Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 18, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1952
Page 6
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I DAGWOQD WILL YOU PUT ON THIS If A PINK AfTON Win ( WASH .tHf DISHES APRON tO -f ( ORGANDY (fill FLES. i j v^'^t i MA" MAN *-, ''^j ^--* nor i BRING THE RECORD PLtfVER TO MY OFFICE LIKE V/E WERE GOING TO AUDITION A RECORD. I'LL HAVE THE STRONGBOX IN MV DESK. TWERES MO QUESTION ABOUT IT. THATS MAN.' THATS A ONE-WAV MIRROP. GENTLEMEN. SPINNER CANT SECEM3U. LOOK, CAW VOU IDENTIFY HIM? WMILE THE PEGORD is PLAVEO.SAtjl s BUSV. r I'M THE EXPRESS MAN. AND THIS IS THE TRUCK OIL LEASES OVER TO SWYER, MISS WILLIAMS. HE CAN LOOK THE/A OVER H E R E IN M OFFICE. 1 WEU...SORRV VOU IKWTHME LUNCH WITH Mf, 5AWYCH. BUT NOBODYU BOTHER WU. NOBODY'LL EVEN KNOW VOU'RE HERE. 1RICK GLASS- VOU CAN SEE OUT, BUT NOBODY CAM SEE IN. I2:JO. EVERYONE IS OUT TO LUNCH ElCEFT SAWYER AMP THE TELEPHONE GIRL. . ' N i . ~ · -i' . / OOU'T TOUCH TWM 5WITCHBOARO, T GIRLIE. JIM, LOCK THE DOOU./ J MRE SALE.' ODD LOTS ODD SIZES BUT BARGAINS/ ·'OU DIDN'T S/\') ^_- if^\. \\-HO H.\D -_.v ,'W- 4t %J». P^? 1T: ^JSSR 1 i =; WHY.OLIKt.MAC, ] YnH...OLIRE,OHERII : l-;or', COURSE NOT...BUT .^WELL HAVK " NOTIFY THE HI-WAYOEPART- MHNT...A THING LIKE THAT COULD CAU5H A NASTY .' ACCIDENT. HI *.': i ; ' t f !:; i I DAf PLLI1ONIOM. I WAC, ICVMXO WIT: WORE OFF " TME. AC.O.'. r -- I M HAHMI.IiSS AS A BORN t\AOF;. r . r - I O O O H F TO SHOOT -vou-Bur i \,VONT Givr vou I or SATIWACTION ' O' BREAKIN'NO LAW. 1 ! ^^T.ja^rviw: UNTI1.VOO ft 9*^ "*. Clay ion Rand Says: Tht : American Astronomical Society reported that 4,600 giant red stars, some of them thousands of times bigger t h a n our sun, had been recently discovered. The* ncv/ stars were found by Dis. J. J, Nassau and Victor Blanco of the Warner Swasey Ob-crva- tor;-, at Cleveland, and Dr. D. W. Morgan of YcrVes Observatory, Jniversity of Chicago. Other astronomers desc-rilied a total eclipse of a blue star f i v e times bigger t h a n the sun by a vcllov; star 130 time.-: bigger t h a n i he sun t h a t lasted from August ! 11 to October,,!.!, 1951. It was | New Chevrolet Goes On Disploy Tomorrow Jisfovcrcd UiEil tlie big star would j count the stars, one for G3 years ami five months. The bi« h t a r is 133 m i l l i o n miles in diameter a n d if it look the plncc of our .-;un would reach i t - i u i u s mmculo tnc tour-uoyr .Slylelinc |JL L,u.\e bc..i;n \ . y s uio most popuiar nouy mo. cl in the country in 1951. Above it is shown in its 1932 design. Heiidlinin? some n o t a b l e contributions to molorinsr pleasure, arc .smoother riding qualities and responsive performance under all sorts of weather condition.-. The new cars KO on display ;it the Green Chevrolet Company. ount the stars, measure their j T · - T istam-cs from Ihe earth. teter-.LtlllCQlH 1 1 mine their asc, their weight and their momentum. | N i n p m c m h c r s of t h o Lincoln C o n f c m p l a t e the wisdom of uur j H i ^ h School band have been chos- kind--ho'.v we explore ihe outer Fringes of creation and predict to Ihe tv.'inkle of an eye the second heavens, !.-onie colossal speck w i l l kick star~ dust inlo the face of the fimia- m c n l ! Brhoki Ihe genius of a «cn- r r a t i n n t h a t can p e n e t r a t e i n f i n i t e space and s p l i t i n f i n i t e s i m a l atoms and. yet. cannot crack the New OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. William* fllAT MONUMEMT Tl-l' X I GUL'ji, HE'S, \ RE.SIC-LMT FRbttCVtD SO USEDTO IP TH 1 ^\^CHl^lE i-c yc-ucH FOSTU^E^ FRE. or- J HIS, CAREER OW GETS A LOT OP RI8B1W r*sl TH' WIGHT SHIFT-BUT 7JI 1 BULL HAS n»,SScP IT A 'Believe R or Nat! ELECTCIC TOASTEB U5SD DAILY M VtMS ^mr^^ FRIVAIC Lirt OF BUCK ; "H'l net only · rodio^honogropk Wh«n you puth Ihil 'n. bmi*n~ling! Owl pop* a hardwood danct flood" Dcal nor find a desirable t e n a n t to occupy the W h i l e House! Russia, Sweden Agree To Double Their Trade en lo participate in the band clinic being held at Fny- c t t e v i l l c P'l-iday and Saturday. J a n - u a r y 18 and I D . Twenty-seven bands w i l l be represented. From the bands attending, n 90-pici-e group will be sclwied Saturday aficrnnon. Tlie Inral students par- licipatinf are Wanda Lou Cliild- ers, Alice Dean Moore, Dcanna M u l l i n a x , Beverly Holt, (Jayle Rogers, Lee Moore, Erdin Jlogcr:-, Gerry Dixon and Jerry Leach. Mrs. N. L. Cook was hostess at a surprise tea Tuesday from 1 In .i p. in. in hunor of the 80tll b i r t h clay of .Mrs. Dora Chandler. Mrs. Stockholm. Swcden-(,Ti-Swcden f r l . h u r ,P a ;' i(l TM" TM* *TM*tor* and Russia plan lo double their ll " slrcss - nefreshmcnls were scrv- trarin-larsnlv Russian wheat , or ^- Bursts were Mrs. Sally Grower, ! " rs ' «" Mr ' Mrs - "^ Swedish machinery and metal TM"' soods-under a new trade agree- ' ;, . M''s. Ann Lnt announcH las. n i g h t by the | "«' cr " f1 - Mrs - Bl1 ' , Ha "' s - M r f ' i '.' "» ]TM n *- "TM- "'· A. Tutlle. 'TM' J o h n "°"' JI "' h - w - ' '·'!'- Swedish Foreign Office. Sweden w i l l send the Soviet ,. . U n i o n steam turbines, electrieilv I "' M "; °' E ' Cl.dcwell, Mrs. cenerators, iron, steel, metal prod- I ! L, Yr'T "',''· ""· . Wi " Pcn " cli - ucls. machinery, instruments and i 1 ":. t i ' M b c l h C u n t " r f . *'«· b u t t e r wortb about 21 million rlol- larp. About one-third of this will the be electrical eoods which Russians previously bought on credit but now w i l l pay for in cash. Smith, Mr. and Miv. John G d i r c t l of S t i l u c l l , Okla.. .Mrs. L. I'crkins, Mrs. Grace Perkins nnd son, Hal, Mrs. .lack Dixon and son. Glon Hay, Mrs. r. c. sh a «-s, and .Mrs. Wade C h c a t h a m . Many friends ,, , 1 «'li" were unable t o a t t e n d sent Sweden expects to pet conds | gift..-. worth between 17 and 10 m i l l i o n I M r a , M B|| . ,, . dollars. Two-lhirds of that will Spenvor, I m v a ' 'are , D cn ( f , . , , " be for loo.non tons of wheat. The I r e m a i n d e r of the " rest will include asbestos, kcro- ; f a r scnc. and alloy metals [or steel-- i making. ; inn near Dutch Mills. In New York's Bronx Zon. a herd of ciant Galapagos tortoise? sleeps. e"ats*aml travels in cliques according tn some mysterious social rankinp. Cwn IP with tbt times--r Sew-Easy Kitchen FRIDAV EVENING fi:00 Dinner Music 6:l.i Starlight Tim* «:30 News fi:4ii O?.ark Sports Rcvirw 7:01) Wayne King Show 7:l:i Gabriel Heatter 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:4") Loinbardo on the Air R:00 Bill Henry fi:0.i. M a K a z i n e Theatre S:30 Armed Forces Ttcview 9:00 News HM Graeie Fields Show 9:35 Just Music 10:00 News 10:15 Platter Party 10:30 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sisn Off SATDRDAT MORNING S:3t Rue 'N Sn'nc fi:nn Rise N" Shine fi:30 Stock Tal'.; Time fi:43 Country Editor 7 00 M i n u t e s nv MIIFJC 7:l:i .lorcianaires 7:30 (Itasco News 7:15 Or;an Reveries 8:0;i A f t e r Breakfast 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:4.") Ozark Diary | 9:00 Kiddies Hit Parade 9:30 News 9:4.i U. S. Navy 10:00 New Record Releases ! 10:30 Merc's To Vets 1(1:45 Guest Star 11:00 Proudly We Mail 11:311 Ci uri-h of Christ 11:1,"i News at Noon SATURDAY AFrtRNOON 13:0(1 Man on The Kami 12:30 Symphonies for Youth I:fll1 Symphonies f u r Youth 1:25 News--M 1:30 McAllister SinRors 2:00 Hansland U.S.A. 2:25 News-2:30 Sports Review 3:00 S a t u r d a y Swing Session 3:30 H a w a i i Calls 4:00 Land-Lan F.nscmblp 4:30 Bands for Bonds 4:4S Musical Interlude 5:00 Harmony 7?»nfers .1:30 Drama Time 5:45 Preston Sellers 5:55 Ctcil Brown By Sue Burnett Here's a pi city ami piRclicril hib apron to mako kitchen work liciit- rr. It's shaped nicely, and cnm- hinos two fabrics v.'itli oharni.= ti?e bold ric rac for a colorful trim. Pattern No. 87R4 is a scw-rito porforatccl pattern in sizes 14. Ifi, 1R. 20; 40. 42, 44. Sii-.c Ifi, P't yjirris of plain fabric in 39-inch; ^ i yard checked fabric. For this pattern, send ,10c In COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTER/I N U M BER to Sue Burnett, Ncfchwest Arkansas. Times, 1150 Ave. Amer- te»5. New York !9. N. Y. The new Spring and Summer Rn.sic FASHION for women who sow w i l l be ready for you shortly. Send 25 rents now for your ropy. WALT BEACH Guaranteed Watch Rcpalrlnf Wild lr.w.r-1 CtoiMn II t. CtnlM «rMI fATITTIVILLI, ADR. BETTER PLUMBING FOR BEHER HOMES itart at CindD Plumbing Co. Frtt

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