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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 21, 1952
Page 7
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IQfTMWIlT ARKANSAS T1MIS, frテつサtテつサテつォvl!lt, Mテつォnテつォlfly, lanutty tf, fテつサSl Fines Assessed Against Two One Charged With Setting Fire Two men wore finer! in Mu- nieipil Court this morning, one on charges of having; set fire to a field in violation of a city ordinance, and the other for a third drunken driving offense. Joseph Iloach, 38, a railroad I brakeman who gave his address a s j Kins^s, was fined S") on a charge' of violating Ordinance 961--which makes it illeKal to set an open fire without written permission-- and $12 on a charge of drunkenness. A. ,1. Wood, 34, Fayelieville, was fined ?1QO and cost?, sentenced to 9(1 days in jail*ami piven テつサ one- year suspension of his driver's! license when he plended guilty t o ] a rharge of drunken driving. Court] records show the offense was his third. j-'olice said- Roach was arrested after witnesses told ol seeing him set fire to a field on Rochicr HciRhU south of Phipps Mill about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Firemen extinguished the blaze before it gained headway. Phipps mill and a pasoline bulk station are in the immediate vicinity of: the field. テつキ-' I TAX CHAIRMAN AGAINST TAX HIKE C lay ion Rand Says: I rod I'hnnl } .inn-1 1 I'OMTAHI.K rimn . c " テつキ..""' - . テつキ '; Hutpol "I'M NOT IN FAVOR of any general tax increase," said Senate Finance CommiUL'c Chairman Walter F. George (D),,Georgia (riglit), following President Truman's message to Congress asking for 55 billion more In taxcB. George is shown in Washington discussing the message with Senator Joseph C. O'Mahoney (D), Wyoming, chsirnian of the joint congressional committee on the economic report. (International/ Today's Market-- Obituary Births Si, Louis Livestock National Stockyards, 111.--Hoqs! pQf Nfiff Former ' The city of Lus Anfirlrs i system, alrr;uly limn: i wrrmji side cut by its crinrs. "to the font nf tin; dnfs" in a recent examination. A (lUPKtinnnain? war; submiltnd In II,000 junior );iitli -rhnul shi- dents. Kifihteen per riMii didn't know liow many months thfii* ;iii'. I/SFD" \i\ in the year, Hi per n?nt didn't \.TMI i know how many .'J-rcnt slump.;! USKD hv one can buy for 7f a-nU. 5 per cent failed t'テつサ answer cnrrrrtly the question, "What is ne half nf "テつキ.. 70V" and li per cent rouldn't even \ Llc '. ti)|11 ^ tell time. ' The bipur-sl perrnitase テつサf f.iil- lirc. fi- per rait, rould nut :;av whether CIO I'rcMitnnl i'hilip Murray WHS associated with the unions or the Standard Oil Cnm- panv and 50 per cent did not know how" many U.K. Senator? arc permitted for each .state. Maybe t!;n present f-i'hool curricula, unrirr national mellmdy, is training tin*' (1 , K , rising generation to run our bu-| ,j K '|, r miiiera* ic- j'.nvrrnment. Showing off her histniy class before tlie board of IruMors Itie the. Icarhrr asked. '"Who wrote (lie Declaration of Judepi-nficMu-V" When no pupil had 1hc answer, one of ihc trustees said. "I don't ! know who clone it. bui that crossover! boy could have -- lie looks fi'uiUy." i The main difference between; the inoclurn svstcin and '.he "Little' Ik-d Sclmol on the Hill" is thai I "Ihcy'i": te.'ichin' 'cm m much mnv IrOL'NP. Irish Mttrr O w n r r pay for H '\ John WuMuw. 4 I - 1 Tcrrj Vll- I'OtiNIt. lan ftnil while s p n t t f f l pMiiirr il'ic ;)7fim LOST. I Icmnli- tpintrd puiiiif-r flt"i JEST--wiscEi.t.A.vr.oim FOR I FOR RFAI, EST.ATJ SKRVICES OFFERED 'if ou'. ItullrhnK RENT iriitn hmiテつォr pl^nh All fenced, C'r 111 .".S Ml'tr* Hi fill v c a テつォ h mil. X yaunf brrrl morjrt A r*r iliiKlr it he YiA nin hnrtii'-v 'I HP nl". LOCAL or ion* rt(i nr l*rテつサr loarfi 3.1T?n T. Wood. tNDIVIDUAl, Inco t*nce hiullnf Spl Call /*umhfr 7 .NEWLIN REALTY! テつォ ajcrm. !fr. inrif テつォ K e t v i i , MIST. I OK S.-VI.K-- IIOMK NEKDS p" lali'r." ii7テつサhn7テつサMv" i I ' M l v r r i l l v - F u r r m . P r i v a t e l i n t h I'lui f u ir n* f - i r InvHt H t ' l f III f DiMr. obldiiK. f HI 0(1. \ r i y R o n tiiuiM fflt TIIHKK n: nテつサrk hni x r t t n r n t Hhrrl V.ntif) m' npi*rliHPtt1 I'j bloek Sniialilr l"r nifirr MII-P. l for iifdt'C anil home for ilv. In iテつォ lax テつキrrvlee. **テつキ- IV3W! hrfort テつキ m, m. n r ' a f i e r ft _ __ _ ^ _ "rn*~VテつォrK~ W*dm!f fifty ntx CAlt IK.1*-J Of Wiunn Mhoon In my homt riテつサily. _ "homテつォi ift-.テつォ-w Wifini AftK. fnr child i drier. LPWIS Mii . t llr. '.'?4 So SlfKtll mlly. Church. Ill-Ill. Ill iv Pliunc 1 Hi I.KW1S MHOS HAfiKMI'N'T rrnl.-iti Ir MJIRM- t:iiテつォ'f K テつサ* r-. 0 '"" 1 ""IHT^HS I.-. u.shU hvri rtivim. ' ~ H r r n . Ciテつサ 1JSKI) hi'tl Two-Room Furnished Apartment i JKI.KCTnir rrfiUtrmliir. p r i v a t e hftth [ :-:nn , nnt.NISlir.n 2 room Rpariment. mill-' Mi n;i' tin nnui Phfnc 2228H j ?i!!! : ! J nODM unfiirnlihRil IHUHP tmllrr i '{'.,);,, _niiinr_i:5tiJ. li'J.'l South WUI..W j K:. (HI ; UN'KnnNISHKO 4 rnoni npnrtmcnl.' "'l fli) , J'|1 V.iiwl.ii F . i l f f . KII on i Jlroa i in* plテつォiv. .ilio lorif (I'm i mm Inr pinturr tramp i mnrn li"inc テつサ テつキi ACRES fji villrv 1nml fltfAlfi .hni _____ P.jflm R*pテつォlr. autnT lO-'J York Strtel, " f'' l " r '' (lmSrll ^ 1 i_ _ DITCH mGCfXG fl--w A t r r, f*i Jinrt , テつォcpiic mnh holfii. ck filling CテつサU JH2テつォ , Inr. . $1(100 ' iv 50 _ LAHGi; furniphcrt roVii:-. Phnnc 598-W. I '}'\VO u|tKlnirx rooms, prlvnie trniriinrrj slmjli- heriテつォ. sluiwpr. -Mr-iMion i c t r - l Phone, nriir i-flinniM llmakfast w i v . j cij W.7 \V. l.nfayplif. Plioni' l!fmn-M 1 nOWNSTAlHS 'npnrlmrnl nrnr C.'Mv ! Park. lllllii p.iid I'hnup ~ " " " ._ _ _ t litrdrrnTn'"miriinme~SfrV. fUift"fv ti -' j _'. fj yf rftt ^strテつサtj._in\j, E'XCA"V"A"TllG B U L L D O Z I N G Grovテつォl. Fill Dirl, Top Soil D. M. R A T I O N Phon. 2X? NEWLIN REALTY I H A R C A I N . A nif _ A R K pi-nrly 'i flOOM niimrrn hou.ic for re Ml .114 i n. 1 * iuテつサ A IN. A nit r nrnny m-w iwテつサ" テつキ 1 ' m ^nii'Ka^n 1 '''' j;""TM ry I Nal-m.TM,! MTMテつサ. *"f ,,,nu'"' Xj{ Texas Governor, Dies Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stscmorc Mr. and Mrs. F.lmrr Si?cmorc of Wesley announce the birth of n rnn, January 19, at the City Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. ISufiis II. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Rufus B. Lewis of Fayetlevillc announce the birth of a datijihler, January 21, at the City Hospital. Mr. und Mrs. Victor Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bowers of Faycttcville announce the birth of! 18,000, salable 18.000. fairly active; . uneven 180 to 22(1 Ibs., Ill to 211 lower than Friday's average: heavier wcichls fully steady In Waco, Te-cas-t/Pj-Former C,nv. strong; Bijots as much-as 25 hisher p at Morris K'clf, 80. -julsthnd-' 170 Ibs. clown, antl sows steady to j- T c x a s political, educational, 25 higher: bulk 180 to 220 Ibs. , h テつォ rch alld ' fralc rna! fi,:ure for mostly choce No. 1 and 2 few No. ... ,, .......... ,M.,,. ,,.,. :i lテつサ.2a to 18.411; about 50 to GO Sl) J" 1 "' lilcd cstci(la allci sill head mostly choice No. 1 and 2i f c r l "S ! ' " mrl altil cl;. 18.50; choice No. 1, 2 and 3 2^0 Me was Texas govern"!' fr^ n to 240 Ibs. .18.00 lo 18.25: 2511 to 1921 lo 1325, and was a former 270 Ibs. 17.5(1. to 17.85: 270 lo 3001 pre5 id c nt ol Baylor University. Ibs. mostlv ehuice No. 2 and .1; 17.1)0 to '17.50; 150 to 170 Ibs. Ifi.OO lo 17.50, few 17.75; 120 In 140 Ibs 13.75 to 15.75; 100 to 110 Ibs. 12.25 to 13.511; sows 400 Ibs fingers, resident flown If).25 to lfi.00; heavier sows community fnr 13.25 to 15.00; stilus 12.00 to 14.00; boars 10.00 to 12.75. 'em lilllc. 1 Japanese. Treaty Ratification Asked Mrs. W. J. Rogers Roscrs - (Special) - Mrs. W. .1. of the fingers more than 41) years, died Saturday in the home Wiishinslon - tVI'i - Secretary m I||TJ a ,|.;vi;ol,in- State Acheron asked the Senate, "nmi._i'li(iiiテつサ^:isci/ijr_2M7.i. torlay lo approve the Japanese ; l!H peace treaty and three nlhttr .テつォ--e- cnrity pacts. He tlc. c crmcd '.hem as Die basis fir a new and "effective hrrlnifini unturnkhril JjT.XD. furn- Ithcd t7:'WJ. Iwn bodrnnm linfurn- I.M'cd J72.M billi pテつサi,l. nrn(l!l lailr-'rv nVMilfihlit Plionc ZSSnn. FOK SALE.-AUTOMOTlyr door sedan. _NASH Alnli:iMテつォ f r.M^ O1.I.1SMOI)I1,K I nl 13 Williams. ; FOR EXCHANGE i syptcm of regional security in the ri~UNlT iyourl inndpnT'lTrrnte. Writ iupnt riilJ nil T l HlRlni'ii.v Own- U H T I ' S un-f)inc |jiii|)rrli. jip;ul- II nr rsnllll prnncrlv. rrnplTIv n. Vnn run IHHKI- finntl trnil of her son. Carl Hosers, in Tulsa ' j, nl1s Cnmil ,;,.,.(. Pacific." The nthc pacts for which Ai-hen Ul'^eil a|iprn\-;i! in Ici-iinHiny befnie (lie Senate Foreign Itcla- Ici l i i r l l l c JII- PAI1KVIEW APAnfillNTS O11L 'nom unfunil-ihrri SSn 00. fiirnllher! ir,.'i Ofl; two hotlrcttni linfurulilied 1 rORJUALE--RKAL BSTATK ! COURTRY~HOME テつキ WITH nil rlly rniu'onlrnrri Till. 1', i nri'M in hrwl wr iinvc lind .lo rtllpr | for fl Ions loitK limp. Improvcmffnli ] cnnKlll n( nioilPl'ii 2 hodroom IKHII:- ! Jtlinv. xniokr limijr 1 . bnrn. nnd liofc city wiitcr. nniurHl Kill, linn kl'li-hr-n huUlln*. ttnd p.'Mily of Kooil ronniv rlnテつサrli Knllrr n.irl I) テつサ-HI lfnri"\ Von may hnvr. Immt'dlntr priHacB. INVESTMENT PROPERTY CA.SI! Nice hnti Bnx テつキry V.iindrrrtil local it i".'H prnp-rf : ACHES lnii-1 t Imiifir. fnt. rtrr Cll.v wnlrr by Hi Phii -*%,-, 8l-'RVICKR OFFERKD J. W. Hill ELEQRIC CO. Qta)ity |nitallテつサfi vt [テつキPUMPS. テつキ POWER Phpn* 7X, Wilt feti v T4~HOUR iEKVICI ON . iHcmititchlnfl, Plcollng, Cavtrxf Buttons. Bulton HolM, Tallortd and Bucklvt. Sptciol Allcntian glvin Mall 'テつキ Ordon. Saliifaction or Monty Back. .SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. ni S.E. st.. r*-t-ttテつォviuテつォ Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 212 Vlrjlnia Avc.. Box H.I U. SU. Phone U80, CayeUtvllle AUTOMATIC A Seller APPLIAKCt CO. piic* i* Bur nnd p.ilntlnc, Fayetteville announce cf n daughter. January County Hos'pilal. Dr. and Mn. JoKeph R. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Joseph K. John- cr ol i the run cows; early Jn ,*..^ .T^^.. the birth about steady on commercial and テつォテつキ テつキ'テつキ Rogers; two dauchlciT, Mrs. j i.^y,,, .. Vi . nl by ,, pirnni! fpuiula- 20 at the I food at 20.00 to 32.00; a few high : Juanila Hyatt of Barllesville. | |inn (nr ,,,,,. pn |j,, y j,, ,! T racvtic 'fiood 33.00; heifers and mixed . Ol;la., anrl Mrs. Myrtle WHUins o f : .,,,,, p m [ mmr i|y Vtiencthen the yearlings opening steady: com-1 Tulsa; seven sons. Everett :f Kiin- ! COInn , un i ty of'lrcednm lnvhr; na- mercial and good largely 28.00 t o j s a s " : " "-- J1 -- -' T^'-- UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS RUSTIC rm-k nnd frnn M( ]o (Initf ! MOtiSKU'QKK "nr* fin rlnjテつサ Plmur I'fi.'.HJ. tiotpoint Kincaid Co. DEALEH Ph. 1M (Ml tili't テつキ I Dim テつキon of Fayettcvilic announce thr ^^ at ^ lo 23 . nn - C . II)I1C| ; and cutters lo.oU tn 211.00: bulls weak to 50 Inwcr; utilliy anrl t:om- e. birth of a son, January 20, at the I County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Ward Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Ward of Springdalc announce the birth of n son, January 20, at the County Hospital. Mr. and Mr*, -lamps Griffith Mr. and Mrs, Jnmcs Griffilh of Enid,. Okla, announce the birth , cd lambs; pri i lie gradc scaiTl . ( cf テつォ rtaushtcr. January 21, at thc| sina]1 , nl choicc and primc wool County Hospital. ! skins- 30.50. Cily, Pralhcr of Norman. 32.00; cowf uneven; some opening okla.. Reedy of Rogers, and sales steady on utility and com- , r, n , r of Kan rj cg0] Calif., Carl of T , , w ., ,, of Liulo ' .. ,, ' tl( ,,.i, rll . pn '" R'ondc.inti en. ervices will be con- _ , . , Ho = k ' a " rt mercial 24.00 to 28.00: culler bulls i tuncnl around 21.00 to 23.01); vcalers! ducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. 'in the steady, supply mostly high, com- j Burns Funeral Chapcl^by the Rov.! ^""] 1I " K mercial to high choice it 30.00 to 39.00;'limited number primc veal- ers 40.00 to 42.00; utility and com- mercialテつキvcnlci-s 22.00 to 30.00. Shccp ; 2,500, salable 2.500; run in- rludej?' ? fll}riuT 700 yearlings, '.re-" Imainder largely pood and choice W. .1. Mowrcr. Burial will be Pea Ridge cemetery. Grandsons nf. Mrs. Mower will be pallbearers, j lions.' 1 More I'olirp Onlrrrd Tokyo -i/l'j- Plans in iiu i reiisT | Jrtpnn'f; naiional jinlirc force Irom 7, r i,OflO to 110.000 mm dnriiiK 'lie- car we IT annnunccT tocla. cabinpl .sci-rclnry. M O N K Y TO U)AN_ KHA MOMK LOANS Low intrrc. 1 !. !OIR; Icrms '.TLKY ANH f^MVANY, INC. 1'hnno KO.'i tUl 5l' v.-ork NIK! lime ;aテつサ' テつォ proprny tnln our plnrrs of rn.viテつサ!U'villc fnr Quii-k Cテつォ*h Den I l.rl in Rliov.- JIMI. Ph. (Automotive rFire ''AMMOND Only tテつォ.200 111) | RFAIIY^CO. :! H72 ! TRUMAN-- Mr. and Mrs. I.cstcr Crisp Mr. and Mrs. Lester Crisp of Prairie Grnvr announce Hie liirthj CONT1NUEIJ rnn.M PAGE "XE of * son, January 21, at the Coun- U-ilh a S3.510.non.00n n.rplus Ins ty Hospital. Mrs. Emma Clara Houter Mrs. Emmn Clara Ho isnr. 7.1, resident nf * this community for about H years, died Saturday in NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES L O A N S $50 to $1,000 1 m j v s ! Inl C L A S S I F I E D A D S Mr. id MM. Virfil Tmplrton Mr. and Mrs. Virsil Tomplclon Of Faycltevillc announrc the birlh of a ?on, January 21, at the County Hospital. Card Of Thankt We wish lo express our sincrrr Ihanks and upprcciatinn lo on- mnn friends who werテつォ so kind to us rinr inc the loss of our xnn and liroiher Donald Bogan テつサnrl also lo thank then lor Ihc beautiful floral offerings nut food. Mr. and Mrs. Lee RテつサKnn Norris Bogan Kenneth Bogan Larry BoRan Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Means EVERYTHING IN PLUMBING and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVt. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR (0. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Ph=nテつォ CollKt 2353 FテつォTテつォtIテつォTille, Arkanm Joplin Rendering Co- テつキ yrar. Drspitr the incroaso in spending. - Mr. Trunifm propostvl only $84.260,00(1.000 in Hie appropriations from Conpress-fnr Ihc nnxl fiscal year. 10 billion less that he nsked ! hc !..テつ」*:f. t .l. 1 ; for the current year. ! It's the first time in years that ' '. new appropriation rccjuests--the , : only figures that jio to Congress ! ! for approval have been less than j i spending. This is possible, the \ 1 president explained, because o f . : huce unspent backlog of past a l - I local ions. Over Ihe past three ! years, appropriations exceeded j Actual spending by about 70 bit- ; lion dollars. Of the new appropriations, only . $43,577,000,000 would . be spent ; ne"t fiiical year and the remaining : .^O.RR3,000,000 would he carried ' over lo future years. \ Cuts In *54 Seen Mr. Truman said he hoped spending could be cut in the last \ half of 19.1-1. "if new international tensions do not develop," but outlays' will remain at a peak until then. The president's military program raised Ihc goal for armed 1 manpower from 3.60f,.00(J this l.June to 3,700,000 in -Tune, 1053. I The Air Force objective would he I raised to 143 winps from the pres- ' enl top. Both the Army and the i Marines would iiet a new division I--Hiving the Army 2] ;md the Miirine.s three. The Navy would he expanded from its pie.scnt .180 combat vessels and M Inine. carrier groups to -loa combat ships ami 16 cnirier groups. テつキ Military outlays would be in- ci eased from $30.800.000,000 estimated for this year to $51,200,000.000 next year. her home on Ml. Scquoyah. She was byn near Greenville, Ohio., (j] and was married September 4, j 1900 lo K. O. Houser in Brynnt. Ind. j a She and Air. Houser came here i ni frnm Mountain View in 1D38. She ' '' \vas a member of Ihe Methodist ! p j Church for many years and was a member of Wispins Men.ortnl Methodist Church at the time of nnte: .1 ccnls KL-riion. Three r Ocadlinn tn daily; Cnrrcc Mons nn ado after first i Mini :-iish i Iclcpn Wc.mako r.ulo and fur'itun? loans. T I^et us finance the purchase o/ j your new or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. a NEW Hx ro il i lily morn n Ihli Ihr- boil oin hnmr In ilable. nclvnncc--not in - no ; 12 North Block HI., or our \\r-o.i\\ niiy: car lot. Corner Center and Church j loni honip. I.arcr n(1 Inrcr liprwcr buy In n thrrr In 1.1.11 l.lht-idl II- UP tier luirry. THE RITTER AGENCY 1C K Crnljir Plionc IテつサM--4.W.I--;テつォテつォ $4250 iy tlilf ninflrrn fonr.rn'iiii In (fnorl condition. Health and Accident テつキ Polio テつキLiability テつキ won KM WS COM PKNSATION テつキ Plate Glass テつサBurglary I N S U R A N C E Automobile -- Llabitity . firt - Extended Coverage Poiio - Plate Glasテつサ WADE FINCHER Arcade Rldg. Phone 60S WITH SERVICE'- Hcallh and Accident Workman! Compeniotion Plate Glasi lurglory AutomobiU ^olio Poultry Firt Liability UTLEY and Corripany, Inc. Giorge F. Caudle Viet Prmdenl fc Iniur*nct Mtr j H. L. Utley -. J. Fytort "テつキ Tulephonf 2203 テつサテつォerttテつォrテつサ nla.v N' r o r r c c - l StlTfttS. bus cx- Icnl tr of r sph rlty. ol. innrkPl nri -hifkrn nnty city paces is due ;ii IL; TIC i'ii,).v (or ntllT I NOTICK Survivors are her husband, nf the home; three sisters, Mrs. Maude Houscr of Klk City, Kan., Mrs. Ida Hida nf Piqna, O'lin, and 1 Mrs. Nctlic Haley of Long Beach, j Calif.; and one brother, Tom Win-,.,, troiv, Davtnn. Ohio. | We are now Funeral arranKcmcnts. in charge ' 5||M P a '/ m 9 competitive prices; of Nelson's Funeral Home, arc in- j still giving Ihe sume C(im])lete. } service. ATTENTION FARMERS AND POULTRYMEN i open for business, FOR SALE--MISCEI.I.ANEOl'B_ FOR SALE" H A Y " OATS AND LESPEDEZA Delivery or pickup Call or see. J. W. Stockley al 2M N. School. Phone 1 9 4 3 - W i-iMi ruMiv'ntor "anrl CLOSE IN TWO bf-fii'uoms nnd r x l r a room for fifMnl hpacr. lnri;c HvliiK room. plnテつォ- trrcd. liHrrlu-nt.rl [limn. lテつサnl|llnテつォ. tlonr furiinrp nlrp hrp.rrcway anH I KAnmr. Inrgp Irvrl lot on pnvr. nirnl. ;i(ijoinin cily limits in gnnd I locnllnn. SIX ROOMS AIMlAKGV.n In uiup runi-h-lype fmnm tllllnn . ndcrn wjlli cily |i all clly uWittM ii!テつォ. loi lin by irncln W C - A C I Phmic iテつォ6テつサ. I'r efficient ! Will srll M. I'nr- John D.- Park j Graveside .service for John IV Park, HO, carpenter and contractor. テつキ who died January H in Ihc Hot { Springs. S. D., Veterans HosiJtal, : was to be conducted this a f t e r - ; noon al 4 o'clock nt Kvrrijrmi' coniclury by the Rev. D. L. Dykos, Jr. Burial v.ap to he in Kvrrcrron rcrnctcry under the riirertioi, of Mooi-c's Funeral Hnmr. Mr. Pfirk was horn March 20, 1B!)1, in Missouri, the son of John D. and Julia Park. He is survived hy two sisters, Mrs. R. L. Johnson of Kdccn, Texas, and Tlrs, Margaret Coffcy of Fayctteville. FAYETTEVILLE BAG CO. |For FULLER BRUSHES Highwoy 71 Soulh, at Country Club Road. Call J. Allory and C. Gorrctt, owners. INRTKIJCT1ON LESSONS~"firin"f:r Moil jMill.v t K - K f l i Sprctl _incli rdcfi AI,L""stccl~( l.initf:]!. I'lifi nlir floor sunrtcr a _Phoテつサr-_;!031-n. __ fwhei'l Iruiler. P Ittifi I'nril WADE FINCriER Ilcnl Knlntr nnrl In.-UKHH' Arc-i'ln Mlrlc - Plion-: IJO1 __ Knvfllevillc. Ark. l,O~VKI.V~r, nifiin rr*lflrnrr liテつサl'i )テつキテつキ!テつキ purrh. full haRemrnt race laundry vith en- テつキir nr. LA I h r Nc _ COMPY.ETk" in bparr* I i. N Tcxis furni=hrrl ,r-i. Srnd (nr 17 p hnoklei and American SC!K ^iirc^it Spri-icv HELP WANTEI)--MALE t:n'll on'fnrincrs in' iy. Wontlcrful opnnriunilv. lal rcriuiied IVnnan-nl Wn: McKKSS COMPANY. Dr-pt. porl. III A" GOOD "proiK7Mii(,n"lir inii'i rncrri in scllini; fhor*. in rs Hcnilh Shoe Slnrr I* Lewi-,, in:,- NO lenc. Tiv 'HELP WANTED--FEMALE ^^ Pl t '-bahN" -in can ndi- (or nuly rlislp. iclfphnnc H7SW. lo IP, innvoil" or diK- ai Ben Shlli-y home or j liii'l TectcrljflhcT like Gas Is OK In Balloons, But Not In Your Stomach Some people feel like a swollen balloon after every meal. They bloat full nf EOS ar.ri r i f x テつサP n :i. li ou* liquifls fnr liniirs after catinfi. CERTA-VIN is helping such R;Iテつサ "victims" all over Faycttc- ville. This new medicine helps you dipcsl food faster and liettor. Tnkon before meals il works with your fond. Ons jvalns go; Inches of bloat vanish! Contains herb* nnd Vitamin R-l with Iro.i to enrich the blood and make nerves UroBRfr. Weak, miserable r;fo- テつキMf, nonn feel different fill over. 10 don't go nn suffering. Got 'ERTA-V1N- C'linchen'l Fa.vfUr- illc Drug Stori. --*riv. Clash In Tunisia Tunis, TuniMa-/IVrnf clashed with N'ationiiiisl dci^o 11 :: v-ii'-r" again todny nnd two persons were injured liy rifle fiio in imr.v "i the Kiencb re-^idonL - (icncrnl's hcadrjuarlers. Not white, not wheat, not rye, but a flavor blend nf nil three-- JUIIRC'S Roman Meal Bread. Keep np with thテつォ ilmM--real SprinRda!o-(Special)-Mrs. Pr rl Harlley JDrain, 7.T, rlictl ycstcrrhiy al thr home nf a daughter. Mrs. Harry Drain of Ilabbcrton, whore shi- mnrle her home. She V.'.TF born ! November 22, 1R7B, .it Sprinydnlc. She was a member nf the 1'irst j cini. or~wmiiTn"To~si;iy ! Baptist Church nf Sprinsrialc. | Ar " l ' oy''' rr '" Wllr i Sun-ivinfc arc two riaiiKhtcrs.' WANTK テつサ- "テつォn- |v A ' Mrs. Drain nnri Mrs. IhtsscM Hテつサr- por of Milan, Mich.; Uvo sons, Orrin nt Berkeley. Calif., an'l liar-, old of Kansas Cily, Kan.; one: brother. Ray Hartley nf Ln j Junta, (')lo.; one sister, Mrs. Min- ; crva Parkrr, of Pacific Grove i Calif,; 11 grandchildren and 1.1 Hrrat-RrHndchildron. Vuneral services will lip con- Hurled al '2 p.m. trunniTow nl the Callisftti-isrn Chapel by the T ;v. Stanley .Jordan. Burial will be in Friendship cemetery. CAS rancc. u テつキj テつキ.'テつキ-テつキ COHS'. M .-. per fdiilc .',. Midclli nl lt;,m: i SOLID "ak^dm IJHr.SS'LI) hngi hVv r. Phoi .テつキondilic ipirliuont. auinmnlir furm-cp. InpiilalC'l. Clinmlicrlaln iv テつキテつキ n t h e r PtrlDpcrt: 2 choice Ion, clasp. In A SITtifin llnnip for twn ihlrtU vAlgr I.OVKVUV fi lunin lnmpnlnw nrw \1\fh Si.-hnnl filslrict: テつサulonmiir KHI hc*t. 1 inn luted wrilhrr strlnpftH idcftl floor plan, lol fft hv am. X9.0テつォi NF.AR new IU?h School--S nmni huiic^lriw; j((j!i heat. fxi:rltcni mn- Kirurilun, !oi 50 hy 2nn js.nnfl CHOICE hii'lnc'f lot rlnio in. Jfi'l hv i:.v SPP:CIALLY rnicicn until FBI*. ' J. D. Eagle, Realtor. R E V I V A L at the FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Highway 62 Wtit EVERY NIGHT at 7:45 Good Singing Spirit Annointtd PrHchin| Everyona Welcome Rev. Den Montgomery Rev. Tommy Gibbs Evangelist Pastor PHONE Set or Call PHONI 1875 テつキテつキ Q:H. Gamble 1875 , Proipectui on Riquテつォil. ' 2 2 1 Esil LaliyctU FAYETTEVILLE, ARK, JI307-W. I . Plionr lテつサ it-rs* I fcASY nil fi il Phono a "Siiii _ _ l:iiJ!~r. "Ph hole "or d Ic.ivc lanl H'.lland llro v.;iihni)i"" k. S (Hi V i l t ; i C ' nc IMSJ I ' :hlnc. Pho Dcpnrinicnl Si Square. No ph't XnJKS T-nni S] .W ilistriluilinu fHl.iU 1 |iTr;.-_ 1 Ni:w" ffiM-aw.iy~ht-rh.iirs. "nflvi-r MO 00 ciii-h Alfo ', U'jcri Ci^ , hi-.-iiLTR. \-\2 r.itluini. onf I mill fount i fpc lid Nnrih Winhmiiinii. ;.', HALhH"lia.v,"phnnc lD!:t I W I . N C I I K S T K R " k h o i K n n %?.nm iw Hnulh School HAINHO\V Tnoi;rV(tiii fii.ii. Th.-n:'i|. Ci7..trk Trout Knnn Who's Who For Service Consult You" Classified Service Directory ^ BKAUTV SHOP ALICE'S BEAUTY SHOP Nnw up imvit. 7 ' j F Mtiuntatn SI Alif- nnd Mnrllin. ' Blue Cross-Blue Shield Now Available Blue Cross-Blue Shield Hospital and surgical benefits hove been mode available to families and individuals through the Farm Bureau group. For enrollment and information contact KflS UK; Phono -O.'l,! I.I SiMiilt GrrKK ^ WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phone Colltcl 161* FayttttvilU Rendering Co. PHiCKtriT'S BtAUTY SHOP R R l . l A B I I WORK Wlien you're using a c.uuly thormmncicr for holiday sweets always lei the thermometer he;it up gradually in the syrup. If ynu ; pluiifie il mln tlie boiling pyrup i you may crack Ihe bulb. j Slr.'iy haiis al Ihc nape of the neck can he kept in pi,'ire hy \ stroking them with i \* el finder j thai hiis .tu:,t brru ruhbed nvrr I .--nap. Kar-m.irk Hus handy tnrl; i lit offirp or powder room. rili anliTtl rn ATTKNTION AnTnr,iii N';ilmri ;i l I: v j our lテつォo.i p i! a I inn f o r (rro infonnal.'i, ,in Miilr. 3IJ Hnlhrtx ff,l-',V-l. WANTKD TO BUY 'nllr c-JiJ-rs. ijtlrif lint HAMPTONS AflMV SdniM.l'S S T O R K Si IDEAL "MATTRESS CO. Wテつサ mtct or b*at any comptlltion 401 WEST JDICKSON^^^ WANT TO RI;NT i Tn 1f)'テつサrrct willl v.:ilrr mi'1 ^hcil nrjr loテつサn. Jnliu I Kn.illi. 21-' - v r - IHIlfit : HM)Iino'M"lio'uテつォ. Phiinr 302JW alifr nori'M"! IIOJIK^SKKVIIT. _ __ __ i Nsu Q f ION'-" w K AT 1 1 Kns'fh'i'p DKCoriATING-- W.M.I.PAI'KIl Fully Insnrr-M (.'fill nr Wrilo IIOIIKRT M. SMITH Wt-テつォl Ft.rk nr U"'M Hr-M pn f.nhrt .!テつキ 1.テつキ.;'.! K i1 St I.DII|. lIlliK S_AN1) AND ROAD AND DRWrWAY GRAVB - AUO TOP SOIL Pliont 1M4J SKRVIIT.H rfnrirTf'a nn 'unull sppll- .lolin nilfflf^ Appltflnrf t'.tt, Hlnrk I'hnnt IAI1. Fayelteville County Farm Bureau Office 1 Phone 2667, Fayetteville Wilbur Watson, 120 South Shilo, Phone 3974, Springdalc. USED CAR SPECIALS 1946 Mercury, rodio and heater. Runs perfectly with Columbia rear end $695 1949 Ford 2 door, radio, healer and overdrive $ 1095 1950 Plymouth 4 door special deluxe. This is a clean cor ,.,. .,.,. . $1295 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 4 door, clean $1295' 1951 Chevrolet 1'/2 ton hew. No miles. This truck sells for $1819, I am offering this truck for . I also havp 25 more good clean cars from 1941 to Tackett's Auto Exchan_ SOUTH71HIWAY PHONED

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