Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 7
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Fayetteville High Meets Lillis In Springfield Tournament The Kaycllcville Hl?h School basketball team heads fnr .Springfield, Mo., tonight and some valuable tournament experience. The Bulldogs play Lillis Academy, of Kansas City, Mo., at 7:80. in the first round of the annual "Tournament of Champions." I Coach Glenn Stokcnberry. whose I eyes arc on the all-important His- j trict tournament rather than the state meet, feels that the chance to play in Springfield's Ifi-team tourney will be a valuable experience for his tram. He points out that with the exception of Russ McConnell. who broke into the Fayelteville lineup as a sophomore, none of the current crop of 'Dots have any "tournament experience." I Last year in Ihe dislrict meet, held at Rogers. Fayetteville lost' its opening game to Bentonville. That one game Is the extent of the action peon by four of the Finals Scheduled In District Golden Gloves Tourney Finalist Pigskin May Soon Disappear From Gridiron Recently the Arkansas Western While Sulphur Springs, \7. Vn.- ; /TVIs the ptKSkin, traditional parti nf fonlball since it started in Iflfif), ] going to disappear? ' j The football rules committee of i the NCAA plans to at lea.-:t open ; the way to t h a t possibility today, j It is expected to pivc final ap- j provlil to provisional permission i for use of a ball covered with a material besides leather which has '· "Gas" and another "Works Gas Company organized its own j Goliath: 1 don't know. 1 he-' been the flandarcl requirement foi ! Fayetteville starters in tournmenti bowling league. We registered lieve we neert an even number o f ; 82 years. i competition. ; more than usual interest in the I learns. What would you call the] While Ihe proposed new rule' C6ach Stokcnberry is not at all ' news as it crossed our dejk in the fourth one ? I says, "a ball made of other m a - ' worried about loring an unde- tmm nl a storv teltlns of the re- .lelt: Gorh, I don't know. | lerial hesides leather ma.- he used. foaled record that has Wretched .. · ..-- **..'-» .-i r:~i;»iu. t ^ m «-, 41.;..1. n . ^ i v i h v mutual o0rr*»v,«ni AT iim mi. ' to seven games this season. lie feels that the opportunity lo meet some strong teams with varied offenses will be well w'orth the price of a defeat. All the Bulldogs are in good physical shape with Hay Barnes, vho was sick last week, back in shape. Barnes proved his recovcrv was cpmolcte against Van Bureii Monday by scoring 17 points--his high for the year. The Bulldogs arc rolling alonx on a .420 shooting average from Ihe field and three of tlje team's starters are averaging better tlian .480 on field goal attempts. McConnell is top man in this department with a .491 mark. Parker ha-j averajfd .488 and Barnes Is hilling at a .481 clip. form of a story teln'nc of the results of the first matches. Wn don't remember jurt exactly how the report ran but it was something like the following: ArkaniM Wttttrn On The' Higli Broiler* flamed out in front in slngeini the B- T. U-'s. 3-0. while the Blue Pitmen landed on boltnrn after bfing muffed onl hy I he Front Burners. ^-0 The Frrtnt Burners prcivftrl ""hottest" in' takinc hifh single «nd series honors with tallies of 789 find 2.345. Chip Brannon wfls hifh individual, scorching the maple? lor 199 and 5S7. ' quile got the pressure we need.] posint: I had in mind something port of What crested est for us in the ?tory was the selection nf names rpr the teams in the league. The Arkansas Western Gas Company, being one ot the bigcest and mot progressive industries in this section as well as catchy Ihat is immediately identified with our business. Meter: You mean like economy, fidelity, no-smell and Goliath? Goliath That's on Ihe order, Meter, bul not too catchy. neneh: I think I've got il. Mow about the cookers, Ihe heaters, the freezers and (he Goliaths? ,,.,] i i. i... Goilath: i appreciate Ihe semi- speeiHl m l v i - i m e n t - ,,,,,,_ bu ',', , hink ,.j, ma j. npniinously insist that we leave name out of the teams. A f t e r behind team?." a rubber cover change. The Bulldogs' outstandine dc- · the .tatc. obviously put some fensive record, which Has allowed seven teams an average of 33.3 points a ggme this season, will be put tp a severe test tonight against Lillis. The Catholic academy team is pne of the highest scoring aggregations in Missouri having tppped 90 points a game several times this year. The Bulldogs worked on stopping a fast In-eak yesterday and how well they can do it will in measure determine their j success in their opening game of the tournament. Russian Entry In Olympics Assured If They Hurry Up Or^Ip. Nor\ra.v-(/T-'i-Thc Russians. who have been hinting that they might like to enter t^c winter Olympics, were assured today that t'-ifv still have a rounlc of days bpfnre deciding definitely. "Rut time ip gettine phorl." said Holf Peterren. sejcrrtary-tjenpral nf the OF!O Winter Olympics Or- CSnizatfpn Committee. "\ye c a n . . . . . give (he Russians a r^uple of days I therefore shnulri have teams with thought to the project. We dnuht if anyone would quibble with the premise 'hat Arkansas Western Gas has and is carrying on a carefully and intelligently planned program of public scmi.^ and relations. Certainly those who are personally ac- auainted with the concern--Reddy Kilowatt cxcepted--would agree. When we first saw a report on the fias company's Icapue our mind's eye blinked its heavy lid io thin out. the vertigo and promptly envisioned a scene wherein a bi« company comparable to the eas company is setting about to form a howling league of its own. The idea .fascinated us because such a project ir obviously a top level one requiring the pmipal and pondcration of the leading executives. For instance--there is a team currently ronuietine In a local Ipfl^uc named the "Balloon Bellies." On you tmngf'ne the reaction of th? president of a corset concern if he suddenly discovered ht; was sponsorim a team of that name? It's readily apparent that ?uch a project, in orcler to help justify itself, must ; : e.n f c to some extent as an advrrtisin? medium. And all, the- name of the league will be "GOLIATH'S Gas Works Bowling League." J?l. Rench and Meter; Truly magnanimous, clrtef. Goliath: Wail 9 minute. Let m? rail in Tom Selectomy, our advertising director. He may have an idea we can work on ... I mean we might have an idea he Manufacturers of * ruhhcr covered ball showed their product lo the rules commit lee and said il had been used in !,50f) colleqe. htyh school, service 'and professional Kfcmes last season. Other major rule r'langfrf up for final approval by the committee relale lu unnere.cj.ary roughness, rlinpinp. defensive holding and substitution: ' j | Cracking down on rough play, . * Ihe committee has tentatively ap- I" proved adding striking wiih the j ?'· forearm, elbows and locked hnnds \ .' to the u-:f of fists ?nd knees which j j make thf offender subject to dis- ; qualification. Up until now, 15 i ' yprrls was t h r pmiishmcnl. ' - . It made it mandatory in- ! * stead of dijiiTClionary (or officials j " lo throw out of thr panic any i flagrant offender of the rules on | Tin* ninirirt CJolrlpn Glnves Imx- · JiiR lournament fit Hunlvvillr i" M'hcdulcd to winrl up tonight w i t h 12 final hoiils. slflrlinc nt f. T)K ' meet was originally plflnnr-l ;i. ;t ' t w o - clay nf(;iji- hul was exionrlffl, ;i flay duo tn thn large numhrr of i contestant.* that nnloreri. .fimmy , Williams, of H-jntsvlllf. in the rh- ' irlri tin-odor In charge nf the ! Uniniry. ; Thrro ivrrr 1ft limits Mnfirrl l.iM night wiih Kiiyrucville fighters , winnine MX nf Ihr j-cvon pm'lfcj- ; pn'c'l in. Johnny Mah;nn dcfrMecl ; ilnr Hnwlr.v, nf Huntsvillc, in a ! flO-pouml bout that opened Urn ! nishl's activities before about 1,000' fiprrlntnrfi. j Other FayrllrvHIP lu.xers t n j ; rrpi.«.trr win.s were: .linuny Mft- i hnn. 10S, winner by rirfnuH over SortnoJffli AiRa« nuB ~ SPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Favvtttvillt, Arfcamot. ) Wednesday, January 16, 1952 Bulldog B-Team Loses To Farminglon In West Fork Cage Tournament, 43-40 .... Ffivr 0 '" " f !hpp · i .John Oaf-kill. Himlsville; Kd! ui,tmn .1 \\^\-f \ O'Rrilly. MO. drfnitod fJiirl-iud!. . , , i ' jFord, of Rogers; .Jimmy .iHiiuary, I UlM '"" ' l ( l ' " 1 ! 100. defeated Phil Haip, H u n t s - 1 M-W. Also ilmp ; villr; Phillip floKlnrlll. Hid, ( |r-! side la.vt niqhl I fettled Fntnk Baker, RoRrr.s; nnd and Win. low. ! Hed Warmi. 202, defeated ],. II. Knyritrvilic'- 1 I Sl'epparrl. of Sprinpdalr. (jayel ,,n (dp u-;iv In i Baugus, ;i Ofl-nnnnrler. suffered n | (,· m ' M ,. lm ." j loss lo HuiHsvillr'fi Charier. Weldon ! .'", .7 ,!.,, : for Fnyetlevillp's only setback. ' ' · The Fayeltevillr tram will plm-n j^' ninr nirti in the finnls and a p p r n r ' , tn lip ,T .-.ti'tinq hrl tn win Ihr team ! tul lillr fur flip firsl time. Their ;irr; tllVn t w o finalirls in the special wrlchlr, 1 . division with one TBoys Clubber! Mull': already a winner. Billy Hopkins, j f i f e s an fin-pounder, went unchallenged i In hi:; weight. i Llic I I nwn;mirn l i F;irinini;tnM, ; In llic w:iy- {· \'nn ilin CM :u r\Pn u itli ruiimv lr;if;ti^ hiMslr.-l m Hie uncuarrlfri possession of a K/tftninsjlon boy under- ntMth his bd.'k* 1 !. Alft«. Arlam^, of F;ivcl'(.'vitie, \vss nigh scorer with Ifi.' Van P.ure night' In. 1 .! to I^lXiris, -15-24, s s"cond nan'ic. Elktni team dnminated tne In can work on. (Fre.sse£ bul- I personal foul;-. ton on (able.) ; On clipping, 1he rewriiten rule ((Secretary enters right -- no | states simply, "blocking an np- amatrurs in this play--and is In-jponcnl olher than thr runner. slrrclcd by Goliath to fe4ch \ Ci'om oehind" is a foul. Selectomy.) j For !hr last t w o years it h,-»s Selectomy: (enters with a been n violation tn hit an opponent JOHNNY MAHAN flourish.) Heard you called, i;hicf. .Dropped everything. Dashed right up. What CPU 1 do? Uolialh: V.'c're working nn thr bowlins dwl, Tom. Thought you thp rear only below wai.-'l. Tlx penalty for rlcfei hnldint: will be increased from to IS yard.--. fi\e Extra Points May Be Ruled Out By NFL up, nnd ile.'en. he work. 1','jy- Hr Inulrd ;u Ihr lutlf. 22-'l\, rid ;i -in-;;il v.iih iibnu; iilmitns in )iiny. thr !'in;il Iwn ninnilc^ thf ·,i; |U-:^ \\,',\ ftiiii nppui tun- In ,-!,,(. htil r..ti|dli'l rar.h in. Frttrnlnr.'''!! \^r|lt aitr;.id f l - H ) with les.'i than ,i niliMiic tn pliiv Olher rcslills: Hilly Parkins. 133,! nnd ;i drflc^r.-l pnss. 1-atM'd hv , t Iluntsvilln, defrntrd Hilly ] ,nve. K liV p ltrvi |! P p | ( , V er at " RiiRprs; Ken VHUghn, 13fi. lluntr, villr, Hefenled lluntsvillo, nnd llunl-;villc; Garland Rogers, defeated Frank Macstrj; j Snrincdalc; .lohnnv Wflld Muntsville. dofralod Frsn' mire. HunlSvlllc; Cj'iailes . Rill Sullivan, : ("-I. 1 .i.iiii" inadf 11 to lead the i In ;i thiid cmne U'c.-r'. Fork ! rnii'pH nvrr Wlnslow -11-29. The 1 win advi'cci-d Ihr lunrii team into · !'T : ; f-:nL-fin il tirai i '--ft. V/illiami ·.-.';,'. lii-'^i r-i lh" Timers with II. (liitnc^ tnni»iit: S|.riii(jdiile vs. . F.n':r;ii:j'tnn ;i! (:"(!, and Mnun- ininhitrf; .'-., HI kins, M 8. both .'irniw tin Is K^nic.:. Mntintainburg j |)l;i.'--i F;inuln;:ton at 7;*!?, in a ; h'-yj; l i f t . The finals are scheduled 1 for SiiU'rdsiy. 112. Hunl.-jvlllr. defeated Wrldnn, Jlunisville; Doyle Lvnch. n.". Munl;;viMp. dcfralrd Lpmnlnc Williftms. HOR- crs; JCITV Klkinfi. H(t. Spi'incd?ile, defeated nnfcrrs MtLniul. Umitr- j villo: Pavid Demuth, l.T.'i Jln^ors ' defeated .1. W. BolHnarr. Ihtnl.s- villr. and Billy Porklii.s. Hunir- villc; Miid Johnny Edinislcn, 112, dcIcalcU Stan Williams, of Rogers. ;$"Louis Winner In Bout With « PGA; Will Play In Tourney In orrjrr tn makn coHcheR Now vet, l?ut bear in rrjincl that wo will Iiavp tp e ft t housing accoinodfltions for them." The official deadline for eijt^r- injt f'e v.-inler fiarnes was Dccem- b*r 31. 1950, but t'?e policy pp- pan?nt1y is to accept whatever cn- t^'ijK arc received a reasonable time after that. Israpl and c'^ir- li^vc been accepted since the first ; 'o-^nwhilp, rvnii HIP wether- man \\'as turning g favnrabl" ·"··' 1 r-'i 1'iis rit.v. Winter se^nii to be -scltlinc down catchy names In keening with thp best feature? of tbp business. iw»'d like 11 ro'nt out b*ftr« ' is r)esiirn»d In rrfirc- i lion tinon tr\t Ark»ns«« Western" rnn- r»rn. nrtr l« '11 thf intuition of Ihjs I p'flvwril* in infer that itnv siipll pr- · tion u-ps tnkcn by Him cmnosny fn I thr fnrmitlon of I's own Isaxne.i ' (Krone: a largp rn^e-\vnnd nnrl yan.e teak panelled ronferenc"* j rnmn furnished with q long, | glcaminc mahojeany t«blo sur- · rounded by jirmeri nnd upholstered chairs. Oij thi? far wall is a Ions ' j nipco nf ga.s pinfbont to EpClI ntil; bnve fallen on the bobsled run and j "GoliMh Gas Works." Our end nf ski .Miinninp hill at Hohnenkplcn. lnc pil -, ? disappears intn the wall: Officials Mid that nothing short j on lhr other cnd j s ,, , 107i?1? Bnrf or a cataMrophc could keep the ; valvc which ls ]iEhtfrt durinf con . Barnes from going accordinR lo plan. York (/Tit.' lull nwncrs "f , . , | 1 1 T 11(lll (inHl l-'notball J-c-'iRUf opfn iniclit I'.HVC an idea an what t o : Iv.Mce about r-ending in a iiihsll- j ihHr Ihrrc-flay finnunl inwtinf! name th? tcfms. I'"'c just for the purpose of punt- I hrrn loil;iy. w i t h tbr rgurstlon of Scloclomy: Got a million of m.:ing while the clock is ninnine. 1h Ilqw about the clean burner, the rule \^-ill be cljnngcd (o clinrcr penny-pinchers, the front burners.! lime out. It has been only * five- ihf blue flamers, the silent high broilers, the h ? rin Gevilan, Dykes Begin Drills For Title Boul On one \vall hang nic- Inres of Rlr Henry Morpnn. Captain Kidd. Ilprliert Hoover and Sid MeMath. Se«t«l »t the lable nre four executives of the company--the president. David N. Goj liath; the first vice president, Her- I kinier .Ictt: Ihe FCCOIH! vice pren- frcer.crfi, the high simmers. . . .IClt: Not bad. I likf thai "Silent freezers." Has a ring to it. ol ominous poleijey. and *ofs right wiih our advcrliEin;. {.Selectomy simpers under Hit 1 priiisc.) Meter: What do you think ol "The R '"e Fl»mes"? Not bad al all. Rcnch: No. And 1 £0 for the "High Simmers." too. Goliath: Those arr great, men. And we cfn »dri the. "Griddle Siuler?." .lett: That's terrific, chief. Terrific. I'd like to he 911 "The Silent freezers.' OthfrE: Good idea. Goliath; Maybe keep this leacne to ourselves. The names are loo hot. Reneh: Yeah. I'm captain of Ibe Hiffh Simmers." Meter: But what about the em- ployes? Goliath: Let them form Ihfir own league. Se.lf.ctomy. ypn'rc in charge of the employes' league. · o go on and see about it. ISe- lectomy .leaves, his flourish following quietly.) Secretary (finlers) Thf nifin- bnrs of the hoard are here. Goliath Send 'pin'In. (To others) Get yoiiv coins men. we'll match lo see who gels seconrt choice among the members of Ihe bo»rd for Iheir team. Naturally 1 pet yard penalty \vhfch hasn't detcrrrd January Sports Card they intended lo is expected lo lie roaches since, kick anyway. Thi.- change Hie only one. in the liberal lution rules which nin'tes possible HSP nf tht t w o - p l a t o o n system Uirouqhoul the gfinie. Draft Gets Warmer For Giants' Mays Blrminjrhim. A l a . - I/T'I - Willie Mays, ster Kfw York Gijnt'oul- fl«Hcr. reports tnrlty (or iT-rx- amination st Ihc indue! ion rrntpr here. Tht 20-year-old Krsrn slhlrtr- i'a.« cxflminfri fnr ihc draft l;ist October, but Induction center officials said Ijf fail?tl to pafs his aptilurif tcr.t. Tho rf-examfnafion \\-a.s nrdpr- Ihp Nc\v York YHnks nne of the major ilnns on (lie agrndn. 'I'orl Collins, ownr-r of the Yankt. k unset because tl)f 1051 schedule, deprived him of tv.-o home jamc.'lJfui. 14-19--\\'cM Fprk Invll.illoniil whose dales interfered with the ' ' ' " " World .Series. Collins, vh' in red ink ap foothall fortuor inand "eriuality t has been Mvimminc p far ar. the YnnK sai.l he'd do- pvn*y other in llir Iragiif." He wants six lioin^ dnlcp on Sundays ·A\ Y.-inkrr Slndium aflcr Ihr ba.«.o- bwll M'-nsnn bns rndrd, flulrfi will mmp up f'T rllsntis- xion. Inn. al HIP roai:hPK* incPliiiR Innichl. Rpll'.*; plnn lo rln away vilh thn noint-aflci -touchdown jp pxncrted to l)c brought up then. The draft of rollcgr? player? Js ;;lnlod for lomnrrow. anrl Collins' WOPS will hr? tnken up at Friday's bnsinrs.s rr.'-sion. Club owners nlso will li3\T bcfnrc tlicni Hit* antl- of the government | against Ihe iPHdir charging violn- ; ' versions now are almost Tournament. Jan 16.-- Di.ilrlrt Goldfn 'Glovirs liiisl;,, at Muntsvlllc, at II p.m. .Ian. 16- Biilldnji vj. I-lllls Academy, pt Spiinffleld, Mo., at 7:30. ' Jin, I t -- Porxtri TI. niet r h«re. Jan. 21 -- Bulldogi vt. Sllotm Springs, htr«. Jan. 25 - Bulldoes vs. rientonville, flt Brnlonville. Jan. 2H-- Bulldogs vc. HnnlsvllJe, ?t lluotsvillc. Jan. 21 -- Bulldogt y». Jeplin, htr». Jin 31 -- Psttftn TI. Kaniii SliK Ttlchtn, hfrt. clfeo: Kd Mndxplfwskl. MnrvlanH; Frank Gilford. Southrrn.'Cali- fornia: and Bill Hciehardl. Jo Standout, Wcatherall linemen include of Oklahoma Jim Blll Sail Dieco. C'.dif.-/l'|-Fornier hea v 'y« risiil boxing champion Joe Louis WHS winner lml»y In liK fiRht to cain rr.ifcwloiial 'Golf Afsociallon npprov;.! In play .In Ihe Kan DleRO Open Timrnaim-nl tnniorrow. l.ouis declared Ihl'- niadc him Ihe first NfRf". BlimlPlir or |iro- fessional, 'n ealn such approval. The rleci,v|.in in aconpl hU enlry »f an Invilctl amaleiir WHS nn- nnunefd Inst nlshl hy llorton Smllli, POA prnlrtoiil. Louis war, palreri with Smith and another PGA national com- mllleem"". I.eland Gibson of Kansas City, an a ulnrtliiR thren- Smilh i-xpre.wl pleasure «l thlp nrranpcment. Louis said h* had hothlnR afalnft Smllli anH Ihat whon he eallfd him "nnolher Ililler" earlier in Ihr week "11 was not him personally hut the. thlncs he stood for." ' Smith said he rxpeelerl that the PGA animal merlins next November would take some action to clarify the siluallon »iid pottlbly establish a uniform code with olh- rr coif organizations on the approval of players. Smith announced at Hie same time Ihat a PGA color-line would stand against another Mecro. 1/js ! Angeles professional Hill Splller. | lie sale! that Spllh-r lacked PGA j Notre Dame. Dick High-lower of! :l hy Co.. James T. Johnson Jr.. I dotiVworllf se^n*,^1 -n,K ! S TM'^» ""'"«"«t. TM ^ ""'"· wns " lsn s flnrf ;tn approved player by th* PGA nnd in.slf;tf:d thr ban was "just bc- c.-iii'ip IIP i^ rolnred." The fontior rinR champion saltt IIP WMuld play, even thoush Splll- rr i.-^ ruled nut, but IhHt he woulrt rrmilnu** hl.i ftgrrt to Rain c(|ti;il richts for N'eRrnes In golf, lie mid tbiit jl WBS the fust sport In which racial prejudice now extols HIU! that the PGA rule wtt the major reason. Fights Last Niqht Txi AncHfs--Bohb.v Wiy, 1J7, lit« Anceles, outpointed B(iby Face Gulierrrr, 125, Kan Dlejo, in. PilttlHirah--Jimmy Cerello, 1M, llnbnken. N. J., outpointed J»ckl« liM'ke, IB2. Brownsville. Pf., 10, While Plains, N. Y.-S»1 Dl Guardla, 133, New York, out- poinl'd Bnbby, 135, Hurtford. Conn., H. Newark, N,, J,--Tex Gonz«l«s, H7, Kast Orfince, N. J.. oulpolnt- ed Julie Jamiepon, 144, Potifh- keepsle. N. Y.i 8. Anlvverp--Mel Brown, 160, fit. Paul, slopped Jeiin Stock, 160, r«rit, Frflntf, 9. ,. ' Miami. Fla.-tdVWrHenvelghl. i dent. Steclson Tlfnch; and the*! first choice. All reach Into pockelK: rasry -Strn^cl, manacfr nf thr . . . . Boxing Champion Kid Gavilan of j third vire president. Gus Meter, j fnr coins at board enters left and · - · · - · · · - - · H?vana and Bobby Dykes nf Miami bfcan workouts lorl.i.v for Ihrir title fljfht In Miami Stadium on Frbrunry 4. Gavilan arrived yostprday and said IIP hopes to plied aboui three pounds to set down to 147 in time for the title fight. Rogers Cogers Win Three From Dccotur Tnr president is talking . . .) | curtain Gollnth: Gentlemen. I'm sorry to take you all away from your work at this hour of the. day, but a matter of great concern has arisen. Our advertising director has proposed Ihpt this company sponsor a bowling league. I Vice presidents: (Rubbing sleep ' i r! , m , from their eyes) A bowlim league? falls heavily.) Gentry Upsets Siloam Springs Boy, 31-29 Montgomery. Ala., selective rerv- I hr ?aid. would disrnunt'Ke gaiTihlT?, ; in eslabliihinK "point Kprefld?" nn Aln.. dryft ! panie? and save many fonlbnlh cnfrp tn Ftal^ ' kicked into the Elands at $17 per thf ha ?P - · l '°^'- cl n f f j i f c ( h p r | raft ((nii w(n come Ihf "bonus pick" fnr which Philadelphia. Washington. Dfiroit, and the Jlesrs and Giants are ineligible. They received the bonus in ppst years. I For T forma I ion rjijarterharkF, I here nrp surh passins slsrs as Halm Prnilli nf KenlucUv. Hill Warlp nf VnndnrbiU. Baylnr's l^rry Ipbell. Don Kloslcrman nf l.nynla Los Angeles, find San's Kd Brown. Runninc brtrks fndnfc the drpft include Hueh MrKlhcnny, Wash- iiiRton; OHic Malbon, SUM Frati- icf director. Mays' Falrfic-ld. board referred the hradfiudrters because ball player is * high school graduate. 'Cn|. .Tnhnwn .fflid lasl wppjt (hat new iT?ul9tionp which went into effect January 1 prnnil ;irrcnl^tu-p of pntPiiMal draftees with 12 yr-firr; nrhoolina even Ihnuch they frnl the mental aptitude test. New York Yankees, played in three World Series for the Giants «nd batted .303 during those postseason games. ler of Callfrirnli. An outstanding flavor--Jungc'n Roman Me»l Bread. ll-l!)-tf tradition bated on the PGA bylaw that all members must be white. 1/iul.i declarer! the h.v-lnw did not prevent'Spiller being named IHTEI MUMMffi FOR BETTER HOMES ftort ·» CindDPIymbiiflCo. FrM Citimatn 1*1 W MwiMB b*m IN* tl WINTER PRIVI N* can't worry me/ The Gentry hoys basketball j roaclied by Mel McG«h«, | psel. Ihe Siloam Springs Pan-: Ihers. .11-2!). last niaht at Gentry. I j Clollalh: Yes. And I'm not so ; sjioam Springs gained some me»s- nogpr.c. Jan. lfi-(Spcclall-Thr | *" r ~ lhsl il ifn't « !»cl Idea. The ,,,. r n( , Tv onSp hy walloping the teams would be formed ol em- ; Gentry girl.--. ffl-.14. ployes and il would (It into o u r ; nobby Let. will] eijht poinlr., policy ot employe-employer rela-, i on |, c d 'ih r winnlnR Oenlry eltorl. lions . . . would fuvnish a nice bit · shook and Msrvegfio ol Siloam ol recreation. Springs'made 22 each in the girlp Rcnch: If you put il that way. Uame. Delia Rosa made lo for ' chief, it sounds super.. j Gentry i Gollnlh: YCF, but that's not th'e- heiJt part. The newspaper, that sold mine of free publicity, would : be obliged to carry the results of j all our matches. We could keep i the name of 'Goliath G»s' in I everyone's mind. ! Jell: Terrific, chief. Hut what'f | Ihp problem? Why the bosrd ! meetinc? fiollath: Well, I railed Ihe board Hoperfi Mounlaineers \von three pame.i from DecMur. at Hoirers last nipht. The junior boys won, 31-16. The clrls came out on tnp .1-1-17. And the senior boys won 48-32. The senior boys had an uphill balllo before winning from Ihe visitors. Rogers plays Muntsville at Huntsville Friday, and the next home came is against the Fav- ettevllle Bulldogs. Basketball Scores St. t.ouls 7S NYU 66 Holy Cross 106 Providence 77 St. John's Bkn Ii3 Manhattan 5,1; lo t a k e up The qnrMian of nsminc Darlmonlh fin Harvard S9 over- ! ibc learns for our leajiie. I wanle.d time i lo lalk lo you men firsl so we Cornell lid Yale S2 | cn u|d have some idea before Ihe i olher members arrived. I I want lo railroad Ihe thing never want lo do that . . . but I Notre Dame ."16 Michigan State thought it we could all »tre.e . . . Bench: We cct you. Meier: Thul is really \ Bowling Smith Carolina 71 ("lemson fl.i Memphis Slate ,11 Murray Ky Qawnttwfl Olctoan Climle bpvrfjft' ?so (me lookf ulth f lhr?e pnnil \\lii mfr (i. W. Slurlpv jilirl Hon 10 tnnrf In n first plarr tic n?r,ltlon ivllh "Jin" Wllt'len tlnvr-ln wlllcli suUrrrrl i, r,-l Helent al ttif hanflh ol Ilnh-Nnh Million o. K Tnxl Irimmtd Dcl.nxi- Cult. 3-1. Ileh-N'ih I Iquors- win hr'Highl lliiin hifli letni ..Tien ol 2..V::! whllf [irl.iivu Cnfc was lint lor nnp s.nic nt «08 ·Iff!. Bfnlon of Dtrl.ux*: Cnf 1 Inpplffl most pm\ In tlir nrrle% U'llh » .SB1. . \vhllr ll 'If.1 nr Hob-Noh raptured inl him jinik ei. :·;. Ohio Unlv 7fl Cincinnati 66 Texas 60 Rice S3 Arizona Slate, Tempe «J Hirdin- filmmon.': fi? Oklahoma City 6S North T«x»t 41 ' Hmdrlx 47 College O;.arks 4S Arkansas A. «nd M. 73 Llltlf Hock JC S6 Sunta Clars 6S SI. Mary 1 * Cillf II ' College of Pacific 6J Sacramento Slate 47. llnlvNr O. K ' w"! n«lr el. :·;. iiannipn Wln"-.rr , Drn h I.Kjunrs - l n id«a. I mean II', re.ll.v , 'high ] voltfK' Ihmf. a »l · · · "'I* voice; ·[,,. Kro .,, R,, rnrrs r mf 15 (ir»i die;, oul a« Ihe olhers turn coldly | P"" J" V 1 " i'i««imi ihj ijMini · h)MS ^ Hilth Brollfr* 2-1 unrt liir B. T.- U look tun (AniAt ti iKovc Ihf ftluf T. t.' * r.plijrf^ «ll t»|m n uilli lh(lr 101-717) _..itn er in»t inhi biiit- I? In fxctt4 III Dlh( In- hl|h on him.) Golialh: U'Meh yotirsflf. Mettr. Therf arf fome words w» don'l mention In thl! room. 'Turns back I, olhtn.) Now, h,f. inj-ont jot mv , iul , ,,,,,,, «n idea . ; i. in i f tMMimi ,lett: (Doortjint v.-lth pencil indjinin nrniifri » .1 pap«r.) How does thin »ound ? | £""' f," r , n "' } } \V« name ene team "Goliath," «ieiiiiu« 'ri.mei '.':.'.".".".'.".".".".".".';.".'.'.'» i ill* Perry Coufl I ?!i-MJ Many Exceptional Values in Our Annual January CLEARANCE SALE ·Suits, Coats, Jackets ·Shirts, Sweaters, Hats ·Trousers, Socks, Etc. ALL DRASTICALLY REDUCED TO CLEAR! A Man's Store Pop usts ^'nu're right, young m*n . ; ; you etn forfCt · houi htrf uraninjt, italling ind those other cnld weather driving wrirriti with Phillips 66 Ciivilinr. Right now ti tt~ inter- fit fnJtd for quick starting and fast engine warm-up! Winter or summer . . . fall or npriaft : : i Phillips (/i Gajolit?c ii ton/rolled iu match tht Kiion. It's famous for Hi-Te»t energj 1 , tx* cause of ihc extra amount! of Hi -Te it elcrntnta it tonttin*. That'% why it gites you smooih, power-pickc* 1 ! performance. It burns ffficintly , . . helps prevent fuel waste intl cnnkcasc dilution! Rely on Phillip* M J// ytar jrtwmf la help get the best out of your car's engine! luwian N» sum CYHT 1,000 HUIS

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