Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 17, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1952
Page 7
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NOKTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMK, »««H«»ill«, Ark«n««t. Thundoy. Imnumrf If, Wit Choice Recipes By CECILY BROH'NSTONE at II a. m. and 8 p. m. Traininj; j weekend with her ron ami ,\:-^h- Mason Sunday aftmwm. I Hn.s StarnM Mtcndcd the Carroll and Mr«. Jimmy lUnrlolph | Union for all aces will be held at icr-in-law,- Mr. «nd Mrs. Hay Mr«. Eurl Bowman Is reportrd - Woikers Contrrracc of DIP W«sh-. ! »nd son, Gary, havr pour In Xr | . 7 ) ) m Starnrs a; Bt:d.r r-. -wovrring from an nppratif.n per- j injton-Marlunn A5.«!ci»- York from where they v.-ill jail : lasl week. Slip is a piticnt I tinn aMJiildi Milli Thiiivlay. : tn Knulanil to |oln thflr huibmifK Hiiidsville The fiev. Tom Wilson of Hunts- villc will conduct the mornine _,, , worship pcivicc Hi the Hiiidsville Mr. and Mrs. Gene Davis and and other relatives and friends at M rrcfbyteriim Church Sunday. The: daughter, nianne, of Nebraska Alabam. a t t r -. Civile Sanders of .SprinRdalc! spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.: Mr. and Mrf. Millaicl .I'llinsun nis' Mr. and Mr?. Dnn Davis and; S. L. Hawkins of liuhl, lilal.n, is rr.rn ir son and daufihtci-in-law,: his brother. .1. n. !la\«. -.pent Chicken, Tomato, Ingredients: 2 cups ehlckpnl w uf he in eharce of .services at the j Gordon Evans in Cherokee, Okla. , and daughters of Mountain Sprints Kay broth, one 10',4-ounce can i-nn-i iiinrlsvillc Baptist Chuich Sund.n Mi".' Ethel Starm-s ·. ·' · · ' - ' · - ' - " · · "· ' ' · ' "-- rtensed tomato soup. ', ni|i! -- -=-------- -= ----- -drained canned whole - kernel, corn, '.« teaspoon dried crushed basil. - ' Method: Put broth, tomato soup, . corn, and basil in a saucepan and bring slowly to a boil, btirrinc oc- cusionally. Simmer about 5 ' minutes to develop flavor. Make-; about ·! cups soup. I Note: To make chicken bioih .put siMarrt, heart, neck, plus bones and skin from leftover roast chicken in about 4 cups water-. ndri a few peppercorns, 2 cloves. .ft small onion, a small carrot,; celery top, sail and pepper to' taste. Brinn to a boil, then simmer. about 1 hour and strain. Simple Tomato Aspic Ingredients: 2", cups Iniitalnj .juice, I' envelope unflavorcd' gelatin, 1 tablespoon lemon juice.! 1,2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. I Method: Put 'i cup of the to-1 .malo juice in a custard cup:; sprinkle Bclatin over it to soften. Put remaining tomato juice in a saucepan and huat until almost boiling; acid softened Kclalin.l lemon juice, and Worcestershire] sauce; stir until i:clutin is dis-! »polveri. Pour into -i or r small; containers and chill until firm., Unmold and garnish with salad greens; serve with salad dressing. · Makes 4 or ft servings. , e Madison Cmintv Hospital. ! Mr. and Mrs. Malph Harrlin h.ivr M. .Set. Carroll and M. Set. Han . and Mr«. Andrew Dennis returned from a visit with Mrs dall. who ,-HT .lnllonrd nf S"""" (led the funeral of Mr. Dm- Hardin's mother at Adrian, Mo. inter, Mis. Grace niakely. in ' ttcvilli 1 . Wednesday. Hunal l,ravf Km- Knlland J.. was in Slui-k'.'y cenielcry. ijcrs -l.Spcc-iall- Mrs. Man '.i monlhs. England. The- two fnmlllrs will ; live in Iswnrth. Knglanri The tv.'n i men have been in Kngland lo'ir MOORES FUNERAL CHAfEL Chocolate, Orange, And Date Cake Ingredient: One l-pounrt pack- 1 »BO devil's food cake mix, 1 lea- spoon grated orange rind, 1 cup milk, 1 ccy yolk, '.·. cup finely cut; dates, cup broken walnut meats,; U cup uransc juice, ' » cup suKar. j "Method: Line a 9xOx2-inch pan with brown paper; do not grease.- Turn cake mix into bowl; add; orange, rind and '2 cup of the milk.j Blend, then beat 2 minutes. Add; 'i cup milk and the ecu yolk, blend, and licat 2 minutes. Add remaining milk, dates, and walnuts anci beat 1 minute loiiKcr. -Turn batter into prepared pan. Bake in moderate (.'Ififl K.) oven ,1.1 minutes. Let cake stand in pun on cake rack 10 minutes, then turn -out on sen-ins plate and remove paper. Mix orange juice and sugar and pour over hot. cake. .Serve warm with whipped cream. (Cake Is ulso good cold the next day.) Note: If electric mixer is used, turn to low speed and keep scraping hatter from sides and bottom of bowl, drawing it to beaters. If beaten by hand count I5U strokes for each minute of beating called'for. ,Roquefort Cheese Spread Ingredients: !i pound Rotiue-i fort cheese, ',4 pound cream j cheese, \-. cup commercially pre-j ·parotl sour cream. Method: Have Roquefort and cream cheese at room temperature; beat to;elhcr with a wood-; en spoon, then beat in sour cream.: Force through lino sieve. Makes, about 2'.fi cups. Use part at room I Icmperalurc as filiinit for peeled, halved fresh pears on salad; greens; refrigerate rcmainine and use for fruit salads, as a spread for crackers or Melba toast, or a s a sandwich fillinir. j Chef's Salad Dressing | ingredients: n tablespoons olive: oil, 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar. 2 tablespoons heavy cream, 1 teaspoon sail, frrshly-irrnund pepper, 1 small garlic clo\e. i Method: Put oil. vinesar. cream, ( salt and pepper (to taste) m a, small iar with a screw lid. f e e l , carlic clove and put through a; press or mash until entirely dis- - integrated in a mortar and pestle. and arid. Shake well. Makes about: »i cup dressing. Use as much as I needed and store remainder . refriserator shake thoroughly before using. ! Chocolate Marshmallow Pudding Ingredients: 1 envelope 'in- flavored gelatin. 2'i cups milk, 'i cup susar. 1 square. 11 "unce)| unsweetened chocolate, 'i pound; (about Ifi) marshmallows. '= cup chopped- pecan nutmeats, 1 ciiu, white, pint heavy cream. ! Method: Sprinkle gelatin nvci ', cup of the milk In soften. In a saucepan mix rcmainine 2 cupf milk, sugar, and chocolate; cook, stirring occasionally, until mixture comes to hnilinq point He- move from heat and beat in softened gelatin. Chill unlil mixture nccins to set. With wet scissors, cut marshmallow inio eighths. Klir mirshmallows and nuts into chilled mixture. Beat ccc white until stiff and fold in: whip cream and fold in. Chill about .1 hours before si.'rving. Makes R KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE h»*f1»cht* and rtUnnr"* may ''« "I"* tn slowdown «f klrtncy fnnrlifn. Hnclont my *m\ kidney function i^ very impftrlMit in B.WIH «l llrm tnS »l'r«ln. caum ihU Imno'rtinl tl| bieitchp-fcrl rninrriiM*. Minor bl*d. «1« lrnt«iloM rtuf m "H «r wrong dl*t MIT Di'lMlKfJiiISr KiWi-* IMh*" wnilll t\*n Mtwr rmi, 1'rr nn«n'» PHU-» niM itlutvlit. Uiwt nirf»MfnllT hy million* for "(WA'Htlvf t l ' f t f » » j r * l i ' f / f l ...If. I'"""'' U ««l«Fl WELCH GRAPELADE OR Grape Jelly... 6 TIDE 4 \M Water Maid RICE 4 ^ 1.00 Pabst-etr CHEESE 8 1.00 Donald Duck Grapefruit JUICE 4 -1.00 SOAP 20 -- I 00 Loretta or Dixie Luck TUNA 6 TM T° Much More HOMINY 12 ZT° Trailer Sweet PEAS 8 -- T° Seedless RAISINS 3--1°° Extra Standard TOMATOES 71*1°° Jack Sprat Fruit Cocktail 4 CT :1 $1.00 Campbell's or Heinz Tomato Soup 10 cans $1.00 Campfire or Casa Grande Vienna Sausage 6 cans $1.00 v,/».!r«rr!».E Pork Beans. 10 Cant FREE - FREE - FREE 8 Ft. Servel Refrigerator Will Be Given Away Feb. 2nd Thtik Items to Bt Given Away Saturday Night at 7 P.M. Just regiiter, nothing to buy. You do not have to be preient. 1-RCA Table Radio - 1 Coffee Maker 1-Set Community Silver--Service for 8 V MERRELL --- CREAM GOLDEN CORN 7 X I I " _ |N FRYERS, Ib 49c Sugar Cured Hams We Raise Our Own Bull Portion . . . . Ib. 4» Shank Portion.... Ib. 41 Sliced Bacon, Weiners-Bologna Corn King, Ib39c All Meat, Ib 45c Dairy Foods WHITE DAIRY ICE CREAM 59* Vl Gallon FRESH FROZCN STRAWBERRIES 12-0x. Pkg. Mdry Maettri'f Spaghetti Dinner Pkg. $1.59 Just look at the splendid assortment and low priced, too! COLORED -- QUARTERS OLEO " ARMOUR'S TREET con GOLD MEDAL Harrex--Sliced--or Crushed No. 2 Cam PINEAPPLE 41! $1.00 FLOUR 25 FRESH LARGE COUNTRY E G G S - $ 8 9 39 Florida Oranges 5-lbbag . . . . 29c Grapefruit.. 6 for 29c SERVE IN HALVES Tomatoes... each 23c NO. 1 TUBE PACK Cauliflower.. Ib lOc SNOW WHITE HEADS CONSUMER'S SUPER IGA MARKETS No. 1 Store, South Side Square -- No. 2 300 W. Dickson .ur '·-I ! ·n i 10 -.a

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