Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 22, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 22, 1974
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'He Was My Whole life' Mamie Shares Glimpse Of Her Life Without Ike GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) Mamie Eisenhower says she still hasn't gotten used to'the fact that her husband, who died five years ago, is gone "It used to anger me when people would say, 'You're an Army wife, you must'be used to Ike being away,' ' Mrs. Eisenhower said in an interview published today in the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I never got used to him being gone. He was my husband. He was my whole lifei" she said. Mrs. Eisenhower has lived in serniseclusion on her 190 -acre farm here since her husband's death. The Eisenhowers took up residence on the farm, which is now a national historical site in 1955, the year President Eisenhower suffered his first heart attack. Eisenhower stocked the farm with, 243 choice 'grade cattle During his retirement, he en tared some of his Black Angus bulls in the Pennsylvania Farm Show. "I couldn't have told you how many cattle we had," Mrs Eisenhower said. "I always said the outside was Ike's and the inside was mine." Mrs. Eisenhower says she if comforted by visits to the Eis enhovver Library in Abilene Kan. "It gives me a good feel ing that Ike's at peace there in Abilene," she said, 'He's in hi old neighborhood, surroundec by old friends. There's a plao or me, too. But I don't like tplseldom opk at it or think about it much." One of her favorite monu- nenls in Gettysburg is the static of President Eisenhower out- ide his old office on the Get- ysburg College campus. ."I al- vays speak to him when I pass t". During the winter, I don't ike seeing the snow covering lis head.' She said she spends much of icr afternoons reading and vatching television. "I watch soap operas. That's an awful name for these programs. I 'ind them touching, very true ,o life." Mrs. Eisenhower said, however, that she doesn't .watch shows about hospitals because "it brings back memories of the months I spent in hospitals during Ike's illnesses." She said an inner ear problem causes her to occasionally lose her equilibrium and walk unsteadily- She said she is black and blue f r o m bumping into things. The ailment may be the reason for rumors that she has a drinking problem. About the rumors, she said, 'I lived with myself. I knew it wasn't so. And so. did my friends. I don't think there's anybody who drinks less than I discards old clothes. "I'm wearing many of my White House clothes now," she said. "They're all silk. You can't get that much anymore. 1 As First Lady, Mrs. Eisenhower did not give speeches and never held press conferences. She said she only went to the President's White House office four times and was invited each time. "I was Ike's wife, John's mother, the children's grandmother," she said. "That was all I ever wanted to be.' Uganda Arrests Are Reported KAMPALA, Uganda (AP -The Ugandan government to day reported the arrest of more Tanzanian "spies," including one captured in Kampala. The government radio said do." She said she lives frugally, saving newspaper coupons so she will have extra money to donate to charities. And she Court Upholds Ruling Despite 'Rebuttable Presumption' LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The, state Supreme Court, which has reversed a number of drug convictions in recent weeks over the "rebuttable presumption" jury instructions, upheld a conviction today despite the same Instruction. The slate Controlled Substances law says that when a person is arrested while possessing more than a certain of quanity of controlled drugs, there is a legal presumption that the person intended to sell it. Selling drugs is a felony charge while simple possession , is only a misdemeanor. In recent cases, the high court has reversed convictions when attorneys for the defendants objected to a judge citing this section of law to the jury while giving instructions. These objections said that the instruction amounted to a comment on the evidence by the judge, an act prohibited by legal procedures. Thelbert Brooks, whose case was settled today by the Supreme Court, was convicted in Pulaski County Circuit Court. Police Find Sunken Auto, No Occupants SPRINGDALE -- State police are still looking for the person who escaped their car after i left the Blue Springs road am landed in Blue Springs Lak Sunday night, about one anf one half miles south of tin bridge. First calls to the Springdal fire department said that twi people were trapped in the car When firemen arrived in a res cue truck, they found the ca -- empty -- and a HunUvill ambulance already at th scene. Firemen searched the are but found no one. Blood wa discovered on a nearby bank and police assume the person in the car were able to wa! to the road and summon help. one Tanzanian was shot Ugandan soldiers and was serious condition. Reliable sources said about 4,000 Ugandan troops were in positions along the 100-mile border with Tanzania. No fighting was reported. President Idi Amin of Uganda has accused Tanzania and Zambia of sending spies and assassins to kill him and of plotting an invasion to restore former Prssident Milton Obote to power. Ugandan forces moved to the border last week, and the government claimed that Tanzanian troops and ex,,,, ., , . .. . . , , iled Ugandans were massing on While his ^attorney ^objected the O f ner side in pr ep ar !tion New Miss Universe Will Postpone Career MANILA, The Philippines (AP) -- The new Miss Universe, Amparee Munoz ol Spain, says she will have to stop her movie career. But she thinks a year as an inter national beauty queen will be "a great benefit." The 20-year-old Miss Muno was crowned Sunday before a worldwide television audieno estimted in tiie millions. The pageant was conducts in the Philippines, home of th 1973 Miss Universe, Margis Mo ran. Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Mon., July 22, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS Commission Meeting NASHVILLE, Tenn., -- The National Association .for. Stock Auto Racing commission meet Monday to determine he winner of the Nashville 420 }rand National race. Bobby Alison, who finished four car lengths behind Calc Yarbo rough, claimed Yarborough i£d illegally gained two laps in the race. Bowling Lead HOUSTON -- Tommy Hud son, of Akron, Ohio, won sevei of eight games Sunday and too! a 65-pin lead over Dill Beach i the $47,000 Professional Bowl ers Association Houston-Sei toma tournament. RFC Meet Set SPRINGDALE - The Norh vv e s t Arkansas Regional 'lanntng Commission will hold he monthly meeting tor its executive committee Thursday al 7:30 p.m. in the Springdale Public Library. Two films on. vastewater utilization in agriculture will be shown. EXPERT WATCH REPAIR _ _ SWIF TJ North !*'* \ rs\ UuU^ Reign From Spain The new Miss Universe Amparo Munoz of Spain, begins the first full day of her reign Monday with breakfast in bed. She displays a Manila newspaper which heralded her selection in the weekend pageant. Her breakfast? Caviar and croissants. (AP Wirephofo) iree times to the giving of the rebuttable presumption" in- truclion, the objection was ased on the contention that the i n s t r u c t i o n was uncon- ;itutional. The attorney did not bject to the instruction on rounds that it was a comment n the evidence. On appeal, the attorney con- ended that Brooks' conviction hould be reversed because of he instruction, but the court aid the question could not be aised on appeal because of the lefect in the objections at the rial. or an invasion. Information Minister Juma Oris said on Sunday that President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania was diverting funds from he Organization of African Un- ty fo Obote to prepare an invasion. Oris soid the OAU 'unds were supposed to be for guerrillas fighting white rule in southern Africa. Gallup Sees Ford As Fronf-Runner For Nomination NEW YORK STOCKS Opening Prices FurnTshed by A. C. Edwardi Son Buying Power And Personal Savings Have Both Declined PRINCKTON, N.J. (AP- -Vice President Gerald H. Ford s the front-runner among members of his party and independents for the 1976 Republican presidential nomination, the latest Gallup Poll shows. Twenty-seven per cent of Republicans surveyed said Ford ivas their choice for the 1976 presidential nomination. Only three others received more than 5 per cent, with Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona and California Gov. Ronald Reagan, tied at 16 per cent each, and former New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller with 12 per cent. Ford was selected by 20 per cent of the independents surveyed while Reagan and Rockefeller each got 13 per cent. Eleven per cent of the independents questioned July 1-2 chose Goldwater. Noting that recent surveys indicated a shrinkage in GOP membership, a spokesman for Gallup said Ford's appeal to in dependents portant. The poll was based on the re- Ark Best Corp SVs Amer Tel Tel 43% Ark La Gas 19% Baldwin B'A Campbell Soup ....v 29'4 Central S W 13% Chrysler I4K Del Monte 19 Dillards : IZVt Easco v 9% A G Edwards 4% Emerson 35 Exxon 72'/i Ford 48V4 Frontier Air 5% Air Gen Growth Gen Mtrs is particularly im- Gordon Jewelry 8'/2 Intl Harv T 22% I-T-E Imperial 11% J C Penney 69% Lev! Strauss iT/z Ling Temco 9% Marcor 2B'/5 Psan Am World Air 3'/i Phillips Petro 45'/a Pizza Corp 9% Pizza Hut 18% Ralston -.- 43% Safeway 35% Sears 78W Scott Paper ....v 14% Shakespeare 5K Sou Pac 30% Texaco 24% Tri State Mtrs ..... 914 Union Carbide 40% United Air 25% Victor 6% Wai Mart 20V4 sponses of 1,509 years or older. persons 18 Ark West Gas 13%-13% Kearney Natl Minute Man ....... l%-2'/ 4 Pioneer Foods Wt-SVi H K Porter 3I%-32% Std Regis 14-14% Tyson Foods 8V4-9 Yellow Frt 48K-49W Averages fnds down 3.05 Trans down .08 Utils T down .29 Volume 2,770,000 Commodity Openings July corn 3.32% Nov soybeans 7.48 Sept eggs ....... 55.75 July pork bellies 55.00 July Wheat 4.23 By JOHN CUNNIFF NEW YORK (AP) - Whether the economy is having · a spasm, as Commerce Secretary Frederick Dent suggests, or a spell or an attack or a fever or whatever, consumers know it is occurring pretty close to the fl nancial heart. The effect is to leave ordina ry people gasping for sustenance --cutting into their sayings rate, running up credit, striking for higher wages, searching for nonexistent bargains. Buying power for factory workers has declined in recent in many categories, including mortgages. New mortgages are almost impossible to obtain. As consumer prices continue to rise, the second-quarter increase being at an annual rate of nearly 11 per cent, consumers are faced with the task of paving at least $14.71 for goods and services that cost $10 in 1967. And despite the encour agement that Dent and other administration figures claim to find in the most dismal of re ports, there are solid indicator that prices, including those fo food, will continue rising. MATTER OF SEMANTICS Concern about whether th country is in the midst of a re cession is, tiierefore, merely mantic and of no consequence to most people. Some economists subscribe t a definition of recession a being two straight quarterly de clines in the Gross Nations Product, or total production f oods and services. Those tw eclines have occurred. Dent says the, definition is to severe, and a good many othe economists believe so too. The especially note that unemploy ment in recent months hasn risen above 5.2 per cent, an much less than that for hea of household. People are working, they say and they are getting raises to And a good many families ar Buying up a storm, judgin from the 1.9 per cent rise i p e r s o n a l consumption e ^enditures, compared with a 4 per cent first-quarter decline. But those who maintain \ are in a recession claim tha the jobless rate now might b rising toward 6 per cent ' ear end. And much of thai ersonal spending, they add, is neant to beat higher prices lat- ATT1TUDE SERIOUS This latter attitude is as se- otisly important as any of the atistics, which are mere in- icators of what has already appened rather than what is kely to happen. Dent interprets the current uarter from June through Au- ust as a period of adjustment, vith the economy improving at east in terms of output. The conomy is sound, he said. But it is this very coincidence f bad report-good outlook that cems to have disillusioned ome people. Month after month some member of the ad- linistration tries to reassure 16 people, and probably reales the opposite result. Americans are growing cyni- al about economic matters, .'hey don't expect much im- jrovement in their personal fi- lancial condition. And they .eally don't believe government vill do much about it either. And that adds up to reces- jion, if not statistically then certainly emotionally- 4-H CLUB NEWS One Person Hurt In Sunday Accident One person was slightly injured in a two car accident Sunday morning near the intersection of llth Street and School Avenue. Fayetteville police identified the injured person as Ted Frizzell, 27, of West Fork. His Injuries were not serious. Police said Frizzell's car rammed into the rear of a car driven by Dorothy Minyard, 29, of Fort Smith, who was stopped while attempting a left turn from Hwy. 71. Whiskey Stolen The front window of Ma's Liquor Store on South School Street was broken, and three or four bottles of whiskey removed from the display shelf sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning Fayetteville police said today. College Town provides a great look for Fall in a 100% polyester check pant with matching solid battle Jacket. Also comes in solid pant and check Jacket with matching skirt. Pant $21.98 Jacket $29.98 The Two-Piece Pant Suit For Fall BETHEL GROVE There were 21 members and their parents present for the July meeting, followed by an ice cream supper. Ben Rutherford gave a progress report on his wine project. The next meeting will be held Aug. 10 at Bethel Grove Club House. Karen Caselman Robbed Mn, Ella Patzold told police that four women had rohlied her of $20,000 lo {30,000 which she was carrying in a shopping bag. The 60-year-old cleaning woman says t h e motley was her life saving!) which she carried in the hag (n avoid paying taxes on the Interest it would bring In a hank. She wasn't sure of the amount since she hadn't counted it in a long time. (AP Wlrepholo) WEEPtNG WILLOW Thomas Carr gave a demonstration on Industrial Art at the July meeting. The county camp and a cleanup campaign were discussed and Pam Miller reported on her recent week-long trip to Tennessee as part of the county's Exchange program. Refreshments were served by Cathy and Karen Clark. The next meeting will be August 8 at 7 p.m. 1 at the parsonage. Cathy Carr ·^···········^···^·····M EVEREST JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" RENTALS* SALES Fajdtevlllc Tint 442-7MS THE CHURCH OF CHRIST at Johnson, Arkansas Encourages You To Come and Hear God's Word Preached By ' Allen B. Harper Evangelist from Duncan, Okla. July 22-28 Each Evening at 7:30 Christ Is tha answer fo all human problems. Th« Gospel is God's power to save--Rom. 1-16. Have you obeyed it yet? Why not give God a chance with your life? H» gave it to you.) Smartly done by Sleeker Street, this pant suit features a block patterned shirt look in black and White belted over solid black Slack.. All 100% polyester. $37.98 K ^ ft\ W-f'lf G3pbellT3ll 1 Better Fashions 2nd Floor

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