Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 15, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 15, 1952
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IM PUMIC MTtRtST · THI FIRST CONCERN Of fHIS NEWSfAPER (Titncs Associated ften Leased Wir* AC, King and NEA Features local Forteast-- Fayclt"vil!e and vicinity £?n« orally fair ;in'l cool toni^rtt. "o- monow partly clmriy and , r»n- limiM ··nild. Rainfall fl. Hi;(h temperature yesterday 70* li,w 3J; nnrin toci.v/ 61. Sunrise 1:27; sun- '·: "i.-.'fi. VOIOME 90, NUMBER 147 FAVETTEVIUE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY IS, 19S2 PRICE FIVE CENTS Building Permits Apri130 Sct ' Kansas City Council And Governmenl Teaching Plan Farm Wife Of Near Mur|re3sbor ° Becomes Mayor Appoints As Campaign i MAN «. w it AiMr flu*, U/liVr Th* D*rr _ . . . . Mnlhur Hi nnaitmitlatc- Pamilu Hninn U/oll « ... For More Than Million Issued Year's Report Shows Many Residences 'Are Started Filing Deadline Little Kock-MVAIty. Ccn. Ike Murry rulc.fl today lhat the deadline lor filinfi as n candidate in next summer's Democratic pri- Agency At Odds Over Who's The Boss Kansas Ciiy-i/IVThc City Council and a federal agency are burned iiji over H smoking problem. The city says llie healing plant of the Veterans Adminislra- maVics'is'Aprii'flo". Murry's ruling lion buildings clischnrsinij clouds went to Secretary of Slate C. G. of black smoke and crcalin-a mn- The attorney general said corrupt practices pledges and ballot fees have to be paid by candi- m and IT- j dates III) day.-: before the prcfcrcn- Sl.2'^.!)47 I tial primary. The preferential primary v.'ill lie July ?.f); the runoff primary v.'ill be August 12. Highway Audit Again Under Fire Of McMath Governor In Radio Speech Critical Of Remarks By Thomas Permits for -on.iiruclii pairr, at a total value nf were issued by the Fay cite villc city engineer*.-: office ·limns 1931. City Engineer .John E. Mahaffey reported today thnt '. J ,4fi permits were issued during the year. His "cport showed alsn that J3 permits were issued in December, fnr work which had an estimated value, nf $42,7.~0. Permit and inspection fee.-: in December totaled 5114. and fnr the year amounted tn $(5,340.511. :\cw residences constituted the biggest sroiin item in the Iflol total; ft") permits \vcrc issued for ne". 1 residences which had an estimated total value of S8fi.OOO. The large.-:I sinalc item of construction listed in Mahaifcy's report is th" new Faycttevillc High School. The permit for that building sets its value conservatively j at 8250,000. j Four permits were issuer! during the year for churches, totaling S27.00n in value. They were the 'Central Christian Church, 419 Vest Rock, the Calvary Baptist ui[ju tmii _ _ _ Church. Maple Street, the United A u c | ; t Commissioner Herbert Pentecostal Church, in the 800 Thomas of Fayettcville several; blndi on West llth, and the Ccn- ' Iral Assembly of God Church. 613 South College... Sixteen permits were issued for new rnmmr.rcial buildincs. valued at S^fiS.r.Tfl: four v;erc issued for Officials reported 301) calls and many conferences failed to I stop the smoke. Last week the city notified custodians of the building that the heating plant would be sealed next Saturday unless the smoke abated. Yesterday a letter from James L. Hnrnbostcl, counsel of the General Services Administration, which man ages the building, was read to tr-e City Council. It said, in part: "This is notice tn you thai you and your employes shall hence- forth tecp out of said boiler room , . . as it is under ihe exclusive control of the United States of America, and that the physical .scaling nf the boiler will not be tolerated." The lelter necessary, would the Nsuc, be settled Proposal Under College Scrutiny Doubtful Definite Plon Will Be Worked Out At Conference Little nnck-f/lVflepresentatives ; nf Ifi Arkansas rolleEC.-: mel here Mother Of Quadruplets; Family Doing Well f omm j|f ee f or N.'itf In-ill^ A i-L-.I.IH. A v i i f t i f i i f i t r l lin-:mf :it Tim ii-i.rrwn ,-.i i i-i/vt I hi- W W I I "I I II I I W I W I Federal Court. Mayor William K,. Kemp t died for an investigation "to sec if t h c j city has to be subjected to n nui- 1 sancc that some bureaucrat wishes '. j impose upon it." ,. , . r Said C o u n c i l m a n Harry S. «R ai " Imi; '- v t o dlscuss P«' blc '» s nf Davis: "I move t h a t we bwer the, the Ford Koundntion'r. pmposcri boom nn them if that's their attitude." The Council turned the problem nverjo the city counselor. He WHS instructed to dig into thi» lav books and sec what could he done. 12 Crewmen Die In 'San Quentin Navy Bomber Crash ]1nmates Kill Gov. Sidney McMalh last night a radio address reiterated much previous statement in which Yokohama - f/P -The U.S. F i v v j * T " /"* - A said today 12 crewmen were killed I | WO vjUQlOS in the crash of a fnur-engined I Navy patrol bomber near. Atn Air Base last night. San Quentin, Calif-l/Pj-Two San I Quenlin inmates, us i 113 a 12-inch "bold experiment" in teacher education. Dr. Henry Kroncnbers, dean of the University College nf Education, said he was doubtful that any dcttrile plan nf action could be charter! during Ihc two- '· nay conference that npened lerday. Thr college representatives sel Nashville, Ark-i/l'i-A Mirprixctl. Jifl-year-nld (arm w i f e wlm was expecting twins Rave birlh to (inadruplrl.s lust nifiht. The habiry, three boy.s and a Kill, were born tn Mrs. HtiRg.ii Ponder, mother nf right other children, al her small farm hnuy two and one-half miles north of Murfrersboro, Ark., 20 miles from Nashville. Dr. M. I). Hunrfin. who deliver- ! r, ed Ihc (|uarlniplets. sairl thr ninth- j er was floinn nicely. He, urn was pi looking for twins. j The father, Leonard Ponder, -\\.\\\, accompanied by throe wnmen j noichbrirp. Hi MVP In a Nashville ri spilal. inland |'i m^lil nur:i-' l h r ' i e iill iniiH'.' 1 The m fan I 1 - wrn 1 pliirril in rub.-ilnn. They h.ive nn) h weighed A hn:-pi!;i| attendant : llicv WITC doing well. The Ponder? h.ive hern n rii'fl L'l yrjrr-.. Their nihrt "nl( ran^f in ;·.?,(· fmm twn !f IT! 1552 Council " f o r Father Of 28 \M1- : ·" iSays Reunion up .1 Planning Committee nl l.isl II ' Q · 1"^ « ·-i »· -v I nisht's session. Thcic v,a. .... out- N I S D IQ USS I TG i Radar Inventor Receives Grant From B r i t a i n ni;m New Members Nomcd On Several Groups; Ordinance Amended f 'itminiit'T^. ti rri'v* tn* 1 City (Vnni'-il n-i-iT- namerf for the new. yivir l;i.-:t ni^ht by Mayor Pn'.vrll M. fJhf.'i Pt H mrriinc nf the Council. Nrv/ mrnihrr Krprl Hunt wa? it.imrd [.-tijiinnan rif Ihc Strrpt Cnnrmitfre, «.ucccr:flinE 1^. M. Mc- fJoorlwin. ;uul chairman 'f t'*e p o 1 i c r Coiumillire, iiiccecdina Himh Ki:ic;ii(l. flp was Jumod » tncmhrr nf thn Kinsinco Commjt- trr. thr Ordlnancr Cnrnmiltec, tho Piiih C'fimmittor, and Ihe Sewf.r fVunmiliT. New Menilvr Max MrA!H:;trr war. n-i.-nir r.-'iairman nf" th^ P;-v!c Cnniniiftro :: in-eroding Kinr.'iiH, .Tiirl w»r. n-'unrrl n mcmbor nf tl'ff Huildmjr. Civil Dffrn.'O, Sanitation ward show of opposition, but the j I Brlliiin's Air Force ii:t marie eye school officials indicated that nc- j TuI.^t-i/l't-A 7,'l-yoai--old farm- \\\-, t r, received SHO.Of) t a x f r e e fro in ccptance of the proposa. appears . C r who cliiims to have fnthcred 'JH . his cralefut country. Sir nobcrt : an-l Wnlrr monlht- away. , children-- 1!1 still living--says he i Watsim-Witii, 5.0. t\ shy Scotsman. | There \r. no change in Ihi? ucr uhl "all the muncy 1 colleges be S.7vS ^^rorfhrA?: -···«· -.- »-* in , dry ^^r kansal Highway Department tn I'^dy. Nine others were recov- Guard C ansas g w a y their own uses, and lashed out «t | cred today. times durins a half-hour talk, llci . did not mention Thomas by name, but referred to him as the "com- missioncr from Fayctlcvillc." Thomas, in a statement Saturday, said he was glad the pov Three bodies were taken from sensors blade, killed tivn guar:ls | plan Ihr rcornani/atiun of icai-hei the wreckage after the P34-Y2 | Hst n j g ht. Two nlhrr guarris a n d l l r a i n i n " ns susswlM 1 '-- " -Privateer, with Iwo engines dead, nnc n f the cnnvlcls suffered knife ! posal. No action on tion was taken. t Charles D. Wiset, 31, was j Dr. Krnncnbere sairl hr hoped \-aylaid in -he prison library and I tho collcfe officials could work slabbed to death. Guard Vcrn A. I mil some plan before January -'11. Mackin, 38, v.-as killed in a prison! when he is Io meet ·.vilh Dr. Alvin movie projection room. i C. Zurich, vice prCcidcnl of the Richard M. Sims, Jr.. Maim j Ford foundation's fund for Ad- j County district attorney, named ! vancemcnt of F.ducntlon. I Eugene Bunvrll. Los Ansclos nib-i The Foundalion lias offered Io Says Highways Can't Take "War" l i v i n g some are in Texas and sonic: an- Arkansas," said .1. F, Smith to Inh" radar. ' SlreM rommitlrcr. Hubert ' Alderman Hunt \vns'not arid ,,,, ,,··· - . . .iavc ; received that sum iro.n the Floya! j smmcl nf the Auditing, Avrntion. Slate Cotlcr.L- that the j if i could get them together in a Communion nn A-.vaids to In- ) Kire. HoMiitnl, Inrurancr, R given a full year to reunion." ,,,..i ...nv..., «.,,,... ..... p. u ». .4..;,,.(... ,..,. . oornanuatiuM of teacher "Some are living in Mil-sou night. Two nther guards and 1 training as suggested by the pio- this sufifio.-.- Washins1nn-i/P)-T h c nation's ber, James Alunzn Rogers, j put un the money in finaniT the mcr f of Porum. Me was here ycsterda. In see Probation Officer Chaunrcy O. Monre about clemency for t w o nf his sons, l.eon, 21, and JnmcF, 22. Charged with grand larceny in Ihc t h e f t nf automobile accn.".- soi ics^ and a rndio (rtitn « Tulsn salvage yard, tncy \VCIT bound ·**"" "" I cninr was aspuming"respunsibility | highways "simply can not stand serving a term for intent to mur- , pronram in Arkansas. Under terms ; s -,i rt nc was unable In raise S2.0W) new industrial huiklinps. valued \ ^ hcad af ' t j le Highway Depart-; the beating of another all-out war dcr in San Francisco, ar t h e ; of the proposal, Arkansas would ; h M nd:i for each nf Hie boys, whom st SS7.500: and f)l were issued for I n ; nnt rnm . n . l; inP ,hat the rnmmis- ! nffm-i " » htoh«r av ^vn*»H «iH in- killers. ,crvo as a pilot stale In revolu- hn Mt ^ \ rM \ n( , v cr been in srrinu.i ;sucd for mcnt( rcm arking that UK commis- ! effort," repairs and alterations to present j sinn narl a ttcmptcd for some t i m c - ^ y structures, valued at $133.fil5.u o establish who was head of the! Thirty-five "miscellaneous" per- | unit. ! mit.-- were issued for $20,882 worth j Last night the governor said of construction. I "Every citixcn knows ihe «pe i highway expert said to- "Our highways must not be al- j luwed to become expendable acain hey were in the la.-;i war," this is what, hap- killers. Sims pened: Ruru'cll and Rogers were plot- ling to escape. They had the seir- .- timme teacher education Ihrollfrh- ! (rouble befor out the nation. I help him Tho plan would require prosper- , yhildrrn. live teachers to take a fnur-ycar ' He yaid UK support . Smith ?aid he had been ma the two ynunRcr i. They had the scir- live teachers to take a fnur-ycar Smith -aid he had been married ; j-ju c f j jj, C(t; ,j { |im. cr . s vciitcrdnv sors blade, a doub!c-edqe_d ax and! course in general cotlngc work and j j w i c e nnd had 13 children by M« ; - ' . . ' . · . - . six-inch knife. They bound j one yenr nf inicnrive posURrari- i nC roased first wife, l.i by ni5|. 1 | K j wcr( , wor ;-| nK | n |lt Tvenl. Wolfe ' '· '" ! - . . " - ! ' ; ··· "..-i ii:;.' ; ion nn A'.vards vcntniy for 1m dis.-nvcry Sir Robert, then plnii'. v . , . U'Hlsnn. v/as a.ikpd by tlin Air Min- ! J l t lil -"- t nir.hl mf-ctlng. istry in lfi:H to find a "death my." ; ' rh( ' aklonnrn last nighl w«f\ Inslr-iirt. he dcvelnped r;irlnr. ,, i an amendment tn the reccntly- mnsic cyr fur spotting aircraft : npprovflri plumbing orrlfnancr. many imic.s -way. ft was one nf j celling apart from Ihc nrrHniKX-e llu'srcrcl vcaonns Ihi'l helped Ihc · itself a rc-hcdule of ratcp. It H'as Hnyal Air Force win the Batllc : explained tlrt In this way the the cicrmiin Air ' Council can change rate. 1 ? wh^n nere.'tsm'.v without fimrmling t'-p nrrliiiancx 1 rach t'mr. A prnposnl Io do aw ay with a SI.200 fop rertuirn- inrnl war- turned nvf.r tn the Ortll- lumcp Conunlitcc for study, I'lan Water ICxtrtision A ri-cnmrnfiidnUnn nf the Water Commillco thnt the city he empowered to enter into a conlract with nroncrly owner." alnng Highway 71 In the north for an extension of thr city water system. 19 Miners In Canada Die In Explosion ii. N. S. -'/1V Canada's n-r diniistcr In 11 years 3 1 mine officials indicated even im-! mediate arrival of rescuers v.-otild j Appointment uf three member. 1 ; oi , rvidcncc all the men were killed j k e l l Utlcy, Is Ahead In GOP Race Nc\v York-f/Pl-Hflrold h*. Stass pi.«..%.!. *, -.- -- sen said lapt night that Sen. Rob- | political witch hunt, but it is not A Taft (R-Ohio) is "clearly tion. Stassen, president of thr University of Pennsylvania, told CBS television interviewrrs lhat Taft Is his chief opponent in his own bid for the nomination. Taft. he pnd, "has acquired considerable commitments." Stasscn did nol t-va!uatc Gen. D wight D. EiFcnhowcr's chances nf becoming 'the GOP standard- tivc audit could bo made. "Recent events, however, indicated to me that -- . gation alsn is being turned intn a too late to Ret back nn a constructive course." The governor in his radio talk j reiterated his criticism of Attorney; General Ike Murry, whom he may oppose in a third term bid f o r . governor next summer. McMath accused "the bi« nil dealers" of . . wever, have concurrently with a four-day ses- this investi- s j on n f the Highway Research Board opening loday. Much Of Country Hit i Chicap,o-i/Pi-Stnrmy wcathrr hit Ark.'insns of banding together to wide areas of the country loday.' twn ; n tn{ , booth. -- I nn w i t h ! Re raise the price of gasoline in Arkans^s. McMath again licensed Murry of failing to investigate the "bi^ oil dealers" in an alleged conspiracy to increase the retail price of Ka.scf- line in Arkansas. ply By Murry bearer, hut said he afii'ccs ,-.-r-i -- * the general's views on rearming , Murry issued this statement in Western Europe. He said he differs with Taft on foreign affairs, favorinc an "active world policy." An intense storm centered in upper Michigan and eaused strong, winds throughout the Great Lakes; region westward to the Da kolas and southward to the Ohin Valley.; A fresh cold wave and mow; swept across the Northern T?ockics! and in the Sierras. The cold a i r j pushed southward across the ; i answer: 1 "By taw, the 1 attorney general is ! made the attorney for all state I boards and commissions. As at; torncy for the Audit Commission. j 1 have been performing a duty which the law requires. "Since Thursday, the governor 1 has. been publicly, berating me he- cause I have been doing my duty. · He has been doing the same thing ,, . ... i, -i.i , j i in private for several weeks and hr Waukej;an, Ill.-i/l'i-1 he nu,:tcd ;,,,,.', ,,. : _, ,,, ,,,,,,,_.,, ,,,;,, ;,,,,,,,; chief hf the stale's fnori inspection I service has admitted taking- be- Dr. Jnyder, Authority slashed in the face. ' Burwell and Rogers ran tn the i « ft.-«|i|.» T« tltAalf m e s s h a 11, where a basketball; Un OCIICIICJ, I" JpCdR game was in progress. They (old · guard Mackin Ihey wanted some j Dr. L. H. Snyrirr, one of the na- records from Ihe motion picture i lion's leading authorities on hu- proicrtion booth. Makin took r :m j man cenelics. will give n popular Io 'tct the records. Mackin was i lecture on "Heredity and Mod- slabbed three limes and killed IT I crn Life" Wednesday niRhl at R the booth. o'clock in room 113 of Ihe Univer- Tlie attack on Mackin Ml reeled sily Chcmi.-try Building. 'I'hr pnb- ntrcr guards '.'ho captured Ihe lie is invited to the' lecture, sponsored by the Sigma Xi orRani'/.a- tion. Dr. Snydcr. graduate dean al the Univcrsily of Oklahoma, ing broushl Io the Unlvcisity by Ihc Graduate Council as ron- sullanl and advisor on advanced work in'the biological sciences. He was scheduled to speak today at Traffic Mishaps In Stale Fatal To Two Lovell Slate Chairman Of Study Committee Kittle Rock-i/Pf-At 1 o n M . persons died in ( Ai Kansas Monday , crcle harriers, of injuries sufferer! in t r a f f i c mi.;- j Young, Jr., nnd . .. ,, ,,.. - - . .... - . . Thr cily onpOhTri* dr.a ond streets put into effect. Miners reported; m i ninc-k and Ensl ' whftrr* the^f Ihr odor ol gcs yc.strrdny morning! i u n streets intcrf.ect xvith the j and nbout 100 mrn v.cio put tn! now- building High way 71 by pays. 1 w n j work erecting hardwoori and con- ^ W ns brought oul, hut sldcrmcn 111 North Lilllr Rock, Ark.ldVA fi- SRI. William M. DMz of Middle, town. Ohio, died in a hospital at ; iTr'Tvas Tnjured when a car i» which he and three other soldiers : were riding overturned at Hie . Manila-(/l'|-A rcpurt today j.:iid Carnp Friday. Henry Hyinan. 46. j Army troop:; had freed HI Chris- Nesro, of St. Louis, died in a West j |j ilns W | 1O had been sold into , the (jpinioii there is little the city can do to prevent the streets becoming dead al that polrit. A croup of property n\vni'-r,s v.'ill mrct lonicht to discus.s the situation, and Cnuncllmcn favored takinc any action possible Io keep the .street. 1 : open. Mayor Hhca cited several figurrs ·ompiled at tbe end of larl year. Bribes In Horsemeat Sales Said Admitted Northern Rockies and Northern: 1 "-"" 11 committee to study Plains and eastward into the upper · nailcial problems of Arkansas mil- Mississippi Valley. It was below j niclpalitics was named yesterday oy Mayor Harolrt Falls of Wynne, president of the Arkansas Municipal League. Memhers arc: Ulys Lovell, Sprinsdalc cily a t - torney, chairman; Cily Attorney Govan Burke of Marianna. City Clerk KmmeU Jackson of Hot Springs: Alderman C. R. Ray of Texarkana: City Knsinccr Paul Byrd of West Memphis; Mayor . p.ero in Montana and parts of North Dakota. Snow fell from the Kastern Dakolas eastward to the Western Lake Superior region. Area Grand Jury Told i To Probe Gambling Fort Gcorcr Steed of Pine Bluff; M l-Federal i ].{ an)C y Chancv of Balesville; .lohn F.. Miller ycslerda.v o r - ! Mavor j a ,. k p at . c o f Fort Smith; of has tried to sabotage this 1 ! gation in every way possible. . - · · · - - - | "The governor's critcism of me tween $3.000 and S3.ff]0 in bribes j is un j ufi ;11K | j s unbecoming to the in connection with illegal sale of j state's chief executive. Despite the. ., horsemeat. Slate's Attorney Rob- ! governor's efforts to hamper and|dered the federal Grand .lur. p ^ crt C. Nelson said. Nelson said j discredit the investigation, the j Western Arkansas to investigate '. i" c 'p a ,,io and Mavor Ross Lawhon the former official, Charles W. . hearings will open Wednesday. I Ram blins operations on which fed- i O 'f N ort h Little Hock. Wray, has been summoned to p a - ! "The same rules which Rovcrn i c ,- al t!lx llas llol 1)cpn pHJ( | .. . .. pear before him today for ques- . TMJ/«J!|»»',^S" E^i i ''f P"" 1 TM" 1 - «TM 1 »' «·*«« «,* Ifl FaVOr 01 " T/Office of Price Stabilisation i '"ou«h attorncys.for witnesses wil,; "f .Jhc internal revenue collectors ; ipCCK 111 WU Ul in Chfcngn said last wee aecnts had uncovered a multi- .. .. j though attorneys for witnesses will: °' » lc "U^-.iai revenue collectors h / - a l l n n |nm be permitted tlin privilogc o f ! n f f l c o - h *TM Fair1 no C^inblmc h- lck V s : cross-examination, they will have cwiscs havp hcon purchHsrri in ihis , ...^ ...... to advise their client; million dollar Illinois trade in : concerning any testimony which hntvc meat 5old as hamburger, niight be ineriminatini;. When Ihc lunrhmeat and i heaiings arc concluded, the tax- area. .Tudpe Miller said that when the tax. which became effective last November 1, has been . City Attorney .John Mosb.v nf Republican Primary i ^,,1^^ t rt cnrau inHwv it 4 ' i^esro, in xi. LOUIS, oicu in .1 »MM nans who nan uccn KOIU MHO cfimpjico in un- '-nti IM 10:1 iii was scheduled to spean ""·'·" ' , Mcmph is hospital or Injuries r.uf s | av crv in Ihe homc.s ol Moro i He said the Sanitation Depart n clock at rn all-campus h nlo R y , ^^ whm nc W;1R hil i, v an :u ,to tni,;,|'...hjcllains deep in Ihc In-| mnnl trucks l:,r,l year hauW A. seminar on How Genes A..t , ,,,, nlRhvlxy K] m . lf .lericho. Ark. , rr |,, r ,,, Minanao l.,hind. T h e ; m truck loads of trash to th. Dr. Snydcr is a mcmbei of Hie . Philippine.': News Service .-.aid Ihc ,, rillmn nr .., ln , lt car haiii « it "TM' **«« .^* m ^TM" : Mi«.,»i Dh. n . D,l. !«. P-' st J- *-..--,'"-"-! ^k/So,i TOOT "^ *,,? «? Gmelics Association and former ; MiSSOUfJ PhOHC RSIC presidenl ol'lho Genetics Society i as a^miMdar lecturer ' on both j lOCrCdSB AllOWCfl technical and non-technical sub- j jects. Lookin' for Cookies . t .. payers will he able tn judge from Change Sought In Ships J^ve'S/fair^impartiai aS'lus-j Under Panama Registry Panam.i. I^niamu-l/Vi-Tho For- c-iRn Ministry said today owners nf about 25 Panama-resistereri rii · 1 ,_.| I .. r ,i ships have applied to change the disappointed registry to other countries since Panama pet prnallies for Panamanian ships carrying war materials to Communist China. For ^evcral years .some forr-isn ship owners have registered vessels In I'anama to escape stricler shipping ;-r,ntrols in Iheir own conntrios. par Ufied." In his blast al Ihc Audit Com- misi-inn. McMath said: "Closeted behind closed doors, they h;tve been using witnesses, p o i l s tn e n and pumed office seekers, in an at- inio Little norl;-i/Pl-,lcffcrson Speck of Frenchman's Raynii, Mississippi County, ISnfl Republican cubcrn:!-. torial candidale, plans to lead a ; fight for a OOP preferential pri-! ; mary in Arkansas. Speck, a sun- : { porter of General Eiscnh* wer, · said yesterday he thought tl : j ! military leader cnulrl carry /. - 1 I kansas if "ll'e rank anrl file"' . , .... ., mcmhers of the GOP eel an o p - ' ,o weave pomica, nimo,, ^^f f ^ecutiTM ££ : ^ l"^"^"^l ^ ·" - ' nr n tho Arkansas Resources and : ^ , h( , · ,, ,, , , ,, , ,, rl in Arkan . Development Commission, says the South isn't raiding the Nnith- rast 4n i industry. Instead, contends Fletcher, plants are bciiiR moved tn the South because it has the, climate, labor and raw ma- ! paid, Ramblinc operations do not i violate federal law. Fletcher Denies South Is "Raiding" Northeasl Poultry Marktt-- The poultry mariiet today us r e- porldl by the University ol Arkansas Institute of Science «nd Tcchnolocy and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Norlhwevl Arkansas market barely slcnrty. demand fiilr to iwod, volume of IrnrllnR heavy. PHers paid f.n.h. farm up to 2 p. m.. hroilci!. and fryers all woichls. 2fi-,H icnls a pound, .Mostly 30. March Of Dimes Cards Bring In $734.62 · Alihoush 12.320 .March of Dimr.5 ' packets were mailed out by ram- i paifin officials oarMor this mnnlh Tavetlovill sas are snppnrling Sci . Roheit A ; Taft (H-Ohio) H candidaSr for the GOP presidential nomination, ; d . are afraid they'll Insr control nf the party if the primary i;: held. ' Chairman Jack Jnycr, lie icpnitcrl tnday. The total raised thrnuph return of the cards is $734.02, he said. annual mrei As.tnciaiimi inc nf ihe of S t a t e Planning and Development Asen' cies which opcnerl a two-day .«OK- . , . All whn rrcnvod Ihe cards, rach j .sinn hero ycslorday. with space fnr 10 dimes, are asked · In return :hem prmnptly to Joyce. Mounlain Horn* Vo Mountain llnme. Ark.-i/lvHej-l- ' d e n t s of this Nnrth Arkansas city jvnirrl tndfty nn a proposal that Ihr j r i l v purcha.^^olfrtiir rtMrlbutlnn fftcilltlw heir nf Ihn ArkMMS "Pftxvcr and l.IsM Company. Tc Ulll rnihnlrd Angeles-'/lVSigimmd f{im- horg'.s will gives moM of hi^ e s t a t e Me didn't mention the leaders. Speck sairl national leaders of presMirr In Arkansas GOP leaders to conduct the election, Japanese Government Planning Sea Force Tok.VM-(/l'j-The .l; pie. 1 --- rrportrrl torl.iy the Rovrrmnenl Io bis \viriow. Thr will Ivi.s been ' planning a new se.t f o r c e .similar ndmiltrd In prnbato in Nr»v York ; tn thr American CoaM fJuard. It and vfls filed hfr** In hcln flispnr.ri \voiilrl hf ,t Marine (mmter-pai I ftf California property. Thf com-1 in thr infunlry--likr NMInnftl I o- rtlftfl Nm-pmhrr ^ .-I :-qr ftt.'h'r ir., r r AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, the rent nt little Johnny Queen, i!',r. is in thnt (Wr-noum) wnfffr cnn. which his rnotnrr, Mrs. A. C. Quern, is trying to gel him out of with n cnn oprnrr in llavann. Culm, H ncfnii Johnny found the ran rrnply of cookH'ft, nnd got (Iciir liihldc In miikr fiurr, thrn couldn't grl nut pfirrnl.i ftrr wllh th^ AMIT| itn H.ipIiM MI i .n.f). {Inli tnn{\*Hnli Jr-ffeison City. Mo-f/Vi-South- wc.stcrn Bell Tek-phomr Company v.-on an $11,11!),Odd third round rale increase on its Missouri np- eralinns loday. The company hart asked approximately SI6,600,000, hut Ihe Mir.'-nuri 'Public Service. Commission did not allow the full increase. In 1949 and Ifl.iO increases, Vie : company raised its postwar phone i rates about $7,000.00(1. The new j higher rates arc effective February 1. Oracle Fields To Wed Capri, jtHly-i/I't-Gracin Fields' anrl her Romanian-horn fiance, Abraham Boris Alfowvorh, today applied for peimission tn marry in the Rnman Catholic Church. = Price "Adjuslment" Allowed I WHshiiifiton-OT'i-Thi; Office nf Price Stabilisation jsucrl ;m oirlei ' last nisht permit tine brewers, | just prices of ;iU m;tlt bevr'ia^e',. i Tables Miwify the exact incrfjiif"-', i but OPS .said llicv will avciam 1 about nne cent foi n J'.l.ouncft ' t)ottlf; ftr can nl beer or ale. , :Has The Name j To Go Places '' In P o l i t i c s . Chat.'worth, Cii.-i/lVTnft Isrn- liftv.Tr. ,t Mnn,iy County ffirrnrr, unyi ho \vill vnip for Senator Kefauver If the Tennt-.·; er.'in ;aniiflitc foi - pic.sidrnt, 'hi Weother-- Arl(an-i5 ·- rinudv nnil wanr sciulh pniiirm ami partly rlotlil;. ail'l cool luirlli portion lhit a f t e i ill-nil jinil loiiit.'1-l. Weflnr.'.fl.iy. during collect illegal fir Sonic, it .sairl, girls. They were Mohammedan la many as fnu Army -iiim. wcr- Iron -age married under which penmU wtvr.«. , .. The agency sftid Ihc Hi had brrn Kidnaped in other area% by fierce M urn ii ibcMiicn and j-old in Lfmao Province. Vote On Meiers Dcwitt, A t k . - t / l ' i - A propos'il to install parking motors "'as voted on by residents of IJf-wtil iodfiy. Might Toss Hat In e ili.-.ciiy- i ln , c) , 5 hauled 1.030 loads of gar- bace finm the eily. The list of Council committees for in:i2t Auditing -- Kent. Ridlardsopi Pratt. Aviation--Hichardson, Williams, Hcllin. Huiklins -- Burgc. Hcflin, Mc- Allis^er. Civil npfrnsr -- Hcflin. n(ch- ardyon. MeAllistcr. Kinanre--Ken!, Pratt, Hunt. Kiic--Williams. Kent, Prait. Hospital -- nichardson. Burse, Heflin. Insurance -- HclHn,' Williams, nurse. Ordinance--Pratt, Hurge. Hunt, Park--MrAllfclrr. Hunt. Kent. . Police--Hunt. Richardson. Kent. : Sanitation -- Pratt. McAllister. Durnc. ! Sewer--Rhca. Hunt. William^ Street LiKhtinu--Burge, Pra'.t, ; llellin. j Stiret--Hunl. Williams, Kent. | W a t e r -- Williams, McAllister. 1 [tk'h.uiHon. SENATOR Kstrs Jirfniivpr tni.Trn nr.s.sfp, v.raix otic of hn f a v o r i t e loornkin f.ijn, uliith he m.iy er ni.iy not tns-i Into tho lniociatlc nomination rins. He a .·hown in Washington, uhne Kr|) Ihyi (Mi. Ohio, nrmnuncol l\rfnuvrr'l nftiMi^ uoulil lift nitfre'l in Ohli . r 'WAry. (InlrrHiiltnntill ; McMalh Reports Tax Adjustments Near I Little nock-Wi-Govcrnor Mr.: Mnili will p.-iv st.ilc Income t.^x in' line with settlements made with the federal Kovcrnment on c.irn- inc:-. riuni'.R 1018-50. I The KOvcrnor y.ilrt v f s t c t c l f i y : :-t."ite Incnnic tax adjUftnienl.'i wt'te I bcins worked out. HR f;nd bc i woulfl jinnounee details ot tho ad| justmrnts when they are comTM plricd. McM.ith ,innonneM Dccemhcr 27 h? iwic 1 !l.I70 in hack fed- eial t.ixcs iind interest on income (or I d l R , 1919 and 1050. i-ai MARCH°'DIMCS

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