Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 16, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1952
Page 2
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2 NOKtHWKT ARKANSAS TIMIS, f«yt«tv!lk Arkantm, W.dneidoy, January 16, 19SJ oce ·Lines on Skirts- Historical Society Ends Two-Piece Collections Are Varied JiFirst Year With Banquet V. Mhoon of Fayettwtlle, is serving aboard the destroyer USS ' M a n s f i e l d in the Far East, opera t i n g as part of the UN Blocksd- mit and Escort Group. MRS. KATHlifN DOZItR IHIIIIillllllllllllllllllllllllMllllllllllllliillllllllllllll.llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . N a r a l RrYcnc ];iri-ncmic Company S-H l l r l l l , K»:.on R u i k l i l i K , 7 Crerul Women's Club. Frr^uvnn'. 1 ,. 7 De-It* Sigma. H u c h K i n c a i t l . 7:'M1 Kappa Alpha I'lli. -IS K.'iM Hork. ~:'.',U i'HsU n. DP.IOih V o l u n t e e r Air Korcr Hi-serve T r a i n i n g Sqiiadruii, 7:110 A n r v H e - r u e U ' J ' i Wt'sl Center, 7;3f --MiWiiry H i r t r r nf I'urple Hr-nrl, v r W Hall, 7:31) U n h . r s l i y Lotltc I'. D-. MiiMime H a l l . 7:^0 I.O.O.K.. 10OK H a l l . « Thursday . . . Hbliirv Club. Washington Hnlcl. 12 Chaplrr S, P'.KO., Mrs. Kd Timmi, l:,lll Chapter K. I'.E.O..'Mrs. n. II. l l u n t i n c t o n , 2:30 Marion C h a p t e r nf D.A.I!.. Mrs. Russell Paddock, 5:3(1 Shamrock Cluh, Mrs. Doylr Momcnii. 2:3(1 I everett School P.T.A., Nickel Supper. Scliool C a f e t e r i a , 5:30 U m v i r s i t v City Chapter O.K.S.. Miisonli- H a l l . 7:311 American Lesion A u x i l i a r y , Lejlion H u t . 7:30 Public Lecture, "Drainn In The American I h e a t e r . Art Center, H Miss Peggy Rtccl Cohiplimcntctl With Party J i m Tnwnslry. and Mr. and Mrs. ' .lark Decker. H e t r e / h i n t n t s wcic ; server! and names played riunnx . thi; evcnlno. Miss liced received j several (jilts f r o m til" croup. The honnrec ii " senior lit Fay- i ;-fi;|.-\v ' ' ' ' the | ,' 1 p.T.A. w i l l lie held tnimnTiiw night at Hates School, n c K i n n i n s ;]l 7:30 o'clock. Dr. A i i e u M Freund- lick w i l l speak on "Art For J h c Pre-Schnnl Child." Conckidins a year of activity.' · the Washington County Historical ' i i ! Society observed this anniversary i; : last n i g h t w i t h a banquet, given ' : at the Washington Hotel. The Rev. O. W. Thompson, retired minister and teacher, Rave the invocation, following the din- j Ma(ron ,. S u n d a y School ('lass ner, President W. J. Lcmkc pre-, ^ f C t n t r a | vrthodlst Cliurrh sided anrt spoke briefly on t h e j Thc M n l r o n s ' S u n d a y School .settlement and growth of Wash-: Q tss ,,[ central Methodist C h u r c h ! County, and events leadins tn t h e ..j mecl at t n e (, nmn n f Mrs. ' p r e s e n t lime. A summary ofJhc. w a chamblee. 12?. East Dick- ; -- -- j ^,^'nm'l ,ane" o/Hunts- Mr. and Mrs. Richard 13. Lewis, 2121.4 West M a i n Street, Houston, Texas, announce, the a r r i v a l of n son, nicharrt Dale, Jr., yesterday al the City hospital here in Fay- ctlevillc. Mrs. Lewis \ the former C a t h e r i n e Campbell, dauchter of Mrs. Bertha Campbell, 800 H a l l Street. Guests in the home of Mr. »nrt Mrs. A. L. Stover, Sunday ; _ were. year's activities Included ''TM''I sor , street, Friday at 2 p meetings of the organization; three , historical pilgrimages including tours to Cane Hill, Evergreen i cemetery, and Springdale; six , i publications of Flashbtck; promo.| tion of t public school historical i essay contest conducted by Miss I Mary Broke; and 12 board meet- University Band Concert The University Band Concert scheduled to have been hclrl Thursday at the University Art Center has been postponed u n t i l i o a r l y during t h e - p r i n g ings. ! w'estnidf. P T A . Dr. Tom Feathers, secretary and | ^ ^^ J, T A w i l u ,, avc | treasurer, gave a report for he\ ) ) d t i Thursday from - which he e a c t h C | B . , n ,,, ,.,,, ,, m ^ jn pasl year in wmcn nc *i»i; '"«-'| S .3Q to 7.30 ,, full membership of the society a.s , un " hr o 0 ^ P 358. He recommended the ap- '"nenroom. 'pointment of a scrapbook chairman. Following lh« report, accounts were Riven of incidents, historical anrt amusing, remembered or heard by those present. These events dated back to the early the school villc, Mrs. VirRie C l a r k ' a n d »on. - A r i l s of Kingston, Rymer Clark of Harrison, and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Maxwell,of Fayetteville. . Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Taylor and children, Julia and Larry, ot Glcu- wit'h Mr. Taylor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor of West Fork, and his brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith of Farmington. Mr. and Mrs. W. K.'Shnfner en- ·· 1 tcrtainnd with dinner and canasta I party Tuesday night. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Platt and son. ' ~ ' I Mr. and Mrs. George McNeeley · Sgt. Fred K u l n c l h has arrived i am i d a u g h t e r , and Miss Clara Personals for 30-day f u r l o u g h from Kn- j Schmall, all employes of Herbert settlement of the county on up to',rea. and has joined his w i f e , the j L . Thomas at the Sunray Farm, the early land's. Amone the i former Miss P a t t y Porter, and ; n n r i Miss Carol Lee Platt and stories told were those of the last A parly hnmninil Mi.« P c t c y : cUcv j|i,. nijth School and Heed, bride eled of 1M. Dirk ; ,| i l U ( ,htrr nf Mr. a n d Mrs. Hoy , Johnson of M a t h e r Air Kurrc j \y Heed, 5 I B K n l l l n .Street. She Ruse, Sarramenlo. Call/., w a s j j u c n :| ci)lcs n,,,i s hl for Ileviera, C a l i f . , lust niiiln at (he hoiTM of Ml.-s · W | 1C1C t | le wl .,]rllnR w i l l l a k e iilarc Margaret Titus, 201) East N o r t h Street; by the Young People's Group of Jiethel Baptist Church. Those n l l e n d l u R were Lou Law- In June. win, Geneva Rcccl, Wages, Birthdoy Dinner Given At Earl Taylor Home Y O R K -- ( N K A ) -- The ?ep- r;ilc s k i r t has n M r o n p hold nn fiifhlon Iti c i u r r n t icsort eol- Irctmns. ?ur f a r e drcorution is 5lirsscd Jind the v a r i e t y in the^e dccorntiom is Rreat. The thicc-'limejihiniiHl :ipp1i(itip. rutti- How K O n d Ldi h«v« R l , 4 o p f pd Slpirin Fnr Clilldrrn htniivi n r t i n i r f flu- vored. Tablet* are '· · i i i l t d o r r . Kuy II now. M Ublctt 3»c. A d i n n e r was (iiven Sunday 1.V I Mr. and Mm. Karl Taylor at t h e i r i homr. h o n n i l n c the b i r t h d a y uf ' '--)· father, W. c.. M a r t i n , and t h e i r ison, Bobby. i Amons the 41 uiiesls j lended were six of Mr I r h l l d r v n , 1C Knuidch 1 three preat p r a n d c h i l i I h r a i d nnl)roidery nnrl I iiiRS ;ill ;n c used us Jici-cnls for ' circle i^ktrts, And. herausc Ihpsc ( f u l l i.knts look best when thcy'rr f teamed w i t h tnps rlctic"fd f'" ' I h r m . roorri m a t e d lops and 5 to! OF ; ni c aim nfTtrct! I S.-paratfs, as shovMi in ' t h e cur- BY GAILE Dt'GAS NEA Woman's Editor i c n t inllcclicms of designer .Tuli Lyine Chariot of C a l i f o r n i a , have a c n c - p i n r look This smooth effect is achieved through careful f i l l i n g of tops and through use of wide cummerbunds. Hibi.M-u bloom ( I f f l ) dnwn Ihc front cf a circle s k i r t in black poplin Thr blcwnms are in colored f e l l and arc layered lo achieve legal h a n g i n g in Washington a narrow strip at j County, a Negro burial in Lincoln, , i first telephone company in Fay- i cllcvillc, and Civil War incidents. is repeated in the hemline. A cummerbund cinches in the _ ^^ t waist Tlic h a l t e r top is neatly ! Th 05(! who were introduced and fitted and deeply slashed. There's a stole to cover bare shoulders when need blooms u-itr their child here. He flew to Camp C h a f f e e from Seattle, and came to F a v c t t e v i l l e Saturday. and Miss Cecil Dee Platt, University students. I Mnrgo Jones; m a n a g i n g dircctur ; ' o f Theater ':2 of Dfilla.s. Texa.s " a v e a c c o u n t s nf "trip past were! who w i l l lecture at t h e University arises and it, too, colored hibiscus. Pink poplin (r(»ht) is cut into a circle skirl t h a t has two bin bouquets of three-dimensional felt violets appliqued at hip and hem- l i n e Both skirt and malchinp stole a i e bordered in the felt. Carni- Ihiee-dimcn.Monal effect The felt bole lop has n siand-out pcta] cufl MKiwanis Club Officers Installed af Uark Bowl Banquet dren, THE BLAIRS, STATIONERS' T!M Oldiil Ofllci Supply Houn in Norlhwml Arkuniii ': IT'S VALENTINE TIME ·W* »··· HH wwi ·« »nl Irwn K · ».M «Kli ·"""'~ Styled by Glbion ' Squ .r. M j ss Colcman Honored At Linen Shower NORMA SPECIALIZES IN PEKMANENTS AND HAIR SHAPING GOOD CREAM OIL MACHINE . 13.SO COLD WAVES »5.00 GuarinUtd Work EVENING APPOINTMENTS NOPMAS BEAUTY SHOPPE 121 W. MOUNTAIN PHONE. 383 · A p p r o x i m a t e l y 22ft pel-sons a l i lended the a n n u a l i n s t a l l a t i o n banquet of the Favctteville Kl! vanis Cluh last nicht at the U a r k the m o n t h nnd the history of the a r t i s t was told by Mrs. Turner ' v a n i s Club last night at the U a r k " ", ' , ""' "·. ' ; - , . 0 , which the K o m i n a t m s uommiiice . H o w l . M i l a n CrciKhlon. local res: \'lck. Mrs N i l a Moore lead the . r(% . ommcnncd thc reelection of the l l a i i r a n t owner, was installed as . poem '\\omen \, Ith Childicn. T! . rnt o f t i c c r s . ncclcctetl to serve president of the civic club for The mystery packa E e was wcm | hj ,; v r r nn , w. .!. Lcmkc, presl- Mrs. Lessic S. Read. Mr. Thomp-! Theater at 8 p. in., Thursday, w i n son Booth Campbell, Miss G r a c e : come to Fayetteville f r o m New Alh'risht, Miss Elizabeth C u r r y , D.' York City. For thc past week, she | D. Denver of Springdalc, Mr. a n d ! has been confcrrina there w i t h ' Mrs. GrccK nf Springdalc, F. P. | Burl Ives. well-known lialad f i n g - fioSF of Bcntnnvillc. Miss R o w c n a : cr, on the production of his musi- Galloway. Dr. Fount Richardson.: cal play, "The Children's Operas," . J. D. E-n'glc, Miss Eva Alwood of j to be given in Dallas this spring. : Sprinsdale. Tom Feathers. Mrs.. . ! Bruce Holcombc. Mrs. A. A . j C.irllon · L. Mhonn. s e a m a n . ' Hamblen of Farmincton, Fred USN. son. of Mr. and Mrs. H i m m i e Knnlz. Miss Lola Kills, Miss Rachel | =^ Oliver, Mrs. Ella B. Hurst. Mrs.! C. B. Wicsins. Miss Ida Grccx.i and Miss Kant?.. I A l l a n Humphreys read a report! . in thc absence of F. S. Root, in j I which thc N o m i n a t i n g Committee by Mr.--. Mildred Hays. -!M2. Other officers installed by Law- New leaders elected for thc year i rencc K. Perry, of Rogers, l i o u t c n - ! were Mrs. Dorothy Strange, roc- ] l a n l governor of K K v a n i s Division ; , C a t i o n ; Mrs. Betty Hav.'kins, · A linen shower was given Sal- 10. were; Fred Stuckey, vire prcsi-' imlay a f t e r n o o n by Miss Carolyn j dent; F.arl N. Williams, immediate i lihod'rs and Miss Mary H u n t i n g - ! P»sl president; George Caudle, ' t o n at t h e Rhodes horn,- on Park i secretary, and John Jensen, treas- jStreel. compliment;,,,; Miss Donna :''TM'- ^ ^ m ^ mm _ bride elect of Brnmn hc| . s of lhp n c w ,,,,.,,.,, ,,, D1|CC . I Wilson. I here were 18 guests ,,,,,,. vi ,. Ri | Ac |iti5 SOn . |; u d B e n t , ! ! Present. | I.;H Gideon. W i l l i e H u n t . John j T ! Assisting tiiom \vere t h e i r ; Kane. Coy Kaylor and Harrcll | ! imilhers, Mrs. Paul Hhndes a n d ] Hall. . M r s 11. I I . l l u i i t i i i c l o n , a n d 1 Members of Kiwanis Clubs of j mother of the honorce, Mrs. p a u r Lincoln, S p r i i i K d a c . Rocors and Sdi:im Spi IMKS atti'mlrri I n e ban- dent, Miss Jnbelle Holcomb, vire president, ami Tom Feathers.' secretory and treasurer. - . The mrctina was concluded! h e a l t h ; Mrs J u a m t a C.ssat home , wRh ^ ]ct(( , r rM( , by M f _ L e m k C i , manaeemcnl. Mrs. Joyce Bchl S avc j ^.^ wr|lt( . n j n 1885 b v , demonstration on m a k i n g cor- , A|te| . t ri|!c f r o m W ashin S ton, D.; ' C.. to A. M. Wilson here in Fay- I saccs from nylon hose. j The next meeting "ill be held at the home of Mrs. Cassat. Spaghetti Supper at Wesfside School Thursday, Jan. 17 5:30 to 7:30 Spon«or»d br Weslsid* P.T.A. .Public Invited FURNITURE and A P P L I A N C E S Wholesale Prices If it is furniture you need, you can't afford to miss our Storewide Close-Out Sale We are closing out our present supply . . . Lock, Stock and Barrel . . . And at prices anyone can afford Most of these prices are BELOW ~ v... the replacement cost Conic One -- Come All Sale Starts Saturday Burt's Furniture Store 220 W. EMMA SPRINGDALE Optn 9 a.m. Saturday, Jan. It · Cnlcmnn, ! Miss CnlrniHM icivivrd her g i f t s from ii l;ih!e fuvrri'd ui'.li ;i pink cloth nvcrlayi'cl w i t h w h i l e nol. ( l i f t s \vcrr pkici'd honcitih ;i l;ntfc p i n k piirasol. Pink and w h i t e ref r e s h m e n t s n m ^ i s t h m of f i f s t i n l ciike. sandwiehcs ;m(l puncli. were served from ihn clininf; table centered w i t h sniHil net pi'iiii.sol?, Group To Organise Model Plane Club A Krntip of ymmp men will meet Thurrdny e v e n i n g nt 7.30 oVlcck in thr- llny's Chib nl thc W h i l e " drivc!l Chapel Assembly tif Gnd Church ,i r tjviiies. on Smith College Avonue. in o r - ' ' A f t e r the K«ini/.e. a mudc) nil plane f l u b . Presiding w i l l be Ben Swett, University freshmiiii. \\'hn exiendp an i n v i t a t i o n In .'til those jnU'i - csled in nmrli-l u;irs, Ijnats or plant-.-;, hi a i t t - m i Hi is meeling. There \\'ill be m ii^e- limits. S\\e" ^'^;lles tliat i* i planned to nrpim/e t h i s cvmip n the same p a t t e r n as those in olher etlios. Klocticn nf o f f i c e i 5 w i l l be hold .uul rninmitlees .ippfunted tn be;;in plan 1 ; for !hc c n m i n R yrar. K c ^ u l a r mt'ctinj; dale? \\'ill be ^et ,iMI anntiuncixj following Ihc quct nnd were introduced. Lewis t R c f l " .Johnson served as master of corenioniof. In a brief i n a u g u r a l addros?. President Crcifinton listed a n u m - ber of objectives which he .--aid thc club hnpos lo achieve d u n i i K ]9."i2. These tnrhiriod the expansion of y o u t h service, a 10 pfr cent h i k e in club membership, and the sponsorship of a K i w a n i s a f f i l i a t e club al the University. A report on the K i w a n i s a c t i v i ties in was presented by G r a h a m l.oupp. Mr listed such projects as the construction of a wadinj; pool at thc City Park, the launching of a pig-raising program by F.F.A. members and assist inn in various f u n d - i a i s i n t ; h i g h l i g h t s of thc year's n s t a l l a t i o n ccre- mmies, gift's of luggage were prc- ;cn'.ed tn Karl Williams, immcdi- ile past president, and to Mrs. A women's vocal trio, Mrs. L. O. G r a h a m . Mrs. H a r r e l l H a l l and Mrs. W. ,1. Smothers; a piano medley by Mrs. M a r t h a Gideon; vocal selections by Ed Gideon; a tap dance by Mary L c c C a t e ; vocal ?on - s an(i S p n i i R d a l r ; In cooperation with Dr. Board Hears Reports On Year's Work The .Yashinston County T. B. Association Board met in the office at the. Court House, yesterday. Those present were Mrs. C. D. Atkinson. Mrs. George F. McKinney. Roy Scott, J. R. Kimian, nichard Ardemagni, J a c k ' T u c k , and Marion Wasson. Mr. Kennan. seal sale chairman, ! pave a report on thc recent seal sale and Mrs. Anna B. Johnson. · chairman of education, cave a quarterly report as follows: Visits to patients. 16; largo X- . rays. 15: conference w i t h physi- ' cians. e i g h t ; clothing and transportation for three persons lo san- i a t o r i u m ; conference ^vith director of public w e l f a r e two; conference j w i t h director of child welfare, j two; all persons at Mrs. J)iliy's j Convalescent Home X-rayed at | clinic, also arrangements made for I thc department of Public W e l f a r e j to urge dependents to have chest X - r a ; publicity and arrangements made for client X-ray clinic al U n i v e r s i t y . Fayetteville City A d m i n i s t r a t i o n B u i l d i n g , Swan- cttcvillc. In the letter Pike recalled pleasant memories of his residence in the state. Train for tht Top Acquire Grtatir Earning Powtr Your first step to business success is thorough training. Enroll now for onft of our thorough courses. Fayetteville Business College "The School You'll lik«" 309 W. Dickion Phont (i Announcements BllM School r.T.A. Bales School 'P.T.A. will meet tomorrow n i p h t at 7 o'clock at the school followed hy Ihc Pre-School Unit meeting at 7:30 o'clock. Prc- cedinK the regular meeting theft" will he a spaghetti supper in t h e school lunch room at 5:30 o'clock. Pains, distress of "those days" stopped or amazingly relieved 20th Century Cluh Thr 20th Century Cluh will meet Friday at 3 p. m. w i t h Mrs. G. A. Vincenhcllar. 339 N o r t h W a s h i n g t o n Avenue. She w i l l review the book, "William Faulkner." Pre-School r.T.A. A meeting of the Pre-School B Fiery Smarting of minor Quick utc of thin loot bin K ointment givn amtrini relief. Kttp kandy. UF« »lso for itch of simple n;h. rfp. 1 eczema. RESINOL in 3 out of 4 cases in doctors 1 tests! · Here's w o n d e r f u l news for women and pirls who -- each, mouth -- sutler the tortures of "bad days" of luncUonally- raxised menstrual cramps and pain -- headaches, backaches, and those "no-good," draggcri- out IceHnRS. It's ne\vs nhouf, a medicine f a m o u s for relieving- such suf- f e r i n g ! Here is the exciting news. Lydia E. P i n k h n m ' s Vegetable Compounri -- gave complete or firikina relief of suc-h distress in an nveratrc of 3 out, of 4 of the cases in doctors' lests! VPS! Lydia Pinkham's lias hern prnvrri to be fctcntificnll},* modern in action! This news will not Eurpi'i.T the fhoiisanris or women nnri pirls v/lm take Lydia P i i i k h n m ' s r r c u l R i l y H i i d know the relief it can ijnnc. Anrl it, should encmirnco you 'if you're 1 not t a k i n g Iivriia I'mkhpm'st to oe if your rxpcrience doesn't match t h e i r s . . . to .'·re if vo:i. ioo. don't avoid thr ncrvour-nr^s and tension, weakness, irriiftbildy--and HAW Lyrfi* Finkh«m'« w*rki !l !:as n "rnhniiio" and .iftotkno rfffct'ci'i i"f i i f c n i i . . . rjmenng ti\* cnnt-neno'is (flf* the c h s r t i f i a t to n ; t r n cause mensirua.1 pain, cramps, orfcrr ttistrns. patn ~ so often associated witlj ! "those clnvs"! Romrmher Lydia Pinkham's, too ' - if v n u ' r r s u f f e r i n g the "hot ! flashes" and other functionally- ,' caused dfctress nf "change of life." ; Get Lydia Pinkham's Compound or r,Kit\ improved Tablets with added iron (trial size only 5 9 f ' . Start inking LycIitiPinkham'itodnvl R. E. pamphlet i n t e r p r e t a t i o n to New Members Introduced mcolinf: rlarrt wilh Ihc f ^""" R At B, And P. W. Meeting nf t h e Lord's Prayer by George h a r t . r^ i:;tndured ;it tlic rrofi'.-Mi.nal \Vnm- uliiv'. wrri* Mi. I Hi; Sin^Pr Sev\ im; ;\my .inii Mry. N m - ,bers bv George G c a r h a i t ; SiS^^fSi? ^ Mrs. R i r h a r r l Grccr.' The mrmbrrs o( tlii- C'oiiniy Medical Sociciv; aitcndcd Seal Sale Insti- | Uilc in L i t t l e Hock and m c f t i t i R of ! l A r k a n f s s State Board of H e a l t h ; I d i s t r i b u t e d m a t e r i a l for Seal Sale 1 to Lincoln, Prairie Grove and Sprinsdale: follow tip work on clinic reports four rinyp: f i l m j-trip shmi-n to Home Demonstration Clubs, plans for work w i t h thc clubs d u r i n g coming year. ; Following the treasurer's report Homemakers Club Elects New Leaders Thr l!omemakrrs Home Dem- inii Clul* met Tuesday Machine (V.. Simp. (;i:i-.-t.v m. luilcd Mi.-,; H o i ' - j at the home of Mrs. M a r c i e Me- ', for a SJN m o n t h period jn-cn by rni-o S l i u c l . Albi!i|iici(|i:r, ,\. M.. ; l . r a n . \6W N o r t h G a r l a n d Street. Hoy Scott, a discussion of plans . i l i a t l c r M j r n i l i n , wid Mi.-s Vir- M i s . . M a i ie .Maildox led the R i m a Kec^an, of the N a ^ y I\e- u t o u p in the Lord's IVaye.r, which c r u K M i c dilu-iv »n. 1' llo\ved by thc roll call. ,m- Mi.-s Ha.'.ci Keiiy. j M e r i i i c n l . a n - .-\\rred v / i t h "a r e c i p e I would l i k e ri'Minced liatcs of the Slate Iin,,i.l to t:y." The rlcvouoi" \va. ? ci^'cn luci-IiRK wiucli is in hi- lielil in ly M r s . M c L e a n . Mrs. M.lddox !.r.;lc K : n k;aty "; ami ? . . ^ . i \ c t f i r story of t h e p a i n t i n g of for the year's program was made. The f i l m "Rodney" will be shown in the schools of the county. Those named on the budget r n m m i U e e to report in April were Mr. K e n n a n . chairnun. Mrs. At- k i n m n . and Mrs. McKinnry. Distinctively Yours . . . the dress -yon make yourself Attractive and in good fashion arc the materials displayed at McKechan's Fabric Center Don't forget we rpake Belts, Buckles and Covered _ Buttons -- One Day Service. We Cih'e SH Green Sf/i//ij)s McKechan's 18 I. CENTEI Ctntor Who Gives Green Stamps? We Do! McKt«hon' Fabric Center II Ent C«m«r Johnion't Plinl «nd Wallpuptr Slori JS North Block SI. Hiltan Rroi. DriYt-in Furniture Stor« Hw T . 71 North Town i Compui MEN'S WEAR Olftrk Th»llrf Bldg. lontr krta. Sh»t Slorti South Sidt Squnr« Fairway Grocery «1E N. Colltgt Gienn'i D a i r y (Hous* to house delivery) Phone 660-W-4 Ozarlt Cleaneri 101 N o r t h Block Si. H a r l a n ' j Service Station F r l i n d l y Gull SIMlon 11 N o r t h College McRoy-McNair rsynterille Prinllns Co. netill Store CASH Silci Only Phillipt Meter Co. (20 North College Moore'i Gift Shop 25 North Block St. Fairway Hardware) 230 Mill St. Waggoner'i Bakery 101 West Center St. Ounker Drug Store 22 E«i! Center ft. Beebe'i Jeweler! 14 EM! Center R«d««m your SiH Grctn Stomps at the Redemption Ccnltr, 420 North Colltg*

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