Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

MKANIM TIMB. f»v»M»vin«. AikmMi W«dn«»Hny, Jommry 16, 19SJ ; 10 use- ONLY ONE TO DO IT I VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THE 4OO GRAND VOU'REE MOLDIMG IN CUSTODY FROM THAT BOSTOM EXPRESS JOB. ^ LISTEN. SPINNER. DON T WORRV ABOUT ME. I.VE GOT GUT5-MOU KNOW THAT. WUATSONM3UR MIND? WEVE BOTH BEEN THINKINJG ABOUT THAT. SPINNER. AND. LISTEN-- I'VE DECIDED WE'RE GOING TO DIVIDE IT. WOW AS POLICE CUSTODIAN, VDU'RE IN POSITION TO MAKE US BOTM RlCHOiARLIE BUT VOUVE LOSTVCL)!?. WERVE. Six Violent Deaths In State This Week Four Fatalities In One Day Are Reported L i t t l e FIock-l/l'l-Arkansas' vio- \ril dealA t o l l for Ilic week cliinh- rrl in .-ix as f n u r f a t a l i t i e s \vcrc reported yesterday. An '.8-ycar- Mother Finds Son's Efforts To Preach A Little Trying West Men.phis, Ark-MI-Mrs. P.* R. Askew tried to sink t h r o u s h I old Woodruff County farm youth, Eugene Helm, war, killer! when an auto r t r u r k ihe rear of a wagon he was d r i v i n g near Cotton Plant. There '.vcre Iv.-o f a t a l i t i e s in separate accidents near Lake Village. Mrs. Flossie Daniel, 45, was killed when an auto in w h i c h s h c ' w a s i t h o f|rm| . v . hcn ,, C| . son D a l m v ,,,,[ , up to preach In a startled congregation. Danny, is three. It happened Sunday at the West Memphis Cht'rch of Christ and kicked up quite a sensation. Charles Edward Goodman, 25, "Danny's always p l a y i n g l i k e of Lake Villasc, died in Lal:o V i l - · , , , . _ a preacher." r':r s a i d , lagc hospital of injuries suffered j "p 1T ,ichcs tn his rills';. Or!" m i l in Saturday when hi; car len H i g h - i (hc b;ick yffA a||r| sjn .,,. a n d m u m . way C2 on a c u r \ e and overturn- l\ 1 ] r - Hn ,| ,.i an . |,j s hands.' 1 ed. ! Bui Danny had never made any Thi. body of A r t h u r Leon B l a n - : iniuble in r h u r r h before. Mrs. ridini! Flrucit a mule. She war, Ihc , w i f e of Charles Daniel, Monti- j r c l l o . Ark., who was injured .seriously. Their daughter, who also was in the car, was not h u r t . \ClayionRand Says: f n ils December issue, the Freeman prints timely comment un !he current drive to compel city a u t h o r i t i e s lo put .flouriiie -in r - r i n k i n g water to prevent tooth decay. Demists tell us that Ihe u;e of ·Diking Sheriff Lee Wrisnt said he WHS j there he was. qucilionini! two teen-aged youths. | u p ln t h c alia Thc s h e r i f f said ihe boys were with I n;,,,,,y S I O H at II SPEARMINT GUM? 6ET ANOTHER mother .said .he mumbled and he vt ,,-y serious. Ami . . repeated over a -loirj, period of £ j lime. rr:n cause hardening of the | nrlcric." and utscascs of (he vein;, j The a t t e m p t to legislate p o l i t i c a l tampering \vitii the reservoirs, I t has been estimated t h a t U.S. then he looked down at the com- I ^' c -^ ' v TM , ", ' ' " e * ; ": farmers and ranchers added from m u n i o n i ab |e. He reached for a : ,,[ sofl-toVll ed i u v e , l o = ,, h u r f i v e lo ci,-h, million head of cat- R , ass , lnl , Didn't make it. S,i\^ | 1^ bss of L oo ec lie to their herds in 1851. j n a n l ) v , nnk( , t , a , nnr ,,, ,, lc ,,,,,,,. a ''^, cl class ° l-aid-.uothec anny 'stretched out his hands lo indi- i ^ ^ f f r c a t hcinht and said: "When ] ^ ccl nils big, J'm gonna have some l i f l objects. | o f t h a t ... In the h u s h llwt f-Hnwcd. Onn- ny looked around. His* mother's OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williami FOOEV/AU WAUT IS 6C..._ O-1AMSE TO MAKE A PHONE CALL ID MV MOTHEP 0 JEEPERS.'NOV. I LOOK AT Tt-lt LIME WAITIM VOZ THE PI ONE l, ItVtaWi YeARS AGO FRONTIER OIL ^N LEASED 200,000 ACRES IN SOUTHEAST UMH. ] NOW WE 60 TO PUT DOWN A TEST WELL ON THE / HAWKS BANCH, AND TROUBLE STARTS. J SEVERAL, INCLUDING THE OWWHS OP THE RANCH-THE HW«S BOYS. BUT WE CANT GET tHE GOODS OW ANVBODY. THAT'S WHY WE SENT FOR YOU, FIKST, THBEATTHING LETTERS, THEN EQUIPMENT OYN/lf.MTED,T«E COOKHOUSE BUWJED. RECEtlTLY, BULLETS WHISTLING IN THE PARK X «J 3 O I .' iti PIVE .\LLONSO?\ I ICE CCEAM FOR ^OUB ) i SICTHP.V.- nvcrv.'i-- ib^=l |.;,,r jwfc-ry^ s^^ .'i'-'-Nxrn GEE. 1 IT LOOKS LIKli OU \ DINNV'5 KINDA. GONNA I HA.FTA STAY HERU IM / TH' 2OTH CENTURY NOW.' ...THE FARTS OF THE TIME- OH,I "N MACHINE MOflT AFPECTI'D PUNNOft \ BY 1 HI: DLAOT 6EEM TO BE I'D OAY I MORE SCATTERED A13OUT THAT.., / THAN DAMAGED. LOrtDIL JLt-Sttil --NO POWEC? ^ CULHIRI AS vo' SO AM CA W'.AD MClTHr.f. M.AN'WtU TCLL HIM WHUT HAPPLwrD. WMCW HC WAKEt Uf A LOT O f-OOL THINGS, SOUND GOOD IKJ TK BUNK HOUSE OR. OM ' PAPER --WOW VOU'EE IM ROLITICS.' TrcaUnK teeth i-huulcl be a matt e r for the dentist ajid the indi- v i d u a l p a t i e n t . Conlaiuty any attempt lo prcscrible medical treat- m e n t for society might do more harm than cood except to provide ' eyes caucht his, and w h a t he saw j jol) . fo] . watcl . inE p cd ,,,.«;. " W h a f s dampened his spinK 'He (iinetly ; ono maa - s poison sisnnr )s a n o t h . sat flown in the pastors chair and stayed there. er's meat and drink." Vice versa. The Associated Pi-ess reports Ihc story of an a i l i n g Englishman who consulted Hie socialized medicos in London who decicl-ed to a m p u t a t e both lc£s. He cairm lo Connecticut, was given a brace for a spine condition, recovered and saved his limbs. May the lime never come amonp Democrats and Republicans when a politically appointed physician can tamper w i t h one's purge or * Window John Chandler has returned f i o i n Scminolc, Okla., where lie ami Mrs. Chandler were called lasl week by the illness o r their daughter, Mrs. Everett Ledgerwood. Mrs. C h n n d l c r rmaincd witli her d a u g h t e r , who i.-: recovering. Mrs. Ren D u p a r has learned, of ] water, prescribe i h e dentil .January 5 at Weslinin- j blooeMetlinfi. ster. Minn., nf hrr mnthcr, Mrs. i Unra Groves. Mrs. Groves h a s 1 ^«rS ht'^vTho,TM | Millions Awarded For a l l e r rcccivins his discharge from ' r* Li A n I 1 Ihe Navy al Rhode Island. Until I rlylll Ull POMO his discharge a member of thc j crew of thc carrier USS W r i g h t , | New Ybrk-(/Pl-Th e N a t i o n a l he has completed a f u u r - y c a r en- Foundation for I n f a n t i l e Paraly- listmcnt. m u c h of it in thc Carib- 5 j s has awarded a total of. $1,775,- bcan and Mediterranean areas. He :3[)3 to 24 medical and research in- a n d hi.-: w ifc, the Jnrmcr Miss j stitiition.-: for f u r t h e r anti-polio G i l l i e Stonesifcr. nrc visiting their i work. respective parents. j Basil O'Connor, f o u n d a t i o n prcs- Mr. and Mr:-, lioy Land and | irfenl, said yesterday t h a t tiic funds riaurhters nf Baylo'vn, Tc.:as, are | v.-ould bring lo about 529,1)00.000 visiting relati\TS here a'-(l at F u r l : the a m o u n t provided hy the March Smith while on vacation. O f Dimes since 1S138 to study tile A weekend revival conducted | disease and to train professional !at Ihe Baptist Church Friday. Sal- i personnel. j u r c l a y and Sunday, closed Sunday j O'Connor said another $120.000,It conducted by stu- i QOO has been spent fnr patient Bap- Believe It or Not! ^SKii) 'tin l:mq*of BcV.d ') WAS OIVEH A *4000.000.000 MINE ?(.' %« L 1 ; ··$?; W'^r · --J'l ^--v J y- v-' t m$^^vy.^L^ ·'··.. - · HI :i%,. -. · .····;. .,,; ;.^N'·.::··_.-.· · - . . dents from Ihe University list Student Un^in. Lt. and Mrs. V. H. Carter, Jr., and d a u g h t e r arrived M o n d a y from A u s t i n , Texas, for a two-week visit ".-ith Mr. and Mrs. Vern Carter. Lieutenant C a r t e r i.-r being t r a n s f e r r e d to duty in Korea. Harrison Center has received a ?7.."»0 bounty on Ihe scalp of a ' wolf he shot when he discovered i it in Ihe barn at his home on the . Vern Carter f a r m south of Wins- \ low. I Butler Ford Wash Youn£man, v.'ho has been ill u-jth f l u . is rcporled improving. Sandra Sue Sipmon spent Satur- d a y night with friends in Springdale. Gcorsc Coxwcll lost two cows from his f a r m last week. Tiic animals may h a v e been stolen. care,- Keen op with tn* time Ihe TIMES dallj. WAS BUILT To RESEMBLE * SMQi Of fOB/lCCO 3/tlOKS SEBAIM U.AVTEO HIS SOOL TO ENJOY T«E PLEASURE HE FOUND IK SMOOSi 1 WE PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK Latest In Shirtwaisters WEDNISDAT KVEMNJ 6:00 Dinner Music 6:1! Starlight Tlm« 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review. 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:l,i Gabriel Heattcr-- M 7:30 Rythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lonibardo on the Air 8:00 BASKETBALL Fayctleville Vs. K. C. Lillis At Springfield, Mo. 9 10 Just Music 10:00 News 10:15 n.'ittcr Part/ 11:30 Sign Off "It THIS Am til* that luck picked out for our n«w obMfvatory, tty Sue Burnett l l P i i d l i n r r f u r spring! A nrw t-la.ssii: in women's si/.cs ^'ith plenty of f.ishhion news in Ihe ingenious use of M'iillnps on sleeve?, 1 iMillar anil f r o n t rinsing. Trim wilh ' . l i n y r u f f l i i i K ,ind tic a hell softly . in f r o n l . | Piiltrni No. f!7S2 is a srw-rite perforated p a l t e r n in .--i?es 32, 34, ! 3fi, 38, 40, 42. 44, 4fi. Size 34, 4 V i yards of 3fl-ineh. For this pattern, tend 30c In COINS, Tour name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas. Times, 1HO Ave. Americas, New York l», N. Y. The new Spring and Summer Basic FASHION tor women who sew will he ready for M«I shortly. Send 2,1 cents now for your copy. THURSDAY MORNING · 10 Hise N'Shine ·i ,0 R.F.n. 1450 6:00 nisc N" Shine r 10 M a r k e t s and Weather 6:35 Risi. N' Shine I 45 Stock Talk Time ; HO K o f f c e Kup Kaperi 7:30 Otasco News 7:45 Sunrise Serenade 8:00 Roberi Hurlcigh--M 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns S:(ill Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 9:30 Take a N u m h e 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 niiyihm Ranch Hands 11:15 Hatickacp Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Chrrch of Christ 11:15 Musical R o u n d u p ll:5.i M a r k e t s T H U R S D A V AFTERNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churches I2:i:i N'ews al Nnon 12:30 Chuck Wacnn .T.imborec 12:15 Hirlcrs of Ihe Purple SORC 1:110 W i i i s l n n Chun-hill . 1:30 Afiornoon Varieties 2:01) Ladies Fair 2:2.'i News !.3fl Roll Ponle 3:(10 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Piekn' Time 4.flO Tune Plck'p Tim» 4:3tl Tune Plck'n Tlm» ·VOD SKI. Preslon of Ihe Yukon V.lfl Sky K i n g .US Cecil nrow«

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