Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 22, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 22, 1952
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THf RUUC INTIIIST If THt rilST CONCtRN Of THIS Ki#fl CAM* Jfrrthtoesit Astociattd Ptn* Leased Wire AP, King and Ni!A Feoturei IOCM fOMCAJT-- - £· Knyettevlllc and vicinity f«i- (air nnd much colder ((£ iii-jhi with temperatures jromMO In is above zero. Tomorrow parti ly dnudy and continued coW. Temperature one.year «Io tdd»y, 4«. Illsh temperature yestercky 51; Inv. .10; noon today 34. Sunrise 7:M:: -unset S:3.V ' " VOUIMI 90, NUMMt 153 ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY «, t_« 2 _ HtlCf NVI CINTf Voters Have Say On Race Track Issue Balloting Held Despite Loss 01 Franchise Destroyer Tops War Record In ST Guard Reaches Chaffee Legal Fight Predicted If .Grittenden County Backs Dixie Downs West Memphis. ··' ··V.-W-Crll- tenden County went ahead today with' a special election on the pro- KHK(:iiii;»i.i "··" - · · _- siars in the Pacific during World War II. Blit last month fired more a m m u n i t i o n pored $2,300,000 Dixie rr-rtrack although the Downs track's Of Individual Truce Negotiations Get Nowhere As Parleys Continue Munsan, Korea-(/Pl-The A l l i e s , accused Communist truce ncsoti-, ators today of m a k i n s "an out and j out crab for military advantage : in Korea and showing "ruthless | disregard of thc rights of the individual." '. ! near Adrm. R. E. Libby m a d e , · t h e charge in again rejecting Kcrt. I demands for "forced repatriation i of all prisoners of war. "We again tell you." Libby paid., "that we are not sortlg to R I V C J up our insistence upon" voluntary | repatriation. In a second subcommittee f c s - , sion. the Kcds refused lo ban air- · . h ,, field reconstruction although t h c i larshal , U N ,. ommi , nc | offered lo accept. HIL-U mvit - against! fj o r n m u n j s t .wording on other terms : North Korean targels -- 5,600 j fo| . supervising a Korean armistice. I rounds -- than she fired during] That meeting lasted only 24 m m - , her entire World War I I cam-! u tes. Arkonsas Soldiers Return From Korean Warfront With the U. S. Seventh fleet off Korca-I^Pl-The American destroyer Marshall fou?ht 30 engagements and won cisht battle franchise has been revoked by thc Ar'-ansas Pacing Commission. The opinion of 5.400 voteis may give Dixie Downs, Inc.. new life-or kill thc proposed track for years to come. j Dixie Downs Secretary Edward Waller Aaid a 'fight to nullify the commission action will be carried to court if Dixie Downs wins the election on whether the people want thc track. I Track backers and the Anti- | Race' Track League, formed by county ministers, have showered nearly every Voter with r-amph- i 1-':, letters, ocrsonal visits and telephone calls over the past sev; eral weeks. The polls opened at R a. m. and elose at 6;30 p. m. The league mapped broad strategy to turn out the vote. Thc Telephone Committee was set to call every voter to remind him tn cast a ballot. Those with no ready transportation to the polls got n free fide from thc league's car pool. Memphis prayers supporting the league started last night and ended at dawn." Presbyterians opened the meeting and a group of Baptists wound it UP- ..-.-····· At one-hour intervals, a "new group took over. Prayer was offer' rrt by representatives of nearly every sect. Thames SUn« The A r k a n s a s ' R a c i n g Commis- paisn from January, 1944, until Japan's surrender. Egyptians In Ismailia Routed BY The British Homes And Stores Searched; Supply Of Arms Discovered Ismailia, Egypt - W'l - British troops routed hundreds of Egyptian families from their home, .n No progress toward a truer w a s : made bv either subcommittee. j Negotiators took steps to safe- : Ruard prisoners of war Iron) a i r j attack. Thev agreed s t a f f officers j would start working out safe- | guards Wednesday. Presumably j this would require the ficds to t e l l ! the U.N. command exactly where; their POW camps are .situated I and to m a r k them plainly. None i ' i marked now. The U.N. command said its airmen have not been able -··\ -ioui) of Arkansas soldiers are shown on the deck of Ihr triinspurl* . _. ... .. . , i_ _ ;. i., ,],,!,',.-i/ .,i M n f i M tr* Thpv m a n n e d : HUH ,,,.,.«.» ""··" ',,"N · - · - , ' »-\ irioun of Arkansas soldiers are sliown on me OCCK 01 mi- u,.,,.-,,TM, - ilic::r::::s ki n aTM By ^^^^^v^**** outgrowth of a Communist rennrli. . s m j U l , ,|,i s mornini! ami are wpcotcd t ; . thui ^..llh«-st Ar P r | r p P n ,A FO Ismailia's tense Arab sector today. last week that Allied bombs killed 20 Allied soldiers and wounded scores of others in a POW camp near Kangdong. MIG Alley Patrolled Without Sighting Reds One T w i n For ''i.wil.1 homer, lonisht or tomorrow. His Brother Area Soldiers Back In State From Korea Relatives, Friends . Greet Arrivals At Fort Smith Camp Itr S«T. JOHN J. BECK Camp C h a f f e r . Ark.-(Spcciall- \ iralnload of happiness for as- ccmlilcri relatives and friends »r- ·Ivcd thiv morning al Camp Ch,lf- 'ee I. was made up of members of ihc'osnth and D37th Field Artillery, llalialioiu- who hnvc spent Ihe last vear or more flghtin! the Communists in Korea. One hundred and five medal-covered soldiers of IB* A r k a n s a s National Guard units made up the trnlnload which arrived at the Camp Chaffcc sti- lion depot nl 7 a. m. A crov.'d of M 01 -10 relatives made a rusli for Ihrir loved ones a. soon as Ihe t r a i n liad halted and Ihe men had lined up. Military orders went lo Ihe winds is members nl thc families ran lo the men v.-ho broke r a n k , to kit* .ind huj; those on hand to greet them. - - · M n n v of Ihe group nf North-west Arkansas rc.ldenl.l whn stood for some time w a l l i n g for lh^ I r f i l n lo a r r i v e , wept us tension mounted. The men looked tired but happy,. San Anlonin-i/l'l-A four and one- half hour operation has been performed here in which n soldier was Riven skin fiom his identical twin to heal burns received in Korean f i g h t i n g Leo and Leonard K- jowski. sons of John Kijmvskl of Oklahoma Farmer Sues Sheriff Of Benton County FoV Price Paid For I nc men innhL'ii I M « : I I i.uv ,,n|JK,, I_J _;£..,.. A f Q/ilo and most of Ihcm echoed thc scnll neiier AT jaie; mcnl , f^p,.,.,.,^ i, y pt t . wmun M i n m i , Okla.-M'i-A world's rrc- I... Wlndham of Sprlnsdale, who «iltl. "I'm happy lo he back, and i expect to have a good time while thz mm would complete (he necessary arrangements aomctlrrii today to start Iheir furloughs,' Among those present to' v.'Cl- comc the lioyi home were fcvccH, i n l i l c u n c t i o n nl M i a m i yesterday, f i l e d i a i l ,,,.! held ....III » a.m.. A..SU;J '; b lumbcrinnn. for ninckcap i-)i v . i ' J i . l i e was not f u r l i i s l i v d m e d i c a l · G i l Pa., were the principals an American nun, slain dur- ; t ,o || e( i MIG alle, ea for 30 minutes m f o u l ny- on wiiom a icain ..i TM.... ·- . weather today without sighting. specialists worked yesterday- Some-. t , k-t court al f o r t hinil buried in a nearby British Mai. Gen, David U nuffne. 1 , com general Of the Fifth Arf ' Nnrthon. Callfornin «nd of Fort Smiih: Ma.vcsvillc. Bunion RuHd no,s and Bill SI.W .of l.I» | ncra | he sion yesterday voted, 8 to 1, to re- j i, c reported to tlie U. S. Embassy j voke the permit it had granted t h a t "since no eye witnesses ·· · Dixie Downs on November 15. j t h e actual shooting had 1 Commissioner Burton Lankford found. Ihe origin of Ihe shot can- ' eturned to Cairo, where , Iran Turns Down Hankey ! Mississippi Governor of Van Buren east the only vole no t he definitely determined against revocation. Commissioner (his trmc." ; t j As British Ambassador is uppor|s Slates R igt,, s . ;.ir,. placed in the Honlnn C o u n t y J. H.-Fan-ell of Paragould was absent and did not-vote by proxy. The commission's action came after .a day-long public hearing called, to re-examine qualifications of Robert .1: Boileau, one of the officials of Dixie Downs, and the financial standing of thc corporation. . Shops in the Arab sector "·ere closed and streets were deserted, Egyptians milled behind barbed T wire barricades and glared at Brit- Tehran. Iran-l/l'i-lran refused lay to accept Robert Hankey a.- thc new British ambassador to ons archio g their homes and herded behind , M , o acccpt Rob , rl Hankey a.; ; , r;H .|. fim , Hush thc ' n c w British ambassador to ^ wllil( , sai ,| |,,,| nv Mississippi "will Tehran. Thc British had submitted i , , bound" lo any Ocmorrath Hankey's appointment as a n e w ! cnlM r l o m i l , r e \vl,u docs not ; . C ftu jk i *W U I M Is Hi) ! stores. i Suspects were I rolls of barbed [deadlock betwetn thc two countries over the Anglo-Iranian Oil c Urn*, i By Winds And Snow wire stretched acro.-s the street and forced to sit The commission said, following i on the sidewalk. Some were held , last spring. Hankcv, 4fi, was to succeed Sir a closed door session,' that the revocation was made on ''failure of'Dixie Downs. Inc., to make a satisfactory showing of financial conditions to build and operate" a track. Glenn Walthe after screening by Intelligence officers. A military spokesman reported: "II has been a profilablc operation." He said several arms caches years after former fJov. Kiou.x tries over the Aoglo-Iranian , f o u r years ant-i ..,,.,." .-... ,.,-': ,-','.,, Company holding, which Iran na- 1 Fielding L. Wright touched olf the : . 1 ' '" '. ' ·- -··- ·---·-- " ...... '·' .1 ui./7.,n mil ,, s ;l TM , , Francis Shepherd, who has been ehcllion t h a t cost !»."|iTMr,l acr-« Sou\h President Truman four S-ulhcrn : "'« ! v -"^^^ n.-l/IVWind:- of * "iTiisl nflammable Hats Turn Up In New York All loads in i h c slnrmswcpl Sierra were closc'.l. Reno Vyis cut nff by road except from I ho cast. Thc old Comstock l.odc communily of Virginia Cilv, HI miles southeast, was completely cm o f f . Winds reached 7,1-mile velocity ye.sterdav bill were exoeclcd lo subside today. A new nlorm may hit the m o u n t a i n s Thursdav. , The Southern Pacific Hailroad The canceled plans to resume passengci r , ambassador through all the trouble. ; ^|jj stales in thc 1!)4S eleclion, While Italians Asked To Support Biggest Budget Rome-. /I 1 !- Premier Alcidc do jGasperi asked I t a l i a n s today lo ,,, o.,."" ·· . - · -- ,.,,,,v.\.., ».**·«"·' were cap- i^upporl Ihe biggest oalional hud- Boileau spent most of yesterday i Hired in a graveyard battle w i t h j -- had been unearthed, including Lr.enn w a i u i u i , Little Rock a t - - 7,00(1 rounds of anti-aircraft am- torney for Dixie Downs, said he j munition found in the tombs of a would feck court action in Crit- ' Moslem cemetery on the edge of tenden County to overrule the j (he Arab quarters, commission's revocation order. I Thirteen guerrillas j' l-ilr : -'l line in i n f l a n m i a l . ' c apparel ! .ci vice over Honner Pass today. :. ICIII.K:I.HUI'--. ,,,.,.. .-...J-· iaie.,i nut in i i i i M i i n i i « ..\ . 1 1 allemnl will be made lomor- M«I» in i". ..· --, , xcro in Ihe Slurgis, P h i l i p and --women s h a t s -- t u r n e d up in ; the ralhoad said · in his prepared i n a u g u r a l address I pi ccrro areas. All roads in those Central Ncw York otday. · · today, rc-aflirmcd Wrisht's sland. j areas were pluqced ticht. '. !.·,,.,, chief Fred Carter s a i d "Thr Democratic parly of Mi.-- Elsewhere in Ihc stale, all roads H a , t h a Ki aft, a Icen-accr from .he "iwnpi demands that t h e national : were ( I r i f l i n K and were reporlc:! | , I V ,, n ,. M ,,, Mimion. u i r n c d pa'rtv rive us a p l a t f o r m and a · either blocked or heavy and dan- :fternoon testifying in defense of | British soldiers. Ihc spokesman i ^n, f o r extraordinary defense ex- illegations that, he was not f i n a n - , One Esyptian wffi leaped out I pf , nn - it u rc s of 400 million dollar.-: daily qualified as an official of ,,f a grave and shot a British offi- | j n t n c next two fiscal years. Dixie Downs. Several letters o f , r er was killed. Thc officer died » -- aflernoon testifying in defense of | Brilish a p| recommendations from residents j later. of Kalamazoo, -Mich.. Boileau's j former home town, were intro- \ U-i riuced us evidence. There also! IIWI were'letters from Memphis a n d ; °r^hal he had earned omy^hakeUP IS DlSpUted about ?2.f0fl » year since he u n - . riertook the Dixie Downs promo- get in their history--one which . in m / a " pariv v.ive u. 1 . a p i r f i i u i i n inn, o camlirlalc commilled In these prin- ] RC''«"s Inr uavcK ciplcs," l)ir nc 1 . 1 / Mississippi K»V- crnnr :-aid. W h i t r inviiccl niiicr .Souliicm states lo jnin -Mississippi v/liii'h. he said, "sliiiuls where :^hr sUiOfl Hot Springs. ArU.-r/?i-T\vi plan Cugots Settle Legal Battle; He'll Be Free l,os Angcles-f/l^l-An oul-nl- court settlement has ended thc two-year legal bailie between M i . i H n t i a n d Mrs. Xavier Cugal. Under terms announced ycsler- i Anti-Trust Suit filed By U.S. Against IBM Reds Withdrawing In Indochina, Say French Hanoi, Indochina-i/l'i-Thc French high command claimed today the Cnminunist-led V i e t m i n h troops werf wi'.hdrawing wcsl and s o u t h east of Hanoi under heavy fire from armored units, arlillerey and n a p a l m bombine. Churchill (old; To Leave Tonight Carlcr said Ihe Mai was made ' ...on..-...-, n..,. v-.,,,....... .--.-... ·f nn i n f l a m m a b l e rayon m;:l"i ial | New York -l/l'i- Prime Minister | nested Ihol thc "American people dcntii:iil with tl'c cloth of several! Win: Inn C h u r c h i l l , who is s u f f e r - : v.akc up. 1 ' j. .vratcr.f lie has picked up re- ini; a i-nlrl, is scheduled lo leave " hal she said she had Ijoncht from an i t i n e r a n t vriv.lor. Carlcr said Ihe hal was madr ·f an i n f l a m m a b l e rayon mr.lTia] Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce, and the^Flfth Armored Division band Tinder direction ,o( Chief Warrant Officer Edwin ,L, Byrd were among those present. About 50 per cent. of. the crowd on hand when the train pulltd'ln · were young women, wives and friends of the returning, b»tilp- wcary troops. . . ." Among those Interviewed DfleO/ ivas SKI. Clinton T. Combs fit FavollovillcV who wsi greeted )iy his »lslcr, Mrs. E. E. Powers' bt Moffclt, Okla. Cpl. Aubrey Holfc uf Bcr.-yvijle, Cpl. Karl n. Stevenson and Cpl. Virgil C. Kirk of Rogers, and Cpl. Ijiuls Presley o( Bentonville «*- prcsscrl pleasure at being .back in Arkansas, nnd Corporal Kirk sui- cclllly. John Fox Reported To for homo tonight. Late lasl ...,--.. Ihe 77-year-old Briton's physician,! | Lord Moran, went In Ihc home o f . financier Hcrnard Baruch. where j j^^ flj,^ |BJJJ|J uc,nn,n »t ^....,. ^^ i-- ^ . Springs police officers tlon tn 1S46. But he added he had ; fij , h , )heh . ^ mnva | from ul| , l o l c c ,,,, ^ received abou- S12.000 from rcla- . , hc CJt} . cjvi| Scrvic( , Commis-!sct his freedom. And lives during that time. I s j on , his wife, Lorraine, receives S152.- AcknowledcM Overilr»ft.« i Police Chief Dan Walk-ins re- nno in alimony over a period of Boileau acknowledged testi-. fused to accept a demotion to r a n k ' 10 years. mon.v by a Stale Revenue Depart- O f lieulcnant and was removed She also agrees to amend her ment employe that there had been (mm the force, l.t. K. W. Rowc: divorce complaint lo remove sing- ·nme overdrafts in his bank ar- ; Wa5 discharged ntitrighl. Both of-', cr Abbe Laoc as co-respondent, count In Memphis. But he said ; fj n c r s sairt they would fighl Ihe! *~ some of Ihcse occurred when ex- action, which was taken last n i g h l . j Cnnjn And U. S. EoSC pcnse moeny had not been t r a n s - - Watkins has been head of the, r . ferrcd to his account from Dixie Hot Springs Police Department VISO Requirements Downs as he had anticipated. since 19-19. He joined thc force In The commission heard testimony '. 1936. Rowc. president of the Ar-| Madrid, Spain-l/IVSpain agreed New York - i/Ti - A government Nine Tunisians K i l l e d civil a n t i - t r u s t suit h;;s been f d : d ' Tunia-(/l';-N'inc 'I' 1 ' 1 i against Ihe I n l r r n a l i o n a l Hllsines:; lulled today in a ncw Machines Corporation. | \-if,]cnce Itctwecn N a l i The suit, f i l e d yeslertlny in : French police. Tnrla ^ U l l l l I U A I \ V L I W I . V - U I W , , , . , , , n , v , ., - · i- i I \t/ L I I ' rlmrchill is staying. A city rcce|i- Lontrol Western Union | llim .,,,,, |iar .,rt c . planned foi noon lodnv, was i:anceled yesterday. New Yorls-l/l'i-C'intn.l of UK ' · ' . . L_ \Ve:;lern Union Telegraph Com- ff-i n nnn fVin Tm.ricf pany has been ohlaincd ly John !j) I U,UUU,UUU l O U T I S t Fox. -l.'i. a f i n a n c i e i , Ihe NC-.V York M!!-i N i;',di,.v or v Hofel At Tok y° slotcd r , -- - - ·· Federal Court here, charges [RS' iji-ruifihl Ihc loll f fight their removal from the force day. Ihc rhumba bandleader w i l l ! . . . . . . k i l l i n g s 'he coniii week "f l c n " lr iliiv! tn al least 2.1 dead. an.v is in no po.Mlmn to Franco's rounlry. A l l ; ; ,,, · tyon. n.mi:, pi u.-iut-,,, ,/, i,«: ' ' | ,,..'^.,.", that Boileau allegedly had dispos-; kansas Municipal Police Officers, last night t ·d of a vehicle on which there ( Association, had been w i t h thc dc- ' " u - w» · lien. Then Boileau said all i partmcnt about five years, outstanding obligations in thc trunsuction had been paid. The commlsslun had requested j " " " " . ' , " c » detailed statement on Dixie j Administer CStOtfi Downs finances. Wallher intro- · ^ iSpeciali-Mrs 'lazel certified public accounting -firm : ^' lch) "'''l\ '''prMchaiVwho" ilfed ,, , . , which s»id there was not sufficient | jTM, ps " y ,',,, R ,,nshot wounds, has · M l i r l i " A r l a ' a of Ihe .toiirnal-Amcrlcan. .--aifi Kox p e i - o n n l l y ou-ns ins.Ollil f h a r n s 01 d Inday a ^_.: lourist hotel is pi? lo lie fmancer! b American money. 'has u n l a w f u l l y restrained indii:. try in thr United Slates" in v i o l a - ] lion of Ihe Sherman a n t i - t r u s t act.' M i a m i . Okla.. Home Kiirns · · · · · - · IBM issued a slalcnicn, fr,,m ils ; M ,,,,,i. Okla,,P,-The p a l a l l a , ; » ' · « ; « » .^ ^^^^ ^_. p r ; C C Q\ Tin RoiSCd Ncw York headntinrlcrs denying home .if Grorce I.. Coleman. ores- '_·»·' "n . e v c i a i n o i . n i u y - i - w i Ihc govcrnmenl's charge. i,lenl of M i a m i ' s First Nallon.-.l "i'»n,ii Mi.iies ,,IKI in., More than no per cent of all Bank and (01 mer Oklahoma am.-i- "n" ai-sociries nmo loc t a b u l a t i n g business in this country imr j;olf champion, burned to the ( " vo»nj '."nil and f).i per cent of all labulalins m-nunri today. One fireman was "-Cici^c. ...___ nrchincs used by the fcd?r,il EO-,-- injured ··lightly and two others ernment are cnnlrollcd by 1 H M , ! | l f l siiitali7.efl from smoke i n h a l a - New York-f/Pi-Defense Mobil- ircr Charles E. Wilson ' wants American Industry to begin planning now "the weapons of I960 and lB7n." "We arc preparing for Buck Rogers era. the atomic.-tisslon. in million dollar; supersonic, electronics age, when tanned for Tokyo,' vrsterday's brilliant ideas are Al- .Japancr.c and i ready on the way to the ssrap- hcap." he told the American In- slilutc of F.lcctrical Engineers yesterday. Sc. By Order Of RFC I'.c First Wife Named To , npain-i" i-.-i«"" ««..·.. lo admil American tour- . Donations To TB F u n d isls without visas. The United j . Stales eased ils visa rci|uiremenls if||| B e i n g visilors from C'encralissimo lion while f i c h l i n g Ihe hlaie. No members of Ihe Coleman f a m i l y were in Ihe Iwo-slory, 11-room mamion when Ihe f i r e broke out · liorll.v before m i d n i c h l . Coleman i l e f t here l a s t n i g h t to n t l c m l a cal. tin sale al Tulsa. Lewis Committeeman Of RFC Loan Agency Wasliin7,lon-l/I'i-Tlie il c r o n- i ·ruclion Finance Corporation lo-i day l a i s c d ihr price of t i n to; n O T i, c rt "Buck" Lewis, president A m r r i c n n i n d u s t r y from $1.0.1 a ; nf Ihc First National Bank of t h e ' c o m p l a i n t said. " t i TM 'while 'figiuiiiE Ihe h l a w . No T O U I i U M i n S neQOS ,,,,,.,,,, ,,, s ,.,,,,. Thr old price Fayettevlllc. today was informed " - ' ~ - ' had been in effccl since Aususl 1.1 of his appointment M a member : -. -- | of Ihc Advisory Committee of the Kl Doi'inl", A i k . - i . ' P i - A F. fleed (Jiirrrllla l.rjdcr Sinprndrd ! IvinsUuSon^Finance'co'rporatlon', ,f F.I Dora- 1 anrl Paul Sullin- ol .lei u..alen,-',P,-Mrna,:hem Hel- , ,, ' , b the director of ·rn^e.l A l l ; have been named :;iil, f i e i y leader of .lew-; (h( , nrc , , , ,, , . , : , , ,, . n o l:aie ai i i n s i i . 'j {,, |, rl ,d '., d i i v e for 'sSO.flOO to help ' Hh t u r n ilia.', last m;ht was or- ' »_^ Franco's couniry. A number of lecenl l""" 1 "'^ J ,.,,,,,,,,,,.,, lo p.cvenl cloMna dered suspended for three month An a E rcemenl covering Ihe swap I have helped lo swell Ihe ..) ,, orfctt-- of 111- covermnenl locks -,n t h e (mm niember,hip in IsiHel's Kncs was initialled by U. S. Ambassa- f u n d raised tn J.nancc ^ h r ^ I h _ POUIt^y M^arKt^ ^ ^ ^ , J^u ^ ...^ | u n r i ^ ^ ^ Pltrt - ament hecaus,- he "threat- dor Stanon Grilfis, whose resig nation was announced yesterday, and Foreign Minister ca"mpai C nr.i. H. Kciuiiin. Washini!- " »id there was not sufficicm j am , sr y 2 nl gunshol wounds, has · prepare «ueh » Jtatemcnt |, , Declared administratrix o f i t the commission deadline, j his ,, stalp m an order Issued in time to l» meet , s , Governor McMath said he was Rcnlon Co.miy Probate Court. A Minlrn.mfm ,h»r«f(. Sanla A n a , Calif. -in i-l-oi biirn- UOVCrtlOr M L t*in v i i ni\i« i iv wiin i KCHinn Lf*illii.v i i uiiflii: \*n\n ii ' « , u n n i ' i i -- mtlfled over Ihe commission's i second wile, Mrs. Margaret Prileh-, Ing the wrists of three boy pupil! l u r d »nd two children. Joe and | w |||, matches, two o f f i c i a l s of Die . - .. ,.,,.,..._ ,,» n«r. "»"'ii f ; nrt ' !l Orphanage nnarding School I were convicted of u n j u s t i f i a b l y canipnlpn, «i. · * · r» 11 M iii 11. " ('.HUMS i i iv |(i'nn« j ~- sterday, ton County c h a i r m a n of Ihe d r i v e \ ported by the University of rt r Alberto for money raid today, lie mid the ' knnsas Institute of Science and University As:.ociali-d KMidr-n.:: Technology and thr Dairy and Chest Fund i-oiilribuli-d S2.~. and Poulliy Market News Service ol .he Washinglon County Beer and . the U. K. Rcpartinenl of Agrlcul- l.iquor As.'oclation cav.- S.,',0. ture. u-"'l lo help i c i t o r e bai^c MTVUT nil the l i v e r and I'i (llrollNiRr dcv 1 inincnl of IV Ouachita l i i v - Tfchnlclain Tn Iran letlon I W O t l l l l u l k ". , · · | \ v l l l ; Pauline, shlMrcn nf Mrs, Ha?.el i Onn hlgon. Inilochln»-(/P)-Tlw Inlesl Prllcliard, survive. n. t«ror wenpon of the. Communist. '·rt Vietminh-- cxplortlng h cycles -ln)ur«d nine persons today In (larrihncUi. A Cor'onrr's Jury foundI last j p u u i . n i n g ' c h l l d i c n . The j u r y de- '·aMhe'hand" o"T .lers'o'n | Hh-led ,cs, than an hour yes- or persons unVnown," '"day. which ciiine s m a l l e r d c n a l i f i Those whn si ened thc Knesset with violence" ' d i n i n g one ol Us debates. 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