Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 22, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

i'riJel'J id. «i MOtTHmHIT MKAMM* 'TIMtt, ··*·»··. Atom** Tvcwlay, Jewuory 21, 1*51 ^·······VHMaiMI^BnmsaRcsaESMlesaRB^-.T-TT t^raM^iPMMMlMBBgBgleaa . ' ,-TSK~ ansas Traveler, Student Newspaper At niversity, Independent And Widely Read prinlera. Tlit first U. A. atudent publication v.'Kf the Ar!;arisaa University Ma(;n7.ine, which appeared in IC.b edited by Miss .lulls K. VatiK. jtill a Fayeticville resident. The liift newspaper, the University Weekly, appeared in ISOfl. The a fly FRF.D (XMiKR St ident* and ulaff members-; nr /ew campus-wide activities U - University, whcrf many tn- r^i s diverse and r-nn-lsl fldd* 1 M idyscr'm Unrplntfrt. Hut pear?' ·« 1 resident.* nf thV "cain'im* immunity" have this In common: ie.v» read the Traveler. Ttw ArlcnnMf. Tia\ftler is the inform Ms rrftder.* on U. A. hap- rouorten. In addition, ihr rfpular' P*prr's name was changed to "Ar riln«*. II sr-u .imrloraliftii. r «- 'Traveler Mnffors cim.llcrl in snni: !'·"««·* TTM" 1 '"" " an election |sir*lrtl and fah-nMSM nome n( Jl» t , m , , , "n U-l. ; souls; nncl di.-Hppim-es Ihr "per- W. .1. I.pmkcV "History »f Stu- '.petual crusades" oflen (ollov.-rd ; W t r ^ - Allbrlsht tfradna them "n 1()cnt i U [ ( |j C iiionj; at the Univcr- i editorially by seme CO||CRC papers.; . Somo Jchniil pa : fur Ibii sake "f .' their work. sity of Arkansas" says the present name received 101 votes, besting ir t .indent ncW.«p«;)C. ( publish-. nt ,j rh*Tv«cd*y and Friday. It is I fi if if'lhfe'»io*v unifyiiiK forn-s on ·'riirh jiomellmes xreim c nnsiflt of independent sub- t urer. connected only loosely ic [iiharhis of the smnr 10U- *nra and shout'np. toRflhcr rrusadr just Special Fund I'rovldrd ·:i!h-.^; All- | In ihn past the I'ravplcr hn« {"Hooter," plain "Traveler," and .bright (hxtftii'i favor thi/. At times jdepended rnliicly on publlcntlnnh I'lO other names. 'hl.i rdilnriHi.i h.ive x'cmly (nodded , trrs paid by students--supple- j u n t)| a new .student vonMitu- lion v.'at adopted norm; four years ago, Traveler editors were Heeled ! for nation on campus piujecls. ;uul I mt-nteri by .idvnrltalnK and sub- some of M* rritldsmsUcrlplion income--for its finance. hnve been something IPS/ ihjin j Bcntle.' But there hits been none of the flre-Hiul-brlmstone iy\w of comment that diarAcleri/.p.d some jTraielfM editors in by-uone days. Cor Ins lance, ihere v/ns the fend , ;_ . , , . , . , ,, j between U. A. studcrt.-r find Jociil heffaxorback athletic efforts. ,,,,,,,,., ,,, ,,, me |(l . f .,,.,, ,,,,,,,, ..^ ^ itudenls hoon leain to ex ctin3tach issue of the Traveler , rioliblc and prelty eoinplclc ^vffase nf campus neuv, «s well » re'adahle features and comment, 'hey' l^nrn tn expect a better- ianiv*raRe cnlieKe np'.vspaper. ie i!, "A. jiewspapor t is dcnu»n- Iratl d ,wh'(n It Is n Jew hours »te ; n 'bppKaYinn, or w'hcn publi- atiol il halted ilurinR linal exam* .·eel^ Onpms Is loud "ml frc- uerif, NUurKTly (here Is ciilirism. Mis- ilkeniafc always noted, riuiiincnis heel! disanrecment, and news 'iltift (udRmcnts never please ·vtryjjcily. Cimpui Intcllectualt ompjalfi that the paper Is trivial nd untoncerned wilh Important stueii--k ch*rire they level also t ntM'tpapers In (eneral. Hut all hU L-rillclim . only «how that Traveler reader* expect I ' ' t o be etter thin most : collegiate pa|»ra. ·fravilef readers complain of qual- illts .which atudenli In o t h e r lehbnli lake for (ranted In their publteatlonc, KalM "AH-Anerkan" This fall Ihe.Traveler was rn.lcd ."All-Xmcrlenn" by thi: Assoclaled Collejlate Press--the top rallnn In .the lwice-a-wce!i field.' -No other paper in Ihc Southwest Con. ference-received the honor, which Was based on the 1030-51 yenr when Bob McCord :if North Ullle Rocks' was editor. - : Charles Allbrilhi.-.^lltle Hock, this jea,r'« editor, glvei a hint of hftw Ihi Traveler"tot its Bood reputation' The staffers dike their work' itriouil.v, and for a few of ·Intni'--lif.lj! an almosl full-time ·ctlvjty which take* precedence ·vcrtvtrythine.else..Too,.the slalf has lid'the benefit during Ihc pa.-:l fiw |y«*r» of several membcrc wllhlprofeislonal newspaper ex perieiice. "1 |(uen we take il (the Traveler) ti» lerlously,"' Allbrltht com- mentii. "It means * lot to it/; abou 411 we do it school. . . . But · 1 don;! know how else we'd come ' out." actively stlrrtd by the Traveler. 'ArRiintents on both sides of the controversy appeared in the paper, and moderation uas lacking tu nay the least. Krrr. Hand In I'lilir] Tlic Traveler ha/ « fice baiul in its policy--liolli from the journalism department and Ihe If. A. admlnislralion. There Is no super- vision. AllbriKht ,'onsiucrs this an ^"" n « 0 ' » |OWK ""-' sl!lff ' But this yenr Ihn U. A. admlnl- j along with other student (jovcrn- stiallon has placed il on a Kpc-jmcnt officers. Now liiev arc re- rial fund HI lh;.l il isn't limited I leclcd on Ihe basis nf journalistic to Ihc iumuinl of llic fees, which |qualification »nd merit, on a more depends directly »n the fil/.c of i impersonal basis, by the Board "f enrollment. · Isiudenl Publications, which is The Traveler benefits from Ihc 'dominated by rtudents. This mcth line of Hill Hall as journalism jod is Keneraliy aRrecii to br. more headquarters. Its lour office rooms satisfactory than the political on the third floor fire more nde-: method. f)uate Ih/m the two rooms II had j * in Ihc Student Unifn,. i Kinslein'r, theory of relativity cla.-si's ure on the sec-mid lloor, limportanl In the study uf structure id Ihc U. A. priming plant, where of Ilic atom and of the universe thr Tnivelej- Is printed, is on the Iir4 flour. The printing ])lfint, set up three! as a vVholr. j expression of confidence In the j paper's "maturity nf judgment,' 1 ' and he trie.-? to inerii It. j Tills frecdnm has not always existed. Back in Ihe lU2lls. a journalism Instructor ;icted as "adviser" to tlte paper. And when In 1DZ7-28 Kditnr Then Kdinlslon launched a series of attaul'.* on Ihr. studenl KU v crnment, the student Kovernment expelled him from his job and replaced him by eicctiiiK a new editor, Fletcher Isbcll, The administration refused to intercede for Edmislon. Since the journalism dcpart- menl and" the Traveler aj-e independent and separate. Hie paper Isn't nf much nf a training laboratory for journalism ...Indents us it ! mlcllt be. Tn^'cler edilitrs t(;nd In use the-students who have had more experlcln-c Juul are more jcap.ablo, rallicr lli;tn \n Ir.v hi tntin nil Ihc journalism students '--^Incc ihe nini is to have the best paper p'nsslblc. liowever, tills year for the lime joiirmiliMii semiiuir Ktudenls Bet class credit for their wnrk nn ,lhe Traveler or other publications, and mdre of them are v;nrkIriK »? and tlms more! "late" news matter; and affords ^ some flit-hand training for the! editors In typography under Ihc i;upcrvlsio'i of A. W. Blake, shop] supervisor. Previously, the Travel- i er was printed by commercial % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Bros. Lotktr Plant SINUS sufferers who want RELIEF and HELP Send today for this new SINUS BOOK fiVf fart No AW/cint *r Anything tlit.t* S*/f Ytu). N» M«tter how lont you h»ve I Technique! of trttm*nt »re ·utrered of whiit you h«ve tried. . dencrlbed. You »re told whrre thl.i Instructive He»lth Be**. U look lor Help and Relief ne»r written In easily understood i «l home, without traveling to words, will en»ble you to lully j some far distant city. understand r.eur own «»e and : This book Is sent only lo Suf- may save yoii years of suffering, fcrer* who want and need help. This book contains Information i The edition Is limited. Notice Kenerally known only · to Spc- may not appear attain, Write at ------ clallsts. 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Infill Hall, uiTiallsm bulldlnc."ls usually II;day unlll abnutill:3n a. m. t |ilnd of schedule cuts Inlo mie. pursuits, Jt.cailncd All- to 'cul hli class lo.-.d this rom 19 to 12 hours, nml leijed bL* college career by imtiter. It also Inwei'cd his average, llut It's a labor of md nobody concerned rioubls t's worth the effort. sure that the slnfl doesn't solely, for the money In I lovt, -" that It' »ork Allbrjjhl set.? $3.10 a'year, Associate Editor Sam Boyi:i, TucVer- wan.uets $100, Basse ?90, Sports Editors John Rmso and Jo! M"S- bjr net IDO eacli, and iflssy Cun. n'irnhani. ' manager, ; 1251. j For eomparisini, Southwest Conference nchools average SfiOl) for the job Atlbriiht holds here. M*at w In J«h Th'e staff Is smallrr ihi.^ year than fait and has less professional expedience. McCord hail about 2(1 1 staffer*,, ol whom five had previous 'Jpro*' experience, while only Allbrlsht and Nc«'j Kditor Tom Dygard.;Little Rock, of this year's staff 'have had much outside cx- periffic*. Allbrltht on the Ar- kansa Democrat sports and news iriaft le* several" year/, and Dy- rird'jhld ilmllir experience on thf Arl:anH| Democrat. Others en th|s yfar'f staff have had some e^p*r!ience, however. Basse wa? a sumn)er;-tirQe Ciazettt ivporter. and IJoyce^nd nepohtr Bob nob- erlson ,hM summer newspaper j.b ' E Ken Hil "to the t« Wf Cfp tki r* *± 1 Ml .-, , AwiUnmeii* velerj.reporters* work nn n I|llHgnment baslf, and the 1 reiularly-covcrcd news " frt'nandled by AllbviKhl or itber^ idllors--the .Student ! and various nrtinnizations ich' the. editors belonp any- Thu« rriucli of the Traveler 11 written by the editors elves, Allbrlght -points nui, re.' it h|s "workfd oul" thai nnt became of pillcy. Traveler has aome definite t'i which are defined and in weekly editorial con- ttftl ft. The Traveler code si.vs li« ' aveler'.? prime function is to terra HUMING KTTB HOMES ·tort* IN* 41 E. CENTER PHONE 1337 OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL 8 P.M. 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