Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 19, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 19, 1952
Page 8
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|._4«OtTHWMT ARKANSAS TIMtS, Nv*H«»lll«, Atkmmm tWtiiftloy, January If, IM FARM AND HOME NEWS Farmers Of Three Communities Form Fire Prevention And Control Organization Farmers ot lhc Black Oak, Combs* Chapel and Greenland metis lli, Houlc 5, f'aycltcvillc; Carroll. 'Route ,'i, Fayettc- ! villc; C. C. Combs, Route !j, Fay! cilcv.'illc; W. K. Slaughter. Route K a y c l t e v i l l c ; W. Taylor. R u u l c Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith About 20 f a r m e r s in Ihe HUck Tuesday at the IJcwc.v farm to map n rnmpalsn a B a i n s l i careless burning off of f a r m 1 and organize n f i r e control p r o - ' - ^ (| ,,,,.,,,., , '(ram. Seventeen men were. .' j.- B j. rt | CV |||(i' \v. M. B l a c k m o n . j o a k r n i n m i i i i i i y met Tuesday a f t - pi-Cicnt. ! il'oule' 2. West Fork; John l / c r n n n n w i t h Ihc Kxlcnsion D c p n r t - Harnld Howell, extension lor-, smith, " Faycllevillc; ' W a r r c n ' r n e n t and organized lo p r r v e n t ester met wilh Ihe croup allci i K l n r k e Iloute 5, Faycttcvillc-, j t h c s e l l i n g and spread of lire:;, farmers asked County Agent C i i r l ! r n w c y HriHon. R o u t e 5. F.-iycUc-h'hi,- is a progressive move l i i a t Hose for help in p l a n n i n g a f i r c [ uHc; (;. ,.\. Brown, 21(1 O z a r k . i s h o u l d Charles Boyer, Who Played "Don Juan In Hell" A* Field House, Recalls Tour With Pleasure, Particularly College Towns Efii tor's Nntc: Charles Rnycr, Charles Lnujjhlmi, Ccrlric H n r d - wk'ko nnd A R M c s Moorehe;i(l U n i v e r s i t y Field House here as; Enjoyi Truveli part nt Ihe lour discussed in t h i s ! Buyer has be-on a r t i c l e by Boh Thomas. I U.S. travels w i t h By BOB THOMAS Holly wood-l/l'i-Charlia 15 o y e r, Charier. Lallghlnn, Cerlrie Hard- wickc nnd Aunn.T Mnorehi'ad h a v e hcc-n back in town, anrl it's hard lo get t h e m lo t a l k about a n y t h i n g Manchester were not successful ; hccau.'.e. the local promoters made J the admission prire Ino high. That was no f a u l t nf ours." enjoying his U.S. travels w i t h "Don J u a n , " h a v i n g visited more than 100 localities. "It is a wonderful way to ;;eo the country." he remarked. He was especially impressed with the college towns he has visited. "In m a n y cases, we l i v e w i t h lhc students in the hotels opcratcrl Coddington To Spend Year In Thailand Ponder To Washington Following His Appearance On New York TV Show Leave Granted By U. A. To Market Service Director be prevention a n d control prrcrain.) F a v e i l c v l l l c ; ' D c w e y Garrison, ' Hou-lc.."', Fayctleville; C. K. Dcn- ney, Route :\, F a y e t t f v l l l e ; Poke Reed, R o u t e .'i, K a y e l t c v i l l c ; Pink Grimmcl, Runic. 5, Fnyrttcvllle; Howell disi'usffd Ihe ar-sista that could he rupccted from t h e iitatc Forest Service anrl Airricul- turol Kxtenslon Service. From his remarks H was rvirlcnl l h a l the Forest ScrvlcS is not In position lo o f f e r oiS'i n '«!d "IT. control assistance at the present lime because of a very operating budKCl. The farmers, rccognl/.inB l h a t Lht.firKl step In « fire conlrol pro(ram is t-ooperation. sel up a f i r e control ·organization w i t h Hcwey 'Garrison, Route S, Faycttcville. ar. . president; G. A. Drown, Fayette- vllle and Dcwcy Hrlllon, lioulc S, of Hush Vallc; nnd C a r l E. K n y e t t r v i l l r , , Ruse, county asenl, Production Credit Stockholders To Hold Meeting follower! by a large, 'ashinglon C o u n t y . Mllbwcst of Lincoln, "Thev Ircaled us w i t h (licnity and never asking for auto- or bothering us in any has f i r e p r e v c n l i n n assn very acti n a t i o n , tir f. Kavclicvll'lc-, ' s'ccrcU,;. ' T M C J Product ion Credit Association w i l l iroiK. expects l! meel occasionally i hold their a n n u a l m e e t i n g at I'ort and discuss methods of controlling and preventing Hies. ·· Thc 17 farmers iiUcmlhiK lhc meeting pledged themselves to ·ssist in extinguishing Ilres In their community; '· The president of the orKiin'lallon is to n o t i f y ill of the members as soon as a fire breaks out. OrsanlMd inclli- nds of fighting fires will be used wilh Garrison serving as n leader Thc Black Oak community has urged n i l other communities In 'Washington County lo form similar organizations. The d i f f e r e n t eommunrly organizations could then assiu each other In the fighting of lircs where a Inrec number of men and equipment were reeded. Other farmers in the Black Oak, Combs Chapel, and Greenland communities arc invited lo Join this organization. In -order to do a gonrt Job of controlling fires, n u n i t e d c o m m u n i t y Is Herded, farmers said. That will be thc molto of the Black Oak community croup. · ' O t h e r s u t i c m l l n g thc m e e t i n g Were: Put Knnchor, Route S, Fay- ettevillc 1 1,. S. Terliunc, Iloulc 5, Fayetlev'ille; n. A. Nelson, floutc 5, Fayctleville; D. K. Stniiton, S m i t h on Saturtiay, .Innuiiry 21) in t h e J u n i o r High School A u d i - t o r i u m at 10 a. m., J e f f Irons. sec,' r o t a r y - t r e a s u r e r and association manager, has announced. This Is one of a scries of 14 an- n u a l iiliickhnldcis meetings held t h r o u g h o u t Arkansas d u r i n g recent months. Route- S, rnyettcvillc; II. I... */2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Hvllond Irn. Locktr Plant t h e r e are others too numerou,' mention. The farmer.-: present brought out some good points regal-fling thc evils of setting f i r e t'; woods a n i l dead grass fields. One man said, "1 lost no acres of Icspcdc7.ii in n. thorl w h i l e from f i r e which was set on a d j o i n i n g land." Another stated that his t r a c t of v i r g i n t i m b e r had been rendered worthless by a f i r e which was maliciously started. Others mentioned the loss of building:;, fences, and even stock. The two most dangerous spots for f i r e arc the wooded areas aorl ·eas of old fields of dead grass, e.-pccially dead sedge grass. Timber places lots of leaves on the ground. In Ihe windy periods of March and A p r i l and in the dry periods of August they arc "powder Kegs' 1 so to speak. The f a r m - ers present al this meeting agreed l h a t mil-Mini! off the wood* did not destroy ticks (or an appreciable the but t h e i r lours w t i h "Don J u a n in Hell." | IJoyer almost slows. In between respect, rehearsals for his new film, "The graphs H a p p v Time." lie onthu.scd a b o u t ! way." the foursome's success w i l h t h e j The q u a r t e t returns lo New Shaw classic, i asked if they e v e r , York in March for a two-month ", S encountered a bail audience. i run, Ihen w i l l play about 16 cities 1 i "Never," he replied. "And we! nrxl f a l l . Boycr expects that will ' " ' n e v e r played to an empty neat ill i end t h e i r travels, since by t h a t i thc United Slates. Only in Ens- land did wo ItHve bad houses. Our Thc University onc-ycai James lie tiocia New Vork-l/I'l-A Brooklyn and an Arkansas f a t h e r sot tosthcr vc-tcrday and counter! Ihcir bless- inss-- quadruplets horn to of their -ivcs [hers ivcrc hilled as "America's Two Most Famous Daddies." Both appeared a bit s nervous each ; with the bi? television, camera ! Iraincd on them, but they man- O f f e r i n g each other cipars v/nre j «« smiles a., they read their brief Joseph Grabor. 3B, of Brooklyn. lincs whose wife Fanny, 32, presented Today Ponder is fiom* to U a s h - hlm w i t h uuads on J a n u a r y 7, and I iiiRlon wilh Rep. Boyd Tackclt Leonard Ponder. -II, of M u r f r c e s - ; (D-Ark). boro Ark., wliopc wife, Margin, 37, , R ranter! n welcomed theirs l.i.t Monday, leave of absence t o ) "How arc you m a k i n g out?" ask- CofJp'iiiiKtoM, head o f ; cd Oraber. cii-l AdvrrtiM in the TIMES^Il paj«. 10 M K . a j, c - . stu1dc1Ril up !?" s ;,'L!. 1 i;,, S . i l!lli! v ' s ' nl ' nf t h c University's Institute j replied Ponder. ,^ ......... , , ,n«,i,, i ".Just fine I reel-on, just f i n e , " ' Science n;ul Technology, w h o ; "i nn-.v have seven children," w i l l u n d e r t a k e a foreign-service; said Grabcr, whose quads are assignment for the United Nations! three girls and a boy. Food and A g r i c u l t u r e O r g a n i z a - j "Ours make 12," replied Ponder, linn, W. W. Grigericff. Institute! Appearing jointly on a tclevi- directhr, announced today. j sinn program la.-:t night, thc fa- Official Of Indian Ministry, On Tour Of U.S., Will Be Guest At University The WcsUirk Production CrccMl number of thcrti) or pmmolc Association in ;i f a r m e r s «,pcra-|firowlh »f new grass. live lending fluency v limn* In its meinbcr-slockholdors Cms.; .Minima is a ricslructivo for v n r l f i u s l i i r m openilli.* and t h l n p . M a n y pc.sty weed:; iire production purposes. The HHSU- p c r u n n l a L t wilh l i v e roots in the ciiUon consists of member stock- ground ;is lai'KC ar, M)i»H en mils, holders located throughout Rentoti, U u r n i n j ! dors them nn l i n t in in t h o Ilimne. Cnrroll. Crawford, F r a n k - dormant period, and very litll'i lln, ( ; u r ) a n l , Johnson. Logan,; in Uic Rrowinu sl.'ige. Scduc Krasn Mmlison. M n r l a n , Montfinnicry. | s a pcrcnnliil w i t h a mass of li\'u N e w t o n . Stoll, ScbiisHan. Scnrry . , , Polk, nnd Washington Counties. d by thc Associa- which fire .served lion. Dean Llpperl S. KM is nf fibrous roots. B u r n i n g floes it no harm In lhc dormant period and l i t t l e h a r m that 1 can observe in 1 the fjruwiiiK slafip. i h r ' h n n n to pastures The Ki'CJilcsl t h a t comes ._. College of A g r i c u l t u r e will appear on Ihe program as principal speaker. W. S. Brock, president of the Production Credit Corporation of SI. Louis, w i l l give a short ndclrcM. C. W. Collier, local rcprcsenta- livc, said all farmers In Northwest f n v i t c t i to flttcnt Any who desire rmiv rontact. the Arkansas are the meeting. t r a n s p o r t a t i o n local o f f i c e . BOWL FOIt PLKASUnK Bcnton Bowline Lr.nes--Adv. Used by thousand* In rcduclnt diets--.lunne's Roman Meal bread. 11-19-tf in Liverpool and en t e r r a v e s , s n c e t i m e they will have been p l i t i n e "Don .Juan" /or the better p a i t of years. Miss Patsy Barton Named Pledge Queen WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving Yon 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP CHARLEY DEALY BROILER CHICKS FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Phone 1913 U.S. Approved - Pullorum Passed As Near As Your Telephone through b u r n l i i R is Hie destniclion of lhc re-sccdlnK annuals--lespc-, summer Krasscs, etc. Tlicy. come from tlic seed in carl.v liprinjr Their mnt systems in thc e a r l y spring arc small like the plants. B u r n i n g kill. 1 * the:,ft sm.'ill plant.: permanently l!Un n heavy frost only more sn. The only chnnce for more of this lesncdc/.a a n d other rc-sceediiiK a n n u a l s is the u n - sprouled seed which might c/ciipn liy fire. B u r n i n g pmmotcs nerijic by the destruction of the oilier' plan Is. The farmers prer.ei.1 fell llial n properly ov/ner has ;il !c;iM a legal rlKh 1 lo destroy his own l i m - ber and pastures by b u i n i n H , b u t had nn right to endanger others' property. I n any form of b u r n i n g care should Im t a k e n to n o t i f y Hie neighbors. W i n d y dir.s should be avoided. One f a r m e r .said he bad burned off sedge when there was l i g h t . s n o w on Hie /'.round lhat preluded thc grns.-; mulch. I f one arcldcnlnlly or purposely burns off sedge or other deadened grass ho should by n i l means immediately re-plow nnd re-plant thc Kround lo p e r m a n e n t grass or other crops. Since Hie two danger periods | are early spring and Inle summer, it is i t n p n r l n n l tliat we t h i n k nf t h i s problem now. Farmers should consult their neighbors about assistance they can render in fire prevention. Thc problem should be discussed al c o m m u n i t y mrol- ings, schools, and churches. Thc organisation of five f i g h t i n g clubs or associations would EO a lony ways in p r e v e n t i n g ire destruction, Thc question should he discussed in a f r i e n d l y ' ninner w i t h ! those who feel t h a t woods and fields should lie burned o f f . Now is thc time to t n k c all these steps. The University I n s t i t u t e of Scl ence and Technology w i l l be host this m o n t h to a foreign visitor under the United States' Point Four program, it was announced todav I by W. W. Grigorieff, director of the Institute. , ' 1 r 'iT d ' f U I ml'an! Corirting'ton, head of. the Fed- government's Ministrv of Food j eral-Slatc Market K^vs Service and ABi-aculturc, New Delhi, w i n i m Arkansas, will K o l o Bangkok, arrive in Favcttcvillc on J a n u a r y Il"'"»«l. f » n ; a ' ko j";? c "'." 21, Crigoricrr said. H, w i l l re-!TM'"' f o r n . lc " nllcd0 Natlon5m " c m a i n here u n t i l his rtcpartiirc ( o r ; l i a s " ccn asltc '" '" n l " a l l l z n a m ' _ . _ l / o l , Auslin, Texas, on February . M i r c h a n d a n i is on a six months' ketins research u n i t in the Ministry of Commerce of Agriculture. .if the Kovcroment of Thailand, and to advise thc government on problems arising f r o m thc marketing of a c r i c u l t u r n l products. Thc m a r k e t i n g u n i t which Cod- tour of the United States to study Ihe U. S. Department of Agriculture's Market News Service, op- crated for the benefit of producers. buyers, a n d processors of agricultural -oinmodilies. There is no comparable service in I n d i a , and eernnrt with various Mi, h a n d a n i ' s is expected to m a r k e t i n g , includm,. provide i n f o r m a t i o n upon which ^^i^ ( , » "" J " nington w, I or S am/.e w i l l he eon- aspects of P' »° a c r i c u l l u r e of t h e i f r r a d u a l e U n i v e r s i t y of Bombay. He a r r i v e d in Washington last October, where he stayed , ! u n t i l J a n u a r y I, studying several Palsy Uarlon nf Fort Smith, and price d i f f e r e n t i a l s , t r a d e practice?, market news services, and related activities. , , CodrliiiKlon w i l l leave Faycttc-! villc about February 13. and will , c , n a m e d queen of Ihe I n t c r f r a l c r - j l v i n nily Pledge Council at thc U n i - ; c r i l | branches of Ihe USDA Marke 1 . s l' cmi ;1 shon " m . K '" ..V News and services Division. He ""'· "· C., c o n f c r r i n R with .vctleville a f t e r sev- officials, hclore /lying to Rome. , _ i each ill Lexington, Ky., v c i s l t y nl Ihe a n n u a l pledge, , |nrl M c m p his, Tcnn. A f t e r s lour f o r m a l Friday n i g h t . A pledge o f , u . h j c h v , m 1akc h i m ) ( ) lhc , v /cst Pi Bcla Phi sorority, she selected from six candidates rcscntinc each sorority campus, in an election in which pledges nf all fraternities tool; part. A loving cup was presented Itaiy. where he w i l l spend two wrcks conferring with United Na- 111 1 which w i l l lake him lo rne west i tions officials. " s k'oast and back to Washington, he Condmgton s w i f e a n d U IBC - ' w i l l return to I n d i a in April. children will »TMTMr*"''*" ^^ His Slav in Fayeltcvillc w i l l he: will remain m Bangkok during the longest of any he w i l l m a k e , ! his slay in Thailand. except his initial visit to Wash- ' to her at the dance. ,, .nln their new home. They have been l i v i n g in Winslow while their home was being built. Miss M a u d i l c c n Sargent Is leaching school at Shady Grove. Miss Sargent was graduated from the West Fork High school in I!I4!) and has been attending the University. Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Robinson Today's Market-- ington. James W. Coddington. d i r c c t o r j - l of Ihe State-Federal Market News, Service at the University, said, Kansas City Llvrstock plans are being made for talks toj Kansas C'ty-(ffVUSDA)-Cat- bc given by M i r c h a n d a n i bclorc.itf compared with last w e e k s ] ' students a n d j c i r o e slaughter steers and heifers j j steady lo 25 lower; cows 1.50-2.50 i ... ...^ . ,, _. program. i ow cr; hulls weak to 5(1 o f f ; vcal- Ihc United States is attempting to cls a n d k i l l i n g calves firm: stock several groups of f a c u l t y members. Under the Point Four i- strengthen thc economy of several cts anc i [i-eders steady to SO high- foreign nations by giving them j,,,.. 5 i oat i s choice to mostly prime ,, of technical advisory assistance.: io72-1217 Ib fed steers 36.00; small C-irtersvillc Mo visited this ! Technical experts are sent to other | lot n t lop prime 11«3 Ib 38.50 nnd week in Ihe home of his brother, | countries, and their nationals are j th(w(! ,.,.), crion of general m a r k e t . Charles Hobinson, and his sister, I h r o u c h t here to study our methods; Hoss compared with last Fn- Mrs. Oscar Karnes. Jack Dobinwii W i c h i t a , Kan. employed in , I at first hand. · - ' ! Liquor Suspect Fails T r . . TO Appear POT I rial day very uneven, lights and butchers scaling I B'0-2fin Ib steady t n 2S hishcl '.\ 1 ! Kht ;'-,Mb e 'and a "o ; butchers weighing 2 0 Ib and up I steady to 25 higher; lighter ! weights and butchers weighing B e n t o n v i l l c - ( S p e c i a [ ) - A B a r t l e s - j .,.,, , b a n d u p s tcady to 25 lower; Gloria Riiurll. v 'ho is in i count villc. Okla., man charged nl nurse t r a i n i n g at Litllc Hock, i s j l i r i u o r laws forfeited a S500 1 spending a week's vacation w i t h j Thursday when he failed to ap- hcr parents, Mr. and Mrs. J o h n n i e 1 pear in Harry Pratt's Justice of man charged on two c | n!!in) , top 18.00 to all interests on v i o l a t i n g Arkansas c ]^- lcc t\' 0 . I and 2s scaling 130-230 nrfcited a S500 bond j^ itl'ool band under I h e ! I DANCE to the Music of DAVID ROLLER and His OZARK PLAYBOYS Requests worked into program of Square Dances, Boogie, Etc. You Name It - We'll Try It Saturday Night Foyetterille Legion Hut 9:00 to 12:00 P.M. West fork The officers nf (he Presbyterian Missionary Society met w i t h Mrs. I.ela Carter Tuesday a f t e r n o o n to plan the yearbooks. The regular meeting will be Monday n i g h t , J a n u a r y 21, at 1:30. at lhc homo "f Mrs. l.cla Carter. Thc leader w i l l be Mrs. A l l a n Keith. Charles McKcc has returned home from the City Hospital, j where he has been a patient for ! several days. 1 The pretties! girls from t h e senior class has been chosen. First place went to Nclty Jean Jones; second, Bonnie linss: I h i r d , N n r m a Sharp. Men from the University . , law f r a t e r n i t y did thc j u d g i n g , j ' For thc most handsome boys-- f i r s t place, Billy Haskcll; second Dan H a l l . Tri Delta members l i a u c h . The high cnmpanied thc girls' senior Icam : Sheriff John Black. He was taken to thc West Fork b a s k e t b a l l ' t o u r - i (o lhc county j a i l and released n a m e n t Thursday niglil. . when he posted bond. Mrs. K d ' v a r i l M u l h a u s e r is '. · spending a two-week vacation ; n j The Order of the Good Time, l i n t Springs. i one of thc first social clubs in . ll.idley linker is a p a l i e n t . t | America, was organized by Ihe the Veterans H o s p i t a l in McKcn- ·. explorer Champlain lo cheer his nov, '1'exas, where he w i l l undergo men d u r i n g lhc w i n t e r of 1606- a t h r o a t operation. .07. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sparks, who | -- -- recently pin chased thc L. L. Holland home, moved in Friday. Mrs. P a u l i n e McClure of Urent- wood, Calif., is v i s i t i n g h-.'i son- i n - l a w and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. K.rhy Tapp. Mr. and Mrs. Crockett Bean have moved lo Okmulgce. Okla. Miss Maude Metier has been ret u r n e d home from Fayetleville C i t v H o s p i t a l . She is reported improved. Se\ on young people of the i Lincoln Methodist Church plan lo a t t e n d t h e d i s t r i c t - w i d e youth r a l l v al llir Central Methodist Sheep compared with last Friday: c a r l v . advance on slaughter - lambs erased at the close: week's ,, L , ,,.,, .,, , , Leon G a r h a r t , 45, was arrested j top nn choice and prime rail ship- ·cction nf Charles Tuiislall ac- i last Thursday by Bcnton County ()Ct] , lnr | ( mc \^ lambs 211.25. Less than )!0 miles southwest of Bordeaux are thc famous resort towns of thc Basque coait. Biarritz and St. Jean de I.u/.. Chicago is Ihe crossroads of the nation's railroads. EVERYTHING m PLUMBING and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL Church in Fayctlcvillc Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hoy an- n n u m e the h i r l h nf a son. F.dwin l..iilher, .lanuary M at the Lincoln Clinic. Mr. nnd Mrs. Rollie Thomas an- j niutncc the b i r t h of i; son, Wcn- j d e l l . al Lincoln C l i n i c J a ' i u a r y M. The s a n i t a r y sewer system has judged the boys. |, of . n coinplelrd in Lincoln, and Oul-of-lown relatives who a l - | ( . j j v officials rc|iort l h a t permits itenrtcd f u n e r a l services of Mrs. | |,,' ( j r i M ( n || 1( . system can be i Flora Smith were. Mr. and Mrs. 1 K ,. ; ,nled immedialely. Started I n , · Hernnrd C i i l h r e a l h of Tulsa, Okla., | .July, ifl.',;, n lc system lins p r o g - ' · M r , nnd Mrs. Oinl Chancy of | n , s j c( | ,,n schedule. R. f). R y a n , j . Cnssville, Mo., and Mr. a n d Mrs. I s u p e r i n l e n d e n l of silioolp, said i i H. C. Cox of Knrsborn, Okla. [.Saturday l h a t p l u m h i n g al t h e ; The wedding of Miss Reha Slockburger nnd Chief Pelly O f f i . cer Eugene Lillle was solemnl/ed ! Sunday by Ihe Rev. Waller L. Johnson of Fnyellevllle. Miss Slockbin-grr is a grtidunlr of Ihe West Fork school nnd the Kayolte- vlllr Business College. She Is now employed by the Utley nnd Company, Inc. Ml. T i l l l l o I.' Navy re- I crultlng e f f l f r r In T'nyrltcville. Mr. »nd Mrs. Tinn Parker nro .·ity's schools has been completed, and t h a t schools w i l l Ve connected w i l h the linos immcriiatcly. The pumpline l.eing conslruclcd in Ihe ucsl part of town has not yet been completed. 1ml is progres:- infi on schedule. L, M. McCJood- win of Knycllcvllle is engineer for the projeel. Mrs. Hnrvcy ^'.^les, n p a l i e n l nl Ihe F.luabelh H n s p l l n l , Is rnporlci iniprovniR. S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-WHITE ROCKS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS Eilabllthtd Orcr 25 Y«iri Truck DtlirerUi to Miny Localiliti SCHLKHIMAN HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PULLORUM PASSED I Phor I For F I Dtlit Phon. 347-JR Pric.i And 'try Di!«t BOX B. APPLETOH CITY. MO. DANCE TONIGHT SPRINGDALE LEGION HUT 9 to 12 p.m. Adm.: 75c ptnon BOB BECKER ind his ARIZONA TRAUHANDS Heard Over KBRS: Mandiy thru Frldiy, 1iOS-li}0 Siturdir, 1 1 : 4 5 - I M S PLAN TO BUILD Sti Our MatfriaL Gel Our Pricti. Try Our StrTict. DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 St. Charltt Neat and Smartly Styled Haircuts and Good Clean Shaves HAIRCUTS ONLV 50c WHITE'S BARBER SHOP 40S W. DICKSON DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. UARK * NOW SHOWING * CONTINUOUS SHOWS FROM 1:00 f^T JOHN DEREK NEWS LVENOER Anthony OUINN Jody LAWRANCE __ COLOn CARTOON PALACE * ENDS TONIGHT * "BLAZING BULLETS" 'NEVER TRUST A GAMBLER" Starts Sunday -- Double Feature PLUS Maria Montez Jon Hall IN 'SUDAN' lit til .ROYAL Last Time Tonit« "THE FULLER i AUDIE BRUSH GIRL" I "KANSAS RAIDERS" ·It . ENDS TONITE * "DISTANT DRUMS" O Z A R K Starrs Sunday l^OO 3:13 5:16 7:29 9:32 The New Year's Eve Prevue Audience Loved It! A Jubilant Musical of the Show World's Golden Era! MKIMJOY-PATRICEWYMORE - -JAMES GLWSON LATEST NEWR EVENTS

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