The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1936 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 8, 1936
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OFFICIAL ttflttf AHD OOUKTY PAPER &lgona Be* jfflomes: H1S10UICAL DEPT CntCCTLATIOW IN KOSMUTH 1-1 Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 Ter Pages— VOL. 34.—NO. 36 KOSSUTH'S GREATEST FAIR UNDERWAY 75 Horses To Compete In Harness Races Wednesda^And Police To Compete In Pistol Match MASON CITY, FORT DODGE, COPS BOOKED Will Be Extra Unit In Conservation League's Field Day With memories of the 6,000 attendance at last year's first Kossuth Conservation League Field Day freah in their minds, a llvewire committee of members of the group from the county are planning an enlarged program of events for the second venture, to be held Sunday, Sept 20, east of Bancroft, which should break even last year's marvelous record. A picked team of pistol experts from the Mason City police department will compete with a team of Fort Dodge policemen, in a special event booked. A special demonstration of a Tommy Gun, well known weapon used by both police and gangsters, will be held. A Full Program The day's program will be a full one, and everything will be on an absolutely free basis, as it was last year, with no admission charge. For those competing in the gun ev-, ents, there will of course be a nominal charge for ammunition or targets. The site of the Field Day is four and one half miles east of Bancroft. A committee which includes about ISO men has been appointed to handle the various events. The hour schedule follow*: 10 a. m. Casting tournament. Rifle shoot, Pistol shoot, Trap shoot and How* Shoe ••••" *» •m''Dflif s »»*« AfUrnoon-aix special ovenU. including expert bait rod and fly casting demonstration, rifle shooting exhibition, crack pistol shooting, and police match. Woman Shotgun Champ Marie Kautzky Grant of Fort Dodge U. 8. woman's championship shotgun shooter, will appear at the Field Day. and will present an individual exhibition or target shooting. The Kautzky family will al- ao appear in another exhibition of expert shooting. All of the various events will be listed In detail a bit later, and will be subdivided into groups for men, women, boys and girls, so that all present can enjoy themselves. Morling Heirs At Emmeisburg Sued Suit has been filed in district court at {Emmetsburg, by Mrs. Helen Morltng of Monmouth, III., daughter-in-law of the late Iowa supreme court justice, E. A. Morling, against Judge Morling's three children, all of Emmetsbure, charging them as trustee of their father's estate with mishandling funds and property from it and demanding an accounting of the trust. Mrs. Morling brought suit as legal guardian of her two children, who are direct heirs with the three defendants. Their father, oldest •on of the late Judge Morling, was killed in an auto accident several years before Judge Morling died. Kossuth Girl Cameraman's "Prey" KOSSUTH GIRLS WON STATE 4-H HONORSATFAIR Bernice Dodds One of Pour In State With Perfect Teeth NORMAN, AA.GONA, winner of trip to Texas Centennial, is pictured above just after she entered the exposition grounds at Dallas, Texas, surrounded by photographers. This act of giving visitors a photographers' rush Is term "Kidnapping" by the Texas press. The above cut was furnished The Algona Upper Des Moines by the Dallas Morning News. Miss Norman is now home from the trip she won in the contest sponsored by The Upper Des Moines and The State Theatre. Local Store* to Close For Three Fair Afternoon* Algona store« have agreed" to cooperate in closing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons of this week to enable employees and employers to attetta the Kossuth County Fair. The retail trade committee of the Chamber of Commerce sponsored the idea. Naturally, there may be some lines of business that will repoen at 5 p. m., but a general closing from noon on U forecast for all the general run of retail stores. The purpose is two-fold, to enable local folks to see the fair who might not otherwise attend the afternoon sessions, and also to show a willingness to cooperate with the fair board, and as a gesture of goodwill toward all in the county, showing that although the (fair is held here, local merchants Are not endeavoring to commercialize on the event. Wind, Rain Hit Sunday Evening Following several hours of the worst humidity this summer, windttorm and rain swept over this section Sunday night, fellud severa' trees, damaged crops some, bowlei over everything not securely fastened down, and passed eastward. In its wake it left another dgbl- teiUha of an inch of rain. The drouth seems to be well over. Week's weather: Throw Them Out, Keep Them Out .,;* » . '-*.r •..- --' •-,!.,, •- .- • During the pact few weeks, Aigorm street corners have been unusually Uttered from time to time with peddlers who drive In, occupy a- choice corner «J»t on State -street, and proceed to peddle stuff from the corners. Some of these "curbstone" salesmen have no residence hem, pay no taxes, pay no license fees, and at times have been treated with a great deal mere c*urte«y than some of the local bwslneee firms. We are not familiar with all of the various legal aspects of the preposition, nor do we believe there are any. But there are sn»e thing* that call for common sense, and need no legal interpretation. This Influx of fly-by-night peddlers Is one of them. Algona stores carry every pomible Item of merchandise or produce offered; and these merchants are entitle*! to consideration. Throw the foreign ktreet corner peddlem out and keep tnem oat. Kossuth county 4-H girls and their leader, Miss Myrtle Hanna returned from the Iowa State Fair Friday evening, Sept, 4. Bernice Dodds, Kossuth county champion health girl, plaeea In th ten high and the blue ribbon clas in the state health contest. Sh was one of four girls with perfec teeth. She is a member of the Un Ion Alethian club and the daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Dodds She has been in 4-H Club work fo seven years. Laurcna Lnnbs and Marojrie Jer sen, members of the Burt Bumbl Bees, who represented Kossut county on the demonstration program were awarded a white ribbon. The subject of their demonstration was "Tips on Pressing." Elizabeth Ann Inman of the Bancroft Busy Pals, county style show entry, placed in the white ribbon class on her appearance In an aqua ilue suit with brown accessories, which she made in 4-H clothing work. Elizabeth Ann was entered in the "Best Dress" class. Kossuth county was also represented in the clothing exhibit with 27 entries, winning five ribbons. A cotton blouse exhibited by Marjorie Jensen of the Burt Bumble Bees won first place; white slip wc- hiblted by Pauline Preston, third; and a wash iultlor a boy. exhibited by Wllms Preston won second, both of these girls belonging td th» Swea Spirits of Service; work apron exhibited by Mavis Larson of the Swea Spirits of Service won third; and a complete summer outfit which consisted of a white linen suit, undergarments, hose, shoes, purse, gloves and hat exhibited by Ruth Dreyer of the Fenton Forwards was given a second place. Work on New P.O. to Begin Within Month Work on the new Algona postoffice will begin by the latter part of the month, C. E. Larson of Fort Dodge, head of the Larson Construction Co. of Fort Dodge, stated in a telephone conversation, Monday noon. Mr. Larson received the contract after submitting the low bid. There Is still approval of one or two items to be made, but the entire matter seems to be absolutely settled this time, and ready to go. The work must be completed in 300 days. About 25 men will be employed in the work, and all possible will be employed from this vicinity, Mr. Larson stated. CROWLEY SHOWS BACK WITH NEW NOVE FEATURE Mechanical Circus A Hit; More Rides, Shows Than Ever Best light butch., 140-160 .I8.00-8.BO Best light butch., 160-80 .. 9.60-10.00 Best light butch., 180-200 10.00-10.70 Best light butch., 200-260 10.0010.20 Med heavy, 260-290 Ibs. 10.00-10.20 Med heavy, 290-326 Ibs ..... 9.76-10.00 Med. heavy, 828-350 Ibs ..... 9.60-9.75 Butchers, 360-400 Ibs ................. 9.00 Packing sows, 300-360 8-90 Packing sows, 380-400 8.60 Packing sows, 400-600 ........ 8.00-8.76 CATTLE Cannern and cutters W.60-3-00 Fat steers ................................ 6.50-7.00 Fat yearlings 6 -°^"!'« Bulls ...................................... 3 ..... 6 °-*- 25 Veal calves ............................ 6.00-fl.OO FaTcow, 3.60-4-26 Stock steers ............................ 4.00-6.00 GBAIN No. 2 white corn ............................ tJ-JJ No. 2 yellow corn M 1 * No. 3 mixed corn , ,, No. 3 white corn »•" No. 3 yellow corn *•«* No. 3 white oats, 30 Ibs .............. 39 Barl«v, No. 3 ............................... •» EGGS Hennerys ............................................ ** Aug. 31 Sept. 1 ... Sept. 2 .. Sept. 3 ... Sept. 4 ... Sept. 5 M Sept. 6 »2 «< In Algona several large High 87 75 75 81 -82 Low Free. 58 64 63 57 61 66 £3 .03 .44 .80 trees were blown down across the streets, but no serious property damage reported. Women's Rest Room Opens With Matron The municipal rest room for women is again in operation, under the Sawyer building on State street. The rest room is now being operated by the city, and a full-time matron, Mm. Collinson, is in charge. The rest room had been operated in recent years by the Community Club. Under the present setup the city has full charge of the management and care of this convenience. No. 3 Cash cream — No. 1 No. » Sweet 1BC 3Sc ..33c ..Stic Algona Men See President Roosevelt Senator L. J. Dickinson and State Comptroller C. B. Murtagh of Kossuth county were among those privileged to attend the presidential and governor's drought conference held in Governor Herring's offices at the state house in Des Moines last Thursday. Charley reports that politics was forgotten and the drought situation was given much consideration and that the whple atmosphere was at all times most friendly. Charley's impression of Governor Lundon is that he is no super man, but is a man of intelligence and a very pleasant man to meet. It so happened that Charley had quite a visit with Governor Landon. He says of President Roosevelt that he appeared to be in excellent health and spirits with his usual radiant smile and charming personality. Charley considers it a rare privlege to meet the many notables attending the conference. He also feels that much good will come from the conference. Reserved Seats For Grandstand Again Offered For the first tune In a long tine, reserved seats will again appear at the grandstand at the Kossuth County Fair this week. Regular grandstand admission is 35 cents for adults, and reserved seats will be 60 rents. Boy Scouts, will acts as ushers this year! through arrangements made with Rev. C. Paul Carlson and Rev. Geo.; Vance, Boy Scout leaders. The change will be generally welcomed, inasmuch as the reserved stalls have in past years been occupied by youngsters unable to sU still, and continually popping *round to discomfort of those sitting behind them in the first few rows of the grandstand. Falls From Swing, Breaks Both Arms Lone Rock: While playing on the school grounds, last Tuesday, Shirley, young daughter of the Schuy- ier Bates, fell out of a swing and broke both arms. One arm was broken in two places. She was taken to Dr. Clapsaddle at Burt to have the fractures reduced. Crowley's United Shows need no introduction to the public who visited the Kossuth County Fair last year. The same management is bringing their giant carnival back again this year, but announce that thej have added three more rides am four more shows to an already complete midway setup. One of the features that will be found especially pleasing Is a mechanic;:! circus, the Ring Bros carons. Chta ctopcna, all ^pe*a** mechanically, is on a minlatur «oale. In front of the circus tent 1 a band, miniature, all mechanical ly operated. As patrons walk in they Und a menagerie, and the walk Into the three ring circus It self. The feature will not onl give children a great treat, but wll provide something new and unusua for adults as well. In a circus sideshow, 14 feature will be presented. A Hawalia ahow, minstrel phow, Mimi, the hip popotamus girl, a snake show an others will be found on the mid way. Among the rides will be fer rls wheel, merry-go-round. Loop a-plane, caterpillars, swings an many rides for the children includ ing a pony .ride. There are also about 30 conces slons operated by the Crowley brothers. FLORAL HALL BOOTHS VERY FINE DISPLAY Fun and Education Are Combined in Many Exhibits Floral Hall will again present a splendid display of Industrial exhibits at the Kossuth Fair, this year. There will not be quite as many exhibitors In numerical numbers, but those who are exhibiting have taken larger spaces. Newcomers this year are Leo Swanson of Whittemore, the Algona Chamber of Commerce and The Kossuth Conservation League. AJany of the exhibitors arc running friendly contests, which have IIP lottery angle whatsoever. Visitors register and may receive one of the many gifts offered at nearly all of the booths. Chas. Taylor will seal 100 Ibs of Ice in a Coolcrator Ice Box. and to the person guessing closest to how many pounds of ice will remain at the end of 100 hours, will o awards. R. O. Bjustrom has merchandise n display on which visitors are in- Ited to name their own bid as a lurchase price. Those with the ilghcst bids, naturally, will have an opportunity to buy the merchand- ae at that figure. Milton Norton will have a large coal exhibit, as will the Botsford Lumber Co., and the hardwares Nelson's and Kohlhaas & Sptlles arc taking larger space than ever Pratt Electric will again have fine booth, filled with electrical ap plianccs, and The Algona Uppe Des Molne* and Kossuth County Advance will have a Joint booth where a presidential poll will b conducted during Fair Week. Kennedy & Parsons, local whole«Ue grocer* nave a. large • space where they are featuring the famed Stokeley line of canned goods, and the same firm is also cooperating with the Plllsbury Flour Mills Co. In an exhibit. New Baptist Pastor Kossuth Mutual hi New Building Monday was Labor Day for some people and the name was certainly aplicabie for the Kossuth Mutual Insurance Association, which yesterday moved into its new quarters on North Dodge street Business from now on will be transacted in the new quarters, one of the most modern business structures in northern Iowa. Fall Festival Days The Algona Chamber of Commerce has announced preliminary plans for Fall Festival days in Algona, to be held Wednesday, Sept. 30, and Thursday; Oct. 1. Plans for several prominent guests of honor, and other features are being made. THE REV. ROBERT M. Schwyhart. Kansas City. Kansas, preached his first sermon nt the First Baptist church, Al- Sonn, Sunday. Rev. Schwyhart succeeds Rev. Arthur S. Hucser as pastor of the church. He comes from the Quindnro Baptist church of Kansas City, Kansas. (Cut courtesy Des Moines Tribune). Rewrites Of News From La»t Friday'» Ko»»uth County Advance Lone Rock Pupils Enroll In Chicago Lone Rock: Russell and Dorothy Dacken left last Thusrday for Chicago. Dorothy planned to attend a Young People's conference there while Russell will finish his schooling at the Moody Bible Institute, where he is a student. He has been on a vacation for some time at the home of hiu parents, the Frank Dackens. Slander Letter Writer to City Officials Found A card from the Illinois motor vehicle department to Mayor Carl F. Specht, disclosed that the writer of letters sent to various city officials including the mayor, and both local newspapers was a man at Brookfleld, HI., and that the letters were sent under a fictitious name. Mayor Specht said Saturday he intended to write the car owner a letter, demanding an apology for the remarks made in his epistles sent to Algona. The Illinois man was tagged on the street here for illegal parking, left town without showing up at the mayor's court, and then wrote a very derogatory article. Mayor Specht said he would demand an apology, and if none were forthcoming, might start other action in the case. Get Reserved Seats Grandstand reserved seats for the Kosautb County Fair will be on sale for each of the four afternoons and the four evenings of the fair iu the secretary's ottive in Floral Hall, on the grounds. Union Twp. Boy Now Recovering Union: The twelve year old son of Herman Willrett, Frederick Willrett has recovered from a siege of pneumonia. He was able to sit up Tuesday and his friends are glad he is doing so nicely. 3 New Fronts On No. Dodge Street Are City Assets With all ground-floor space rented, and two of the places already opened, the new Heine building is practically completed. Henry Bunkofske, barber, has the front just south of Behlmer's confectionery, the Sportmen's Tavern, operated by Gerald Wittkopf, will be in the middle of the new building on the street level and Laing & Muchey, plumbing and heating firm, will have the room next to the alley. Upstairs Van Ness & Stlllman, lawyers, will have one suite of rooms, and Dr. Karl Hoffman, dentist, who moved here from Bun- croft, will have another. Unidentified Man Is Found Slugged An unidentified man was found unconscious, about 3 a. m. Sunday morning, near the swimming pool, by Officers Van Alstyne and Valentine. The man had evidently been slugged, as he had u big bump on his head. After coming to, he remained noiicomittal regarding what had happened to him, and officers released him after helping him to cluur his head. Shower for Young Lone Rock Woman Lone Rock: A linen shower was given in honor of Hertha Jaskulke at the home of her parents, the Leo Jaskulkes, last Tuesday. Thirty attended and she received many lovely gifts. Her sisters, Martha and Hilda were hostesses. Hertha will be married to Ross Johnson of St. Paul on Saturday, Sept. 12. TWO BOYS, 12 AND IS, Dick and Kenneth Neitzcl, former res Idents of Algona, who hitch-hiked here last Tuesday from Fort Dodge where their mother Is now living were apprehended and charged with the theft of $70 from the box office of the Call theatre here. N C. Rice, manager, had a bag o money inside the boxofflce, turnei his back tor, a few minutes, an then found the money bag gone The. bays wer* discovered , late with pSclcSgesorarntSii andTWhe change. All but a few dollars which they had spent, were recov ercd; The boys have a suspende sentence In the Eldora reformator hanging over them, and had beei expelled from the Father Flanna gan Home for Boys In Omaha, ac cording to reports. Their case were pending. • • • NINE WERE INJURED in tw automobile accidents, Tuesday Bernard Marsh, Burt, suffered con cussion of the brain when his ca and one driven by Edward Mlxdor collided north of Burt. Marsh machine ran into the rear end Mixdorfs car. Mlxdorf was able t go home, although cut and bruls ed, und Marsh was brought to th Kossuth hospital here. A tank truck driven by H. C. Hargreaves nipped the rear end of another machine driven by Fred Hanson of Elmoie, at the entrance to the Chas. Geilenfeld farm, two miles north of Hobarton, and the Klin ure car turned over three times. Although occupants were Injured, none of them were seriously hurt. II Will Be "On Own Union: Wesley Householder who is working for Chester Bailey, has rented 80 acres west of Lone Rock and will move there March 1 to start up farming fur himself. Storm Damages Fair Winds during the storm, Sunday evening, blew down several tents at the Kossuth fair grounds, including a livestock tent, and the tent over the dance hall. AUTO RACE CARD ON NEXT FRIDAY 30 Girls In Revue Each Evening; Six Vaudeville Acts on Stage Kossuth's greatest fair opened today, with Thrill Day features as the principal afternoon attraction, nnd the first presentation of the revue, "Around The Town", to be staged before the grandstand this "^Wednesday and Thursday will be Harness Race Days, and the fair association is making the biggest program ever, wl'.h an added event each afternoon, or three full heats as compared with two heats of three races each In bygone years. Each afternoon and evening the entertainment will be augmented by six grandstand acts. Three Baseball Games Wednesday afternoon, a baseball came will be played between ten- ton and Wesley. Lotts Creek and i i tonka were slated to meet this (Tu2sdny> afternoon. On Thursday afternoon, the state champiom- h.p Bancroft junior Legion team riii meet Mallard juniors, runners- p [or the district title. Earl Vincent, secretary of the fair association, wns Kreatly pleased with the entry list for the harness race* to be held on Wednesday and Thursday. He pointed out that about 7S horses would be entered In oil of the event*, and that many of them uro coining here direct from the Iowa State fair, where they won prize money. Crowley's Gigantic Carnival shows, with 12 rides. 12 shows and 80 concessions, again are set up on the local grounds, and under the able management of the Crowley Brother* of Missouri, are offering one o! the "»pptart and cleanest shows ever to exhibit in this section. Auto Races Friday Automobile racing will again be the highlight of the Friday afternoon performance. Cash purses and points toward this year's championship dirt track title will be Inducements to the boys to tramp on the accelerator. In addition to the regular events on the afternoon program of auto, races, there will bo the added thrill of seeing In person, Col. Art Goebc), trans-Pacific flyer, who will stunt and do sky-writing above the grandstand. Colonel Goebel's plane, a Boeing P-12 pursuit, formerly owned by Howard Hughes, millionaire »**•; tion picture producer, who has now given up aviation for Ginger Rogers, Is equipped with a two-way radio. A ground station will be located in a car controlled by Jack Story, and conversations between ground and air will be amplified und broadcast for the grandstand and bleacher crowds to hear. Wit Thoma's 10-piece band will play for dancing each evening of the fair. Fire In Basement A water pump in the basement of the home of Wm. Freeman caught fire about 11 p. m., last Thursday evening, and a fire alarm was sounded. Swea City Medic Wed on Sunday Swea City: Sunday morning, Sept. 6, at 8:30 o'clock Miss Dorothy Doak of Iowa City was United in marriage to Dr. R. M. Minkel of Swea City, with the Rev. G. R. McDowell of Swea City officiating. The ceremony was solemnized at the home of the bridegroom's par ents, MJr. and Mrs. L. H. Minkel at Fort Dodge in the presence of 50 relatives and friends. The bride was attended by, Elizabeth Minkel of Fort Dodge, sister of the bridegroom. Dr. S. J. Ritchey of Colftx, a former classmate of the bridegroom, was best man. To tlie strains of Lohengrin's wedding march, played by a piano, cello and violin trio, the couple took their places beneath an arch of pink and blue flowers in the garden of the Minkel home. A wedding breakfast was served to the bridal party and 15 relatives and friends at Wraywood. Dr. and Mrs. Minkel left Tuesday on a trip through northern Minnesota. They will live in Swea City in the J. P. Frakes hou-i". MKS. ANNA MAE Oxlcy charges thut her guardian, the Iowa Bonding and Casualty Co., had never made an annual report, and cluimu she Is entitled to u sum exceeding $15,000 in a new case filed in court here. She claims she will be 21 in October und entitled to receive her inheritance at thut time, free of guardianship. • • « 81 ATTENDED the family reunion of the Loebig clan, held at the Call State Park, last week. • » • THE Ml ELI.EK FAMILY reunion was held at Fenton, with Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mueller us host and hostess last week. • • • CHJilS \VIUUEL, »1, Fenton, died Tuesday morning of last week after being ill four weeks. He came to this country from Germany. Funeral services were held Thursday, at the Fenton Methodist church, and burial was in the Methodist cemetery south of Fenton. School Enrollment 20% Above 1933 In addition to being a larger enrollment in the high school last year, School Supt. O. B. Laing has also found that the present attendance of 3&3 in the senior high ii 20 percent above 1«33. The total school registration in the public system to date is UTO. STATE FAIR WINNERS IN IIAKNEHH RACES The largest entry list of harness race horses in the history of the fair will appear at the track, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Nearly a dozen of them were money winners at the Iowa State Fair, Secretary Vincent added. The 2:17 pace with 17 entries will be divided into two divisions. In this race are such well known horses as Claudia Mann, 2:07%; Vivian O'Brient, 2:06'<, and others. There will also be two 2:24 trots as shown in an adjacent program. There are 11 starters in the 2:18 trot on Thursday, and 8 in the 2:24 pace. In the 2:12 pace there are 15. In the 2:12 pace the greatest tield of starters in the county's history are listed. Zenith, 2:01 at the Iowa State Fair won the show, and Miss Hof, 2:01',* was also a Des Moines and Milwaukee winner. Horses are entered from Iowa, Minnesota. South Dakota, Nebraa- Uii, Kansas und Illinois. Pop Bottle Cuts Hand Alfred Larson, owner of the Barnsdall oil station on Diagonal, suffered a severe band injury, Sunday morning, when he cut himself while filling a case of soda bottles. The wound required five stitches to close. Will Move Again M. C. Mclvfahon, county attorney, stated Monday that he would move into new quartern in the Heise building, next week. He bad just moved from the Sawyer building into the space vacated by Kohl- liaas Bros, above Christensen's, but will move again. Sprained Ankle Burt: George Manas sprained his ankle quite badly Thursday, when lie slipped on the steps of the B. i'. BuT^teJt liouie, which is being elected here. ATTEND KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR

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