Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 21, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 21, 1952
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McMath tfef ends .Highway Agency Alter Hearings. Governor's Story Brings Rebuttal By Tractor Dealer Little rtock-Wl-Governnr McMath Saturday took issue w i t h testimony in the Highway Audit Commission's first series of public hearings. The governor defended purchasing procedures of the Highway Department, and said that officials have acted in "absolute good faith" regarding purchases. Purchasing procedures were the chief topic in the three-day hoar- ins, which ended Friday. The Audit Commission was set up by the 1951 General Assembly to in- vestisate Highway Department operations from 1947 through 1951. The governor's statement was mild compared to his pre-hearing statements, including one that the investigation had "degenerated into a political witch hunt." He again contended that witnesses should be cross-examined by attorneys for the Highway Department, citing the testimony of J. A. Riggs, Jr., as an example. ' fiiggs, president of - the .T. A. Riggs Tractor Company. Little Rock, testified that since McMath took office the volume of his busi- ' ness with the state has declined considerably. McMath said cross-examination would have shown that Riggs' f i r m sold $233,661.66 worth of goods to the .ilatc during his first term as governor and did $310,- 1132.63 worth of business with the j state last year. But yesterday, Riggs *aid the governor had made "misleading ! statemfnts." Riggs said his com- ' pany liad done only S62.000 worth j of business with the state during I the entire three years of the governor's administration. (Regional Education Program iAims At Uniting School And State Forces To Make Gains Atlanta--The nation's first regional education program, created Fivorn Pr«ih« j n ,| ]c South j our y cilr s a R n . j s Helena, Arlt.-(/P)-Fnrmer Gov. a j m i at i ( s s( . t . ond biR )arg( ,, in Ben Laney yestmlay put his ap- 1952 _ ln u n i t o schoo i ,,,,[ ,,,,,,. proval on the Highway A u d i t I tm . CM ,,, b u i l d i n g outstanding Commission's investigation of the | j ram , atc an(1 professional prostate Highway Department. The audit covers part of his administration. "Let them dig it up and let the public have it." said Laney. "The! oHve u. Mini j w r t i i u . j ut; · is in good hands over there. PTMycd ·' grams on a new pattern of f a r reaching cooperation. The compact creating the regional education program was np- . '" As far as I am concerned, they can handle it the way .they see fit." Let Us Assist You WE HAVE AN ADDING AND FIGURING MACHINE FOB EVERY TYPE BUSINESS also STANDARD AND ELECTRIC TYPEWRITERS Wft repair typewriters o[ All makes. Prompt nnri reliable service. Write or- phone (or n Irce trial in your own office. No obligation. :n years in the Typewriter and Adding Mi- chine Business. »I«nt 0. B. WILLIAMSON AND CO., Inc. 129 W. Mountain Phoni 2471 FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Springs..Fla., February 8. 1!M8. It meant that the states in the South were going to see if they couldn't solve sonic of their common problems in higher education by getting together on them. Target No. One was to get more widespread and efficient use of The Buckner Home Ucmonstra- the South's educational facilities tion Club met Friday at Ihc home! I" 'urn out doctors, dentists, votcr- of Mrs. Garland Lawsbn for a co-| inarUns: to relieve pressures, then operative noon luncheon. The! work for improved q u a l i t y , business meeting was opened with! A report on the program now Buckner group singing. The poem of the month was read by Mrs. L'ouise Hinltle. Mrs. Mary Ryan told the story of the painting of the month biographical sketch Mrs. Stacy Phelan being .distributed from A t l a n t a headquarters shows that as of today: Fourteen states are members of the compact. They are investing more t h a n 51,000.000 a year in the venture. Some 850 students arc crossing state lines to get educational training not available at home. Nineteen colleges and imi- coln; Mrs. Nellie Shoffncr n n d | versifies arc contracting through Mrs, Lillian Couch of Baldwin:! the regional board with states to Mrs. Cloe Frit?, of Faycltcvillc; provide such training. Mrs. Louise. Hinkle and'daughter,! Of eriual if not greater signili- Barbanv Mrs. Betty Laney andlcance. says Bonrri Director John son, Michael; and Mrs. Hhndal E. Ivey, Jr., is the fact that "cd- Mhoon. Tlic February meeting| ucational leaders in all of the 14 and gave a of the artist. read the devotionals. Mrs. Lucrclia Mhoon received the mysterious package. Ten guests were Mrs. Mary Ryan anrt son, Gary, of T. in- will be at the home or Mrs. Earl Mhoon. F,vcn if the earth diet not rotate at all on its own axis, the FUM would rise and set once during the year because of the earth's journey around it. Labrador's p u f f i n s , r i v a l i n g the c l i f f swallows of San J u a n Capistrano, leave their summer and winter haunts on definite dales and arrived at their destinations ·ith equal predictabilify. ASTHMA! H E L P F R O M A R I Z O N A Frem Ariiona comti · menace of hope and promiK for »ithm» i n f f t r c r i . No m»tt«r how hopcleii you think roar cu« miy b« -- no matter how diicouraged you may b* with remediti you have tried -- K N O W THE FACTS! Complete FREE information li your« for the atkinf. No riik! No oblifa- tion! Write today! Depl. A-li · 377 N. 3rd Are. AlttOluv . states have laid the groundwork for b u i l d i n g together a graduate program of an excellence never before possible in the South." Alfrrcmcnt Signed W i t h i n the past four months, the presidents of six schools of forestry have signed an agreement crealinR a regional program in that field, one of the South's greatest wealths. Execution of the agreement over the cnmine years, said Ivey, may develop within the South the finest forestry education program anywhere--in the world. Under the agreement the six schools will plan together to supplement rind strengthen, rather than duplicate, what others arc doing.. W i t h i n ' t h e past six months, a program aimed at casing the critical need for nurses was start- and through contracts with defense agencies to throw the f u l l weight of the region's scientific resources inio this growing national problem. Such a c t i v i t y , Ivey asserted, "helps the nation and at t h e same time strengthens and n u t n r c s t h e scientific programs at institutions in the region." Of the 850 student places contracted for this current school year. f83 were for w h i t e students and 267 for Negroes. Of the total, 300 contracts were for training in medicine, 265 in veterinary medicine, 250 in dentistry and 35 in social work education.,The states are paying the institutions 51,181,750 for the educational services. Florida tops the states in monetary investment in the program. Florida,'s budget for '51 -'52 is $335,250. Except for 513.000 which goes for administrative service? and operation, the money buys t r a i n i n g that would cost millions of dollars and years of t i m e to duplicate through the establishment of schools at home. Numbfr of Contrasts The institutions providing regional service under contracts arc: A. it M. College of Texas, A l a b a m a Polytechnic Institute. A t l a n t a University. Duke University, Emory University, Florida State U n i v e r - sity, Louisiana State University. Loyola University. Medical College of Virginia, Meharry Medical College. Oklahoma A. and M. College, Tulanc University, Tuskccee Institute, (he Universities of Alabama, Georgia. Maryland, South Carolina, and Tennessee, and Van- dcrbilt University. Other states in the compact, and their budgets for the current year the p r o g r a m o n " E u r o p e a n . . Lakes." Refreshments were served by t h e hostess at the close of the meeting. The Home Lovers Chili met Friday at the home of Mrs. Doyle Rccd for a 1 o'clock luncheon. Mis. Neva M a v and Mrs. Old H i t ter were co-hostesses. Molvin Kcnn. cub mailer, met Friday n i g h t at 7:30 n t t h e Lut h e r a n C h u r c h nn N o r t h Thomp- Strcot w i t h a l l a d u l t s t c n 'd with Cub Scout work. I Plans were made for N a t i o n a l research needs,. , |)U1 Wpck a n ( | , nr , |)( , 1)]llc .,,,,, Si:£' Practically Everybody Got A Look At Jden-! Truman's National Budget ·«"' ' Before Formal Delivery To Congress ings. Such relationships, sairl hey, arid millions of dollars worth of resources to the South's system of higher education, without a penny of a d d i t i o n a l c a p i t a l o u t l a y and little if any o p e r a t i n g expense. A program is u n d e r way to bring Southern college and u n l - i 5(1 » versitics f loser touch w i t h federal scientific Hy JA.MKS .VARI.OW | · f r n m r l l t . l l r i l i l.rgm ..limit WafliiiiKii.n - i.-Ti - r a d i c a l l y I '· 'hey me ;·: to present .1 f a i r - cvcr.vono hail a l i t t l e peri; at Ihc ly complete , - n l u n 1 . n a t i o n a l h r l c c t , which WM to he! ,\. c a i l y : " l.r.t Au':u:.l Ihn licad.s ( t h r i a i i f i ; s K ' n c n i i u n i t d i M - .igrniic.:, iMiie.lll.s Hud de- gold The Fidclis Class of t h e i r s l Baptist Church will meet M o n d a y n i g h t at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. K c r m i t Conlcv on M a p l e Avenue., · , . . Miss Alice Jatoon will bring t h c i h " " ll ' : '« '? " mh "'.', 'T , devotional. I h K U r c wouldn I he !cs. 1 lie hutl- The A|iplc niossnm C l u b mot | r!ct is the president'.! f o r m a l rc- Friday afternoon at 2 (/clock ; t t j quest to Cniigrcs.-: to \ o l c t h e | u n v e i l e d t . j (Vimiess sht.rliy a f t e r noun tnd.l. 1 . A m i it was no srvrct he .-iglu ·-.onld 1'C unprcsiive. : Last \\-'!nr.-.ilay I ' i m d c i i l Tru- parimcnl;, I'.ad In in.ikc their pl,m.; n a n mid C-visrc.'.?. in his i r n i r t m j for the y e a r . | he country's economic c i i n d i l n m . j F.xprrl. Slurflril Mans ! t h a t t h e t-ovcrnmciit's expense.:. .p 1 M n m i tnr! . r , n i,, t h e ! n e x t -Ihc lir,cal y e a r b e g i n - i n i n e in . l u l y -- w o u l d be over H.i b i l l i o n dollars. I p r i n t i n g office. ! ( m e n C'mjrr-M gets the budget, | it hc:in. hearing.-, calling in the \;iiK'iis g o v e r n m e n t officials "ho nut the budget tojcthcr, to ' ;5- tion them in the hope of culling : the expenses f u r t h e r . I This qurslloning n dont! throy.n ihr i-:,iu-!e and Senate appropriation 1 ; r r n n m i t t c c ^ . Thf. queation.i 1 ' . i n r l an.r."crs f i l l many more fat volume.-. All this r|ue:itioning takes nlcntht. \\'Jif:i t h e crtnimittees arr j a t i r - ficff they h a v e cut thr budsct 3S much ,1* po-.siblc, thry t u r n the »)i'.le tiling o 1 .er lo both houses 'o vole the money, which may not br before n e x t summer nf IhP who:;p cx: pel I/: t h e n s,il tin-.' n w i t h thrrn l a n d a r n t o or Hie ' * ' · * IM-I In thr 1TMKS--It pays. tlic home of Mrs. C. T. Marshall on South Shiloh Street. Highways Near Reno Barricaded By Snow Reno - f/V) - W i n d - d r i v e n snow barricaded all highv.-ays around Reno tod-ay except one--casl- bnund U. S. -10. Partial I r a i n service was restored over tracks j t h r o u s. h Northern C a l i f n r n i n i m o u n t a i n s , closed for a week by! snow. Rotary plows cleared t h c j The weatherman' promised a respite today and tomorrow. Southern P a c i f i c a n n o u n c e d Mr tracks were clear through Donnrr! noncy needed lo run the govern- j incnt a n o t h e r 12 months. The president h.mds L'nngrcss ! t h e budget ;it t h i s t i m e c\ rry j year. I t c o n t a i n s his e x p l a n a t i o n ] \vhy the money is needed, plus I hundreds of pngos nf iicmucd i tables showing where the inunry w i l l go. The budget T i l l s a volume as ME .·it the M a n h a t t a n telephone d i rectory. And. as always, the pov- e r n m e n t people be^an w o r k i n g on it as long acu as last summer. The prc.-iHenf liimscK Marled working on it in Srplcmbcr. The public would set a disorganized account if the newspaper. 1 -, news agciu-ics and radio c h a i n s »crc u n a b l e t'i sec the bud, ,, . , . ,, Ihc moment when it was Pass, where the streamliner C i t y j formally presented to Congress to- of San Francisco was miowbound j day. w i t h 22fi passengers and t r a i n m e n ! Nf "' 5mt " r ' rl t-'"" 1 " last week. The SP said it planned So, on t n d a y , copies nf t h e butl- lo resume normal passenger serv- Kct were given newsmen w i t h ice tomorrow. . .strict instructions t h a i no details Passengers and crew were res-! TM 1 'W '« released u n l i l the formal cued from th» City of San F r a n - j prcscnlalion lo Congress. Cisco last Wednesday but the t r a i n ! This cave I hem a whole «cek- it;clf was not freed u n t i l S a l u r - j TM d - t h c president himself had a f | av ! special conference w i t l i newsmen · ' ' ' ^ ! Saturday lo answer t h e i r qnes- Standard time for Ihe world, a^ tions-to e x a m i n e the budget n t h e case of longitude, is r e c k - ! c a r e f u l l y and w r i t e stories about oiled from Greenwich K n g l a n d , ' iL which is recognized as the prime: As early us .Saturday m o r n i n g meridian. Hie big news agencies bciran mov- · ing these stories to newspapers Although the average w i n d ve-: everywhere, w i t h the u n d r r s t a n d ' ' ' released u n l i l uITS. Thr picsiilrnt hnd a say nbmil .T!! t h i s . Whrn I lie prc.'-idonl mid t h f i h u d - · K r l hurciiu woro !.;itisficfl t h e y . Ihn ens Is ,i.s !T.V ;is pn.-MMe. the j prrsidcnt wrolf his n x p l a n a t m n : In f/i w i t h t h e figure. 1 ;. All t h i s wns \ thrn pnnlrd hy Ihc KovtMiimcm AUTO WORK by r*!i«b]» mvchinicl. All w o r k GUARANTEED. B R O U G H E R and ROBB Wt»lt»(*y*» C«r»i*. fetch *f WhltflUy'i ftvrvle* lt«tl«fl Oklahoma, $20,500; Texas, $56,500; a n d - V i r g i n i a , $94.000. Gov. Gordon Browning of Tennessee is chairman of the regional ed on a regional basis. It's in the i board. Dr. Clyde A. Erwin, super- formative stage, with 17 men and j inl«ido.nt of jiubllc ,,,Uruct,on_m women working on it as members of a commission. Within the past year, an idM for l i n k i n g off-campus,- or "oul- arc: Alabama, $69,230; Arkansas. Ii o c j ( y j n j\ij;i m i. Kin., is in miles! iiiB none could b $13.000; Georgia. S38.000: Ken- j a n |; our R h a j rcnc |, cc i j 32 miles! a f l e r mini toilay. lucky, 519,000; M a r y l a n d , SSD.500; a|1 ] 10U] . ],, ||,i s W , 1V , when Ihc news-- . · I papers came out on the street with Mvertlne in tne TIMES--It p»r». ' stories about the budget, and radio Maryland «UfH STRICT At DIIAWAM In »h» ctnitr «Mh» nt«r north iid« g«i«ry-- surroundtd by th*«ff*t, r«itiur«nti and wfftr clubl. Only ont block from Michifin Avinu*. Amplt ptrHng. m ROOMS ALL wrmiATH frMt*^Miy RKTAURANT AND DININS ROOM CLOUT!* INN IHURTAINMINT NltHTlT Siwltl «Mnli« l«ii. Writ. Mr. U)»*, HtHl , iU«w!« 7-4IM. Chicago North Carolina, is vice c h a i r m a n ; J. D. Willams. president, University of Mississippi, is .secretary- treasurer. side" resources to the South's system of higher education has become a reality. Graduate students and f a c u l t y members now have access to laboratory, plant and li, brary f a c i l i t i e s of Air University, j Maxwell Air Base, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. They have access to programs in research and training that can supplement the institutions' offer- NEVER WAS GOOD AT I BECAME w/se'/ Why don't you take a tip from a wise housewife who learned from experience that a well planned budget, closely adhered to, means not only staying out of debt, but also getting the things we want. And prominent on any smart budget is room for regular deposits in a savings account. Come on clown today and let one of our friendly people help you begin. In a matter of minutes you've set up an investment fund for future. Budget your income and free your future. FIRST N A T I O N A L B A N K Springdale MIT. Kcnyon, vho hap been vis- ling her son and dauphtcr-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Kcnyon. was taken to City Hospital Wednesday night in a CalJison-Sisco ambulance. MIT. Kenyon's home is in Kansas City, Mo. Elder E. R. Redding was a gufisl speaker at a special meeting held by the Baptist Church at the Legion Hut Thursday n i g h t . He \vas also Rucst speaker at the Mount Vernon Baptist Church Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Perry of 711 North Mill Street observed their silver wedding anniversary Sunday with open house. Friends and relatives called from 2 o'clock throughout the afternoon. Mr. a n d ^ M r s . J. M. Tisdale of Sprintjdale"celebrated t h e i r golden wedding anniversary Sunday. Sprinpdale school patrons will vote in March on a four mill tax increase. Local residents arc now paying a 3fi mill lax. The increase was suggested by the school board to off-set increased cost nt maintenance and equipment. Hugh Hayes of Rogers. Frisco agent at Springdale, returned to work Wednesday after a 111 week illness. During this time he received medical treatment at the Frisco Hospital in St. Louis. Jnc Slcelc is in Atlantic City, U. .f., attending Ihc Canners Association convention J a n u a r y 19 through J a n u a r y 23. .lames Greathouse. Frederick Edmonston. Carl Bunch, Larry Dcwccse of Spring- date, and .1. Liddell of Lowell left Thursday night by special j pullman to .join Sleclc at the con' vention in A t l a n t i c City. The men are employes of the Stcelc Canning Company at Springdale. The Phcbcan Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met Thursday n i g h t at 7:30 at the home of the teacher, Mrs. Steve Lawrence, on Maple Drive. Mrs. S. P. Sluhbs was co-hostess. Mrs. Lewis Kplc-y brought the devotional. There were IS members and one visitor, Mir. Leslie Buchanan, present. At the close of the meeting refreshments were served by tlic hostess. The Center Corner Home Demonstration Club met Friday night at the old school north of Springdale, for a pie Flipper, The pro- coeds from the sale of the pifs will he used lo improve the club building. The Book Lovers Club met Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the home CLEARANCE Costume Jewelry « Nationally Famous Makes 3.95 to 24.00 Values Plus Fed. Tax Trafori Kramer Napier 200 Pieces of COSTUME JEWELRY $3.95 to $24.00 Value 50 COMPACTS Values from $3.95 to $25 Elgin American -- Wadsworth -- Volupe 35 PEARL NECKLACES Some Cultured 5.95 to 22.00 Values Many Other NECKLACES $3.95 to $24.00 Values Your Choice · Necklaces · Earrings · Bracelets · Chokers · Pins · Compacts Cash or Credit No Refunds -- No Exchanges No Phone Orders -- No Gift Wrappings . TUESDAY ONLY Your Credit Is Always Good At FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Mimtor Federal Rtiervi Inivnnc* Ceri. Federal Rttirv* Sytttm RELIEVE COLDS Mi»«ri«s 34 PC. Set Silver Service for 8. 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