Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1952
Page 2
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2_NMfHWIlT ARKANSAS TIMH, Ark.nwn, TtmiHny, Jnnuory I*. MtlMIMIIIIIIlMIIIIHIIIIMIIIDilllinilllllllllllllllltlllllllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 4 Sodettf MRS. KATHLIEN DOZIfR tlllllllllllllHlllisilillllllmiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiliiii.llilllllllliiillliiliilllllliii · Daily Calendar of Events · Newly 1 Installed Officers Of Rainbow For Girls Tonight . . . Washington L-.ounly llrloncal Sodcly Dinner, Washington Hold, H:3() Sub Deb Club. Sup C n t c , 7 Naval Kcscrvc Composite Unit, KaMMi HuilcUnir, 7 Oidc: nf Kainlio-.v Knr Girl:-. Masonic Hall. ^ Kul Deb Mntliers C'luli. Mrs. W. O. Chiimhlee, 7 ailfitli Military Government Croup. 112'j West Center, ~i:VI DlA.V., Lesion Hut, 7:.T1 V.F.W. Auxiliary, Civic rluhrcium, 7:.10 ·jicbcl.ah Lodge, 1OO1', Hall. 8 7.el.l T.IIJ Alpha Aluinnne, Mr.«. ficorge I.!. .Sluarl, II Wednesday . . . l-'xchangr Club, t'eigusnn'*, 12 Lion* Club. Washington Hotel, n ,Tri Delta Alliance, Mrs. Allan Dcmcll, 2-..W 'bullook Club, Mrs. Harry Shultr., .'I. Hlsh Schiiol P.T.A., School itiillding 3 Dee Gee Club, Valeric York 4 '..Jiaval Reserve Urctronic Cninpiiny R-ll Drill, Katnn lluilding. V Credit Women's Club. Ferguson's. 7 Delta Sigma, Hugh Kincafil, 7:110 Kappa Alpha Phi, 4S K"»l flock. 7::in Kllght B, 9R40ih Volunteer Air Force Reserve Trainiim Squadron, 7:30 i Anry Reserve, 1124 West Center, 7::i(l ! Military Order of Purple Heart, VFW Hull. 7:30 University Lodge U, D., Masonic- Hall, 7:30 I.O.O.F., "lOOK Hall, 8 Regenold Dixon Vows Said In Blytheville In « reremon.v performed Thursday a/tcnvion at thf FfrM Baptist Church. 'in Blytheville, Mis* Mar- tH£"£ale Dlxnn, dflURhter of Mr. aflfirMfc). FcMx Tlplon Hixon, vvnr. nun-fled" to John Edward hcflr-n- tflH, hon of Mr. imcl Mrs. KHward JVjarshall nepcnnld, Of/tolatinjj at the ceremony wtis (he Rev Brother luitl mush; \VHH Jiinilslied by Miss ilnAnn Tricschninnn, U. C. Alien and L. T. Moore, .Jr. The hrldr, fifvcn in mniTingr by .^hrr fnlhrr, worn a RMU-M nf -Trench Chnntllly lace over blush ullpper satin, styled with a fitted -bodice nnri dropped n e c k l i n e rdped In scallops. Her veil nf illu- sion fell from a tulle honor! spun- · . klcd with sequins, and she: ci.rilecl' ' Nm;m . Dorothea HurniMI, Ciiiirlc Hays. (Puska T1MESFOTO). a bridal bouquet of pink lillcs-of-! p. i A L I ^r y ,;ueT« n ,,r^;c:]irat Ambrose Is w l,r "::,,::; M;,,,,,,J Worthy Advisor Vest, wore -' "'··'· -··"··'·· ' the. 1 newly installed officers of the Order of Rainbow Kor Girls. They are, front left to right, .iussie Smith,'Jo Belli Phillips,'Hhoncla fihodes, Val Ann Watson, Barbara Johnson. L-O Thomas and narhnra Hays. Hccraid row, Hillyc Sue Edwards, nixie Pccvy. Helen Sandlin. iii Morrow I.ois Milchcll. .lanis Ilutlgeiis, anrl .Johnie Mitchell. Back rov.', Billy Siscmorc, Pat. , Shirley Davis, Mrs. Charles Hay, mother advisor, asd j pink taffet; vest, wore n Minsci punt laneia' _ and nc't frork and a Fium-h lion- r A f lirfilin net. Sho carried a li'iuqucl of I VI VlUUy roses tied with clmrtreusi.' velvet i Fort.Smith Officers Speak At Cancer Society Meeting t Installation 'if nffirrrs for the ] Onlpr nf Hfiinbnw For Cirls. A s - 1 [h c J1S M'mtolv M, was held in the Ma-' man. Ushers \vi:ic Cullon slrcamorpi Mr, HcKcnnlrl , i ;erved his son . Dixon. brother of flu- bride, Wil- liftm Rracy, Marion Handolph Smith and Maurice Hated!. . through the Soulh, the emplc will Wfiltc Ihi'ir hnmo IIPIT, v.'hn rr lit: is n student nl the Unlvorfily. Mr. ami Mrs. J. I 1 '. iVlnrc hnvp returned alter .spcndiiiR Ihc weekend with Iheir snn-iri-law and dnujihter. Mr. and Mrs. .Ino Hrown, xnd family In Tulsa, Ohla. ' Hall Siilurrtny lini; nffici'rs wi;ro llrlo lnsl:illini! nfficcr; M: inslallinj! iniirshal; .lol IJavid liurlcsnn, Kayrltrrville a t - tfirncy, was elected chairman of ! \Va.-hitiEtnn County Divixinn : if tlir Ameriran Cancer Sneicl :-Elcct Is Honored lin, installing nfficcr; i\1;ny hi la · a t imnn in Ftrcuson's Cafptt-rin. , - c!!; B t 1I in?tS 1 th»pSj-" m K »» »TM d""" vk-e-rtmir-jAt Luncheon ni^ht. in- Sand- at a hincliecin meeting yesterday 1'1'a a t noon in Fcrcuson's C a f e t e r i a . , Mary I. mi Pi'.m-i;: iiistnllini! re- ranl'i-r; Mis. DwlBhl Morris, in-! Mrs. Dwiuht Moore, county com- : iianclcr. urcsidcd at the nicetini; . their t-lations were: J'al Ambrose, and introduced Mrs. W. A. Hrouk- worlbv ndvisor; Lois Mitchell, i s |, L .|-, K |;i|c coiiim.inclcr, and \V. A. worthy a.'.slslnnl advisor; Val A n n . u . - . ,-x,.,.iiliv,. direc-tor of W,it-:,,n ,-li,ii-itv. Rhonda- lihodes.' M.lpiclu,!. cxMUtnu d l i c c t o i nl NORMA SPECIALIZES IN PERMANENTS AND HAIR SHAPING GOOD CREAM OIL MACHINE JJ.SO ]·*· COLD WAVES _.»S.OO / Guirintttii Work EVENINO APPOINTMENTS NORHA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 12) W. MOUNTAIN PHONE 321 hope-; Dixie Pe'e'vy, faltb; .In Hcth; the Arkan.-as Divisicm I'hilllps, rernrdcr; Shirley Davis, j Ainerican Cancer Socicf ll-l'lisurur; Uarbm-ii .li.lillSH'n, chap- 1 lain" Billvc; Suo KHwards drill. .^IMHM. ! i | K . niiiriirun UUMI; LHIHVI.I -".-t Ic^ick-i-; Camelia Morrow, love; j Explaining; lo the new members (i , c i )r i t | B i Hininc wilh an in nuiKC- cctcn- of of the Society, both of Miss Carolyn Butler, bride-elect nf Oliver Wickcrshani Gatchell, Jr.. was complimented at a 1 o'clock l u n c h e o n Saturday afternoon, jjivcn by Mrs. Norman McCartney nnd Mrs. Kcnncr Slice at the Slice home on Park Avenue. The innclu-on table carried out . a n c e i . Thomas, nature; JJorlhea Burnett, Immortality; Natalie Hayes, fitlel imnini uuii.v, jtHiiiiu: i ui.n.-,. jjtii.i |i:rcvlcc. .'.jr. .Tuapleion Maicci HIHI ily; nillic- Sue liankln, patriotism; | irK . a | c ,, mnU |,,itlcs benefit dircct- Cliiirlciii; HlRKitis, service; Holly h , , ,| li!; u .,,,. k |.i; ura |ui-e. , Sisemore. confidential observer; with Rich Maple Flavor I Yc5. fr(rn thick, nnd Wnfflrs f t n y nisp . . . punrnkcs stay firm! And you run') Kent Ihnt mfflow maple flavor. Scnc (Irif- fin'f; Wnffle Syrup often--it costs so lilllr! ijiwpii' ' s'milli. Jolinie Mitchell cniler observer; musician; mcnl. of v,-hilr chrysanlheiininis and sis silver bells lied with while net centering Ihe lahlc. IV mini mis WO.-K. ,.,,,·,,,,,,. Kach of the 12 tucsts brouKhl films and radio programs arc pro- a favorite recipe for the honors iciely in research, education and sr cvice. Mr. Slaplelon slated thai ,,,,.- vidcdlocducaliMbe'uIoral pui,-j;»«! ·' Ri" "' rhina was given lo bar.-, llav,. choir director;' ,-hoh-i ^ «" ""· imporlance of immediate ''" '« ""= ^^- mcmbcii--', llamona Hliodcs. .Jackie j invc,-tii'alion of suspicious c h a r - ! Main, .lo Ann Kinchcr, and K a t b j aclcristics of the cliscaic. lie added | ,- , mnn i c T n C, npn |, Day. llhat Ihcic were-jri-ODO deaths from btraUITlOniS 10 OpCOK Mrs. C'harlc:; Hay was installed i hrcast cancer alone of which "0,as niolhcr advisor. Members of the oon were needless. Mrs. Brnol'shcr in explaining c state facilities reminded the ncmbcrs of the seven permanent Advisory Hoard arc Charles Ray. chairman, Mr. anrl Mrs. Howard Oriffilh. Mr. and Mrs. Charles ' Wood, Mrs. Mabel KlanforU Mrs.|" A t Chemical Meeting The University Section of the ^::,:;"M,"M : S*«;;:^--^.J-Trrr^ ""^^^- ~-'" , ;r ,dc Cupps and Mrs. ^^1^^^^ "·ril badges and service bars , for this dislrid. Patients must res- ! ri)I . m ,. iim nf Mcta l s . Causes and y;sr jB^^i:^ rr -1^1^ ;---;; «; t vs^U" S «.:--,, j ^ Tu ^ js j:, 1 K,f ar'-i-r. TM- · · -«- ^«* BMA - . R h o d . . Smith; Camelia Morrow and Dixie Mays at SI. l-'.d'.'.arris I'o..-pital. nia- i-liMi Sandlin received from the i ,,,,;,;,. 1 .| |nil .. ; ;| , 0 |, r | c | {,, Wasliins- A.sMMiihly a miniature liiivel. and a ; ; ( . '| ' sl ,,, ^ Mc £_ raioliow necklace. She in t u r n . . ,, . · pivsem,,! a , ; ifl to 1'al A.obrcisc:'''^;;^; ,_, ^^ Mrs and Mrs. Hay. j ; ' ". · ·!·,,,,,,. and was formerly the riu The invocation was uivcil by tbi---lohn Bowers. Mr.-, \ . (.). I -m.-c , an .,| v[icnl i;,|,oriitorv Rev. Kdwaul llrubalii-i. The pro-: Cetirge I'auccll. M,s. Margaret "° ·'"' · ,, . , , , ; ,.,-am counted of n piano solo of Rrownflcld. Mrs. William Pill- Uimemly^a_^ Doctor Straumanis is the author of 12(1 panels on metal corrosion, inorganic chemistry, c r y s t a l growth and X-Ray crystallography and was formerly the director of at the ·The- Lord's Prayer" by Johnie m.m, Mrs. f;eor«c Ilolciunh Milchell; a movie 1 of Ihc l.ifi: of Mrs. rranklin Tucker. Miss Bonnie : Spurloek, Mrs. Lee Sanders. Mr.-;, j I, Dr. Ruth l.csh, and ami concluded with t h e l ^ j ] ^ ASCCII.MOII. shown bv .lack llciw- ', .ird; M-riiiliue .ilioialiniis by .1. C. j ' I'lilnnm; llalnhnw Song by V a l ! , . p . B n n n r i p , , i . * ·^Memllcrs'of ,ho Advisory ,U,:,rd ' Springdole Couple To served rede.'hmcnts of punch and, Observe Anniversary Our Proven Products Prove Best For Your Family Fiom a eon of lolcum powder lo n melicu- lou^ preiciiplion you will find o n l y the bust, (lie most reliable, in our plioi- \^)V// mocy -- Iniuronce for \ ^ f . iht continued g o o d ^ I health of your focn- '._,-·· fteaaM jbtuy Sfote )00 W. Dickson Fhon« 3000 Glenn Rickcrrs ·To Be Installed .,, ,, will hp hosts nt nprn · i tnuise )U ihuir honir, 711 North ; I Mill Strcrl, Sunday from 2 to 5 . p. Hi. All frioiuls ;uui nriKhh(»rs ; HIT invitPtl tn nltend. The nccasinn I wilt IIP In ohst'rvmu'e of thp tnu- . j plr's 25th woddinj* nnnivorsni-y. · Spaghetti Supper at Westside School Tlnirjelay, Jan. 17 5:30 to 7:30 Sponsored by Wtttside P.T.A.. Public Invited ! Glenn Kickrlls »f thp RirkrlUj : 1 Diii^ ('n!ti|»iiiiy in K;iyrticvillo will | ! he inM.'illprl as thr now presidrnl nf thp Arkiiiis;is IMiiirinarrutk-al 1 AM-nriatinit Sunday ;it annual in' t a Mat inn i-eivmnnirs in Utllc Ilm-k. HP \\ill niilliiip HIP asr.oriatinn's. I!t."»'J pin!irain which will cmpha- ' 1 M/P "Pnhlir llcalili," .-ilnnj: w i l h ' MHloi'UiiL.iliim cif ili-u«^i.--ts in A r - ,' nvil dpfpnsr ])in^iani. A ' nr\v t'oni-utiici inai^a/iMo piilillt'il · "Urttor lU'.illh," which will be! . offi'Mtt in driii; slmrs only, will in- a iraturp of ihr Hirill pnKiMin. Froit Sip\Tiisun rclurnod Sauir- ' ,l.-i\ .HUH i- mir-nichs trip whicli I,ur, him tn Kan.-iis 1'ity. and St. I.IIMI.S. Mo., and Mrw Yoil; City. Had Brick in His ! Stomach 10 Years! : A 111,111 :-dd [or 111 yi-ais he (oil I lib,, he bad a buck in hl.s .-lom.icb, i t ,. on j lm , n V | hn ,, ·^v^-\°^ i""i n !'!' Ttn lT· wls" vc'dr , worsl , stumilrss ·"« mn"r?r, "I nun. llo w i . i u . ; hrealhlng easier last . . two · worn-oui, headachy and Mvollcn j spoonfuls of Vleks Vapoliuh In "','." "''',', , , ,-n,-i- 1 viv i vn P l "'l"r or bowl of boiling 1,,.,-,-nllv l,, ; ,;,, l-.H A - \ IN and w ,,tei- n.s directed In package. ; S a s l i e - feeling like a hi- ck ihsip- ,,-, ,,,, | Ynll Jllsl bl ' r .,| hr '-| l , prarnd the secoml day. Ibis new n,e steam! Kvery breath car Mlodicini' is helping 1-uyotl ' - - " · · \lllc siiffcicis. It in.ikes yi'iir food digcsl f a s t e r and belti-i. 'I'.ikcn he. . f n i e,, it \vcitks \\llh your ; foinl. (i.l:. li.lilis go! lllclle.s of blo.ll jvi.nisli! I'out.nns hcihs and Vltii- i nun H-1 u-illi lrtn lo em ieh Ihe jhlnnd nnd in,ikes ncnes ' W e a k , ollM-iablc- people OPENS COLD-STUFFED BREATHING PASSAGES _ Every breath of m«dic»ted steam brings DEEP-ACTION RELIEF from coughs, stuffiness of cold*. No mutter how rhokril-up or upper bronchial congestion .. feel hi 0 " I. " lnkPS y °" ""''···'·'"'OtlllnBllkPllslllBVICkS ':J;..lf. n *,..?. h °TM:f" \' t Vapoliub ,',, stcam . lies VapoKuh'ssoolhlnc; incdi- eailons rfrrji Into troubled throat and large bronchial lubes. In no lime at all, (Mi wondBiful iieolmtni medlralc.i and sonlhrs dry, Irrllaled inembr.incs; relieves slulllness y - nnd helps r e s t o r e normal feel breathing. -··.-, · -, 1 ' rr'nr\"v.v 1 °" ^r""''"' 1 - rlmked-np feeling »ii/fenng. Gel C l . f i l A - V I N -- ... lor roughing spasnn or '.Minehnn'x Kaycllevlllc Dnif! Klorr. And atwayi rub It on for continued relltf To Insure eonilnued ne- llon. rub VnpoRub on throat, chest and back. U keeps rlRlitnn working lor hours... brings relief even Willie you sleep. It's the best-known home remedy you can use when iinv cold , s t r i k e s child or u r o w n - u p , one and only VICK5 VATOKUI A One of Arkansas' Fine $'tores Short Coats With Long Lives Right: Oreo! iweep of labrics-finesl ribbed worsted by Juilliard, deeply cuffed sleeves, huge, two-toned laffeta bow beneath your chin! size 7 to IS. $65.00 AS ADVERTISED IN MADEMOISELLE ''Own Alone" "OSf 1 Chincso Puizle Print -- Corlyn'j own put in n pleoted crepe itirl and nppliqucd, plus sequins, to a scoff cut in on» piece with o sweater top. Corlye, St. louii. Siifi 7 lo 15. 29.50

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