Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 21, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 21, 1952
Page 8
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TIMiS. II, Records Clear, Cancer Sometimes Cured By Something Within Bodies Of Patients Dispute Over Revolutionist's Custody Agitotes Colombia, Peru; Armed Guards And Trenches Surround Embassy In Lima Pearson Says Latin Amerka Pleased Over Resignation of Symington As RFC Head Br HOWARD H. HLAKESLKF, t\:. on' Ihc slow finnvlh. Cancers! by surccry, which pcrmlllrrl tin- (This. ir. «nc nf » scries fcfl \ an- Kcw Yoric-r/I'l-There is a now nrc cWfc'ronl--ionic last--somcl MirRWiis In look nl the e a r l i e r i d e v e n t c r is writms simut « t r i p le in cancer--something in o u r i slow. More importantly, people! eanrer. There wasn't nn.v. II was, i h r n u s h South America. I.c w i l l · ' ' · · · · · ' - r A r l . arc KOIIC. od bodies that just n a t u r a l l y f l s l l t t ' a r c d i f f e r e n t . Some f o l k s oft Ibis m a l i g n a n t growth. I toucher l h a n oihcrt for cancer. The records arc becnmlnp Undo- Number Cured ' rilablc that this f i £ h t occasionally] In medical records there are: '.' - : cures a cancer. It's rare c n o u K h j more l h a n 300 rai.cs of c a n r c r j body. t* !,,, .. n * /.nrlnsliv htii ihe I MM 1 ipnl ; whor.i* m n l i t r n a n t t'l'owlhs ; Thll Gone loo were tonic dread-! return in April.) ,, lrso.«. spnis n( cancer.I w h i r h back in 11131 had been MIPIIJ |; y i;n VANOICVKNTKK ray ill other parts of her J j | | ) l a | ,, C ,. U _ A ,,,.,.,,,,., a [lc!.-!,n; cures a cancer. It's rare rnnuiih more l h a n 300 cai.cs of cancer; body. \^, | i(( , ;||u | |j|, cl -| y ,,\ ,, W H] 16 be a medical ciirlnsliy. bui t l i e i pntienls whose m a l i g n a n t g r o w t h s ; Thirteen years l a t e r I h l s w o m a n : , UKjVi , n i n d i v i d u a l is bcins staged nld of this n a t u r a l . c a n c e r - f i s h i e r ! spontaneously sol bellor. One] was well with no f i c n of cancer. h c l . n - i l n r t i t t . 0 ,nains the potential Is bCKJniiinj: to cheer up many a hundred of theic were cured by] The latest evidence, adds up lo c ,. p j osiv( , nnw( .|. n f ,, T }.;, r bomb, oncer pati'cnt. | themselves. [.llm-canccrs itrou at d i f f e r e n t |n |h( . C()]l)mhi . ln mhmsy H aya : Here Is a loiter- from a surprised | Those records were made l-'ast-hillinst canrrrs some- d(. la Torre, a revolutionary leader, ... . . . . inu-i-. !".·.»-· * v, ,|,. ],, Torre, a revolutionary leader victim of one of the worst forms, fore 1IHB, but there have been: times slow down. .Slow-urowimjl^ ;| p|. is , inc ,. soldiers and police nf cancer. The letter Is p a i n - a d d i t i o n s since, nnd the l a t e r re- cancers sometimes turn into rapid j s( . |n(| K|j;m| w i ( i | r M a c n i n c Kun , phrased in Fpots f o r ' a n o n y m i t y , porls arc belter authenticated, killers. The reason ^s sonielluns| , uul r i ( | M ., rnund l h c c | ncki Al an a m b i t i o u s road b u i l d i n g pro- . cram. He is considered stern, but i jusl. In Iho. m e a n t i m e J'ays dc la Torre is a prisoner in the embassy b u i l d i n e . ii'n one Is allowed closer t h a n two blocks of the soldiers g u a r d i n g h i m . A Ifi-ycar-oid hoy, home from schoril, w a s r i d i n g wlt'i h i s f a t h e r I J in an automobile a week b e f o r e ! "I came here originally for a| One case was described grand f i n a l e -- t h e l l l t i majol i leading American medical j o u r n a l surgery on. my rear. What I have gotten so far hns been q u i t e d i f - ferent. When (hey were checking' me for my ccnera] condition, they found a collapsed lobe of my lunc, operated, and found canter. "Thcv were unable to in 1050. Hack in 11)3(1 a woman, M. had cancer in her l e f t abdomen t h a t included part of her uterus. It could not he' removed. Two years later she was about to die of this cancer and arrangements were marie for her t e r m i n a l care I nCV \ \ C r C UII.IUH: t » , 1 . 1 1 1 1 * 1 L \ V C I C l l l . l l l l : I ' M m.l H . - I I H U I . nil the growth. 1 had a rough time j at home, bul she began lo improve after surgery and there were a}She got well. couple, of days when It lookcdj Seven years later she returned hlllers, me reason ,s Mime 01. «, . uu , r i ( | M ; i r n u n d ,,,,, c | n c k i A about the way ,n which your body | | ) U f , o t ) r l l i s h | s p | ay ,,,, ,|, is ahle lo r e f u l a t o srowlh of its . , ,, , . . , . ..,,,,, n-,.....,... .... mi , k b u i l d i n g . The Peruvians are m a k - 3;;ucr! ' , , , . . ing certain t h a t t h i s r e v o l u t i o n i s t The body probably has more^, e lhan one way of doing U n h a n d ; political l l k e l v there arc m a n y protective I . _, , . , · . ' . ' . . asviniii in llle C o o m b i a n cmba..:sv "· -- ""· - j ^j n w a s tp,at V ' l l C I l US l O r C l R O | J U I jail, Ins f a t h e r had lo pay a large | ,.,,,,,.,,.. wcrc turned over to the fine, the boy was placed on a j rjFC,'Symington instituted a cam- ship and told t h a t , if he should set j paign to drive down the world and healthy c nourishmcnl. like ! would not make it. | l o the hospital, this lime w i t h can- "Thcn I picked up and. cot o u t ' p e r in a d i f f e r e n t area. H was on of the hospital, only lo f i n d I h a d j i n c other «lde of her abdomen. to have another major operation, ---not cancer--In another part of! my body. . j :'l got out of bod u t t e r this op-| eralion nnd WDS doing famously; until I developed phlebitis. So I j am flat (or a n o t h e r . f o u r day.s in 1 bed.': : l have bcciv a bit low, loo. "I suspect you might he able 1o dig out » yarn about n rather substantial number of people who arc In the same category nl the present momc/it. 1 bad always assumed that If cancer could not be all .removed... the -Individual was rijht down to lhc end of the dory, Drvrlopmcnt Slow ' "i-asked my surgeon, l i e pointed out evidence that my cancer had been there seven years ago, anil that -the slowness of its development was The ncw cancer was .removed S In' C thc "c:iscsi l " lir l l l c m -" Sn l h c y dul ' . up lnc MonTtuJh" a" ",Tsipc r !as', f tuber-j l r " i ; '.v lh "f »TM ««!' »"" ividc " ' ·' · l i r c n c h c s . I be C o ' o m b i a n amba.-sa- lot drive an automobile in or out M he went home and culosis and pneumonia came along j 'jenihc!.. about the lime the cancer spoil- " . . ,, " ,, , . laiirnusly started g e t t i n g belter. Slower Moving Industries May Hold Up Industrial Expansion Ncw York-f/l'j-Amcriea Is near- ins the h a l f - w a y marl: In Its race lo expand Us " I n d u s t r i a l capacity lo.nicct It* defense needs. .The pace ' Is jerky, however. The Defense Production,' Administration says' some Industries arc well along the rond w h i l e others have litll DPA indicates, of the jcrkincss of the pace. Steel-making capacity increased by nearly f i v e million tons in 1950 and by more t h a n f o u r and t h r e e . t e n t h s million Ions i n I D n l lo'stand now al n record lush of lllll'.i m i l l i o n Ions of a n n u a l capa- morc t h a n begun. Some defense city, the American Iron and Steel e f f o r t s may be delayed u n t i l Ih VVIUI.IM..-.. ······ 'nn optimistic, fac-i tor. When "I pinpointed him for » time angle, he Balri: "'Let's put It this way. I shall certainly'expect to set a Christmas curd from you nest .year.'" In this letter the clue Is cmpha- slower moving 'industries catch up. American steel industry almost AnH DPA t h i n k s II will be t h com' ovcraLl pletcd. More and more I n d u s t r i a l i s t s arc be r i n n i n g lo ask oul loud just ?' % GALLON Vanilla ice Cream 64c Hclland lr«, lecktr Plant end nf lf),M hrforc Ilic prngrnms will bo n l »'?t elated, for IDS.'l or lll.i-1--nnri thci recedes. Many fear Ihcy may f i n d themselves w i t h great deal more productive capacity than el- f" CSl v l l l n n demand can keep busy. The slcel Industry is un example both of the speed an.I size of cs- pnnslon to meet the challenge of he d e f e n c e program--and also, There arc various reasons ftr delays. Some m a t e r i a l s needed for ennstructinn have been rcaiTe anrl alloeateri s k i m p i l y amoni; the industries try.infi lo build more WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've B.cen Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP p l a n t s . Ant! some lypcs of p l a n t s lake much longer lo b u i l d and to e q u i p l h a n others. Tool makers This was refused. The casi have been swamped w i t h orders j before Hie I n t e r n a t i o n a l Court they cannot f i l l . The atllo i n d u s t r y , U"-' Hatue. An a s t o u n d i n s decision , a l l l m U K h was handed doivn sayinx both curbed by steel allocations lor j Colombia and Peru were ritthl-- cars, is buikliiiR new plants In t u r n out t a n k s ann oilier m i l l - lary equipment. A f t e r the need for so many t a n k s subsides, t h e ' lomliia said: "We will never rc- a u l o I n d u s t r y hope.-- a growing j lease Torres u n t i l the I n t e r n a t i o n a l demand for cars w i l l keep these I Court gives us direct order lo do new plants husy f i l l i n g the ncc.'ls i so." of a growing c i v i l i a n p o p u l a t i o n . ! Odria. the president at I b i s Hercules Powder Company an- j lime, is a strung man. Me took lo nounccs it w i l l e n t e r the chemical | lhc radio and talked for 1(1 and field w i t h a ncv.' plant In p r o d u c e : I- hours a day. t e l l i n g t h e Army phenol, Para-presol and acetone., and lhc police lhat stern measures Anaconda Copper is b u i l d i n g a should be laken and pleading w i t h p l a n t near G r a n t s , N. M., to proc- Hu.slamcntc, Ihe then president, to THIS NAME has stood th» TEST OF TIME -. For tlu'ee generations, the name "Ford" has held the confidence of the American ix;ople--· particularly of America's farmers. To the farmers in this community t.he Ford name is n promise of sterling vnJtie; a pledge of lasting satisfaction; a symbol of leadership in farm power and transportation; The name "Ford" on a tractor today means Tolume production resources unique in the farm equipment lield. That's why we can sell the Ford Tractor for a low price and give you a generous measure of extra value for that price. And don't forget, that, a Ford Tractor, after years of use, will sell for more at trade-in time! Com* In -- Uf Us Show you Top Tractor Va/u« HfllLEY SALES COMPANY Hijhwoy 71 North Phont 1689 I n s t i t u t e reports. Thnl puts the equal to all other cnmitrics combined. And several lop .steel men look w i t h him all the members of bis s t a f f c.xccpt a cierk. Today all South America wails w i t h bated breath lo see how thu drama around Torre \ \ i l l end. Visited llussia Torre spent considerable time ir nu.sia hilt his admirers declare be is not a C o m m u n i s t but a Socialist. He won lhc hearts of all t h e underpaid residents of Peru-- thu clerks, the laxi drivers, etc. The enlisted men of the N a v y went Hill per cent for the revo- l u t i o n . They killed many of t h e i r officers and (u rested the others, then fired on the Army hcadfiuar- Icr.-:. As most of the Army and 'the police remained loyal to the gov- e r n m e n t , Ihr revolution was put down speedily. Torre's assistants _ . . . sough, s a n c l u a r y in the -Cuban have warned t h a t the ii d u s t r y may j embassy. According lo an agrce- hc over-expanded shorlly. I m c n l readied in H a v a n a any pcr- Othcr laggards l h a l bother D P A : son in the Lalin-Amcricas who are a l u m i n u m , sulphur, chlorine.! claims to be a political f u g i l i v c nitrogen, p e t r o l e u m r e f i l l i n g a n d | may ark for a s y l u m in any em- lhc.-:e i n d u s t r i e s have not prcceedod ; w i u i d d r i v e eaeher teachers has , and ha.-: i By DREW PEARSON W a s h i n g t o n -- T h o u g h Stuart j oral for'foreign imports. ' '""in is one of the most cl- As reports of increasing hardships borne by the Bolivian people reached the sister republics, press and semi-official comment has of/icials in Washington. w i t h relief when he submitted his resignation as head of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. The reason was Symington's tough policy Bolivia. The buving tin from Bolivia was the grown more bitter. Even Oswaldo Aranha of Brazil. Ion* .a close friend of the U.S., offered this blunt private appraisal: ""It is almost inconceivable that D O I l V l a J l l O U g l l O O H V I i l \ \ . l a l l l c it. lo o n . . w , * a . . . . . . . . ~ ~ . . . - onlv nation which sells tin, the President Truman, who must be hns'ic policy bid down by Syming-; aware of the resentment created Ihe Santa M a r i a landed at tne windo 1 . 1 .': "Vj .ibcrtad." He was locked U w .. ,,, --- was of concern to other Latm- I American governments. j What happened in the case* of :n its foreign pur- Toot on Peruvian soil w i t h i n two years, he vould be imprisoned. He wa.-: ton near Ihs Colombian embassy when he did his yelling. Prairie Grove Mr.-:. H. ,M. Broadm.m of Roanoke, Va.. is the guest of her mother, Mrs. A. A. Baker, and her sis- Icr, Mrs, M i l t o n L.ockhart. Mr. uuim...,.,. .v...^.. ...... . U o a r d m a n , who attended a meet- to replenish rapidly decreasing ing ih Kansas City, Me., joined U.S. stockpiles, Symington kept it his wife here Sunday lor a short from eoing above that figure. Con- by apparent U.S. indifference toward economic problems in Latin America since the last war, should permit an entire nation to be brought to the brink of ruin like this. Can we never expect true understanding an.- i«ai nelp?'" And the Vife of an editorial on the subject in a leading Chilean newspaper summed up" the attitude of many a Latin Anlerican with Ihesc words: "Who says dol- " price from Sl.80 a pound to 51.03. His technique was dcvaststingly simple: Stop buying. It -worked. In loss than two |a r "di'piomacy"is'"dcad? ri months a f t e r the U.S. had sus-1 u v i . pendcd purchases, the international quotation on tin dropped the required 77 cents. But when Symington authorized limited importation again, the price soon crept back up to $1.20 a pound. By holding RFC purchases to a m i n i m u m which was insufficient visit bciore the couple returned , . tracts with foreign producers -particularly B o l i v i a n -- were not i renewed. Between J u n e and Scp- Wimberley Becomes Chief Of Utility's Advertising, Sales Appointment of Bob Wimberley, formerly of Fayettcvillc, as Ar- il as «n amphibious fhlp officer. After the v.'ar he returned to the University and worked as Fayetteville bureau chief for the Fort I Smith papers, director of KUOA radio programs in Fayettcville, and United Press correspondent. Wimberley is married to the former Wanda Gibson, of Green Forest 'and Fayettevllle. Ke is n Sunday School teacher »t Winfield Methodist Church, director of Little Rock Junior Chamber of Commerce, state · organization chair- ' mail 'for 'Arkansas Jaycees, member of Arkansas Economic Council, the Chamber of Commerce, U. C. T. and M. M. Ebcrts Post of · American Legion. Used by thousands In reducing diets--Junge's Roman Meal bread. 11-19-tf " " f c .. ; renewed. IHPlwucn . J u n e rttiu o\-H J U I M I t l i y ui r a j c i n . * ..jt, "J "· J. 0. Beaty, Jr.. or hiloam , l( , ml)( , r ,,, t h i s ycari , otal imports | kansas Power and Light Corn- Springs, is recovering from an i dw j nc |i c d by two-thirds, from a n l p a n y . , ncw manager of advertis- opcralion at the home of his sis- average 9,000 tons to 3,000 a | i n g a n d SRle ,. promo tion was abler Mrs Ed Phillipt. | month. nounccd yesterday. Wimberley The Women of the Presbyterian i While Symington's policy . . _ . Church met at the home ot Mrs. aimed chiefly at the highhanded ._.. . - . . * _ _ j : _ _ f.1 4 U n O f i l I r h . F l l l t r ' V l 1 i n J. C. 1 m C t H I L I 1 U I I U I I I L UL i » i a, n i i i i ^ u k n s , i -j ^ - o Parks Thursday. Members j tactics of the British-Dutch planned an all-day meeting for J a n u a r y 24 at the home of Mrs. .1. a. H a r l a n . A program on foreign missions was led by Mrs. H a r l a n . Refreshments were served. cartel in lhc Malays, Bolivia's economy was thrown for a terrific loss. Thi normally accounts for 82 per cent of that mountainous landlocked country's exports. Due to topographical ami transport c l i f f i . 1 1 t : b l l l l l l : l l l a VM.ll: at. . i-.j. lopogl a p l l l C H I i l l l ' l l l t l l l s p u l l M I I I I Mr. and Mrs. Scth Shanks, who cullies, production costs arc high, have been visiting relatives here ( T h e metal cannot be sold profit- since the holidays, have returned ably at the same price as Asiatic lo their home at Susanvillc, Calif, l i n : so beginning · in October, - MISS j Bolivian producers stopped ship- was when neighboring Mrs. Shank* is Hie former Irene Watson of Prairie Grove. The Women's Society of Chris- i mcnts. That PLAN TO BUILD ·*· Our tUiwiiL Gtt Our PrlCM. Try Our Strrkt. DYKE LUMBER CO. m st chMUt m's Sodcly ur Uins- ( b ', ics . bcRnn to lake ^ t i n n Service met at the Mdhudist | ] . j()US nol(? of 1np t i n crisiR T | 1CV Church basement Thursduy a f t e r - 1 i iarl thought that a settlement! noon. Hostesses for the meeting , \\-ould be reached before it was 100! " _ late, but by then it had become' cars i n t o the fast a.-: some other imlustrics j embassy ground.-: and let lhc Peru- .1 A (jcfjtcr, Mrs. Arlcy Brooks, : evident that S.vminnlon would nol Mrs. W. N. .Mallison and Mrs. C.; modify his policy under any c-ir- ' upon them for sup- L I M U i i ; - . \ V K l U U I H I f : iN I I I 1 U I I M U I I T I U ~ . v i f i i i K hide in the t r u n k s . Of course, i '" a } c the P e r u v i a n ncildicrs could not | \^ l . m sen any prisoners as the ears \vcrn driven nut.. And UHI.-; Torres' aides escaped. A f t e r h i d i n g n Innc limr Torres f i n a l l y reached the Colombian em- Colombia asylum In for K ivins Torre, and political Pru for , labelin;; him as an a.-'sassin. Co- Guests were members of the f a m - ily, Mr. nnd Mrs. L. L. Baggett, Mr. and Mr,:. John Bapcett of Fay- cllevil]e, Mrs. R u b y Woods and _ Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stone and guests. Refreshments were served, i daughter, Nancy, of Siloam Dr. and Mr.*. J e f f Raggett o n - | Sprincs. The Masonic Lodge met Thursday night In confer f i v e E. A. degrees. Masons from Lincoln, Cinc i o B l t i , and Kaycltcvillc were , . ., ess u r a n i u m from the ores in t h a t leave the counlry. cunrantccing n , T a. : him s a f e conduct When R u s t a m c n t c A n o t h e r round of a l u m i n u m ca- ' decided to follow this advicr, Odria pacily expansion is being d r a f t e d , with f i n a l plans w a i l i n g on a dc- moved into the palace. A f t e r year's rule he called for an elcc- - elsinn by Ihe m i l i t a r y as to just lion. As no nnc opposed him he how much nf the m e t a l they are j became legally Ihe .ncsident. going In' need. I He has b u i l t parks for the poor, O Z A R K NOW SHOWING 1:00 3:13 5:03 7.16 9:19 rjTU Danny " lliomas I I Song Hits! LATEST NEWS EVENTS UARK NOW PLAYING OPEN 6:45 -- SHOWS 7:00-9:00 . JOHN DEREK ASK. OF THE LVMGEH .,,h Anthony OUINN Jody LAWRANCE NEWS CARTOON PALACE ENDS TONITE "SUDAN" ^BEDTIME FOR BONZO" STARTS TUESDAY -- Vi37 3:34 5:31 7:28 9:26 1HOAT E. Moore. Members held adcrnuon ;crviccs each afternoon lie week in preparation ies of evangelistic mcct- ...^.i scheduled for cacii night this week al the church. Twelve carloads of local basket ball f a n s drove to Fort Thursday night lo see the cunistanccs. Coffee srowcrs in Mexico. Brazil. Colombia nnd Guatemala; Cuban sugar planters, Chilean nit r a f c and copper-mine operators.] succeeds the lat« Edgar B. dies nutt, whom he served as assistant for more than two ycar^. Since November, 195(1. Wimberley has been an administrative assistant lo C. Hamilton Moses, president of the company. A native of Jonesboro, Wimber- | Icy was a reporter on the Tribune , there and editor of its weekly.! While a t t e n d i n g the University he i was sports editor and reporter for i the TIMES. He was menacing edi- : lor nf the Traveler, University; paper, and editor of the campus i pa.jer while attending Monticcllo : A. and M. : lie served d u r i n g World W a r ; ONE NAME chawed buying hibit of millions Hit! and Smartly Slyl»d Hair- cult and Cmd Clun Shim HAIRCUTS ONI* SOc WHITE'S BARBER SHOP 405 W. D1CKSOH all began to realise t h a t what had happened to Bolivian lin might ^, .well happen to t h e i r products -Smith if the U.S. decided to make its '" local I sinsle-acency purchase policy scn- I StJoseph mm W O R L D 1 1 ' I A R C - F S T S F L I F C MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL Train for »h« Top Sound Training ot Small Cost There'* greater earning power in your future with sound and intensive preparation. Enroll today. Fayelfeville Business College "Th. School You'll likt" 101 W. Dfckion Fhon. (9 The private life ot The Man Who Takes It All for Granted! Here's John Moplti, on hit w«y \o work. And YOU c«n bet th»l not once , todny will he consider wh« woke him up lurneil mornin(t'» rtu (urnithed him with « hoi hilh ·hnvcd hin face wmheil-ind ironed his «hlrt . cooked his coffee «nd lo«sl f . . w h i l , in f«ct, did pt»ctic«llj . e.vcrjthing to lend him happily to work. Yes, the answer is electricity -- · food «nd f.ilhful servint we »ll tike pretty much (or granted. A «erv«nt whose wnges «re only » tew cent* · .lay! When you think «bout it, your electric service is juil «boul the biesesl b«rg«in in the fimily budjetl- lOUTHWfSTlRN K. J, DYE1I, C1V1I10M MAMAGEI

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