Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 5
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'ti. Fayeltevill*, ArkontM. WtHntiday, January 1», Wl New Series Of Bulletins By Chamber Planned The KnyeUeville Chamber nf ·Commerce w i l l m;ul to its m"in- liers the first of ;i new jrntv of printed bulletins tins v.Ti-k, Tnc publication has a two-color f r o n t snd- w i l l i n c l u d e f o u r pact's w i t h each monthly issue. The purpose of the b u l l e t i n is · to nrivi.-:c the Chamber imbibers of the work being phtnniMl. and of projrrcris m;ide in the various fields of Chamber fiL'livily. Co?i nf ihc new p u b l i c a t i o n h;r. been undri-wi'illcn by f i v e ( i n n s , the A r k a n s a s Western Gas Company, the- Southwestern Gas and Klccui'' Companv. the First Nat : n j i ; i l Bank, the Mdlroy Bunk and liie f-Jnuthv.'cslem-Bel! Telephone Cumpimy. The cover, shnwinu n map of Arkansas in reel w i t h Fayctievillc lottilcd by a w h i t e star, \vill include a topical picture 1 v.ilh each i:. ; j-ue. The rover was designed by A l l a n C J i H t e r l , Jr.. fh;urm;in nf the Chamber's P u b l i c i t y Committee. Through the cooperation of the A d m i n i s l r a i i n n ' s Bi:rc;ui of liusl- nes:; anrl Kconomic Hcpenrch. a · T n y r n p v i l l c Business TJarometer" v.'il! be printer! in rnrh is.-ur. Kirs I B r i t i s h prime m i n i s t e r In l i v e nl Nn. Jfl Downing Street was Sir Kobei-t \Valpnle, who took over in IV.'lii. Ihrough this door will pass the happiest motorists in 1952. 16 the door to Republican Committeemen Favor Taft f Poll Shows; Liberal Democratic Candidate Sought By JACK BELL Snn Francisco- M'l-Sen. Robert A. Taft nf Ohio Is n three-to-nne choice over Gen. Dwlghl D. Eisenhower for the Republican presidential nomination among GOP N a t i o n a l Committee members w i l l i n g to express an opinion. An Associated Press pnll of the f)R members who represent the 4B states disclosed: Of 43 w i l l i n g to state how they stand, 31 favor T a f t ; nine support Eisenhower. twn arc for Gov, Karl Warren of C a l i f o r n i a , and one backs Harold K. Stasscn. Members are a r r i v i n g for a National Committee meeting begin- ninjc tomorrow. Western regional GOP o f f i c i a U planned In study their own problems today. A s i m i l a r poll lakcn at a meet- injr in Washington a year ago gave 2f) votes: Eisenhower 12. , but Thus Taft is holding his ov:n, apparently Eisenhower has lost strength. These results come in the face of an announcement by Eisenhower that he is a Republican and is a v a i l a b l e for the presidential nomination, although he has said he will not p a r t i c i p a t e pre-convenlion campaigning. ' Last year's . gave Stasscn --*By M A R V I N L. ARROWSMITH W a s h i n g t o n - irt'i - S r n n t n r H u m p h r e y ( D - M i n n ) sakl tnday the Democrats can't win the presidential election unices they nom- i n a t e a "rnnsislent Fnlr Hcnlcr and a warm supporter of i h r n d m i n - istraiinn's foreian policy." Thr M m n r e r i t a l a w m n k e r rr- pnrtrd Pro-kient Truman would f i l l i h r b i l l "brtter I h n n anyone plsr bciriiuj-.p I obviously am t a l k - Dr. Burdick Will Speak At Purdin University Dr. A. H. B u r d i c k , assistant prn- fc.-sor nf agronomy M ihe University Cotlcjjc of Agriculture, w i l l address A s e m i n a r of faculty and gradual? students in plant science at Purriitt University Thursday «-··-" ·/--·...u.-v , ··-, afternoon. Dr. Burriick was Irt- j i'ic about the k i n d of program for vited to U l k to the group on the subject nf heleroxis (tlie greater vigor often displayed by crossbred plants anrl a n i m a l s ns compared w i t h inbred l i n e s ) , and especially the research work he is doing at the Arkansas A g r i c u l t u r a l experiment station. Using corn, sorghum, and similar p l a n t s he'is a t t e m p t i n g to discover Ihe genetic factors ( h a t contribute to holcrosls, to provide * ba.-is for Ihe breeding of better hybrid plant*. Niece Of Madam Chiang ^n.-.* ji. 0 ..-. ..... R «. fc _.....-,... Married In New York four votes. Wnrrcn two and- one! each to the Ule Sen. K e n n e t h ! New York-MVLauretle Snong. Wherry of Nebraska and GovJ d a u R h l c r of former Chinese Pre- Thomas E. Dcwcy of New York. | micr T. V. Soon* and niece of K A « Queried . 1^TM^*^^.^^; The current query reached 8.V Cnjna ... ambassador to Mexico. She members. It .showed t h a t 42, or n n d u . fln y T ¥cf} ^ son of Anv . almost h a l f , arc unv.-illmg six bas5at i or Fcnjr T«-Chcng, were months before the GO!' n a t i o n a l mar| . lcri | n Christ Church, Mcth- convent ion lo express nn opinioh either publicly or privately about (heir party's nominee. This obviously left a wide field fnr campaigning among party officials. They o r d i n a r i l y wield i potent, i n f l u e n c e on the selection ' o f convention delegations from in- hower suppcn'lcrs arc prepared to underlalte t h n i k i n d nf camp a i g n i n g at the merlins; here. Forty of Jifi members who r x - prcsscd an n p i n i n n ,*aid they dnn'l believe any c a n d i r i n t c can a t t a i n nn the first ballot the a p p r o x i - mately 600 votes necdcri for nom- i n a t i o n . This seemed lo i n d i c a t e slate On Display for the First lime Friday, Jan. 18th NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES LYLE BRYAN MOTOR CO. 208 No. Block from another w i f e , J u n e Harrison. when he and Mis. hue/, married last Oi-lober 30 a t T i j t i a n a , JVlexiro. of the favorites. i ins sccmcn in H U U C H I R a i n n - The poll seemed tn i n d i c a t e the p a r t y leaders felt Taft docs not GOP race strictly is between Taft ..... · ·· ' and Ensenhowcr. This has been reflected in previous polls, which included slate chairmen and gov- his claimed m a j o r i t y of Ktrenjrih among convention voters, and there is not l i k e l y to be any Eisenhower sweep such as h is rooters have been ta I k i rig about. In fact, most of the National Committee members predicted R convention floor fight in which the n o m i n a t i o n will be decided only a f t e r several tesf voles, ami after favorite son candidates have had i h e i r complimentary votes and have plnppcd- lo one or another which he has . -..» But Humphrey added: "We h;*vr n l h r r flood Drmocrais wlm rould q u a l i f y and win the rlrclion" if Mr. Truman decides not lo seek another trrm. Semi tor C'apeharl ( R - I m h said he believes t h e president will run "The Democrats in my opinion haven't anyone else who could even m a k d a race of il nnd I t h i n k 0 ... ,, - . , Mr. Truman knows that," Capc- !e w i l l spend Friday in indiyid- j hart declared. ual conferences w i t h various mem- j Capehart Is backing Senator bors of the departments of agrono- i T a f t nf Ohio for t h e R e p u b l i c a n my and plant science a. Purdue. · presidential n o m i n a t i o n . Rut he 1 paid he is convinced "any Republican n o m i n a t e d can win this year." H u m p h r e y conferred w i t h I h e president Mmid'-tv and *aid a f t e r ward t h a t Mr. Truman had kept him guessing nn his plans. Humphrey reporled. however, t h a t Mr. T r u m a n had told him lie "wants a liberal p l a t f o r m , H l i b e r a l p a r l y nnd n liberal candidate." The term "Fair Deal" has been applied by the president generally to his domestic program. It Includes such controversial proposals as civil l i g h t s and n a t i o n a l h e a l t h insurance. Porripn Policy An IMU* Iti c u l l i n g for "warm support" nf Ihe a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ' s foreign policy Humphrey said In* realizes the policy has been under sharp attack by Republican* "and that It has become a c a m p a i g n Issue. "I pny the administration's foreign policy has been a spectacular and an n m n z i n g sweeps generally, and I t h i n k we oucht tn. h u m m e r at t h a t in the campaign," Humphrey said. "We nucht tn crl o f f thr defensive and launch nn offensive. A Int of people are selling Ihr nr-m- ocrHtK short thepc Mays, but we are not at the low end nf Ihe totem pole yet." Among Democrats H u m p h r e y has sairl would make i:nod presi- d e n t i a l nominees if Mr. Truman doesn't run again are Vice President Barkley, Chief .lunticr V i n son, Onv. Arilai Stcven?on of I l l - inois and Senator K e f a u v e r ( D - Tcnn). K e f n u v c r . i s f a r f r n m seeing cyc-to-cyc w i t h Humphrey on c i v i l rights, but H u m p h r e y indicated a s o l u t i o n on t h a t issue might be found. THE FORD IN Y O U R F U T U H E 7 - A p a r t l y fi!;»«?%lmned cntm-mb* u-.»h r ^ k r - i ^ h i p lines ^ the "Conllnentfll HHW-X," built by Ford n- it:, x e r s i n n of Die A m r r i c a n "dream car." /.'ot in prn- j dud ton. but built fix n design i n n r f r l , the 1!OO-X IM-. a gla.-:: il'i'iii-hhi; ',unl;hirld carries b«ck , to I h r rrHr nf Ihr f r o n t r-rnl. Tin? rinmr ir- i c t r n r t t b l e i n t n the I r a t h c i - v v s c i r d f i e r i rear top. Between the two front seal? is an i n s t r u m e n t p.inrl fr.r ( f l r p h f i n r 1 . d u t . i p i i n n r , aulcmiatic whtei jacks 'ij find hor-*l nnd t r u n k cdnfrnf.i. married In Christ Church, Mcth odist. nn Pnrk Avenue. She was Civen in marriage by her f a t h e r . ! Annulment I, os Angelcs-OTVCharfiina t h a t , her husband, Edward A. Mrirrison, 3». real estate Investor, is her t h i r d spouse, but Mis* I. UP?., 23. he was iml f i n a l l y Hivnrred In most esses, governors w i l l - ing In express an opinion have indicated preference for Elsen- hower. However, slate chairmen. always active in the selection nf convention* Delegates alon^ with the governors, have indicated a prc/crcnce for Tafl. Adrnrtise In the TIMES--H P«T«- BRAND T H E O L D S U N N Y I R O O K C O M P A N Y . I Q U I S V I U E , K E N T U C K Y ARTHRITIS, STOMACH AILMENTS, NfURITlS, RHEUMATISM, HEADACHES, WEAK K/DNfYS, DIZZY SPELLS, NERVOUSNESS, BLOATING, Uo Acids. Toxins. I.ark of V1U1- lij-. Energy, Achinu Back, Uim- iingo. UnclcrwrlEhl. Decay in B Trelh. FatltnR EyeslRht. nacj Complexion. Stop Suffering NO MATTER HOW LONG TOU HAVE KU-TEKEl). or what drills j»u have put in your body, you can now hopr for MIRACULOUS K K U K F with natural HOPE MINERAL TABLETS. Jn ju*f a few il:iys. you will sec results. The hl:ick pnisonnus waste will hccin in leave your hnrty and you will frrl A wondrous chiinpi-. iMothrr Nature has blended trarcs of FIFTEEN DIFFEKKNT MINERALS in Hnpft Minrral. IVr- haps your hotly is craving just one of Ihrw! lo h(;irt your lazy organs working a .train. Nature Heals More anrl more riorJorx nrr turn In f hack (n natiiif fnr nirw. Pclnclliin was discovered in a natural mold prowlli; raw onion will kill harlrria; and. a nrw «ul)5tilu(R for Mood plasma has hrrn found in OUra Plants. NATIiRK I'KOVIDKS: HOPE M I N K K A L S ronic f r n m thr parlh, mamifactu'rcd in nature's own laboratory. There- i; ahsolulrly NO AU-OHOL in Ilopf Mineral, it will not glvr ynu thai false, llfi which wears *ff when (lie alcohol wears ofY, Thr Inlrslinc is (he most lin- porUnl orcan in your bnily-- and it is ftl^n Ihr m^tahur'rd. When you Frrl and l/iok Old Before. 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J.SJ iq yd 12 ft. fiic.v c a i v w l W i l t o n llc«. 1 I.T.'i MI yl J a n u a r y Salr- . . . MS iq yd I? /I. HII'.*" t n n r nu I f n c A x n i i n : - l ^ r , Rr-K. l O f i ^ . t q y r ] J a n u a r y Salr . , . 7,IS 14 yd Cheos« your price! Th« IMng r»tm y»u want il liurr, al lh* pric* r«u want lo pay! Comfort, biaury «nd l«nf wt*r combined and all specially priced far our GREAT JANUARY SALE. EXTRA SIZE MODERN FRINGED SUIT Sofa and The u l t i m a t e in :ounti comfort. Long low ilunf )f;i ;:nrl (iron mvjtini: arm chflif, In hi|h FnP7o cover, Ijoi^c rnlor. Distinctive ip text in n and cspci inlly Innit w»rlnf. Full construction. 3 PIECE MAPLE FRAME SUITE Sofa, Lounge Chair TOO and Base Rocker l A T t JricM fnr s i n n l l hoin'-: ;ni'i apartment*. Cheerful w i t h !ln M i t u i v tnnr. nf t h e miiplft finish, plus tht 1 f hnitirMniii :ypr coven, Loose pillow biick .'intl «ffti rur.hions. Both reversible- LOW PRICED YET LUXURIOUS Topcitry Covered Sofa and Chair 'i i ushi'in ;;llr. fnnc'Jnn:i! f l c ^ i z n , rftvfred In imsll p a t l f r n o l ism-stry In blue. CInstly woven long U r f l pRACTIBILITY -- 2 PURfOSI Plastic Covered QQ CA Studio and BOJC Rocker «#*·«*** !r,ni bv u;i:-i-iiis u 1 1 1 a 'lan^p cloth. Ideal _ l o r ' c i - i S ' l i ' n \MUi Uiu ·-frvic'';tblc Klorcllc plaxtif. Coiulnrlalilr l""l ( f u t i i i c f»r c x t i n flccpinn hcilities. MANY OTHER FEATURED VALUES in · 2 piece living room luitei · Sectional Sofat · Studio Suitei · Short bed sofas with looie mattrctscs. l§i \m OPEN THURSDAYS TILL 9 P.M. PLENTY OF fARKING SPACE STUMP FURNITURE CO. 603 WEST DICKSON PHONE 3112 PAY ON , CONVDII (NT t CRfOll TEDMS

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