Ratification Of Peace Treaty Is Asked Secretary nt Slate Dean Ache-son (center) appcare:! before ihi* Senate Foreign notations ('n.mniiLce 10 MjiU ralificalion of the Japanese 1'cnco Treaty and dcfcnnr Iron ties with Ihr Philippines. Japan, Aus- iraiia ami New Zealanrl. John Foster Dulles. Icit. and Gen. Oi.iar Rradlry aix* shov/n with the secretary state. Hen. J. W. Kulbrishl of Arkansas is a menljcr of this nnnmiller. , Outside Sources Benefit U. A. Survey Of Audits Is Reported Little Roc.'k-1/Pj-Thc ArUansa comptroller's office has completed a .survey of audit. 1 ; of state-supported colleges indication tbat such institutions received more money from outside sources than from the state. ';'!·" [-nivci'Mtv of Arkansas nnd and Arthur Davidson--when nil stale-supported colleges except mllcii in al the ,,i:nKT:on M\:lc Tuachcis w e r e in Crit Icndcri County won the j Dixie Downs referendum by a ' vole of l .333 tn i.sfin yesterday. Tlie Anti-Hace Track League's The school's 1,001) pupils had been dismissed 4fi mi miles earlier. A crowd of 4.000 stood in the rain, Mtme uecpinp. and watched Agreement On Power For New Plant Reached Arrongements Made To Supply Alum'num Factory In Arkansas Washington - l/!'i - Final nicnt on a contract lo pi srcc- nvidc victory apparently wiped out i the manned bodies carried from power for a proposed new alumi- . -- s . T -. _ _ i i ; r . 11. ~ t n .inl n nf ..til ;·! Im-nA n-riKrl r»rt»I Mil I til Ilia II t III Al'klUlKflK \V H K i Hll- plHIlS DmC" building a track here. Directors nf (he fight ac? the track nffcrod prayers b»d for i the tangle of'Splintered waftd ami | ""m plant in Arkansas $2,500,000 horse race J twis : thnnkscivinc late last ni.qhl a f t e r complete but unofficial figures j were compiled. ! The referendum was tlie last stand for Dixie Downs. A coiuli- ! liona! franchise fnr the track was revoked Monday but thn fichi would have been carried tn court if the Crittcnrirn County vefercn- ' Hum bar! ROHC Ihe other way. j In Little Hock. Attorney Glenn :lcd"mcial." One man. Albert I nnunccd Inriny by C. Hamilton Haflonce, 34. wandered about in a ! Moses, president of the Arkan.s.'f. I da?.e. He bad returned from work i to find his home in ruins, his v.-ife ftf i and two children mhuine. The Event Far From What Parents Had Expected.Nearing End 'Hearings On i Peace Treaty Kl Pao, Tex.-'/!') - Sjrl. and Mrs. .John M. Waldiep nj" Canu- tlllo. Tt'Na;; espcclert il In be a creat day- the birth nf their fir;;t biiby. The rcraciwl even mana-i- ed'tirders to return from Korea for tlie hi?.; event. Mrs. U'alrlrcp has: j',^,','-^a'^hfinn a heart ailtnenl and hasn't been well for .some time. i - (/!') - The Senate ; Korean Jt elation* Committee hoped tn end today ilp liearniRs on the Jnpuneje peace treaty find related Pacific jicrurily piiel* afler individuals who H sited to be tcslify. Representjiiivi' Devereus (R- Mrl). a retired Mnrinf Corp.-; Their liisl btirn, a ilauirhlcr.; rral who \\.-i.s tMpturetl by the arrived yei'lcrday. lull neiihe"rJ .lapane^p early in World War 11 parent could celebrate. Mrs. Wa! : ; a f t e r commanding u defense of Declares If Reds : Attack Troops Will Put Up Stiff Fight ; Cfimn ('r.r.vfonl, Hokkaido, Js* uan-'.'lVTlH: biittie-hEtrdencd U.S. · Firvt Cavalry Divir.inn har. bnrn i pulled out nf Koira t« defend I .Japan's northernmost jsbmH | HutMan troop* nn Unborna! ; Island run only three and imc-i'Mf · inllns away, The Ru^ian-ncciiptM ! Kurilcs are 10 infles to tlie ra«l. ' RuiMfl's Sakhalin i less than 30 miles to the- noitb. Mitj. Gen. Thomas L. IfjnrnW; division commander, said today, "I can nsiurr vnu of this: If Ihry land here v/c'll he ready for them with cverylhinc w*» have. Wr feel we arc an mUeli on the frrml lin^ hern as we rvrr were in Korea." The division's move from Kom. W;LS completed New Year's Eve-but the news was withheld until lodav. The 4."ith division, National Guard from Oklahoma, replaced the First C'avnlry in Korea. The famed dismounted cavalrv is now the key division In thn U S, dcfcn.-ir force for .lanan. It. ii the. same division which was flown Into .Japan from thr Phillp^i^s to cement the surrender in 1045. I-'ivr.' years later the division wfi- nished tn Knrca to help stern the Hod Snvaslnn. The division is learning lo ficht in tlie mountains -- on .skis and jmnwshocs. "We're striving lo «el wrf many men as possible trained to fight nn skis," Harrold said. "Pails of thn island arc so ringed I hey nre inaccessible except on tkls or snow shoe?." Rrcnnnatanance parties arc traveling through Hokk»irf{i Catherine infornintlnn Which will be vital U the. Wand Is attacked. bodies of his wife, Anne, 30. and his Fnns, Etnil, three, and Robert. 14 months, later were removed from the wreckage. Former War Secretary Patterson, undersecretary of war throiichnul World War I! and secretary from September. 1945, until .Inly, 19*7, bar! been in Ruf- faln for a Federal Court When the case ended :--ooncr than :ie had expected. Patterson made the nominee, Mavor Po The ·'Davidsons" his name '.vas 1-il minute aqainsl Ihc Democratic j included in " -ell M. nhea. a 12-mnntli period ending June topped Rhcnpl, 1931. The Henderson audit has Ot to 33 in the balloting, luit Rhea, | no 1 been completed. seeking election lo a second term, j The survey included the follmv- challcnficd the results. Circuit; MY* l inures nn the University of Court ordered the election com-; Arkansas: missioncrs lo certify the winner ! No plant valuation is shown on as shown on tlie face of the faal-! the books -- only fund accounts, lot*. This meant nhca, since j Income, $fl,3fi8.!)0[) less than $!,- Wall her, who represented Dixie a last minute switch from train reservations to the airliner. Davidson's voles were split three! ."irin.OOO of which was state money.; poses." he said. Downs, said: "A? iar as I know, that ends if." Dixie Dmvns Secretary Kdw-ard Waller nf West Memphis said: "I hnve nb.vnys said that if the people in the county didn't want the track I don't want it either." Gov. Kid McMath glowed. "This action should serve as a $ tiring warning In special interests that seek their own selfish pur- The pilot, Capt. Thomas .1. Heid, 33. lived only three blocks from the ppnt where the plane crashed. His wife, Henrietta, said Reid had "just completed an airlift to Japan." Power and Light Company. / MOSCK said lhat lie, representatives of Reynolds Melal Company, and the Interior I3eparttnen{ liave .-·Jcncd a final "firm" contract un-:'^ dcr which his company anil t'..e i ' ., Suuthwcstern Power AHininistra- ] ini - s "' nR lion \vill provide power fm r t h e ' aluminum plant Reynolds is to build in Arkansas. [ The po'vcr cnntract v/:i5 a nee- , cssary preliminary before Key- · nnlds could build Ihp plant. Iora-| tion of which il h»s not .vi'l an( nounccri. Negotiations frv t h e . c r » n - ; tract have he-en under way fnr j drep lapsed into a stale of shock Jti5l lifter the child arrived by Caesfirean .lection. Lrtle last nipht her condition was "poor." Word arrived yesterday Waldrep aboard Ihc airlift plane crashed en route to Ihc t * atcs from Tokyo. His name was nony !hc 33 passenger?, bhicii ,i:- Wake Island, WKS ninon^ 11 schpfl- ulcrl ivftnesses. A spok'Csfnan fnr Devercii-v said he Intended .In tcMify nbn»( the fnilitrc nf (he wa:ij Jiipanef-.f* lo make restilution (r whiclr American servicemen fur savinss confiscated in Philippines Record? Fall At Aberdeen-Angus Silc DiSalleToRun For The Senate ways because of the varied styles ! Operating expenditures were S7.- in which his name appeared. ! 7..TM for the three branches o f ; Davidson nppcnlrd this dcui.-.ion j " ; University main branch a t : Turkey's Importance Stressed By Speaker several v/ccks. Drmatuli Mel Moses .said thn I sin'iinp of Ihp contract "menns I hat Arkansas Pnwor and Rpynolds jninlly ha\'P met Ihe demands nf the Interior Department and agreed lo thr cnn- trnct cliJiti^ns suggested, Ihe principal one of which means nr. increase i n ra Ics cha reed for t he hydro-electric power from the WnshinRtniM/lVMiduicl V. Pi-; Salic announced InHay he will quit j as pi ice boss tn run for Ihe United i Stales .Senate in Ohio. Dio.illc v ill! .seek the Democratic nomination, j Scnaloj- 13 r i c k e r. RciJUblic; n. | corner tip fnr re-clpction this year.: niS.'ilic rnafii- the Mimuuncempiit. . . alter he had lalkcd with Pro; idcnl | fcdci.-tt poli t -e said today tlj Tul.--ii, Okb.-f/I^-A new inc'HvH- , I'M. bwyin/j record .al an auction Onu'lu.sion nf the committee j fnr Aberdeen-Ancus cattle v/ns set hearing would pave tlrj way for i yesterday hy Ralph i.- Smith jn early Senate aution on UV: pciii-o | ins $8(1,000 bid for n two-year-old Ireiity and the r-ei.-ui'ity pacts, as · bull at Angus Valley Farms. 'Snnlh, a Kanr.n.i City lumberman, paid a loUtl of SU3.ROO for Block Peer 70th and four females pur- cha.'ierl nl MianilV SunbeamTarma and al yesterday's sale here. He bid $35,000' for niackeap Rc.-isic Glh nl the Sunbeam auction lo set a world record price for a female of any beef breed. Total Mies at the Miami nnd Tulsa farms came It) $733,333. uryed by President T r u m a n . During the tcslimony nt Secretary of Stair. 1 ArJic-rnn. Gen. Omar N. liradlry. and .Mm Fosier Puller, (he laM t"'o riay. 1 ^, :-:trnna support for U'p ircalif 1 :; war, evident within the cnmniittcc. Suspect In Death Of American Captain Held ilf:l nc, Swlt/.ci '.'illil-'/I'l- S^\ JSS } Tnnnun ;it the V/hitr Ilou.^e for .VI; JiDldiny inutf-s ihi.s morning. Thr Ohio Uomocr.itic pi to Ihc Arkansas Supremo Cuuit, which f«H (he rase hack lo Cir- \Vlion Ihe election \vns cnnccderl iisl nichl. llio Rnv. T. n. DnuRlas · "Turkey is extremely important j iniivtr'ri'iiii'ljv the In'te'r'iiir |lpp:i"- if West Memphis led thn crowd ln t hc United Stales hcenusc nt ils ; ,,, om u .j|| amount In .ipproxiiniilcKaycllcville: Agricultural K x t e n - ' s( tnr county courthouse in near- | stmte, ' ' ' " sion Service, and Medical S c h o o l ' h y M a r i n i and hospital. L i l l l c Hock. S u r p l u s net income, sl.^fil- : " ) ( 5. Church Attendance Goes Up; Mission Continues cuit Court with orders to try thc cnsc as an election contest and determine '.vho will benefit from the -Davirtion" vole-. The case went to trial .lanuary ] 11 and continued Ihc fnllowinj; day, when it was recessed until this morning. Indications are that thc end of the legal .·-truR.sle is not yet in sichl. Some veteran courtroom ohscr\cr.-: doubt that a final verdict--from the Supreme Court on appeal--will be handed down before mid-sumirer. Ballnt Challenged This morning's pararic of wit- Trc-ses was led off by Tt. L. Hammond of Ward 4. who pointed out T),ividson as the man he voted for. He repoilod lie knew David- prill was a write-rn candidate, b e - j m e n t s were marie last nicht. CBIISC he "heard it around." ! Culver said 7.359 laymen hart Hammond was followed by Mr. 1 interviewed 1(1.0^2 persons in their · nd Mrs. W. C. Whitfield of Ward i homes. J. Moth Mr. and Mrs. WhiUield ! -- testified briefly, identifying their i(ir.iiit Made Knr Sturlics ballots and poinlinfi to Davidson; Stillwalrr. Ok i a.-'.-Ti-The Air ns tlie man for whom their votes Koice I;e i :e;tr( h Development Coin- were Inteiuled. ' r n a n d has civen SlS.nmi lo Cikla- Jnhn W. Murphy. Wasliincton ! homa A. and M. ciiemiMs to eon- County representative to Ihe .state ! linue Mudies of ice formation in leclslalure, also appeared on the a i r c r a f t fuels. stand in Davidson's behalf. Like * Poultry Mark**-- . Little ilock-i/l'i-Total church at- · tendance in the Arkansas Melhod- ! isl evangelistic mission has climbed to above inn.OilO. . , The Rev. Cecil Culver, exem-' fTM^' 1 ;'/. 0 .,. 1 :" 1 . 1 ::'",".', 1 ..."!' live chairman nf Ihc \vcck-lnrn mission, reported today that nt- j tendance Sunday, Monday ;nni I Tuesday nicht:; 1f1 alert 100,931. A ; tot;il of 3.2\: persons have c o m - ' mined them^elvrp tn Christ, ho Of this lnl;il Rfl2 commit- j i location at thc cross- brief prayer.! roads nf Ihree continents," Dr. Klcction nffieiats and men who j Dorsev Jones nf llic history de- hart been sharply opposed in the i partmcnt ;U the Univcr-ity, tuld campaign stood with bowed h each. I F,-iyctlc\ ille Kiwaninns a! their All hough the issue wns a hot J regular noon meeting, yrsterflny. subject for thc past tvn months. "The Tuiks h^tc the lUissiiin no trouble was rcportrd. Only . . , ,-nni look to the U. S. A. and about :'..8(ll) voles oul nf 5,40fl poll t a x receipts were cast. Cnmnionlinc nil tiie relatively HyiU vote, Wai (her said fully the Kovei imr's act inn brincine out Ihe icvocation of the pie who track lhat it wns urr- Cnyland for help shnulrl war come," lie continued. On Ihe other hand. Dr. June.--. ".Tppar- j pointed out. ihr II. S. ie.ili/.e.^ ' t h a i Turkey \\ould be the "FlHiiinK Erounds" for any military opera- j ft use ; v:err for less to voie while the opposition was out in force." Thc com in is? ion said Ihe franchise was littr-r] because Dixie : Downs Russian Aid For Mid-East Available \\ S,;i.fifiO.OOO over the -TO-year l i f e of the coniracl. He said lhat of this added-cn.'-.l his company will absorb half and Reynolds thc other half. Governor McMalh of Ail.aiv.r.s propnr.ert an Arkansas Puwer A l - , thnrif ve^l'?lday when inforpie'l j lodiiy Dint Soviet F-OICIKH MmlMci that n^ot'iHtions ;.t Washmpton ' - 1 "- " : --" 1 - 1 '·' v -- ' · * · · - - · apparently had stalled Kgypl-'/I'j-An Kgyplian r coricspondent icpork'd in supply power for the l posed aluMiiiunn plant. i'f. Itun Airain Andrei Vi.shin.--ky told him KU.-.M; w i l l assist all Middle Ka.^tcm p e n - j malic pies "to frco Ihcmscl 1 . e;. til \ V c s l - ; Knrpi ern econoniic domination.' believed to bo i lioin.inian. in (;oniie.'lifiM wilh ihe ! mysterious death of Cant. Euqene i Knrpo. f ' t t m e r U.S. mllitnrv al- la-'hc tn Miichaievt. Karpc fell or · w a ; | m'.bed from a tram in The death of the M.-iriiie Corps j officer, a rln.'T fnrti'J rf Robert ' liti.Mincd by Huituaiy and released j i f t f - r 17 mnnths. h;i«: never been eiipl'iined. He was on hi.*; w^y tn the United State* afle.r yervinn] three y c a i s in thn Bucharest dipln- ' post. Voider believes ilfath v.-as connected %-.'ith Ins own -asc. Tornado In Georgia Injures Eight Persons MouMric, Ga.-f/TVElfiht persons suffered minor Injuries and about I 20 buildings were wrecked when \ ;\ Lonwrln ytruck rtca? here last night. The twister twirled through ihr Poplar Arbor community, 15 rnile.i from Mnultric, m South Georgia not far from the Klonds linr. Amnnc the buikliiifis demolished was a Congregational church. The bii? blow csinc about nightfall and caught many persons .it thr ytipnor table. Snmr livestock were killed when barns collapsed. tho ("ommum.'-ls, pnurinj* million.s of t h of ,tirl into tlic tion.-' tt^ainsl Iherrfnrc i.s rlollars v: o country. I Jr. Jones -.vas inlroriuced hy I)r Ilnbert Ft. I.otian, v.-ho was in nildn't show Ihc dcprep I chainc of the lunclieon propr.-im. il rrsponsibilily rrtiuirrd ' *· ~ I by .stale rncinc law. The track at Hot Spring;; 1 i Toronto-i/I'f-Tlns stmvm In luijnmc a, 1 .;*in this mnrninc a f t e r its inne:.pon;lenl in a I'.'iii \ iCV-'. Al Misri said i n l c r - r- | continue opeiiitiim. MfMath May Buy Ranch I Sheridan. Ark. - '/T 1 ; - Governor | McMalh i= dickeiing w i t h Mr. and Mrs. R. W Morris of near here fnr n 2B3-;tcrr farm and Bailie Casualties Reach 104,644 * \Vashim: ion -(/Ti- Announced S. b a t t l e 'jtsnaHics in KOIT;I reach orl I'l' to'iay. ;ni me I U'fil rinip l;iM wr-r];. n 19-day s t r i k e of 4.700 operator.-' ;erkin; r ninrc pfty. Worl;ct. e rr.p: rr-j-cnlalivps .-jiifl the Toronto ' Tiansportalirm Cnrnmi'^ion a u r o c d i C o : · last night to end the s t r i V p find j 'j'hr unity nf Middle !",;istprn isuhmil t". p o points still in disputP i peoples and their combinc'l rfldi'.s { t o nn jirbitrptor. j.-,rc lli^ o;jslac!·· halting \Ve:-trm I . ~ Imilitiiry pi^paralionv in turn liu-ro ! llraiit.v A Drlricate ' -f,ijn!rif'.- into bases nf a^yir.Mun. I'aris-'/Ti-A C m l P a n h r a u l y , . ·--·· - - ' MIT. Ana KiK'ifioa, has been . U.jnnmM fhilP's altrrnnlc dok^.r U. A. JeCOPd SeRICSler Kaipe: inai.^led l)nilv was fnunrl by a ti:nk walker ill a tunnel t .^nuth of Hal/buiK in the American Arah win W. li|'"i" 1 "t Auftria. His brief case. cave Ins vie-.v;. to behevwl H, contain irnportanl papers, v;as missing. The i,tii!cn:cnt wa.-- published J liy AI Mi:-ri. a pic»-govei iiinent | d-dr.'.vn - p a p e r lirhrved lo have th the- Higher Phone Rates For Kansas Are Approved Rules Of Court Are Followed-Even By Judge N. Ser.-ur vomari ha.-- Council served he__ i Class Opening Feb. 5 other wilnrsses. Murphy identifier! his ballot and testified that Da- vlrlpnn was the man he intended to , support. Murphy's balot was ehalieiiRed by altorneys for nhea because-while he lives in Ward 4 and voted there--Ihe null book lists him as livinc in Ward 3, and he- enuse no poll lax receipt was a t Inched lo his ballnl ns is cusi'-n- ary when errors of this kind oe- rur. Olher wiinr-.-rc' this morninn were Albert 11. Mosle.v of Ward Tlie poultry today «s re. ported by the University nf rtr- i kunsas Institute of Science «nd Technology and the Dairy nnd Iroultiy Market New* Service of ' the U. R. Department nf Agrtcul- j tnre. i Norlhwest Arkansas market ,'oajely nearly, demand fair lo Winds, Cold Weather Over Wide Area; Midwest Hit Rood, volume nf tradinR normal., ftppn , h( , snnvv .,| r j[i M | ,,,:,,],. Prices p. in., paid farm up to broiler? and fryers III rhieaco-f/T !-Suli-/"io i-oirl sprrari over wide areas of the Midwest today and snow, ice and ,'tionc winds hit meas from the Rockie- to New Knjilami. The D^kotas anrl Western Minnesota due out from a bli//.aid lhat nearly paralysed t i a n s p o r t a - tinn. Sno\v|)lo-.v ereu-. w o r k e d ovei-nishl in Ihe hitinc cold to - ·· · ' I n the blizzard belt. It was 30 rlrKio.cs below yero in -20 and it was -K! in Iowa. immediate relief from the blar-'ls wa*" in pif):pecl. A i c l l c ah fiom Weslfin t.'ana in at Manitoba .function, nn miles northwest of Detroit;c.'.. Minn., but plows fioni both dn return:, .vfie expected to free Ihei Second semester c l.'m\ersity will he,"in insteari nt February o f f i f i a l - , annouiice-l lorl fil\ i.-.ion- cx( ept the Sfhi v.lieie they "-ill he-rui heiliilel. i -e a I Ihc Kehruaiy .*i. as plallr.ed. ·iel:ii. Kan.-'.l'i-Southwefterii; Telephone Company to'lay ' ; tiiiMi roiinrl rate inclcase in \ as dcsi^nert to prorluce 5 K - | j VL'"-.!)')!! annually in ' c v - . ! the Jwn-. . Correlation (.' - i j s l ' r n iinKied the utiiltv tn file a j of i atcs for .ippioval . uclier char in M"« s.llHlll. hr'nie the I in'.ii e f f e d . pern.anent a te-nuoiaiy .ointial iniiea.'e i! SH.ii'in.OO i which has been m e f f e c t under bond since .lime. IflS'J. I.'i' Anf,eIcs-!/rf-Supcrior Judtc Allci. W. Ashhiiin not only lays down the law. He follows it. The ]uri(;e. who often fines a'- torneys for ocinc late to court, IK d warned a jury yesterday to be i)^ck from recess proripUy. Jud';e Ashhvirn showed up two r,nd or.c half minutes late. One juror sli-- Kcsled that he had heard lhat the standard fine was a dollar a minute. "In the court's case it's double." rc |1U| I the JudBC said--and fined himself . made A I C 1 I C all Mom v v c M f i n ^.^lnao.^ v.fli 1 i-xper u-n ui HIT uii'in. i · ·· , t h a t hi' the Northern Itockirs and' Wind-., which icarhcd velocities I The i-haiiRf came al.out be- · R u ||p n 5 Q V S DdV 111 Noi them Phi ins pushed ariov; ;h(' : of more than ·"»" miles an houi in . cause- of .1 c o n f l u I 1:1 d.ile-. I!e^3 ' . . Joil Ends At Midnight ·I. Thomas Holt of Ward 4, T. E. | pi weielits 27-2P mo.slly 28 cents Grand Fork.'. N. D., early today. Noilhein P.icilic liams to and i n n telephone. They I iVniinrl' I Minnesota reported rr.idinss of I from Winnipeg, Man., were drifted ' out on hlRhway trips. mid-continent It was cold Ktulh-llhiee s t a t e s , diminished tO'la (i.-.tialion nt new .''.udciil* has l.cci, Wind to the Cull of M e x i c o and' School', were clo-eil m huniherk , rl |,,,. |.| )n ,ai v I. For tills Ha.on easlwaid to Ihe Appalachians. , of romniunilie:. lliKluvay t r a v e l i n,,, openinK of ela.'.sc:, v..i,s |io:.l- | Little l!oi k-i/l'i-Att. Cien. All branch line Irani Havel o v e r ! halted. F.ishl of the nine Per'onsl N | n ^ : M,niv ruled ycsteiday that "? the Dakotii.s and Wcsli-m Mlnne-i reported missing in Ihe Mitchell-1 sola \caj- (ainelefl. Mriin line pa: · \ Piei ic-Murdo areas of South D a - 1 sencer trains were runnlnR several i kota \ ' e r e found bv Mlo\^ j)lo\c ] hours Irilc. i f i c w s In a farmhouse which hail Ike The Weathtr-- Arknn.Ms--Fair ane! a littlo colder this afternoon and tonight. L.iwcsl temperature 10-18 north and !fi-:M south portion tonight. Thursdav fnir and cold. the openitiK of ela.'scs ]ionel a day. 'I Iris will he the .".nth a n n l . e r s - in j.ill" rnd al midmuhl. Me said j ary of npenlns of rla,.sc; nt t h e ' t h a t il dncni'l matter If "the i I ' m v e i . M t v . S e \ e n bo\.s and one JANUART !·*! They had H a i l e d - C i r l were Ula:s. members of the firs! pii:nnci i-: i.iilcil at f) a. m. or 2 ! p. m. that day cxpucR al midnight."

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