Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 22, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

, taaii*tu)ii, Ai *(.»»· 1 " AH YOU'RE '· ( 6EAUTIFUL--NOW GO OUTSIDE AND SIT IN THE SUN S-. TO D1?V ^ DAGWOOD. VCXJ SAID i VCU'O '-"IX MV VACUUM f V/HEN YOU FINISHED , BATHINS THE PUPS HOV/ CAN YOU GET *i' ) YOURSELVES I7IPIV .. SO f-'AbT J i _ .. . ^-~-' !: Slave-World In United States Traps ;Many; Narcotics Tracte Expanding By I Leaps And Bounds,- Youngsters Affecied I By DON WHITCHEAD nf stolen or smuR«lrrl narcotic:;. ( I Heroin i- the favuritu naicolic! | Wa;;hin;jlon-/I')-Thcre is ii .slave- I O f t ne junkie;;, It's made /rom Ihc | ; world in the United States today | juice nf Uic poppy reed. A tiouml which is a:i vile and dennulinn . of heroin is worlh jibmit SHOO in and bruliil as nny slave cninp be- · Turkey. That same uound is worlh hind the Irun Curtain. from STft.nnn In Sinn.lion on the .T33,TRACYr THATCHAEOE AGAINST SOU BACKFIRED, AMD WE CAUGHT 5CME I'M GLAD IT HAPPENED? IT GATE ME A CHAWCE TO SMASH THE IDEA THAT SUSPICION SHOULD FALL CN ANV POLICEMAN FRUGAL ENOUGH TO HAVE A NICE HOME. MEAMWHILE.AT TDACVS HCXJSS. YEAH.TRACV SUPB RtELS GOOD/ COSH. JU5T LIKu OLD TIMES. /--«--rr" JUNIOR. OH-I WHAT |S MEASfTTO THIS? 1 HAIR I TELL SOU, ALL. ERUIWED.' TESS. T SI4OE5 SI-HNED. I WON'T BE WATS V MOVIE FOR DINNER. , At least f)0.oni| men, women and -sidewalks of American cities. children are prisoner;! in this tv/i- i For these profits inen will risk | light world. It l;a: nu morale I prison, steal, kill and commit .'ill i Th'.Te ;ire no laivs except iVie lav."-: i innnnf.'r of crimes. I of fjrced ;ind selfishness. It prom- ' Crack-down By Aycnts be;! nothing except a fleeting I j iCSS u i; , n ihn-c week:; a^o Fed- |plr,iMirc iiiul Him the pain and j Pr; ,i Hure/iu of Narcotics agents in i s c r y and suf ferine nf the · j,taj;ed the bi-^cst crack-down nn 1 d;imned. \ Uic slave-world in ihc tuition';; bis- Kach year an alarming number. lory. Tiir.v rounded up more than I nf people ciihrr wamler in or a r e l H O O .suspected peddlers believed to hired inln thl.s ntlirr wuild. Few ! h;ivp. suupliccl addicts with more find their w a y out. They may wjint than $18.000,000 worlh of illicit -- desperately. Hut they dis- dope yearly. That's a sizable roundup. Hut they h;ivc neillier tre strength nor the will-power In j n lf , Hcnn-up job is far f r o m - f i n leave once they en:rr. j i;;hed. Thn ;:ver;i2c dope ;iddii:l It';; tile shivc-woi'ld ( n;ncotii.\'\ i spends ;jl iear.t $ i f ) n dny foi 1 nar- wliiL'h in reeent years has become j Critics anrl there are about 00,000 a j-inistri 1 pird-piprr hiring more j addicts in thi.s country. That menus and more youny people JnLf) t h e ! thy niocn'i'-.-; unfirrn'orid lakes worthies;; life of a "junkie" -- a ; 5-100,n!)() a day or M82.0tM).nOO in dope addic'. j iribulc annually fi'uin the junkie Has No Boundaries | slaves. | this slavf-worhl i Once "hooked." a narcotics ad- On linrcli ol home: I IIP rnrlvm anil ilaiighli-ra Karen, 7; Sunja II. rxi.'ils in such rilies as Nc\v Yoi'k. Chicago, Washini;loii, D. C., Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans mid Philadelphia. Rut it has no boundaries. It could become did will do almost anythinu fnr j the money he needs tn buy aimlhci-i .shnt (if dnnr. Teen-a^e kids have | admitted they needed from $10 to MIO a rlnv fnr ivix-oties. Anrl '-ri:ne vmir home town. It i-nuld "spread I IS lhc C' n !- v TMTM1av'-r who will pay j into ynur schnr,l 5 as i! has spread | lh: 't kind of money 10 a Icen-aRC · inlo other selum!?.. yrjuiiRsl;')-. That i; the puiposc of this -- Many Users _ ^ | to sound a warning and perhaps' A school official iti New York to give n little undcr.-tandiiiH nf i Cily has conceded thai one out nf whal makes » "junkie.-" and what | every 200 junior and senior Inch can and is hcinR done to help de- j .tchool students in the city uro!-| strny this slnvc-world. i ably is a user of narcotics. That's [ It's a wmld that is built almost i about 1.501) youths. And he raid! entirely nn ihe streel-conier Kales ' another 3.300 leen-ayurs who a r c ' OW!LO» } . : Al 1HAT.' J ".: fl^^ OUT OUR WAY Bv j. R. Williams I CAMT JUMP THAT. 1 / NOT Mt--SOJ MEVhEK I TELL OU / ^AC^/E ^ BELIEVEP \\OMEM SI-IOOLP ·v OVEC isno Tir DRIVER'S ] DEIVF ASJD SVOLILD MI'VEK i ( SEW AMP I'LL TELL A TEACH ME .' WOW--MO. ~.DU WHAT TO DO; j,.ffrt I TOM'T WAMT . AMY Ptti'. ifAKI * LOOK IN \ I WOiSW LtFT -.·nil tout own,} TM£ Tiuwwe 'Ml / Da .. JIM. \ou TWO / onm-\r ONW vou'O / T Ht v UNE ur MMMT ACAUIP THE roiicc!/ 7,^^, / THI Mil. / ^ ·V""""'^^--,/--'' MOT THAT WAV, wisr suv; A /WHNO«T.\ ,,.N\ /-/ K--V! MAKE IT i TM THF ',r· IIAI ^^ te'^J:.w _, pr 0 m A«S «P£l^ VMRE..,,/) /j dLfe^ :P^ 1HS BOOS! 7 T A K 5 I T E A S V -- I DIB JUST A MINUTE.' ' v ll'HERE DO V THlNi I rOU'RESOINSPj/; ' £ WE'RE GOiNG-A/ "OH.EAH?1 OUT ON J( PR6CISELV}' SOV SCOUT \ \WHATV_J i r;cw THIR.TV ·. ^··vts- 'voo SOON "BEUEVE ME,I WAS/I'LL NEVER KNOW WHY THt;Y\OH,SVEU.,IT'011Mll 3URE RELIEVED ( DIDN'T3I=TCURKJUG ABOUl/TltlNGr. QUIETED WHEN TH' SHERIFF\ DINNY'6 TK/\CK9. __Xrx7rVM AROUND ' I'HIS DEPUTY DROVE Off I 8 ...1 TOKONC.WILL LM£ GLAD TO 5LII' HACK INTO THE OLD l ROUTINE.' EH? Wl IM "j THAT?. 1^ j WAOHINGTON jf' v CALLING? f VES... \, ^_ _^Sf JUST ONE r I-'OMENT. \ I-'OMENT. ) S' R f ! F HIS NEW ., i ml ioW. p -TIii:.'.. luniiins GTiLiT\ i iiMi.uSJ.IIMI IUDWIR:,. AH J, ' T'SMLI.U.IKC. PO'K '^^^ CMOPt.1'" _.^/^' r -S8!STrn\ 3sK¥ MLPbL 1 .1 AH APtX". A ^\ f)AM-( O' CON'-!:D!.«A1 r. ] MONI.-.-V - - - r/vy//. · IT / DO CHAKJOC n" HI r?!.'---, WMKRI; AROUND Tl-IC. BRiDGFI - .j,,l ,· r,~ THAT AROMA.'. r HER MARkET B5KET AND KI1GIRI UTENSILS APE TiLEO ASOrt THE GUWE USED co^sr/xNav ~ FOP M YEWS BV JOHN FElIKl.!.lnWi.K«.h. fln of nc^'ltrOinloi M/J. HAS SERVED AS LINESMAN FDREVERV ONE Cr" ITS FOOTBALL GAMES SINCE 1918 -161 CONSECUTIVE GAMES PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK "Your change, sir. And, by tht way, Q quarter lli«sc days is worth only about eight cents!" Mt prrsrnl plus a Ulss from lli« n\lr. AFTE!! A TUMULTUOUS ticker t!i|w recepLInn ami parajc in New \uiU. Cant Kurt Hero of the Klyills Knlcrprisc. is final y at llnnrt in \VuoUbriJ-c K .1 . but it's not very r|llicl thcic. \VoodlirirJ B o 13 sn excited a nnlke Riiarrl was put around the Carlsrn home. A Cl.nstmal ti-PP w,lh li-hts on the Uarlscn front porch. l»tcrnutiwall not in school may be usins dope, j In lUlii. there \vere nnly 20 leen-a^e paUent.i atlmiUed to t h c j U.S. Tubbc Health Service hns-' pit.nls at hrxinftlnn. Ky.. and Fort. Worlh. Te.vas. In the l:iyt f o u r . innnlhs of ! !K0. the iniTiibcr in lhi-j ar,e Ki-oiip had jtimpcfl t ' "00. ! Most of those can 10 from C h i - ; capo and Kinv York and a f o \ v ; other laryo cities. Almo;;t all came, fn::n broken homes, from f:imilir"j where there was no discipline, or i from e r o \v d e d nnpiibnrhooil^ ', which held out little hope nf ;i j better life to a younnsier. Pail I some cnmo from Rood homes ;incl ; from respected, wcll-lo-clu fain- ilies. T U K S D A Y P. M. (!:()() Dinner Music fi:ITi Strtrlight Time 6:3(» News 6:-15 Oxnrks Spoils Review Many Join Church As Methodists Campaign Litllc Roeli-t/O-Thc .^latewid* Melhufii;-! United Evansclistic Mission i? in full swine in A r k a n - sas. The F.ev. Cecil Culler, executive chairman of the misMon, said 1.37'! joined the church ;is a result of the first day's services, Sunday. The Mission _is bcinR conducted by 207 ministers from Lnuisiana aided by Arkansas pastors in 27fl cooperating clnirebes. Arkansas Melhodist ministers conducted a similar campaign in Louisiana last year. A nc\v patented lamp shade i* made in the shape of a Clirir-tmai I tree, and colored in brilliant hues, : \vilh'sturdy twig and branch type projections on which to hang ornaments at Christmas lime. ; Three In One For Sister 7:l .1 W;iync King Show 7:l."i (jnbricl Hcallcr--M 7:;i() Klhymlc Rcndczvuus 7:-)r) l.oinbiirdo un the Air 11:00 BASKETBALL Siloam SpriliRS A t Kayettcvillc fl:3() Just Music: 10.011 NL'\VS--M 10:15 Philter Parly I (IMS I'hUcr Party 11:00 Platter Party ll::iO SiRii Off \VK1)N'K.SI)AY A. M. fi::!n Ifisc 'n Shine 5:5(1 Il.F.D. 1450 6:111) Hi:.p N" Shine fi:.^ll MMi-krls iind Wcalher li::i."i Hisc N' Shinr 0:45 Sl'ioli T;ill Time:, 7:110 K o f f e c Kup Kapcn '1:3(1 Olnsi'ii News 7:-l.) Sunrise Sci'cnade R-.OII Knbcrl lluilcish--M R:l, r i Mdrninc Dcvolions K.'M Times MiirniiiK Kdilmn fl:l. r ) [Idl-suin Gospel Hymns ft 111) Morninc; Melodies 0:1!A News--M 8:3(1 Take A Number 1(1:1111 Food for Thought 1(1:1,1 Linda's First Love l():.')n Queen for a Day 11:0(1 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:13 liauckace Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith Sings 11 :KO Church of Christ I IMS Musical Roundui) ;i:.V Market Reports W K D N E S D A V I' M. 12:1111 Hymns r ' All Churches I2:lf News at Noon i:'.:3(l t:inicl;\vai;oii Jamboree I2:-IS Rirlers of the Purple Sacc 1:0(1 Dixieland Matinee l:2.-i Mews 1:3(1 Adeilifion Varieties 2:flll I.arlies Fair 2:2S jNews 2:3n Pooles Paradise 3:(l(l Swin.r; Session :i-:il! Tum. I'ick'n 'I'ime ·I-nil Tune Pick'n Time ·1:311 Tune Pick'n Time .'1:1111 (Ireen Hornet .v:in Wilrl Hill HiHink S:.i5 Cecil Drown You can make t w o ariorabl frocks and a Ko-with-ever.vthins cape from this pattern that is followed easily and smoothly. Win;: or puffed sleeves and waist in contrast provide two entirely different looking dresses, matching, scallops close Ihc cape. Pattern No. firfil is a sow-rite perforated pattern i;i sizes 2, 3. -1, ;j, (i years. Si/e 3, cape, FH yards of M-inch: wins sleeves, dress, l 7 ^ yarijs of 30-inch; dress l n i yards of 30-inch; ' ^ yard contrast. For this pattern, send ;i(Jc In COINS, your name, address. si?.o desired, and the PATTERN NUM- RKR to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, II,Id Avo. Americas. New York in. N. Y. The now Spring and Summer llasie FASHION for women who sew will he ready for you shortly. Send 'J.'j cents now for your copy. WALT BEACH Guaranteed Watch RepaHnfl witn Inniri CKiMm IS I. CmtM aif*M rAVITTCVILLI, ARK.

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