Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 18, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 18, 1952
Page 5
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Slate Handicap Bowling Tourney Set To Open! vm Area Teams To Cripp y Ow | $ J 0 Play Porkers Saturday Post Scores In Action Tonight Defending Champs In All Divisions Will Be On Hand The 14th a n n u a l Arkansas ' Handicap Bowlinjj Tournament opens tonight when MX entries in the team event rection are tiled Houston-lSpecial'-Two forwards are slated to be left borne for treatment of injuries when the Rice Owls entrain for the Ozarks tonight for a Southwest Conference battle 'with the Arkansas Rarorbacks at Fayetteville, Saturday. A lei; bruise continues to harass 6'3" soph Don Lance, while Berl Dickens,'6'4" junior, suffji-etl a severe ankle sprain in the Qwlt' 53-60 loss' to Texas on Tueiday. Rice trainer Eddie Wojecki tays there is a possibility that Dickens' ankle could improve enouib for him to make the trip, but chances are against it. Dickens and Lance L i t t i c R o r k - W j - C o a c h OtiE ^ . . -* Douglas w i l l f u l l y put himself on (jOldOII UlOVCf .. --... ..... .._,-are against n. JJICKCIIS «nu jjimir to post scores. The parly | , re , m ong the top six Owls in siartprs include one Springriale playing time to date this season, Irani anrl f i v e trim Fayellevillf. bavins divided the Stirling assign- Lines nnc-n for 1h? tournament a t j ment at one forward position moat 7 o'clock. I of the campaign. The tournamenl. 1-clnp held i n ; Football star Sonny McCurry Favelteville lor I h j first time, ex-Islands as the player most likely lends Ihroush Iwo weekends. ' ' ""' ~'~"' Competition for Irophies and pri7C money w i l l take place tonight, lomorro'.v, Sunday, January '2fi. and Sntui-c'Hy and Sunda uavy 2fi and 27. Thc c l c f c n d i n c champions in the singles, doubles and team events lo draw that starting role at forward, although the 6'4" Owl end from Wharton has been out for -,,, pruclice only a few days. Fartici- " ' pation in the East-West sri'l (!«me i in California delayed McCurry'E appearance with the court squad until the eager* had nlayed over - .^ -. - , half their schedule. However, the anrl a l l - c v c n t r . are scheduled toj rangy and aggressive l'id saw 18 be on h a n d for Ihc t o u r n a m e n t . : minute.i action against Texai after The defendiiiff singles champ is only three days of workouts. If Coach Don Suman fieures Kl. I,. Nicholson, of Pine B l u f f , who takes to Ihc alleys in both singles and doubles play. Sunday, J a n u a r y n, at 8 a. m. The team champ of last year, t h e Phillips '66" Service Station of Pine B l u f f ( EOCS lo work cle- frnriing its t i t l e al 3:3(1 p. m. Saturday. J a n u a r y 26. The doubles combination of P u n k y S m i t h and Bill Shepherd, of Pine B l u f f , start rolling at 8 a. m.. Sunday. January 27. All-events champ Rush Dixoll. of Hot Springs, bowls at 10 a. m.. the 27th. Following tonight's action the tempo steps up a little Saturday evening with 18 teams scheduled to bowl, starting at 0:30. Sunday. J a n u a r y 21). bowling \vill be con- t i n r o u s from i n a. m. until about in i. m. Doubles and singles .^·nn's entries will coiuuele all i allevs in both! McCurry needs more workouts before drawing a starting assignment. any one of four ropbs -Lou Fulton, Elan Fulfer. James Beavoi-s, or Al Jochec -- might get the nod. Fulfer and Jochec have had for . injuries that sidelined them the Texas A. and M. and Texas contests. Ralph Grawundcr at forward and Leonard Childs al guard-- the only two seniors on tl:e fiquad- 1 ' along soph center 1 ' Schwinger are almost certain starters for the Arkansas game, with junior Maurice Teaguo from Tcxai-kana. Texas, having a scrap to regain his regular guard post back from Beavers who led *tff against the Longhorns following a Teague scoring slump. Schwlnger's b r i l l i a n t play against Texas was the only really encouraging note for the Owls us Sum.;y-wi..r.04 bowlers upected j i^'^t^TexT'' The'"^ to take part. Houstonian took over the season Team events arc scheduled back, scol . ing ,,, a( | foi . tn( , O wls with 26 on the alleys Saturday, January | poi , lts sga i ns i the Steers, best in- 26. starling at 4:30 p. m., with 2 4 , dividual effort by a Rice player teams scheduled to post sc.ores S J TK . C j j m Oerhardt scored the team event u-lndup comes same number against Centenary ARKANSAS SPORTETTES Douglas Paints Rosy Picture Of Next Year's Hog Grid Prospects By CARL BELL · L i t t l e R o r k - W - C o a c h Oiit ^{Thursday's AP Sports Briefs (By The Associated Press) BASEBALL Miami Beach, Fla.--Waller O. Briggs, 74, owner of the Detroit Tigers, died. Chicago--Chicago White Sox 'Sunday, 1 January 27. at 11 j board of directors scheduled to I meet today to consider resignation Ennd"v afternoon when four re- early last season. Schwinger now mainiiig groups roll games at Z has scored 180 points in 1« games p. m. With the exception of II team-, seeing action on S January 27. t h a i day will be devoted lo the finish of doubles, tingles and all-events divisions of the tournament. The Tournament is licing conducted by the Fayetteville Bowling Association w i t h Francis Hahn. tournament manager. The a n i u - a l bowling business meeting w i l l be held at the Mountain Inn Hotel. 3 hi addition to the trophies f o r j of Charles Comiskcy as vice-presi- hi"h team and individual sinslc dent and secretary. : -- · · ' Washington--The government's salary stabilization board lifted he local ceilings from the pay of individual ottering baseball players. Major league players signed: Bv the New York Giants, nitch- cr Sheldon Jones and outfielder i Chuck Dicring. ! . By the Pittsburgh Pirates, third i baseman Dick Smith and pitcher · Len Yochim. I By Ihc Chicago White Sox. | catcher Shcrm Lollar and pitcher Ken Holcombe. By the Chicago Cubs, pitcher Joe Hatten. By the Cleveland Indians, first baseman Luke Easter. Bob j FOOTBALL new | New Wilmington, Pa.--Wcst- Ihe spot here last night by publicly p a i n t i n g » rosy picture for his 1952 University of Arkansas! football team. | The f o r t h r i g h t , pro-minded mfti-1 tor didn't predict * number of v i e - 1 lories or call the names of »ny victims, but he told a gathering of Raiorback Booster Club leaders: "Wt'H b» ihoaling for iha Soulh- wtit Conhrcnee championihlp." · H« midt it cl»r thai ht ftal« Iht Raicrbacka hart Iht tmmuni- lion Is ihool. 'We will have more numerical strength of capable men t h a n we've ever had before. Theer won't be much difference between the starters and the other H|uadmen, : either. At some posilionf, boys on the sixth team will be pushing those on the first team. "The team spirit looks good. The minute we closed our 1951 season, by beatinl Tulsa. the boys who are returning started talking about spring practice and next season. 1 believe we'll be on a more rven keel this year insofar a s - h a v i n g the- boys 'in the right frame of mind for every game. "It looks like coaching is going to be a pleasure this year." Douglat obviously Ihourihl lhal Iht war in which the Porksrl nun-handled Tulia, J7--1, lo clort out i 5-5 teaaon wai a good indication of what mar bt expected next fall. Pointing out t h a t a large n u m b e r of sophomores \verc picking up needed experience last year, lie declared: "We beat a good ball club, t h a t Tulsa. And I t h i n k we could have beat them worse if we had wanted lo." Breaking down his 1952 squad by positions, Douglas said he thought the few spots vacated by | graduation--all in the line--could be filled and even strengthened, with two possible exceptions. Ht clttd ctnter, whert Bob Griffin and Jim Smith graduated. ai Iht ktr poillion, and the tnd ai Iht iteond qutxtionmvrk. McHtn was namtd to tht all- Southwttt tltrtn ai « lophomore laat (all. All other lettered backs return, too, a fact which led Douglas to speculate that the highly touted ball carriers from the 1051 freshman team "will have a hard time g e t t i n g to play this year." Thc Razorback coach said several experiments will be made in spring practice, which will begin about March 1. One of them will be trying f u l l b a c k Floyd Sagely, a defensive specialist last season, Home Dates For Yanks To Get Airing By NFL Top College Stars Selected By Pros In Annual Draft New York-i/TVlmpresKfirio Trd · Colling t e m p e r a m e n t a l ownrr n f ; the NPW York Yimks, h i n l M | IjiT.ftf'ii.v 1ni];iy he may f i n a l l y j wake Rood his n f l - r r p e a t e d t h r r a t ! tn w a l k nut n[ the N a t i o n a l Fo-V- bnll LejiRiif unlrf-s he gets belter home p l r i y i n n dales. "Y.bu can say this," Collins Insisted, "I «m coins tn sol six hninv ciHlM- -or fire. Turrc prt · | lot of other people in thl» lt*|fiie who irr behind m* becfuit 1 b f l l f v r in f a i r play." Atiker.1 whether hi* "or t Is*" | u l t i m a t u m nusnt bf wa* prepare 1 tc 5tll th* Yank* 1 frenchlut, Col- lint; mtrtly shrugjtfd hi* ihouMfrs and replied: \ "I'm (toil.| prtity writ. In television." Dff.pltc t h r i r u n r r r l a i n s t b l u x , tlie Y g n k s p n r l i r i p M r d in the d r a f t y e s t f r d « y, selp^tinn LPK I l i c h i p r . i l l - A m e r i c a linebacker from C a l i f o r n i a ax t h r f r first pink. Practically all nf Ihe top rrtl- lese .frnior stars were sflerted in the d r a f t w i t h Ihe rhimpinn 1.01 Angeles Rum* Rpltini Billy Wade, VnnderhfH's Rreat riw.rtfrbick. M t h e i r "bonus' 1 choice, plus two n l l - Amfriea\r. tn rio the pajs- rstehinjt -- Mlchisnn .Stale's Hob Carey and Wyoming's Dtwcy Mr- Conn ell. Those selected In the first [SPORTS NMTHttfSI ,UMANIAI IIMIf. favttMvlll*. Afk« Friday, January II, 1*52 round, in Hrldltlon to R i c h l r r anri C*rfy, were Vilo i'arilll. K e n t u c k y hack, hj- I'.reen Bay; Ollls Million, San Frandjco buck, by the C'.ii- c-ajio Cardinals; J o h n n y BrlRlV, [)r»k« hack, by I'hlliidclphla; Larry Ijhnll, T-nuarterbrtek from j Baylor, hy Washinclnn; Ed M i g h t y j Mo ModzelfU'.ikl. Maryland b n r k . bj Pitt.«bur(h; Frank Glt'nirl. | USC hack, hy thf New Y o r k . Ct'.ftnts; Jim Doolfy, Miami ( F l a ) hack, hy Ihe Chicago Bear*; Hush McF.lhenny, Washington hack, by ,S;m Francisco; Harry Affanli, Boston U bnck, by Cleveland, and fieri Bfchlchar. TfnneH** back, by Detroit Lions, who Lradeii him to the 1 lirown.i. Olck K a ?. in n 1 e r, Primreton's Kreat halfback, was not picked u n t i l the iMh round. The Bears Ritmblerl t h a t he mijht change, his mind and take a f l l n x at pro football. Hnnk Lnuricella, all-America h n l f b n c k from Tenn«see, wa« ,.ot lilckcd u n l i t the i7th round. Fcores and winners in the various divisions, and Ihc prize money 1'st of a u p r o x i m a t c l y 5510, the local howling association is ottering in-i-es tor high individual game and scries and high team game and series. Spotlight On Pole Vault, Mile Run, At Inquirer Meet Rev. minster Collese fired Coach Mel Hel7.1er and indicated it may drop football. j BOXING New York--Heavyweight cham- ' pion Jersey .Toe Walcott was awarded the Edward J. Neil Memorial Plaque for having done the First i most for boxlnff during 19!)l. RACING M i a m i , Fla. -- Spartan Valor $11.20 won the six furlong Jin.000 New Orleans--Thc Batter SI2.20 won the six furious New Iberia Purse at Fairgrounds in l:13.-. A r c a d i a . Calif.--Whither 45.50 won Sis.ono I,os Fcli?. Stakes at Santa A n i t a wilh 1:24 1-5 clocking for seven furlongs. January Sports Card at offensive end. Another , . be! using "all guards in the line at times. rhiladelpliia-'/n-'ri 1 ^ Ritliards tries to v a u l t winning streak tonisiil as n field or past, present and f u t u r e tracl: and field ehampions converge "» Convention H a l l for the e 'K h l h a n n u a l Philadelphia Inquirer Track Mecl. Richards arrived by p l a n e from nwnokc. Vs., lasl nislit in lime to preach a sermon ; t the Church of the Brclhcrn. The n a t i o n a l decnthlcn .ind U.S. a m i ran-Ainerii-an pole v a u l t champion is sti'.l hlirlins from h i s ! Hialeah I n a u g u r a l Handicap In fin I defeat in 51 meets .-Inrrij.. , 1 : 1 0 . in Washington, lie's glad t h a t Don I,a?., former Illinois a t h l e t e y.-ho licked him w i l h a 15 fool, 3 inch loai). will he on hand. Sharing the spollichl w i l h Ihe VRullers is the u s u a l l y colorful inile event. Don Clchrmann. Ihe Wisconsin w h i p p e t , wil a t t e m p t lo m a i n t a i n his maslery «\or 'red W i l t , FBI apenl, wlio runs for rec- qrds when he's not r u n n i n x alter Hw breakers. Finn champ Dennis Johansson and Iwo servicemen. Gene Haynes of Ihe N a v y a n d BJ^J .tones of Ihe Marines, are in the fl( ,l,l i Jan. 14-in--West Fork I n v i t a t i o n a l Hurdlers Harrison n i l l a r r i a n d ; Raikclball Tournament. r m pr^», wr-iK! ^ st» vr- caeh ollin- m n . m p e t i t i o , for t b c j j | i n _ 2 5_ Blllldog .; V5 . bcnlonvillc, firs! l i m r nu Ihe indoor hoards. a t R Pn i nm .|||e. Curt Slonc, former Perm Stale j n n 28--BulldoRs vs. iluntsville, rtlslance ace who l i k e (".ehni.ann. i at lluntsvllle. will he d e f e n d i n g his inquirer · Jan. 29--Bulldojt TI. Joplin, htri, title, (inures to win the iwo-miln 1 Jan 31--Porkin Tf. Kinut Stitt evenl. ' T«ach«rt, htrt. Six Razorbacks Chosen In Pro Football Draff New York-OT)-.Six University or Arkansas linemen anrt H former Porker player have been SP- iectcd in this year's pro football draft. The men and the teams thai selected them arc: I.ns Ai.fielcs Rains--Bob G r i f fin, center, tnckle, guard and line- hack rr Corps. Grcon Ray Dave H a n n e r . Chicago Rears--Guard, tackle Ken iJrooKs, 126-pound Fa yell e- villc Boys Club boxer, will enter the Golden Gloves slate tournament at Fort Smith today. He is in the "open' 1 division. Weichinp,-! in ceremonies f t the tourney were tn lake place this afternoon w i t h 1 bouts starting at 8 p. m. Winners 1 of the f i r s t session, r u n n i i i R : through tomorrow, will Rain the 1 f i n a l s next weekend. T o u r n a m e n t ! winners are elifiiblc lo enter t h c j Kmiras CHv regional meet n e x t 1 month. (Pu.ska T1MKSFQTO). | Bolt's (5 Tops San Diego Field Louis Cards 76 As Only Negro Entry San Dicco-f/P)-Thc racial issiir took a back seat, at least tempor- n r i l y , today as mast rtf the nnlion's leading f j n l f n r s look a crack at Ihr j money in the $10,000 San Diego Open. Leading, w i l h a 7-UMdor-pnr fifi, was 32-year-nld Ted Kroll of New H e r t f o r d , N. Y. · Kj-oll's scnrc, achirved in the last few Im|p5 in a d r i v i n g rain, broke a 2"i-ycar-old mark for the par 72 San Dioso Connlry Club .set by the present PGA president and storm i-cnler of the racial question, Horlon .Smith. Smith himself shot a 73 yesterday. His partners were .1^ l.wiis. who essayed the rolo nf spOHi'licad in the racial conlrovrrcy, and l.r- land Gilipon, a niemhpr of the PGA Tiiurnnnienl C'ominitlcf. , a two-handicap a m a t p u r , in a 38-38--76 and Gibson now in tlic U. S. Marine Packers -- Tackle Yanks -- End Frank , I'Yed W i l l i a m s and end Bill Jurney. Detroit Lions -- En6 Pat Summerall. New York Fischel. Bill Ward, a member of the 1919 Arkansas squad who played with the San Uicgn N a v y team asl year, was chosen by the New York Yank.*.. Their scores v.-ere Rood, consirl- erinc, but they h a r d l y compared to the 23 others which weic uiulnr par. Three stroke?: bnck of Kroll were Tommy Bolt, Dr. Gary M i d - rilocoff and Felice Torza. Four strokes buck, at 60. WPI-P six men, i n c l u d i n g the dangenms Iiloyri Mangrum. GEORGE KEli".JS^ SAYS: fAMOUS enion _._-..__ mo HUMAN _ _ _ CUUt'BMn hit horn* na tnrj timi! "Aftar ft louftl *'lU finw. nothlnf f*r* n't "f J IR * it^!" 1 . ihow«r »M · trwh. clem, tmnnui l)iv« wilhi i O\Uft VtOP IIM*. I iwfUhul t» ChlMl' htc^u«e Chnjl fly ro« iMi. »t tlv« IM l imoolhtr .hv«. Chlldi' M««M lit · home run f«t mwilMr t»v«« ntry tm*l tti kn CtiilU' llrtw tin TCI · IINIIT inn GUARANTEE: Full i*tiif«efiM or deubl* your m«n»y b««L HOMI* IN OH lOc Lincoln Girls In rhiah Of West- I'ork Meet Tim Lincnln girls mlvnnced i n l ' i Ihr finals nf t h e i r d i v i s i o n of Ihr annual fork I n v i t a t i n n a l husketball t o u r n a m e n t last iii(thl. h.v edping Prairie Grovr, 38-3. r i. Toniehl 1 !; fiaines, all scnti-final tlcf. will f i l l ""I 'he lira'-licK for the l o u r n r y f i n a l s .^chcdulefl for tomorrow night. In l\vo boys Rames Iru'l nisht Ihc Prairie Grove hoys rompH o\ - er Sprinjdalc'^ R - l e n m , ."'."i-^fi. with On- anrl Allen i c o r i n p M points each for Ihr winnrr.^. Thc win innvrrt Prairie Gnn-r opposite Wnst Fork In t h r y r m i - f i n a l s . In Ihe w i m l n p R H m r on last lKhl's card Elkins moved p;ut Greenlaml, 43-:i3. w i t h LORIIO lend- ins the way with 16 prints. K l k i n s plays M o u n U i i n b n r R in a fiiiht for a f i n a l s hcrlh t o n i g h t al 7:1. r i. The Praire Grove-West Fork same is scheduled for 9 p.m. O p r n i n R tame t o n i u h l p i t s K l k i n s acnlnst SprinedHle in the nirls ill- vision. Thr w i n n e r of Ihe fl:30 l i l t gains lh* f i n a l s opposite Lincoln. Lincoln becam? th first team lo reach the f i n a l s IH.S! night a;; Slarhlrd netted If points lo help d u m p the. Prairie Grove lanes. Ice f k a l l n j is possible licca.ii' Ihe weifht of the s k a t f r , pu«hing down on the ninntrl «(lin.',t tin lc». causes It lo melt, 'end temporarily provides a t h i n f i l m of w a t f r over which Ihe skates may elide. SEC Would Approve Of | Permanent Bowl Pact Mat-on, Ca.-(/V)-ThP So'illiprn Cnnforcncr w i l l ppprnvc liov:l gamrs on a contrart basis, C'oJich Rex Knrijjht of (he University of South Carnlina predicted la?l n w h t , K'U'i-zlit, Iiere lo address the Macnn Tourlulown Chib, said hr bclicveH "(lir conference wuiilfl po for a nonnantMl contract w i t h a howl l h a l wnuld match our The ROM.' nnv.'l li.'.s Mii-li an nr- r a i q n m r n t which |HtK Ihr r;n-ific C ii ;i s t Cnnfcrr-nrr clnni.'ion asain^t t h e Big Ten w i n n e r and the Cnitnn Mowl hn.M IPHIH is. by contra f t . I h n r h a n m i o n of Ihf SoullVATSt Conference. A f t e r uilini: l a r t year to ban posi seinoii ^;iincs. the Sou t h e m Conference forced M a r y l a n r i and C']eriv-.on to r;t Tirol tlieir l ^ n g u o eaine?, for \$*2 fnr v i o l a t i n g thf lian. An outsundlnf flevor--Junii'l Romin Mf.M Bread. ll-18-lf COUIER Rexall DRUG STORE FREE P A R K I N G ! F R E E D E L I V E R Y Phon. 3000 FOB TAXI SERVICE CALL 333 O-K TAXI CO. 400 W. Dtckion BEULAH LEE BEAUTY SHOP 21 Years on Dlckson "We'll Curl Up and Dye for Von" 411 Dlckion Phone 1411 LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER 100 N. Coll« Phont till "Itlliht on the I l i w a y -- Ulghl on the Price" MOORE'S GIFT SHOP "The Gift Centci-" 25 N. Block Phont JSZ LANER BROS. SHOE SHOP R«nd Shots for M*n Trim Tr«d Sh«« jnr Womtn I'oll-P«rrel Shews for Chlldrtn I*, f M* *l llw t^utn Pkont III The Bfsl Drr»s*d Womtn In F«ytU«vi!lf Will Weir Dreisn from long's 10 t. CENTER BEEBE'S JEWELRY Th« plscf to buy N«t!on«llj' A' DIAMONDS, WATCHES t SILVERWARK U C. Ctnltt Ph«n. 1011 SINES BODY SHOP Specializing In Body Frndcr Work P«lnlin»; -- Ssfcly Glasj Upholiterlnf -- Scat Coven 117 W. Dlekton Phm 111 TIRE CHAINS R E P A I R E D -- ANY SIZE MADE -- Br)ng in your lir* chain* new lor FREE INSPECTION SUTTLE ESSO STA. 1. Ml. fe School Phmi li "JUG" WHEELER'S DRIVE-IN WE DELIVER PHOME III Chtrle* Crook DIXIE CREAM DONUTS FRESH DAILY Morid lo (2' W. Dickton Phon. 71 Whnlesale-IieUil-Party Orden Open till 9 p.m. weekdays WILSON'S GULF SERVICE Drivt In nnd Stt Our Completi Lin* of GULF TIRES Safety -- Long Mileage -Dependable Service 300 W. Mountain Phont 124 JOHNSON'S PAINTS -- W A L L P A P E R MIRRORS - CLASS SM Green Slumps 25 N. Block St. Phont 101 Alice JJU'l^.nii "MOM AND POP" OOPtHIQHl II COOPEHHTlVt ADV "Of COUIM I'm net folng I* throw II «wly -- lhal )unk li worlh money ·! OZARK SALVAGE CO." If your nimf fppeari it the bottom of one of these ids. you ind i fueit will bf admitted tree ifed. tin to be pildi to see "Lost Continent" it the P»l»ct Theatre^ext Tuesday, Wcducs- diy or Thursday, Present lome form of identification al the box officf lo receive your \mstn. RAY'S FlOWtlJ i GREENHOUSES 71 iouik rOM COMPLETE IEAUTY SERVICI · RITA'* BRAUTT IALOH ·«!*. ll«t BMf. Mk I.1M · LA HOSE BEAUTY ·H0» 111 N. Collet* ttumt H» ·ROYAL BEAUTY §HO» . IMe T CITIZENS CLEANERS LAUNDRY Quality -- 8«rvlct in if. w«i rk«H ii4* WALL ST. ESSO SERVICE STATION ELZA FINCHEH ««i L. U WINKLE, n.w aWMtt Ut4 OfWKiWI, MTU* TM f «*^ thim for Quick. E»lcl*nl 8*fTk*. HI WALL mom itsi Suggs Takes Lead In Tcmoa Women's Open T/mp?. Fl.i.-1/l'i-l.lttlr; l.imlsf cas is o f f tn a eood slart for Ihe Tampa Women's Open soil' championship she has been a f t e r - .-« long. The .vomi2 f l c o i R i a n has horn second in every onr of thf f i e prevlors Tampa Women's Oprns \ She rapned oul a ,10-,1H-.-72 f o r ; a one-stroke lead In Ihe f i r M round . of. Ihc 72-holc SJ.SOfl e v f n t yp.itcr- 1 div. She w»s Iwo u n d p r par. hlght hehlnd Mlk» Snrji, were Betsy HUM-IS of A u r i l n , T«xis, ind M a r l e n r Bauer of Sara.'.ola, each The 7.1. pliv 1R holm l o r j a j , a n o t h e r 18 lomonov anrl the f i n a l round .Sunrlny. BOWL rod HEALTH Jim Benton Bowllnl Lanes--Adv HALL TIRE CO. f'tsk fj fionilycar Tlrct CJ K. Appliances Spnillnji Cioods - E \ S Y T E R M S 19 E. M o u n t a i n Phone I1TO 101 N. Block Phone V2 BONE'S GROCERY QUALITY FOODS CHOICE MEATS - TREE DELIVERY -- Phmt ill 111 W. CtHln REED GRIFFITH SERVICE Automotive Electricity it Carburctlon I'rlco and Bili«t it Stratum Hlwiy TI I Pkene III HOUAND BROS. LOCKER PLANT "HOMF-TOWH" 101 W. Dlckwii PhMM Ml The PIONEER SHOP (formerly Th* Top Spat) Distinctive Gifts for the Home. Use Your Credit 25 E. Center Phone 1000 RED BALL TRANSFER STORAGE CO. -- MOVING -Coast to Coait Packlnx · C t a t l n j - Storale 111 W. Mountain it. Pk. «H MODERN HELP-YOURSELF LAUNDRY 1* M^l«I Waihcri Ixlraclot * Tumbler Dryer f^r your convenience 111 ·- Bletk Phont 141 CARTER'S RADIATOR SHOP CLEANING REPAIRING RECOR1NO U W Center . Phont 11M FOR THE FINES r IN HOFTHWEIT AMK^NIAS FRYERS Aik Your Qto»t F«f HAMMOND PROCEMED rOOLTBT Hlfhwiy 71 Nttlk *hM«MM OZARK SALVAGE CO. Wt ry Your Scrip Mn|l Uicd Auto Part* IN Stlt Hlway TI mlk tN YOUNKIN 1SONS Wheel Allfnlni ft aJ*Un»t«| . irake ttftte* Kh»T TI H. ftWM mi

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