Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 14, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 14, 1952
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

NOKtHWtt! ARKANSAS TIMIS, fayenevilh, Arkonwrt, Mondoy, January 14, IWJ Kangaroo. The Whole Show As Publicity For Picture Is Turned Loose In Washington By EI CKEAOH Washinglon-WVTiM sorry," my wiffi said. "We must have a had connection. I thought for ;i m i n - ute you sairi you were pning in a party wlih a kangaroo." "Not with a kangaroo. For a kangaroo," I said. 'Oh," she said. "A parly for a kangaroo. That makes everything perfectly clear. Look, arc you feeling all right? You're nut feverish or anything? You haven't had a blow on the head?" So I explained thai sonic movie people, who have just finished shooting ft picture called "Kangaroo," had flown a couple of the heasls in from Australia. One kangaroo took to her bed a f t e r a few hours of Washington, but the Australian ambassador was giving a party for the other erne. "All this," my w i f e tiaul, "sounds a little giddy, even for this town. Go ahead, though. Try to get home early. And I don't want to h o a r ; an,v stories about your having to sit up with a sick kangaroo." Well, the party at Ihu Kmbassy was more fun than a barrel of kangaroos. This Percy Spender, the ambassador, is a ruddy, gusty type who set.-: out a f i n e b u f f e t . Turns out he's a great kangaroo fancier. Mrs. Spender can take kangaroos or leave them alone, but she let this one romp through her house with never a shudder. And Joe, the kangaroo, stole the show. He's the *onty kangaroo I ever met socially, but if they're n i l like him I w a n t one. He's greyish in color and about the size of a small kangaroo. He's as c u n n i n g as an Easter bunny, and tame, too. Didn't kick a single American. out there's a lot to learn, ton. "Wonderful animal:?!" boomed t h e ambassador. "Ought to sec them jump! Ten yards easily! Whole herds of them in the interior of Australia! It's a picture, by find, In see a whole herd j u m p - ing at once. Why, 1 remember one lime--" Just then his son John, \vho is Hi, burst in. He made a bee-line for Joe--and the kangaroo, who hud never seen him hi fore, greeted him lilie a long: lost brother. Talk about a boy and a dog--you should have seen John and Little Joe scamper through the embassy corridors. Joey fell on hi? face, finally. Resides, he had a tough schedule ahead of him--New York this weekend, then a tour of 3D or more U. S. and Canadian cities. Ro they covered him with a brown blanket and he took a long nap, right there on the rug. "Has it occurred to you," *ome- I body said, "that with Washington women a f r a i d to wear mink coals, on account of nil the scandals, there might be a brisk demand for coats made from kangaroo f u r ? " I rouldMiave sworn that, under his b l a n k e t , Joe the kangaroo trembled from head to foot. Mostly Joe wn.-c led around on a leash by a pretty A u s t r a l i a n model named Lnrclta North, an 1ft~'y ear-old who has been chosen "Miss Kangaroo," of all title.-:. She d i d n ' t - h a v e a n y t h i n g to do with Kangaroos-until snc" won the contest, but she learns fast. Turns BE QUICK T( Trail HHMCHITIS Chronic bronchitis may develop if your cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis ii not treated and you cnnnot affnrd to take * chance with any medicine less potent lhan Crcomulsion which foes right to the sent of the trouble to help loosen and expel Rerm laden phlegm find lid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender, inflamed^ bronchial membranes. Greomulsion Mends hecchwnod creosote by special process with other time tested medicines for coughs. It contains no narcotics. No matter how many medicines you have tried; Creomulsion is puarantccd to please you or d r u g g i s t r e f u n d s money. Creomulsion has stood the test of many millions of users. f Ariv i Returned Here To Face Charge Of Kidnaping John D. Da .'I.-. 4 S. former Washington Coin;-/ r.tiincr and retired .soldier, hs.s \ta-\ i f t u r n c d here from ·Anna ) i'i!i':, M:!.. U. f'K-e trial on a charso n( krtnapnig » minor. Davis, charged in the k i d n a p i n g I of the ilaushtiT ,i . o u i t hail r . l a c r i l I in his divorced nife.'. CM-SIOU/, was ordered returned '-t Ar'^iiLa.-: Wednesday by the ROV ci I'.nr -.f Maryland a f t e r an i-xtradi'i'n hearing al AnniiHiis. A f t e r the hearing Davis petitioned for a v.'rit of hal'ca* corpus, which was denied by a Maryland court. He was returned here by Deputy Sheriff Leonard Jones, who 'attended the extradition hearing. Davis and his wife. Mrs. Ester Davis, were divorced here last May. Thp Chancery Court awarded the" mother custody of a riaueh- I ler, Joan, 'ix. Shortly a f t e r w a r d Davis disappeared with Joan and his two sons, Larry, 11, and Kenny. 111. Arrested a month later in Clark County, Ga., Davis jumped a S.TOO bond and again disappeared. He was arrested la.-:t month in Haiti- more, Md., where he was working. .for INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION and SPECIAL CARE! ^^'^ t ^^'^^i4H4'HVVVW Bring YOUR Ford Tractor "HOME QUALITY StRVKl, GfNl/fJVf PARTS! From radiator to drnwbar, we know every nut »nd bolt on your Fn,rd T r a c t o r -- and it takes intimate knowledge like this to make sure that your tractor is properly serviced. Only it Ford Tractor dealer can have ·he latest factory information and procedures at hii ·ngertips. Thai's why we are specially qualified to lerviee your Ford Tractor and Dearborn Implements. You can get real savings when ,vou bring your Ford Tractor "home" for service. Take advantage of our tervice "specials" on engine overhauls, tune-ups, and ·ther icrvices. 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