Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 14, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 14, 1952
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TM WiMC INTWBT It THE FIRST CONCHN Of THIS NiWSPAPW Anociored Press Leased Wire AP, King and NEA Features Local Por«co»t--· K a y f t t r v i l l c anri vic;;ilt7 mostly cloudy '.ill! light r a i n and ron- tinur'J w a r m tonight. Tomorrp"' p w r t l v cloudy, t u r n i n g much co'd- cr h; the afternoon. Hifih tempcra- l u r e j r - t r r d a y TO; low 53; noon today's 1 !. Sunrise 7:27: sunset 3:23. VOIUME 90, NUMBiK 146 FAVETTEVIUE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 14, 1952 PRICE FIVE CENTS Vote Contest To Be Resumed On January 23 Write-In Candidate, . A Witness, Says He Is Democrat By FRED COGER Arthur B. Davidson, who re eeivcci 91 write-in votes for m a y o r ] ? in the city general election No- · vembcr 6, declared in Circuit Court Saturday that he still considers himself a Democrat although he voted fnr himself * against Powell M. TChea, whose name was on the ballot as t h c ; Democratic nominee ior mayor. ; Davidson was one of the final : voters tn testify in thc election j contest. Saturday before Judge ' . Maupin Cummings adjourned the session at 12:15 noon. Thc judge j set January 23 to resume thc contest, in which both Rhea and | .Davidson claim to have been | elected mayor. | Crobs-examined hy an attorney ! for .Rhca, · Davidson said he did ] not "run" for mayor--cither as an independent, Republican, or candidate nf any party other t h a n Democrtic; and he declared'that | he did nothing lo write in his name City Planning Commission To Map Program The City P l a n n i n g Commission will meet at the City Adminislra- , l i o n Building at 4 p. in. tomorrow for a p p o i n t m e n t of new committee.", c h a i r m a n W. K. Pryor announced today. Pryor said he w i l l name members to a committee on future planning needs, a Street Names Committee and a House Numbers Committee. j The commission plans to open j studies aimed at correctly numbering houses and naming streets in '· the near f u t u r e . Sweater Goes Up In Flames Alexander May Serve Churchill In Defense Post Governor-General Of Canada Said To Have Been Chosen Ottawa-M'l-British Prime M i n - ister Winston Churchill follows up Shady Grove School Destroyed By Flames He identified the ballot he cast in Ward 3, and said he wrote in his have people i ^', ,t "r^yjng ihc^comS- wcalth to new efforts against world communism. A formal Canadian-British com. n thc ballots. Red Negotiators Claim "Lie" In Prisoner Debate Also Charge Allied Planes Over Cities In Northeast China 'Rides Ambulance "To Get There' .t -^linCr l l a v l d l.lnyd v.a.- t a k e n t'n;m M o n t r e a l In R'.ndMii in an a m b u l a n c e c.uly : yesterday--bul then- '· .is n u t h i n g m e d i c a l l y w i n n g "it'll h i m . His U r a l ended about m i d n i g h t S.ilur- j I real ende dabout midnic'il - S a t i n - ; day n i g h t and he had t" lie m I M u s l i m for a dress r--hears.-l yes- ; tcrd.iy m o r n i n g . Lloyd h i i c - l t h e a m b u l a n c e ' , for the m c i m s h t t r i p - a l ,-i : "*FI "If f J Sheriff Finds i Blaze May Have Been Set Other Weekend Fires Af Rockwood C l u b And Tisdale Farm soiilh ;. ( i i m e School.. Ml miles nf Mnrro'.vlnwn, in South- *.«.! of JHH." M i m s n n . Korra-i/l'l-C.Mnmumst ;,,,, lh( . 1( , ,,.,,,, _.._ negotiators s h o u t c d "lie" in a j p |. 1|U , ffrvicc ,,, ,. cl |,i,,, i,, i;, M i u n ;'"«' U'«:-lnngtnn C o u i i l j , w a s dc- hcaterl debate over prisoner c:-: l n t j m r 1 slro.vrri hy. f i r e early cr,tcrday change loday and charged Dial ' Allied planes Me 1 , 1 .' over Capl John G Dcgcnkolb of thc Los Angeles, Calif., county fire prevention bureau, ir.mtcs one of the i explosive sweaters which have turned up in many parts of the country. Deecnkolb called Ihe clolh in I the sweater a "poor grade of rayon." Al l e f t he ignites Ihc sweater; at right he watches it burn less t h a n a minute later. The sweaters are being sold by Itinerant peddlers in every reported case. Inflammable Sweater Probe Leads To New York Plant , W n name--"A. R. Dflvirison"~in muniquc will be issued before thc Now York-C/Pl-City o f f i c i a l s , on j pire State Mills here loday. T w r | r r sloik. ho blank .space below the printed 'speed! announcing thc results nf I lhc l r a j l of i n n a m m a b l e sweaters,! sweater m a n u f a c t u r e r s in New | 11 was no) u n t i l last ucck, I c i f r - tho blank spi name of lihca. i h i s l h r e o and onVhalf days o f i ' " " """ "' V 1 "" 11 " ' '.:".' York and Cleveland yesterday told i ler mlrt Srait. t h a t he learned thc mectincs w i t h Prime M i n i s t e r ! l' l a n n c ? d '" VL - ll , loclay a K c w i o f f i c i a l s t h a t Ihc Empire S I » I c j m a l c n n l wa.' i n f l a m m a b l e , Totflcr 'cvcral cities in Norlhrasl China Sunday. Allied n e g o t i a t o r s o n i h r Irucc supervision suhcormmtter switched ladies Mniid.iv n f t T f a i l i n g for three .slraifthl dii.vs In get an oral slaliment of UK- Comm u n i s t stanr! nsi a i r f i e ' d rot-on- strwtlon. Instead thc U.N. asked thc Reds tn ncrcc tn restriction*. Thf a c h i l l y m:ctti"ii. | T h c Reds rharficd I l i a * A l l i e d ; phines f l e w over M u k d e n , Wu- i shicn and nthcr Chinese r n i n n w - j nilics but did nnt .-.-ay :my were alt? ckod. i U.N. spokesman at Panimuijnm | the charcc is; slrnyrrl muniing, and S h e r i f f Hrm-e Older n i f L the li!n?.e a p p r a i o H lo have ooi'ii deliberately he!. The unc-ri'oni d a m e rchool hmldinu WHS ;tlrno';t completely I destroyed when the flames were cd by nearby residents about , f! a. in,, yc.stcrriay. The sheriff .-.lid that o u t b u i l d i n g were still t j u r n i n x when he n r r i v ed at trie lectio rhorlly a f t e r 7 p.. m. ., ,. ,, ,. 1 U n l i k e many rural .schools Seoul, Korea-f/l'l-Soulh Korean ' m f a n t r y f inri Chinese Rnls i-lasli- | emptied hy consolidation of Ar- cd I n d a y in a eerier: of bailies on ; kausas' schools, t h n building iva* Korea's western fronl. In the \ £ \[\\ j n use. About 20 studrnts were Bailies Flare On Korean Front Commun'sts Hold Hill Positions | ic . ix .j cs i n c t u m . thc South Korean 1her. When the trial resumes January 23. some 18 more persons subpoenaed by Davidson as witnesses are scheduled to testify, and they portedly now is governor-general of Canaria, a new. top-level job, possibly that of Britain's defense minister^ Churchill himself now holds t h e , when the wearer stood loo near a stove. cigaret, another j Company, had i d e n t i f i e d himself { ported elsewhere. S:mc sweater-! Hie 1 m a n u f a c t u r e r there. t wearers "tested parmcnts they , temper came a f t e r Rmr Arinri.i U. S. M f l h A r f o i r p / . m l snow. The Cleveland m a n u f a c t u r e r | lu:d been v.-carinR Ior months and | n. E. Llbhy explained t h a t t h e j mp nnd hn?.c held d_nwn Almost all ot the 6fi who have testified so far identified t h n i r ballots and testified t h a t they intended to vote for the same Arthur B. Davidson who is a defcndant-in-j to be keeping silent about his reported plans to shift another lop British military man. Gen. Sir Gerald Templer, to Malaya as British high commissioner. I Templer. has been conferring. British Prime Minister. Ba Ncw° V York Citv Tire .Marshal I -.7.T- quoted as saying he had been ! saw t h e m hurst into flames in f o u r j Allied plan would be a d v a n l a - 1 and boml.ejrjitrlkes Monday. M a r t i n Scott said la.n niRht he i buying Ihe material for f o u r years j seconds. The sweaters were ashes ceous lo the Reds as well as thc | j v n u l d v w i j h c p h u u j ^ h c j m - l b u U H M he no '"^^^.^caMm^sn^ccnnri,. U.N. ^ ^^ ^ ^ ... . . . ^ ^ 'it i with the in ballots were not marked correctly, and thc persons who said 1 they cast, these ballots were not allowed tn testify for whom they ,,, ^.. u l t ^ ., - . _... 'had intended to vote. repeatedly to confirm or deny thc j A | n _ T r n i l itur- 'reports of Alexander's move to. v / M O n g I r a i l commander of Britain's eastern frontier. I British press officers attached lo Churchill's party have refused ] Missing Beauty Believed Alive Search Centers Reaches Shore AfteP Struggle j Los Angeles -i/l'i- C»|il. Kurt ' Britain. Churchill's last formal meeting For example, one voter Satu dav morning said she wrote · " ttx-i' ^ I I U I L I I I U :- laai j u i i i . a Davidsons name but put an X , , m C a n a d i a n officials ...... ... In thc square opposite Fhca s r a nged f o r this mornliiR. During name. She said this was an error j n j s v j s jt the British Prime Minis-! days ago centered along the Ta- : i h i n e went and insisted on slating for thc rec-| tcr has been giving St. Laurant j miami Trail through the E v e r - j Airliner Falls In New York At Least 33 Persons Saved iN'e-.v York-Wi-A Northeast air- mi'ssinK Canadian beauty w h o r i i s - j H c drove it down io thr Los A n - M i n e r , probing throuRh dense fog appeared in the Florida Keys 10 ! KC | C5 R i v e r early yesterday. Some- ! for a landing at La Guardia Field, J C a r l s c n of the Flying Enterprise | I has a c o u n t e r p a r t , in a small way. j i j n M i k e Mcchikoff, w h o slaved' j h y his "ship" in distress and, w i t h j mnrc luck t h a n Onrlscn, c v c n t u a l - 1 ly taroUKhl it to safely. M i a m i , Kla-l/Pt-Search for Ihe ] Mochikoffs "ship" is a truck. Child Crashed To Death At Movie Theater New Ynrk-MVSome Clin Iheatre palrnns wnlchlim " movie .were u n a w a r e yesterday t h n t almost before Ihnlr r y e s ' l i f e was being crushed nut of a H-ycar-old boy by n moving orehcslra platform. ' Thc v o i i l h A n l h o n y T3lasknvich, ' killed ns he peered from to Ihe floor. No chickens were in was anrt t h r trul-k: crashed liday in thc East R i v e r mccl a| , ain al ,, , i m - Tuesday. ,, , j wound up in the concrete c h a n n e l ; in Ihc m i d d l e of New \ o r k C i t y . ' I b c d . Water rose In the fenders; At least .S3 were saved. I voter w,, made,. x son MS 101 Possible Rale Hike ballot was not allowed to testify j L j u , c T!oi:k _ ( , lvT h c Arkansas how he had Intended to vote. j B u t a n e D ca i cl . s Association is Ballot Missing alarmed about a report that a Of thc 23 voters who testified Saturday morning. 22 were from Ward 3. thc ward in which Rhca's prepare:! in order lo deceive a part "f Ihc people of l'~e world who are iznoranl. it would be all right," tialri North Korean MHJ, Gen. Lee Sans Clio. "But II would not suit us. You had bctlcr not say any more t h a i you would do r any favors. Should you con- t i n u e I" say .10, it would menu than you tell a hie He." Adm. Libby retorted; "I riii not know v.-licthcr I have personally been called a liar, hut 1 his front row scat beneath Ihc ·. I got a strong inference. I shall j slacc of the Academv of M u s i c ] study Ihc record and m a k e sure." Theater nil 14th Strccl. The j Roth subcommittees agreed to I descending orchestra p l a t f o r m caught him against Ihc wall of the pit. crushing his head. An assistant manager of Ihr ; I h r a l c r said Ihe platform was be' | ing lowered a f t e r some children had tampered enrlicr w i t h thc (stage controls, causing the platform lo rise above part of the screen. ouisidc window. Damafie from Ihe (Ire was slisht. H'lremcn said they were unablf lo d e t e r m i n e how Ihc blnze started. Thc club was slih open when Ihe engines arrived, but the operator could not be located. A hrooderhousc fire on Ihe .1. W. Tiaclale (arm 10 miles northeast. of FaycUcvillc on III.Ih.jyfy -ij .tt\, sulled in an alarm at D o'clock' Ihis nivrninK. One company from Central Station responded lo the alarm. Damage was relatively fllsht, firemen reported. The flames, storting in floor litter from iverheatcd stove, wcro confined Naval Air Power Said "Al Ready" World Over \Vashington-(/1'i-Unitod Slates Navy a i r c r a f t can t a k e off frop- a rarricr any place in Ihe work. per cent increase will be sought in insurance rales on trucks. The who saw her on thc T,nniami j Trail last Sunday," Ncdcau s a i d , yesterday. "We have every reason to believe she was thc person they saw, because thc description t n l - O'Conor Says He Not Seek Reelection Miners Al HcAlesle, Go Back To Diggings John H, Caspar!y said todny. Thc deputy chief '»f naval orations fnr air mnrlf? thc si mrnt in a copy rich ted interview 01 Six Shot Io » |L I C I 11^3IH |R· rOf! thc house when thc fire occurred. Vatican Nominee Sti|l Planned Truman Wihdraws Clark's Nome Washington-f/I'i-l'i-csldcnl Truman has decided to buck widespread opposition and nominate.a U.S. ambassador lo The Valican. Rut he has withdrawn the name ' of Gen. Mark W. Clark for the . Kurt Smith-l/l'i-Jodic llaralson, | I U.S. News and World Report, a 31, f a t h e r of fix children, was shot A White House announcement lies exactly. I am p o s i t i v e she! "It is ; The rnino was closed December 11 j officials serv In addition, it was alleged lhat cleclion officials in Ward 3 failed to attach a cerlficalc signed by them to the official list of voters I pcncnccd drivers \vhlch has been placed in evidence. On that basis. Rhea's al- j service. ^ ^ torncy asked t h a t thc Ward 3 ; ~* votes be expunged, because they «,!,,,,-, rji. r|,.j; A J said such a certificate is required ' ArKanSaS jllc JlUQICU pparcnl that some of my when methane gas was detected- signed by i state and thc claim that less-ex-| left her Jjusbanri t n ^ v a l k ^ M t h e i r ; csi , mlscri hy n ,hers. I n andor I j ^.^ ^ h k h kj||w| u!) |nm o s m p d i. j ^.| lc j, 1S | )cc .i ars found the ! younger men called into 'military are replacing i convertible about 150 yard? n w a y . | m l l s t changed i n t o heavier clothmt: and disappeared. views arc a'l variance with those [ lh= «TM Wi responsibly for tte ^jjjjpg I'o Itc^ Still Hunted In Pacilic Two Trade Punches On Beverly Hills Corner Beverly Hills, C a l i f . -l/IVI'ro- iisf?f 0 TMLs1is"s fi 't a 'ri w sho t ok"|For Jel Bomber Base with h a v i n g been voter No. 25 in ; , \vashinfiton-fVPi-A SO ir that ward, Shook testified that he ..faUnr permanent Air Force base on _. - . did not vole November 6. Mrs. C. ; f n r nicdium jet bombers nia.v be; d a v . police said, Gottlieb's w i f e D. Atkinson, one of the two judcc.s j established in Pnlaski County near j p 0 llv, sister of Showman Billy ' in Ihe ward, testified t h a t thc l i s t : Little Rock. No f i n a l decision l i a s j p l 0 r C ( \ ncf \ ( n i n t e r v e n e and "slip-: ducer Alex Gottlieb and Zcppn million i Marx, talent ascnl, traded punches ' .street corner e a r l y ycstcr- \villi certain programs." He re- j w;is rieKliuVble 'l'hcy"ais v,^..^. i fused to elaborate on thr s l a t e - 1 pr V v j ons | y SPH 'I W I O f f S) clions" of mcnt. ; the mine and found the .seals in j ScaUlc-i/IVSoareh phuies a w a i t - j i O'Conor gamed n a t i o n a l promi- . good oondiiion. rd clearing weather todny lo i c - i j nc-nce when h^ succeeded Fen. ! K s t e s K e f a u v e r I D-Tenn ) as : ch;u'rnian of thr Senate Crime In- · vo.stigating Committee. ! Council Commitiees TA 1C was in error in listing Earl Shook. She identified I,onnie Shook, a nephew of Karl Shook, as having voted. Two judges and j Horc. Iried to mlcrvcnc and "siij' been made. , pc(1 n r was pl]S }, cr i to the pave- . A Cioup of A r k a n s a n s offered l o j m p j l ( ·' sne to | r i n f(ircrs. She wai j purchase the 7.500 acres needed for thc base and give it to thc Air Hit By More Floods, Snows San Kiancisro-f/l')-.Morc floods sunie scanning thc storm-tossed i North 1'acific for the freighter Pennsylvania and her 4ri-nian crew. Hope for the crewman, who took lo l i f t boats d u r i n g a Pacific storm he arrested Morris and booked him U first step in a move to drop the on a charge of suspicion of mur- whole idea. Thcy said they did not fie,-. ! know who Mr. Truman has m Loopcr said thc shooting f o l . j m l n d for nomination .as the first lowed a f a m i l y quarrel, and that ftill-fledced U.S. ambassodar ever I f a r a k o n was t r y i n g to baiter sent to Thc Vatican, seat of. the down the door of Morris' a p a i t - Catholic Church in Rome. Clark's appointment, announced just a few houn before Congress ! adjourned last October, drew fire from both Protestant churches and · ment at 'the lime. Cl " on In»ur«nre Advocittd not h u r t . l a n d snmvs v.-r-re in prospect- In- nmMoii. v/ho.-c l e i m s h a v e expir- , - No charges v.-eic C en. ' ( l a v for C a l i f o r n i a , a l r e a d y Iw e l l eel. will he ic-appomtcri to Ihc clerks conducted thc election ,,, i Force. The o f f e r was made to As- Z c p p f ) JR ( h c ,, mm|;( , M n f , h c |, y j| s worst winter in h a l f a ccn- ciimmis!ion. Ward 3. Mrs. Atkinson said. ! cij 1 ""' V^'HU 'ins at a meeting J I -' r x hrnthcrs. l i e lolil police the l i n y . Thc new v.ind-blown slor.n | I'lannlllg CoinmisEion members Lotmic Shook testified t h a i lie ) i' n s",', John "^McClcllan's office. I mmrrel was over a g a m b l i n g debt. | carried m i , c r a i n toward N o r t h - whose':, Iwo-yeai· term.- Present at thc conference were! The incident occurred outside an orn C a l i f o m u ' '· ··'·-" .,.. -..: /-.^....... i.i^inn A ,-^u r*T,iir,_ I a l l n i f h t di'lipsloi'C. w h e r e C.oll.. -. _ -- , i be named to terms e x p i r i n g in last Wednesday, wai fading, but I Nc'v committee... w i l l he a p - ' "· C"ast fiuarrt ordered a ipoimwl by Mayor I'ov.cll Ilhca a t : thorough search of an arei s o u t h | j t o n i g h t ' s meeting of thc C i t y : eastward of thc last position r e - ' c r o p . Thc department has asked « I Council! In a d d i t i o n , three m e m - : I 10|IM b »' lh " sfii'lien IrcigWrr. ||9j2 croji of tlwlji/o. hers of the ('ily Plaiiiiing C o m - . - ~ ' " ' " ~~ Washington- f/I'l -flcprcscnlalive | Congress members. Catholics gen- O a t h i n g , ( D - A r k ) said today he j " M y a PP r ^Jf^ believes the A g r i c u l t u r e Depart- j rncnt should insure cotton f a r m - ers a price of '1(1 to -12 cents a I bale this year if it expects them ; to produce another 11 million bale Greenwood Resident Hurt In Car Wreck voted In Ward 3. He said he could I . . , ; l l a s k e l l b l l e y . I ,ml Y o u n g . not positively identify Ballot No. i P u i a s w c o u n t y Judge Arch Camp-1 all niiriit drugstore, where Goilheb ' i!,son had to leave t h e i r homes, ;ind Krnest Ward. All three w i l l ! ?» as his, however. Both Lonnic'bell; Kvcrctl Tucker of thc Liltle and M a r x had Mopped for a laic ihe paM weekend. snack. and Earl Shook were subpoenaed I Rock Chamber of Commerce; Brig. CONTINUED ON PAGE ELEVEN i Gen. H. K. L. I'.aton and ling. I Gen. Harold Maddux of the Air ij pntrnl F o r c e ; Representatives Hays,! MOVy rflrrOI H a r r i s and Trimble of Arkansas; i Crf«hes In Joe H a r d i n of Grarly; John K r i c k - 1 V -' aSneS '" son, aide lo Senalor Fulbright. and Poultry Morktt-- The poultry marltet today ti r«. portnl by the University ot Ar- kusns Institute of Science tnd Tfcteiology and Ihe Dniry »nd Toullty Market News Service of ih« U. S. Depirtment of Africul- tur». Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t leady. demand f a i r to sood, nlume n f . t r a d i n g shove normal, rices paid f. o. li. firm up to 2 ·. m., broilers and f r y e r s all ·cishts SO-.ll rents · pound, mosl- .10. Ralph M a t t h e w s and Walter Pope, aides McClellan "' 11 We more snow lo the Sierra ll3«, M.'iyor^nhc^siml loday. ! N'evafla-- where mam highways t o ' : Nevada already were blocked and B r i t a i n W i l l ProdllCG i t r a n s c o n t i n e n t a l train.', c i l h e r . . .. . D . 1 stalled or r u n n i n g :in hours behind V a l i a n t JCt DOfTIDerS rcbedule. ' Yokohama. .lapan-MVA I!. S. . The new storm expected hy : l.iindon-l/I'j-llrilain will m a s s patrol bomber crashed a n d ' i n m g h t lo spiead rams lo rain- inodiicr her new f o u r - e n g i n e jet A Giccrt'Uiod man suffered m i n o r injuries about 7:15 this mornins when his northbound car went out of control on a curve south of West Fork on Highway 71. struck a culvert and turned over. Deputy Sheriff Leonard Jones Mid .N'unan G. Wallr!i»-cn, ·" Greenwood Roulc I. suffered cute .imicrs. They would t a k e over, not ilboul l r p [ arc anc | hands and a Internal Revenue Collectors To Discuss Reorganization Wa:.liiiiKlon-(,Ti-Collei-tirs of In- 1 Moners. They would I l e r n a l revenue from all ,,ver Ihc " n ,', v l h p ": ork '!! "\ c ()1 ,,l"T ! ' cnl fool injury. Me was released from ,, . / ' c o l l e t - l o t s , hill Hll n t h c r field ac- ,. «t. l l r t e ^ i t a l ^flpr fir*t Aid i-ounlry were r a i l e d i n t o confer- i 1|v|li( , 5 in lhpn . ,|i., lr j t .n. C oiihly llospllal after rust .110 Tucker said he regards Little Rock's chances as excellent. B«nny« Wtd JS Y««n Beverly Hills. Calif.-f/lVThe Jack Benny* ccl.bra.ed 1h*lr2Mh|.^ H ..»y'. n «..!!'» l 7^ hurlied In a vacant field n o r t h of ; ·o.-iked L"S A n g e k s and snows lo liomlicr V a l i a n t c\cn though ^ I l i c here d u r i n g a violent r a i n .·.fpiall today. Two persons wcu 1 reported killed and 10 or 12 i i i j u i c d . The plane was a two-engine C o n s u l i - . f v. W»ath#r« PHV-t.vpe 1 "cwinEi i r a l f i r - i m p c d n l m o u n l a i n l areas of S o u t h e r n C a l i f o r n i a , IMC to he i-omplcled cxplod- Thc lir.'.t of Ihe new su|er- ence here loday lo dlieuss a leor- r i n i j - u i o n nl-iii ih-H would ,1'ohsh Ihe r ioh" ' e M d e n l T u r n ' n As p!opo^'ihaMhc'^i, ; c"'S',he h «i colleclors be icplaced by ,-i new · M a n y revenue units in the field ; li'eitmenl. now operate independently of t h e ' ·'"'« 5I " (I Wiillravcn. «ho « M : collectors, who arc appointed b y . en mule to llogers from C.rccn- ; the W h i t e Home. The new dljtriel | wood, lost control of his car aS | commissioner;! would be selected i he rounded the curve. The car ' under thc Civil Service systcin. was listed as demolished in the wedding anniversary The comedian and thc j I (laiCd [ l y i n g nnai -- a r n i - i . y j M : . .-estcrday i ustl(l (nr lr ''" nin R- .'apanese f i r e - 1 flamr*. near Rournemoulh on a lou'ly t h l i t : lest f l i g h t t w o days ago. Five ,, - , A r k a m - a s -- M o s t l y . _ . f n r m m - i men pulled dead and i n j i n e d l i - o i n a f t c r n o o n . t o n i g h t a n d Tuesday, [crewmen hailed oul, bul nnf of 1 1 1 . . , . _ . _ , j pw ,,|, mV |,|., i . m i g n i , r d n i e r ' t h e m died I n l e r . T h c m i n i s t r y nl- Sadvc Marks know;; a^ M a ; y L i v : H h e b u r n i n g v-rc.kag, N a v v a m - ; A few sh,i Ingstnnc on. the radio, were mar- hulanre.-- i n r n e d Ihe v i c t i m s lo a T u e s d a y and in i Tied In W.itikegan, 111., In 1!27. I.service I tonight. ( The rcorganualion proposal goc; and smaller setup of district com missionci i-. i - - . . . . Revenue Commissioner John F ) . ! n l o effect automatically w i t h i n 01) D u n l a p called lodav's meeting lo : days alter II Is f o r m a l l y submitted discuss what may be expected i f ] to Congress, unless either house Congress doesn't kill thc reorgun- voles iig.iinst It. P u n l a p has Inill- Izailon Mr caled I h n t many of Ihe (14 collectors probably will nol he re- on plan. r. T i n m a n ' s proposal, offered . - . ..,,1.,..,.. ..-.. v -... Jie \vake of a series of I n t e r n a l .rained In the reorganization, and nulh'.'.-cM poilion Inbuicd Ihe crash In an accidental Revenue n m r a i i sc.mdalj. w o u l d : t h a t jome probably will prefer to I l i t e In one of thf engine buys. I creale 2.S d i s l r i c t icvenue roinmii-1 leave Ihe [ievenue tlureau.

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