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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 18, 1952
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f !» TMI PUBLIC INTHIST · THE FIRST CONCERN OF THIS NEWSPAPER VOLUME 90, NUMBER ISO Associated i»r«t* Leased Wir* AP, King and NEA Features Local Forteest-- P'aycUe'. ille and ilcinil.r partly dourly and coil tonight. Tomorrow partly cloudy with occasional light rain. Continued mild. Tem- pr*ratur« one year ago today, 71, High temperature yesterday Ti; low .If); noon foday 55. Sunriie 7:2fi; sunset .1:31. FAVETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY II, 19S2 German Ship, With 45 Cadets Aboard, Sends Out Distress Message Floods Oust Sunshine City Title Goes To . , El Paso, Texas t,l In California Aid Summoned 20 Miles Oil English Coast High Seas Pound Vessels; Crewmen Are Rescued Deal, En « l a nd-(/P)-Thc four- masted German bark Pamir, one, cf the viorld's last cargo-carrying 1 windjammers, sent out a distress I call today from 20 miles off Ens land in the gale-swept North sea. ^ Forty-five boy sea cadets--40 ' Germans, four Britons and one Italian -- and 40 crewmen were aboard. Capt. Paul Grcif radioed that one anchor had been swept away and the Pamir was being pounded by heavv seas. Lifeboats from two English Channel ports battled toward the scene through a snowstorm. The S.55fi-ton British steamer Empii- Parkston :tood by. Grcif said he would keep the cadets on board for the time beinq but he asked that a lifeboat remain in the vicinity. The picturesque, 2.7G9-lon sail inu ship, built a t - H a m b u r g in 1903. left Hamburg for Rio dc Janeiro .January 10 with a cargo of 4.000 tons of cement. The bn\ I : · board her arc training for the Merchant Marine. The Pamir and her ulster wind jammer, the Passat, carried BI un from Australia to Britain under various ownerships from !!)0. r to 19-19. Gales raging around and over the British Isles drove shipping to (h'cltcr today and a 'number of vessels sent out SOS calls. Coast G u a r d s m e n fired a breeches buoy from a cliff top to the Libcrian ship Liberty after it went aground in a gale last niuhl near Cape Cornwall. The 38 crewmen were hauled safely off the stranded vessel. , ...*. ,,..-. . --,, -Three seamen were missing i i jmn bcrs and a squadron of ;,ca' from a 400-ton Dutch motor ship. ! u || s a ,|]jded here Saturday, it adrift about 25 miles off Lowcslofl ' four Five Defeated Candidates Back Kennon Against Spaht For Louisiana Governor added: New Orlcans-OPl-Six of Ihe: day in an anti-Long coalition j .'Reluctantly, eight candidates who opposed Car-', bat-kin; .Incite fiobcrt F. Kennon th los Spaht, Gov. Earl K. Lons's 1 fur Ihe February 19 run-off. j choice for governor in Tuesday 1 : 1 j The combined total of Ihc siN j Democratic primary, combined to-'anti-Lon.sitcs in Tuesday's votinc. was r47.al6 of tho record 70G.3fJ."i| I i votes cast in 1.972 of the .--tale's; i ",112 precincts. Arrayed against Spaht, who received 158.8u!) votes, were Kennon; Rep. Hale BOSKS of New Orleans, who polled 136.66(1 votes;, , James McLcmorc. Alexandria cat-| , tlcmari with 109.942; LI. Gov.I William Dodrt wilh 84.527: Dudley ' i.cBlanr. former patent medicine! manufacturer, with 56,922; and! Lucille May Grace, first woman! to run for governor of the state, j j with ,",G77 votes. i Unheard from yel were Kcrmit Parker, New Orleans pharmacist j Carlsbad, N. M. · I/P) - El Paw). : Texas, is the official ".Sunshine Cily" of the Soulhwcrl as a rt-- j still of an ice-molting contest thi; j week. The Carlsbad Chamber o f ! Commerce, which s t a r t e d the who;e thing, declared El Paso the I v.-inncr last night. | Corpus Chrisli. Texas, was declared winner among ri'.ies not j officially entered hut which tool: pan. Coast Guard To Help Thousands Escape Waters Los A families C! ordered moved to- "F.l Paso was Ihc nearest city lo! day r.s a nisht of rain poured Carlsbad and for some uiijccoulll- floods into flatlanfls south of here, able reason its ton nf ice melted! f|, c sheriff's subslalion al Nor- hours quicker than ours," Vi . a ||. announced lhat Kie Coast l-'rank Kindcl. manager of (he r l s b a d Chamber, said. He . WP liarl to give championship to El P,iso." Armistice Still Sought; Little Progress Made General Ridgway Visits Korea To See Van Fleet Autos Turned Back To Dealers Finally Sold To State, W itness Says House And Senate Conduct Inquiries Into : Sal« Report^ Choice Of McDonald To Head Ihe RFC Made By Mcfflbei Of Commission Guard, moving JO miles inland from the Pacific, would under-; lake lo move Ihe fi.000 or more ! Wasliiniiton-i/l'i-T w o Cnnsi es- behind clniied doiiiK. persons from the path of riMn.Uiona, groups work,,,* ,,,,.-,, alcly! ^^^^^ ^. waters. _ . . n s.,,,,, in-- i*i* in * » *The emergency centers in Ihc' HHITV A. McDnnnld, Prr-iil'.'nl \ | ;t tcs tho upturn's dealings in s'.orks · · ' " ' '"'·· "niman's rhiilrc In liPiid HIP n c - ! a m l hnnds. omm unities nf Nnnvalk. Artc.MH i-HI i\i.-i. j'.L-w ·_·· "..".. ,"· | Mun.san. Korea-(/T:-Tniiv nr- i and the Jirsl Nc^ro since RCCOM-; gntiatnrs krpl (miners in check . . and Hawaiian Gardrny. pnuthras'. of hero. The Coar.l Guard moved up from its h^scs at I-on^ Bcftfh and San Pcdio with boats and a in oh i bin u ,1 equipment, Anotlier crilu-al situation in the San Fernando Valley north of Lop Anqctcs apparently was in hnnd ; loMny Invpsti'inlofi the *ame m«n m j ss j nni tho" ;iscnry wliirh rc«u- i construction Finini'T Cnrporatio The House inquiry Mrr:itly h ( underway, with ReprnsLMitativc Hrllcr t b - N Y t . its Icmlcr. firmly; rofuj-'hia to sivc the Senate ;uiy i n ; formation about thr prnhr for ; guidance on whether In confirm McDon;ikt lo tlie post. Heller \nstcrday ;irru:;nr| Uio; \ although sonic '-'00 families had' Senate Ranking CoinmiUee of been taken from Ihcir homes in ; "trying to coerce" him into givinc. the Reseda area. ! the information--a rbarce which As sunshine broke through the. drew a sharp retort from Senator rlnuds Minrtly after dawn, th picture through much of Snulh- Maybank ib-SC 1 , the CommiUe-o head. - . "The Senate Banking Commit- h- 0 h,..Tv5-'ec." Maybank reported, "is per- nunw.i^.-.; fccl | v a |,] c ,,, ,, rl j t s OWI1 jnfnrina- lion, and will do so. I per.-.unallj " h a v e not asked Heller's Mibcom ern California was one of ru:;hins torrcnls. mud-closed and stalled cars. ; ;£,"_·YnVTwiifdn'TM."fperMinally P.v R a. m., Ihe storm had. |, avc nnl , ls i (( . ( | Heller's Milicnin- :in.««^^ TM ' C m7 Ulcf M^hVS * .H^"' rTMT, ' cUese i TM TMTM"f comni.uiili-s which: ,be chairman o, the ful, com- who received 1.122. ..lie, said he: delegate wbo rererred s,-ornfu,,y : r,n«J ^ ^ alld , c S p, c ood ; m, ec ^ would announce laic today whom ,,, Amc rica's Allies as "runnms . TM ^' £ n TM m TM J^ "^ ladies. be will back. does. ; ' ,i-ininir out rmrii and Maybank has turned the case . , Alsa backins Kennon in thc| Maj . G cn. Claude Frrcnbauch , '' ",,, i,,',, ' '' Inn ban^s \s i "«'' '" ' st"cnn,,nitter I"''-""'' 1 i,! runoff is Mavor De Lcsscps Mnr-'. m . n( | c hls daily plea that the Reds ' ·"""'· . inl " . V*':'°', ',, ' b.v Senator Fulbrighl ID-Ark'. :) rison of New Orleans, who, wilh j promise nol lo build airfields in j "'f! ^J,"'V ' d li.ools 'bich in ^"'" 'i'""'"' , MoD "" ill(l l)cfm? " Sen. Russell Lons, .'-on of the laic! Krirlh Korea durinc a truce. I ^huichcs and schools-..bich_.n lhl , mormn) , , llucy r. Lons. backed ISOEgs in; T | lr Communi.'its replied, as the first primary. i usual, that their plcdcc not to Senator Lone was silent on. scnr | CT ,mbat planes across (be wbctbcr he would take sides in : Yaiu during a truce was sufficient RUarantcc. r more i|ue?tinnin» Judge Robert Kennon Seagulls, Plane Blood Donated By U.A. Col I ide As Ship Mudenls Available the second race. Senator LonR __ split with his ujicle. Governor: ]n an adjoinins tent. Rear Adm. Lont!, in Ihe first race. ft. E. Libby tried vainly to eel Red negotiators lo acccpl voluntary repatriation of war prisoners. C,en. Matthew B. Riilcway, supreme Allied commander, paid a surprise visit tn Korea Tridav to rushed toward thr Pacific. Churches and schools--.vbich in u most sections cut out classes for; _ the day--were used as evacuation, centers. ; Heavy snows fell in Ihe moun-' tains, with Ihe main route from; here lo San FranciKcn. U. S. Dn.j closed between San Fernando and : fiakersfield by nearly two feet of; snow. i The Weather Hurcau said tbei wnrsl of the current storm has| Bcnlnnvillo-(Snccial)-Neal Rob- 1 passed, but that another---now; inson. 47. Cherokee, Okla., Couiv- movin; down Ihc drenched Pa- ly farmer, appeared before a^ll.^S. cific coast--is rtur here by tomor- Former Director On Stond At Cap tol Hearing Waives Hearing On Charges Of Holding Rogers Men f. I - p i i The first shipment of whole bettleS I O LQ HO Iblood donated by University stu- San Dicpo. Calif.-l/l'i-Onc of , tbe Air Force's . mighty E-30 - 11 " i" ··' -- - cific cnasl--is mie nerc uy ninior- confcr with Ihe U. N. truce dele- | mw n , 8h ,_ | nle ,. m ] t ( r ,n ra ln. oc- . gallon and the Eighth Army com- j ' mander, Gen. James A. Van Fleet. U. N. investigators made an- tther trip to the protected Kac- discloscri today. Both sides in the North Sea. The rest of t h e ; ' , , ,, ' ' , .,,! rr I,,. lifnKml..- I b U l l C l C O . ton Greek freighter Taxiarchis.'. wine at S")0n. An estimated IflO She Accnt aground in a gale Mon- j dead seaculls were found on Lind' bci-R Field, where the collision oc- In a two-day camp; donated more than 3011 points of · day. Edgar Faure Seeks To Form French Cabinet i currcd as the plane came in-fur a j coi t to any hospital or physician i q area tn examine a crater The ooci win E.i TM i) C retained for I C(l1 - Howard S. Levie told tbe nc ot .ci la w a j Communists: ,c in bis eniinty . , , jn |h{ , hil]siri( . . i , i l v \ M O C ' ) e a i a - a , a a 1 w i U i d caused by ,ome kind of explosion ,iin vui .uniiciu^ o| nlast, but you have produced casionally heavy, through Wcd- nesday was predicted. Today's ownpnur boosted Los | dents reached ihc Veterans Hospital blood bank this morninc when 25 pints of blood arrived ^WpSre^^ - entire season, two-day campaiRn studcnls , ' Angeles' rain total lo 17.10 inches. two incrcs beyond the normal for commissioner al 'Muskogcc, Okla. yeslerdHy, and waived a lormal I ·rralgnmcnt on federal charges ol | holding Iwn Roscrs men in peon- j a^c and possession an illcaa! v.-liis- ky still. Robinson's bond was scl al M.-iJIf Ihc first rhnrje and Sl.OOn Dr. Orr Named Visiting Anthropology Professor The appointment of Dr. Kenneth Gordon Orr as visilinc pro- ; landing. j Help For Non-Scheduled !i Airlines Is Sought COM to an V nOMjlIH in i)ii» MLIHII ' · . in,in vim i - · TM i - ! n be count" The supplv will be no witness who can identify pnc of |cssnr |n social nlUhrnpn i ORy at " '·"- "'· ""-" 1 " s "' v ""' ' | ihc University was announced to- I day by Dean G. I"). Nichols of Ihc nr "~ j College of Arts aod Sciences. Dr. Paris-^^-tJd^ar Kaure, Trance's youngest premier 1G75. worked today to put together another center-coalition cabinet that would end his nation's political crisi;-, now in its lllh flay. Behind him was a -!01-101 con- frmalion vole last night from Ihe i j--'^,:;,' ,' |lln . ( .' ha5i , 1E pr0 ;ram. National Assembly. Ihe res It ; . ' ' ^ ma()( , jn drew heavy applause from the v ,alemcnt i benches of the center parties, but , P 0 . 1 ^; Mnlcilic " 1 faure still must form a several- party learn. Sllppiv w i l l ill: , renewed rcRularly. wilh" the un- ""'' »'»"« * TM" lcstlf - v lhal lused blood being returned t o ; 1''^ ^ th ! s '., · Springfield where il will lie processed for plasma. The blood mlcc ! bank will open Monday. Washincton-M'l-T h e nation's smaller airline.-:-- the non-sched- cd or independent carriers -- today u r ? cd government guaranteed loans for a live year, billion dol- -ied by O. Roy |)rc ,. idcnt n( tllc independent Military Air Transport Asxoc- Says Russians Eager To Buy American Magazines Reds said they woi soldier wbo saw Ihc bombing and could identify the olanep. Vlshinsky Violent In Paris, American sources in tbe United Nations lean to a belief tbe Korean armistice necntia- tions have a chance tn succeed despite what Soviet Forcicn Mill- the second by C'nmmlsMiinci, lilaho-i/l'i-The Air force earlv lo:l;y plannc:! I" parachute a lo'lioscaii into a snov.-bi.uirl cold on on . ,,, Forester Hrev.':;irr. The farmer was . , ninln ,, ,.,, n , n ,-,() m j|cs north'.vcst returned to jail after Ilic hearing, j n [ |5,,| sc ( n evacuate a sick woman but said he was prcparinH to make ! anri j,,,,. y,, lin |, s ,, n . bond. I Report.-' late last nilclit from th,e Roliinson was arrcslcd lit 'li-· isolated mine reported Mrs. Gene farm home near Tahlcquah, | jjn-^-g ,-ondition had imfnovcd. January 9 aflcr Hellion County . Hnc v .jn | lnvc In be hauled on the Sheriff John Black and S I a I e ; t,,!,,,,,,;.·,,, n miles throush ruKCcd, · l.iillr Itock-l/Pi-Thc Hi;bivay ! Audit Commission was told today ! that se\en of tlinsc llow-IamoUJ i ftii Chevrolet sedans finally · reached the slate, of Arkansas aft- i er all. | The sedans first were purchased j in the state's name., but the order i was reporter! canceled and the autos rold to private dealers. II. C. Kllison nf Memphis, assistant /one manager for the Chevrolet division of General Motors, told Ihc tommlssion lhal seven ears did reach the state. Hs said the autos were told to \ariqun stiite departments by Truman Baker nf Scarey, a Chevrolet dealer and member of the Hijrluvay Commission. The 30 autos, other v/ltnet4E3 previously said, -were ordered m the name of Ih'e Highway department in August. 11)30, along with ViO trucks. The trucks were delivered to thr Highway Department, but the autos were not delivered to the department nor p«lu for by the department. The autos, like the.trucks, were billrrl lo the dcparlment by the Crawford Motor Company of Bert- Ion. H. T. "Red" Crawford, head .of the company, and other v.'il- ne.'sefi have testified that most ot the cars actually were retained by Crawford for sales to Individ?, ualn. CrAwford sold, however, thfl ho'told 17 of them al cost to Tr.u- i man Tinker. It was seven of thin ,-ar!oui state departments. He i ho learned of the sales when Baker applied for a refund of the federal excise lax which is not due on -chicles sold to slalc governments. G. T. Hahn of Kansas City, Chevrolet zone- fleet manager, testified lhat thXthcn highway purchasing agent. John K. Brown, indicated lo him on Salurday,.Au- cusl S. 1030, lhat the state was prepared lo place a larsc order. Woman To Be Evacuated By Toboggan !^ h " r ' Sliso " "'" wcre sold a Trooper Wallace I'arncll ol rtox- ers told Oklahoma authorities llicy , , iiit ., .. believed Robinson had held lv; o! . lln | )U j.. llL . c |,| imf; . Rogers men prisoner "~ ;-.nov,'-cl(i;!Kcrl lenilory to l-'cathci ville, and then transferred to an I and Mrs. Jack reportedly bad a bad case of influenza. She was Ireat- . J!u- victory margin on Ihc confi- hation claiming 17 members which ·-·· "·". , , IChalk said represent !ld per cent dence vote was so law I f ,, |lon . schc( , ulcd | incs . Gen. Charles de Gaulle s Rally of c ^ ]k ^^ ...^ im:csti( . alinn of improper practices" by tbe sched- j iiiccl or regularly operated air ! lines, and asked that non-fcbcd- the French People, lei-Rest single party bloc in the Assembly, abstained from the vote. The Communists voted against F.iurc. Four Escape Injury In Auto-Truck Collision Four persons escaped injury yesterday afternoon when a lifiht truck and an' automobile collided on Highway 68 three miles west of Sprinpdalc. New York - ,',T, - Gen. Walter '*ter Andre, Vishmsky may say. Bedell Smith, director of the Con-; V.slnnsky hinted darkly yesler- 1,-al intelligence Agency, said last! day that there could be no end night the Russian people pay black | '" "" fiR HinR "nlil tbe United , Ronn an ,| , hc Burmese govcrn- market prices to net bold of i States withdraws "unreasonable !,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,, American magazines. Drr. who has been in Burma on operating a still. _ __ iwo nine-month awards of Ful-i Cecil Button, 21, and Waller , w | ^,1, |)cn i ( .j|lii 1 by t w o A I bright fellowships, will teach Brown, If!, fold the two Arkansas' · I during the spring semester under · " ' on Robinson's farm. Rut when llicy j ucation Board. arrived lo bc.^in work he took them . While in flurma. Dr. On was to a hidden still and forced them ; visiting professor at the Universi- i lo provide it with fuel, they tald, i l.v of Rangoon in 1I).'()-5I. and was '· adding that Robinson was always . -director of the Burma Community Research project--spoil- sored by the University of Ran- Brown, Id. told the two Arkansas KorM mon w i m parachuted lo the! M Crn ,,i,|, officers they agreed to cut wood | minc Wednesday. Aucust 7 on Robinson's farm. Rut when Ihcy | . ,...,i n ,., t,, Dixie Down Officials To Attend Hearing the outMile 51 5n a p'a;c for copies'military action in Korea, a of tlic m'asazinc "America" on i "cannibal" and ."killer" who thcv : nient and financed by tile U. S. demands." He savagch- attacked j Economic Cooperation Adinin- ,. ^._ , . ·,.... »i... j .,. traljnn _ D| . Orr is a stl ,dcnl. of ; Ihe cultures of Thailand and olh- ! cr parts nf Southeast Asia. At Ihe is | University be will teach courses in . Thcy arc "'o ca-^er lo learn of '-I. Grn. .lames A. Van Heel, world" Smith said 1 American tommandrr nf U. N. armed. ; When tbe men escaped and returned lo Rogers, Kol,in,un fol- j Little fiock-i/l'i-A Dixie Do lowed and threatened them with a j Inc.. spokesman has announced pl.itol. the two men told filack j that officials of tbe proposed and I'nrncll * race track will attend thr Enlisting'the aid of Cherokee I Arkansas Racing Coi.iimssion's ; unfit to dis- talks. I go rates as the scheduled lines now ; do. ; Inquest, Is Scheduled Al Benton Courthouse ; uniVCrSll.V I". \ V I M ii:tnn inui.^i.ii ii Knrra pracc . srtcia | an thropn1ocy and peoples of Ion still in operation and located . :. .. :n .1-..' -:... ., ,,,..;,,, r,t Robinson, The;in v/;is fn - - rcslrd bv Shoriff C'unninrham and triiiutos me niii^H/.iin.' m j"-'i .iun. · · ··· ·-- ·· ··· - - -- punuc IUCLUI i*. n-.nni V.T um-nn «.-« ». ^ approved by the Soviet govcrn-j hints and accusations in the c!os-; Dr . o ment, he said, but copies evcntu-iing moments of a Political Com- | lislol . ic i _ _ i i »\it tnr /loh.Tt f mi the m(T SfiVlPt - , i. . »T._ :. k market." { . . ,, Slate Department dis- talk?. j Asia. He will also give a scries of the manazinc to pcrsonr,: The Soviet diplomat made his; pu |,ij c lectures. " '" _ is co-author of "Prr- mcnt ne sain, out tupn-^ «vvniiu-1 ···*- .-.".-.-- -- -- -- niiuonc Motropnli?," pubh?hpd bv ally reach non-approved persons.j mittrc debate on Die big .Soviet ; (hf , ij n j vrrF in of Chicago in ID.'il. Smith spoke at a dinner spon-, peace package which--except for Mc v . a:{ nfs i s ianl professor in Ihe sored hy New York prinlinir. pub-. proposals on atomic control--was department of anthropology at li.shiiiK," advertising and civic-roundly defeated.^ The atomic I lhr . (j,,i v ,,,.sii.y of Chicago fr Brown previously lesliflcri that he did not know until Sunday that the trucks vcre to be purchased from Chevrolet. Hahn said that the purchase orders for the trucks -nd »utos were delivered lo his hotel in by Drown late Monday, ,,UKU.,, .. He t:ald Rrown left the orders for him at his box In Ihe hold, and Dial h« did not tee Brown. Dtcidt At Conftrtnti nrown had said the decision tn make the purchases was reached .. ., n-iiii-iuiice at a Little Rock on Sunday. Hahn said that County Sheriff W. F. Cunningham, Parncil and Black investigated the hearing here January 21. Hep. Glenn Wallhcr of Pulaski ' groups ideas were turned over to the , newly created Disarmament Com- · mission for study. insn'and previnu.'-ly wat ilrs j st , nnl ,,r,,fossor of anthropology ilt n,,. University of Oklahoma. turned over to federal authorities. Two Killed' Five Hurt In U.S. Bomber Crash Rome. N. Y.-WPl-Thp Air Kon.e not go to the state, that he talked with Mrown and Crawford about Ihc mailer. He.quoted Brown ?5 saying the order was placed in rl .faith, but due to financial ^,imiii,i, .iti'Miivj i"i ii.v )in/iiu.iv.i conditions had been can^ceie.i. Wofi Memphis track, taiil venter-'Crawford, he said, made a similar day that officials would defend j statement. i arncn ano liidCK iiivuMiH''^^! tut ..^,.. ^..^... - -- . ^u.n, .n.. Robinson farm, found Die CO-xal- County, attorney for the [imposed! condition Governor McMath s «-. nol to b. for i e.slablishmenl died bv'his own · broke througb the s c r o c n i n ; Sables and made a firing pass at use malecl at '· Poultry Marktt-- The poultry mari-.ct loday m re- i Anri Dav Olieen To DC ported by the University nf A r - 1 , s j A -\ 1C. k»nsas Instilute of Science and' Announced April iK Technology and Ihe Dairy and' Toulliy Market News Service o( the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwr-M Arkansas m a r k e t , , , , , , . . . ^ - uleitly with pmcs unchanged; d c - ] April 20. All of lhr queen ranch maud fair 1" K"0d; supplies re-;dales air sludrnlr. in home eco rortcd short on heavy sizes al ! nomlcs at Ibe tjimrrr.ily. most points; b:h!er wcishls gen-; Thry are; Mai Caret Ann Dial, CTally tdcouale; volume of lr»cl-' Pine Illulf; Martha Williams. Garing was helow normal; prices l.n.b.'lnncl: Connie Harris. Hamburg; Jo farm lo 1 p. m. -broilers and f r y - ! Ann Price. Coincmllr; «ni1 P«- ers nil weights, :B-.10, mosllr JjH.itrici.i Kills, Shrcvcporl, I.a. Candidalfi f..i queen of Agr! onl. -Ac.ctl.,. Day -il Ihe I'mveisily have been | Action almig the fio/.-n cho.e'n and the winne! will be a n - 1 mile ground liont l.illlr Rnck-i/IVArkansas Oimp- \ following allotments v.ill be-made i'hn"fhiircleripn then headed for Holler Lee Rny Bcasley Mid loday to Male funds and asenrie;.: he. 1 hur.cicrjci» " lr " "TM . ' , hal Arkan.-as : hould c-ollei-t s,.ifi.- General fund SS.Iidd.nnti. home. No damage w a s /repol Ic I m , A tmnuf ,.,,,, ,, uh , i( . lnsl i|, uimls jj.(n,1,Vin. The Air l-orce reported three ,| llriM1 , lhc ,;«,,,,, v( ,.,,. ,. m |j nK j,,ne : Public Health Fund. J5M,B57. 30, 1!)."2. ' University of Arkaft.vas S3,- .,* . - - · In a reporl to Governor McMalh 8f!.-).l,"i2. fights. Allied losses are repoiled nn ,| lc . .i alo '.; financial londition. Air Force reported MIG's do'vncd and se\ en dam-: d in the previous three clays' . . . Stale Ti-ai-hers College Ml I.RtT. Miss'ng Beauty Hunted By Miami Detectives Miami. Kl.i-'/Ti-Miaml delfc- Kai cr linvcrnor .\ic.\iam -- . , ,. f rhpvmlpt he would nol accept an invitation »£' " vlnlnl " )n °' Che " olel , irMicd him by Oixic Downs :,ecre- ..[\;. nu | ( | ?ay at leas', it was vlo- lary Kit Waller to speak in Crit- | al i on ,,f a irust," he replied. I louden ;nunty on tbe proposed The SO aulos were not oriifinally , irai-k. liharged aaainst Crawford's cus- ' Crittcnden County residents will, lomary dealership quota, but Hahn «airi when the Chcvroicl offic? icarncd what had taken place, 50 per cent was charged against the Crawford allotment. He ald the intirc number would have been · barged back, axcept that a model · hanije had occurred, and the com- i any did not wish to carry the ' deduction over until the new year. ]. C. Buktr Hlird Former Highwav Director J. C. Baker, wbo testified shortlv yesterday aficrnoon. was recalled to Ihe stand this morning. He was questioned about the purchase of the 170 units through Crawlord. Raker said the first ho know of the conlemnlatcd truck purchase MIC.J'J wa- at the Sunday meeting which bo-lv followed by two days a.meeting at T h e ilcnl The A..jcn.b!y, Jv.uth nly nalioniil leqislal'nc 115- thr · r - g e llughuctte nouncid Day festivities -- same quiet pattern of month.-.. Minister tUblgmi of December 31, lleasley said' llcndeison Teacher Ibis anticipated lolal i" almost ' S-tM.R-17. S.l.mill.tmil above HI5H.SI fiscal Arkansas A. M. ; N. College beauty wh M I"0. year's lotal. al I'me Rluff S-tl-t.(t17. Reasloy said if Mini Is Arkan.',i,-. Stale College, reached, X^t,37-t,7ftfl will go t o Ihr'lerhnir CollcRe, Southern public .'.chool fund and SIO.ODO.OOO College and Arkansas A. . If.rlay joined MonMtc (.u -arch for elri-l.s the pie.Milrnl It will vole on the piesldcncy aiMin in May. llasirmnlit Helium Tokyn-i/Ti-\V o I fa le LeMiiv. 21. Cana'lian Ityuco ll.ishimoln rc.ilRned today vanl.-hid while (ish- .. . ] ln , h( . puh || r v .. c ifa r o fund. n ( . p u r v . . c a r o u n .'i-W ol I a r ( ,\linir,ler| Ocneral levrnues include lalef, 'College each Mdn.411). P"ly- Slate it M. . R.vugo Hashimoto resigned torli. because Japan's proposed budget sh.thcn allowances for v-ar widows end war orph-in , | nt . nm( . i rlgarette, nlrc,hollc bev- rrattc anfl severance taxes. I'restiprmslni! thai the fund ulll reac-h Ihc S.'in.ono.rinn murk, the . . lleel.e Junior College *.'n.Win. Clinton and Hunlivllle voea- ' llonal schools s.lO.OOfl. Aid fund »3.»M.!M Mumilpal Aid Fund J2.2R2.2MS Japan'.-: pio|iose:l budget ing I-.',-" werks ail'i;lies allowanres for war widows Mrr,. LcMay di.-.appc.ircd tlie.and w a r orphan. 1 ., night of .laniiiii-.v -1 while fishing I · - -* wilh her luiMiand li"in a linclse In Cllmhrrs Srslp ,\conr»ju» Ihe riorlda Kry inn miles foutb Snntlato. Cbilc-i/Ti-A Mexican- ol Miami. She' left to walk 1.1(11 Chilean p.irly nf mountain-climb. vnrU to ihplr .iinomobilr, rhanc- ei« has scaled 23.nS(l-lont Aeon- rd into heavier rlotbim and v a n - . i-iigua. highest peak In i.,,.c-,l mlo thr night. '· Amerira. , . r n t .1 c, ,,.1VV»..'B ·-- which the Highway Commission had authorized the department. In buy the needed vehicles because of the threat of a possible war. Maker said he did not know Minister about the i nmpanion transaction involving the autos. until some lime lifter It had taken plaee. Bnker said he did not make'pur- CONTtNUED ON PAGE TWO

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