Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 7
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Bulldog Free Throws Beat Van Buren, 53-43 Fayetteviile Wins Seventh Game In Row Barnes, McConnell And Porker Spark 'Dogs Past Pointers Tbe Kayelleville Buildups r. their undefeated streak to seven! straight last night, downing a hard-Hunting r i v a l , Van Buren, 53-43/The Pointers played a rugged brand of basketball in an at- Boys Club Boxers Hogs Beat Baylor, 54-38, For First SWC Win Kansas Retains Top Ranking In AP Cage Poll The Arkansas Razorbucks won 1 I heir f i r s t Conference game of the year hist nifilil, 54-3(1, over the Baylor Bears nl Waco. For A r k a n s a s it was the fin;t loop win in three starts. For Baylor it WHS the accond league loss in two games. Roth tennis battled through two quarters \vith never more than Hire; points separating them. The fir.-;t quarter endc'.l \vith Baylor holding a 25-2-1 edge. Rut in the third kansas jumped into period Ar- lead it tenaciously held on to. Three baskets in 40 seconds of the that was their undoing. j ^ c *£ cwn-ier" Jut that "ur"c Ti'R Pointers rm-kert up I!) Held j c v i d c n l l y USPcI \ l p i n o j r strength goals to KayeUcville's 17 to lead f o r Arkansas rocketcri ahead from in that d e p a r t m e n t . But iu throw- i t j i a ^ p 0 jni nn ing up t h e i r defense the Van '· Vhc l h i r d " qu . n .i cr ended with Euren team commitled 2B fouls. the Powers leading 35-33. I n the Fayetteville took a d v a n t a g e of .that by oiitscoring the Pointers 19 to 5 from the free throw line. In addition, four of the Van Buren starters fouled out of play. Van Buren opened up wilh final 10 minutes of piny Baylor could make only five points w h i l e Arkansas was finding the range for 19 points. / Although fouling out w i t h f o u r :ninutcs gone in the last q u a r t e r j hot streak that jumped them to j Arkansas' Gene Lambert, Jr., was j in early lead. Fayetteville came j the game's top scorer with l(i back, led by Ray Bob Barnes, to j points. The K a y c t t e v i t l c j u n i o r take an 11-fl edge at ihe quarter*. [ made 13 of his point.-; in the first In the second period Fayefleville ' half to keep his team in the game, made, good seven of eight f r e e : Norman M u l l ins and R a l p h John- throws and added five field goals'son puccd the Bears with 11 point.-lo gain a 28-20 h o l f t i m c load. j each. Sam Smith rjid W a l t e r In the third period the Bulldogs. | Koflrns made 11 apiece for the still using free _tbrows to good advantage. gainScl a 13-nninl margin which wns more than Van Buren could overcome. Ths third period score was '12-2!). Barnes played one of his best Hogs. Arkansas Fayetteville ISPORTS MORTHWfST A R K A N S A S TIMES, l o v a l l a v - i l k . Arkan»«u, -- ) Tuesday, J a n u a r y 13, 1752 "CHANGES" MIND is due lo return to this a f t e r n o o n . The ys Ch b ' l i m i bo.sing loam pose lor a picture prior tn ihrlr p n r t l c l p n l l n n team is scheduled to play Rice at · games as a Bulldog, gelling 13 I" ' u ' ' V points in t b e first half ns Van ,, _ _ _ ,, ,, e Buren failed to f i n d a way tn stop him from d r i v i n g into, t h e bfisket. Barnes ended up Ihc n i g h t w i t h 17 points. JRusscll McConnell's consecutive free throw streak was broken In the third qnnrtcr a f t e r he had run it to 17. He wns the game's ton .scorer with 1!J points. Billy Parker chipped in with a creditable 13 points. For Van Buren, Erec'.len with 12, Young w i t h 13 and Ab'es w i l h 10, accounted, for the bulk of Ihe scoring. Both Young and Abies foiOM nut in the fin:*l quarter. The RuUdogs. who hit on 17 of 3fl field goal a t t c m n l r . look on!v one shot from outside the ]")font mark. Fayclloville enters the Snrinq- field. Mn.. "Tournament of Champions" Wednesday. The box score: Fa.vpUftVi'le-- KG FT IT TP McConnell. f Cf-utjup, f Head, f Tiunibu, c Barnes g Parker, g _ _ (l -- D 1 n 5 Tnt^s . _ . Van mircn-- Breeder], f VouiiE. f _ Crawford, c _ Abies, a Parks. K -Goodwin, f Johnson, f _ Jot?nson, p., g _ . . . _ Clc.cp, S . . . Hampton, R Totals B 0 n 3 S" 3 5 43 Five of .the 13'members of the Uivvcmty of Mispissiopi basketball squad hall from the stale of .Indiana. The Community p. o w I i n g League In Wyoming. 111., has a couple of bowlers who can lake opposite sides of any question. They are Howard Yoss and Clarence- Noe. , Ihn Field lluiitc Saturday. The box suoic: Mcmbersof Ihc K j i y c t t c v i l l t 1 in Hie District Gulden (jlmrs c l i i n i n . - i l i u i i tourn;imont at l l u n l . - v i l l e t h i s work. Unys C l n h mpmliora shown arc. Icl'l In H u l i t : Iroiil :-iw--Gaycl Hnvtis, .Inhnny M a h n n , llriicn \Villl:im: J i m Brown. Hcnn ! )hillii.«. l i i l i v llo.tkins; I j n t k ru\v--hick Cole, Charles Hall, Ken lirooks, Jerry HisKins, J i m m y Jolt Ellis Poi.vill. (T1MF.SFOTO by I'usli.l). DaWSOfl NctHCd Track Anrf fieid Per{of[T1i3ncex ^ Date Heod Football Coach A! Pift i Indicate Nearness 0! Olympic Trials ' Now Y n r k - f / l ' l - V n t ! c;.h t r l l ihis ! is nn O i v r n n i r yonr w i l b o u t lonk- ! ln» :il t i n 1 c.-jlriKliir. , l u : l luok at the tniek ;mrl Held nrvrr hml run indnoir u n t i l lust wcok. He innk n ir.v nl Iho 7()-y;ird l i m b r r cviMit and mrrely slinttorrd ; ttio world mark in I b n t nnn, Ion, [crossing the Inpc in ft.3 seconds. iasketball Scores Pillsbui-fih - (W - The University nf P i f t F b u r c h hns its f n i i r l h football conch in as m n n y yr.nrs " i tculiiy rind Athletic Director Tom Q I H H i n i l t u n p;iys Lowell "llcr\" D;i\v- Q ! .-:on j.hould provifle t h r n:.'!f;ic lo ^ j help Pitt a t t a i n the 1 pridiron uloi-y 0 ' t it cnjoyrd more than ;i dccndo ;mo. 2 ! Tn nn nnr's crcat surprise. Daw;}[} I son was pirkrri n** Pill c r i ' i i r n n : hoss yo5trrdny. Under a tlirco- ! vcar roiilrnct, Ihc forinor bnt'kricld Only tlii'ce niCi'ts nf »ny im- ivirl.'incc h;ivt' been hultl since tbe Nov.- Year \vjis u:-hered in and snnip of Hie nlhleto.'i a l r e a d y Jouk JIK tl-ioufih they're in inid-seasnti ·:!iapc. Keep in m i n d , ton, I h n t all three--the Columbus Council. K ' nf C, Ihe W n s h i n c t n n Shir and the , jMrti'opnlitiin A A U -- h a v e been on . f l a t armory Fluors, which usually are slower t h a n b u n k e d boards. Krod W i l t . Don C l e h n n a n n , Dnn 'coach of the M i c h i p a n Slate S|iar-; l«i/. ilil'l Dick Attlcr-ey ' Win In Hunlsville's Golden Cloves Meet ; Five Fayeltcville boxers won i bouts in tin- f i r s t n i ^ h t nf action in the Oislriri finlden Gloves elimination:; al H u n l s v i M n l;ir:t nlKhl. mnd matches ure on tap l\y Tile .-Ufrjclfilfl Trrm Duqucpne B8, \Vestminsler !i8 Seton Hall 69, Eastern K e n t u c k y -,·) Kansas 69. Nebraska fifi Illintil.-; 78. I n d i a n a (!R Iowa 78. Korlhwestern G-l Ohio Stale 85. P u r d u e 09 M i n n e F O t a 70. Michigan Gn Kansas Stale .", Oklahoma S4 Missouri . r 9, Di'al.e ."ill Bradley 77, Wichita (il K e n t u c k y 03. Geor-;iii r.:") Gcorpo WaRhineton 08, V i r g i n i a Tech 74 Mi5*i5-.1ipi 9-1, Cooi-^ia Tech (M A l a h n m n 63, V a n d e r b i H -!4 M i a m i , Fh., 88. Stetson , r '7 Louisiana State 103, Mississippi State 78 North C u r o l i n a 78. Davidson 77 Wc-t VlrgUiIa B l , Wake Forest i n n s nrnhably will Ret between j riemonstrnlnri they're in n k i n « : i n n i i j h i v i t h ll-e ,in;ds Wednesday. serious bids for 1he Olytniiic;;. WiH, thcjjiFBl s l e u t h , lias run ju«t t\vo rn'ccs. One was ;i vorlrl tTcnrd h r e n U i n t : f l a t floor «:")!).·) for 1\vo miles. Thru by way nf w n n n - n p up- for his mi If w i t h f i c h n n n n n , whicli boftin Ffi- 512,000 and 515,0110 a year. Hamilton f a i r l y bubbled \ v t t h enthusinf-m after Dawson's sel'.-c- linn wns :inno'inccd. A l t h o u R h ad- m i t t e d l y a l i t t l e biased because bo hnrl been plucyinc ' for Dav.':-o:i right alone, M a m i l l o n Heelarnd: "He's a sound coach. He's p l a y - j day al the P h i l a d e l p h i a I t u i n i r e r rd a lot of football and lie coacbod i uames, he dashrd o f f n -1:1-Mi u r l e . H lot of football, lie's beep, arson- j Gchi i n a n n , w h u u s u j i t l y r n i j n H s alerl v.-ith some of the best men i n t n peak form ralbor h l m v f y , in tbe business, l i k e Rernie FSior- | sfpppd on tbe track jn Vi»-: l -iu".- , man and JlipRie M u n n . Under ton about tVe r a m c t i m e as W i l l ; n I Dawsnn, our lootball fortunes look ' TVew York and reeled o f f a 4 : 1 4 ! bright." ! Daw.Mjn t h e t o p t r ; n d i d n ) c for f l i c Pilt job ever s'ince Lrn C;!SiU)o\-;i l e f t a f t e r eoacbiiiR only Ihe Jfl.iO y.'ason--a .season in which Pitt lost cipbt of n i n e . uj' c if bl furlntiRs. Since Ibey both v.Tro nn ihe f l a t , .^rvrr.'i] frocniifl.s should hr knocked off fnr ;i b i n k - crl ov;;l. W i l t , in f.'icl, \v«s ; i i n i i i i R _ at 4 ; 1 U u n t i l be got stuck in a pilc- riiarlir Trippi of the Chic;ien C a r d i n f i l s i.s basobfill co;ich nt tbe U. of Georgia d u r i n g the off-scn- Arkansas Tech R l , Arkansas State 59 Arkansas 54, Baylor 38 ^ S. M. U. 40, Terns A. and M. j , n 1 9 f ) , , h o Ncw Y()rk G i ; i n ( s ?3 \ led ihe N a t i o n a l Lcapue in total Arizona Go, Hardin-Slmmons -.3 , cnrncd r u n ;ivcr;iRC w i t h » mark Arivcrtlie in tile TIMFS -It m j». Idaho 57, Washington State 49 ; o ' f 3 48 An outstanding flavor- R o m a n Meal Bread. fin" ynuiiE ItH/,, it .«rnns t h a i mice a fellow l e a r n s t u ic;it.-h 1:1 feel in the jnle v a u l t , he j u s t keen:; KOJ'IR a n d eninp. P.ob Hichnrd.s cleared Hie beicht r e g u l a r l y . I n tact, u n t i l Lnz made If)-;) last S n t u r d a v , R i c h a r d s f i n d been u n d e f e a t e d in SO straight meets. Attlosry, who holds the world nuldonr 120-yanl hiRh h u r d l e ( i t l e , 1 1 - 1 9 - t f ! ONE FOR ALL AND ALL WITH ONE 'GUNMAN 1 DISARMED BY TRUMAN The K n y o U e v i l l e fi.i;hlprs to come nut on top last, n i g h t were: Jimmy j\1ahan. f)o-poiinfl class, nn ;« decision; Johnny Maiian, !)0- pound class, decision; .Mm Brown, ; Hill-pounfl flasK, n decision; .Mm l O ' l l e i M v . 14. r )-pound class, a knock- nut in i h e t h i r d ; and P h i l l i p Re«i- ndli. I f i o - p r i u n d class, a decision. K a y p t i c v j l l e boys due tn see a r i i r i t i toni;;ht include: J i m m y M n ban, J o h n n y M a h a n . Gavel ji-mmis, J i m O'Keilly, J i m »rtnvn. P h i l l i p KfHini.'Di and IVib Warren. Tech Dumps Arkansas Stale Second Time To Take Command In AIC Jone:;bnrn. Arl-:.-(/IV('narh Sam H i i H l M i i a i i ' j i youiiM and inexperi- rnce:i Ai' Tech basketball crew wasn't civen much chnncp to retain its A r k a n s a s Intercollegiate Omferencu title when this season opened. Hut the u p s t a r t Wonder Boys served nolice. last nii'hl t h a t they arc t h e team lo beat by edging A r k a n s a s Stale, fil-fiD. ]l was the set-nnd t i m e '.his vear that Tech has defeated State, and I w n loss's are Slate's only Illinois A Close Second,. Kentucky Third, Iowa Fourth NPW YorM/Pj-The University of Kimsns J n y h n w k s got one less first place vole than the. University of Illinois, but still tnannged to roUln n slim lead today us ( h e MM I ion's No. I college bnsketbnll learn in Ihe Associated Press poll. Conch F. c. Pbog Allen's K n n Kims. who bnroly eked out n Cfl-fifl decision over Nebraska n i g h t , received 22 first plnce votes and 7!H) points in the sixth weekly b a l l r i t i n g of .sports writers and j sportscasters. Illinois, which bumped I n d i n n n . 7I)-()fi, last n i g h t , received 25 first place votes and is 1 in the No. 2 j spot w i t h 773 points. Both of t h e ! leaders are unbeaten, Kansas hav- ] ing won 13, and I l l i n o i s 1! Kamus. j K e n t u c k y remained Jn t h i r d pl.Tce, but otherwise the top 10 had M slinking up. I n d i a n a skidded from the No. 4 spol to No. 14, and Solon H a l l dronperi frnm Nn. 9 tn No. 12. Ohio Stale nnd Iowa both defeated I n d b i n n Jnst week, e n d i n g DIP Hooslcr striiiR at oiuhl s t r n l f t h t . Solon H a l l was linnricri its first loss in 13 gflines by Siena. Ornrgla was mauled by Ken- lucky last night. fl«-S5, for the I Wildcat's l l t l i win In 13 names, j Inwn. u n k i n g Jt 11 names without loss by d e f e a l i n g Norlhwostern last n i g h t . 7fl-04. j u m p i y l from the N(t. i n place la-:t week In No. 4. I St. Louis 10-3 rcmninrd at No.; .'). w h i l e St. Hona venture f)-0 moved up from No. 8 lo No. fi. The biggest ndv.Tiice, however, was made bv DuqucMie 11-0. w h i c h vaulted from No. 10 to No. 7. ! Duquotnc drubbed Westminster l«sl night, HB-flfi. The University of Washington 12-2. which defeated Oregon State twice last week, fell tin vert hrlfns from Iho No. ff spot In No. 8. Kansas Slnte fell from Nn. 7 lo No. D. Last nUht Kansas Stnto made its record 11-3 bv beating Oklahoma, (15-51. Another newcomer to Ihe lop 10 is West V i r g i n i a , which beat Pitts- b u r g last week, and moved from No. 11 to No. 10. Wnsl Virginia 10-1, buried Wnke Forest lanl Siena 12-2 heads the i;ecnnd 10, in 11 tb place, moving up from No. 17 n week ago. Hesler To Enroll A* Centenary; Will Be Eligible Ned Season AP Roundup Of Sports Briefs (Hy The .Vssiirlaloil 1' rooniAi.v. I M U s h u r K l l -- L o w e l l Ilctl Ijaw- tion, h a r k l i r l d rtiiii'h at M,t:)m:,in State, iinmed head toac-h at i'l'ii"- b u i R h . l l ' v l c r . 7-iuot fornn-r University i uf A r k n u v n s Iiaskelhall ornttr i-h'-i l i i ' i i l *rhfjol this month · bCL'aure jrnll.-!?- '"ms not tnr him." appar- j r n t l y h \?: fluinjlfti h!?-. mind. | (.Vn'. n.-iiy College of ShrQveoart | a n n n n n i ' f i ' vri^mlriV lhat He:-,trr · w i l l c i i n i l l 'thrrc V/ctlnewla.v. He i v iM UITUW eligible for comp-tt- ; l i t i n m !h»- ('ulf fiinir. 1 ! Conference , t i v x l f a i t , a f t v r completing 24 I C.V.ii'h K. I!. Hu:;:; Debney fahl -- J o h n M. V n v l i T l n . ' rvniiMi.irv 'llrl n'.l Kolicit -.he cv.'Se assistant coani at O'.tysllliri: Ol- ;.--l:ir':: wiihdr.nvnl from Arkansas. ICKC. n i l i o n i l c d head cr,:,ch. Mir- i Hr-M.'r, ;i jmil'.r. W;K leading tiie j n.nn in Ihc Southvicr.t Conference. \V V i Whrn JlC'-tc-r q u i t Arkansas, n a i l o f ' " ' last 1,111. ........... ' ' - ·!!. 0. Fritz Cn.ilor, i-liar NCAA f n o l h a l l rules nil snld qlief,llon of U M M I rnuchlKYj ;nul llliTnl Mil" 1 rule chief concerns of co mfetinfi. Lnfayctlc, 1ml.-- lirnlc sophomore fop.'.'ai d II » I I. 1'urrliie hasliothnll li'.iin, [llsniissccl f n u n Cnnch Pirsley Ackc w i the center did so because of sn. "intense dislike for sciiool." KeiK-hcd In Waco, Texas, last nifim '.'.-hr-re the- nnr.orbnckf; played I'.ayloi'. Askew declined to com- incut on llcstor's iictfnn. When thn towering youth I.MI- li-rc':l Arkansas In )S1!I, ho v/aa ·. touted a?, nn All-Amrric.l projipf.ct, I January Sports Card Jan. U-1S--Dlitrict Golden Qlovii Tournament, at Hunli- villc. 8 p.m. Jon. Ill--nullriojjs In Springfield, Mo.. Hieh S c h o o l ' s "Tourlianicnt of Chnm- plons" »t Springfield, Mo.. 7:30. Jan. 19--Porkvri vi. nict, htrt. Jnn. 22--Bulldagi vi. Slloim Sprlngi, h«rt. Jan. 25--Rulldiiiis vs. ncntonvllle, nt Rentonvillc. Jan. 28--RulldoKs vs. Huntsville, at I l u n t s v i l l e . Jan. 29--Bulldogs vt. Joplfn, hert, Jin 31--Porlriri n. Kinin gll« Tocheri, htrt. ·nill LMill O ^ n r k Ck'tinerB Irlmmstl Benton's tiHck fl»r lor n i l Ihrcc KBITICJI lo Ide Into Ihe r u n n e r - u p t»n-lt|un while 1 Wnril'i Ico Cream look Sllvermnnl. -!?-!. llnlmim took I f . K u r . lonjlni «m- j Trl-Slntr Snlc«, 2-1, find W«ll Slrosl n;nctr ueiL-ai;;. | Ksso d c f e n l c d Olenn'B Dniry, J-l. I Tech nriv lOiifl.s t i c AIC w i t h Cnmptwll-Bell cllmb«(] one iitot h l f h ! 5 Victoria.; i i R - i i n M I H , d e f e a t ^ . j " 0 """ c l e l l n l n « °- K - In ' 1 M»«"y. 1 I ' i f t y - f o i l l pen.on;il f i i u l s werr ; Wnrd'n Icr Crcnm hud hljh ulnnlij ; called in la:-!. l l i t ; h t ' s l O U ' ^ l l c o l l - i " ' " ) inicl ol Rr^.H.4^0. Clenvvn Clfirk ' lest" 1 P -t"']!!!'! m-)li. Mild 99 ! n ' Trl'Slalc had liinh I n d l v l d u f l l tvr\fn '· ' ,, · i, t! ~r, ," " w i t h 472 nln. «nd Dori. Mnokrr of ! '·:."· l . ' , " ' I C«mplKll-B«ll toppled 191 jilni In I h t a t o . s May Scott was I n c h p r t i n t | *innle tt»rn' nia sqund n f t c r li"inr. rliarifn 1 v-'H" ; mn hn never lived up to his ad iissniilt mid battery nil n c l i i l i b n r ' in l.afayelt.r.. New York-.|)l.-lrl':t f I ·'rank llliK.'in n f f e r H lll'im'l j t l t y ! DfC A MnV Tal.6 ,,-obe n f dilionlers r . i l l o w l l U _ r r l - | r V3/ ^ / V ( U / I U l v C Action On Bon day fifihl nl Madison H n t i n r o G a r - 1 den a f t e r Stnlp A t h l i ' t i ' Chili '.vlt- I nvjac* t e s t i f y Tommy Hyim, in.m- a(!iT of Horky Ciislellani, ulriu-k I referee, and m a t c h m a k e r . no^on-neor,, ; Aninio of Pi i , ui ,,' ,,; ( nth · chaXlor^dy 1 'a.d.l.t York, In nonliile lioiit. M i a m i -- C l i l e l c I I $11.00 «:nn the feature rni-c at Tropical I'nrli on disqualification of high liraekiil. which was plated second bj stewards. IIASKIIAI.I. Chicago-Charles A. Comlr,ke.v II, ^S, ruslKlied ns vice pie.-iilent and secrclary of ClilcaMo Of Non-Whites K-m iJloco, Calif.-irt'l-Actlon on i a h t '·'·'' I ' l n f e s i l n n a l Golfers Ajsocln- ! tlr.ii i-ilor-lliip" nil?--termed by former hravyv.'eii?lH boxliis champion Jw Louis as a hon on nort- v.-hltc pbyrrs--av.'altnd the ar- l i v i i l here today of POA President Horloii Smith from Pebble Beach. Loula has challenged the controversial r u l l n R which hnrs "non- CaticHUsin" players from parti^l- palinK In tourntiments co-spon- sorpil hy the PGA. He and two other NnRro players came here for the I'GA-.«uncllonid Fin.--Whitlow Wyatl, former majur league jillch- er^ naineil manaccr of M i a m i Beach Klninlniios in Klorida -International l.eniiue. Brooklyn --. Urnnklyii Docbtcrs announced p i t c h e r Cleir. Lalilno slRiied IDSa conlract will) ",i nico raise." Detroit---- Dctroil Tliscrs n n - nounecd .l'»ul Campbell, tanner Tlner firi.1 baseman, sinned I" inana.".e Willlnmsport f a r m c l u b In Er.slern l.caijue; club also announced Paul U!".y Trout. ri«hl- hanficd pitcher, sinned contract, Fights Last Night HV 1'kt Ail'lltatft frr" Boston--G e o r K e Araulu, 132, Providence, H. I., o u l p o l n t e i l Sandy Snddlcr, 130, New Y o r k , , 10. Mori title. ! New Y o r k -- W i l l i e Troy, 1S5.! W a s h l n c t o n , D. ' . , knocked out | Olek Anderson, loB, Cleveland, II. j flanlior, Maine - M i k e S h n m n m i . '.?02. P.eniiins, Mass.. s i o 11 p e d ; Charlie Babcock, 175 Hnrmor, 7.' BETTEP PLUMBING FOR BfUER HOMES start ot C and D Plumbing Co. Free Ettimattf 291 W Mountain Ph*ni till WING . n lor the j;amc wilh 20, while L.aiui tumlni O'Ne-il nacert Tech w i t h HI I 'm-fitatr fialrs U . M . I I p.uen i et n w n n l». , rk B a l t i m o r e - C'arl Coates, 13.) Mnllimore. oulpolnted Urland X n l u e l a , 1311, H a v a n a , Hi. f'liic-ii'ri IVi- e Sli-.rlf nil .!« Line .if.o - l ) , i , e M i , , n r , I.H!. ue 39 1 2 ' 0/ark Cluancm 30 21 i Sllvrrman'i Z» 22 Ward'* Ie« Crenni 2« 23 |Cimiplttll-H!l1 a.l 2» . , ; iionum Hri-nd 22 23 ., . . IKnton'B Snnck nur 19 .12 Iroll, oulpomlcd 'Inn D'dton 138,. o. K. »nrt Mllndy 17 34 j C-'liiraRo, R. · j Salt Lake C i t y -Kl'iy.l l i i c h a i d - The University of Florida start- ] sot:, I!IO, West .Ionian, U t a h , I ed playins basketball In 1916. The j knocked out Hilly Carter, 178, l i d - j Gator team won five and lost one n i o i i t o n . Alia. r,. ' that year. MAXINi AND I* VEKNi ANDREWS steal ft pcclt-a-noo nt th'tli. Honey- iiionnlnii sister P»lty «t !-«» Vegas, Nov. KnJoyinR tht greensward vlth the slnrjfr Is new mish»nd W n l t e r Weschlfr, compostr nnd mustc/il itrtclor P«uy m.irrlec) Christmas In Beverly Hills. Cs.1. PRESIDENT I R U M A N "dlBarma" (1-ytnr-olrt Lurry .llm Cross, 1PW M a i r h of Dimes poster hoy, nti J u m p s Donohut. Dittnrl nf Columliln cunm.iv «ioner, looks on In the Wliito House. Larry Jim. l / r n in I'ar.araa City. KI.1.. lives lrmc.nrt.rlly In W l f s h n d f n , Ocrmariy, w i t n m M h « r . and f a t h e r . Cmd W a r r n n l Officer Jim W. Grors. The boy was stnckni with pulln when 10 months old, c;«!cMin'TM:iil/ Sox because of dis.-aHsfaclion 1 Kan l)iei;u Open Tournament, w i t h salary and Inci: of an o f f i c e atartim: Thursday. TiM o'.hcr ··-- tenure. M i a m i Heaeh, HIM Splller and Eural Cla?k, ': Los AhMi'U 1 .') iirofesslono!.". Smith sniil bcfoie leaving Peb- . ble Hearh lhat he would take the .' L(itils case up with the PGA in- ; tlonal cominittee after conferring '-. w i t h local t o u r n a m e n t official.-, ,There were Indications the PGA ' eonunitlee. in its meeting today, ; question of Ne£ro WATCH FOR ANNOUNOMIOT IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES LYLE BRYAN MOTOR CO, 208 No. Block

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