Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 17, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 17, 1952
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im PUBLIC INTEREST · THE FIKST CONCERN OF THIS NEWSPAPER Astocioted Prcn Leased Wire AP, King and NEA Feature! Local Farteai*-- "" ; Fa.vette' ill? and vicinity partly cloudy and cooler tonight and lo- ir.oiT'iw. man temperature yoster- ri.iv "fi; lo.-- M; noon today IB. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 149 FAVITTEVIllE. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 17, 1952 PRICE FIVI CENTS Churchill Says Britain Will Do Its Part In Defense Job Wnshinplon-f/Pl-Winslon Chur-j Churchill said hc had rome lo chill (old Congress today that the; the United States to ask "not for their industry and science "them will lie no quivering balance nf Passengers On Stalled Train Reach Safety Unilcd Slates can count on the! sold, but for steel, not for favors. British lo do their part in the de-i but for equipment." The British prime minister said.i not lo aid British recovery, but lo I the Chinese mainland, eventually however. American help is necc-s-1 assist Britain in building ils d c - ' h c creels China lo throw off sary if. Britain is to meet the de- fcnscs. He docs not ask for aid j Communism, fense production £oal il has set. Streamliner Still Held By Elements In California Pass power lo offer temptation to a?- prcssion." j The prime minister said lhal a l - : This is necessary, he declared.; though Communism now controls ^ Kranci ,, co ., / ,, | . Ti| . cd ..^ugee passengers from the snow-blanketed 'slreamlincr. City of San _ . _ . FrancUco arrived todav--almost .,,..,. , ,,.. , ...,hc emphasised, to "make life more I His audience bushed when he ! four days lat«-. Speaking to a joint session o f ! comfortable" for Britains. ! quoted a Chinese proverb: "The! They were noticeably weary and House and Senate, hc declared: i Churchill was erected hy cheers tail o( China is large and will not | sobcr-taced after surviving three "It is for you to judsc," how! when lie came before the law- be wagged." l a n d a half storm-bound da much aid Britain should receive.' makers. President Truman was Chuichill lauded the Uniled, mile-high Donner I ass. But whether (hc Unilcd Slates not present, but Mrs. Truman w a s ; Stales for opposins Red a W res- I I nc rleepIN snov -MIK provides "much or litllc." the. gallery. I sion in Korea and said the U. S.'.Mena iciucuim. iciea.e Testimony Shows Purchase Of 7 rucks Without Bids Ice Breakers Make Way Through Mississippi chill said, the British nation;; will K.xprcssin^ confidence t h a t the. was "'bearing r ; nr more conlinuc lo make a maximum ef- western world CHII meet Jiny '· of the burden in Korea" which the conunuc 10 maKc a maximum ei- wrsicrn \VUMM van muti ui.s · ui mi; uuiu^u m in/.^n *.· fort tn strengthen the defenses o f ! threats, he -said that if the IMIR-J United Nations has nominally as- the free wnrUI. , lish speaking nations combine! Mimed. cific crewmen Intc yesterday. The . empty luxury train still was stuck Dies In Hospital Seek To Remove Deadend Threat Would Have Block Street Kept Open In South Section New Hearing On Race Track Set By Commission Action Protested By Attorney For Dixie Downs, Inc. Little nocM/Hi-Thc widely- heralded, once delayed public hcarir.K on possible revocation of the Dixie Downs, Inc., franchise i tn operate a hor;c race track a t ! West Memphis has been set for next Monday. That dale was announced following a closed door session of Ihe Arkansas Racing Commission yesterday. The commission notified officials of Dixie Downs of the meeting date and plans to hear new evj- dncc concerning qualifications nf one o[ the corporation officials. This action brought a protest j from Stale Rep. Glenn Walthcr of Pulaiki Counly, attorney for Di.xie.. Downs. Walthcr. whose last minute : pclilion lo the courts canceled plans for the hearing yesterday, j taid he .doubled if his clicnls would ; hate sufficient time to prepare a j · | lefcnvc ! Mrs. Marian Lucretia Fitcncr ,,,.-(,,-. ' two"davs """ Waltlier war lo confer with Pu- Wilkinson. 43, a resident of F a y - ; The City Council objected (o I ,, ]t oc ; ur| . cr , ln , ls .,, timl , s wo laski Chancellor Frank Dodcc to- ct t c villc for the past 10 vears. died i l h i s rtoppape of through trallic mi( , |n Mt m (1U( ,, ^j,, Thoina5 rf=v ir. Hninrmine if the commis- ,, ' ,.,. , ,, Mavnr Powell nhca pointed nm , McDonald of Minneapolis, a vice ion 1 violated a state bw in i t h i s »f«-rnoon in Ihe hlizabelh I ^ ; , mn|1K olhcr ,, lings . cutU n S | * rcfl6ml ,,, Mi ,,,,capolis-Honey- tellinc the date tor the hearing ! Hospital. Trairie Grove, after an j East and Block Streets in Iwo at wr ii Regulator Company. "This *:. , i :., ,,, i ,,j ,,,,,,_!,.ju ,..,,,,!,« ! Mm hirhwav would hamper fire terrific storm was racing . . . We j Woods Present i At Discussion, Commission Told Auto Deoler Witness At Capitol Hearing; 'Influence' Brought Up A conductor cave tho+o revised figures for the streamliner's '2.T-1 rcfuRecs: 114 Pullman and 108 coach passengers, a total of 222. and 32 crewmen. Those who starter! from Chicafio Friday nifihl in tile streamliner ended their trip in old-fashioned green Pullmans. Their relief train ll.v LKON HATCH Little flnck-i/Tl-The name of Henry Wood;,, executive secretary i in Oovrrnor McMat'n. today was : brouiiiil inlo leslimony alinu'. state. ; purchase of 120 Hishway Depart- i men! trucks without bids. ! II. T. "ftcd" Crawford, fieninn .and Glcnwood automobile dealer, told Ihe Highway Audil Commls- Islon thai U'ood.1 was present Al a conference here in August. 1330, when purchase of the trucks was discussed. Crawford did not s-ay that Woods knew the trucks were purchased without bleb-. The dealer was not asked about the no-bid aspects, , · - ^ ·· · \. . ·*» s ·*. i. '·-* »n r*-m*-~* --****,M i which had been testified to by ^'lopped. 'FYrt'een7~ineluding Iwo Two' ,cc oTraltcrs, "the'si." Louis Zephyr and the T.iompson. cut through five lo Ll-inch ice In t h e , , ^ lmKt , f , i stretcher cases. not off at S a c r a - 1 Mississippi Iliver near Alton. 111., to make a channel (or barm's. Ihe ice pack was caused by break- rvawfnrrt i mcnto. Others left at later stops, up of iie in the Illinois Itiver. 1 Won't Forget Experience - Death Claims Mrs, Wilkinson Mrs. Marian Lucretia Pitcher Property owners along South! Dr. Walter H. U Roehl of Mid- Block Street were circulates a ! dletown. Ohio, said the; rxpcn-, petition today seeking tn have the ; cnce -- ;-^h,ne · H ncTM,· s l a t e Highway Department ,,con- j «.BCl. Ihi ^ TM^'TM sider a decision In deadend the fun)K )ha , sccpotl u m , uo h streel where it intersects the new ( - h(i |rg | n ' Onlv ., f c w rcma i, 1C( | j|| Highway 71 culoff. Most of tile iiassnnpers were The new section of Highway 71, f maller-of-facl about their expcri- riesigned to rcmo\ e Ihe iraffic j encc. load from the business district, j "We felt eventually someone angles across south Fayettcvillc '. Would gel to us." said Philip Gin- from" College Avenue and Rock ! don, a San Francisco furniture Street to South School and West man. "Morale generally was high, lecorld. ,,, building the hi 8 hway ' bu, the wo, f ,n g was roporK across the sleep slope m that sec- | TM£ ^ ^ mA Mm . (iis( , ml] '.., R . tinn of town, engineers raised the | . ncv!;t ·· soulli edge nf the grade well above V, Thc p cnp i n s ] )ou |d /eel lucky ground level. they got out," said Air Force Pfc. With the highway far above the j Howard ,| m ,es of Stuart. Iowa. | cvc l_of the south--of Block and "]f the storm hadn't broken ycs- liasl Strecls. engineers of Ihc ; Icrday, they'd still be there." Mighwav Department faced a seri- .Innes. one. of four men who ous problem and decided to dead- hiked from the train Monday, ex- end 'those stree.s al Ihe new high- j Plamed ---^ »"- -- timrp we Probe in/nlpOfTIQ Ifl NpU/ T O r K \f^V^ /\II I IJ!M RFC Nomination Was Do My Duty"; Greeted By Family Fulbright Leads McDonald Hearing Washington - l/l'l - Senator Fulbright ( D - A r k ) will direct a secret hearing tomorrow on the nomination nf Harry A. McDonald lo bead the TCecojistruction Finance Corporation. 'he Senate P.ankinK Commil- Ynrk-i/l'i-A hern In lhe orld, Capt. HcnriU Kin I t.'arlscn worm, Lapt. HcnriK isun uarisen \ . ._. . came home in triumph Unlay. ^AnnPfir 5 ; T V 1^ "All I did was d" my duty," hcj'^r-'K v - u l ° .' ' 7 lo Winning Battle ship and gi-itiily crcalml a now _ , - . - , · n j. ' ora wlllloul Dln5 ' saj;a of Ihe sea, cot a 12-mimile: | Q KBIDQin r GST i tl" n involved about ^ " \ V J I U .'1 tec announced thai decision yes- ; --rickei Icrday after House investicalors lurncd down a" Senate request for The skipper, who for; Ifi days stuck by liir. foundering' ijliip and KI itlily crcaled a ne sa^a of the sea, cot a 12-minu.. reception as he filcppcd off Die plane that brought him tn Irll?- : wild Airpnrl. Today he hit ' Crawford said that others' at lh meelini! included Highway Commlsslonerj Olcn Henrlrix nf Antoinc and Truman Baker of IScarcy, mid Ihe then hlgitway cll- ; rector, J. C. Baker, and John K. i Brown, then Highway Department purchasing agent, recently named stale purchasing agent. He was asked if Highway Commissioner ftoy Martin of K o t . t Smith was present, but said he dirt not know Martin and wai not certain if Martin was there. P. G. Wilson. St. Louis auditor employed bv Ihc Audit Commission, testified yesterday that the trucks were bought from Crawford without bids. The traruac- , War.liincton-l/l'l-M.'in ISL still · -nne 'Trail"" thrmmh i w " K ' nR " '" slnli '' ill "° '" llif -l " nwer Manhatlan! lniml «". tm . ls t( , rid |,| ms clf of the common i union nown a aciMn- H-IIUI-M I.M Glowing wi'lh jn.v in Ihe embrace i I" 11 "" 1 '!'. H" 1 Agriculture Deparl- commit- of his w i f e and two children, the! ment rcpniled loday. During lee is investigating (he .Securities ! sea captain waved his gold-braided ! World Wilr II, government ncl- and Excbancc Commission now «P '".« ernwtl of several hundred I ,-nlistr, came up with DDT, nil In-" imariM hv McDonald persons and luld iheiii: sccticide they hoped eventually ....--, . - FulbrHH hevded a Senate sub- " Kt%lluw 1 ' ilizc " s - I , cil " n , n . 1 h "P c would doom the fly and the mos- money and had no interest in he cnmm lee 1 ' h vesliLlion in o '" lr " -TM" 'L" w ' f " d '' ll ,"" s ''' mc ' 'inilo. Rut. a f t e r so,,,- time, it wan company. Papers'have been filed i; n T«r^ «·« «.v -« V-» » '^ |,o dissolve the corporation, he government'? multi-million dollar 1 v ,,u " ' : mosiiuiln was developing a rc -| s "' d : , .. I · ., _ , , _ . . . . ._. t't-M. I i._ , ti.:l:,nrr t.-i IIHT 1 I1C f(C. ,,,, .Innn Queitloned Crawford was atkcd to say about^ the connection of Hendrlx wilh- ihe Crawford Chevrolet Company; of Glenwood, one of the two Crawford flrm«. Crawford m i d Hendrlx was listed on Incorporation papers as a stockholder, but actually had never paid In .any Soda Springs Lodge, who reached MCl.-j, mi'i' , · · · · ollurl o j n l r l j ; * J .., | Ka.-t Street, with even a sharp- j the sln i| c ,| t ,..,i n .. , er drop, appears likely to remain | lion Commission ^ ·jl''^^^ too \ f · ^ many anti-track oiiiciali) loi tnc ; referendum nn Hit: i'ace track ! Slic was a "graduate of HIP public dead end street. .,., .--choolf. of Buffalo, N. Y. t ami nf . WaHeVwVo al.o is chairman of : the AllbriBht School of A r t s in: _ ^^th^^si;;,^^^"^ he t l o Kli the 54 persons w h o ! Survivor,-are her husband who were C M no officiate at Ihe; i« .nanas* of Ihe Boston Store; ^/places would assure a f a i r : TMe so,, ojcph .M o .ulsa. election. .nnc daUKhlcr. Marilyn nf the · home; two grandsons, Joseph M. illl. anrl .lohn fiobcrt: one sister. I Mrs. Martha Cole of Tulsa: a | hrothcr. Robert Pitcher of Hous| Inn, Texas, and her father, Robert : M. Pitcher of Tulsa. j The hnrly will lie in slate al Washinston-ul'l-Canip L'liallcc,| s| . p n ,,]'·,; mnjpht. Reciuiem All;., has been selected as a lenla-. Cm . llnn5 , wi n |, c ], r ],| ^i in a. m.. live site for universal mihtao j lnmnrr(w . a ; i;, r church, and fu- 'ill he ennduetetl Camp Chaifee May Be Used In UMT Program O b j e c t Back Business (losings For 1952 Are Determined j Cln.siiiK flays in i-'ayctlevillr for 19"i^ will lie the snmr as laM yrar. I Hey don Lewi?, chHinnrin nf the , Retail Mcrchnnls Commit lee ol \Vacn Tesas-'/I'i-Baylor's errant! ijie Chamber of ConimcnT, an- "CUspeci Hands" of Rnbert and , nounrcd thi.s morning. The Retail Fli/abcth Browning were hack . Merchants Committee in its club meeting for lf).")U named sii'onp. Baylor's authoiily nn Ihe ; following holidays for the coining nc ,. a | servi afternoon at 2 at St. training of the program is approved by Congress. _ i tomorro The Arkansas military po.^t is p. ul ] p ; i one of 17 camps listed by n five- ^clson'.-r Funeral Home is in mnn commission at a meeting n f ' c i ) [ l l R e n f arranfipmonts. the House Armed Services Com-' · · millcc yesterday. ! «__ -.- -|() oprn Nraotiations i .Terusalnn-f/Hi-lsracI i- q ie;uly to 1 sl:u-l ils fir?! .direct nrqotiatinns : with Germany. Thr first meeting . - m di.H-ufs .lev.'ish claims for a 'billion dollarp in reparations--is 19th Centur poets, , year: New Year's Day, Mr- asleep when the bronxe sUlue \.-HS j moriai Hay, Fourth at July, Liihoi taken in his home last nifiht. ; Day, Thanksfrivjnc, Christmas W. T. Gnocli. vice president of Baylor, fnuncl the hron/.-j ciisliup on the front seat of his auto after Dr. W .H. White. Baylor prcFidcnt. made a public promise of onr-half rfay rliirinp the Washington County Fair and onc-hal, day for homecoming at the IJni- \-crsity. The Retail Merchants also fie- if the hands ; cidrd t h a t the closing day for the Washington County Fair shouk little Rock Considered For New Arms Plant WashiiiRton-(/IVOklahoma City ·nd Tjittle Hock are anionp four cities under consideration for locution of a guided missile plant. The offire oT Sen. Eslcs Kefauver (D-Tcnn (yesterday identified Ihe r" cr municipalities as Memphis, Twin., anH Houston, -Texas. Poultry Morktt-- The poultry market torlaj » re- p«rteit by the University of \r- kinsnii Institute of Science «nd Tcchnolocy and the Dairy and Poultiy Market News Service nf lh« U. S. Depnrtment of Agriculture. Werlhv.-e:! Arksnsas m a r k e t oxprcted to he held in Brussels, (lue.stions asked The art object was taken from , | )t - on the fame day lhal Ihc schmi its class case in th K.iyer o f ' children atlenrl the Fair. Meditation in the S3.flOO.nflO Arm- ' · · . .. strons-Brownins r.ibrary .some A three-ycar-olrl boy v.-as injured seriously before noon loday when he ran f ',:,.i' k hu.r'"Flyini;"Knierpn : ..'.'.' into Ihc patli ol a lichl truck on Thc (ii 7||. ln]l v ,, sbf .| ,,t;,,-t(.,i Ihc patli ol a lichl truck on .,.,,,, (ii 7||. ln]l v ,, Sbf .| ,,t;,,-t(.,i ;,, iva.v 71 Iwo miles south o f ; ,.,.;,,.], ,,p ;,, heavy Mlanlic i.,-,is Plane Explodes; Three Men D'e GieenlaiKi. I'.ill.v Chappe nn of Kred \V. Chappell of West Fork, Route replied. 1 Later, hjwcvcr, Crawford coro- m-nted that, "1 often do business Unit v.-ay if it is someone I like or Ihink is influential." Pome. .V. Y.-'/IVA loin -cnsined j Jacnwny susccstrt that Craw- crack up in hcavv Aiianlic j.^.is i;omc, ?i. Y . - ' / I ) - A loiii-cii^iiii 1 " i .1^111"..^ »-«~ . laM Deceinbcr 2(1. three .lays l.itn . Air l-'orrc Imniber fell and ei-; lord considered Brown mjlucmiJi. (.'arisen was alone on the hanly | pluderi , n flames today while a p - . T h e w i lislin^ vessel a f t e r ordering c l e w in ames t o a y w e ap- . ilns Oiiffiss Air Force Base I that he made a profit of 5H on ...[i«ifiiu]i »i i»^.n, .......iv ^, ,, ^ i proaclini^ tiiitliss Air rorcc niise tn.ii »^ nn...^ ·· ( _ t was bniuEht tn City Hospital in and passenKirrs to leave Ihe ship.' nn ,| 1( , ,, u ,,ij,. ; , ,,( Rome. Al least the transaction involving Browns · ' ' · - · '^''i"-" ·'="·"'' =·'""" ··" """i,,,. cn mP1) wrr n killed and t w o ! automnbilc. injured. The plane, a B-17, crash- j \vltnrssrs Recilleil a pri'.alc car. A hosjiilal sjjokcs-, . · . : man said.carly thi.s.nflernoon that j "''"^^'''^'-"...f''Vn"!i bvTA'lc the child f u f f e r e d a broken Ics.: W,,,,,,.,,',! ,,' n ',' ' ,,, ,,,/n, iitli ed in a field of evergreen shock and possible oilier injuries.. til | v . l(;r ,,,,, Turmoil. The ti'is shrub?, part of the pro.-.eity of a Sheriff Bruce Crider said the, i f ,\i. f . · - '--' " n " '--' '··"·* ''"· child was struck when he iHn. n n n) today , .vitncsscs who testified ycs- ivcre recalled to the stand. IK lurmoil l lie Hi" M " u 1J .', p." L "' llll: ("")"·''/ ." ·· iLuit* i^tit iw....--- - - - -^ ·d the fiei;htcr for five days lunseiy. about Don feet from the They were Nelson. Cox. HiBhwsy new K.ilc snapped the low- : end nf a base runway. j Department purchasing a^cnt ctur- nnto Ihc highway diieclly into ]i, u . about .10 miles off the marl- Thc C i i f t i s s liasc Kire Depart- i i nR ihe Administration of former Ihc path of a half-ton trl.-ek driven of Falmnuth, ' KnKland. Minuter, nient had the blaze ' ' " " J """ """"" ··- · · the battm-d fri-iahtci liv Arthur Nelson Root, about fiO.;bcfMie ...^ .*nti..ii,. .1.1,^,,^., ai'o of \"e^l Kork ftoulc '2. The l«'t:lecf over and yank la^l Knday sherilf said there were four v.-it- I'ancy, and then Carlscn, Icll th ncs.-es, and no charge W.TS filed.''"'I 1 ' The accidenl was Washington County's M-coml in Ic.w than 1 FvfAntivA RflflH UtllP hours." Two men escaped with i "ICHJITC DUI1U I»UC minor injuries about 9:45 l a s t : . nichl when their lisht roupr turned over just smith of CJicen- land on Highway 71. Sheriff Crider snd the d n \ c r . r VOICfS Monday niphl. Except pieces in his Browning collection, perhaps the v/orld's largest, lliey had no real , , Armstrong said. Vielminh Rebels Reported Sacrificing Thousands In Attacks On French Positions Lewis named a special rommil- leo lo stutly the need for a spring promotion for ictailers in l-'ay- ettpville. Members of this "com- mitlee are: CIcorse Cleaihart. Charier. Stump and .lack Tuck. The Retail Merchants Commit- t e e decided Ihat il would meet each Thursday morning a.t Ihc Blue Mill. ins, wrre attackinR hravilv forti- fiotl Fronrh pnsitions an.l were being mowed down. Fifth Set Of Twins Born To Mrs. Big Crow Pine Rirtjrc, S. n.-i/IVMiv. Mar- llanoi. Indochina -i/Pi- C'oinnn.- ni.:t-lcd Vielininh rebels are hurl- Infi thousands nf their yotilh !o death before Krenrii and V k t - names.e iiositions in a desperate ~ ................ . .., bid In vin thr war in Indochina, null ichl Intervention by Chinese I reservation a"ri l"; the French commander here said · CnmimimM Hoop... . pital here ycMcrday Salan said his soldiers would i -clla Hie t:row wm t h e prniirirM Kain a decisive victory -- UrrinR [woman on (he I'ine Ilnlcc Indian nifi IMP t nh her f i f t h is! nicht. (icn Daoul Salan. rnmmandcr- dr- harelv steady to weak, 'temandl In-chief of French forces, lalf. volume of Iradln? ahov«»nr- dared Red China was Rivlns nul. Prices paid f.o.b farm «fi to "mnssive aid" In Ihe Vielminh In ' p' m broilers and fryers nil' Its "do or die" e f f o r t , "veichts" sn-3" l ' rnls a pound, 1 Salan said vnuilu of IS. wilh mostly' 20. ' only Iwo weeks o! military Irain- H Ihe. Chinese Reds inuidc, h c ' s e t of twin:. The latest, a pan of continued, then Ihe riu«tion n' 'ciiIs. a r r i v e d I'riday. Tlie JUCMOIK aid by America and other Uniled four sets nirluilc'i'a boy and ;i niil Nations troops lo help the French ! each. The Illi Crnvs lost a ha'oy w a s "ne lo be decide i by theiRirl from thr In.-l arrual:.. Rul ;i| Allicfl GO* ninments trying lo Mem single hnth f»f a cirl follo-.vr/l lo · Ihc Communist lidc ii Smitheasl j c i v r them i A s l a . Isirls. Tulsa, (.)kla.-f/Ti-A 52ri.7.')3,nnfl 'wiiliin an hour a f t e r ihe crash and I.tat,. hiRhv/ay equipment main- lcn?ncc supervisor. Roih were tiucslioned concern- ins purchase of Highway Dcpart- ! mcr.i equipment and vehicles, par- 'ncularly durinR a period of sev- icrai months early in 1949 whe^ ! the stale "-as without a highwjjj i commission. I.flllc n,,ck-'.1'i-Aikans.-if loday. The mi commisiicn siiuauon imnlrtcd a v.cck':i vaiation from I arose bec.iuse terms of Laneys ' -ommlssicin had expired and Mc- ippomt- More Warm Weather In Arkansas Is Predicted bond is-s.ue. tile lar^cs.l ever to be' v,'in1ci 's uy Sweater Salesmen May Face Prosecution uiiMruclion of a nc'.v counhoi,:.c. Thc pre\ ious bi^h illy bond W a: ir.sue v.-as in HUB and tol.ilcd $17.-j(j t ; BO.j.OOO. Thr projected bonrt isMic ,,,, \vould he for variou:i (ity n n d l f j t scliool improvcmenls. ; 10, ic liluff and wc.-.thcr bewail icn a icaflmg of Wasbinclon - l/I'i-The govern-- rmnt is going lo try In punish ' s » Ja _ p "",^"',. " who have been peddling flic" Mveaters. Chairman M. Mead nf Ihc iFcdcni .,.,,,,,,. ,, j Former Joponcse Troop; Moscow.,/ivThc soviet press A Hunted On Guam icpoited loriay Ihc United S t a t e s Ti.'nk- Cimmi. . York, have M) Arniv, .Navy and Air ,n"Wid y'cslcrday ''·"'·' '" ;' !1 P a »- nr nr "'·] w ''' bcm - c u t to New eniillefl " home tl anslormcd " Philadelphia. ; lnl " American war base." 1'iovidrncc, P. I . Kansas City and 1/ts Angcle: lo check on reports of "torch sweaters" bcniK sold. Mead .-aid the Agents will e x - . , lost the instrum (I,:.,.,,.11',-A Jit-man palro : n|( h| , failed tod.iv in find a aniup of T,, n .H,'v ni Santa Monica. Calif. - HT · A Slradivarius violin valued at $30,- noo was found on the beach yesterday less than 21 hours alter it was swept from a musician's grasp and carried nut tn sea by flood waters. A beach stroller found the j case. The instrument Inside wft waif r soaked. Violinist Sascha .facobsen, who instrument when hc »·«· feet by » flash The Wtather-- Arkansas--Considerable rlondl- the clinsr immrdialely.^ nr.* this afternoon, tonight andt The form' 1 ! 1 ,lap.incM' soldiers n|i- ;ti!l roiiminjt Norlhcrn fiiitim. noi aware lhal the war i? ner. Another patrol is to take up »lely. a r e believed to i m i l i e SU''pc Icf each nl bnjs and I il any fcdcial la lali-d. floor! Tuesday ninhl. said he hoped Ihc "Strad" could he repaired. \' nc.' * nils iit icrni'Mii, i mil *'i tin., i ,'i. .... ..fcR.... .... . 'cr Friday. A fcw 'howrrs r.isl a n d ' b e well armed wilh guns and am . ·s have been vio- vii.lh' portions this .iflcrnnon. Nn! munition stolen from I U, S. Niv/| MARCH-DIMES much rhan^c in lemper.iluir. ') ·dump.

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