Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 19, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1952
Page 2
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2__NO«THWKT ARKANSAS TIMIf, »»yttttvMt«, ArhcniM, Strtwrduy, Jntiunry It, 1951 Hhurch News Religious Series Opens SPfort Monmouth, N. J. Shoniuikrr picture C h r i s t i a n i t y as ;j direct f'u ; of Corn rnu 11 is m, Said the c.hiiphiir!: "The Communist educatcfi his ;jt:O|)!'! Jn Communism. Wr cdu- :cate our people in moral ethic*," Dr. .Shorrnal'.er '."tiled fcr a "v/ai \)i kiiulncy.'i" and "coorl w i l l f i m liar odors' 1 to Keep Asia Ironi KO- Shirley, Mr. n n d Mrs, Herbert. Lcwiis. Si., and Mr. and Mrs, Clif- Inn Brack. To Hold Rally SI. Pa«ls Rcliclous Snips Open*-.M -- ' H "I h;ivc ix-on I n t h e A r m y 1 1 year.- Korl M n n m n u l h , N. .1. - i/l'i - and I'vp never i-cc-n rt'lt^mn t a k e n "Slnnd up; stand up for JeMis!". l i k e t h i s before," i;;iifl 1,1. (.;»!, lo Attend Woman's Society Meets In Bentonville Oldsen To Discuss I Marriage And Divorce i Si. Louis-(£V"The average per* ; son who sols married in the U n i t e d States today has a l i f e ex- Tho Executive Board of t h e ! Pwlanry ' or n i s ' m a r r i a q e of 45 F n y e l t o v i i l e District Woman's So. !«"*. " * is not broken by di- ciety of Christian Service met in; nTM"*-" Ihc Rev. A r m i n C. Old.ser t h e Educational B u i l d i n g of t h e j Uertlonville w i l l tell his i n t e r n a t i o n a l Lulhcr- n i g h t n t the C e n t r a l M e t h o d i s t y/erinesdav at 9:45 n. ,n. Mrsj broadcast pre Church, beKinninj; a t 7:3n o V I n t k l j css | c (jij s . n , p ,,( Ucnlonvillc,! n v c r lhl! M m " Methodist Criim-h.i a n Hou '' audience tomorrow in a M,-e : broadcast prepared for delivery ·'" · · . . . . . . . i i i _ , i _ I _ t ial Network and af- -*j presided as president. f i l i a l e d stations, by Mrs ! "Forty-five years is a long time connection w i t h t h e Unitrci The wnh A n n u a l C o n v e n t i o n ; Evangelistic Mission. \ Ttly t j e v olion;tl n \ e , , ,· · -.,, ,., · , . - , ,, i i / ., w. - "' l ' l f ' Kpi-'C'ip'ii C h u r c h of t h e ; The program for the evening! \v v Cnn\fv nt P a v / t h m / n i p wn:- in anyone's life," Professor Oldscn *"":",' n( . lhr .TM lilnm .. t !'.^:! l ±l". l ^^:"" CV/ "' Hm *" n - V U »'«TM * A'*''"-, 0* *** *n.\«*:-** w i l l ,,,-,, w i l h Ihe ,,relud. Li !.d ' T c. (ffiu, C , m e " j w i l l "continue. "One's rn.rrl.Ke lm:il Merlins o f l h P IJii.i-e;.iiii AIIX-|.in! the rail lo ' ' ' - I . . . . . , , . , _ _ ,- -, ..... l i i i i . v ;uid I h r nlri sontr raiiK "in from; por.t chapl;ii IjtimlrKls nt MiMicrV t h r o a t s here! "| iiippnfp it's an n i i l K n m - l l i i . f ! i|j;, 1T ; , n ,| n,,, Se.vrnlli A n n i i i i l i trr.clucliTM w i l l le nivi-n hy t h e j _.,,.,. ,,., ]|M n i R h l i i n c I i T s e r b o i n l e d n n i n n g . W ,,,.|d \ V n r l l wli-n pn.pltr li.iidii-tl ,,,,.,..,',,,,, ,,f u,,, Kpisropal Chuix-h- 1 Hcv. Amoitl Simpson lollowotl by| c h r i s l - i i rship. The in-;s'ivi,",L'"is n"presLTiption"f.)i r iivinB ! r e l a l i o n s h 'P is l n c h r a r t nf r(la - iliven hy the j ,,.,,.,, d a y a p arlk . u | ;1 ,. p | lilsc o f : lionships. It affects all others. The kennsv j happiness of a Christian home in Fayetteville District To Participate In Melhodisf State Evangelical Mission Beginning Sunday and contin- u i n g t h r o u g h Friday, guest min- islrrs of the Methodist Church will conduct services in the churches of t h i s district each ni-dlt. and m o r n i n g services tomorrow morning. This is a part of the Methodist Evangelistic Mission being conducted over the entire state. Assigned to Fayctlevillo are the Rev. Virgil D. Morris and the ncv. W i l l i a m Mayo, both of Alexa n d r i a , I.a., who will hold licrvices at the Central Methodist and Wis- Rins Memorial Methodist churches. the program, and will bp hcH daily. The Fayetteville district will meet in Rogers each morning, beginning Monday at 9:45 o'clock and will be concluded with l u n c h con each ,riay at noon in t h e church. Visits will bp made by laymen to persons who are not church members. During the morning sessions there will be periods of instruction which will include the inspirational period conducted by Rev- _ crcnd Morris: assimilating new members by the Rev. .1. E. Dunlap nf Mcna, Ark.: reactivating inactive members, the Rev. Jack OjCfcnf.c. * II IK a rainpaign--MJonsored hy th'c General Commission on Chaplain* and Ihe National Council of Churches--lo convince soldiers t h a t "Christ is the Answer," theme of the preaching mission. C i v i l i a n learns of Protestant ministers arc currying the gos- nel from guardhouse lo hospital coumcling and preaching, Home nnd Army I n s t a l l a t i o n s wITCTS'rcaci crus the post l l c l f i h o i i f - f , when: mnkc.thift a i t a r v:;is raificd f i t i n t of the p i c t u n ; of C h i i M . The Kev. ('larrnce H.I I have Promiseti"; the .h., e x r c u l i v e director of lion, Dr. \ V i l l i ; n n K. C'Ofiley. I Ihe I'rrsidlM" Hi .hop's C o m m i t t e e Mr. D u n l n p , pastor of the First i .CceT^oMhe^sior.TM! wm »y:TM me^t-insidiously Sprlngtown, Highfin, and Sulphur , hV Camrtcn anri ,, d ^ icl depicted the "Son of M a t r i m o n y " ! c^rous eaemies of . nation^e, Spnn^^ ^ ^ ^ ^"^^^'^ Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend FIRST BAPTIST *'ALTER L JOHNSON. Pwlor 9..10 ft til Sunrtnj School Ifl:.'!."* « in. Miiroins Wonlilp Sermon: "Tli- O))tnln« nf tl» Sf»l' A n t h c n i : "Alinlnnly fiort U n t o Whom All tlcurlli Be Opened" Soloist: HIM M u r l r o f M r h r e h u n A..'ill p in H R P I I R I 'l'r«iiiilic Union "·.V* p jii K v r n l d t Worship firnnon: "Thr Church Jn Surdtn" CENTRAL PBESBTfERlAR Wl'llum *·· Glbton, Mlnliltr lo Slu- ··« . m. Church School ln'511 n. Hi Mornlnn W o r n h l o r , ficrnion: "Tht Crnltr of A u l h o r l l v Anlheni: "Turn Thy F.ce rrui Sins" ;i:0tl p r ' C K'p P iil. UnlvtTJIly Wr.lnilil.lcr i i . Hi W t n l m l n i l f r HOUM riMT PBES1YTERIAN JAMES W BUTLER. JB ; . Plltor WHIUra t Clb«oii. Mlnl«t«r to Stu- ttntt CENTRAL CHRIBTIAM rBKI) n t J C K K I . H U I I V . Pamir in:* Vftti Ruck snpri III Ml · in HII,Ir Hglinnl ll:M « m Worihip K n « k . Communion Hermtm ·N.'i p III - - Y o i t l h M r f f t l n K 7:r.n-- Evpnli,( B v u n n e l h l l c Scrvlrr ·nil Communion 7..10 |i m. Wfdncicl;iy--I'nii'cr M«rllnt U N I T A R I A N F E L L O W S H I P Umnc rtinm S l u d c n t Uintm. II n ·· CHUBCH OF THL N A Z A H E N E J. G. COnDKLI.. I ' n u t o r Snulh Locliil HlrcM f::. » in. SunilHy Ni-luiol 11:00 H. tn Morning Worship B:.1II p. m. N. y. P. S. Prayer Mi-ct- «:« n m. N. V. I' S. I ' r o i n n m «:45 p. m. A d u l l P l f i y p r H n n d 7:.1II p. in. KvnilKCUflllL 1 S(;rvic^ . y, 7:30 p. m., P r n y c r Mcet- Thu , 7:110 p. V l i l t n l l n ^ion: I -41 n nt SuntU.v School Morning Worihip ,, t ·A Vi.lnn of C!od" r n*v. B«ptii! Ford Communilf Church Firm SunilHj- 11:00 «. in. H r v Dea I'trkrr Second Stnulmy 11:00 N. in Mev. H t. under buck s ' : °A 1 nthe'm: P "lKir My Cry, O Ixirit".- .lunlor Fellowship : ao p. m. J r . - H I Knllovv.liiii · ·00 p 111 Wfntmliulcr Krllowshlp Riliiprr "I Ihf SludenlOnli-r Mrtnriav m Ml » in -- R r v . Spnitrns win JpJ.k in "Don'l »- A c h r l . l l . n i Illltcrnle." ; IT. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL MAR1U .' LINfDLOrr^ ltt*iflfr Second .Sund».v A l l c r Kplphnny fl-Oti i. in Holy CumiimiiiUii J:J« in K.mlly Strvlrct 11:00 M. m. Mornln* Pi'Ryrr M Sirnion (Kill p m y n u n l c h u r c h m e n Third Sundny 1 1 :00 n. m I CEWTHAI. METHODIST D L IIYKES. J R . Pnl* . 1 1 0 0 « ir. Colitn Student Colle« Hour 11-30 « m. Sundu School 11)4) n in M u r m n K WorihlD Anthun: "Jcius C«ll« "·"--Mctur- '"solo: "Thr. N l n d y Klr.l I's.lm"- Sol'oini Mrs. r'lynn O'Mallcy Ernnon: Dr. V l r l l l MurrH «.llll p in Voulh 'Group* 7'30 n in K v r n l n ^ Servk-(! A n l h c i n : "My Ooil .ml l"-Scr«rl Bolo: Htchnrd Crccr Sermon: Dr. Vlrcil MorrU Broadcast over KCHH FIRST CHRIST IAK ROBERT MOFFETT. I'MI* l:4!i Sunoiiy .choftl 10.50 Moroinl u'nrihm Sermon: "Thi Price nf TolM Lo.vnl- t\" ' H'M p in Clirlntliin V o u l h Ftlluw- .hip ami Chi tlho niluwthlp BT. JOHN'S LUTHErtAR Arkant«» mid ti.-k.on Trl 641 or 311 rREDKniCK C.IIMB. 1'nslor 9:30 · m SulHI.J School I0:(5 s m. S u n d a y Worihip Srrmon: T. A. Gum* A n t h e m : "BrmilUul Savior' FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST H.30 .. ni Kund.-iy School irpfl « m Sunfl.y Srivk'« HI p. m. K U H H Siindny Radio XVednekdity. 7 45 p tn . mrrllnit. Rradlni: Hooui IM r h u r c h nprn rncti dry except Suoclay «ml holidays. GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST OBIS SALVER. M i m s l e i 10 00 . m Church school 11.00 n m Serninr 1) 4S . m Communion hervlrt 7.30 S l u d j BT. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER E D W A R D H MALOY P«slor SnndHV Mn5sr* K HO aotl 10.00 a m Thurfcday. 7:^1 p in Novrna M*sje». «ekd«y M«M. Mond«y intmuh Friday. 7 Kaiurda.; Muss 7:WI «. m. First rnday MMS, }:n « M. flrBI Sulurflll.v Ma.i. 7 M N m Confession*: 7 00 lo 100 p m and belnre nil Masses j. CHUHCH or CHRIST rRED Mt-Cl.UNC. M i n i s t e r West Omrr unn Norm Locutt 14i A. in Bible «Uidj. ]Or..S n m Mornlnx Worship T:00 p m ClMMr* 7;.1fl n m W n r n h l p Sfrvirr Sermon: "Thln« Wr Should A l l Know" 9 10 «. m.. WtdnrvlM)'. Lmiin Bible p m Soni Scrvict and fllble Atulrrion F o u r l h SuncUyi 11:00 A. in Rev, V. tO.OO n, m Kncli Sunday, Sundny School WEDINGTON METHODIST CHURCH A L. nttiUK. J'axHir I»:0n a m. fiunilny Sehnnl ll:mi a. m, mid 7MO p. in. P r m c h l n e Services on Fourth and K l l l h SundHys -r CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN U1LL BARNES. TnitUir 907 UouKlan S U r c t I.4.S a in Sundny Sclionl. 7:W p m. Evening Worship. p in WrdHpintay. P r and Hihir study .or all WEST FORK BAPTIST n H RfcKlJ. t ' H x i u r 8.4,'l « 111 StJIKlH.V S f t l O t t l . H '00 M. ni Morning Wurihin. f:."0 p m D u p U m Triuniiic U n i n n 7:,10 p m Kvrnlni W o m h i p -t- BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROV W HKKI). P.i^tor f.^1 Mission Slrcrt l;4.'i *. in Stindny lS:!ioii ]):()LI » m Mornini: Worjttitp. p tn Trnlnlrtc U n i o n p ni. Kvculnit St-rvicr Midweek Pruy*"- Srrvli-e--Weiltiuk- d«i' p. m. 7 ·f CENTRAL BAPTtfcl .IACK OKAN J'Miur In Mi · in Mo mm n Worship 7.0(1 n m [ I n p t i n t 'I'rninniK Course It.oo p m K v r n l i i K Worship R.IHt p Ol WflilfiCMlBi 1 . I'mvfi «er- vk'« H- FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY t;itms f«Mor 10.(H) « in bLiiKlM.v ht'Unol II.00 ft. in I'teiu-hnifi 7:1A p m fcvaniteliit.c icrvi-e Werlneiilitv. 7:30 p m M i d w e e k rhdiiy. 7:30 p m P Y P A brrv-« BLACK OAK BAPTIST HO W Aim r i t l C H A H I J r u m o r in oo A m Sumiity tiduml 1100 a. in .Srrvitu 7 oo p m Tniinms U n i g n J! (Ml p in Prrnrllins SrtMnc Thurtdn.v 7'30 p in P m j r r m r c l t m GOSHCN METHODIST S M. Y A N C K V . PaMiir iu oo N. m Mimiuy .'Sftiin'i I I . ( H I H - n i M o r n l f i K \Vomlnp 7:00 p. ni K v r i i i n n W o r s h i p r'AYETTEVILLE BIB.-C MISSION fOU BLOCK SOUTH CUM-Mit lnt«rdennniiimllono. HOMER MOUTTKT, Pan tor t;4.S M in Suminy tn'imnl I) 00 n in Mtirniim VVonhlji f. IS o. in Young Prnplrs Srrvl.cs 7:00 p in. K v i i i i R p h s t . p S r r v i r r . J u n i o r Choir w h l meet m Wcdncuday. 7:30 p. i n , Puiyrr Mcrl- ing SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST IU K M O l l f . A N . Pnstoi A R U K MORTKI.LKII. A k M M f l n l Pn»inr 1(1:00 N in SundftV Srhnol Wcdnesdny prayer niretins HI P m. E L K I N S COMMUNITY CHURCH LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH J A M E S K CAHTKH, .Suprrintendent |.JKSSK C. C O I . K M A N . 1'nntnr 10.UU n in. Sundny School SECOND BAPTIST N V I J H A K K . Piiatoi 1 tl.4Ti n in Nundiiy .school. 10:4.'. n rn Morning Worthlp 7:()ll p m KvrniiiK Wnnhlp. Wednesday. B u tn. Prayer HI WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD { U t A N l l A M nnil Sl'KJ'JLK. UM.'i fl m. SunHiiy fciv 11 on M n r n i n g Worship -' p. in. Christ -Sri Junior C A. lu-nrlj.y lit 7:;iO p. K nnd Ulble olurly n.--Prayer Rev. ]. B. Spragcns in.mi n. in. .SiiiiilH.v St-finol I V / ' 11 C 1 A *l l : ( ) H ». m . MorniiiK Worship W i l l oDCHK A t fi:4S p. m. R"pi 1st Trnlnine Union * J First Presbyterian ,.,,«, , Jt ,,,,M, ,,.,, ...ded t h u j obligation, assumed by all who cn- mccthm were Mrs. Sum M c N a h v lor the marriace relationship. Mrs. Wilt Carter, and Mrs. Cooley. More impoltant than stricter divorce lav/s are more wccktmjis attended by Christ. When those who E v e n i n g Worship CENTRAL ASSEMBLY CHUHCHi 'he R r v v John B. 'Ml Sinilh H i l l SI HltnYL K. HETH. P n M n r Il:i:. a. MI. RnndH.v Scnnol 2:0fl p ni. OcllvcrancR Mrs! Prnypr ~..10 | id. r.vnngclisiic: Sci arc married appreciate the sanc- t i t y and the importance of '.he step t h e y are t a k i n g , and there- iore. take it c a r e f u l l y and adviscd- I v ; when husband and w i f e live tosether in Christian love and ac- eordinK lo Christian principles, we reS lon., tHreflor of Rcltelou. Ertu- TM«"« » ^^ cation For t h n Prcshytcn inn marriapes bui the problem of modern , Church. U. S.. In Arkansas and ' ( b solved." | Missouri, w i l t b r i n p the m o r n i n K ! w l " ia '- L1 - y Scheduled For March New York--Calling upon Chris- nominations (including Eastern" tian America to redouble its c f - 1 Orthodox supporting its program forts to alleviate the desperate J i n Christian compassion for riis- conditions.of misery, hopelessness, i tressed fcllow^bemgs of any na- nakedncss and starvation in the overseas -world. Harper Siblcy, C h s i r m a n of Church World Service, today announced the 1932 "One lion, race or creed, Mr. Sibley said.. Dr. Wynn C. Fairfiold, Executive Director of Church World Service, said that mor* than $fi.- Grcat Hour of Sharing" united 000,000 will be required through Ibis appeal toward the overall program of refugee aid, emergency relief and reconstruction. Most of the "One Great Hour of Sharing" f u n d s will be collected through regular denominational Ciil for relief and rccoii5ti'uc T Uon oversea.*. The appeal, in which arc ac- tlvely enlisted the combined nation- wide congregations of 21 Protestant church denominations, will take place March 16-23. Funds! Chnral music on tomorrow s BRENTWOOD C O M M U N I T Y CHUnCH v. O t h n T n r k i - t l nnil lluv l(i:(n) a. in. Sundny School 1 1:(i0 ,1. in. Si.rmnn 7. .10 p in. K v i t n l n K Service «.illi p. in Fruity n i x h u U i b i t ttuilj .nil prjii't-r tnuL-tliiit WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST A H N O U J itIMPSUN Pmtof South Chinch urnl Third Street* y.A.S n. in. Church St-honl l t : i i u K. in Mornint: W o r s h i p i.:;;o tt. in. Y o u t h Fellowship 7Mil p in Kvonitif Wonhlp · t.'hrislni.TS SHTIKK-- Wr«!r*- C h u l r o C « n l m l Mi.-ltio.IIM, .lark Wi/ic«art, cli WEST FORK CHRISTIAN J O H N AliHBl.L. M n n t t r r ;i.4.'i H rii C h i i i f t i School 11.FU n. in M n r n i n K Worihip , i-'uinnuminn Picaciiing every ( t n t And third JOHNSON CHURCH Of CHRIST H l l , I , E. .SMITH. M i n i s t e r KI-IIO n in. H M t l e study l(i Mi » in W o i s l i i p Scrviur li ;tu p in. Y I I I I M B lVii|l«-'s ClHJ 7 :iil p in W u r s h i p Service IVnyt-r Medina WcilncsilHy f.l 1:'M p in. EON'S CHAPEL 5 M I L K S I:AST ON n i n i i w A V ll.;ni » in S u n r l n y Srhnnl Sirr nn It mini t--Turner drown. A u x i l i a r y every lounn Mount; I ti in. WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN noucjl.AS finI:\VKH I'mmr Flni Afrt Third Sunday* Kiiml.ii 1 School 9;jo H m Evening Worship 7::m p. m. S*- »,ii« Anil rtrarth ftunriayi M o r n i n g W n r « h i p Ei;:iO a m S u n d a y School ni::io -A m E v e n i n g Worship 7:.1fl p. m., W Y M A N COMMUNITY CHURCH 10:011 H. m Sunday School 11:0(1 a m MnrnliDt ivonhip Rev. J o h n Anhtll. Second Sunday GDSHEN CHURCH OF THE N A Z A R E N E C A R L F I K U L K R . Pmlor Kl;00 B h. Suridny School ll-oo B. m. Worihip Service 7:30 p. m Worship Scrvtcct. -t- SYCAMOHE BAPTIST CHURCH W h r n l r r . Ark. K M TKTKR. Pn»t(tr 10.00 a m. Sunday School in 4T, a. m. M o r n i n g Worihip 7:00 p. m H a p ; K t Trnining Union 7:3(1 p m. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 p. m., Mitt-week service. C E N T R A L ASSEMBLY OF GOD f.l.l Smith Cnl.rgr H L BAY LESS. I'mtor 9:4S a. m. Sunday School. 11:0:i a. m Morning Worihip p m. Young Peopie't mrcling. 7:30 p in E v u n u R l i a i i c Servlr* 7:30 p m Thursday. Prayer meei- CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH W P M U R C H I S O N . Plltor Lrvrrrtt and Yor* Sirerti 9::i» A m Junior Choir SM.S n. m. S u n d H j Krhool 11:00 n. m. Morninj; W o r j h i p t'i no p. in. Training Scrvire 7:30 p ni. E v r n l n K Worship Officers nnrt Tmchrrs channols, with most collections , . , ,- , i t a k e n on March 23. Allocations rcali/.ed will be used for^direct ^ f j ^ hp m a d c }or chu , ch ictufloo and i c i i e r nrcns i n o n . j ^ g c r v j c c Approved projects medicines, clothing and shelter, »TMTM ° d ° mnmin ^ m ^ ,. e Hff and id (or rehabilitation prom-arm. · ^ caonslruclion worki Dr . Fair fi e lcl id. j^v-^ffistfTss,TM s^rru^ 1 rrr ii; .TM«TM ^ ^ ^ ^ K^.."-^.^.^TM;::E 5 ' s - -- y^r l^x srZstuS^^ . PST ,,,,, * w .,.. ME^!"?:?:^ ot -^--- !H-V=K C XS^ Hillside Adventures STAR* Hcnrv Mctzaor. " v 'cr at Ok- . . . . ,, , ,.. who bplicvcs" if a body 23rd Street in New York City. Lemke Tp Be Guest Jan. 24 In Little Rock Srmin.iry. l i e was s t u d e n t pnslnr at Ihe University of A l a - hnma nnl a teacher al West m i n - ster Collcirr before coming In his present position in 1!J4!». He has hern n popular speaker i n churches| ^J.^ 1 - 1 -^" 1 ;" £ j j _ _ ,, . , . . . ...,_ ... . . of Arkansas and Mipsnuri, a ' | f c i i c r might come up with a f - t e m ; l j e f needs and the vital necessity; graduates and other Universit teachers i n s t i t u t e s , and in h c : winder of a jnh sooner or later, t for economic and spiritual rchabil- \ supporters J a n u a r y 24 In Littl cjuarters of the Central Department of Church World Service,, National Council of the Churches' W. .T. Lrmkc, head nf the Unl- of Christ in the U.5.A.. a( 120 East, versity journalism department, w i l l be special guest at n set-, enough t h a t j "The c o n t i n u i n g urgency of r e - · together nf University journalism ..«,,.«. .,, _ i ii._ ...i_i ... . . ., ., TT {jrsitv Little and starvation existing on other about spelling bees, rail f p l i t t i n g . Announcements First Baptist Church Circles of t h e First Baptist Church w i l l meet Monday as fol- and hos calling contests. All of which makes us wonder if he hasn't heard about the hill folks going modern. Press Association meeting in Lit- t tic Rock Friday and Saturday. Commenting specifically on the Januarv 25 and 26. most urgent areas of need. Mr. i Witnijcriev said there will be Sibley cited the desperate condi- informal story-telling, and nn. | lions of f a m i n e in I n d i a and Paki- 'aillliT of the f i f t h F A f l M l N G T O N BAPTIST I) M KHKLS. piisinr hi. tin a in SuiiiUo Si'liuol 1 |:IHI ji in M o r n i n g Worship fi.;ni p. in H n p h M T i ; i l n i n K 1'inoii 7.3» p in KviiiiKClisllt; Sprvu-i; WcilncMl.i.v 7:M p. in. P f n y c r Mccl- J F A R M I N G T O N METHODIIT M f f l f n i ; 7 p. 1 m. nnd Chi: Hihle Siuri.v. Prncllcc, K p m. 7:.10 lows: Circle one, 2 p. m., Mrs. G. A. M. .Johnson, 2 East Clcburn Street; Circle two. '}. p. in.. Mis. Jamie | anf [ secondly, nobody is that w o r k ! "The story nf war-torn Korea, .lorus. !M4 West M a p l e Street. ! brittle no more. There are too! he jajd, "with thousands upon Circle Ihrcr. 2 p. m.. Mrs. . l a m i e j many places to K" in the car ,, to thousands of homeless, aged and speeches at the event, which will hcsin at 7 p. m., at the Marion People just plain don't split rails stan where the fi anymore to speak of hereabouts, monsoon rains for ...^ ,.,... I n ' t h c first place the rail t i m b e r ! secutive year has reduced inon is p u i t nigh a t h i n g of the p a s t , , millions to literal slarvation. "~ Mountain Home l nrV^'n-U 1 West'ivin ole Street ' p u t "in*" much time workinc. Be- orphaned, needs little r e p e t i t i o n ' Mrs. Bert Lanslcy was guest of r i r ' l r f m i r " l - i n n m Mrs I ! sides, if you happen lo w a n t to to stir the renewed s y m p a t h y of j honor Tuesday at a stork shower V..IM.IC , -. i, n nh' chiiVrh 1 ^'ork you can RO up to the county C h r i s t i a n America, and the de-: at the home nf Mrs. Paul Johnson. L. rersuson, ^ I H w o u n \ - n u i . . scali jj ct n j O ^ a n f j buy more wire plontble plifiht of the A r a b r e f - ' The table was decorated with pink * w i t h the results of one day's labor ugees--more than a million exist-1 and green streamers ai t h a n you could split rail for in a ] ing in dire want -- grows more with baby pictures, week'hand-running, and not w h i p , tragic daily." 'guests were present. G Avenue. Circle five. 1:30 p. m., Mrs. Sid- ncv G u a r d , 224 O.arU. Business Women's CMrele, Mrs. W a l t e r Smith, 11!) Street, 7:30 p. m. , Worth Kast St. I'aul Kpisropal Church St. Paul's Chapter i-ill mecl M o n d a y al 2:30 p. m., w i t h Mrs. yoursclf to a fray.zle cither. Another thing: The modern hog or cow would feel terribly frustrated h a v i n g to live in a pasture surrounded by rails. That might give them a "fenced in" feeling. The cmv couldn't be expected tn give the right number of pounds illion exist-! and green streamers and centered p. Fourteen Game prizes I n Central Europe. Mr. Siblcy were won by Mrs. R u t h Langley said, a tremendous refugee work and Miss R u t h Ada Gayer, remains to be done despite t h e : Mrs. Frances Van?.ant of Spring- thousands now being cared for in j ^ a 'c is the guest t h i s week of her old folk's homes, Jn orphanages! son-in-law a n d daughter, Mr. and and In camps, and despite the r e - i Mrs. Walter Maycs. moval of thousands to new homes' Mrs. F r a n k l i n Gayer was hostess in other lands. The recent request Wednesday to the Helping Hand JEHOVAH'S W.TNFMEi »1 floor Red Cro» Drue Uldf m'edneiday. 1:38 p m. Book Smitr- Vtldiy, 7:30 p. m Service mrfthif Trldlii', 1:41 p. m., Tl.»ocr.illc Mm- Ittry Svhool H I G H L A N D COMMPMITT t m Kund«.v inrhooi 11.15 M. in Mnniln« VVonlup. Werincid»r niiht. 7;3() p. m. Pr*jfi if r view. 4- WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY W » t c h i n w r r CHURCH fin nd «y Soli no I If) .10 ft. m. . Ml i Kl A 11 on ,1 Krrvicf Sundayi . i Sunday Stlin . nnil 7. .10 p m First. Sernnd NORTH SIDE AS9EMBLT OF GOD S A M l f K L . K H H U C E . 1'HiIur 1» on n in Sunitsy School 11 nn H in Scinum Tucsifn.v. Vounf I V o p l a » C A S*r- nrri. J:.".0 n in Knitay I'rnj'-r Krrvlcc. 1 4i p in 4- P A R K S D A L E BAPTIST l l M N M . r t DAVI.S I'.uKir AI1I.K.N MOSTl.l.l.AK. A s ^ M H i i t Pnalor 10 oo a m hi m May Mrhmii 7.;ill [i m K v n n y r j t s l l c Mr.Mmf* Wcctiioiilny. 7:.10 p 111 Prayer MPPI- 1 ' i n U v , 7:,10 p in. V»til.| I'vupl* » J O H N S O N BAPTIST CHUHCH K M 1.0CIIK. I'nsuir dll I t ilfi N 7 DO p K lln 11 s o i l |i Wi-dni-.%[ Worship TriiiniiiK l l t n i i tc -S Srrv iiu' + SEVKNTH DAY A D V E N T I i T J? .SIIIITH S'l'RKr.1 SATUI1I1AV Ml 111) n tn Sflhh.ilh S. tiiml l l no ii in C h n t i ' l i trmrt Ttir5ri».v 7..10 p m Pr»vpr m r M t n l + SALEM M I S S I O N A R Y B A P T I S T W H S H A I t l 1 . l\tslor Six Mllm iKirllmnt 10 nn n ni Sundny St-ltonl l i o n n . in. M o r n i i i K W t i n h i p 7 .in p m t'.vpntnii W n r n h i p Urtlnrliilfl.v. 7:,10 p m.. I' m 3 i CHURCH OF JESUS CHHIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS n.K'I'CUKH. Klrirr Slntlrnl Unum Hlnr lltvim in .10 K m Simdity Sclinol. I M M A N U E L BAPTIS'l CHURCH G W M O R R I S O N . Pastor Copif-r Dunvaii »nd Sltm* 9::tll ;i n. .SumlRy School in:;,.'! M u r n i n v Worsnip fi 1,1 H n i i t i M t r n t m n x Union 7:;i(l K v c n i n K Worship WcdiiCKday. » p. ni.. I T n v r r Service + ( F I R S T ASSEMBLY OF GOD U U N A l . I ) W A L K J T R . PQIIOI 9.: n m Sunday Srhool. S:0n p m V P Clnir 7.r,o p. m KvanicM^tic SPFVU-M ·»:.!() p in Frldjiy. Bil)le ntud.v 7:30 p m. TucBflRy, C. A- MFVIC* ·4- O A K L A N D BAPTIST (Si A. M i let Noritietit) I S WH1TELEV. Pnnor I" IHI x. in Sunday School. I t . o n A m Morning Worth.p. 7 M p in RYPTC R..10 p m Evening W u r t h l p WednciMlny. 7:.10 p m Pmyer m*«t- ng. a. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WAi.rrn .IKSSKII pustm i l l i l h w h . v 16 W«t) 111.0(1 * tn Sunday Srluiol 11.IK) n ni Mornni: Wncslnp. fi-.m p in T r n m i n x Uninr. 7 .10 p m. Kvangrllstic Service Tluirsn.iy, 7.,10 p in., Prayer Mcet- C i R E E N L A N D COMMUNITY ROBERT P A R K E R I'.ulol !»..' « in Sunday Sc-nool I I nn H m M o r n i n g W.H.IMI, T h t i i s d a v 7 nn p in., mitlwrck lerv- ivri Ird hy Ilic R r v Jnck Taylor + APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NllOI.A MOORE. P.IJ'or Hisli«H.v 71 Snulh in nn a. Ill Sunday Srlinnl I I no a in Miirninit .Servlr* 7.10 p in t v a n K f l U l l c Srrviar Wrdnfsriay. 7:30 p. m.. Miri wefli ·rrvice + ST. JAMES BAPTIST INiflro' i w wt:nn i»ini in .in a tn Sunday Nt-limil I I .in a m Mnrninx Wnrihlp .S (W p m Vniitu Prnplr's mfetlnil · On p m Cx'anirellttlc ^rrvlr* + ST. JAMEfl METHODIST INlfro) A I. I H I C H A N A N I'.lien 9 1.*i a in £undM.v Srhnnl I I m « m Mnrnini W n n h l p « 4 A p m S n u l l i Frll..«lll» 7:1(0 p m Nlchl Sertlm ')0n Kit « t r'"" ""· I I K ' I t I I U M I U C I "i j i i ' u i i n . ' i l l I U H L l l l l l l i . I I l L I l . L U I H ] L t f U C S l v t i l HUM I O J in I l i e ' i t : i | H i i A i m i n t Hess Kell Boynlon, ^-U t a s i ( ( ) f b u l t c r f a t anr i t] lc hog's bacon! to the U n i t r d N a t i o n s by its com- Cluh. Ten members and one guest, M n p l e Slrret. wouldn't be jupt the r i R h t number i missiuncr for refugees for S3 - i Mrs. Charlie Gayer, were present. | Stc. M n r p n r o t ' s Chapter will nf | a y crs O f fat to those of lean; nnn.OOO lo allay the i m m e d i a t e j The members voted to hold a mip- l have a 1 o'clock luncheon. Mon- j j ^^, arc n n t contontcd. 1 s t u r v a t i n n of a m i l l i o n and a h a l f j pf' a ' ^^- Communily House J a n - j clay afternoon w i t h Mrs. Herbert The old brindle cow could j u m p i of homeless, he said, ' tiai'y 25. Game pi i/,cs went to Mrs. Lewis Sr.. 327 North Wasliins- the fence to a-courtin f,o, or hunt j t h i s drastic uiRcncy which "our | Nell -Johnson, Mrs. Gynith Camp- Ion Xvcniie Mrs. Leslie W i i e h t a more luscious crop of wild j churches m u s t face in fullest i - o - i b e l l and Miss R u t h Ada Gayer, anrt M r s Wo'-slcv Davis will be co! onions. f npcrjition with nil s i m i l a r C h r i s - i The next meeting will be at the j " ' | Now thr old fashioner! razorback ; lian endeavors." j home of Miss Gayer, hostesses. · J UJR F C i f l o m became' f r u s t r a t e d . He I Millions of American r h u r r h - j " " As A Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule · Arkansas Western Gos Co. ·Boston Store «Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbell-Bell · Fayetteville Drug Store ·Hatfield Pontiac Co. ·Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozark Grocer Co. · J C Penney Co. ·W. G. Shipley Baking Co,, Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. ·Vicker's, Inc. · WhitlJtld Motor Co. Church, followed by breakfast. Centra I Presbyterian church acorns. j Funds raised by the appeal w i l l , The razoibaek has given \va.v t o - s w e l l the relief work made pos-: ' a shoal wilh a pndigrce, t h a t l i a s i p i h l e this year t h r o u g h Church l.rnir»i i^ ranjieri.n - " " » ' h Uon f o p R nosc He js loo | az .; W()| . )r , Sp| . vipp a n r l a l l nf t h c flp . - ( \Hvrrtisf in the i h e \ \ o m c n s O.Rai i/.at on o f , adventures, and the =^- - '==^ Central Presbyicnan Church u ,11 h a n k c r i n p tn RO astray I __ TIMES--It iwj»! .ncct Monday in the homo of M r s - ; hccnuse he knows nil her lover? K a i l Shook, WO Hush Drive. Co-: n| . p i lousct i i n the A r t i f i c i a l Brecd- hosicssps will be Mrs. C. P. Dodd | crs ' Barn, and high-priced ifced I and M i s . f'«. M. Malhcws. The|j. much more tasty than onions; prncrnnt "Missions Inside The cither tanie or wild. ; will be in charge of Mrs. 1 No need to call the hogs a n y - j more. They are already lyinj: b e - j Inside The pjthci U.S.A.' 1 Herbert Chandler, assisted by Miss l.,,la Klli*. M«. CharlM Ap- ^ ^ , . plehy and Mrs. Bruce Holcomb. Mrs." Georte Rranigan will present the devotional study. side the self-feeder, loo full to go . As for spelling bees: Who's interested in learning to spell any- j more when there arc so m a n y , .places to go, such as the p i c t u r e ' ( MfthiMllsl Church 'show--a drive-in if you are in- The Pearlc McCain u n i t of · lerested in a lover's lane w i t h [ Wc'.lcvan Service Guild of C e n - j ushers -- rat race, and H o n k y ; jmrl Mrs. ho in rh.llTC nf the program. llnlmrlan Krllowslilp nr. linvl C. Shafer, lecturer and address memlicrs school. No, Ren, t h i n g s -- l i k e the o l d ' grey mare--ain't w h a t they user! lo he. The world, like the Negro's' fish, has s w u n k up s o m e t h i n g ' h i l l m a n is only | author w i l l address memucrs IIMI. IM B .-wuim in. »...i.. u..i, h i n i i n i i n r i n n Fellowshin a l ' a w f u l . The average h i l l m a n is only of Ihe U l l l " l t n l V . ,, , ,, " ' ' , ! « n nnrt rhuRhnlcs, SO shimmies.! their rceular meeting ' " ' V ^ ' i nnd ,10 shakes froni town, and you ' heninnliiR at 11 a. m. He will It"'*! ,.,,,,.,' keep 'his youiiRe'ns f r o m 1 . Ihe last in a series of t a l k s on frerdom and responslhllity. "if , ]lt .. 1( | in( , , h ; l ( w n y as snon ss t h ( ,; chores are done. si-hjei'l heinc "Freedom and A e - j TI, C nverase .rnungster w o u l d 1 tion." llortor Shafer is professor of history at the University. The church school will convene at the Mime hour In Hirer groups. Meetings are held In the Onmc Room of the Student Union. Services ilexl week will he conrtuelcrl hy a «roup Mom All Souls U n i t a r i a n Church of Ttilm, Okln. t h i n k rail s p l i t t i n g hns something, to \viih t h a t shiny contraption I around where they serve beer, a ' spelling bee an educated honey \ maker, and a hog railing a f f a i r { his maw calling his paw tn supper, j Rut should anything as unusual a*! Ihem Ihinss happen here In t h e : hills I'll let you know right iiuick like. | TK« Almighty Fathtr OrdaifMd tni Eirobliihid tnt Church at · Holy Pl«* for Wonhip. //WILL HC FIND YOU WCTf SUNDAY^ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walttr L. Johnson, Patter "THE OPENING OF THE SEALS" Morning Worihip Hour 10:SS (Breadotl ot«r Stilion KGRHI Sunday School 1:30 "THE CHURCH IN SARDIS" Evening Worihip Hour TiJO Training Union t:li The Nurttry ii open at all M'victl WELCOME

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