Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 10
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:','J|Q^-- NOtTHWUt AKKANSAi TIMU. - Jnn '"' rY louse Asked To Reject Truman "Reform" Plan Ldwmokcrs Ready For Hearings On : - Revenue Bureau vfetljators fashioned a rebuff to- Hav 'or President Truman's prn- wjwl' 1ft TOc-reaniM the rcandal- £h»kcn' Internal Revenue Bureau. ;Sm«rtinc over White MODS. : f»I!uri to consult them, they »n- Jiouncerl plans 1o start an "independent" hearinR Monday and 10 «r«w un their own reform recommendations. :' The nctinn served to deepnn the .Vbill which has fettled over the 'prenldmt'n plan on both sides of ithc Clpllol--even, amone admin-: Jitnitlon supporters. :..It,w*s revealed that the president : -r!id not take Hnure leaders into his confidence before, .rending the .^Un to Cdpitol Hlll.liist Monday. Tnt plan would reduce thr'.Tfum; rber nt -top lax ·«llectar}ItrRni:;«J ^» 2S, five them retfonal' TO**" 1 ! Sot» state responsibility and mnke torm-Civil Service Instead of ap- T»lnt«a officials. It also would cs- "Ublljh an independent inspection "«or!c.v to check corruption. i Hep.-Hoffman tn-Mich) yester- *day Introduced a rcsolutlnn which ^·ould put the House on record as ?npposing the Truman ...plan. If Adopted; it would Xilt.1he,Irppnsal| I. Presidential P l!rnT-for i reoreini« jilltm of the executive ricpnrt- ·njent take ctfoc! .fin days after 'tH«' » re scnl lo Congress--unless (either the House or Scnnte votes 'to" reject them. y ilotfm»n's proposal must he act- upon wthln in days by the SjfcUEt ' Executive Expenditures loSmriiitlec. 11 then become*.prlvl- llefecl legislnllon. and may lie {(filed un'on the floor immediately ·BT * vole. :" ttfUfwin W»n(» Henrlnr ISllaffmin raid he introduced the {Averse resolution to get « hcnr- hhf, -"ind, brcnuijc I want to un- (Wrstind better what the presl- dtnrtntentis to do with this plan. fi"I «l»o want, to call the attention #;edrifre»s V the'fact that Civil Mjviee'for fix officials Is no cure it* ·Mrriipfton." he Mid. · · - . 5 ?ll*«iiwhlle, Secretary of the ,Tfe«5uTT:Snydcr, declared that no jft^l 1«n service offices would be J *Uconllnued. under the -nrcsMen- |W' p'lw'i- Snmp congressmen bad j|Kitest«d under this "misconcep- - ttid," he.sald. SBnyder said at least one deputy , nttr'ict. commissioner would .be ilocBted'ln each stale. Find Parents Of Dead Child Unconscious Near Her Body ggaBtfTM^IMMI" Illl I^TT^M^^^^^^^^^^^ Son, Heir To Nile Throne, Born To Egyption Royalty 600 Heor Oklahoma Minister At Rogers Rogers-(Special(-More than 600 WcslportCnnn.-OIVGnr.l-strick-* westpori eonn.-"i ;-ui "-" - i en parents of ii seven-year-old girl! FCVCn justices of the peace n c K t j whom body'they snatched from a ' j. c;n% M rSp Ruth Whnrlon, county I hospital bed were found uncon- I'der^, lias announced. ,.ciuus bwloe the dead child l a s t , .,,. oximatc |v 1,400 voles were! night at their home, l-olicc said ' |h( , r | c ;. tjnM| wh | rh S | VC5 ! Mr. and Mrs. Seymour .Steinberg ·. had taken ai overdose of sleeping Ublets. One o/ several notes found in the house read: "Please noiily my brother, Ted, in Brooklyn." They were reported In fair con- diiion today at the Wcslport Sanitarium. The Steinbergs had been nought ! since yslcrday morning. The fa- |lher, near hysteria, had rushed | w i t h his v.'ife from a hospital in i nearby Kor\valk- with the body ol jlhcir only child, llcldc:" Later, po- ilicc said; he threaten 'd to kill a ! medical examiner who asked to : view Ihe dead etrl. ! police went In the Steinberg (home at the medical examiner's ·cquest, Rol no answer and theor- zcd thai the couple had fled with he body in the family car. State lollcc broadcast an alarm. Last night, however, the car was ound lit Wcstport's business dis- .rlct' and a neighbor reported she ind r:cen /I'.dlm liRhl In the Stcln- icrg homer'Police forced an entry icrg liomer rolicc lorceci an eiuu ,.| llirgc will-be marie lo me piioiic. ·md found the couple lyins on the j Ma) . Sample is chairman of the floor of a bedroom. The father was rampalcn in Springdnle. in one side of a bed in which . noserr. one justice for every 200 voles cast. Hcntonville ^'ill lie represented by six justices, and Siloam Springs will have Jive. Ridio Program To Boost March Of Dimes Drive ,, ,,.,.,, Sprinirdalc Radio Station KBIIS lonichl from (i to 11 o'clock will help raisnj money for Ihc March of Dimer,! campaign to fishl infantile parnly-| sis. Under Ihc direction of Randy | McCarroll. a home talent show; will be nireri for live hours. Cars will he available to speed workers to homes where residents mayi wish lo contribute lo Ihc fund. | Phone calls will be accepted, andi workers- will respond to collect the donations. The home talent show will he held at Ihc Springdale. HiKh School;' nnd a small admission) charge will-be made lo the public.I Cairo, Egypl-l/I'l-Queen Narriman, teen-ace second wife of Bgypt's KJns Farouk, Rave hlrlh today to a win--heir to the Nile kingdom's throne. The hoy--horn al 8:3(1 a. m. (1:3(1 ». m. EST)--was named Prince Ahmed Fouad after his grandfather, King K o u a d ai. Palace sources who announced the birth said the queen and her baby both were "doing well." King Farouk has. three (laugh- ters by his 10-year marriage to former Queen Farida', whom he divorced in November, 1948. Under an Egyptian constitutional provision, common to all Moslem countiics, only males can succeed to the throne. Tim king was married May 6 ! to Narriman Sadck, commoner daughter "f an Egyptian civil servant. The queen celebrated her 13th birthday October 31. Farouk will be 32 February 11. At the announcement of !he royal birth, court and government officials were summoned to Abdin Iloyal Palace In arrange for the formal proclamation of the event. On the occasion of the birth of a Lincoln By MIS'. JACK DIXON Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoover have Summers and Mr. and MK. ft. Padgett of California spent Thurs- · day with Mrs. Delia Spear. Mr. anrl Mrs. Home.- Sparks had as dinner guests Monday evening, prince to Egyptian kings, a 101- (jun salvo is custom»ry. Until the birth of the baby, the j heir-presumptive to. King Farouk's throne was his first cousin. 76-year-old Princf Mohammed My. ,~Birth of thf hoy gives Ihe kins lone nt the greatest blessings that can come to a Moslem--a son. Fa! rida's (allure to produce a male 1 heir was commonly believed to be the reason lor their divorce. The communique announcing the divorce said it was "Allah's will" to divide the couple hut said ! the royal Cabinet was praying to i Allah "to prepare for King Fa- I rouk what will make the country ! happy," apparently an heir. KOKCrS-lopCClillf-w' *- Ulnn uui' j^,._ g n( ] ftlrS. r rca nuuvtl l l n i - j n » null.", ·.«· - · - persons attended Sunday eveningj as lncil . gucEt this week, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dixon, services at ihe Masonic Youth; Hoover's mother, Mrs. Titsworth Center to hear the Pcv. Billy' , j,,,^ James Harris, Sapul])a, Okla.,| speak on ''Communism versus | Christianity." ( Mr. Hargis opened a scries of I meetings last week. The meet-] inss will continue through thisj week. Evening programs a r e j opened by the Melody Quartet.! The Monday night topic was, "The | Kind of Revival America Must Have." I Mr. .ami Mrs. .loh , Used by.thousands In reducing i diets--Junge's Roman Meal bread, in Hargrove'of 1 11-19-tt WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP j AdvtrtiM In the TIMES--It ' PLAN TO BUILD ·M Our MiHrllL Git Our PrfcM. Try Our ferric*. DYKE LUMBER CO. ifll It Chill* SMIT H BUY YOUR TELEVISION al a TELEVISION' SERVICE STATION We Have Ihe Latest Equipment Your Television Headquarters RADIO SHOP leldc's hoily lay and the mother was on the other. The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University was founded and end late Joseph Pulitzer. AdvertiM- In ttif. TIMES-- It P«T»- us on the other. nalism at Columbia univcrsn; llcldc was admitted to the Nur- wa ,. rounded and endowed by th walk 'hospital about 1M a. m., . . . 1. "..i:--.. yesterday., suffering, from an acute islhmstl'c condition. She died four lours later with her parents at icr bedside.'^. i; · · · , :' Rogers To Hove Seven Justices Of The Peoce nogors-Spcclal)-Rasod on the number of votes cast in Ihe last general election for governor of the slate, gofers'will l)c alloltcd MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL : ' -- Benton County Licinit "\Hfcfci Hit 131 For '52 is4»«ntos\ illc -(Special)- Stvenly- t mnrriagc license! were I by the office of County Ruth Wharton fur the period *n January - 8 nnd 15. Tills the total to 1.11 for Ihe cur- itnV'.ym. Mrs'. Wharton has filed' 'tier loyalty pledge to - the Democratic party and announced that '»he Is a candidate for rc- etcction. MOZART FESTIVAL ·Chamber Music Concert, Sal., Jan. 19,8 p.m. ·Symphony Concert, Sun., Jan, 20,4 p.m. FINE ARTS CENTER CONCERT HALL Coll 1806 or Reserve Free Tickets at Music Dept. Office Any Afternoon. Remaining seats not taken by ticket-holders will be available to the public at five minutes before concert time. O Z A R K * . ~ 1)10 MOW * SHOWING 5:21 7:21 1:24 GARY --W2J COOPER^ wi* MAKJ AIDON , ty Cirteon "^P- H«w» * NOW * SHOWING 1:41 Showi 7:00-1:00 UARK POWER-BLYTH I UN EVER FORGET YOU J SHOE CLEARANCE Here's your chance to get famous-name shoes at a tremendous savings. Hurry! AIL SIZES BUT NOT-IN EVERY STYLE High Heels Hi Wedge Heels Medium Heels Wedges Low Heels Flats COBBLERS Values to 9,95 $ 0 0 5 NAIURALIZERS Values lo 12.95 Sale Starts Thursday at 9 a.m. \,(Hni Shoes i^wjwrly i HI en Every Item Priced to Sell v\fc Every Item Priced to Sell COAT AND SUIT SALE Long and Shortie COATS Valeus to $79.95 25°° Long and Shortie COATS Values to 39.95 15°° Sflvi during Hunt'i big January Clearance .. . Every department hoi tremendoui savings. Some items marked down from the prices listed in our previous advertisement. Join the big parade of pleased shoppers. Come in and see the biggest January Clearance ever. · LADIES' DRESSES 14.95 to 19.95QOO Values ^ Nylon Acetate Crepe SLIPS · Lace Trim $.9$ Values Now 3.UU Seamprufe Multielement Crepe SLIPS 3.98 Values Now 3eOU One Group Rayon Knit Pajamas 4% 4%4\ 5.95 Values Now 3.UU Luxite KNIT GOWNS 4.98 Values. , Now 2t77 MEN'S SUIT SALE Up To OQ50 59.95Voluw fit* Famoui narnt bnndt at drailic loving*, trekin liitt but a nici ukctlen. B* htrt tarly forjti^hjjej.^^^^^^ MEN'S HATS 7.91 Volm Now3.00 MEN'S B-15 Flight Jackets Sixtt 40-42-44. T ftft 14.98 Valu«» ' * V V MEN'S JACKETS 9.95 Values 6.88 9.95 to 12.95 Values 1 LADIES' SUITS Values to 79.95 25°° ONE GROUP SUITS Values to 39.95 15.00 MATERNITY DRESSES Values to 17.95 Ladies H O S E 5 1.98 Values SORRY · No Exchanges No Refunds LADIES' Blouses Values to 5.95 100 LADIES' Brush Rayon Gowns and Pajamas NOW 77 80 Sq. PRINT 59e Values 25c Satin Back CREPE 1.98 Value 1.00 MEN'S COATS · Satin-Twill .Gobordin. IMS \ I .OO 2 GORDON Anklets 98c Values 50' 5.00 LADIES' Dresses Values 9.95 to 19.95 NOW °° 5 · Crush-Resistant Gabardine · Rayon Crepe and Faile · Frost Point · UnidereSO" · Rayon Plaid Gabardine · Wamsutta Luster Sheer IStnforilKt) · Picolay 1.49 to 2.98 Values NOW 00 CORDUROY 1.49 Value 85c . Men's tGripper SHORTS 89c Value 49c MEN'S Undershirts 69c Value 4VC Men's , Corduroy SHIRTS 7.95 Value NOW NYLON GOWNS 8.95 Values Now 5.i 4 33 00 100% WOOL MEN'S PANTS Values to 12.95 Values to 19.95 Now 4.00 Now 8.00 L-ys' CORbUROY SHIRTS, 4.98 Values 2.98 Boys' OVERCOATS, Up to 14.95 Values 7.00 Boys' T-SHIRTS, Long Sleeve, 1.98 Values- ]·!' BIBALLS, 1.49 Values 1-00 Boys' CAPS and HELMETS, Up to 2.49 V a l u e s . . . . ,.:. 75e SORRY · No Layaways · No Alterations · Every Sole Final OPEN A CHARoE ACCOUNT ·No Phone Ordtrt

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