Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 14, 1952 ツキ Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1952
Page 12
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ll-- NORTMWテつォT MKANSAS T1MH, , Jテつサnテつサテつォty H, I Ml To Reward High School Teachers I Announced By The Whitney Foundation How It Was Done In 1804 : ' ntew York-(/Tl-Thf John Hay "Ifhitney Foundation has an- -inounccd * three-year .tfioo.onn ;(rroi;ram to reward ambitious liich ;Khool teachers nun 1 supply oul- fiilnding university professors to テつキtmnllfr schools, l/ .1 YOHth テつォ UUIII Among War Dead : in its iwo point program "" , D-J-- Dntnrna/4 ifounci.tion will sclerl high school : 061110 K6lUin6Q テつキtwchew (or Rrnrlualc U n i v e r s i t y ' 'ttudy, and finance a limited num- Among Ihe Korean War riearl ," r ber of outstanding university pro- |,einB relumed In the United ,'teisors -- of rcln-omcnl nuc-- fnr j sinlw aboard Ihe Marquette Vie-' , -- 'teichhlf in smaller school',. ; Thr program for high *tテつォcherテつサ will start next Renlem- :ber. Thnso'urlrclrri will sillily for year at C.'iumbia nr Yale uni- j MOUIHT. son of Ira Mnuncc, ' ; inj-y which is expected to arrive chool at Ihe Sun Francisco Port of Km- balkallon Ihis week arc: p v |. First Class Charles II. ivt'rslliM. jSpringdale; Pvt. First Class Jacob ' In the first vear, leacher". Will ' Brown, Jr., son of Jacob Brown, テつキhe chosen from the slate* of Mew I Sr, Magnolia; Pvt. First Class ;Vqrk, New Jersey. Georgia, Ken- I'aul O. Causey, grandson of Mrs. Sarah E. While, Hughes: Pvl. First Class ..Filbert W. Kennel, son of Flobcrt 1C. Ken/.el, llensley; Cpl. Charles 1.. Mitchell, son of William O. Mitchell, Texarkana: Cpl. Jarncs II. Robinson, Jr., son of James B, rtobinson. Sr., テつキ.tucky, Tennessee. Colorado. Kan- 'lit. Nebraska, Oregon and Wash- Jnflon. ' テつキ : To be eligible. le;ichers must (lave t college decree and he trichlnc literature, lancuaces. social studios, history of arts in nnr -W the 10 doslKiiatcd stales. Also. | Mnrinnnn; Cpl. llobert K. Shcp- iiney.rnupt he between 30 and -IS j herd, son of Emille E. Shepherd, veテつサrs old. i Whecllne: Spl. Walter M. Blalnck, I The second pan of the prouram son "' Walter'G. Illalnck, Delight; -Involves retiring college prnfes- テつサors wbn have been oulslnndinfi In-thelr fields. They will teach for inn* year each at several Email Independent eollcfjes. -The foumla- .llo'n will pay their salaries for that J-cnr. Painting depicts historic action of the night 1801, when Capl. Stephen Dccatur sailed , the U. S. ketch Intrepid into Tripoli harbor and burncri the American Navy frigate Philadelphia. which had been captured by Tripoli pirates. Dccatur Inter ended the 1 pirates' shakedown for tributes. U.S. Halted Shakedown In 1815 By Show Of Strength By WADE .IONKS NKA Staff Corrcsmindcr-t New Ynrk-INEAl-ln ISIS U.S. Commodore Klephcn Decatur :;ail- Si;t. Clarence C. Sain. Wynne; Set. j ed into the Mediterranean with a Dallas Vowell. son of Vov/rll. Parannulci; Pvt. Class Harry J. Prince, son of Mrs. Marry Prince, Marked Tree. with Tripoli but it didn't help mailers much. Then in 181ft Decatur went in and talked lough. Me forced Algiers to abandon all claims lo tribute from us, nnd got indemnities from Tunis and Tripo- al seizures. To all in- .- ;The foundation IB named In I p Honor of John Hay. one lime s e c - 1 ' .Mlary ol stale, and its prc.tldenl , 'jj John Hny Whitney, Hny's ! .frandson, r The organlzalinn sponsors cilu- tijtlonal aids and also provides for public education through Ihe lecture Held. . テつキ Uaed by thousands In rcriuclno テつキlets--Junge's Roman Heal, hrend. テつキ: :. 11-lll-tf C'lvrie I show of naval slrene,th find put an . First 1 fl|| d to an international shakedown ' '' ml whidi was costinfi this country I 'en's nnd purposes that washed lip millions of dollars. i ' hc Harbar.v pirates. Now, nciirlv a century and a I LooliinR back at the Barbary halt later, this country has paid ! pirates episode. Historian James llunsary $120,000 ransom for the j Truslow Adams says some of our release of four American flyers.; actions Ilicn seem "disgraceful. We paid ransom in another form I But he dnos commend this coun- PLAN TO BUILD SM Our Mil.rlaL Oテつォl Our Prlctt. Try Our DYKE LUMBER CO. ICI II. Chテつォrlw __ The charier for the new Farm- Inglon Lions- Club was presented In President Scolty Scott Thursday nlRhl h.V J. .1. Buell, dlslricl covernor. of Benlonville. Sixty- four members attended the meeting, nnd gnesl Lions were present from Wlnslov.-. Eprincdalc. Prairie Grove, and I3"ntonvillc. A read- to the same Hed country to free Ilohert A. VoRcler. And, as we learned frnm the Barbnry pirate;;, the more ransom you pay the more seems lo be demanded. Wanted To Get Tounh For years the Barbary pirates nf North Africa had been cxncllne try for finally leading all other nalions in opposing what he terms "international subsidizing of piracy.'' Franrr Applied Treasure In the famous "XYZ A f f a i r " nf 1707, France tried to put the big j bite on us, France was sore at this country Ing was given by Mrs. L. L. Rush* | trlhiilrs from other nations by j o.ver some treaty negotiations. iiil till liJI toti HUT ION MM mm t MM ' Wテつサ --^ **U .4 BRIGHT VICTORY MTHUI KENNEDY PECfT BOW wu muu テつキ iwii um 0 ARK* NOW* Opテつサn S:4 fihows 7:00-9:00 Mf DENE MILLAND'TIERNEY PALACE ENDS TONIGHT and :i l"t i-nlii! sunnrr wns vrrvrrl lo Hie Krnup in Ihr schrml rafclrrifi before the lni.sinc,';s ineel- Inn. The W.S.C.R. me! Tliursdiiy af- lernonn with Mr. 1 ^. LJIWIOIICC Lewis. The lesson nrncram wns Riven by Mrs. M. E. Shinii. willi their shlpr, and erews. As the merchant fleet of our fledfilinc country ^rew, Ihe pifales began raiding our vessels. Algiers alone harl confiscHlcd numerous Auicriean vessels and enslaved hundreds of our seamen prior to 1(100. devollolials iiv Mrs. R u s s e l l From 1705 to 1S02, Ihis country Brovles. Twelve members and one iwld out more than $2.00(1.000 In vlsllor were served rcfreshnienls by Ihe hostess after the meelinR. 'The Scollisir Mile Club of Northwest Arkansas will meet at FarmlnRton Tuesday evenins at 7:30 o'clock. Dinner will be served in Ihe school rafolcria. The PT.A. will meet Monday ' Ihe Marbary slates of Algiers, Morocco, Tunis flnrl Tripoli. ; With each concession on our parl, the rapacity of the North African covernments Increased. Wnntfd To Gel Tmirli Three unofficial accnts of French Foreign Minister Talleyrand suc- Rcslcd to this country that we make a $250,001) gilt to Talleyrand, loan a sizeable amount to the French Kovernmcnl, and pay France an indemnity for crilici?.- iliテつ」 her. Improbable as all this sounds, an official American delegation in France was prepared to Give in on most of the rct|uosls when Ihe American people learned about the shady business. In short order. Congress cancelled certain French treaties, sus- Thomas J e f f e r s o n was in I pcndcd commercial relations with The PT.A. will meet Monday fnvor of qeltinn loiifili about il, France, authorized seizure of her a'l R p m' In ihc school house. The ; ' nil K I'efore wo ever did. Jefferson I armed vessels, and strengthened men will'be host's with a covered i ^''1 テつサ KmA navy and ISO guns .m | our military, dish supper an o'clock. | "テつォ ""'テつキ"テつキ'"'V Coast would b e , . Talleyrand was so upset when テつサ テつキ chcjipcr in the lonp run nnri do us ! his bluff was called that IK: bat- Tlic KveniRp American o:ils:morc Rood than the money w e ' 14R pounds of red meal n were hnnriing over to Ihe pirates. ' We had nnc indecisive scrap about .year. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP tied desperately to hrml off what might become war between the two countries. The matter was finallv settled by the convention of September .10, 1BOO. Tough policy had halted another shakedown. Kidnaprd In Africa As late as 1!)04. Moorish bandits kidnaped an American national, a Mr. Pcrdicaris, from his home near Tangier, in North Africa. A ransom of S70.000 had lo "MILKMAN" "DESERT GOLD" Starts Tutsdoy テつキテつキck by PopuUr Demand l:tl 1:11 5:24 7:22 9:20 His Words Live On Forever Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanac" was a colliction of rht wisdom of the ages, gathering within its pages words that were bricks in building a sound, healthy life. Leading in useful- ness were those that advised careful saving, the keystone to freedom and happiness. FIRST NATIONAL BANK CAPT. STEPHEN DECATUR l)c pnicl for the release of him and his stepson, a British subject. To strengthen our stand in the nceo- i tiiitionK this country sent the warship Brooklyn to Tannicr. In rrnlurics pfisl, the ransom was a fixture of war. In tlic 100 Y " - - s War. King Edward III,'of Elifiland. improved his ndmin- i.'-lration's shaky financial condition by RcttiiiR ransom paymcnls of 500,000 pounds lor King John, of France, and 100,000 marks for David Bruce, of Scotland. Band Students From Area To i tl i /テつサ!テつキ テつキ Attend Clinic Event Will Be . Held Here Friday And Saturday Bant! students, representing 21 Northwest Arkansas schools, will attend t u c テつキ Arkansas | . Senior Band Clinic here Friday I nnd Saturday, according in fi. W. j Willis, Fayettrvillr hand director. The 180 bandsmen will cnmc In Fayptlevillc for a twn-day study of Class A. B, C, and D music, under the direction of li. E. Nutt, from Vandcrcook College of Music in Chicago. ! Students from Atkins, Russell ! ville, Driver. Darclancllc, Pairs, I Roonevillc, Waldrnn, Charleston, 1 Clarksville, O?.ark, Alma, Van Burcn, Fort Smith, Lincoln, West Fork, Fayctlcvillr, Springdale, rReiitonvillp, HuntsviUr. Berry - villc. and Harrison will attend the I clinic. Floyrt Pitts. Fort Smith Senior High School band director, j is district clinic chairman this year in charge of clinic arrangements. I I Trv-outs for the All-State Band j j will be held Saturday morning. Students chosen for this 90-piecc band will meet at Conway March , fi, 7, and 8, and will later play for j | the state A.E.A. meeting March 27 j 1 and 28. | | Fayetteville residents who arc j willing to keep one or more band fmembers the night of January 18 j arc asked to contact n. W. Willis at 1531-J or Bill Parker at 983-J., j Approximately 50 places are need- ; : ed. I The public is invited to attend | thc;',clinic sessions beginning at 8 i Friday morning and ending Sat- _ _ urday afternoon. *t Time* 4*llj. -rau TONITE 7:30 A Dftl I ft ONE OF YEAR'S Tue. 2:30-7:30 ArULLU VERY BEST SUNDAY'S PATRONS SAY BETTER THAN "PINKY" "TO OUR MANY FAYETTEVIUS FMNDS WHO CONTINUALLY ASK US TO ADVISE THEM WHEN THE FINER SHOWS ARE HERE --THIS IS ONE." W. F. SONNEMAN. Etep IP with the 111 the Tir.ifi dill*. % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c i Holland Brot. Locker Plant MONEY in 1 DAY テつキM - *SO - MM - *MO or merテつォl tut yeut Mt#t 01 OWE* COHVlnllNt NANS JIM 1300 mm njun.imiin. tit.n J5S.W for holiday eipcnKi, ic- cumulated bull or repiin today! Many budget-wiM plant to choon from. fhtn* rirjf... thin com* in 103 N. BLOCK STREET Phtni: 3118 UCENKD IT tOUHUI tTArt lAMt Of PUBLIC LOAN C O R P O R A T I O N MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL BUY YOUR TELEVISION at a TELEVISION SERVICE STATION We Have the Latest Equipment Your Television Headquarters SMITH RADIO SHOP If your food had stayed as low in price as electricity for the past 10 years you'd get this much for what you now pay for this much If* Miirlling vrlicn you lliink of II! Tlie nvrr- ngc American family pays less per kilowalt-liour of clci-lricily today tlian it did leu years ngo! tj Living ro.-ls Iia\c gone 'way up. Tlic uosl of ninlcriiils. niiinpuwci' and cvcrylliing else needed lo prm ide ) our eleclrii l ..'or\ ice lias pone 'way up, Ion. Hnl your rales liave 5layed low. Ynnr rlerlric fenirc is Mill llic liiggesl bargain in (lie family lindgol! t. 3. DYESI, DIVISION MANAGE*

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