Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 10
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10 HOfTHWKT ARKANSAS TIMIS, f«ytlWvllk ArtoiMM. TvwHay, January IS, 1952 Alabama Youth Arrested After ir ·", Mother, Children .';; Chased From House By Explosion '·" Dolhan, Ala.-i/T'i-Ar, Irt-ycar-nld hlsh ' school youth win- list nlshl ami will he rhnrRcrl with dynamiting a hnmr where a woman and her five children *lrpl, Circuit Solicitor Keener Baxley Mid. Baxley reported the youth, Wil- Uam Ervin. Jr.. admitted selling off Ihc blast in which Mr«. Hcdcll Grunt and'hrr children narrowly tscaped serious injury early '···'- (errlay. The Mjlicilor said the youlh was · friend o( n-ycar-old Kenneth Nowell who, Rnxlcy added, was '·rrestcd recently on a carnal knowledge warrant chnrRlnK him with molc'sllng nnc "I Mis. Grant'.' itmall diiughtcis. Bnxley quoted Ervin as saying he simply wanted to friRhlrn Ihe Grant family nn:l run them all out of tlic community to they could not Icr.llfy in the carnal knowledge case. · Under a new Alabama law, i-nn- vlctlbn nf dynamiting a dwelling house is punishable by a sentence of 10 year* to death. Baxl'cy salt! Krvln and a companion are believed In have thrown a bundle' of five dynamllc sticks · t Ih's Grant home. He said the companion had not been nrrcilcd ijut that his Identity was known, .. The solicitor wml Krvln tnlrl him "he cot the Idea of Iomblnj4 the Grant home after reading about 1he blast that wrecked the frame dwelling of liuiih Bcnllcy, anil- vice cruradcr. at Phcnix City, Al.i., lait week. Buckner Troy Bclole of Siloam Sprin«s upont'thc weekend with his nar- cntt. Mr. and Mrs. Vermin Heinle. Mrs. Edna Paris is reported recovering from on Injury suffered recently In a fall. The Ticv. K. .1, Counts preached Sunday al Ihc Blxuy, Okla., Baptist Church. The Pcv. John GrUns nf SprhiR- !ale delivered the Sunday morn- Inf «crmon tit the Buckner Baptlsl Church. Wins Cicrlle Ixiu Combs spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dan JlDBkinV and children nf Baldwin. Jack Hughes, who was in Barns- liall.' Calif., during the Illness and death of his mother, Mrs. Nancy Kalherinc Davis, has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Clllfurd Hli*« inrl noil. l)»vW.''of Baldwin, were ivjcits of Mrs. Hicks' mother, Mrs. Betty Counts, Sunday.. Bill Tuck, who Is employed at Fort Smith, spent the week-end .here with his family. Mrs, Fry Davl* Is reported Improving after a serious illness. Owen Johnson has re.turncd MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL home after spending * week in O'.mk'nn business. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunlap have moved Into thfi new home they purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Mrlvln Ferguson, The fluckm-r 4-H Club will meet Tupsflny night at 7:30 nt thn Community House. Election of officers will he held. Mr. fliirl Mrs. Jack Couch, MM Flora Is.c and Miss Crystal Bnyrl wfrc pno-sts Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Bird Ftltchlc of Crosses. Mrs. Cord la Drake has returnrd hnmr aflcr spending three months at Los Ansrlcs, Full or ton and lj\ 'Hahifl, Calif. j Mi. and Mrs. Chester House of jllarii.sun were weekend Kuest.i of I Mr, find Mrs. Clifton BaaxctL and |:h!ldy;u. I l.lnda and Sondra Lfu'riniore. rhiughlcrs nf Mr. and Mrs. l-rc Lairimorc! arr rfporlfld improving following a weckY Illness. Mr, and Mrs. Claud Atkissnn and Mm, Km in a Sharroclt were RUPsls of Mr. find Mrs. I.ester Al- kixMHt of HoRers Sunday. Mrs. Charlie Tuck, whn has been III, is reported impi'O Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mutton and daughter, Paulhi. of .Inplin, Mo., weru gtirstft of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Drnke Sunday. Mrs. Kula Oshorne spent the weekend nt Rogers with Mr. and MI'F. Ralph nrooks and children. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lairimnre vl.sitrri i chi lives at Charleston Mniu.lay. Mrp. Maxine Kl/.ic, who has bcc'n ill at Ihc home nf her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Couch, is reported improving. Prairie Grove W. G. McCormifk of Litllr Rock is spending a few days at his home here on business. MIT. Jerry Duck, a patient jit the Elizabeth Hospital for .vevrral weeks, has been returned to her home here, Mr. and Mrs. Caswell Wilson spent Sumltiv In Siloam SnrinRs as quests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carter. ! Mrs. C. R. Fenimorr and Mr. j itnd Mrp. Arthur Flanagan of i Fayettcvillf were Sunday dinner j Bursts of their brnthcr and si.slor- I iii-]nw, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shador. j The dinner was In honor of Mrs. . Sbadcr's hii ilida.v. Mr. and Mrs. .1. C*. Ditmars and hnhy moved to Tulsa, Okla., Monday. Cpl. and Mrs, Roland Ramos spent the weekend with Mrs, Ramos' sislcr and aunt, Miss Barbara Patrick and Mrs. Ruth Hanna. Mr. find Mrs. C. W. Decker and Mr. Docker's tn o Hi e r, Mrs. Blanche Decker, all of MuskoROC, Okla.'. WOIT Sunday guests of Miss Lou Clnyton. The Order of the Eastern Star met. Friday night at thn Masonic Hall with Mrs. .Joe Parks presiding. Two new members. Mrs. Elizabeth Fidler and Mrs. Mamie Vlnson LcdJord, were initiated. Refreshments were nerved after the meeting. M rs. Robert Boga rt, J r., a nd Mrs. Cecil .RiRpall entertained with a bridge party Friday afternoon M Colonial Courts. Guests of Mrs. Hattie Cunningham in honor nf her birthday Friday were Mrs. Walter Lark, Mrs. Alcic Edmistoii. Mrs. Maud Pittman, Mrs. Ethel Riddle. Mrs. Pearl McCoy, Mrs. Walter Podson. Mrs. C. R. Fenimorc, Mrs. W. J. Butcher, Mrs. F.d Rich, Mrs. Clyde Borders, Mrs. Jimmy Rogers, Mrs. N. L, Brooks, Mrs. Harry Dutton, and Mrs. R. A. Barnrs. SIX MONTHS OF WOPD WAR · EDS AGREED TO OEFEt DEMAND FO« WlfHDIAWAl Of Att FOMIGN TROOPS REDS FlMAUY ASHED. AFTER FOUR MONTHS, IHAT BA7US tlHt OH DAY OF ARMISTICE K DIVIDING tl»E FOR DURATION OF ABMISIICf It EDS AGREED TO EXCHANGE POW PYO'NYAMG ^*Sr_-- 1ITH PAIIAU.EL III) SAVF UP CLAIM TO NORTHERN ISLANDS V/ON DURING J UN GAVE UP DEMAND FOR KAESONG. SOUTH OF 3BIII PARALUL UN GAVE UP DEMAND FOR AERIAL OBSERVATION OF AIL KORIA BY JOIN1 TEAMS OR BY NEUTRALS Sins Of Bureaucrats Natural Targets For "Outs" Used by thousands In reducing diets--Junsc'i Roma» Meal oread. 11-19-tf By JA.MKS MAKI.OW and There is throughout the United, live. Criticism should he specific. ..,,.·. snte-, a widespread and vigorous! not general; on an individual | III. fiinen diilf. . . _ , , - ....i ,,/ Keep op with Ikt «·«·-- r»d ticians of bnth parties--depending on which was in anrt which way out--have ( nnsiderrd Rf.-.-ern- rnent employes fair Kame. When tlicry--the m t-, that is-peer through (lie economic briers they can sec larKe numbers government employes brow.Mn;:; the noin.ocrat U'ashincton-'/l'i-On and off j propaganda against covcrnmcnt ! basis, not of government employes | for more than 1511 years the pnli-|. md government service." l a s a class. The sins of the spec- 1 ' ' taculariv guilty mu.-t not be vis- Nil. Not Truman jtc( , upon lho mally w |, o arc in- This sounds like Prcrnisnl Tru- nncon t. 'nan hut it was written in 1932 by i --· Charier, Mcmman. a republican; , r , lhc .,, lhc Polilieal science educator, when; R . fc(| hy ubra . of Herbert Horn cr was president and . , flf , akc ,. | n ,,.|| e s down- v.ere ban S i« away | ^ ^ fcct jn ]6 mllcF _ 1/2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Bros, leclccr Plant .... the leltcce leaves in federal: at his Republican adininistrcilion.l pastures anil Ihcy blaze away. i The Mcrriain statement was re-i "Cut rlmvn on the bureaucrats; centlv ci!cd by Robert Ramspcck.l and we'll s a \ c .noncy." they soy.I a nne-time congressman who quit; This has been 1 calle'! the shoisun; lo «n into private business for; approach, covering more territory I more money and then save lha 1 ., lhan a rifle which is limited lo|up to work for the government, individual targets. j with a cut in pay, as chairman 1 But Harold Stamen, as a c o l - ' o f the U. S. Civil Service Com-I Icgc prcsicnt, cc.-tilrt he expected ; mission. ' lo be more dilliscnt in his use of | Kamspech. one of '.hi: s'.aunchesl ' the lan^ua^c than ordinary poll: defenders of povcrnm^ni workers, ticians who content themselves; has repeatedly expressed fear with railing feelers! employes, that widespread crilicism o[ them j "bureaucrats." | as a croup will damage their | In the American nic-| morale and usefulsess and dis-| lionary one of the definitions lor: courage other people, some badly i '·bureaticral" is an "official who! needed, from rominfi lo work for works by fixer! routine without i the? sovernnicn!. ^ j excrcisinj; intelliacnt judsmenl."| ''I should like to make it clear." I So. while the world is dcroRalory. lie says, "thai 1 do not hold that I al least it indicates a federal cm-i government or its employes; ploye works. | should be immune from criticism, j This is a pitfall which S t a s J c n ' B H t apparently wished to avoid for he. == promised lo fire "200,0(101 WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP crilicism must he construe-: MAF CHARTS principal points of agreement and disagreement In t.he ] wrangling at KacBong and I'an Mun .loin since last July. Now, after jhalf a year, UN-Cornrminist armirttlcc Hecni. 1 ! further away than ever. From The People MOZART FESTIVAL ·Chamber Music Concert, Sal., Jan. 19,8 p.m. · Symphony Concert, Sun., Jan. 20, 4 p.m. FINE ARTS CENTER CONCERT HALL Call 1806 or Reserve Free Tickets at Music Dept. Office Any Afternoon. Remaining seats not taken by ticket-holders will be ovailable-to the public at five minutes before concert time. Tn Ihc Editor: I have lunt Die Krcat pleiiswc nf st'ciiiK mid hearing at Ihc University Theater I ho poetic drama written in HMfi, or llicrciibouls, h.v the laic jjrcJ.l ArUini:;;is and world p(K.'l, .John Gould Fletcher. The production was excellent, and the producer, Virgil L. Bfikcr, and the set suporvi.sor, Preston MiiL'j-irudor; in maxiinnm refilil.v nil the cast, and Hie others who worked to imtkc this piixhu'lion possible, very plainly deserve both congratulations and gratitude. John Gould Fletcher was one nf the truly' great pools of our century. His work will live, lor he hns built a monument moiu la.'-'l- Infithan bronxcc. In my opinion lie was not n pfirtirularly grent historian. He wa.s nut an exceptionally capable "non-fiction" writer. The hitter, somewhat like ojceel- lencc in baseball, is in great p;iil born in ;i person. Rut John Gould FlelL-her was a great poet, and ·'The Sparrow" handsomely proved this. I mcl John Fletcher back in I92fi, shortly lifter his return from England. He had written his eminent poem about Gettysburg. He wanted to visit other Civil Wnr hattlrfielrls of this are;i. 1 look him to see the Pniiiio Grove bat- tlctlclri and the Pea Ridge battlefield. During those days I became acquainted with this great man. Certain memorable lines of the piny struck n familiar note in my memory, since he upokc several of the more distinguished lines of the piny extemporaneously at that timr. Arkansas is both fortunate and commendable in being able lo pro- rluce by our youth a great poem by this great poet. It has long been my devoted belief that the esscn- linl talents of so many Arkansas people are eminently Grecian, even 'n a geographic section which i.; preponderantly Homan. The Greek of the Golden Era wns an independent artist. He was poet, athlete, priest, orator, author, artist, craftsman, and physician. He was neither n sissy nor a gladiator. We have heir a preponderant Grecian culture. John Gould Fletcher did much to interpret this fact, more than anyone else 1 kno\v. With varying success and failure, for more than a quartcr- crnlury, I have si riven to slate the rase in various magazine articles and books. Several of the former went into accredited anthologies, one al least into a rather basic text on expository writing. This is n n aside. The important item is that Fletcher's stage poem ha? been produced a nd enact ed sympathetically and well by Arkansas youth and Arkansas leadership. Accordingly last Friday and Saturday were great days for our people and our culture. Charles Morrow Wilson. (. H. Moses To Address ! Rogers C.C. Banquet nnncrs-tSpceial)-C. llamillon Moses, Pine Bluff, iJicsidenl of lhc Arkansas Power and Li^ht | Company, has accepted an imitation to deliver Ihe address at the annual banquet of the Rogers ! Chamber of Commerce. January j.'ll, al Ihe Masonic Youth center. The banrpiet is bcillfi arranged for nnn persons includiliR rcprc- .-cntalives from similar nrganiza- tions in the. surrounding area. Slate llcp. Kd Jackson of Roccrs j will be master of The Rev. Marius Lincllolf. rector of j the Church of Ih'e Pecldemer al Roccis, and Sainl Paul's Episcopal Church in Fayclleville, will F,ive the iiu'ocation. Ernest Godfrey and a committee composed of Ed Jackson, Warren Fclkcr, Newt Hailcy, Denver Mur! ray. Paul Comlis and Lawrence l Harris, arc in charge of arranfie- ! menls. recentl loafers" if he's elected president. Since election is II months away,, it would save money if he'd iclcn-i tify Ihe "loafers" now. At a n y ; rate, his statement officially; opened the 1932 season on pnvcrn- , ment mploycs. j l GOP Will Shoot | While the Republicans will be : doinn Ihc shouting and the Demo- j crals will' be on the receiving end tho Democrats themselves can. be said to have slartcd the tracM-' lion back in I SOU when Thomas Jefferson wanted to be president.! His supporters, the ancestors of the present Democrats, put to- Kclher Ihe finesl political platform j in American history, with a plank! i aimed at the I'ederalists who were! ' Ihcn in power and can be consirl-| crcd Ihc ancestors of Hie present Republicans. | This plank called for a "ricnr- ously frugal adminislrnlion nf Ihe: Kovcrnincnl." It promised rer.isl- i ance lo all measures looking to a ! multiplication of officers and salaries. merely tn crcale parlisans and lo augment the public dchl on the principle of its being a public talessinK." And here is a statement with a more modern and familiar rinp: "I do not hesitate lo say that, thci most expensive luxury in America tocray is the widespread opinion Ibal government is necessarily weak, ignoring, corrupt and '· conlcmplible. This altitude costs not only millioss. liul billions of dollars, annually because it poisons the springs of povcrment. PLAN TO BUILD See Our Material. Get OUT Pric«. Try Our Service. DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 Si. Charlec GOT A COLD TAKE for fast j symptomatic' RELIEF i 666 H E A R I N G is priceless to everyone. Now, hard-of-hearing people can hear again with the low-cost Golden- tone Hearing Aid. Goldentone is a fully guaranteed hearing aid with a printed electronic circuit found in hearing aids selling for $200 or more. Goldentone's low price and low operating cost will amaze you. Come in today and try on a Goldentone, or write for free booklet. The COMPANY Home of Better Hearing 17 N. Locus! FAYETTEVILLE The first sheet of paper was made by a Chinese in lOIS A. I), by pouring mashed vegetable fibers into a flat mold. The Quebec. Canada, asbeMos pits produced 7l(i.76fl Ions in l!Mfi. is for CROWN COACH . and ihc loip'cnirm v.hcdilf, down nKffi Frequent schedules ihai »ic limed to he of hen service 10 )-og. Dcpois arc in die of downtown » t e a i . . . jusi seconds away from hotels, business buildings. And it costs so 1ml* 1 UNION BUS DEPOT 10) N»rth C«IU|* Rogers Farmers Urged To Produce Cucumbers ! nosers-(Special)-One thousand \ letter.-: went out this week In fnrnl- ' oi'S In Ihc Rogers trade territory urKiit!: them to plant cucun-bers j for sale lo the Green Bay Foods ! Company. The Rogers Chamber of j Commerce, which mailed the lel- i tors, is emphnsiziilK the fact that i Ihc Green Ray Company will pay ! market prices on delivery for the ; cucumber.-. . '. Farmers are heiiiK asked lo start with small nrrpiiKCs from one lo three acres. Demonstrations have I been made which show that ell! cumbers may be crown in North! wc.--l Arkansas at a nrofit lo Ihe I urowcr, that the crop comes he- l Iween olhor commercial crops and i is easily harvester!. i | West Fork Jack Moses, son-in-law of Mrs. ; Kva Karnes, has none to Dallas, | Texas, on a business trip. i Mr. and Mrs. Kddin Jones and i family of Fayettcvillc spent Ihe i weekend with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. ! Phillips. ! Mrs. Flo Smith, who is a patient J i n the City Hospital, shows little j improvcmcnl. ' Mrs. James I). Tcmpleloo and | sons, Larry and Stcvey. l.ave mov- i ed inlo Gus Clifton's new house ! in Ihe south part "·' town. The ' : Templotons arc from Lebanon. Ohio. Boh Clifton is in Little flock, on bu.-incss. Joyce Lee. Ocaton has been out of school wilh the flu. Mrs. Isaac Caudle, Jr.. and Mrs. June 'f'olchman lire both puticnts at the County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bo/.c I'arr left Sunday for California They plan on heiiiK pone several months. The Panv arc Ihe parents of Mrs. Jona Cantrel. A wedding shown honorinc Miss liclvi i.ce Slockhurse'.' was Riven al Ihc home ol Mrs. Dora Schulu, Friday nlr.hl. The Kifls were ar- lauscd on the ditliiiK table. After the irifts were opened and displayed, punch and cookies weic served. Twenly-eipht i:uc.-Is were present and many friends sent Rids. Roy Karnes is completely re- dcrnralinR his rii'iiR st ,'e. He is clning Ihe walls in pnjtel Rrren. I'erney lltimcardener is doing the work. The regular 1'. T. A. mccllng scheduled for Thursday nifihl will mil he held, on account of Ihe h«sl;etbnll tournament every night Ibis week. P. T. A. will meet Thursdn.v, January :'t. The nomadic Mlemne Indians n( Ntnn Rrotln favored portable wigwams of birch bark Ibal rould be Fhonn 63 ' foliled and packed Into ranoe;.. EVERYTHING IN PLUMBING and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. NOTICE A * DARMIK We hare installed new modern AUTO IxGpOir equipment in order to give the best of se'rvicc. The new equipment is a new Allen motor tune-up machine, front wheel aligner. Black and Decker valve refacing and valve reseating mochine. Complete brake service equipment. Harry Broughcr and Elmo Robb are the new operators of the garage. They are specialized in this work. All work guaranteed. We are giving a free brake adjustment to all car owners with any other work such as a tune-up, etc. This Free brake adjustment only ten days. Trv this garage for your auto repairs..We'll certainly appreciate your patronage. Garage located at the bock of Whiteley Service Station. See us for free estimates. Whiteley and Sons Garage at Whiteley Service Station, corner of Mountain and School. Phone 1957 A B l f\lf -k LAST TIME TONIGHT * OZ.ARK "BRIGHT VICTORY" Starts Wednesday -- 1:20 3:21 5:22 7:23 9:24 wMi MAN AIDON · ROKRT IAKKAT · RICHARD WfU · RAY TIAl NEWS » CAnrocm · "NO SMOKING" m m i w*mr * ENDS TONITE * DARK "CLOSE TO MY HEART" Starts Wednesday -- Open 6:45 -- Shows 7-9 ILL NEVER FORGEI YOU MICHAEL RENNIE · D.nni. PRICE . n^tm. CAMPBELL NEWS · CARTOON -- CAT TAMALE* PALACE NOW SHOWING * 1:21 3:26 J:2« 7:22 3:31 A WHIM* Im Sttqr Hril FORCE i ARMS Phon. 1021 Brought Back by Popular Demand

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