Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 18, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1952
Page 8
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TIMiS. U. S. Lawmakers Look Askance At Churchill Proposal To Help Police Suez Canal Zone Quads' Father In New York For TV Show EDWIN » H A A K I S S O X W«hjn«lon-(/Vj-Mnst member:, ' Winston Churchill t h a i in uncertain year? n'.irad n r l t i i l i the United Stales must "lica lame path." ; But l a w m a k e r s of both t parties shied :w.iy f"m ihe i minister's suggestion t h a t !or«s''-nf the U n i t e d pther,nations 5lc i i n l ( Can/il Kbne rtln'utc thc and 1 the Southeast Ka.'l. Alter hi ·· inn :.l 77-yrar-olil Asia and Hie M i d d l e ; spiros Us," IIP told CYmsrcr.r. f^, v Yor-i/I')-c;corsc Leonard; , Senator IJnrlse; ( f l - N l l ) , ques-, pniuln- of Murlrccsboro, Ark.,! reception liy I l i r j o l n l ; linnwl this, raying: j f a t h e r «l new quadruplets, ar-| Coi'"f^. -,r--''···'"· ''··* "I can't j-cc a n y t h i n g t h e r e a r r i v e d h"rc Inrlay. Clad in a u c w i Maic:;mrm lurncd lo I h r present l i m r lhat would M f c c i i .uni. pockets b u l g i n g w i l h cisars.j U. S. security." ! the unemployed farmer stepped] . . , , , , . . . ;- . . '.i,..;·:·· ..!LII U. S. secunly. i the unemployed farmer stepped! P i t ; . Idem' Truman. . Senator Monroncy 0 ) - O k l a l j from a n A m e r i c a n Airliner, p l a J i c j Tin·; Is believed t«i i n v n h c t h e , said there is "serious q u e s t i o n ; at La G u a r d i a Field and toldl loud v i i i i f t i n n nl t h e A l l a n t i c j w h e t h e r we Miould lie involved i n : newsmen bclwccn p u f f s on a , n . . , i ' c o m m a n d u n d e r Ih.f N n r l h i H" t h e Sue/, dispule. | c i - a r : Ml- ti'- Trcalv Organi/alion. i K e n a l n r G i l l e t t e m - l a l , a mem-! "|| was the f i r s t time she ever .' ... ' ' . ' . . , j,,i defend- nr '' "' " lc Korci?n Relations C o , n - j made me r e a l l y happy, b a v i n ? pther nnuons step 1,"" M V . c h u i c h i i l . long ,i p ' - ' miller, said be found i t ' ' a bil dis-| four at once. I feel all right. So Can/il Kbne rtln'utc. : «' "I r i n l i f h prrMiiif. was 11.1 ' '·' I . nn( . ( . rt j nB (nil | Eu( .|, problems as; r | O M m v s v i f o She sure surprised · Otherl saw dangers in U i u r - j c r t n.M'Wi'1!', a '"'"i" , ' m ' , ' i ll,e commerce of t h e M a l a y P e n i n - ; mc . she surprised all of us." ehiH!« : -rrquesls for U . S . steel, or! in t h i s arc,, t h a i misni mm HC ^ ^ |lrotol . linn ,,, , h c Km , ncnl . cs( , lll; ,, ivc G a t h e r i n g of hi» forecast n( possible troubles in l r n d i l l o n . i l l . n l i H i n . u n i i « C n n a l and the various inlcrcsls in A r k a n s a s said he would present ··MEMORIAL'HALL JOfUN, MO. TWMAT, JANUAIT M P. M. We.'ilern Kumpr. . ; ca limes id thc various interests ! Ihe Mirldle Kast were not pri- ; m a r i l y Ihe i responsibility U n i t e d Kinplom's hut one in which Consider Enemy Sabotage Of Meat Industry Offices Say U. S. Livestock Plagues Could Be Menace Br OVID A. MARTIN Washington - (/PI - The A g r i c u l - t u r e Department reported today it is on guard against possible enemy sabotage of thc nation's n c p r c s e m a m c i . a m c n n x s n. livestock and meal industry. A r k a n s a s said he would present j Meat is such an i m p o r t a n t part of I'under lo Congress. the American diet one of the f i r s t Ponder v . i l l "appear on NBC's] things an enemy micht do. the rlc- Television show, We Thc Pcoplc.1 partmcnt said, would be to Iry lo loni.'ht. I get a n i m a l diseases and plagues A group of businessmen in Tex- started on farms, a r k a n a , Arlu gave Ponder new "If ITURBI TWO-PIANO RECITAL '. - M A I L OKDMS NOW . . in the S u e z ' I n protect j nichards nsrccd it may be ncccs- inleiests "amons w h i c h ' V1| . v f n r t |, c U n i t e d Stales "to par- own interests arc para-1 H(.|p n ((, [ n ronlrnl of Ihc Sue/ m ount." ; Canal area. C e r t a i n l y «'e should ' I t would enormously aid us i n i , | n \\ t jf ,, step in t h a t direction becomes necessary to dam the tick* of Communism there, as we did our la.'k If even token forces o f j Ihe other p a r t n e r s in Ihc f o u r - powcr proposal wcrp stationed In Ihe C a n a l /.one ar. a symbol of the u n i t y of purpose which in- MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving YON 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP CHARLEY DEALY BROILER CHICKS FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Phone 1913 U.S. Approved - Puilorum Passed As Near As Your Telephone PALACE * HOW * SHOWING OPEN 3:15 A.M. SAT. ALSO NEVER TRUST | A GAMBLER O Z A R K N O W l i Z O J:21 5:22 7:23 S:24 warn GARY COPPER News No Smoking f---- ROYAL ^^ Tonight Br S a t u r d a y Lucillo Bill Audit Murphy I in in F U L L E H K A N S A S I B R U S H G I R L H A I D E R S * LAST TIME TONIGHT "I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU" UARK__ Starts Saturday -- o p cn 12:45 Sat. Sun BOLD as the age that bred him... MONTE CRISTO MrUWRANCE i ~* lii" L«t'i Tqlk Spinoch in Korea." Another House commitlccman, Representative . Vorys (Il-Ohio! doubted sending U. S. forces to the Suez would .solve Britain's pioblem with Kgypl. saying: "I think the solution would lie more and belter British diplomacy t h a n in joint aclion." Most of thc comment was highly l a u d a t o r y . I'nliry Qufstlcmrd London-(.1'.l-Mosl London morn- | tig newspapers today commended . Carlsen Rests At Home After Big Welcoming Home Town Reody To Greet Famous Atlantic Skipper from horder to horder w i t h i n weeks." the d e p a r t m e n t said in an a n n u a l report of its Bureau of A n i m a l I n d u s t r y . "In view of the possibility t h a t diseases could he introduced intentionally at any time, t h e , p l a n - ners of our c i v i l i a n defense have asked lhat thc bureau also be pre- nared lo meet lhal emergency if it should arise," thc report said. In carrying oul this assignment.' the bureau said it has started at the "front lines"--Ihr border and ports of entry. It said inspection and q u a r a n t i n e efforts have been i n t e n s i f i e d in regard to a n i m a l imports. Meal Inspectors Fired As the department announced ! mt no immediate explanation by rhr department. L. H. Trnxel. South St. Paul, Minn., president of Ihc M i d w e s t ! Council of Ihc API, A m e r i c a n i Federation of Government E m - 1 ploycs. said Ihc dismissals were'! thc result of lack of f u n d s . Inspcc- | tors in Chicago said Ihc same thing ; happened in 1950 and 1951, bu'. Congress voted funds in time to ; avoid actual f i r i n g , ' A. F. G r a f f , president of the union's Kaslern Council, said in i Philadelphia Ihc layoff may n f f c c t every spot where governmcnl meat inspectors arc working. A union meeting has been railed al Jersey City, N. J.. to study-, thc 1 problem. Woste Motion, So Far As He Is Concerned Quiney. Calif.-M'i-Gone Du- j print h u f f e d ami p u f f e d in the ] snow to get his automobile flu? | mil. Hc shoveled thc snow away , from thc rear, Ihc front and thc sides. Then hc learned he'd uncovered his neighbor's car--an identical model. One thousand Rolls-Royce j e t ] engines are to be supplied I r o m i Britain lo power 500 twin-motor U.S.-lvpe t r a i n e r s for the Royal Canadian Air Force. BOW1. FOR PLEASURE Rcnton Bowling Lanes--^dv. 'TDuring lire fashion cra7.e for | There are no longer an pure- feathers d u r i n g the 1880's and ] blooded Tasmanian natives. The '90s about 50.000 New G u i n e a ; last survivor In this British Corn- plumes were annually shipped | monwealth' island near Australia, abroad. I died in IS76. FIVE BROTHERS Kentucky STRAIGHT Bourbon Whiskey PRICES NOW PLAN TO BUILD Sti Our MatetilL Gil Our PricM. Try Our Sfrrict. DYKE LUMBER CO. 3CJ St. Charlti 86 FIFTH ft'i MEDLEY Distilling Co. Whiskey If you like ihe genuine, full-bodied flavor of old- time sour-mash Bourbon (as disrillcd by four generations of the Medley family in Kentucky) -- yoit'll enjoy "Five Brothers' 1 more than arty other 86 proof whiskey you ercr tasted! h's the famous Medley's "Heart-of-the-Run"* distillation! Buy a bottle and make your ou'H comparison! ·T.M. Rtf. *4 $·506 4IPPINT $155 I Vi PT. Medley Distilling Co. Owemboro, Ky. MOON DISTRIBUTORS LiHlt Reck Wnodbridgc, N. .1. - (/P) - Capl. . - --·-; ;. i l l c n r i k K u r t Carlsen and his f a m - ' " " ""«' campaign, there were re-| i j t j i H M ' i i - i ' i .'i""1 '-""""·'·· "· ; i ] r n i ' j | - K u r t (jHi'iicn nuci ins l a m - . . - · · ·- ^···^.··1 · -- - - - ~ . ~ -- , i n n newspapers today commended . |., x( , ri (odi , v " in , hcil . mnricst I l»"' ;s f r o m witlcl - v scattered parts I Winsnin Cbui chill's address lo Ihc , · pVolcclcil "from admirers by «' l h c C .TM" 1 7 t h a ' m c a t inspectors U.S. Congress, but Lord Heaver- · " "^ e ,,,,.,,,, were fired by the scores. There brook's '-c m p l i - c - f i r s l - . - i n r l - r n r - j Thr , inas s ll]n 'j nl! skipper of the ' · Express said U.e f | n r i m r f | fl .e] g litci- F l y i n g Knlcr- ;r should nol h a v C j rcsl( , (| u p (| . om ( h c , , l m u l _ n a t i o n s to s t a t i o n . )ci| .. ,.,,,,,.,,,!,,,, B | vcn |,i m t, y ,,iorc Suez Canal /.on · . , , an ; , r|Ui ,|.t cr million New Yuri I h e Kxpicss. " l i g h t ; c ,. s v( , sl |, r[|v . able interference in i · . . . ^..n,. m l i v w c lcomc- i i nr u i i f i M i i i i i m i n skipper nf the ever" Daily Express said n.e f|nrim( , f| d.pigiucr F l y i n g Knlcr- prime n i i n i E l c r should nol h a v c j ^ rcsl( , (| u p (| . om (hc | u m u l . ; asked o t h e r n a t i o n s to s t a t i o n . , ,,,,,, ,,;,.,,,, i,i,« in- mnrr troops in the Suez Canal Thai, said mran "intolerable" interference »'1 1 ''B,;'i'"||',' a V i s 1 'nofllic only wclcomc- Drilain's conducl of nperalionb in i ho|nc t , c | cb| . atinn fo ,. t| lc v a l i a n t Ihc C a n a l X.onc. 1 ^ L .. ]|]tai ,, w h n s p r n . h vo v ccks " I m a g i n a t i v e stigKcsli'.n w ·'·'·: ,, bon ,. d . h i s |,,. 0 | tcn [rrichlcr hrav- Ihc description given by thc L O M - J , f n f u s i 01 . m -to 5E cd scrvalivc D a l l y l o j " ' * : . ' Churchill's p r o p o s a l t h a i the i A ',', " L; U n i t e d Stales, France and T u r k e y ; --co-sponsors w i l h Brita.n nf 111 '/ 2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Broi. Locker Plant BUY YOUR TELEVISION at a TELEVISION SERVICE STATION We Have Ihe tales! Equipment Your Television Headquarters SMITH RADIO SHOP His home town prepared for ib ' own ceremonies tomorrow , , i M e a n w h i l e . "Slay-Pill" Carlson. proposed Middle I'.asl pact-send hc h(|S ( . omc (n hc k n o v v n , alu | al least token forces lo support I · w | f c n n f | ( w n clau ,, htcl . s cn . Brilish Irooiis defying K g y p t s o r - i · holHtC[ | Christmas, dcr that tlicy leave Ihc Canal j ' -^ Kn hc m \ VK \ at liis horn ^onc. _ ,.r,cio,vi^v lip found a Christina "Here, as Ihrougbout the Middle Knsl, agrecmcnl between American and Ilrilatn is v i t a l l y necessary if thc whnli' nrcii is not lo side through chaos into communism," Ihc paper declared. Thc D a i l y Express agreed t h a t T h c D a y xpress agree nnn-Uritish troops would liRhlcn yesterday, hc found a Christmas tree, sliil decorated. There were I pri'sents marked "For Daddy." Thc Danish-born caplain, bis wife Agues, and children, Sunja, I I , and Karen, seven, said they w a n t lo resume living a normal ln lhp C111 "If there are to he Turkis French and A m e r i c a n troops,; n i l R h l there not be Turkish, Krcnch and American interference l o f o l l o w ? That interference vonld be wcll-mennins but even so would be intolcraBlc. I t Is bel- ter by far that Britain continues to carry ihe Middle East burden alone, " The pro-Labor Dnil} H e i a l d accused C h u r c h i l l , in his "we ask- no favors, no dole" statement, of sayini: one thiiiR nl home ,uid thc opposite abroad. It predicted lie would have sonic e x p l a i n i n g to do In thc House of Commons. Thc Independent Times said, "Churchill's speech was thc spec.h nf a man who is confident of undcrstancliuR, sure of his go:- 1 and certain of e v e n t u a l success. I f B r i t a i n and Ihc United States still arc hesitant and in two minds about thc proper course In p u r sue in thc M i d d l e and K.r Kast, at least they have at last begun to give those areas of the world, the concerted study and attention they deserve. Before Churchill's visit t h e r e seemed danger thc two nations would become so obsessed w i t h danger in Kuropc . . . t h a t they might neglect u n t i l IOQ hilc a much more insidious threat of Communism allied In n a t i o n a l i s m in Asia." Polio Broadcast Nets $1,000 For Springdale S i i r i n g d a l e - ( S p e c i a l ) - A six- hour radio program over station Kf.rtS and a "porch l i g h t " camp a i g n by Boy Scouts Wednesday night raised approximately $1,000 for Ihc March of Dimes. The r a d i o program was broadcast f r o m the auditorium of K p r i n g d n l c High School, w i t h bands, singers and other e n t e r - tainers from Washington and Denlon Counties t a k i n g part. W h i l e the broadcast was underway. Scouls from the cHy's various troops canvassed Ihc town, takin.: donations in their "porch light' campaign. Used by thousands in reducine diets--Jungc's Roman Meal bread 11-19-tf Advertise In thu TIMES--It P».T» EVERYTHING . IN flUMBINO and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. DANCE to the Music of DAVID ROLLER and His OZARK PLAYBOYS Requests worked into program of Square Dances, Boogie, Etc. You Name If - We'll Try It Saturday Night Foyetteville Legion Hut 9:00 to 12:00 P.M. Tliat's the jubilant news thnl comes from I 1 'lint to every Buick dealer--and here ive pass the thrilling story on to you. It sure is true lor '52 that better automobiles arc, bring built ~- and Kuick is building them. Read the good word and you'll agree. I P.r's pare this down to plain statements of _v fact and let them speak for themselves: The dynamic darling pictured here is the 1952 ROADMASTER. It has thc mightiest engine in Buick history. It has thc biggest brakes of any postwar Buick. It is the quietest car that 15uick ever huilt. It has the richest fabrics and smartest tailoring that ever graced a Ruick's interior. It has thc greatest trunk sfiaee since spare tires moved off thc front fenders. It has thc most sufterb ride in Buick history. U has the finest carburetor that Buick research has ever devised. And with all its new power, it delivers more miles per gallnn. ,. Hut that is not all. For those who wish it, there is a brand-new version of power steering that works like a helping hand--gives you thc same sure fell of control you have always known in straightaway drivinii-yct lakes less than one-fifth the effort needed to turn the ordinary wheel standing at curbsidc. f i Sure, we're putting our best foot forward when we talk about ROAUMASTEK. But you'll find a host of notable features in SUPKRS and SPECIALS too -- p l e n t y to make them, as always, the standout buys in their fields--for ride, for comfort, for style, for room, and for power. Come in--look this t r i u m p h a n t trio over--and you'll know why every Buick dealer from coast to coast is going around with a smile on his face. FIRST SHOWING SATURDAY TATUM BUICK CO. 30 EA$T MOUNTAIN PHONE 213

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