Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 17, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1952
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

JJ__NO«THWKT ARKANSAS TIMIS, toyMMvllk, Afc»nMB, ThuinUy, January 17, PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY CHIEF LL TOGETHER I'VE GOT SIGNATURE ON ABOUT 7 OP S ACCESS TME BIGGER TMEV ARE. THE QUICKER TME PUBLIC IS TO ACCUSE 'EMf WVJV SHOULD TRACV BE AM DO SOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT STUFF COULD BE PINNED ON WHV NOT. SPINNER? TN6 JEWELS WERE PHOTOGRAPHED AND THE MONEY WAS CHECKED AT TRACVS REQUEST. "TOOCY SIGNED SLIPS FOR 'EM. I IE WAS RESPONSIBLE. IBUMAN consiatulat.cs Ur. Raymond B. Allen (riglni In the White House after Allen was nworn in as director of the Psychological Stra'cgy board. Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, Central Intelligence agency director, stands at left · (International) TOUCH A TMOUSAN- DOLLAR LUMP I FEE i * NEW TWIN-JET FOR SOVIET--One of Soviet Russia's newest t w i n - j e t aircrall--a lighter, night fighter or ground attack plane --is -depicted in this drawing released in New York by Aviation Age magazine. The publication said the plane, seen in Poland, is powered by two lurboicls. Exact designation of the jet is not known. Bv J. R. William! OUT OUR WAY PO YOU KNOW WHAT ONE COMEDIAM COES TO THE OTHER WHEN HE SETS FUNNY f WELL I HAVE IT RIGHT HERE-- ANP YOU'LL GET IT IF YOU DOM'T COME OUT OF THAT APVEE.TISINC SHEET--QUICK; / IF YOU OOMT MIND, ] EVASIVE ONES. CLAIM IT MHT CAUSE TROUBLE WITH THE JISSDPi ON THE NEUT RANCH. ONE THING'S CERTAIN, THE uESSUPS WANT NO GOOD FORTUNE TO BEFALL THE HAWKS BOYS. I'D RATHER STAV BUT \ AND LOOK OVER COME, IT'S I THE F1LE5 ON TIME FOR k THE CASE LUNCH. BUT WHY WOULD A RANCH OWNER OBJECT TO AN OIL WELL THAT MIGHT IRIN HIM IN A LOT Of MONEY.' · DUNNO. UT THt WK5 A STRANGE PMR TRIED TO BREAK TME LEASE Bdfevc/torAW/ C.O.LLOYD AMP HIS PftRTNEK f WWTMER KLINE ft BOTH SHOT ' ACES CHMIIES KCHIM ?" BOTH SHOT V, DEUCES f?«, ON Toe I ~- VOLIR UNCLE ' SAIP TO TELL 'OU HE'LL. BE ALO\G ON THE EXT BUS; LC5 AnqclCS Country Club THERE'S NOT ROOM'S , FO5 VOU WITH ALL THOSE ' (1771-1653) ERVED IN THE BRITISH MAW 73 YEARS gOULDE" OH WH|CH LL(Nn (^QJ,;- USEPTO KE5T W LIFE 15 NOW THE TOMBSTONE BENEATH WHICH HE RESTS M OcftTH (Wales) OKW, BOY,WE'LL LOOK INTO IT.' IT JUST HAPPENS WE'Rfc GOING OU V THAT WA.Y TO OOMI-TIMES1 VYEH...NOWIT'0« WONDER WHY 1 \FIFTY-FOOT BOFHER RUNNING } LONG MON- FOR OFFCE.SOME./STER.' WHAT OF THE 9CRF.W- 7KINDA STUFF BALLS I HAFTA /DO THEY DRINK PUT UP WITH.' W TO SEE- SO BIG IT COULD HAVE tjWAI.LEKED HKi HOK61= ALL RIGHT/ PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK AN-INON1 ) SETCOND - WAGH ll JG1 ON, D.C. Wll.l. RF" GOMEL-- ASJD-SO WILL wc.': r t LAUGH IS OM YOU, PUM- VOUAND I ARE THE ONLN TWO LIVIWG SOULS IM THK. Placing Of Chicks Is Up 11 Per Cent Hatcheries and dealers placed 1,267,000 broiler chicks with producers in the Northwest area during the week ended January 12, according tn the Arkansas Crop Hcporting Service. This is an increase of 11 per ccr.t over the previous v.-ccfe. Of the t o t a l placements, 802,000 chicles were hatched in the area and 403.000 came from other Elates. Eggs set d i n i n g the week were up three per cent over the previous week. The brightest lighthouse in the United States is the nfic at Hills- horn Inlet. Fla., with a candlepower of 5,500,000. It's Sew-Easy, So Slim Clay ion Rand Says: According to Editor William Feather a sports writer interviewed a football coach whose teams,' season after .season, were consistent winners. Impressed hy his success, the reporter asked, "How do you do it?" "There arc two rules," the coach replied, "which I learned in my first year of coaching football. I , haven't forgotten them. That season my team collapsed when one player was removed hy injuries. The first rule,- which everyone knows. Is 'Never let any man get the idea that lie is indis- icnsablc for the (cam's .success'. The other, cnually important: Never let his teammates Ret the dca that any man Is indispensable or their, success'." W h a t this coach was saying is hat teamwork is essential to a v i n n i n g sriuad. There probably sn't any one so dispensable .as someone who t h i n k s he is in- lispcnsablc. And the rules given by the coacli fur a w i n n i n g team apply just as well to a successful business. I have known a fen' indispensable men in my time, men who could not be replaced. I've seen .hem die and pass on to impress paradise by their preeminence.. Vet, the old world went right on spinning on ils axis as unmoved as Old Man lliver by a ripple, or as undisturbed as a constellation by a meteor extinguished in the ' night. There is a type of person, how-' jvcr, that grows with responsibility, another type just swells. Zoologists recognize over 900,000' species of livins animals. 8730 By Sue Burnett Insets al the waistline give « slim, lovely look to this dress fo general wear, and K's a delight sew with few pattern pieces. Finish with oversize novelty buttons. Pattern No. 8730 is a scw-ritc perforated pattern in siz=s 12, 14, 16, 18, 20; 40, 42. Size 14, 3K yards of 35 or 39-inch. For this pattern, send 30c tn COINS, your name, address, sire desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, T(mes, 1150 Avc. Amer icas, New york \9. N. Y. The new Spring and Summer Basic FASHION for women who sew will be ready for you shortly. Send 25 cents now for your copy. THURSDAY tVBNINU 6:01) Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Tim* 8:30 News 6:!5 Ozarks Sports Review 7:00 Wayne Kins Show 7:15 Gabriel Heattcr--M 7:30 Rhythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 Bill Henry--News 8:05 Hod and Gun Club 8:30 Reporters Roundup 9:00 Tomorrow's Headlines 9:05 Harding Family fl:35 Just Music 10:00 News :1S Platter Party 10:30 Sign Off FRIDAY MORN1NU 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 8:30 Markets and weather 6:35 Rise N' Shine G:-I5 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Koffce Kup Kaperi 7:30 Otatco News 7:45 Sunrise Serenade 8:00 Robert Uurleigh News--M 8:15 Morning Devotions 8:30 Times Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:0(1 Morning Melodies 9:25 Nov.--- M 9:30 Take A Number 10:00 Food for Thought 11:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Bauckage Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ 11:-15 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News -t Noon 12:30 Chuck Wagon Jamboree 12:45 Riders of Purple Sage 1:00 Dixieland Matinee 1:25 News--M 1:30 Afternoon Varieties 2:00 Indies Fair 2:25 News 2:30 Hob I'oolc 3:0(1 Swing Session 3:30 Time Plck'n Time 4:0(1 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pickn' Time Td like I' gel my haneU on th' boto who wrottjhal. ''Bird in a Gilded Cog*' tongl" !i:00 Clreen llornrt 5:30 Wild 11111 Hlckofc 5:!iS Cecil Brown No other drink DrPepper ANfWSTARTAT 10, 2 Am 4 O'CLOCK! l o r e ' s a d e l i - cious sparkling d r i n k , different "rom any you've l a s t e d , t h a t LIFTS your energy w i t h i n 2 lo 8 minutes ... gives you new L I F E fast. Picks you up when you're low. N o t h i n g like ii--everyone loves it. Keep a carton or a case at hand, for a real "lift for life." At soda fountains, too! look for handy green and while carry-home carton

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