The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1936 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1936
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 1,1986 CHIC AGO AN CALLS LOCAL OFFICIALS VERY BAD NAMES And Mayor Will Demand An Apology After Tag Incident A Chicago man, signing himself Paid J. Ersman, threatens to raise hob with the City of Algona, have the community boycotted by the Chicago and Illinois Automobile clubs, and do other untold damage, in ft letter broadcast to local news* papers and officials, because he received a tag for improper parking, July 30. Mayor Carl Specht stated Satur* day that he intended to write the motor vehicle department of Illinois and find out who owns the car and Where they live, and ask an apology for insulting remarks made 'in Ersman's letter. Ersman called local officers "a bunch of crooks," and "unable to ace beyond the point of their nose regarding the welfare of their own town." Local officers point out that in keeping with the custom in other cities where strangers are not fam lliar with parking rules, the idea is not to fine anyone here who does not know the law, but • acquain them with the rules and regulations in a friendly and courteous manner. O. S. Relley, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, also wrote Ersman a letter inviting him to come back again some time and discover that his impressions were mistaken. We*t Bend School Faculty on Job West Bend: The public school opened Monday, Aug. 31 for the ensuing year with a full schedule. The faculty consist of: A. R. Mc- MuJlen, superintendent; J. C. Scurr, principal; Cloyce Hasbrooke, dramatics and English, LeMars; Constance Baird, junior high, Jefferson; Mabel Dinsmore, home economics, Fremont; Harry Poffenberger, boys' coach, junior high, of Goldfield; Margaret Hellman, vocal music, Paulina; Ralph Campbell, band science, Sioux Rapids; Delia Mlnger, sixth grade, West Bend; Frances Chambers, fifth, Corwith; Leona Gibbons, fourth; Irene Schmidthuber, third, Emmons, Minn.; Ruth Stenberg, second, Minneapolis; Evalina Nelson, first, Linn Grove; Kathryn Dike, kindergarten, Long Beach, California. Fred €larks Visit Here Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark and daughter, Mary of Fargo, North Dakota, were guests from Friday uatil Monday at the home of Mrs. Clark's sister, Mrs. 'C. 8. Johnson. jH» Clarks lived here about 25 ymta ago but have' not been back hi'15 years. They expect to leave •oon for Hollywood to visit Mr. Clark's mother, Mrs. Mary J, Clark who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Henry Adams. Mrs. Mary Clark, who la S3 years of age, has not been in the best of health of late. Six Hippodrome Acts Billed, And Dance Each Nile Six hippodrome acts have been booked, plus the special night revue program all four nights of the Kossuth County Fair. The Peerless Potters, a troupe of five persons, who have been with the Cole Bros.-Clyde Beatty circus this summer, will present two acts. They perform on a platform 36 feet high and 100 feet long, to present their aerial casting acts of daring. Double-back somersaults, and two and a half back somersaults are among the feats of daring they perform. Three Emerald Sisters, who are now on an eastern tour, will present an act of comedy acrobatics. They have also played all of the principal theatres of the land. Healey & Mack in a wire act, using ladders which they balance on wires, will present two different acts on each program. Merle's Cockatoos, a bird circus that is a "bird" of an act. The cockatoos do bike riding on a tight wire, tumbling, work out arithmetic problems, and rescue another bird from a burning building. Wit Thoma and his 10 Prince ton- ians, a radio recording orchestra, will play at the fairgrounds each night of the fair. Academy Enrolls Record Breaking Number of Pupils The largest registration in the history of St Cecelia's academy was reported this morning by Father Davcrn. A total of 287 had enrolled, as compared with 273 last year. A few more registrations are expected. The largest beginners' class on record at the academy, 28 in all, enrolled Monday. Delia Frank!, who has been teaching physical education at the Academy for the past four years, has been appointed assistant in the physical education department of the University of Wyoming, where she took summer school work. It is a fine compliment to the local girl. All four afternoons of the Kossuth County Fair the Academy will close, Father Davern stated. PRE- HOLIDAY VALUES °CANE SUGAR 10 Ib. cloth bag 52c 29 Ib. bai $LSO 100 Ib bag $9.04 FINEST BEET SUGAR 10 Ib. cloth bag 60c 2A Ib. bag »1.19 100 Ib. bug 4J4 Edward'* "Tenderized" MARSHMALLOWS 1 Ib. cello pbg. 16o They're delicious Reg. or Pimento flH oc. pkg. Pabsett 15c Airy Fairy 44 oz. pkg. Cake Flour 19c Yukon Club 4-24 os. bots Beverage* 29c Plua bottle depwit Crackers S-l% oz. pkg*. Jacks lOc Spanish Salted Ib Peanuts lOc Burry's Ataorted 2 Iba. Cookies 25c Mild American Ib. Cheese 23c Sultana Queen u.t Jar Olives 29c WUaon'* Cooked 12 oz. can Corned Beef 19c Encore 4'/i ot jar Stuffed Olives 19c Former Algona Boy Famous Fruit Man A recent issue of the Delta, Colorado, newspaper made a fine show- ng of the resources of that region n which apple and fruit growing Is an important factor. Robert Starr, the oldest son of the late Milton Starr, pioneer editor of the old Algona Republican and later the Upper Des Moines-Republlcnn, has built up a large fruit lusiness first started by his father 28 years ago and is now rated one of the largest fruit growers in the state. His younger brother, Arthur, seems to be a stock raiser, and a picture is shown of his fine herd of Hereford*. We quote from the Delta paper: "Whatever the comparison may >e, Delta county has some out- itanding fruit producers whose ante la more than local. Among them is R. H. Starr, who is operating about 300 acres of orchards south and west of Cedaredge. Starr is one of the largest producers of fruit in the state, if not the largest, and his packing and storage abed Is said to be the largest reE^^ Hospital Newt Pure Pennsylvania, A PENN MOTOR OIL 2 £ $1.O7 plua 8c hue BANANAS 4 Ibs. 25c Jersey sweet potatoes 4 Ibs. 15c Bed Potatoes 10 Ibs. 37c FOOD STORES Kossuth Hospital Newa Wednesday, August 28—Gerene Hundsnesa, Swea City, underwent an appendectomy. Thursday, August 27—Grace Dettman, of Burt, had her tonsils removed. Friday, August 2»—Marie Fauerby, of Fenton, underwent a major operation. Saturday, August 2&—LeoLi Bun- kofake, Burt, tonailectomy. Saturday, August 20— Mrs. Elmer Ernst, Algona, gave birth to a baby girl. Sunday, August 30—Richard Bierstedt, Whittemore, had his ap pendix removed. Monday, August 31—Nathaniel Walsh, of Titonka, entered for medical treatment. Monday, August 31—Mra. Dick Baade of Titonka gtwe birth to a baby boy. General Hospital News Tuesday, August 25—Mra. Harry Widdel of Fenton, entered as medical patient. Tuesday. August 25—Mrs. Leander Seefeldt, Wesley, gave birth to triplets, two girls and one boy. Wednesday, August 26—Irene and Austinette Hefti of Britt, had their tonsils removed. Wednesday, August 26—Mrs. J. Jensen of Buffalo, entered for observation. Thursday, August 27—Bonnie Jean San ford of Corwith, underwent a tonailectomy. REVIEW OF RECENT MOVIE PICTURES "Poor Little Rich Girl"—Shirley Temple. "Little Miss Nobody"—Jane Withers. There you have two famous child stars, whose mamas continually strive for supremacy for their prodigies. Shirley wins more "oh's" and "ah's" from her public, so apparently she Is the favorite. Whether she is more competent Is a matter for debate. She is two or three years younger than Jane. It may be that her cute ways and her curly locks, her dimples seem more important in the eyes of her directors as well as of her public than the somewhat superior technical skill of Jane. Jane's speaking voice is more flexible, her gestures more practiced. A child star's picture is almost sure to be sentimental, especially a Grade A picture (trade classification) such aa is always given Shirley Temple. Class B pictures—Jane Wlther's rating—are less apt to be one star specials. In "Little Miss Nobody" there are a number of children, at least one of them promising, "Mary" Jane's chum, has a sweet pretty face, but also some proficiency in acting. Jane's Indian song and dance is every bit as capable as Shirley's performances. Regardless, however, of any mere critic's comments, cinemaddtts will continue to follow their own stars. And why shouldn't they? • • • "His Brother's Wife. Since this picture Is another vehicle for the handsome Robert Taylor, there Isn't much use for us to say what we think. Although the story is what one might call a lot of tripe, it affords some opportunity to see and hear Jean Hersholt There's an actor of long and careful training. What a charming voice he has. Even to our ill-trained ears, his exclamations in German were an added pleasure. With all the German- speaking inhabitants in this community, why aren't we given German movies? Barbara Stanwyck does well with a trite role. "It's Love Again" Is one of the Jolliest of the season's musical shows. Since It will probably be back, we might as well discuss it even though it was shown some time ago. It moves so gracefully, so lightly and so swiftly. One scene scarcely ends before the next one begins. It blacks out before the dialog is finished—effecting a carefree lilting tempo. Not to mention the usual Robert Young breeziness which is practically the same every time. But it is to Jessie Mathews, who really has no equal in musical comedy, to whom credit for the entertainment is due. She dances, she sings, she talks, she acts, with skill and verve. Her husband, Sonnie Hale, gets a little less of the limelight in this picture. The producer in the story, whoever he la, does his bit in a finished manner. If we hadn't seen the prevue quite so many times, we could have more keenly enjoyed the shooting— "Why, Madame, you have only winged." • • * "Nero Wolfe" Is a allthely sleuth (If there is such a word. Hasn't A. A. Milne invented it?) Let us say right here and now that our reaction to "Meet Nero Wolf was colored by having previously read two Nero Wolf stories and thus formed a clear image of him and Archie Goodwin. So it happens every time we read the story first. It is probably the right of the director and the players to give their own Interpretation of a story. In that case the critic should See the movie twice, once to consider It in relation to the author's concept, and again to judge of it aa a motion picture in its own right. : Therefore, that awful girl-friend of Archie (Lionel Slander) probably added to the entertainment value—and everyone enjoyd the picture— but she didn't exist in the story, at least not in "The Frightened Men" and "The Rubber Band." Without her, he has a chance to fall vainly In love with the heroine of every story. Slander fits Archie's part very nicely. Edward Arnold In certain moments at the telephone and sometimes when he is alone, assumes the personality of Nero Wolf. At other times he is, regrettably too decidedly Edward Arnold, too noisy, too rapid In speech, too boisterously laughing (the "Diamond Jim" laugh). Nero Wolf as described by Rex Stout is slow of speech, very deliberate, sparing of his words, subtle, keen, quiet. Now and then, besides missing several pictures of no particular interest to us, we miss a picture which may prove to be 1 one of the best of the year. "Fury," brilliantly played by Sylvia Sidney, Spencer Tracy and Walter Erennan, is rated highly by Pare Lorenti, who writes a good column for Me- Call's Magazine. He says that " 'Fury* has been rightly hailed by the press as one of the great movies of the day . . ." 'Fury* would bfcve been an unusual production even without Mr. Lang (the director). But beyond the writing and the act- Ing and the story is a precise skill; a broad knowledge of the power of the camera, an understanding of tempo, of light and shadow . .." # • • • There are several picture* of unusual Interest to be exhibited here in the near future: among them "Nine Days a Queen" with Nova Pilbeam, the brilliant very young English actress; "Mary of Scotland" with the'capable Katherine Hepburn looking surprisingly like the unfortunate queen; and "Secret Agent" with Peter Loire of "Crime and Punishment" and "Made Love" fame. In The WEEK'S NEWS CURRENT EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHED FOR The Upper Des Moines BUT, ON THE OTHER HAND—Mrs. Susan Frawley Kiaele of Blue Earth, Minn., Is an eternally busy farm woman, her hands full with three children, a poultry yard and innumerable chores on her husband's eighty-acre farm at Blue Earth, Minn. But, on the other hand, Mrs. Eisele manages to type out a column of comment for the "Fairmont Sentinel", and to serve as a country newspaper correspondent Mrs, Eiaele Is pictured at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, where she arrived for a week's stay as part of the prize she won in being chosen the best country newspaper correspondent Mrs. Eisele is holding her son, Albert, Jr. KAHMJiKH LOSE HOMES IN FOREST FERE—John Valker of Brule, Wlu., in shown above standing by the ruins of his home after one of the many forest fires in the vicinity hud destroyed ail the buildings on his farm. lone Moyer went to Des Moines last week Monday and took to her home there her cousin, Mrs. Kilgore and son, Junior. lone returned Wednesday. ! ANNOUNCEMENT 1 have taken over the Deep Rock Station at the corner of State and Phillips St. Will handle all kinds uf Deep Kock products—Gas. Oil, Grease liiul Kerosene. C«iuc in aad see us. H. G. Erdmann i I'iioin. 8U i'ur tank waiz l li*»^^*^>^ooo^ si-rvitv CONVICT PAROLED IN CAKE OF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP — Jimmy Braddock (left), world's heavyweight champion, greets John McGrath, a boyhood chum who was imprisoned from one to ten years for stealing a bottle of beer, after the latter had been released from the Anamoaa, la., Men'a Reformatory CLASSIFIED ADS For Sale FOR SALE—Registered Shorthorn bulls.—JLJoyd Gross, Algona. Three miles north of Hobarton. 34-37* FOR SALE—Typewriter paper, just received large shipment, good white bond paper, 60 cent a ream (500 sheets).—Algona Upper Dea Moinea. FOR SALE—Used typewriters: Remington, good shape, $25. —Aigona Upper Dea Moinea. FOR SALE—Purebred Duroc yearling boar.—E. B. McCorkle. Phone 21F2, Algona. 39' FOR SALE—1 choice roan registered Shorthorn yearling bull.— McEnroe Broa. Phone SI9. 35 FOR SALE—Registered Hereford bull.—Karl Sunder/nan, 6 miles north of Titonka. 35-38»-37 FOR SALE—1927 Model T Ford coach, in good condition, new Urea. Inquire Milwaukee Stockyards. 35 For Bent FOR RENT—^Modern house, 431 N. Hall St. Phone 316-W or call at 416 E. North St. 35« Miscellaneous MOTHER OF SEXTUPLETS Mrs. Adeline Speichinger of Mtndon, Mo., 36-year old farm woman, gave birth to aextup- ieu, five of which were born dead, on August S, it has been revealed by Dr. W. H. Lucas, who said he did not announce the event curlier because the mother was 'seriously ill and needed quitt to save her life. Mrs. Speichinger is shown above with the survivor of the btxlupluU, Mitrjorit Louise, who weighed ten pounds at birth and is a healthy, normal child. Save that cream with a, Vega aep- arator. Uaera biggeat booatera. Medium size $82.50. Terma.—Bjua- trom'a, Algona, Iowa. 8-tt Lost-Found FOUND—Four head Whiteface Hereford steers, nine daya ago. Owner can have same by paying coat of keep and ad.—Kenneth Curran, LuVerne. 83-36* Upper De* Moines Boy* on Vacation Sprague, foreman of the Algona Upper Des Moines, had a few days' vacation last Week and went to Grinnell to visit Frances Clayberg, Algona tefrtfter, who returned with him oh Saturday. Earl was accompanied aa far aa Ames by Mrs. Moore ant) son, David, who visited the Wm. Moorea. Dow Laldley, pressman, also took a vacation last Week and he and His family went to Mallard where they visited his brother, Paul, who owns the Mallard paper and also puts out a paper for the little town of Webb. Before the week was over Dow had helped to publish three different newspapers. Karl Shumway, compositor for the office, took a few days 6ff the week before to get acquainted with his new daughter, Marlon. Joe Kelly Near* 30th Year Here In City Service Wanted ITS NO JOKE! There's a real Job open—thia locality. Car required.—a F. Baker & Co., Keokuk, Iowa. 30-37* WANTED—High school girl wants place to work for room and board. Call thia office 230. 35' WANTED — Representative to look after our magazine subscription interests in Algoaa, Iowa and vicinity. Our plan enables you to secure a good part of the hundreds of dollars spent in thia vicinity each full and winter for magazines. Oldest agency in U. S. Guaranteed lowest rtitsb on all periodicals, domestic and foreign. Instructions and equipment true. Start a growing and permanent business in whole or spare time. Address Moore-Cottrell. Inc., Wayland Uoad, North Cohocton, N. V. 35-36* Just 30 years 'ago the first of next month, Joe Kelly came to Algona and entered the employ of the city as manager of the municipal light and water system. • Last Friday, as soft of an unknown testimonial, a delegation of Eldora business men including the mayor of the city, dropped in at,the local plant to examine it, find out the details of its operation, and other facts which they hoped to be able to use to good advantage at home. And that vlait tells the story of the past 30 years. During that time Algona's plant has grown from an old steam engine-operated plant, into one-of the finest municipal organizations'In a city of Algona's size, bar none, in the United States, and its reputation is recognized and applauded by engineering concerns, authorities in municipal ownership, and in fact nearly every business, with the possible exception of the public utility power companies. • We frequently do not realize what we have, or how good it is, until we are impressed with what others have to contend with. In power rates, service and efficient operation, Algona is second to none; it's something worth shouting about. Joins Bjustrom A new, expert refrigeration man, Bill Moyer of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, joined the force of R. O. Bjustrom, this week. He has had air-conditioning experience, and will round out the service department at Bjustrom's. Ted €hrischffles HI Ted ChrischUIee, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles, was taken to the Kossuth hospital this morning for an emergency appendectomy. A I Iways Practical alamo Favorites nd Never Smarter Who would ever guess that knits could be BO smart.? There's a new twist to them that makes knits adaptable for wear everywhere. Oxford gray, green, London Tan and red. »4to»8 Crowley Shows Will Again Be At Fair Another outstanding and Appeal- Ing feature of the IBM Kossuth County Fair la the fWt that Crowley's shows will appear here on the fair midway. Crowley's were here last year, and presented a mighty fine group of midway attractions, one that completely filled .the mtdwa? and pleased everyone % the manner In. which it was handled. The Crowley brothers are a. pair' of Missouri boys, both college graduates, and they are giving the public a rtSal show put on in a decent manner. Mrs. Johanna Dettman went to LMyard Friday to spend a couple of weeks with her friend, the Frank Nit* family. My Word- * Such Beautiful DRESSES •-, ChriirrMnti g jfartrt That's what this young lady aaya—that'a what ANT young miss would aay when she sees theae really outstanding allk dresses which are arriving at the ttore every day. , They are the cutest, aweeteat, moat exclusive frocks you've aeen for several seasons, ao different, so daring with large ahoulder effects, tight waists, princess skirts and all the nifty little gad- geta around the necks and waist lines. You'll simply love them for their style, their rich colors, (green, rust, wine) their individuality, and laat but by no means leaat, their extremely low prices. New allk and wool dreaaea—with that distinctive C. & H. look— for only $7,80, $1245, $1&00 and a> few at $19.78, Come in and be convinced that thia young lady la right when she aaya, "My word, auch beautiful dreaaea" . . . Be Sure tSfAttend the Greater Kossuth Co. Fair, September 7-11 ...for school...for sports...for fall They're the All American choice thia Fall... for sports... school or business wear! Two "apanking new" style* that are swagger.,. and thenaorael Oaly heel, in •Uck or •uuet. Kresensky's

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