Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 18, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1952
Page 7
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MOfflMWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Fnyitt«vill«, Arlontot, Friday, January II, 1*51 Bowling NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMtS CLASSIFIED ADS MWA Lfttfitt Mtdoiwiet Dairy of crowded »econd place by ukinjj a 3-1 victory over Barracks I.-P G*« ' held its comfortable Icafiif Irad with 2-2 Iplit with Lirhlyler's, while n't reed ' " ' ' PERSONAL OCAX Danny. Ill ···* you In wr dream* TVtri*. FOR SA1JL O* T»Aft EMERGENCY cil»ln( Mcririet . inn It I UK small luislnes*. Stlf, ITS 'it , H r*nt* ppr word lilijlf in- icrtion Thrtr conarriitivc inicrtiom. r rrnti ppr word. Minimum order 42c. Classified ad« rash in a d v a n c e -- n o t ] lakfit over thfi telephone. I _ . . . . . - - . Deadline lor claMifieri ad». 10:30 Tyion'i Feed and Hatchery, spin ,, a m daily; 9:3» a. m. Saturday with Gotf Brother*. Arkansas Wesltrn ! Corrections and rrrun rht-erfully Gn d*ff»lfri Pasteurized Milk n-l. nt ' made nfttr Mm insertion No rorrtc- the »«m* timft eMImini hish tram Horn nr rerun mad* a f t e r ad has cx- neriti wilh 2,3711 pins, L-P GAs was pirfd. holt*it for a «inil* lai?'-' of 139 w h i l e , NOTE: Advcrliiinif copy for oihfT .To Teit of that team copped a seriei | pate.t is due at 12 noon ihe day pre- fif SO* and Dorothy Smith "f Pan; feeding publication; 1- noon Saturday teurlccd Milk blaited hijh single of i for publicilion on Monday. ]M . ~^^^,» M ^*^sxv^^-.~~. J N~ W s~. to sinfc. See you In my Dream*. 100. -, _?·?"'·. ! MONKV TO LOAN SEfORK yoti ratrh thut rold. *cc us about nur itiaranlped cold prrv^n- 1im North Side Druu. »30 North Collect Phone !,1H. ATTENTION LET thr American NutioiiHl Irutiranrr Crt. pay your btmpilKl and doctrtr hills for free Informal Ion. wrttr Thnrman Hair. 312 Hathcock Bids Phone 4fil-W-l. LOST AND FOUND FilA. HOMK LOANS . Low inttvrM, Imv4 ifii ins L'Tl.KY AND COMPANY. INC. I'himr :w* _ Ti4 _ Tyaon'jTV«ed ".".._,,.,,_.!_.. . "« i flUtlTINO TITL.I--HOTtCC M«dniwe»t Dairy 41 l« Tht WnhlnfttM Chincrry CturJ i n«"» Barrack's 39 .^LONZO HMIVEY . EX P A f U E l t ph , Arkansas Western Gas ,,. 37 Notice ',t hereby Riven that thrre _TM£1L . . Lichiyter'B 3R !iaa been filed in lile office of the . LOST. Urge light Pa«t*uri«d Milk 39 .'-lerk of ihe Chancery Cuuri of W a s h - t limp. Halph " Golf Bros. . 26 Infirm County. Arkansas, a pclilion j 226jJ2. lo quiet find confirm in Alonr.n Har- j " *·"* HW* M*n Cravens and C ilijieri , - - . . being' ihe same person ns L. A. v,, 0 ,«... ...» _~. -..,--. .., he H»rvey. and-or Lonzo Harvey, ihe SDrinKdal* Smokt Shop .1-1, io climb « ! l!le lo Ihe following land* in Wash- within three points of ihc lead. Clark j inilpn County. ArkimiAi. lo wit: and Eoff of Springdale brat Fannon 1 The Soulhcait Qunrter of the Markft. 4-H. while Kinrairl Co. upljt SoutheaBt Quarter Scctio.i Sixlcen ^ h ^K«,M|jj|! !H^lfi£3 ^rS«"-rvt^ ^"wck'd? | ISSsSJs Bill Hod«c, Liquor. l,l,,»ri h i « h | "f»I« TMrly 1301 We« .of ih t»»m serir^ u-ith ' 71H whil* flir-U l-lh) P. M.; tn all 160 acres. t««n. .aeries nith ..738 uhile Dick j A | ( periloni c t Biniing said | ands . or WANTED TO BUT WANT 10 buy a stock ranch L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . \Vc mtikr atilo niul rur-Mlur* 1 li.nns. Let us linant'R iho ; of your nc 1 . 1 : cr u:;pfi c;ir. ! QUICK -SI-rJtVICK STANDARD FINANCE CO. ; 12 North Him 1 !: KJ., ni our used cnr lot. Corner Center ami Church FOR SAI.F.--Hf.AI. r.ST*TF ANOTHER ANNIVERSARY 1926-1952 \cnc: nnd the d* tlinn A Quarter of a Century Si HIT ] \ v -n Hm *mii*' d a y -- Twenty S.\ Venn ACH- ihfit «·· i""K ip ""f III! till'. B.IV.V r.lM f"l TOR ^AI.K--RFAI. ·: AC'HKS liml."4 room'hoiu'f"*2 rnn'n luiMtr i-av rtrclrlriiy In h o u i c fi-i w a i r r liv thr doi.r. dnllrd «el now ni uif Phonr -I'lf-H Ml iJJKltN 'lirrr l"-firfi(jrii IKMIH- a I Cfi'ift, R««. C l t * w - t ' c r , rl*ii (Or c^rnc'' «"Ii inodrrn I'Mir mnn itil All tot itiit.x Til.nrinmt WHEELER REALTY CO. [·AHK fr- HiijthM ihc ii'1 r' lir nl an tv E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Giavul. Fill Dili, Top Soil D. M. P A T 1 O M Prior,, HI "The Land of the Free"? v lur'i' H* ni'.i'i- miprirtjmt I linn Ki'-'l ];-t;ih-. Mii.rr ir'ip.inim'. v hrrr \i\ i Collie w i t h StubblclieW. Phone i ih;ii "The PC of' running' r"ion C1 ". l.owell._Ark. heart of rat tip nr ·riptinn, price ami Hesse. Houte 1, SlfPClS. , ihis r.mrr, Al.cln-.Sa.xoii _ --- ...... ' R U M M A G E snlr. Krlliii-i Slme Kiorp USKD hatbtub and lavatory. Odeim Delta fiiiiinn-i Alumnae. Knlurdny Pnrkinson._Route 5. _ __ _ . ! ^Ijinuary tilth. ....... ' ~ " ll 'MI2W FFATHERS new or mrrt pricrs | GOOD usi-H p^nn C;ill * -- - - "psihcr Co.. 1M3 K a n - I lnqiiirc_m :.«:· , paid. Central Pe as Avenue^ F.a.l SI. jJl ~ "AS K l i l l o : 'Vai'lrrn' lor Ihr: Civilf/di J. W. H I L L I ELECTRIC CO. Quality Irutallen · PUMPS · POWER Phont 2. Weil Fork ~"24'~HOUf!' SEHVIC'f ON i Hcmilitchlng, Picoling, CovereH Buflon\, Button Holet, Tdllafed ' n " l(l Belli and Bucklei. hti*... Special Altenlion given MoM K P K " , Orderi. Saliiftjction or Money J. L). LAuLt, Realtor SINGER SEWNG MACHINE co III S K . SI., r.-ucllr-vllk Kim-aid Co. · Automotive ·Fire ._ · ·Health ond Accident · Polio ·Liability · WOKK.MK.VS COMPENSATION : ·Plate Gloss ·Burglary l Ti'l liy 3mi Chiv I N S U R A N C E Automobile - Liability fire. - Exlsridod Coveragt Poiio - Plolt Glan . WAD! FINCHM Arcndn Rldg. Phonl Ml JUST LISTED m'Y thu GI ripniv WITH SERVICE" Excavating - Bulldozing , HPa iih and Accident Disking - Brush Rake v/oitmani . l"°,° Kr^o 1 ' 1 ""'!',,,."'')!. ''"J,'"", n 1 !! Ponds - Roads - Clearing. Plain C\o» Burglary Basketball Scores B, IM t Holy r,t,. County, , Est«t* of IDA 18. tn ibc MwHe 8. MAYERS. DI-CCAM-H. LAM known srirlrrs^ of rierfdrnt: Kny- f,""'"^ · ^r^ember 19, ,«,. Cross fifi, St. Louis 65! The unricrsicncd was Bppoinicrt «d- i-rrtimo. minislmior with ihc will annexed nf eitime). t|lf cs|ale of lhc ahoV(J 11(1 . ncd ,1,,. Pffnn S t a t e 80, Dickinson 4;i. Icodcnt on Ihe 280. day of December. Connecticut V5. New Hampshire Oklahoma A. anrt M. 49, Wichita An Soptcmbfr 24.. 45- Arixnna 77, Texas Tech fiH. Hcndrix 73, Arkansas A. 1. 53. Utah Stale 34, Wyoming 47. \hr. 2Rth d«y of Dccemlicr, IH."il ndniittcd lo probatr a^ the will of i !mdcr?ran*d na h7* d bMn C »p^liS^ I'i-' Detachoble swab for easy clean' ininlBtrator wilh Ihe will a?fricxrd ; j n g Mops for WOxed floors, , .-si of ihr probstr of Mir win j oiled mops and mops treated can lit rffrcicd only by Illinc a pc- , w :,i, GERMOTEX titinn within tlir time provided by : wim ^ C K / V \ U I C A . law. AM pr r s o in havinE claim' 2-'1 DRESSED hoes, wlmli- or h:iir'wilh Jed springs - 2.50 !hPi , (! n(f ; , I1[t ( c a v p Ifltl | nu , We'll 'amp Neil Martin Apnrtincnt Z'1-A . procr.s^ il. l!nll;uid Hrns. I.r.tkcr! . n h °I lc ±^J' 1J -- ' '* lnnt - rhotic _n.i. · i ^iffEPlTACE scrccii. plnilic ilrnprs. WARD'S Victnrv boy'n biryclc llich j nvlon curtains, Ultchon ilnblr on pressure tires, hrndlichl. $15. 40;; · w'hcd*. baby blanket, hurts 1 , train- | _NortIi _Wrst ^I'lumr in.VJJ. " u "" MBBJ CASH "FOR YOUR USED FURNITURE CON.SKi.N ynur rurriiiiirr to nur aur- tid-i .·.nlr.'i [nr S;ittin!;iy lunrninj; \\'f hnvc bitvrrs for pond used funiilurc . riverv .S.-mirdny. Plcn'v of slurjictr S|I^CG iivaihihlr any iliiv (H Ihc wi-rk ; Phnin.. Ii7n Mill..n Hmv Am-iiuti ._L'l!"?£. . "'Kluvi.y_ 71 _ North sfft (in. iicdKpriUKS. ss.iio. 1K-1. Terry FLOOR MOPS MILK Fajrttpvillr. j u s t short d-- nni'i* from iifW subfll vision Kflirly new t w o room home nnd :in am"*. in Jni-f- includiiiB i. [ik-turr window, hnrd- kiirhrn nnrl d hi inn a r - ntlflchrd cnr/icc. Cil Lnan ilh niudi.-fnlc paymcmi nx"i dud limurnncc. S1.1V ! f»M ell Tor twice ihc pi i ACRKS. qiiiic a, liil of timber of Innd i:ni|iT hi.« wirr Tlic ImuiC f: iif.v hut you rnn't irll by Imiklmj. ( Owner i-: n cnrprnlrr ;md h;is ilnn-- it \\-ondorhil j»h nf nuiklnR ihn · home l:hc IIPW. Hrnili-r c.i|»nc-lty nf .1 ;.o:i. Priv murli loui-r Minn mi " B ' id t-xprt-t. NEIL SAWREY, BROKER STANDARD .REALTY CO. IIO KaM Minin'Blti Phnnr mn--nfi,'.-.l __r;rnrj;i- It. I'l-rrv --.lor II.__ Mrin' 1 ~~ SUBURBAN". NEWLIN REALTY! XT juM tl.led tlliji nlre I.MI. iul nul.i.l,. c l l v !hni|. h.' ronni miirlern ri;vrlllns.. Illrp? · nler br»nder lnHMes. ;.nn c f l - ! pnellv etirli Idcellier wtll.i .-.II erni!|i- | received accidental head butt ihati N'OT iCB opened * severe cut over ·yc). Waterloo, Juwa--Glen KlanapanJ ! GOOD used bed divan, tapestry hip risht ' KIN'OEHGAHTEN-Nursery. long hours.: S«3.00._ Lc_wls _ B_ros. Co., I; I iwo lunches, rest period. Will also USED extension diniuj; roo; keep children ends. Parly Sal those M rs. Perry Shermn Hond. 710W2. irhlght and week- afternoon fo lsh to i*t acqutinlfd. . City L«kl 129, St. Paul, outpointed Tommy Baker, 128, Clift.Mde Park, N. .!.,] 10. New York Tcrl i\luiray, 146. New York, stopped Miguel Men- rtivil, 145, Havana, 2. Tar-nma--Jess Hall. Iflll, Tacoma. knocked out .loe Sandcll, 207, Los Boise,'Idaho--CInrth I'anlcr, 163. i'''I 1 paying competitive pric«i, Dayton. Idaho, slopped Bull Hal-1 still giving th* sam« effkienl fey 1G3, Portland. Ore., 10. i service. ATTENTION FARMERS AND POULTRYMEN We ore now open for busintss, with .ilx Bros. Cf\., Inc. rover, _.ziL u _ · -.7SJ3ALES bay,_Phonc 191.1. table ' WINCMEKTI-Ml xhntKun j:u Lewis South Schuol. THAtLEH.S."sec'nt : MOl O/;irk Ti USED breakfast room set. table and nAI~NBO\v *TKbUT~Riiki daily. four chairs, flS.OO. Lewis Bros. CL. Inc. MAYTAG""w"iiKher,"$20. .194 Flclchcr. Phone _1MSR. ___ SEE the now IS.'Ts Deluxe "Estate " « a s | _ he f ore you buy. yil/CLITY' AI'Y'LES JOHN RHODES APPLIANCE CO. I COLDFN D»lirimm Mi-il UrllnuiK 31 N. BlOCk Phone -'021 W i n " _ invnc.-i'rm invilnl "VCur ' ··Your EJHMe_Gi. i _Bj.ns^_nci.Ic r "_ « ""' n A rVP " ,!, Vn I S m lt :r nr fHERifirVbcttfr rcfrlncmtor. Sec p^nrVlfi?/. TM'm*. LOWEiis-- lh(* yiTT Tn^iT-^i i,y rvi-rynnr. J'hone n:i:i. Klow|.''-s. -lit yo»th_(..rcRii A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR JIM HOLDER Tcirphone ;MI. vr,:.!. nuit If, N Coliece SICRVICFS OFTEJirD C A R K ~ f n r " child In my honif. dully. Phone 2BB2M. WILL do bonkkcrplng and lyplnpr In my hninf. Cftll SiirtiiRdfilf M17 .col- _lrrt. mnrnliiRi. ! ni:m"S nmiio ncp«ir. »uio. hom^ i srrvicf lf:: Ynrh Strrcl. !i block THERE i! ! Ihe new Today's Market-- FAYETTEVILLE BAG CO. j Highwoy 71 South, of Country ' Club Rond. Coll J. Allory and C. Gorrett, ownen. TRANSrOKTATION OFFERED St. Ixiuis Lirrstnrk National Stoc-kyards, 111.-- Open- Ing .January HI: lloas 12.000. salable 12.nnn; fairly nctivo. uneven weishls 180220 ibs fully steady to strone with Thursday's avcraRc; other weights weak to 2S lower; sows 2S lower. hulk ISO to 220 Ibf mostly choice No. 1 «nd 2 lo.75 J J8.60; latter' price fairly froely, but mostly for | Leaving Saturday, Jon. 19. Can 190-210 Ibs: chniro No. 1. 2 and 3. I · 2.10-240 Ibs 17.75-lo.25; larccl.y take one or two pojjengers with Driving to New York . . up; 2JO-320 Ihs 10.fiO-17.75: , 120-1 t O r * t e r e n c c ! ' Call 223 at Mountain Inn Hotel 150-170 ibs Ihs 13.75-1S.30; 100-1 in pi=s 12.23- 132.V choice Ftivff 400 Ihs drm-n ·15.2S-1S.75: f t a c s 12.lin-14.00: hoars 10.0.0-12.50. Cattle (iOO. salable fiOO; t-alvcf ; IXSTRtKTnON _ 250. salable 250: meaicr .···U|)i)ly o( j IF ,.,,,, ,: kc , n dr , Wi ,f ttc f CsttlC (indin2 .'lov; sale at SCIlCral- j »T:IC (nr l»lrnl trst .Nn F ly steady prices in rlennup trade: "'n m cs n orlrt lots and individual comnicr- COMPLETE j-m rial and cood Fleers and hpifcrs , ii; spare limi - ' pioimt. r\o ell JOHN RHODES APPLIANCF. CO 31 N. Block Phone 2(121 "Yp«r_ Kelvinalor Dralrr" OilTiiM~or electric runcrs (rotn S 20 nn Used refrigerators (rom . S 4r.nO Used Apex Automatic Dlsh- wxiiher $inn.oo JOHN RHODES APPLIANCE CO. .11 N. Block Phonr ^021 "Your_KclviiiBJ«r_nc»lpr 1 ' STOP" moth~~%vofriM by using Bcrlou five yrnr gunrantccd Molhspray. I.c_u-[ s Bros. Co., I n c . ' EXCELLENT COUNTRY ESTATE | D A Y nurser ' ' foul loi'kr LUOrGAGIC. suil tnilol k"it«;' ,-lr A '(·nniplrlr' -'lin*' HAMPTON'S A R M Y Kl/RPLUS STOIIR IDEAL MATTRESS CO. W« m»t or btat any competition 401 WEST D1CKSON · t t School. _ Phone Jjf.!t. '^' ·rvicr. Phonr 1.175 hi _^nnnd_GcorKr. ^ ^ · Modern 5 Bedroom Stone Home \ '" un'CM DIGGING i MAlUJWnOl) Ilonr.i. -plrndld ···null. FOOTTNGS-w n I i - r . g** «nrt · t:o:i throughout, double II '!iickcn hmitf fur ridinp linr^c pnMurc. l-'ruii, hprricR nnd laipc- KHnlcii plut. nii\ru-ny l i n f l i l wltli I-'nr rjirrh s;iji- S'.Ti.dim Yi rptic lunk hole* nnd hack hlltnx Call :«: n»vi» this in pr Ow rlti * t o At Any Price Fuller Outlasts Them All FOR RENT-- MtSC'E!.f,ANEOi:s reiTt7 nil Bn.vd Mills r*20 Llnrioll_Phonc 1MB i 5 ROOM modern houu ELECTR6Lirx"~cTe7n"er^. rcpalrs'.Mip- C /''V''% J^-ibV,,^-^- plie5. Rent for 48 hour*. 75c. 117 W. .JU^'.-J-; 111 M? 1 ." 5 .- 8 ' Rock. Phonr SZ. 27.00- 32.1*10; about 60 prr rent of j the of ferine cows; utility anrl t-nm- : mcrcial cow? 2n.On-23.UO; cannrrs, ;h school ai humr as furnished Di- :lassci. Srnd for 47 P*IC d samplr lesion frr* American School. PO Box 1S8. Furrk.i .Springs. Arknn.*fi«. WISS SHEARS Precision buill. Fine quolify. Losling satisfaction. LEWIS BROS. CO, Inc. FOR SALJE--AUTOMOT1VK l?M~CH"rVROI.T roiipe. Goorl rnndl- tion Phonr 2.1Sfi or J.").17J. "inblc BEDnOOM house, unfurnished." nhlr February 1. 1'honr ^os.'iW. 1 noOM u n f u r n i s h e d i i p n r l n _JP_lioiio_lfi20W. ROOMr"rirrn"i!ihr'rl~nii : L : ."~clr7in.~ off cnmpii^. 212 North l) J 3 noo.M'unfurm'jihrd'npfH-linV'iil 5l i ly pnv.-itc. Mrs. Frirh.s. I'h'jin; VAN GUILDER'REALTY Irnr C Vfin (iiuldrr Over m^idii Sinrr ff6^ES^~~ Duplex $5850 TMH- Stnnr and Fr-iinr; hi f.inns and tv,-. baths, paid ppvi Duplex $9500 hriwcr It iv ly h:,i f u l l T/;.! addilional li;ith find pnv tranrc. IJrrp lol with pal incut. Phnnp IMSJ. TWO room lurnisho-fi ap;irtnu'nt. nr New Three Bedroom r I M I H J J v r l lo) :l urndc school, nn hit! ,.,n-] p,vnnci)l. H;.* ' This Ain't No nrl"chni«""vP»rcrs 31.00-3n.0n:! HMMh Shor S«^J. «'rn e R»j,,,o,,.l p_ r L n n p nnv ' idd head prime nuotahle as hiah I i c 'nc._T!N»i _ j _ . V^UIUUll \^\J\Jy lilul! llur,, unl lurcr ni]1nrn.-.tir fir)' Ih. libnndlilK Ixtilt-lti vl )(.! 'Hi ,- Vl ' ,111" ilh , and rllttrrs IS.50-20.00: utility and I HELP WANTKIt--MALE cnmmerrial hulls 21.00-28..iO; cut- A - G( jo D ,,ropnViTion~for~m»n cxllpri- I ter hulls 21.00-2S.OO: mostly Bond j cnc rd In wiling shoc in cstahlKlicil niar.v_[i ( FARM n | 2IJ4.I. ' 2' ROUM ' i On ·12.00: utility and commercial j HOY. mil ]? nr H. farm work Saturn ,,, ,,.,, , . B .ncnS,phr'a,?r Bl B a n " m : w e mea n "th,y ? in', tho.some Shrcp SnO. salable R.iii nni | i. E j,nifoRY- n ran "miles r'.ditu npcn old run of the mill' . . . Iheyve very mcacer .^Vlpply iti: early in- . !0 man sc ckinK pcrinaiicnt cnnnrc- j dicatfons thai most "t estimated ijoi, cjIMnji nn mjnr srrv.c,. »i». a run will not materialize: hardly! ^ TTMSi»n P p,'d. write f w , CLASS, STYLE rnnujh ?loek to accurately cauae i tiriaiu and send jiciuri^Acmr Um-j DISTINCTION rrlrc trend: few fales mostly, f,TM, L "°- ro pri"m7'ao.nn': fully 50 l.mer . IIKI.P WANTED--FEMALE thun Thur«dav'=' some nut sold: I.ADI!:S oanrsi :,n in S2 no prr hour. · ' ' ' · -· ' -.^.-:i....;..^, cMalngs unrl free Kills ornVrs (nr FulIC" n....,., ' »pnrlmeji|V Adii NICK Inrcc rn'ini. linsinrs^ mm. K;tst I.nt:i.\i:Ur. Ph'inc IHO'JW. IIOUSK for rcnl. I'h.ino ^Ji.'.n." 1 . AVAIL,Mll.K: ',.nr i-i-ntrallv 1..i-»l $10500 Ranch Type hie 'eve! Inwn. PirMlte w i n d o w · i.vrri-mks rciltul limdic.ipc. Ii s ;.( , i-hnn-c i-d^r- nf ,-i!v. fnmtini; f»«v*d ' therouKhferr. Ainptr living loom. d 1 in UK lo'im. hedronnis nnd modr*| · kiti-hi-n: !!·: wnrdroh^ clottti, clrt;n- : ine b:ithrnom f i x h i r c i n-illi lulj mirt ' shower dvlirhHu! hrfi-wway con. ' nodi ulili ihc Inrrr fully Mrmhrd ' Kxrxur vMih .ifljiniiini: Iminrlry rnrmi ' Rfccnlly buill. under F. H A nnd ni-i-iipjn) In- origin*! owner who H ' her Mutrr. Home h.i cwci steady, hulk I2.nn-i4.oo: eull s.fto. owes dnwn to BEAUTY and CHARM I 1949 M e r c u r y 5 passenger coupe. Very ilick inside and out. A real buy. ! ROOM rten on hi hr r M . V h U j B i l l I'.. A l ' A R T M K N T . 1C he.-.', iluulfl' 'n,'l"'Hr,''nriry C '" J ' "'"'"' S11500 1 ' Buy Brick For Lostinn BcaLitv 1949 Nash 600, 4 door, 2 tone. nmNisiiKn a nd co«mnic«. Kor wri. »"«' Mli1 '' s - n '·ln | e |1 ° r P h « n , Uprv nice car 131* «fHT 5:30 p. m. . v e r Y mce c a r - '.v'ANfnij'.'iiidy 10 iraiiffor'bcKikkccp-; 1949 Chevrolet 4 door. A good , ns postllnn. Expcricncr ,y. A« , ivlnn Machine Cn . Fay- work a5 rrcppttonl.'t Wnlr Box J-IM. Northern Italy's :nost disastrous nf the century have already cost more than 100 live.-- and a n , _ _ eMImaied half billion dollars. ! v"niJNG'nidy"'? --· · In dortor 1 * nffir. Not white, not wheat, not rye, 1 _'.Tim«. hut · flavor blond of all three-- ! .. . .Tunge's Pnman Meal Bread. | t 6riC9 "OSI lOHS 11-13-tf' -^r--.--.^=^=^-~ = -^^ : ! Position Openings Secretories 5 Stenographers 4 Clerk- Typists 8 Bookkeepers 3 Salaries range from $11 0.00 ' f«y. J per month up. Employers prefer "" i IIOOM I.AIU;K .car. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phont Celltct 1111 FayctttvilU Rtndcring Co. 1948 Nosh Ambassador 4 door, tj,\n;nMsnF.n" 2 tone. Slick. '; '-·:. m ' i'i"»«- a 1 947 Nosh Ambossodor 4 door. ' KI Jv!.'r!.H'm, ; J (," 1946 Nosh 600. Very nice. Severol other less expensive *.»TV i:.i cars to choose from. inpu, niul city lilt Hoult. i,,.,m. phi; M.I, ,,,,!.,I ,,- iMll hH'hi. lull flm.1hril li.-iriJUM.itl M.I.TS ilirf.iit'li- lirri)!n(r ;.n,i c a n fircrt t-onirr f'diipni- }1M)| [invriiirnt' nrf Drive Into Spring Wilh New Pride Let our auto body technicians "manicure" the dents and scratches that your car's picked up this post wintcr-or give ii o brand new " f a c t o r y finish" paint job. Reasonable cost -- deferred payments if desired. Drive up! MODERN MOTORS 125 W. Mountain. Phone 2 5 2 : Who's Who For Service Consult You r Classified Service Directory NOTICE! Pillsbury Fed, Fancy Dressed Broilers Fryers Personally selected from our own growers. Dressed and frozen ond available al Ihe Fayctteville 4-X Feed Store, the home jpf-Pillsbury Best Feed.-' We will c~ndcavor to have these- choice broilers and fryers available at all times. Come i : by and m.ake your selection. ?' This Week's Price, lb.53c! Fayetteville 4-X Feed Store CENTER AND GREGG : " PHONE 885 We Close at Noon on Saturdays Mutual INVESTMENT Funds PHONE S«« or Coll PHONt 1875 0. H. Gamble ^- 1875 Proipcctui on Requitl. **' -'221 F,«i! Lilayellt FATETTEVlLLE, AHK. i fii- i'l A t : UCirS I1F.AT1TY MIOP up limn. 7 ' , K MoimUni r nn^l Manila Ph'iiu- THRKK Horh Ii TMRLK r tics pn MODERN MOTORS 125 W. Mountain St. Phone 252 j MOI)K « N · - · rr,l,,ctiofi :,,, ,,,, ; ,k s.-,],. ' BATES REALTY '"' Bonded Realtor--Trlrphon* 100 '" Souihwesl Faycllcvillc 2 tjnnr Chcvrolci d, nrfxinnl blncH. S-2.V Phono N'lf.'K 'ciiti fin rune " iAs'.umo F.H.A Loan ; Tun l,,-,!!^,,!,, ti'.ni' . Ic-.v vr:, COI.VARDS BEAUTY S1IIIP nni W Meadow-l'hnno :00! Ma.-li I3M-NP Cnl.l y a v r »1 np_ kTAi't-Tui-Auvt o«6i' Florenct ll«pl«lor « IXcliBftn J** 10 . 11 * !·* I I'itiUKis'i'r's iitAirt'Y siiui' KII.IARLI WOKK ·Ml N Blork I'horir 7.1« IIAHI.INC p . t M l v lurlli^lrd ll. 11IH I..-V- . ·. I AUTO LOANS -- W« suggest that you drop in and investigate the benefits ot our plan. Let us help you finance that new or used car. Call 3101. MOTOR FINANCE CO., Inel Lkenltd by Arkansas Stale Bank Department "Your Friendly Home Town Finance Company" C. C. FARLEY, Mgr. DIRECT LOANS- LOANS RtFINAHCED 17 E. Meadow St. Foyettevilli, Ark. CASH PAID FOB DEAD ANIMALS »hm* Callwt »M. Jeplin Kcndtrinf C«. permanent residents -- will consider others. Apply Employment Office immediately. pnr.SSEP. inr liltlc flrh rtr^MM nrM- ft UNIT frl at oner. Thr Pvprr Co. 4ni Wnt ' po.ulppi Dichnon. phnnf 212*. | rr uanl r9l7~rHEVri6t,F.T"chil) | FOR F.XCHANOK vi :,·! rir nindmr lininr. nfr on 71 Hiehuny Income proprrty. .'Mint h f ' U y»iiri nlrt. Apply In pmon. Puliff Th»- utrr nftcr 1 p ifl. IKKia--CATS-- PFTS " v V r ~ s r i « :o;jj, iparl- riy . nirnt nr re n 1*1 properly. Propr-ny rirnr. You r HII mnVf (tnnrt tradff. ll A) our o(l irr Inr lurthrr in- "NEWLIH REALTY WLST roRK. ARK. 1.21 I.I.VKHKTT. H..CIITI ' up IIT1J 1 SMAU. «t'iri'-'"l.inMliiV .w. \fr.i D'ii-k- j ^nn K l l h t K ^ I.'..') \':.:''t I.'-I '.S'T '/N'fVtjtSI iS'~ Af'AilTMKNIS " o n i. ..oni iinttirnii.lifil s:..'.'..i furn. 1 J77.VI. Iwr. t.cdrunm itnluin- "HAMMOND If.;, O'i, t: on Pfiun . ·i lirrlr. 'nn nnfn.'Mi*hf d ' [xiix laundry a.-ailalilc j Kvr I' .1 C A S H I.-I.IM i»i:iT. rar'a n..\ .l.'m Krrp np with Ihe ttrnrn- Itif Tlmfs ilillr. - II II Hi,,,,,,,,,,,I M;J .l.iivn'iv,' r \\[in'lrllnl ' lf.'.-ni|i,n l.inl.lini l-i.ii, rliMii ur. Curl ifmlf r-on»lftrr'^ ii. ni »m«!l fnrni Wnic M l m r . IIO.Ml: S K I I V K T . INSULATION WKATlTSJiSTnlP blX'dliATlNCi.- W.-M.I.I'AI'KK \.'i.Nnow ci.:-:.- l . v :i::(; l-'ully lir.uii-cl ('.ill 111 V.'illr l i O B K I I T M . S M I T i : Wifct Turk I1TJ SAND AND ORAVFI, _ ROAt) AND DRIVtWAY OBAVE1. - AI^O TOP SOIL Phone IS M.I «ml 30U USED CAR SPECIALS 1946 Mercury, radio and heater. Runs per- * - f c c t l y with Columbia rear end $695 1949 Ford 2 dooi, radio, heater and overdrive $1095 1950 Plymouth 4 door special deluxe. This is a c l e a n c o r $1295 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 4 door, clean $1295 W5 I Chevrolet P. 2 Ion new. No miles. This truck sells for $1819, I am offering this : . truck for . . . $1495 I also have 25 more good clean cars from 1941 Jo 1951 Tackett's Auto Exchange SOUTH 71 HI WAY PHONE2182

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