Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 23, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 23, 1974
Page 12
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12 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues., July 23, FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS iiuiiniiniiiiiiiiinnnimiriMiiiiiiiiniin -- HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Sis Really Likes Her Big Brother MIBESnM Dear Rap: I'd like to share with you what ray big brother is to me: He's the guy who wakes you up in the morning by bouncing your head up and down on the pillow until you get mad a n d chase him out of the r o o m. (Then he's sure you're up on time.) A big brother is the guy who won't ever cuss in front of you because he doesn't wont to be a bad influence. A big brother is also the one who... ...Tells you your dress is tco short (for such pretty legs) and jokingly asks you to leave the censored part Sea Legs room when a comes on TV. ...asks your opinion on the new shoes he bought. ...Makes your friends laugh. ...Helps you with your homework no matter how busy he is. ...Says if you g e t him mad, he'll beat up the dog, but he wouldn't really. ...Makes you a homemade valentine because he didn't want to buy all the relatives one. ...Sticks up for you when you're in trouble. ...Is the guy that will call you give and receive love and to understand it, and that someday he will come along -- to slay. , It's feeling independent, but knowing that you'll never be so independent that you don'l need anyone else (and you wouldn't have it any other way). It's wondering if this is whal they mean by "growing up," but it doesn't matter because what's really important is when you. can say: It's waking up in the morninf and looking in the mirror am being able to :say, "Hey, it's going to be a great day!" -Ellyn D., Union, N:J. '·' Dear Ellynn': It's great hearing from one of our favorite writers. Wel come to maturity -- but we think you showed quite a lo of it, even back at a'ge 13 when you wrote "What Is a -Crush" -- Helen And Sue Michcle Ferret, 21, scampers high above the deck of the oceanographic t r a i n i n g schooner Westward, which offers college courses on the study of the sea and how to sail it, Is here from Bermuda en route to Newfoundland. · (AP Wirephoto) Hearing Continues As APL Pleads For Redlield Plant LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- T h e state Public Service Commission was told Monday that a "huge and continuing growth in all-electric homes" and other perienced unless dampened by similar facilities would be cx- unreasonably high electricity Donald Martin of Fort Worth, regional engineer for the f e d - eral Power Commission w a s testifying as a witness for the PSC staff at the hearing on Arkansas Power Light Co s. proposal to construct the White Bluff power plant, a 3,200- megawatt coal-fired plant near Redfield. In written direct testimony submitted last month, Martin said his staff's independent study verified APL's load forecast in support of the need for the new plant. He said then that conservation methods and price increases would be counterbalanced in states such as Arkansas that are experiencing natural gas and fuel oil short- 3 Martin said he did not know how much weight to give the price elasticity concept that use declines as the cost ot service increases. "I think electricity is so convenient that unless it gets un reasonably high, it won't have Today In History Bv THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, July M the 204th day of 1974. There are 161 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1914, Austria issued an ultimatum to Serbia after the assassination of Arch duke Francis Ferdinand, the dispute preceded the outbreak of the First World War. On this date: In 1588 an English army as sembled at Tilbury on the Thames River to repel an vasion of England by the Span ish Armada. In 1828, William Burl o Mount Vernon, Michigan re ceived a patent for his "ty pographer." It may have been tho first typewriter. In 1889, in Richburg, Mis sissippi. John L. Sullivan bea Jake Kilrain in a 75-round bap knuckle fight for the world' heavyweight championship. In 1945, Marshal Henri Petain was put on trial, charged wit! betraying France in World Wa II. In 1952, General Mohammei Neguib seized power in Egypt. In 1958, Queen Elizabet named four women to the peer age. They became the firs women to sit in Britain's Hous of Lords. Ten years ago: French Pres dent Charles de Gaulle pro posed that the United States the Soviet Union, Communis China and France agree to ge out of Indochina as a move t end fighting in South Vietnam and Laos. Five years ago: Spain Prince Juan Carlos took th oath as Generalissimo Fran Cisco Franco's designated sui cessor and vowed loyalty to th Spanish system set up b Franco. One year ago: The Scnat Watergate Committee and Sp cial Prosecutor Archibald Co served subpoenas on Prcsiden Nixon after he refused to lease tape recordings sought i the Watergate case. Today's birthdays: Forme baseball star Don Drysdale 38 years old. The one-tim shortstop for the old Brookly Dodgers, Peewce Reese, is 55. Thought for today: The be ·rmor Is lo keep out of gunsh -- Sir Francis Bacon, Englis philosopher, 1561-1626. "punk" when you're make you laugh. sad, to ...Says, "No crying!" before his wedding because you will. P.S. He married a great girl, but 1 still know that no matter what, he'll still be my big brother. P.P.S. The rest of my family is great too. -- Debbie Rap: o much effect," he said. "It ey (rales) increase a great eal, price elasticity could have insider able effect." Martin c a l l e d APL's pro- osed 25 per cent rate increase _. action Monday, PL rested its case except for zable. In other ccalling meterology cpn- ultant, Paul Morgenstern of ambridge, Mass., who was ill londay, and producing some ossible rebuttal witnesses. Also, Jarrell E. Southall, hief of the Air Pollution Conol Division of the slate Pollu- on Control and Ecology De- artment, said the utility would nd state air-quality standards itficult to meet even when us- ng an Intermittent Control Sys- em (ICS). Under an ICS, a ower plant's production is cur- ailed during adverse weather, outhall's statement appeared o seal the doom of APL's riginal plan to build four 800- legawatt units, each served by ;awatt c)2i'b each served by 750-foot chimney. Judge Orders Reinstatement Of Fireman PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) -- udge Oren Harris ol U.S. Dis- rict Court ordered the rein- tatoment of Lt. Grady L. May, 5, Monday, and May returned o work at Fire Station No. 6 a hort while later. Harris granted a temporary estraining order on behalf of lay Monday morning at Little lock almost immediately after May and Local 358 of the Inter- ational Association of Fire- ighters, AFL-CIO, filed a law- uit alleging that the firing of May had been unconstitutional. A hearing Is to be held July ;0 by Harris to decide whether May should keep his job during he litigation. The suit alleged that May, president of the local union, lad been fired for exercising iis constitutional rights of free ipeech and association to peli- ,ion for redress of grievances. Hay was fired because he vrote three letters to a Pine 31uff newspaper in his role as president of the local union, the suit said. One of the letters endorsed a i»ubernatorial candidate. The others concerned low morals in he Fire Department. May was suspended May 23 y Fire Chief Ray Jacks for al- egedly violating the department's no-politicking rule and writing letters criticizing the department. He was discharged June II by the Civil Service Commission. The dismissal set off a wave of protests at City Hall. Firemen and their wives have maintained a picket line and have met privately with Jacks and Mayor Austin Franks to formulate a compromise agreement. We're going through a tre- iendou^% expensive "Operation Neuter" in our big company. All the forms that formerly referred to "chairman," "doorman," "repairman," etc. are being de-sexed to read "chairperson," '' g u ard," "maintenance worker," etc. It's costing thousands in labor and printing, not to speak the forms that must he tossed All because women's libbers go hat under the bra and made people word-conscious. We must even say "he or she" instead of merely "he" in referring to holders of these positions. Is it really necessary to be so picky? Public Relations Person Dear Person: "Sex change operations' being conducted ,in many busi nesses these days. Even " vast state of California : the midst of revising its office forms, job descriptions, application blanks, etc. to eliminate "man" where "woman'' also apply. And the spectacular. Is all this necessary? You'll be surprised to hear that my daughter; Sue, Genera- vations. I'd prefer that whenever possible that forms change through attrition rather t h a n tion Rap's resident feminist, thinks "Not necessarily so," and I, the middle-of-the road elder statesperson t h i n k , "Yes!" so long as the title implies "for men only," women may be edged off the job. But my "Yes" is with reser- supplies to dwindle won't s t o p the Equal Rights Movement -- Dear Rap: I know it's loo late to Father's Day, but w o u l d you let a college girl express a long overdue .thought? Dear bad: When I was younger am really unhappy, you told me- tc look around and see if I coul find someone I'd rather be someone who had everything wanted, someone who · couk make me feel that there wa not one thing in my life I' mind giving up. You told m then you didn't think I'd eve find that person. And you know, Dad, you wer right! But I did find someon who has come closer than any one else could -- it's me! DENNIS THE MENACE By Kctchom 'GOSH, IDUMO, .HOW 00 YOU SET Guard Tells Families To Vacate Residences NORTH LITTLE ROCK (AP) converted into homes availabl -- The Arkansas National Guard has told six families of retired National Guard employ- es to vacate houses and l o t s they have been renting at Camp Robinson. . A relative of one family said they had been assured in the past that they could live on the p r o p e r t y as long as they C. Armstrong, wanted. Col- Thomas assistant adjutant general of assistant adjutant generalaiiio the Guard, said Monday he did not know what the families might have been told years ago. "Times change," he said. "Management changes." to some of its lower-paid em ployes. he said. Armstrong said the G u a r bad considered the iow-ren housing a form of extra con pensation for its lower-paid fill time employes. The , person asked to m o v e by a memo randum last week are familie of retired employes who r longer, work at the camp, h noted. · "We're not set up as a retire ment village," Armstrong said Girl Shot Analysts Advised To Watch Trends In Auto Registrations By JOHN CUNNIFF | AI' Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) -- Here re a couple of long-term rends that ''jusinessnien, in- estors and others will be vatching for signs of change: -- Automobile registrations, n every decade this century 10 number of passenger cars egistered in the United States as grown. And simultaneously ic number of. persons per. car as fallen. In. 1910, for example, there vere 500,000 - passenger cars egistered, one car for every 02 persons. By 1950 the num- of registrations had risen to 0.3 million, and persons per :ar had dropped to 3.8.. The latest compilation by the National Automobile Dealers Association shows that in 1973, vhen the population totalec 210.4 million, there were 101.2 million passenger cars on the one for every' 2,08 per- road, ions. Because of the high price; o! gasoline, and threats ot further shortages, forecasts of an em o this trend have been com non. But the car dealers say no, we'll just have more of thr ;amc. By 1980, · they project 126.7 million cars, or, one car for ev cry 1.8 .individuals. --Institutions: Back in 196; it became obvious institution were becoming a growing fac tor in stock markets. The olc time bank trusts and life insur ers were being Joined by mu tual and pension funds. Moreover,-, these institution were changing their investmen style. Institutions by traditio were investors rather than tra ders. It was their style to sit o good quality stocks and be cor tent with dividends. But some in the institution:! ranks had different ideas. The wanted to show bigger return? and quickly, and so % the performance game was born. It meant churning your portfolio in search of big capital gains. As a result, large 'block transactions on the New York Stock Exchange began to soar, and , the early years of this dec- do fully 70 per cent of trading some days ' was by in- litutions. By 1972 the total of big blocks -- that is, single involving 10,00 share or more -- reached 1,207, or 15 times the 1965 fig- ires. While exchanges at first wel- omed such transactions, they oon realized its dangers. If'the nstitulions were going to trade n such huge blocks, then the mall investor figured he'd bet- er get out of the way. But laist year, the New York Stock Exchange has just announced, big block transactions ell for the first time since sta- istics were kept: A 6.3 per cent decline brought the; total down o 29,233. Investment analysts are vatching the . figure closely.. While, one year,. an d ,pe rhaps an unrepresentative -one at that, doesn't .necessarilly - break a trend, it could 'mean'that,indi- vidual investors might consider returning. ' · ' ' ' . ' · Bond Vote Set , WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (AP) --'Voters will go to the polls for the third time Sept.-10. to vote on an Act 9. of 1960 bond.issue for the expansion of Arkansas Lightweight Aggregate .Corp. , . . T h e , .West. .Memphis .City Council set the election date on the proposed bond issue which is for $5 million. .' ' ",' If the bond issue is approved, the firm plans to issue only half of the authorized amount 'immediately. · ' · ' · · Proceeds would be used to acquire an additional 100 acres next to the present 30-acre plant site on U.S. 79 and to purchase additional equipment. Employment would be increased -from 18 to 32. for gradual revision, too, but I dumping and revision. of a year or so for supplies to swindle won't stop the Equal Rights Movement and think of the money saved! Helen Note From Sue: just a darn minute, Mom! I'm for gradual revision, think its ridiculous, hundreds of thousands change." Got a problem? Or a subject for discussion, two-generation style? Direct your either Sue or Helen or both, if you want a combination mother-daughter answer -- in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Killed In Wreck LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A man was killed Monday night in a one-car accident in western County, authorities The victim's name was withheld pending notification of next of kin. A spokesman for the county sheriff's office said the accident Puiaski said. Dear Helen And Sue: I wrote "What Is when I was First Love?" and now at something a 'you," and that anyone else, but. Hope you and your readers may identify -- and that you still remember -- Ellynn Whal Is Getting To Know Yourself? It's realizing, all of a sudden, that your're you can't be better yet, you don't want to be. It's asking yourself, "How do I feel? What's important to me?" It's reading, writing, listening to records, or doing whatever you want to do. It's saying "I can," instead occurred when the man control of the car he lost driving as the car rounded .a sharp curve. The spokesman said the car overturned several times. A passenger In the car, Hugh Scolt Mckce, 31, of Puiaski County, suffered minor injuries and was taken to Baptist Medical Center, authorities said. It's knowing that you are special, that everyone is special in some way, and not only when someone else tells you that you are. It's having a problem, b u t knowing you can and will work it out (and somehow you feel better already). It's something inside makes you feel so happy that you'll burst, and you want to run around and hug the world because you're alive. It's loving your family and friends and knowing that yes, they really love you too. It's the broken heart finally, . finally mends (you never thought it would), but it's because you've come to understand that yes, you really did love him a lot and you'll never forget him, but he's a memory to you now, and that's what he should be. It's realizing that each day you are getting more ready to LUXORA, Ark. (AP) -- A year-old girl was fatally sh Do You Need a Detective? Ph. 442-6191 thanks, Dad, for every Some families have been liv- thing, but most of all, for you ing at the camp since brother, Michael Kiroy, at the love and understanding- War II or shortly thereafter, he And that goes for you too County authorities said. Mom. I- love you both. You'r They identified the victim a tary buildings that had been 13, "What Is a when I was 17, 19, I've written little different.

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