Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 19, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 19, 1952
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THE PUBLIC INTEREST iS THE FIRST CONCERN OF THIS NH-WSFAPER Associated Press Leased Wirt AP, King end NEA Features Local Forecast-- ' Kayetteville and vicinity partly cloudy and cooler tonllbt and tomorrow; temperatures past- 24 hniirs: Hish yesterday (2; 11 a.m. tn'la.v 7fl; low last nlshl S3;-sun- rise 7;2S a.m., sunsft 5:32 p.m. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 151 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 19, 1952 PRICE FIVI CENTS Area Bandsmen Gather At High School lc«e nf Music. Chiwiigo; directs a ; . west Arkansns senior band clinic in Hoot Auditorium of Ffivcttcville Agriculture Inquiry Set Purchasing Hearing Ends 'Senators Plan __ Full Probe Of Dealers Assert Benton Jury Returns 'Death ! Grain Storage Contributions ,, D ... /», ·. ' "~-- w "~ Affected Sales B * Persons Unknown Verdlct Commission Will Probe Maintenance In Next Session (From The Associated Press) Little R o c k -- T h e . Arkansas Highway Audit Commission ended its three-day public hearing on purcha^iliR methods of Uic slate Highway Depaitmenl yesterday and announced that highway main- band (above) durum J tcnancc will be taken up at the next session, opening .lanuary 29. ''' oul ' ociui|imcnt dealers testi- ...,,,'ban'cir.! fied yesterday that contributions the* m o r e . t o Governor Mi-Math's political lhan 200 students attending the'. campaigns had a bcnrinK on their clinic from 21 lush schools. Thc : dealings with the Highway De- C'inic opened yesterday and ondsj n!H , m p n i this afternoon, anrl Nutt is finest! Bronnan, Warren Questioned About Large Shortages Restoration Of MacArthur To Pacific Command Urged San - (/H - St-nntor* Knowland ( R - C n l i f ) declared today in an endorsement of Gen. nnii^las Mai-Arthur's policies, that the United States has no businrss fighting in Korea unless it rx- Tlin California senator, a porter of Gnv. Kail Warren', for the Kcpublicftn piesUlniti;il nnmination, brought Mac-Arthur's name boforo the GOP National ' Commitlre in its closing SOPS ion. ] Former Gnv. Harold Slassen of M innesnln Hrew rherrs last night when he declared that Mai-Arthur. 43 Aboard Plane Down In Pacific Srallh'-'/lVA Korean airlift plane with 4.'t n hoard (ell Into sea near a British Columhia By rLOYD'CAFIL. JR. ncntnnville.--A Coroner's Jill la;.I niEht found the death of Rcntonvillc plumliin^ conlractr January 2 w a ; at t!ie "hands of person or persons unknown" af'.er' dramatic tc-stiintmy icx-caled lhat : ' ti-e body of Joe Pntchaid. 43. con-. " W.i?hin21on-f/r)-Senators tndsy predicted tiulrk iipproval of a full- scale investigation of multi-million dollar activities in the Department of Agriculture. 1 si-nuld he able to make sin e less tempting to people. m uovcrnmpnt or dealinc tai'neT 1 a'leiii l ar.iinnun't''of''ni'or-' »'!'» the uoveniment." Senator Phine even befoK- he was shol in.. Aike,, . R - V t . told a repor.rr. death. Chairman Kllcndpr D-L,v of 111* Coroner W. K. Burns of nosers S e n a t e Agriculture Coinmitlee brnuxhl IS witnesses b-.-foie thc which unanimously approved th» l.i-membcr .nil-male Coroner's invrstualinn late yciterdav, t - j l ' t Jury in almost four hours of testi- ; hf expects Senate approval of , ninny. The jurors deliberate!! only S'lll.non lo finance It. ! l.'i minules before returning t h e ; ",\ l n t of people have been sc- rircision al ll:l.i p.m. The Inriiicst i ,.,, so ,| ,,f various things," F.llemlcr was held i't Ihe Benton County said. "We hope to clve them a court house. * chance lo tell their story." Pritchard was d i s c o v e r e d ; The committee acted nffer Sec- slumncd over the wheel of his e x - ; ,. oli ,,. y ,,, As riciiHiire Brannan nnd prnnve-automobile near the home . Cnmplrnllci . Lindsay C. f Ins divorced wife. Mrs. Hazel, W ,,, T01 , i csti r| c d about . fcvernl Pi-itdiaiTl iibm.t IMJ p.m.. .Ian- : |M j |||n|) ,,,,;,.,,.,, of shor | ascs | n uary 2. 1 he i-liarse finm one b a r - , Rn vernmcnl.owned g r a i n and Ilc ."' ?.:. 2 ".. (! .?"?. i; ... t i h . n ' l i u /\. ,.·?:!']! "Ihcr rnmmoclities. j d president of the Arkansas j ^^"f'^^ifif iiircS «Wj_^_»TM^.°LTM n r i !"" "-" : rif the host Fayettcvillc Mich School bund. Last night the hich · i-chool musicians held a dance. Today they auditioned for the all- j talked il nvrr with. Governor Mc- state band which will assemble 1 Math after conferences wilh I hen ' cl ~ ! iTpnntecl here. Bui MncArthur has i forward puhlic- thc Highway Department. \ \ y ;is nVnndiria'lr, though his name ; He testified that he became con- j tMS figured in lobby Inlk. How- ' Force Ha^e, c n r H r r t 'ID -,·, ; report thai Hie death appeared to miill;i '- v ; he suicide. Prltchard }w\ i t u. . " " ! reined about the situation and | cvcri ]." £. Epton, Portland, Ore., real cslale dealer, reported a Mac- later on in J-lot Sprines. lligli-.-ay Ueparlmcnt Director .1. . . iPuska T1MF,SFOTO); C . Uaker and Ili-hv.-ay Purchasing * High School Is Host To Musicians rl:llcl wllh W "° " few minutes cm-lior ;md. :he i.aid, Pacific Irving for an emergency , ronni led his Intention of commit- landing on the Queen Charlotte' tins suicide. Agent John K. Brown. Lyons snirl McM;ilh told him he ] p Arthur slate will be entered in the Oregon presidential primary. Inoicalions are that lie thus may be (lilted apainst Gen. Dwiqht Islands. boat:; sped fo (he .scene | Ilirec-fourlhs of n mile offshore. .Mid nnc reported it picked up ."even person,-. The tucboni | Pithologiil Teitiliei Acricullurc Ueparlmcnt for storaKe. 2. Complaints department em- ployes In the federal Land Bank and /arm credit ascncie.r, in St. Louis, Mo., formed a pool to speculate. In oil and «as leases on lan'd fatal amount of innrphlnc I'ulphat . } · } ' ·-»-» H«ioHHf.. i in.- lUKuutii in the hlood nf the shooting vie- :rr?, \ h . c r, T'~ i r h '«---- -p y .V" i ^urii I^L".' \ ^JTK^^I j the slate could do lUsincss ^ ll "i | party nomination, but w o n t join ,,,. - i ....!..- -_i.. -i.- ; M._* i~u IifisL night's finding* resulted i formerly owned or controlled by lamely from the discovery nf a ! the government. .1. HeporLs of irresularities In connection with the "processina of Hovcrnmcnt commodities," Ellen- dcr said these involved complainls aian on solicitation 01 !"·· ".i«i»ii."" ,,.,..,.,.^...... · · ; · · · · , sumvors: KKI. Charles K. Kicles,! Hospital an lommissioncr A. D. I ination. He said he dnesn t believe \ SR| Richard P. Kicles, 1.1. Donald : ber of tin- was under !be direction of Floyd! state. Lyons said he called liis Pitts band director of Fort Smith I Hi;;h School Twenty-five 'bands! ;inri h;ul ;t check for *r0fl delivered and 191) musicians participated in. lo the Highway Department build- thc two-day affair. j '»= within an hour after thc con- i Thc students attending were di- j versaimn w i t h Ma,-on. Area Guardsmen Nearing Home vided into two croups -- one de- 1 lc:ilcr t e s t i f i e d lie received the .fuly con vent inn in Chicago, j It could happen, Stnssen said, that ' he would be the man. j The committee decided yestcr- | day there will be 1,2(15 votes in ! Ihe convention. makinc necessary for the nominee lo pet a total of 60.1 voles. Iu,,.J.J Co. AWalOcfl lOl Editor's Note: The Public In- , i-reriitcfi with helping stop a Reri formnlion O f f i c e r ;n Camp i nitack v.-hcr. they pulled their ; j'^'^ { ^ hcst"in"Vhc MateTThis Chaffce, Fort Smith, mid tiie hi-;ivy artillery pieces Mfiht up lo . nroup annua ji y performs at a. TIMES this morning in a lele- the fi'ont luic.^. · ! mcclinR in Conway early in' phone conver?ntinn 1h;it thrro \v;i5 The Aik.msms were proct'sscri ; March, and at the Arkansas leach-j mi information there a? tn the ihrnuah Fort Lawton bore ;mfl '· crs meetinr, at Little Rock later exact arrival of meir.biMs of the headed for Camp Chaffoc. Ark., in the month. nSfith nnd 037th Field Artilli-rv where they will be Riven fur- loiiphs before re-assifinmcnt. signaled the Red and the other! an ordcr fnr nnl - v ono P r;irlci '. but the Blue-- for thc purpose ofMhmtfilit his profit exceeded t h e : band Rvoup rehearsals anri pcr-j S5nn contribution. · formanccp. The students also took | Mason appeared before t h e ; part in individual tryouts for po-| A u d i t Commission a n d ac- sitions in the orchestra and a ! knowlc-dand that he had solicited , ^3 fjfjA AAA A«J| U/ArL number of them took tryouts for; U v ons for cnrnpnicn funds. Bui h e ! ^JrVVUfUWW KUQU TfUIII Ihe Arkansas All-State Band this! demM! promisinR him any husi- i ness with the .state in return. | J ' lttlc Rork-l/Pi-Contraels for huildini; 'M bridges and about 112 in road construction at Worst Over In California (he Illicit narcotics iraffic in the · morning. I The All-Stale Band is composed ; ! of the !)0 hich school student. Of ronvrrsHlion ' ' United Stale?. Family Mtmb«rs Wilnr«i As v.'itnecas after witursK, i n - ! eluding the dead man's wife, his | firtt wife and married w)ii, mounted the witness chnir, thi^ story, emerged: | StOrmS CQUSe Prllch»r.-!. n fiitcccsbfui husincsx-i 1 n t\ tl. Innn ' ' 1nfl M ' 5 ' 1Ifl7 - cl Pntchnrd, » j 17 UeGinS school teaeher, hao been m?irri^d for 27 years, Last summer, while! Los Angcles-f/!VFloodod South-· Mrs. Pritchiird wax studying for, Accounting Office, which audiO ·rti California began dieting out. | a degree in Kurope, Prilcharri be-. government financial transaction^, cluge in H ' K n n tf) "fhangc." : for Congress, sharply criticized The continuing rtnrm, ; port program in the "past thres years, so "total losses cannot exceed about one 20th of one per cent." Brannan said. He oaid less than 50 £rain atul warehousemen were involved .out of more than 15,000 who participate in the government farm storage program. Crilicim "Ntgllgenct" Warren, licad of the General nattalinny. made np of men fi'oni Northwest Arknns;»«. Hr reported the ramp had information t h a t about fiO men are due there 1 by scheduled Knn?ns City Soutlicrn train tomorrow niRlil ;it 10:2(1 o'clock, and n si-nun of 4. r is due in Fort Smith from Tac(Mn;i. Wash., by Misponri Pncilic t l i i r - rveninp, but thai thr IT i" no ,i:~- surarrr these are members of ihe two haltalinns. flowrvcr. Iho PiO yald it was possible tho a!T;i men mlRbt arrive this wookend. ..v.. ufc , M. . . . ^ rf Hazel Pi itcbatd charged · "negligence" and "irregularities" . . . . ,, _ _ . . . . o n the stand that while she w a s . j n the grain storage program. , , , , - whll - |l ' i " m "7 1 '1 ' ""· |lr -?" f '.'" in Kn.npo hor Imshan.l 1,,-cam,-: Warren said grain shortage, un- Annlhrr rr,mpnicnt rtpalrr, .1. A. lol .,| , wt ,,, about 5.1,11011.11110 worp "» '·"* Ansclrs in throe days, lofl .^.^^im^ Wllh , u ,,. womnn he: ri:r the Dallas, Texas. oHicc alone IdRKS, Jr., Litllc Rock, testified ; -m.;,,^^ yesterday h.v the Arkan- lfl knowi rirad and sent rlHiniige ,,.,(,,,. lnli ,. r j r (|, Mrs.. MnrRnrct amounted to $3.800,000, although about a c-nnveisatinn with Mes:l; . Hichwnv Comniission. e.tiniat(;.s into thr millions. Prilch.'mi. When the first wife r e - . some of this might be recovered. Math on can,naiEn contribution?. · The Commission luint!il flown 't was the woi.^t downpour turner! he sought a tiivnrc-e--to: The comptroller general said he Mm hids on a niari that harl been re- sim-e n difaslrous Mnod of March. '· which hhe finally acicerf. Later; had ordered a -full and eoniplclq. ; " ivhen ll.Ofi inches of rain thc conlractor married the second ] iiu'cstisation" by his auditors of five days and caused 85 I Mrs. Pritchiird. i thc drain storage program in other Cs said McMath told [ t h a t , while.his firm would eel ; q ,, os | c ,| ny Governor The guest romh.etor. Null, is! *TM; *^ business, other dealers | Mi) , hw , ny nepnrtmenl dean of the faculty al Vanrler- Cook College of Music, Chicaso.! bc . c " ac " Aluminum Workers Threaten Sirike Piltpburch - (/Pi - A nationwide strike nf FIIJIIO Sii.OOfl aluminum wnrkrrs early in February darkened thr- industrial pcrne today as ip.;*n;iKrmcnl-CIO-AFL talks rr- inained stalemated. A ypnkr-'nian fnr Aluminum t'ompany of Amor- ica, i)lsii'',--t pruducrr in th^ inriu.c- irv. pairi yr!:',rrd;iy tlir- API, Alnniinuin Wnrkers l'ni'n }\;\r. Srat'.Ic-f.-T'-A Rrfiup ol' ha!tle weary Aiknmns soldiers arrivefl herr Ins! niRiit on Ihc f i i s t Ire. of their trip home. "It's sonrt to hr hark." sniri Cpl. broken off eontracl neynliatiiMis T?obrrt Sdlr of Fayrtlcvillr, Ark., and ll-.rratens lo strike February "and 1 rlnn't mean good; I ^ unless anrermrnt is rrachefl hv mean creal." Him. Ahnut (P.riflll workers nl six Scllr's i-oir.mi'iils rxpres.scd the plants -"· involved. T l i i n n n c ^ McGroth Hunts For Head Of Cleanup Drive McMath. '''·I Director : frl1 '" would get more because they harl j Q,;,',, (.-lillerlon'said a required .1(1- ' rle«lhs. n McMath's politi-I ,|, 1y waitinv. period had (lot ; llaide cal campaign. | P |apsed between the time the pioj- ; districts I Rises said Mi-Math named j ,,,., w; , s artvuitiscd and yesterday's i Orange Count! : .rames Malone of the Brown-Ma- i tn eetinc : K e i n a n d o Valley. Nearly . lone Company. Little Rock, and j -j- nc p|-njrrl was a new nushed families, removed from | R. A. Young of For! Smith, as two j slnn ^ s,,,.^.,, ,,,, the. Wooslrr- IXK fiealrrs who would Ret more bur.i- ness liusiness Hropprd Off Oscar D. Old of Kern-I.imcrick. r.ieenbrier their homes as flondwalcis reached id in Faulkner depths of three to four feel, ic- tuined lo stuvcy and repair the The water was rccedinc County. Projects for whirh contracts wric awarded includr- 7 1 miles of today. Inc.. Little Rock, a road machin- ! grading, drainage structures, and ~ . WashmKton-i/T')-Atty. f.'.-n. Me- cry firm, said that in thr yeai end- j gravel base course on the Cmcin- 17 links Killed Grath shopped around today out- r ( i June .10, 1!M9, bi.s firm soltl ' a t t i - n o i th and south loarl le ow am s j( ^.^ fj,,^^ ^,. s Margaret Pritch-' Rrannan said the shortakes un- AnKCIes and , ;)r(| i,,,,,,!^ Mr5- ]| : , z( .| p.-jtchard ' der thc Dallas office resulted when m m the San i ^nocked her unconscoius and elevator and warehouse men \ "stuffed cravrl in my mouth." · sold Rovernnicnt grain expecting The sliuation remained tense prices to drop because of a huse ' o n January 'J. Shortly before 'i.nop. Instead prices rose, and the ! 01 lock t h a t evcoiiu Mi"' ; - Ha/.cl warehousemen were unable lo re; Pritchard telephone Pritchard al ; place the government grain or re; the apartment where he lived with pay the losses. secretary conceded some ·bad | daughters, by a previous marriage.'. department employes used "ba '1'he fiisl Mrs. Pnichaid told him '· judgment, and that the two to .Manila-i/l'i-Thc Philippine Aimy she wanted to lalk with him. : Dallas officials had been dis- feelings of the 104 other members .lames 0. Thimmcs. v i . e pre-i- ^ nf Ihc two Arkansas National i dent of :he CIO Slrrlwo, kr,s s.iid r 'jrd aiid' lhat liir appomter'-.'iil' '"'K'"" 1 ' Company, r.unrd iinii.-- -vhirh stepped ashore. "," im niembrrs of his union h(1 ,. hnyf . n without regard lo his "^ al " n I 1; "' ls from thr N.ivv Transport ,Ioe P. : " n other recourse but to strike Marline?.to a noisy, gala welcome ' 1 if a new routine! ir from Hr.ittlr residents. . not si;;u"d w i t h K.-IIMT Aluminum The men .-re member* of the '.*"« C:l "TM' ·;' '^"'I ); ";'· »3(ilh »n.1 n.'iV Field Artillery 1 W |-' ' ^ f 1O-I.SU isMicd .,,, ulli- side the go\trniricnt for a man $240,700 worth of equipment lo Highway M. Kllis and Koonce.' loday said il killed 17 Oimnmii.r.i to ilirecl his projected cleanup of the Hichway Department. That P"" Smilh weie surrrssrul hid- lluk= in Central I.u/.ou in the last corruption in thc federal machin- Was during the term nf former deis at ?.12.T,!11.2R. 'week, cry. He said Ihe selection would : c, r ,v. Ren I.aney. In Ihc year end- be on merit anrl "without any | ,.,\ .[,,,·,,. ,10, I'tsi. v.-hich included iiai tih.m consideration' 1 and t h a t [ ihe first year of McMath's term, the man named would h a v e his business with the stale "broad and unfettered a ilhoi Hv" dropped to SID.8(1(1. to ferret out misconduct among R( , ( ,, sr(| To (:nnlrillll , f government officials. , , , . , ,, , , McGrath said "several piomi-, Hetchrr l.oid, Liltle Rock dis- nrnl lawyris" are being eonsid-! 'I'"' 1 '"·'"acer for Crow-Hur" ' " " Iiii'., wholo- ier. testififfl · Piirrhasing Agent Rrown inform- Seek To Move Sick Woman And Child From Snowbound Airfield Wilt Rogers' Daughter i Files Suit For Divorce S.inla Monica. Callf.-f/V'-The Mountain Home. Iflaho-f/Ti-Hes-' miles MnoiiRh deep snow uers have brouaht tallons from \Vesl and Xorthwesi malum t that l.'i.m , ' c i r r l The nlo lerieral t w o units short lime Alcoa on Wednesday wnikei'- will s t i i k e Febriiaiy I unle. 11 : a coniiael i? ne- Rollated. Safety Council To Honor School Group I Meeting yrs'.cirlay. nirmi.frs r»f , ' ihe l-'ayetleville S a f e t y Council set irlurned wilh « j W«shniglon-i.l''-Thc Air Forer April |] as Ihe trnlalne rlale for h a dinner honormr; niemh.-is of ihr · | public school .-afcl" p.ihol-.. junior ··1,-iblishnvnt if (Irf m.-irfh»lr, flrcmei., police and Arkansa:;. They \\'ci ·rrvire in I were sent f Inter. The t w o record of h,-mi,.: f u e d the famed has ;el "3 lor a v i f i t "Arkansas Lou; \''-n;" thai were nivlhevillc. A . k . "Ifin.-il.' to di , affihalion. Thr post will he Ih-.l of special {vi him lhat his firm could expect ., m | ( . hj | f | f ,,,, n , ..nmv-hound gold assistant to McGrath to supervise '"He business with the s t a t e hr- ! and coordinate the cleanup pro- ' "use il relused lo ennlr.huie i m " lp _'" '"'""" i money to MrMath'5 campaign for | renomin.'ttirr,. Lord s.ii'1 tho romp;iny 1ms n policv ; g;i ins t making pn]iiir;il f-nnti ibutmnr.. Mr?. Ha/rl PrilchHrH t r s t i f i c f j . mis.icd. her foimer husbanl tn divorce his Mrcoiid wife and n.'turn In her. She s a i d ! she asked him tn visit her lo dis-; cuss this possibility. When she pressed him f'"' fln i e rtrrisinri. Mrs. Hazel' PrilchaiH i-iiid. Pritchaid « r c w - l - ' t l P Will nnacrs 1 daughter, Mary ;uigrv an'l .stormed out "f t h e ; Rogers Bronks, has sued Walter house a f t e r .shnuiin^ that he in-, Brooks for divorce, alleging crucl- I trndfd in t a k e his own lifr im; iy. The romplHint, filed yesterday, j medi.itely. However, he returned i j,.,^^! the court tn order Brooks fo | in it few mimilctf Inlrr s.iying his i c u i r n ., 13SO Cadillac, a box of ear was Murk at the Mfle of the j c w p l r y ^ valuahle pcrsn nat Mis. Hazt-I inlehani p . |pci . ? - Th{t (wo marricd in mn In !,as Vrga.s Nov. They have no k wonv.n l'b'n;g;in Ifisl night t'i thc l.iiuiin; j said he appeared much fif-M al H:,r. T h a t V fi.i miles, anrt asked for malrhcs. _ , . . . . for povsiblv ITi minutes, the tniltlicn, .jorthca.M "f Moi ;ed Sawtooth , KOITP Hny-e. in unlains to an eniergeiu-y land- i Idaho, v.-liic h is ng field, but t h e r e wrrn Mount/ rr.M-Uf operations, if a planned helicopter pick- I Thc woman was belM-ved s u f f e r ' tod; up - ( t u l d j ' C can'ied through, 'apt. Russell Ullm.m, pilol niitin Home Ai. . · , . . , - , South Cnituil ;' lrst W l f c ^'irt. li'l she leavij the) . . . ,, hour.e to see whv the car had not '·" mi "" ln|! lho moved. When she reached the car, ' Mie found Piitchaicl i,lumpei1 over j the wheel, the engine mnnlnfi and , nil! from iii(lnrn/i,. Late-.! r e p n r t s i , tun al his side, she said. i May Open Air Base feared hv Ihe numv up and down j eu r . s n,e ( - thf. (mill in KOIC.I. They wcrn'mi air hasn Ihcie tlhlr I'otxto I'rlrfft Chiiniteil Washlncton-f/IVWhitc ,i C-S'J Ci.ll to ·hich aildro|iped a tohoR- ciound rescue team Kii- f said the child appaicntly was not Mr. and Mrs in McAncllv. pricer-, weie rolled back five lo In p e r c e n t today m the face of pota- seuoii/ly ill. neiKhbnis of Mrs. Hazel I'ntch.ird. A t w o - m a n Air Koirc t e a m ! testified that she ran to thelr ·la.v said Ihe pioposed 'copter res- helped hiiiiR the t w o lo Ihe finer- 'home about li:4J p.m.. crying for polalo rue'wmild ht lia/.ardous and may ur-ncv Held. 1,1 Dan Cit/.Ber.ild nf "" "mbulance and n ( odor Un Ark.in5.i5--Partly cloudy with widely .scattered showers this afternoon, clear to partly cloudy nnd cooler tonight and Sunday. industry demand.', for inline-. h i K h e r to he abandoned for tnmf j C.imrtui, N', ,1.. and Tech Sst. ithor methofl. I't.tnV Siir'mdrt nf Toprk-t, Kan., Mi'«. (Jr IK .I.T-'n ,ind lu r I M o- p,n ;H billed mlo It if \*. iMrnirp.-' · f/T-oUi sun wne hauled t r i i r e \\'c.-lne:.f|,iy. der f|iiestioninfi she told then): "Joe shot himself. 1 didn't think he'd fin it." Until wilne^es ;..i|d Mrs. Pllleh. CONTINUE ON PAGT. sr.vtN

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