Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 17, 1952 ツキ Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1952
Page 14
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4_NOテつォTMWWT AKKANSAS TIMtS, fp Y テつォテつォテつサ*'テつサ*, Arlmmテつォテつサ. Thtrndny. Jonuory 17, K)P Martin : avors Truman Running Again I. Soys Condidocy Of I President Would , | Moke Issues Cleor , 'テつキ wa'shinctrtn-i/lvScMiitnr M a r t i n ] (R-Pa) said today he hopes P r o s - j Went Truman runs (or reelection | テつキBecause it would emphasize t h e , remans we Republicans I h i n k he j ihould be rclircd from r f f i c c . | I Martin 'declared that with M r . , truman テつォs a candidate "the issun i -vvould be drawn ns sharply as pos- , jiblc and the voters could decide i whether they want another four years like Ihc lad seven." テつォ the Pennsylvania!! said Mr. truman symbolizes, like no other Democratic nominee could, Ihc tfiinjs Republicans generally "are erylns out against." ilc added: i "As 1 tec it, Iwn "' l h c m a l n i'ucs of the campaign irc extravagance in covcrmnent ,-inrl corruption in government Mich as i'M disclosed by' the House I n - Jeitijiallng CommiHee In the lax tcindal cases. , , , - , ,, '. '.'.for those reasons, 1 think It'enlircly f i t t i n g that the erwident run asain because il is HU'admlnlstralion and his record テつキKicli will be on t r i a l at the polls. "Mr. Truman lias fald he is for ill- 1 the economy In government *ihtiテつ」tent with found operation thit national security. As lor the fei cases Martin cited, Mr. I ruffian pledged in his Slate of Iho tnion 'Mwsa*e last week lo ran inyi wrongdoers trom the federal iiyrbll. - . j He declared the majority "f gov- Jnimehl employes arc "hone.l and Sard-working." And ycstcrdiiy he Mid if WHS u n f a i r to criticise all iavertimenf workers because "of the actions at テつサ lew." I Martin has not announced Ills eholce lor the Rcpullcan prcsl- jentla'l nomination. He Is rcmird- d generally us friendly In Scna- toi, Toft of Ohio. New Willys Automobile On Display Tomorrow Writer Wonders II It Is Really The People's Government As He Sees Solons Sidestep Genuine Cleanup Of Internal Revenue By JAMES MARLOW In Buys like me, as well as lo Washington-Wl-Me. I gel con- s o m c l hinE j us ( tame up lo fused. "We the people " ' M m a k e me think. This talk about says right here in fomclhini? l j stealing in the gnvcninicn'. In- hccn reading. Constitution, they tcrnal Revenue, partkularly. Burns call it. Bunch nf bigwigs got to- me up. Guys playing around with aether a long time ago in Phila- i my money. "Clean 'cm out, 1 テつキ - - テつキテつキ say ,;. A nc i i ,-cally mean clean em out. So President Truman sends n plan to Congress to make Internal Revenue cheaper to run and cut down on the chances for stealing. Will Be Shown At Lyle Bryan Motor Company Coffee And Ice Cream Prices Advance; Margarine Declines Forkful Of Mud? Nobody's been t a l k i n g -louder about cleaning out Internal Rev enue t h a n Congress and now all of a sudden. I read in the paper;, Congress Rets a big chill. It begins to look like a man who suddenly got a f o r k f u l 'of mud when he ordered gravy. Seems this is , n f a few n a t i o n a l l y advertisc.l ,1 Iwo decades, w i l l be announced | ahead. Ininorniw, and w i l l bu shown at j M n F t shorlcnlnf a n d ' m a r g a i inc (By The Associatfrt R e t a i l prices of some brands .n j'"."テつキ,'".' clrmfic in ,. oa stcd coffee in The new Aero W i l l y s nu.omn- テつキ="テつサテつォ ""' icc cream advanced ^^,' ( it ',,,,,, :Mm ^, ,hcrc had bile one o( the few entirely new j l i t t l e in many stores this week and , bcp|1 fl , mc temporary f l u c l u a l i o n s automobiles In be introduced b y ; the boosts were expected to b e - j c a l l e d "competitive a d j u s t - - テつキin American m a n u f a c t u r e r in over j i-ome. more general in the weeks , mcnts" by t h e trade. Rising prices ' n f yreen i-offcc were blamed for the advance. The A c i i c u l t u r c Uepartmcnt's production and marketins division recommended food shopper.-: nivc spcciid a t t e n t i o n lo ducks as a menu a t t r a c t i o n d u r i n g the next three week.-, because of the abun- d a n t supply- More t h a n I I million pounds of commercially-Brown [lucks arc ready lor market. Other i n n s t - p l c n t i f u l foods f n r t b r i l t y b u y i n g this week, P.MA dclphia" and wrote it out. Pretty hoi stuff. "We the people " i t says, meaning, I take il. we the people own the government. 1 guess that include.-; me because 1 pay taxes, loo. But sometimes 1 wonder. Sometimes 1 ask myself: J u s l whose government do the politicians t h i n k this is? I l:nnw politicians run the government, n u y j like me elect them, i don't like them much. Never ^H^H^S^^--^r 1 "^- S^'fb^cHurnp on Ihem. ^'^--^^10! ,t p u f f s them up. 'he lounln ^.^ ^ ^ , But i guess I.l-.ayen't got too J i collcclors , 0 25. But that's much riirht now to complain., ^ ^ Somebody's got to run the g o v e r n - j ^ lf . nov . ;hc scn alors can menl. So guys like me elect Ihem ^ ^-^ CI)llcclors _ gU y S that of the details w h i l e ^ ^ (mmi m . p u t U| , (loucl , for their campaign, or something. Anyway,,they can name all 64 and the president appoints them lor j the .-enators. But under .the new plan the senators couldn't appoint even one. All 23 would be regular government Civil Service people who got promoted to collectors be- i cause they been doing good work. So if t h e senators okayed thi; idea they'd be knocking themselves out of 04 political friends or political pay-offs. So they get a chill. Or some of them do. But "'m not interested in their temperatures or in helping them make political friends. I wish there was some way I could remind them .sometimes about the question that pops up in my head eometimes: Just whose go"crnmcm Is - QUICK Speテつォdy, effective relief from cough*, doctor's pmcilprian. Solii- fottion or yovf money bock. COUCH WAIT'S CREEN MOUNTAIN COUCH SYRUP RELIEF PLAN TO BUILD gテつォ. Our MltMllt Gtl Our PiicM. Try Our 8テつサrテつサieテつォ. DYKE LUMBER CO. StU It. Charlfl SPECIAL FILET MIGNON French Fries Salad and Hot Rolls and Butter $1.50 Wテつォ hテつォテつサテつォ i good iupply of Beテつォf Tendirlein Servtd from 11 a.m. Jo 9 p.m BLUE MILL RESTAURANT ' S3 NORTH BLOCK lo take care Ihe l..vle Hrynn Motor Company It Is named the Aero W i l l y s because of being "more f u l l y engineered t h a n any previous a u t o to brands, on the other hand, declined one or two cents a pound, reflecting recent reductions in raw ma- Icrinls costs. Salad oils also were combine principles of aeronautical a l r if| 0 lower, dc.-ign with advanced niitiimotivc Pr i cc!i , lf bolh eKR:i u n d butler engineering." according lo テつォ" r " I levelled off a f t e r Insl week's dc- M. Cnnada.v, compuny president. | cllnp ,. , lntl |, U |t cl - C vcn turned up- Canaday has announced Ilia! the | wnrt | ;,, son , c places a.-: consumer new car has "one of the world's j p,.j t . c i-csislance faded. I Meats and poultry heli 1 about . make a pretty good l i v i n g off my livin-.. Rut that's all right so long I as they remember who's paying ' them and Hie government belongs 4d to ' mosl e f f i c i e n t engines and has lin features that add up In an entirely new concept of molorlng con von- _ Icnco, comfort and economy." i-,y'"scveral siorc c h a i n s and Inrge | Bcrinc. 1 Tests of various model* are said j independent markets for weekend j lo show up In 3fj miles per gallon テつキ i n c |verllsert special.-'. ] w [ of Rasolinc. The auto lias a newly- ] n n m n r , (|l( ,,. h nmAucc counters, I f l f " -テつキ-., ---~ steady" Smoked hams, pork loin .'aid, ;,ro ( ocean perch, Iroz- cu,s and frozen fish were stressed | en w h i t i n g , fresh oranges and tan- テつキ by EVERYTHING IN PlUMtINO and SUrWB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. BETTER PLUMBING FOR BETTER HOMES start at C and D Plumbing Co. Free Estimate! Ml W Mountlta Phoiw 111* Methodist Men's Prayer Service for United Evangelistic Mission FRIDAY, JAN. 18,6:30 P.M. Central Methodist Church . dcvclopcd slx-eylliulcr engine w i t h high operating e f f i c i e n c y on regular fidsolinc; nectimoiliilcs six per- On most fresh produce coun snsp itcans, broccoli, (jabbanc, luce and g r a p e f r u i t w a c markcil down slightly, while beds. by thousands In reduclns テつォ Homan Meal bread. 1 1 - I B - l l WALT BEACH Wvtcfc rrols, iMicunibcrs and pc|ipurs edged higher, tangerines, apples, ecu- p l a n t , escarole. endives, kulc, radishes and spinach were plcnli- ..-nns, and follows closely p r i n - ciples similar lo those used in airplane, b u i l d i n g . The riding comfort Is jlresscdt w l l h Ilic low ccnlcr n[ g r a v i l y , a:i Inches high, j [^"^i^'i'i'y. v o l u m o f l i i p i n c n t s of v l r l u a l l v eliniinallng sway o n , . . , ^ -- - _ _ , tnt . ,,,,,,. -i-,,,,,.,_ curve/. The engine reportedly enables Iho car to cruise at 73 miles per hour, using only fiS per cent | j (| h of Its ciipaciiy, leaving' power In | テつキ reserve for hillr-. All four fenders may be seen I n I f U f l t h e U n i l e d Stales pro- dln-cd 511,382.01)0,1100 eggs. lima Ukans got under way. Iocs were o f f c r e d ' i n a wide q u a l i t y 'ilh the best bringing f n l r - Lalosl a r r i v a l s of from normal d r i v f n g position, and Ilie driver cun nee Ihc road as close as 10 feet. 111 front of Ihc J i c a r . The gas l a n k inlet is located ) . a t the rear, easy lo reach from j either side. _j . Noire, as well as music, is テつサ K e- テつキles of sound waves In the air. lettuce snowed much Improved q u a l i t y over recent shipments. The eenl-a-pound boost in prices 1 / 2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Bros, locker Plonl oim * NOW * SHOWING 5:22 Til] lltl H, wt . Citlen - Mo Smoking * NOW * SHOWING in Mi Showi 7:00-9:00 UARK テつキ ' POWER--BLYTH I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU Cat Tamilt ENDS TONIGHT PALACE "FORCE OF ARMS" Friday It Saturday Doubl* Feature WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving Yon 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP Advertise In the TIMES--It テつキテつサ'テつサ' Wortr Tenderist No. 2/2 Cans Sunshine Peaches in Heavy Syrup . . . Grated Tuna Fish . . Admiration Coffee, Ib. . . Money Worth Coffee, Ib. . Salmon, Tall Can . Seedless Raisins, 2 Ibs. Sweet Potatoes, No. 2' 2 Can 24c 75c 50c 39c 33c 25c Hominy, No. 2' 2 Can . . 13c 3 Ibs. Bakerite Shortening . 74c Green Beans and New Potatoes, No. 2 Can . . 13c SCans Champ Dog Food . . 25c Tomatoes, No. 2 Can . . 15c Pumpkins, No. 2 Can . 15c EGGS Large Country Doz. 37* SEE'THESE EXTRA SPECIALS Marvel Made Salad Dressing, Ql. 39c Pinto Beans, 2 Ibs 25c Northern Tissue, 3 f o r . . 25 Cane Sugar, 10 Ibs. . . 87c Ward's Ice Cream, PI. . . W English Walnuts, 1 Ib. . . . 30 Paper Shell Pecans, Ib.. . 35 Turnip Greens, No. 303 . 8c Florida Juice Oranges, Doz. 23c Porto Rican Sweet Potatoes 2 Ibs..テつサ 25 Golden Ripe Bananas, Ib. 16c (udahy Sliced Bacon, Ib.. . 39c PorkliverJb 25 Pork Ribs, Ib. . . . . . 39 Bacon Squares, Ib. . . . 25c Lean Pork Roast, Ib. . . . 48 Colored Oleo,lb 19 Ballard Biscuits, 2 Cans 25c WE RESIRVI THI RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES FARMER'S MARKET 5 120 W. Center Phone 652 Crackers -t 29c Powdered Sugar 2 - 21c Hunt's Tomoto Catsup... 19c Kroft Dinner 2*"25c Any Kind -- Reg. Siiテつォ Soap Powder 28c LIBBY'S 46 テつォ 29c 25c Tomato Juice DONALD DUCK Orange Juice WELCH Grape Juice . Upt$33c WELCH Grape Jell 18c NORTHERN Napkins, 2 boxes 25c NORTHERN Tissue. 3 rolls 23c LARGE SIZE -- FLORIDA JUICY Oranges, 2 doz. 49c LARGE SIZE -- MARSH SEEDLESS Grapefruit.. 6 for 29c Any Kind Soft Drinks 6Cab テつア 2k 'Double Green Stamps Each Wednesday 416 N. College John D. Anderson We Give SH Green Slaw p FayeMeville J. E. Brooks Brooks

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