Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 8
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E TWESS V/HO v.'PH THD? ln'TiA|_9 II'] WC-T CEMENT fvES, CHARLIE. M3U MADE hiOUR FIRST MISTAKE WHEN YOU ASI-.'ED ME TO POSE AS AM HEIR IN THAT UK-CLAIMED PIVE CRAMD CASE. WE FICURF-D SINCE HE CUT TME I7ECCPD IN REVERSE, IT WAS POOBABLV DONE ON MIS OVN MACHINE. ·CHJ WAMTEO PLAYER WITH A ._ SPEED-- SO, WE WENT TO SPINNER'S OFFICE AND ·'Si GOT HIS II sil-ICW 'EM ) I'M JU3T A WUCI1 A MAM THE.V AI?E f\. Qlf?L5 WITH UO). OR /I'M «AWVER, FROM) Oil, YES, TME TROUBLE SHOOTER I THE IIE'.VWKK /VELL, WE'VE GO! TROUBLE. ALL RIGHT. OFFICE. /[ UIJLtSS\OUCANPUTASTOPTO IT OUICK, THERE'S 60IMG TO 3 A KILLING. / BUZ S^WYER 10 SEE I KX.. DAVIS, THE \ OFFICE MANAGER PLEASE. J H M/.M THEY GROW ( Rill FLIES TO SAIT LAKE CUV, KOISTERS ATA ·" HOTEL, STROLLS TO THtT FRONTIER OIL OPFICE. LOOK.' IP I C,\N'T TIE~^"v A OOVV TIE.Vl'HAT AV'\E^ J VVVX'..E!J...vri-3,\( OK AX THEN 1 GUESS IT I S . C A M fJO 1T TL-iE ONUy THING IS I CAM'T SET J\\V I-OOT OUT. , . ·)OU TH'NK. V , - =-- -·- OLJ CAN '?} /· ' \\'ELI ---- EW-' OLJ CAN '? /· ' \\'ELI ---- --IT.,,-., ^, IT'S JUST Uk- NEVER MIND THR TIME MACHINE-GET AWAY FROM/ VEII... 1 THERE QUICK.'.' .-_'A GLKS3 I'D Bur.AiiOOTTA GIT T' ouucncM.'. r - IT'S A MATT I"R O CVEPN DAWM, THE FiCN WAITS FO'HIS IV MERE. T'SEE VAVJT HAPPENED r HIS IDEEL, FEARLESS R3SDICK."- li A MATTEL O'uiFr. on . FOSDICK ·«. WlSHT AH ' C'D RKAD.T TM' PITCHER5 L-LOOK3 _ N?! 21th VEAK Junior Bulldogs Play In Missouri Tournament 'Dogi In Stvtnth Victory; * Diftal Van lunn Poinltrs 'Oil AHSPA Directory 26 Club Sponsors Lists Junior Times Annual Colors Day The Kayctlovilte been invited in tlic r;ii?crs have} anntHl Tour- .sHincnt nf C'hampiuiis al Spring-j field, Missouri. t Test Time Again Annual Edition Published By W. J. Umke And S t a f f j Freshmen and sophomores--He-j The r'aycltevillr Hi?h School: learns are invited, all ; ware! The six-weeks lest on y o u r ! Junior Times is not lhe only hish from Missouri with the exception linjlish work-book 1s near a l ; school paper on lhe mar, in A r - | of Favctleville. hand. Do you know al! .'bout your | kan:;as. This is proved by lhc A n - 1 Preliminary fames will begin pronoun.-!, adverbs and Rcrunds'. i nual Directory of Arkansas hchoul; Monday and'run thorujih Friday I Essays of Yesterday and Today : Papers put out by Arkansas Ilipli. - ' | s onc ,,[ ihe subjects haunlina j School F.ess Assncial'.on. W. J., juniors around Icsl They'll j Lcmhc. Director. This dircctoo 'Id be ascd questions on The Circus, | conlains the names of lhc school basketballs will be awarded lo Importance of Loallnc, and o t h e r s , ! papers from each hish school, the members of the teams in the I as well as on the authors of these j editors, and the sponsor.', nut, finals. i c =says. Seniors will be .-IrUBslinK handy directory also tells hovj, Home of lhc outstanding teams' wi u, f a c t s about The tloistrr and often the paper is pub ishcd a n d , .cnlcrinK will be Kansas Cily.ith, Hearth. : ' f '"· is " l"''"led. duplicated, or; wilh R wins and no losses; Bolivar,! ^ h yp , lhc i imc .,, test what | school fections papa, with 8 wins and 1 loss: and Stella, [, h ',,,' us ' ha s learned during the j Thc directory lists 5G printed: wilh 12 wins and 1 loss. I ' ( monlh ant | n half i right paper?. 83 duplicated papers, and- Defeat Alma. 46-.-J7 'around the corner, y'knn-.v, I'll 15 school s=c-ions. : The ciiRors stretched Ihcir strinq i | )ct you all are sayinB. "·"·'·"· lhal 5 i The Fayctteville Mi.ah School Sixlcc- the finals Saturday night. Trophies will be awarded lo the first place teams, and small (told 01 f c D i - e s lo six as they defeat- j ,,,iihjn' to worry about. Col plenty journalism department would likci t, cd Alma 40-37 at Moot Gym l a s t ; n f ti mc ." Oh, yeah? v ''ell, we'll t o C x|ircss its appreciatios to W.I if Friday nis The learns matched field goals, ym , see. Just don't say I d i d n ' t w a r n .1 Lcmkc and innkins 14, but Fayetlevillej made 18 of 2.1 charity losses, while: nfij ill i r Dr^na 1 ,-:! 1 ' to Kivp |Library Goes Wild West After scorin^poinfsis,be s firs,! w . j h ^ ^ ^ content to slay barely ahead. Early in the third period the Bulldogs had a !." point ad-vantage and Alma slowly started narrow- n». However they didn't do I directory and also for his month-j I ly bullclin. A copy of direc-' lory may he found in the journalism department for anyone interested in hisrh school newspapers. Bulldog Wagg'ms Candidates for Student Colin in;. However they didn't do i] j and iadi| nR Cowboy in Snarrii , ·".'^,'f, j^ir^i^f bTlhc^Sludcii! j fast enough, and the came ended I of ( ; nlll| thilt VC)U V ;in cn joy. Other Cn ,. n( .;| Thc 11( ,. lV ' a , llcn riment with lhc DORS in Ihe lead -18-37. j [1CW hoo!l , nn t | 10 shell are: Of |m ,;, cc |" by lhe siudcnt Council, 1 Win Over Pointer!, S3-13 i Courage Undaunted by J " mc= j j anunrv (j. The Bulldogs marked up their j DauRbcrty. Man-Katcrs o' K»- , ' Dn you like cowboy slories'.' J f j so Ihcre arc two new books on . Hit pry shelf, KMdHllK Co.vhuy.! md FlddlinK Cowboy in Search , n inn. I,,.L nisht by. mnnn l.y Jim Corbeu. The trouncing the Van Burcn Pointers | Kingdom by Chester tiryaiil, .i.i-1.1. iiiBh I)"' 111 man for th 1 " Son of a Hundred KinRs mint was nay Barnes with Ifi. Parker put on a dribbling exhibition Ihe last Iwo minutes o!' lhc game while freezing lhe ball. At the end of lhc first quarter . Fayctteville had pushed ahead. 11-8. 'I'hcimas B. Costam. Fi!ldi;iif Cowboy by Afl licali i.-r a hook fur a d v c n l u r c - l o \ ins rcadcrr,. Thc story tells of flora Gordon Icavins his nalivc; Ml m ( : The Rulk 1 :i:s uiune with Fort · p v ! Smith proved lo bo a bi; drav/iiiKi ' ''card for FHS. An csiimalctl c r o w d 1 | ,,,,,, . lCopI( , a ti cnc | c d. A t least! .ph · - · ^ ^.^ ; 01 Basketball Team To Be Sold; Queen Will 63 Announced JudKinq o! home-room duor dcfnr?licin, February 13, will herald t|-.c i;h annual Colors Day, sponsored l.y the 2fi Club. An- nouncem.-nl of winning dours will !)c madu in covocaticm that da;.' an'l pri::cs will be sivcn to Is!, lind, and 3rd winners. A new feature of Colors Day v.ili be the nrctionin.-: o f ' t h e bar.- kcthall players. Details will be announced ill a laler dale hy Ihe Stndnnt Council which is in charge of this acth ity. Thc announcement of the Colors Day COi'^cn will t a k e piace al Ihe Pepper:/ Spaghetti Supper, in the school calctcria. Martha Brockway, Pepper president, announced the following Rirls as chainncn if i-ommittces lo plan tile supper: Entcrlainmont, Ann Whitfield and Carol Sicnscnx: 1'ublicity, Konna Kcnnan: Tickets, Gayle Jones; Food, Florence Thomas and Rila Hankins: Decorations. Virginia Slaplrfon; Serving. Paisy Jones; Invitations, Caroline Stevenson; Clean-up, l.yncll Smith. Lena Sue Walker was appninltrl Kcncral chairman of the cnlire spaghetti supper. Followins the supper will be the ;:amc hclwccn the FaycltevMlc Bulldoss and the Springfield. Missouri Bulldogs 'M'hieh wiil be o\ er by the queen and her attendants. The Colors Day committee, announce'.! by Jamie Cornell. President of lhc 1:0 Club, is made up of Shirlry Stanbury. chairman, Har- 'an Head. Val Ann Walroii. Jon Larrv Starr, and Rosalie 13cnt. pushed ahead. 11-8. Bv the hall- 1 .., j()1) ,,,, , hc Double Bee Ranch. lime Ihe Bulldotrs had an oiRiit- | ^fie,- m anv trials, Ibe otiicr ranch- point lead. 2fl-20. Thc hic;cst mar- , hnlld . arjc , !t him and lake him ' ' Mrs. substiluicd for| MR- Gray dL'rina her absence c c x a s p a . , . · crf , )y lhp donUl ( ) ,,,,, , h c Double Bee R a n c h . ' ;.|i! lcl -.i n .|aw ' ' ' . . , . - . . . . . . . - - - - · , just barely for lhc . r c x a s p | ainj . I,,crc he RC.S ; Bv the hall- 1 . ' ,,... between Hie two teams was al he end of the third period when 'ayrttcvillc was ahead 42-20. Thc 'in'al score was Faycttcville lead- ng by ten points. Fnrmrr State Clumps Fall. r,8-28 The Buildups pul on a real show -eppcib would like in rake Godfrey Program Presented By librarians for Ibe basketball fans Tuesday j K | V cs ilpht by downing Fort Smith, the \\' cf \ dinn a t t a c k s , a prairie fire, and . an encounter with the infamous j home. .James brothers. Thc story take.- place in the middle 1870's and save din-ins the holidays at her 'J FT \ mem! 1 ' - n;'VC started scll- 1 - i A m r m i . . - L · Kood picture of the Old I ' slate champions, S8-2B. Thc Gri7.7.1ics fiol o f f to an early Sir.'s Army by Bruce \ Col'on; Whit:: Witch Dnclor liy! "' lhc FTA c .. ^m-on; nun;: H M . lead-, moving ahead 5-1 and v.-ere | |. nl || so A. Slinc'.off; Homr P a i n t - . still abend 10-a at the end of the I ),,,,, \Vallnaprrine and Decoratinc; l' lcl ' c l- first prt'iod, and the Flc'icn C'atalos of Ifl.'ill In the onenins of the second: are 0 ;hcr new boo!;.-. quarter, the score was tied. Bulldogs now had the spark it look and surced ahead l!)-l(i as the half ended. O-.renins 'be second half willi three field goals and a free thj-ow. Ilic Do^s pained a nine point margin. A f l c r lhat Ihe .Grir.zlies came .lies came lvon lhe t . tilj , ta within four points of Faycltcvillcl r .,, ur( , 5i Durins H but never any closer. Contests; Refreshments Crafts Ciub feature Contests and rcfreshmcnls cave a festh e appearance lo ihe Crafts Club, October 9. Lucy McAllister the n'i/.e for drawing linej week. Crafts ; playwrights of tomorrow, s of Mr. GwaUncy, handed | , ... their one-act masterpieces l a s t : ! v.-er'K. From the coin-crsalions o f . I many dramatic siudcnts. this re-| j porter came to the conclusion that , i cither Ihe students arc bcin 1 : 1 modest, or all inn plays are mirer- . able flops. I,el's hope that thci first conclusion is correct. F r a n c i s K i l l s C l u b m e m b e r . FHS Well Represented At Ach'evement Banquet Kaycttcville High studcnls were well 'represented on Ibc program al Ihe 4-H Achievcmnl banquel. .lack Washburn. president of the Washington County 4-H, presided al the banquet. A summary of the voarV worlc was qivcn l)y Vice President Darryl Sllipley. W a fl e Hale lold of his trip lo Chicago. AmoilR .lhe F. H. S. studcnls who received honors at the banquet were: 'Neil Washburn who won a -half ton of fertilizer for his project in soil conservation, .lack Washburn who received a lidilr Inini) for -safely. Marjorie Samples who won pinl:in;4 shears in Ibr dress review. Carol Carson who received .1 year's locker rent lor her project in frozen foods, .lay Shipley, who won an alarm clock on corn production, Vclma Warren who won a cake for her handicraft, and Dorothy Lower who received SSn for achievement, .limmy Carson who was awarded bushel of hybrid seed corn for is Luck and field crops. Fredric March won the motion picture academy "Oscar" as the cst aclor in 10."1"2 and 10-l(i. » Club' membrs drew book marks j Club will do Ic.xlilc palming and i for lhc library. * I plan Ihe library door decoration j Al the next mcetina Hie Crafts lor Colors Day. i Tiiroucll an iir.ilation of the A r - Ihur God'rcy Snow, with Jimmy Swart?. as master of ceremonies and Ire library t t a f f as suesls. annonnceinrnts and in.-tru-.lions conccrnin;: the library were |ire- scntecl to Ihe convocatiun au:l:encn January H. Shirley Davis, the first speaker, told Ihc'slndenls that bonks must be in early because librarian.-: must have time to check books due and lost as ^e!l as fines dee before the semester is over. Mars- Ella HodRcs follower! with hc'.vs about new books thai can be lound in lhc library. Florence Thomas then spoke of the purpose of the TAB. Velma Warren explained the -ihorlaie of research bouks and ihe need for students to coupcr- a',c when usinr. these bunk,--. The names and types of the mws new macaiincs v c r c given by Nalalie Curtain Call-Four Enter On Cuc · H a y s Thillip and Shirley Mboon cnr'icd Hie show with a short riialo--ue about student iresponvi- hiliiy iii H\c library- Jud,-on Smith acied as timekeeper and general llunky. Knlcr Evelyn Schlcchl. spri^hl-i ly and qay. She is r'(." and h a s | searehin?. ".ITCH eyes. She speaks and thinks--Dan Dailcy. ller. SOURS are -"Birth of lhe Blues"j and "When My Baby Smiles al '·Me." Kvclyn loves bii; salads and! : "pco-ilc. licc.-uise they arc so in-, tercstiiiR." Thc nualily she likes; best in people is sincerity. ShCj is a member of Thespians and Ibc; yearbook s l a f f , and a past mem-! iicr of FHA. - j Charles Bosan. a c.rocn-cycd.! brown-haired, fi'2" senior, cninc.-j ion at the cue wilh ,1 remark, "Hot I 7.i'4". His list of favorites include, fried chicken, baseball, and b l a c k - j haired iiirls. if they aren't stuck-', up. Ills sonir is "It's No Sm". l i e ; appreciates friendship in people most of all. Thc thins he likes j about school is the basketball; Icain. Charles plans lo eo In c o l - j llcsc and then t r y - t o play Major; Lcacue baseball. l':;ht now he i s , a four year band student and will j be a Student Council rcircscnta-' live next semester. j Cayle Jones walks sedately in.· A quiet pirl, she surprises you- when she s t a r t s popping o f f . She likes friendly |:co:lc. but c o n c e i t - j ed people irritate her. Her f a v o r : itc system ill the school is the | coke-machine. She loves to; dasce and her fapritt sons is, '-Blue Moon." Gaylc is vice president of the 2ti Club, news reporter, of lhe Junior imes. a member of. the yearbook s t a f f . Pepper flag! loam and Nalional Thespian So-, cicly! · | Bill Parker misses the cue. 1ml; lowers in wilh a .arin at the last.. He is fi' (all. has blue eyes and 1 dark In-own hair. His SOIIE is "1 ' Like It", and his liv-worri, "Ihim-j dinner". He doesn't like stuck-up senior girls. The thins be dis-'j likes about our school is "some of the old traditions". He is Slu- : dent Council presidcnl, a member, of lhe Key Club, and on lhc Safely j Council of the Chamber of Com- j mercc. Mnurice Stokenberry Wins Honorable Men'nor. llonoivhlc mention was awarded Maurice Slokcnbcrry. home num. r.!l, by the Washington Counly iiistorical Society for his essay on "iCarlv Settlers of Morthwc.-;t Arkansas." Maurice's fourth Kicai V:i:irl- fatlicr. Robert J. McCamcy. an carlv settler of Northwst Arkan-as ' w a s the subject of his c=say. MeCamcy was Ihe first lerrilorial iudce of !hc period, c/iunty \iud:e of Washinston Counly. He drafted and wrote the first constitulion nf Arkansas. Californials AVildlife Conscrva- lion Board will receive Sl.dOn.nnn annually for the next thrcp. fiscal years from Stale Horse flaring revenue as pinvidcd in the terms of a new IcKislalive act. Tile radio telephone links t h e United Stales wilh Bf other conn- 1 PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK Believe li or Noil "liitm, thol'i »h' Idrt boMlt w«'v« got to wnd a mos- tog* in...N«w ihii lim* i»nd lor HElP-ntver mmd your pen pal in Samoa!" ' OAK THEE 100 VC»R5 OLD COOK NO OJT CP SOLID BOCK

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