Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 6
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·y.--NORTHWi$T ARKANSAS TIMIf, tayctNtvMt, Ark«MM, Widiwtday, January 16, 19S2 Jury Deadlocked, Costello To Face New Trial For Contempt New York-MI-Gamblcr K r » n k . Coslellb--his fli-sl criminal conviction In 37 years reportedly blocked by a lone juror--will fncr. n new Irlal lor contempt of the U, S. Senate Crime Committee. And Ihc committee's former chairman. S e n . lilies Kefauvcr (D-Tcnn), may be a prosecution witness at the retrial. Unable to agree on even one of I (lie 11 contempt diarxcs a g a i n s t ] Costello. n Federal Court jury yesterday gave up its efforts to reach « verdict after being out 'Kl hours Ami '.''0 minutes. Federal Judge Sylveslcr J. n.vnn i-iinilnuod the defendant In $.1,000 bail and set Friday for a preliminary hcnrliiR o" » n cw "''"'· The court acted n i t e r the deadlocked j u r y was dUchari;cd and U. S. Attorney Myles .J. Lane Immediately moved lor a retrial. Defense Attorney George Wolf Mid he would be "very happy to re-try this case" hut said he first must complete another case, ex- jicclcd to take at least six weeks. Costello, asked how he f e l t about the hung jury, told newsmen in Ills rasping voice: "I ;cel all right. 5 doctors prove this plan breaks the laxative habit ' CM Hop! HrMUM I Nnw York 4retnr* now IMV* fvrovwl you My tinwk tbi luuUrn tubtt. Ana , MUtblUn your natural pamra of r*fvl*r|ty. Klftily-thfM- pwcwt o( U. MM 1-tW did ft. fta ntn you. Kton liking wtiBlcver you now lib*. Inrtwdi ' V.v.ry n Uht for on. »«£ Uk« 2 C«tt«f'. IJttl*' l.ivrr pits. H*c/.nrl ·Mk-tHlo Mck nllllt. Third week--out every oilier nliht, Th«-- ·olhlnil Rvsry Hay: drlkk ntaht RtMtw of mt*r{wrt A Ffv* Now York dot-ton pravvd Ihli »(M MM fcrrftk lb» Untlv* titbit, 1 Hnw (« »luttivp hrtwk IK* UntlY* IwWtt Ih-ctuw CarifT't Llttl* I,l';j IMIti "tmbtoek" Iht lovnr dlgMlvii tract tml from tht« on M It m«k* u* of Hi nwn tMlutol pawnm. · Kurthff--Cirwr'a l,Ut!» LJrw Pllli eonwjji no hibtt-formini truf». HrNk the 1«Mlln h»llt. . . with Carter'! Utll* Liver f'llli... «nd IM r«cul»r nituwlly. When worry, Avtrwllni, overwork rn«k« yow Irrtiular tvmpornrlly-tkkti f!krt«r'B I.lttU UVM Pllli t*m|wr«rlly. And n«vtir fit th* : - (¥A V C*rt«r i UKU Liver Hlti, .17^ .t .RX ·Irunlnr* today. You'll b* ir»triul tkt rttt ·( your lilt. I have never hern unhappy." He faced up lo 11 years in prison nnd $11,000 In fines if convicted on all the counlx. No official poll of the jurors' votw was Allowed hy the court. Unofficial sources said that on some, but not n i l the counts, the vote wna 11-1 for conviction. One Mm Held Out Jurors.appeared lo avoid newsmen after the trial, but one panel member--who declined use of his name--KM id "One man held out from the start." Lane said lie had invited Senator K e f a u v o r ' t o appear as a witness at the t r i a l hut that "he did not come," The pra i ;cculor did not rny why. Lane said he would renew the i n v i t a t i o n to Kefauver when Costello is tried xjfain. New York City Council President Rudolph Halley, who . was the committee counsel, te.stificfl at the trial. Costello, who w i l l he fil years old J a n u a r y 20, was cited for t w i c e w a l k i n g out on the Crime Committee's Hearings here last March nnd for refusing io answer ecrlin questions nlout his finances and political lies, Buckner 4-H Club Names New Officers Donald TCoberls WHS elected president of the Buckner 4-H Club tit a meeting of the group Tuc.idny. Other- new officers arc Jimmy Watson, vice, president; Clynda Flowers, secretary-treasurer; and Roberta Drake, song captain. Followlns the election of officers refreshments were served. The United States produces 4 l»er cent of the world's electricity. E«c* ·» wttk UM MM*--m« Ik* TtWH* tally. WALT BEACH Wtrtdt R*|MlHffl U I. Cntor Mnet rAYITTtVILLI, AUK. MMM UN OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL 8 P.M. PHONE 21 Special Spring Sale 2.66 23.36*64" focA duck lapti and pull cordi. Hindi or* «oiy la clean-- juit wip* with a damp cloth. Thty'rt finiihid in imoolh baktd-on tnomtl --won't crack, chip or dull through ytan of wear. Savi now. WADOt COMPUTt INI OF VtNUIAN HINDS Tod* wfrontM* of Word* few Mto price on Hvrdr All- ·ttdtlin*. lond*r!»4for iMbtanc* to ml and corro- ·tan. Jvrt pUI *· c « f- *° i pte*r ·* «··* ·"*-. ' Society For The Protection 01 Parents From School Homework Seeks Members; Family Heads Said Badly Overworked Ry AKTIIUK KDSON WashlnKton-f/Pj-If the Society for the Protection of Pnrcnta From School Homework will please come to order, your president will get on \vith his report, K n i n k l y , the (tituiition is not good-. All over the c o u n t r y ' p a r e n t s ;iro tolicrin;; under the burden of writing c.s- ! W h a t has happened lo me has · happened to millions. So. parents of the world, unite! Join our protective society. Stand f i r m behind our .slogan: "No inure homework!" It's our only hope. I ems, The U. S. Offii-c of Kducation lias no Ktiiti.stic.s on how many hours piircnl.s spend each year on their childrc'n's homework. I3ut a fellow 1 t a l k e d to there naid he had a pretty j-ood idea. "Plenty," he said. Tho n initial meeting of the Spnnfidale P u b l i c Library board v.'an hold Monday night at 7:30 at the library. Mrs. Howard Henry presided over the meeting in the absence of Mrs. Ulys Lovcll, the president. Three new members were elected to Uic board, Mrs. I realized I had a potential i jOP Sanders, Mrs. Nelson Dodd and Mrs. L. W. Searcy. Other mcmhers on the, board arc -Hal member of mir socieiy, ''What is your hardrsl s u b j r d ? " I asked sympathetically. "Latin." ho said. "Mine's mathematics," I said. A c t u a l l y , {he real e v i l behind doing homework for children often has been overlooked. Moralists have attacked it on the grounds that a child should do his own homework, and- not palm it off on Jus parents. That may be true. But i suspect the argument often is used hy people who can't do the homework, and therefore hide behind their morality. I think a more honest approach is this: To do a child's homework tears down the final shred of respect for his parents' a b i l i t y . By fhc time a youngster is n ycnr and n half, old-, he has begun to t h i n k for himself. I f he's smart at all--and they all .seem .smart nowadays--he has us parents pretty well up as frauds who rarely have the courage to carry out the threats we make. In a few fields, however, the parents linger on as .something of an authority. True, as the father of four girls, I have to skulk around the fringes of most conversations at our house. My opinions arc worthless on such subjects a s ' ( A ) How much l i p stick should a H-yenr-old w e a r ? , (13) How IOIIH should n lyirl's h a i r , Hrogdon, Kennedy Dcaver, Mrs. Hoy Hitter, Irving Kills. Mrs. M a t lory Hawk and Mrs. Lovell. Reports were given by d i f f e r e n t officers of the board. The librarian reported that 22,572 books had been loaned d u r i n g the year. The Dorcas Welfare Society of the Seventh Day A d v e n I i s t f'hurch met Tuesday in an all- day service at the Dorcas room on G r o v e Street. A cooperative lunchcnn was served at the noo.i hour. Clothing was brought to be mended nnd sent to the Korean Welfare Center. Anyone wanting lo donate clothing or needing information can call 2170. ' The C h r i s t i a n Women';: Fellowship of the First Christian Church met Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. with Mrs. Glenn Parrott at her home on Price Street for a covered dish luncheon. Mrs. S. E. Williams presided at the meeting held a f t e r the luncheon. Mrs. O. O. Green was in charge of (lie program. The worship service was conducted by Mrs. J. O. Kelly. Cpl. Jimmy Curry is spending a 30-da.v -furlough with his mother, Mrs. J. H. Brophy. Corporal Qjrry is a member of the Rogers baucry of Ihc !)3(th Field Artillery and has been in Korea for the Tast ycnr. At the end of his f u r l o u g h he w i l l report lo Fort Sill, Okla., hn nml (C) Arc blond l.nvs cuter w "*re hn will be re-assigned. thnn Hark hnirccl boys My girls; The Women's Missionary So" ' say blond boys. I'm dark haired myself. clcty of Ihc First Bajplisl Church met Tuesday at ]U:30 p.m. for a covered dish luncheon and royal Hut In one field 1 always held I service prn/jram. The hostesses my own. If a youngster came in «*ere Mrs. D. O. Smith, Mrs. L. M. with a school problem, Mrs. K. would say sweetly, "Take it lo your father, dear. He knows everything." It was simple, for n time. But this year the 14-year-old entered- high school and J had to work out various stalls for time. Such as; "This is .something you should learn for yourself. Look it up in the encyclopedia so that next time you'll be sure lo know Last week t h e inevitable blow fell. My daughter came in with: "Plane A starts from Airport S at 8 a. m. f l y i n g 150 m.p.h. At 8:30 a. m., Plane 13 start?; a f t e r A on the same t r a c k f l y i n g 250 m.o.h. How .nng w i l l it t a k e B to overtake A?" "Looks simple," I said, lying- hopefully. Well, I wrestled t h a t problem u n t i l nlgcljralc equations covered the living room floor. 1 m e n t a l l y flew Plane A from Airport S, and then hurried back and took off in Plane B, until I was air.sick. \tifiRS, Mrs. Robert Harms, Mrs. Ira Simonds. Mrs. Edna Kradrick and Mrs. M i n n i e Franklin. Mrs. D. O. Smith presided over the meet i n n in the abser.ce of -Mrs. Lewis Epley, the president. The Thdma Bagby circle presented a program, on "Good News f o r . A l l Those Who Seek," led by Mrs. Robert Harris. Those having parts on the program"were Mrs. Hiram Test, Mrs. Frank Sharp, Mrs. Harry Howell and Mrs. Carl Carmack. Mrs. Lnndrcth Loyd and Mrs. Elmo Samuel sang a special number. Guests were Mrs. Betty Phillips and Mrs. David Hnrncr. Meeting places for next Tuesday were .announced: Wilma Weeks Circle w i t h Mrs. Rill Bailey on M.iple Street; Thclma Bngby Circle with Mrs. lispcn Walters on Walton Street; Irene Branum Circle w i t h Mrs. Calvin Little on Mill Street; Jewel Abcrnatby Cir- rli with Mrs. W. C. Rogers on Maple Drive, and the A n n Judson Circle at Ihc church. All members are to b r i n g sandwiches or a salad Finally, hours overdue a n d j t ' i the Community Missions Day ivcn up for lost, I checked in program Tuesday, .January 2D. with the answer. Well, anyway, The meeting will begin at 10:30 an answer. I t was tno late. Every- iun one knew by then that 1 didn't 1 The Missionary Guild of - (lie know any more algebra than a j First Christian Church met Ti'cs- goat. i day night at 7:30 at the home of ''· ·· ·" ROUND BOBBIN Order by Moi, f^ff^ff AT CAPITAL CIVIL DEFENSE SHOW Inflammable Sweaters I Found In Fort Smith Kort Smith, Ark.-l/l'J-At least 15 i n f l a m m a b l e jweatiTS have been destroyed by Fort Smith authorities. Polite Chief I'ink Shaw said yesterday that tile (ire and police departments rounded up the sweaters on a tip from a Sebastian County resident that he had p u r - | chased a sweater from two door-1 to-door peddlers. i This is the second report of "torch" sweaters in Arkansas. | Previously, an inflammable sweat- j cr was reported at Joncsboro. j Shaw said peddlers told t h e i r ] IN WASHINGTON, Margaret Hcnsley, of Arlington, Va., shows a model of an atom-wrecked bridge at the "Alert America" exhibit. The civil defense show illustrates methods of defense against air attack and what should be done by communities to prepare for any emergency. The exhibit will tour the nation. (International Soundplwlo) the guild president. Mrs. L. S. Pugh, on Meadow Avenue w i t h Mrs. Dan PIcmoTis as co-hostess. Mrs. I. .1. Kcrrick was in charge of the worship service and program.. At the close of the meeting refreshments were served by the hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris and son, Robert, of West Emma Avenue, were given a surprise house warming by the Intermediate Department of the First Baptist. Church Monday nifilil. They were j presented with a gift from the group. The Phcaljean S u n d a y .School Class of First Baptist Church will meet Thursday night for the -og- u l a r ' m o n t h l y class social at the home of the teacher, Mrs. Steve Lawrence, on Maple Drive. Mrs. S. P. Stubbs will bring the devotional. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bloycd and son, Billy Bean, of Price Street, were guests over the \veo'..- cnd of Mrs. Rloycrl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ryars, of Fayettc- ville. The Weslnyan Guild of the First Methodist Church met Tuesday night at 7:.'fO in the lounge of the church. Mrs. Charles Sharum brought the devotional. Mrs. Dixie Lester was in charge of the program. At the clpse of the program refreshments were served by ttic hostesses. Mrs. Betty Wolllnck and Mrs. Beth Kimbrough. The Steadfast Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met at the homu of Mrs. L L mdrcth I Loyd on Highway 08 east at 7:30 j Monday night. Mrs. Richard H a r - i ris brought the devotional for the l evening. Those present were Mrs. I Vcrnon Malhis, teacher of t h e ! class, Mrs. George Harner. Mrs. I Richard Harris, Mrs. W i l l i a m 1 H u n t , Mrs. Robert Harris, M r s . 1 customers the »weatcri were 5,1^:- cn goods, results of overstocking or part of flood salvage. Prices ranfted from $6 to J20 for the brush-rayon garments, designed in pullover and coat styles. Tire Chief R. L. Hudd has issued a warning to residents to t u r n in any sweaters purchased from itinerant peddlers. % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Broi. lacker Plant You Can't Beat a Product That's GOOD I HERE'S HOW YOU CAH RELIEVE A REAL CAUSE OF STOMACH DISTRESS- Deficiencies of Vitamins Bt, Da, Niacin and Iron Troy Ryan, Mrs. Richard Jngrum, Mrs. Clifforrl Samuel, Mrs. Robert Cooper, Mrs. Ted Insco, Mrs. Walter Croft and a guest, Mrs. David Hanicr. At the close of the evening refreshments were served by the hostess. St. Raphael's A l t a r Society met Monday night at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Jimmy H i g h f i l l mi M ? p l c ! Drive. Mrs. Con rat'. Hammond presided over a short -nisiness' meeting. A r t h u r Nolt showed col- j ored slides of California missions) during the program. There were! 11 old members present and one t new member, Mrs. Lcland Popple. 1 Guests were Mrs. Francis G i l f o v i Mr. and Mrs. A r t h u r Nolt, Mrs. I Harris Florence McGctrick and j Mrs. .lames McGetnick. A card i party wns planned for the benefit { of the St. Raphael Mission, Tab- i ruary 14 at the home of Mi Garvin M a r t i n i on If o 1 c o m b Street. Mrs. Paul Burgess will be the hostess the first Monday night in February at her home on North Main Street. The Springdulo Fire Department was called (o two grass fires Tuesday afternoon, one on Huntsville Street and the other nn Sisco Avenue. No damage was done. Later in the evening they were called to two grass fires out in the country. If you're bothered by a stomach disturbance (gus. indigestion, heartburn and can't ever eat good food without suffering afterward) due to deficiencies of Vitamins Bi, 13.-, Niacin and Iron in your system -- dnn't be satisfied to merely relieve your symptoms. Not when it's possible for HADACOL to relieve the deficiencies which may be the real and underlying CAUSE of your stonwch distress. Let HADACOTj bring about an amazing improvement in your condition. And so importunU Continued use of HADACOL not only gives continuous, complete relief but h e l p s p r e v e n t such deficiency- caused stomach d i s t u r b a n c e s i f r o m c o m 1 n g 1 back. This Is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH that no one can deny. This is what you must do it you want honest-to-goodness real relief and freedom from the mis- cries of such disturbances. You can't beat a product that'i GOOD! Buy a bottle of HADACOfc today and take it faithfully. HADACOL l.fui. SMbttifNt..--Th.ra'l Only O*m OmivlM HADACOl The average U.S. woman in the 25-1!!) u«c Kroilp and 5 feet 6 approximately 11)0. EVERYTHING IN PLUMBING and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. AUTO REPAIRS? MONEY in 1 DAY ·as - *se - *iee - *MO or moral OK OTHE« CONVfNJfNT HANS COMPAM THIII (MIS ...h.r.'i elf thai y»u par Get the money you need for holiday expcntM, accumulated bills or reptin today! Many budget-win plani to chooie from. /·hone tint... then eomt in 103 N. BLOCK STREET i Phoni: 3111 tHf OfMIFMENr PUBLIC LOAN C O R P O R A T I O N Tram-World Stwimj Machine Dltlrlbulori. Dtp). A, US Can 31it, KKIIIM City. Mluouri. Pltis* »hip immediately tht Brand New StwlnR machine ai adverliled above. Cncloied find: I 1 110.00 dtpoiit, baUnco C. O. D. [ ) or check or money orutr in full, N a m « . . Addrni ... C l l y . . niilD Inventory Reduction for Spring Merchandise Suits and Top Coats . . . Sizes 34-44, Reg. and Long. Reg. 59.95, 55.00, 50.00 $39.95 Top Coats, sizes 37-44, reduced 25' Corduroy Sport Coats . . . Reg. 22.50-27.50 Jackets . . . 4 only. Reg. 1 1.95 4 only. Reg. 5.95 9 only. Reg. 12.95. Mackinaw . . 1 only. Size 36 Sport Shirts . . . Wool. Reg. 14.95 . '$10.95 Corduroy. Reg. 10.95 $7.95 Corduroy. Reg. 8.95 $6.95 1 Group. Sizes Small and Large. Reg. 8.95. $6.95 1 Group. Sizes Small and Large. Reg. 5.95, 4.95 $3.49 Belts . . . With Initial Buckle. Reg. 3.50 $2.29 Billfolds . . . Special Group. Reduced 33'« Sorry No Charges No Rtfunds No Exchanges No Alterations Reg. 14.95. $18.95 $6.95 . $3.95 . $8.95 $9.95 59e Ties . . . Reg. 2.50-1.50 . . Jewelry . . . Special Group. Reduced 33'-" Oi/ly Clothing Store in I'ayelleville to Give ,S'67/ Green Si OZAUK THEATRE IUIIDINO Sweaters . . . 100% Wool Sleeveless. Reg. 5.95 $3.49 100'--' Wool Sleeveless. Reg. 4.95 $2.99 Corduroy Vests. Reg. 8.50 $6.95 100-' Wool, Long Sleeves. Reg. 8.95-8.50 $5.95 Purple Letter Sweater. 1 only. Size 38. Reg. 9.95 $4.99 Sleeks . . . 100'.; Wool. Sizes 28-42. Reduced 207o Dress Shirts . . . Reg. 4.50 Nylon Shorts Sizes 28-42. Reg. 3.50. Loafer Socks 100V' Wool. Sizes 9-13. Reg. 3.50 .,. Socks . . . 100 r ; Wool. Reg. 2.95. 1 Group. Reg. 75c, 2 for $1.00 Raincoats . . Reg. 8.50. Sizes 34-46 $5.95 Plastic Coals. Special at $3.95 Initial Handkerchiefs . . . 3 t o o Box. Reg. 1.75. .$1.29 Pajamas . . « Sues A, B, C. Reduced. 2S' $2.89 $2.49 $1.98 $1.98

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