Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 9
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NORIMWMT A t K A N S A S IIMIS, foytH»villt. Arfcontot, TumHciy, January IJ, I»5J · 1 FOR RENT--MISCBM.ANEOim R«ifh Riri«r Theodore l\mw-\ One of Ihc fastest sc-heriulcrll MEI.f HANTEH I SITrATION WANTEH »*lt nwintainpd th« last e x t e n s i v e ' train rides in Ihe world is the trip j MAN or woman with mod known-rise; To t -TM: ( in piiv.vr hnr.iiM pum or PAIIKVIF.W AI'AIIT.M_EJ.TS one uni- presidtntlsl stable nf horses in '·· from East Dubuquc, III., to Prairie ^'^^''"pJilii'on.^MuH ''""nla't j 'Timci'." ' k '" 1 ''' Rprprrn "' v '""· ''"' J""TM. ,",',' 1,,'-?,%"," , m 'unmnV.i I you SAI.E--REAL MT.vr* .M"iT LISTED the United States. j rtti Chicn. Wis. It takes 3!) · I minutes I" travel the 5-1.0 miles, Mor« than 2nn new virus dis- j or an average, nf 84 miles an hour, cases of crops have hern discovered in the last 40 years. Not white, not wheat, not rye, but a flavor blend of all three-Junge's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf Kincaid Co. II well appeal inc. Apply by k-llii rofcrcncw lo Box WANT someone _' '_il lc ' 1 _S£_. V JL C ' (FToii'lTkf to rii r. Plume aw, sketch ni(-rimVNi;i-:i .KIM. | -- ~ j it;;. 0.1 Mnnliif 1,-uiulrj nvui!.ihlc i TRANSPORTATION OFKEKKI) | -JL h ,".,".,vi:£TM~~~. I'OP, S A L E -- KEAI. I.STATF ii. tat if iHti nur LmiH- link. n\ InurMct · (eil HUle "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE" ii fi nr piiim ; Advertise tn the TIMES--It DITV ! feel. A fjolrifish put alone in a howl xvill bocnmc so lonely aiul frus- Iratrd as tn actually wind up a | ( "mrntJil case." i The bmiiina is not a trep, a l - | ^ though is grows as high as 30 j quaiiTv. apiifimt must havi 1 . I refercncrs. nnd (GW wuikinK cnpital^ J;n Hillr I ' U u i (alent lest column. _ Km MONTHLY, sparV~ttiiie""wi select a tellable person from Ibis area lo icf ill nnd collect money Irnin our New Automatic Mrrrhan- rlUinK Mni-hincs. No *t'!lii]K. Ti insiruciinn J.'.'l'lL'..^.".'^*, M O N K Y TO LOAN* FliA 1JOMK LOANS vf h,i\c ; 1l\ I ' l l M i l i .\ntrs i r,,,i| nr r;il Kin dciMci- ii'irch. (mil .. . . I lii'.lirr) in WMhiMg'nn .Si-hoot l;i«- t r n - t urnl Ihr |HUr u onls nf. WH »'J u,ih \? miO on tlmvn nnd h.thmrf n! 'wiLKiNTREALTY CO. Low intr-rcst, I'm:; U". ins i L'TI.KY A X D COMPANY. INC. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phont Collect 1119 Fayetteville Rendering Co. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon« Colltcl 2353 F*fttt*Till». Arklnill Joplin Rendering Co. | C»r Of Think. ! 1 Wp wuh In IhanH "m inana frirnrt* | ; Inr Ihcir loving kimlncli tliirmf lh|. I Hlnr« and rtcalli "I our lincl , , (alhcr. M. II. Hue"" ! The HuKlirs Fumily. '. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rale: .T rcnls per word single In- scrlion. Three consecutive Inscrlions. ' 7 rrnis per word. Minimum ordrr 42c. ! Classified ads cash in advance--not ' t a k e n over Ihe Ink-phone. ! Deadline for classified «d»: 10:M . a. m daily; 3:30 «. m. .Saturday. i Correction* and rerun chwerfiilly : in-irie a f t e r hrsl insertion. No corrcc- . tions or rerun made after »d has ex- NOTE: AdvcrtisinK copy for other pases ii due al 12 noon ihe day pre- ccccllnR nublicalinn; 12 nonn Saturday -· · Monday. LEGAL_ NOTICES WARNING 'OMDCR In The Chincvry Court Of WiltiinKtan County, ArkintM A. G. Gcbnard Plaintiff Elsie Gebhnrd Uetcndnnt The nrlenriani KIsiG Cchharri i! of trie Plaintiff in the above enlitled "wHness my hand and seal of thii Court this 7ih day of January, J93^ (SEAl.t R i c h a r d B. Creor Chancery Clerk _Jl^L RllPe ^.li- 1 ^:--^ NOTICE HcvotinK 4 to fi hour* n urr! net up to $40*1 monthly, \vllh pn 1 *-: sibilitv of :,iklnc over full lime- j For Interview wnic giving (nil p a r - · liciilar* nanif. nddresr, ase and, phone number. W r i t e Box J-91,1 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . . A III-.AI.I.V NiCK HOMK. -in ;i hue .1, !r;i;:--. on ll1K!uv,.y IH-Hf l-.n r'i r \ il!r The luimc ii:id mlim M-!-II|, ^Ml! s-j : | yi.ii and frri,\iniy ; ini will not (ihjrrl 'o iho pru-p. NK.W AM) STJtlC.'TI.Y MolJf.RN*. t n o - ; RANCH STYLE HOME ! O N E "f thr I'CJ! i "iii;ruv!c-,t horn.-* i Kii \Pllrvillr I.iu-iitrd mi * l.iri:* l--\i-l. liiiniM-^ii^'l l"i in H [i-'inrc' nHKhli'trlmorl M;ui hi.tit in Iriilutr ith l.ircr roomy cinirlN Three I KM! ilillK ntVl I'.Ml h.1lU« W i l l ! (ulf.rr XlllIM JtlflU'-IPd III Ihc 1.1 r « r - » j i a l · Automotive · Hcolth and Accident · Polio ·Liability · WOIIKMKM'S KJ.'.II'KN.SA'no:. · Plate Glass ·Burglary Hcolth and Accident p. ; Workmani Compensation . · *' lre Plat!! Glaii Burglary i Automobils Polio Poultry Fir* .'' Liability Trip: UTLEY .onus \VANTEbTii5rnr" or Automobile - Liability Firs - Extended C o v f t r a g Polio - PlnlB Glon WADE FINCHEK nnd Company, inc. i George F. Caudlt ; Vir» PrcMd^'nt * In«ur»nr« Mcr 1 H. L. Ullcy 1. J. Pytatt · f'rrtidf m SecrtUrr TMflphon? 7503 71'J STANDARD FINANCE CO. . ..._ i Let us f i n a n c e the n«r Fflyctievilh! t o ' KdirT MTM. : 3'OUr new nr u:.cri t;ir. touri. Phone Sprin^ilnlf IJ.V.H 1 .. C*ll , OVK'K S K K V I C K for Wnndwnrd or conic lo M. W , Campbell'* Farm near Sioncy Poi .School. ELI ABLE' man with c;ir" call on farrnurs in WashinRton Cnun-; \2 Kni'tli B!nci; Hi., nr our U.'-rri )'n n (iay fll Ko°cxppri(Micr"(ir cnp 1 ", { ' ar '" l - Corner (.'cnU i r nnd Church uirort Permanent. W r i t e lodny. i Strro's. "i. .. ._ ... . IFOR SAKE--MISCEU-ANEOI'S TOBY of 200 miles r m l i u s open I - ·--- - -- -lo man Brc-Uing pcriimiifiU ronnn- NEW laniu Mo'irr rtivnlnlnr hr-ati-r. lion, calling on major srrvii-p sui- | _chc;ip 1'honi- Hl.'.H;i. tions. Territory i« punl.v rMnblishrd. j An " CF ';. ll(:il , alill( . }n . a ,. r i i;i ,i, llP ,, t . H i R l i commission p n i d . W n l e for j ' - , . , , - , , n rl«!nili nnd send pirturp. Acme Urn-, _ _ . - . _ - - "· form Co., PO Box 324, Houstun, ON'IC 2 HI tal ii ""NEWLIN ""REALTY"'" WKKT rORK AHK NK:K"lHMM.KX"i»VSinrir Slrrrrj,,'' ,-KHV ilit- sin-iTi fntm tJi^ ii'-w Hifil lilutdl. luts Lvmg room nnd UHrlici ·iinihinptl. IHFI'.P I ir [I room, utinwi-i i;itb m ni H- ajm n men t. Thr ndit'i HELP WANTED-- FEMALE conrtllion. ___ WANTED! AniWtimls'woincn In ncrvp | as AVON RpprcsrnlHtivc. G o o d earninKs. Full or par! time. For in-! tervicw cull Miss Garner at Ihu = P- '» Washington Hotel. Thursday, Jmi- j \VINCI IKSTKH sholRiin. t t a r y 17. _____ ^ __ ^ __ 1 Smiih School. KAiLliR.S. ;;ec at ".'ll.'i 'Wes S:IIMIII. t Mtiu .. . ' fimsli. s l d O ' j C;ir laiiin. I'. uth. y:« (in. Call ^7K:t. 1 in rclrii'.cniiiir. ·r Kiiii i-tink · uvcn. I'ritrr.ii · ATTENTION FARMERS AND POULTRYMEN BUILD YOUR OWN BUS'NESS--Srll L -h nationallv known cushioned sole f'l CHARLES CHESTER SHOES d i r e c t p from our fat-lory established JR7B. | t/fii'r-inn nil- Complc-te line for entire fHinlly. Full | ' "J^Vc rhrl time or side line. Advance 1 cumin is- I SI() y C WJ ',], ] sion up to per pair plus ;:"ii- | ' r i,,)ii phun crous monthly cash bonus. Samples , -i; - and equipment free to prorlm-cr.v COOI) prim-ii CHAS. CHESTER SHOE CO.. :W! «vcry H;iy. Chi-Atcr BUI?. Broeklnn. Mnss. I "^'f 1 . A r l c ~ ~' ' SOiJU maple dim-lit 3d. Htul ffivri-. Sl7.:,ii. ]:clu:; ftv, i-ni.uo. Chm;i cfiliiri'.'l ' · . i..-spi-ilp k I'rndu __ H A Y ?iVi- p:ti Jiu-hl. A r k . . ni "m,. l N|i"'ii!cii..|V LQNCER CARUFE ;*· :^- SALESMAN WANTED i I need a man to sell hoipilaliia- i lion insurance in and nround ; the vicinity of f a y e t l e v i l l e Ar: kansas. Capable of becoming . ^ '\ , We are now open for business, ; manager within 60 days. S a l - j lor still paying competitive prices, a r V j overrides, and commission, J,'.',^ still giving the same efficient ^|| | eac j s furnished free. C o n t a c t IJKED service. ' R. T. Alexander, Mountain Inn : _ ( -'';J"'' :( ' _ · , . _ rt ,, . , V.M-:HSIi:n-c:hiciino \vu-e ! r i W r T T n / l l 1 C D A T Cf\ , Hotel. 7 to 9 p.m., Monday and · ! F A Y c T T E V I L L E BAG CO. | T^ayjvemn^ _.,.,.,.,.,._.,...,, ! j Highway 71 South, at Country LOST ANn KoilM) j I Club Road. Call J. Allory and | LOST. t.nc_piiir"~p^i"ke"d~hm-n-"rimnTed C. G a r r e l t , ° w ^^ \ INSTRUCTION LOST." N e w " Y c n r V Eve. 5 i l k s r n r f . IF you like lo drnw, sketch or paint. ! green, sold print. Saks. Fifth A v c - wrile lor talent tn;t (No FCIM. G i v e s nuejnhrl. Phone in. fine nnd occupntion. Hox J-BS. jiitni-liftl q;ir;ii:r Prtinnm -;MI tn- K-- nvivnl fii'l u-.iiilfl niiitte .1 hriiii»i(nl · hinii- w i t t i tw» haihi TI1K liWN- FR S I'QUITY CAN »K -BOUGHT : FOK Sl.lOfi CASH DOWN. A. L. SHAMBLIN | REALTOR ; JIM HOLDER 1 SELL'OR TRADE : ll'il ACIU: liinil. 7 niniii ini.ilrrn tanr. i....^/. ^ini-'rf hiini linitH- A limn. ii:lnM- liuildii^s. Hid!'! . Hue siirinu. Trnilc: SELL" YOUR BUSINESS" "SEMI-RANCH'TYPE ' /^D A \ / C K I C r 0 f~r\ ' Arcodl B l d f- Phont 60ai .Advfrll» In the TfMF.S--It p«T«: LKAVtNb Cx L.U. i =·--·--·-- ---···· ----^-^-^~-----_ 5 -Wr^GHLAND AVENUE! USED CAR SPECIALS 1946 Mercury, radio ond heater. Runs per- f e c t l y with Columbia rear end . $695" 1949 Ford 2 door, radio, heater and overdrive $1095" 1950 Plymouth 4 door special deluxe. This is a clean car $1295-. 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 4 door, clean $1295 HAMMOND RFAlIY C O . J I 9 5 1 Chevrolet P / 2 ton new. No miles. This truck sells (or $1319, I am offering this truck for . . $1495 1 also have 25 more good clean cars from 1941 to 1951 \VK 1 I A V K lu'I rei-cived i jjrnrntii' prlcf rcdu I'M fut m tin* spnuliii prfipt riy. ('(nun-ire ilii* i\ ith othrr prnprny In Ilk" inlvc i.iner Five rnnin colonial ivpr !'.mt;hlnvv. Win*-' liurnins fin-plncr- -Full pnrrh ncm^ i-»\t (rout Si v f - n r d kitchni pcrtli -l»ri!p base nn ill -t'rtf.icr All I hit hriilihv l.iwn nnd l.fjiulKul red H-M- the 'nddrr« - :*-U M'i:M^n'l Oni* nr our very finrM rciidcnilnl nelRhlfr- hnniin Phr K\ ONK" · II n H a m m o n d U 2 Mir oldc: n O n l v /.r F o i l Sl-.W o u i t n y tinn ntirsu'liv. i.oih in :md NEIL' 'SAWREY',""BROKER : STANDARD REALTY CO. n nklalir niliKon Hinn. Oktnhnmn'.i I larcr-il rrrrrf tlon «rcf. opiiorlunitv fnr somconr work. Ownrr IHUM soU in flfcoiitit of hralih Phone M. J .Clan- ir.»n Hromh kdficr Okljihnma. RANCH STYLE" "' MTAtl'I JKl'h Mirrc Imdrnoin MI.-IIIC of (rnm* nnd ilone Kxtr* quality ron- Rtnicltcn inrliidcs 3D im-h floor joist f cdloicil bflih lixturr.^. wn"d Inifiiinp Inr plarr and rrntral h«*n*. Three ..pdf.oiii hi-drnnnn |)hi* P" ir Ii:inclr(l sun iff-m. lovely kitchen nn p-tveinrnt »n! loir "f * h « d r liccr. II i* the host buy In t o w n WILSON'-ADAMS '"tnrir i""'n"''nl'rii'H*'vvl'.irl,'.«.' Iwn | full lllr.1 linllu "'""' l|l "|'| r "'l',',?, ,'m! am ^ n ,, |hlns ,,, ,,,,,.,, I llh II. Priirp liii^ brt.n ; Tackett's Auto Exchange """i SOUTH 71 HI WAY PHONE 2 1 82 ::d very l i t t l e . ( KO cnrd. ^FI'K Ito' I . ' \ \ V s t ' 1 ; n-i t Ryni I - ::: ' 1 - COM"PLETE .vour liiph school at home in Lparp time. Texts furnish fid. Diploma No clasprv Send for 47 pajie honklpl and ftimplc lesson frep. Amrrican School. PO Box IflR. Enrrkfi Sprinps. Arknnsa*. I P L R S O N A I , LOST, man's yellow ^old r i i i R . one large s l n n e w i t h ((ctls. Phorif ?OI.'.I or 1DK Hf-wnrd. LOST~Black '5poltVr1~I 1 ol'nnri "sow. Lntt seen near M nun lain View. Nnllly Marion Rppks._ Route 4. KOUND.'^ca'nicrR"!!! "GuisinRcr " Musi'c Honsr. Owner may redeem hy idL-nt- BEAR Danny. I'll sen you in my dreams. Dnris. DF.AR Doris. When I FCC you '. to Sinn. Sec you in my Drcan Hanny. GOOD u .c-rl much, rock _ covered. Ph KIG rJuiclHn.iii pmillry ii-i-ili-i. '.," HP Sun fi-«-l fh.iin inirl lr.:i-!..i»:c l.fii-.- i-ip.irily. fMi-.-i Inn Put cl:-i- cd nii'ma of 19111 ClriKiiuti ins!;iil;i',i'.ii. M.jlii) Will cnnsHl'-r rcnMUnilth; .HUT. 11 W firmp)?i:]]. route 1, SpniiKH.ili i Grnrsr II. r V c - v -.!»· M "f" Six Mubculor Mules Cn!.'l.!JN"T h:ivi- iimvcrl liiin^a \ to h;in I n"AnNYAHU~ri7mm ' COHN (rd' h"n«'; Ur 141(1.1 Bring A Broiler Man '·' · WITH M"'i · crllcnt lit I I ;m.l d e l i v e r - ' r.i|w!ty "I i.f'"". * npGS--CATS--PKTS j f'UPI'JES. Boston BiilldoRV. "Fox" T o r - j 1 rirr.-:. Cocker Spaniels, Beanie-; is. Plnnly t Ynu'rp A Drcomcr J nu re ^ Urcomc The R i t t c r Agency , r , ,.;. jTiiipr IMion_r J^:-!" ... -.j.j-jj,- IK ,.j. 4f) ACnr.S. In-1 worn Knv^tlf-vlIlP nnd Sprincdnlfi Six room mnrirrn hnnir hn-riwnprt fioorn. piapanr K«»· '^' h"u*.p. frf'd hniisc. hn r n. lonlltiK !«!HM| clKhl ncirS t;t;ipr«i pond, nboul IH nrrc* «r»«. w«mlPrHil virw. Phnnr IIL'IK. Sprlnr.dnlr _ ?'"ACnr.s""innd"."^ room houxr, 2 n«nni hnutr UPS. rlcctrlciiy In hnnii- Citv xvntr-r hy Ihf rlnnr. Hilllrd wfll tww in IIM- Phnnr ?i:.fin RANCH Moitrrn f i v f rnnin The Rilter Agency ! --· " · ia:w-iir.«w | ' SKRVICKS ori'rnrn - _ " 1 Abshier-Bryan "You Friendly Ford Dealer Since 1913" lion North Side Drug. 3.10 North j TOY HulldoV'nr snlr." a!pi) want cood I i C'lllrKr. Phonr 13H. [ home Io£_small_doE._T*hono_KtriRn. j ~ATT"ENTIO?I i WANTED, home for small p u j I.KT thr American National InMirancr j _phonc_fiOMVI. 'For free .information, write [ phf ; np lfl fa j COMP1.FTE i cHrriaRf^ V R A I N B O W ' T H O U T ww :iJd!. O/.Jirk Tiuul K;. i | Thr . HvH'E ' rA"l!F." l'Sr"i-hlTcfrcirin" rpinK Mllfhrv Kl I i-virrl pr,M ! , - v7ni-krPl. win-riri,-i.p: ny "home" Mis i SlHTI. II7IJ I nV"m:|."M " ; AUTO LOANS We suggest that you drop in and investigate the benefit! of our plan. Let us help you finance that new or used car. Call 3101. MOTOR FINANCE CO., Inc. L'csii:.--i !.',· .V!ic;r.'-t ilala Bnnk Ocpotlmenl "Your Friendly Home Town finance Company" C. C. FARLEY, Mgr. DIREOIOANJ- LOANS REFINANCED 17 E. Meadow St. Fayrtttvilh, Arib coc-'kpr xpanirl puppies. _ i WANTED TO BUT CASH buy from ow and lol in or ncai 'rTimes. hcri sp"d~Rcsr"p KI.OWKHS--Ihf yih most ,-ippvcifitcd j A N ! ) W ;ic hy everyone Phon- :W:,. Berry s sv.-rrpnu.' C/UA'i.ITV APPLKS j r -N "^^^'^ GOLDEN' Dchciou.l. lU'd Ut'lici'ius.; .i?, M f' l '-' J -ii') hnuln Wjnrsap. Insprciion invilrri. ·""·- ' inn nnus- , wi(j»:ms, Atkans;is Cold Sto Box .I-JU. ,,j ]nn( , 2Vi2Jf " W i g E T C ' A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M, P A T T O N ili-ntim-nl And ni " ' fvl(";r. Ptinnp IS7.V PnTcKJlKG .gA^!^"^^"-'"-1«1^^'A^VVn^HEi NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY FOR SAL. OR TRAM j |[)P"A I ^ ATTpF«" PQ I s " s,,,,, ,,,. ,..n«, k cr-||UCML nMIIKCJJ LU. eHCJbsE - oS , E OF THESE ._n.v,. nKCnEATION--4 Inrgc cooler. Doing Rood bus 1 on main street locntion fino Non \\-CFt Arkansas ttnvn. Kcusnnal: rent. Oilier inU-rrits. Sell as iv si ecjuipmcnl or Iradr (or residence Lincoln. Arkansas or phone Lin roln , FOOTINGS--w a Phone 'Jin dilehcs. ncplie tnnk hdlr* Ail: Hiitl hark filling. Call ~K'. Obir '41 "DodRC~BC(lan for Juc*p ,, pickup. Phone 127.1W. j 2 ROOM IKIUSP. n(«p \VILirtrTde~lcv~cl favnT^hly~lm"iHffd j ablP_pnc_.- Wrllc ll residential area bnilrlin? Int. GO by TWO or lhri:c hfdroo Ifi.'.. for rural property. W r i t e Box : np:irli)irnt i-r lumsu In FOR SALE--HOMK NEEDS SF.E the new hy Poppy Tr Big News lor You Every Day in '52 · STARTLING headlines will (lash from the Irani pngs, OR you pick up ihe newspaper your carrier brings day aher day. But come what may, YOU are nr^urnd oi a quick, accurate and complete account each day-- filong v:ilh action pictures o! persons and places involved, and clear-cut comment on significant happenings. In addition, you'll nnjoy a "front seal" lor your n e w s p a p e r ' s daily p a r a d e o! famous columnists, lop-lliqht comics, and fascinating features lor leaders of all aqr;; and interests. Gathered, printed and delivered lo your door on lime, rain or shine! Ready to give you hours of cnjoyablo leading! : If yft'l firf 0 m»wcom*t. Ihcrf'.- n hn-tlinq wr:i*r- boy r!o.n hy, »agi»r lo oivft YOU Ihf .ifrin« np*My ond d«rfjnrinhl« newnpnpcr Rcrvicfl n.-. hi do«s 1o ycur neighbors. Hail him wh»n lift Hihvftri nftnl rfoor, DT phonfl our olfie* 1 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES mccl J. W. Hill ELECTRIC CO. Quality Inttalltr* · PUMPS · POWER fhont 24. W«it Fork Mutual INVESTMENT Funds PHONE S4 or Coll PHONt 1375 0. H. Gamble 1875 Prospectus on Requtil. 2 2 1 Cesi L f l f - i y r l l f FAYETTEVILLE, A R K . Blue Cross-Blue Shield Now Available Blue Cross-Blue Shield Hospifol and surgical benefits have been made available to families and individuals pattrrn '· A'PAlitMKN'T. niceiy furni.'hcd, Hros. Co.. i in. Phone 1!).'.7. _ KUKNISHEU Mpn"rtmi»nl. '2 r COLI.APSini.K clothes drier, ironinc _C!nsse ( | in pntvh. Plume 7^71 hoards, ptaslic cloUics lines. Lewii 4 ROOM ~ mode! n li«.i,-e. ITTIIW Bros. Co.. Inc. M~bnKnN~i-f(icu-nry np,irlii-riii A t Any Price , ,,,rill , ( .| ,-rujplr ill4 Noiili S Fuller Outl.ists Them Alt : ,,,.,,,,.,,.-,..,. , ,,,, i-v,-.n, m , n£yd_Mi!iJ«_Ji?n_Llnd£ll_Phnn ( - ];,4X | A P A R I ..1LM ranee l . x r H l e n t . rJOTlCE: Berlon Guarnnlccd Mo'n- ' jsprny stops moths or pays lor the ; · " ,, dsmnfir. t i v e year guaraniee. Lewis *'- w Bros._Cn.. Inc^ F.I.EC'rnOLUX clra: pl1c«. Rent fnr 4fl fiock. Thone 52. FOR SALE--AUTOMOT1VK fflj7__NASH_Aml»ii.i«(Ior'._Ciiir 2374W. 1949 OLDSMOBILE" "W i.r9:-. sec »t_JR Williams. I47~CHKVROLKT 24 HOUR SERVICE ON Hcmttiiching, Picoiing, Cov«r«d through the Farm Bureau group. Buttons, Button Hol«, Tailoifld For enrollment and information contact and Bucklei. Special Attention given MnH Orders. Satisfaction or Money .k. SINGER SEW'NG MACHINE CO 18_s.E. ^-·_ Fnjr * tte ^!l 1 * Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake " Inr Ponds - Roads - Clearing UK? H. H. JONES, Contractor 212 Viryinin Avn.. hnx 143 U. Sla. Phnnr I-iftfi,J'aypHrviHf_ _ HARRY"!! "CHKMRR 1. llox -11. \Vin\lo\v Fayelleville County Farm Bureau Office .- Phone 2667. Springdole, Wilbur Watson ';' 120 South Shilo. / / / i Phone 3974/ 1041 CHF.VROL~FT pick-up. Thd W H I T F I E L D ' 5 SAFETY-TESTED CARS Il.i -fl Inn NICT. iiu':c! ':ip:iilim-iii;"a r;.ir;if!- I'hfUK- '-"j:..T ,T BKD11OOM IIIIIIM- (in ^ hot ;nul mid \v;i!( r. I .-, m.mill I'll!,MI- JMl ONK hrdr-inni hniiM. i: n.-irf. 7ln i;iirl;in.I Ay.. . » r y C | 1 l'i'-|"'"- '"'"'· m ·;,!] Paul l.i-iM'. ;ir. r. .·fltbriM unfiinn'ln-1 np.i ly priVHlr Ml.- l-'nr 1 ; 1950 88 Deluxe 2-door. Orig- inol sorge blue. Conditioned heoier, deluxe radio, hydroniotic d r i v e . One owner $1995 1949 Super Buick $ 1 5 9 5 1946 Dodge Coupe $ 695 ' ",',:,,',';,,,.',';," 1939 Chovrolei $ 379 i-rAn 1948 Ford Sedan $ 895 3r ', Ar 'TM ,,','" TRIPLE CHECKED L/rn'.'."^-- T R U C K S !'' wiii, rci'rie. 1950 Ford long wheel base, 12- foot nock rock. 8 2 5 x 2 0 tires. 2-spccd rear axle, 110-H.P. engine. . . 5 , 1 4 9 5 1949 Cliovrolet Ih-lon. . S 795 1949 K - 8 Ir.isr.-.alional .^.17 O 5 1947 GMC IV).Ion $ 695 1937 Cluvrolet Pickup. $ 345 Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory BEAUTY SHOP ' AiTitT.s m.Ai'nY yfiitr N,,.. up ti.uii. 7 ' , r. Miiiinlani SI A:I.-I- Sll'l M:,Mi:, Pll'.nr _f..O _ Cdl.V.MlijS IlKAIITY SHOP t'fil V.' MrndD'.v-Phone :W2 SrAl'K.', bP.Xu'J'X aVlOl* Klorcnc* it*rl«top ^?l W l)irk*(in V'hcjM T* ."l'U!CKK f rrs"HhAli : Y SHOP RF.MAni t WORK I I A I I . I N C HHIMSIIIill IMI.I Ph.,lie Plfl'.V. ! cn»l nf t ( , v n . ' LA1HJK Iront rit 4~ HOOM I i i f i i l-.ti.-.l WHI1FIELD MOTOR CO. OLDS - GMC SALES AND SERVICE U Norlh. Easl St. in V.-.n.l.-. i-i,', r r,-l' I.KVCUK'I'I H',.u:n. S'i.'-'l up ini.i SMAl.'l. sli'in I m i l i l i l i l ! . ·"'. W r - l r i l l n i r i !.". I s . ' . i n i liri _ iiNivf;"lisn"Y Ai'A"ll1MKN1!i lw-flr.,"ni nnfiirn^l.r.l JfJ.VI Uhr.l 57:- '-1 tiillll P.^-fl ll lnLr.-:rf Phnnt ::,i\ I - T ' l . l IIO.MI-: SKHVICI: iNsri.A'i'Kix \vi-:A : nTy.fis'niii' |j]'/.''j|;.Vn.N(; - V.'.M.I.I'.M'KH \,'i::i)'iv.' n.;·:.*:·:INC. KuMy I n - L I r,I C;.li nr W : i ' , . r:ni'.i;nT M. S M I T H \V, vt Koil: 1'lf.' SAND AND riRAVRI. ROAD AND D R I V E W A Y - ALSO TO!' SOIL Phone IS1U nnd M'il Drive Into Spring Wi-Jh New Pride · Lot our outo bndy toctini- ciofu "mnnicufr" the fionH nnd icrolchc\ lhal your eut'i picked up ih'u pasl v/inlor-or qivn it n brand new " f a c t o r y finiih" poinf job. Reojonable cost def e r r e d payments if doiirod. Drive vjpl MODERN MOTORS 125 V/. Mounltiin Si. Phon« 252 My Personal Car" 1951 Clievrolet Slyleline Deluxe 4-Door This Car Is Almost New! : | Has Hie lollowmcj equipment: ; Radio and heater, 'jcat covers, whitewall tires, big oil^ ; f i l t e r , exrra bumper guards, also other extras. j You May Trade In Your Old Car and Have 18 Months . to Pay If You Desire. ' ·' HOMER FRY ! . Tatum Buick Co. ;30 EAST MOUNTAIN PHONE 213 WANTED TO BUY Used poultry (ceding equipment. Feeders, oulomotic watcrers and goi brooders. Propane storage tanks. (Especially interested in large quantities, but will buy any amount. Write, stating what you have and your prices. Haag's General Store Rucld, Arkansas

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