Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 12, 1952 ツキ Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1952
Page 8
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NMTHWtST ARKANSAS TIMtS, rovt*テつォvlHテつォ, Arfcame* Saturday, January H, 1*Sテつォ FARM AND HOME NEWS Pond Contractors To Meet With SCS,PMAMen A meeting l cnntr.-iclrir, anrl; machinery oprnlnjs intern ted in : JBrm pond:. IcnaiTS and \valer-' jvnys will be held at the National. Guard Annury al !) a. in. Monday! under spunsurdiip of the- Production MiirkcliiiK Artminisiralliin, and the Soil Conservation Servke.! licccm channei in .spctilicatinn.-: テつキnd conshuction rcciuircmcnis on! ponds will he discussed, and an: effort v.-iil be niade to wtjik out! Mn agreement fin prices, plus a j lictter arranscment of rhcdunKi テつキnd grouping at jobs. : * K. M. Cojcman will dit'ciiss tin; 1PMA phases of the. progrnni and 'Orrln Hcnbcsi will speak on Hsponnlbllllics of the SCS In laying out and checking permanent 'Conservation practices. II. C. While agricultural engineer, Is scheduled in talk on technical on- Kincerin;; design and methods of H.-ikrnj: nut and checking pond*, terrace:; and waterways. All contractors and operators nf ociuipnienl are urged lo attend ihu meeting. .' *. WEEKLY BROILER REVIEW The Niirlhwrat Arkansas are.l inarkc! was ::te;u.i- this v/celi. steady on Thursday, ,lan- unry 10. The demand wai. ftood. wilil the volume nf trading aver- .iKing slightly above normal. Supplies of lightweight broilers were iificriuale but heavier birds were reporter! Hshl at most points. Prices at the close were one cent higher" in .unchanged. tnc mostly price remaining unchanged.' In Die llalcsvillc-F'loral area a market was established on only t w o . days o f - t h e week. The undertone was generally steady. Supplies wrrf reporter! light al mor.t pninls and drmand was fair lo good. The olher arras were generally steady with offerings about equal lo Ihe fair lo Rood demand. Central North Carolina, the Missis- homr Thursday afternoon by a: ful without having a belly full of arnbulanre. Mr.' ulcers, and a wife whose opcratior a patient al the; war a prolonged serious one, u i whose illness has all the doc Beta puzzled no end. hey had been City Hospital. The Xi Beta Chapter of Phi snrnrity met Tuesdayj I still cnnlcnrl any man who nit;!H at the home "f Mrs. L y n n i v - a n t s lo escape- from thn rush -'Army Apologizes To Two Girls It Fired As ;J テつーi5eciirity Risks In '48; Oilers Jobs Back j Wa..-hinKloii-Wi-Thc Army apol- to iテつォ povminicnt cent lower. The other sections w ';_ rc . were mostly unchanged from last weekend. ,1 f DANCE COME TO LEGION HUT SPRINGDALE SATURDAY NIGHT Western Swing Band BOB BECKER AND HIS ARIZONA TRAIL HANDS 9 P. M. to 12 Midnight Heard ovcr^KBRS -- SpringdaU 1:05 P.M. -- Mon. thru Fri. 11:45 A.M. -- Saturday U ARK* NOW* Cwttnuoui Show from 1:00 " T H E TENDEREST HEART AFFAIR YOU EVER HADI" Hay Gene MILLAND-TIERNEY tlHtl HOI TCTUll Cur toon ENDS TONIGHT 'Pols of Golden West' テつキ nd "Cosa Manona" Starts Sunday PLUS Wild Weit Adventure! ROBERT CUMMINGS In ZANE GREY'S "DESERT GOLD" Short ROYAL TONIGHT Humphrty Boflart in "SIROCCO" Serial I Randolph Scoll in "SANTA FE 1 Cartoon * LAST T I M E TONIGHT * "TOO YOUNG TO KISS" ____^___ Starts Sunday -- 1:24 3:25 5:26 7:27 9:28 /'"SHE FOuSliFEAROF LOVE. THE ONLY WAY A GIRL CAN! KENNEDY *n DOW LATEST NEWI EVEIfTI SKYT.AHK IN THE ROCKIEI F.lsic Singbush, and Parliamentarian, Mrs. Opal C.vpcrt. Hillside Adventures FRED STAR* Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I . Smith As far as I know there is no raw rock phosphate now bcinc shipped into Washinalon County. I feel, bowes'cr. that our fertilizer problems rould be a little simplified by its use. The only difference between raw rock phosphate snrt superphos- phate is that the lailcr i; prepared by trcatln! raw rock phosphate with sulphuric acid. One can easily see that in the result- ins mixture nf two diffcicnt substances (rock pho.--phate and acid I the amount of phnsphrous is diluted down from alioul .13 to 21) per cent. However, immediate availability of the phosphrous is sain- ed. It naturally cost.; snniothiiiR In apply this arid and the 20 pel- cent .superphosphate is selling today above what Hie :U per rent raw material would likely cost after the local price is established. The immediate availability of the phosphorous in/the super phosphate is an advantage in IhinkiiiR j of this year's crop.-. For jllustra- | lion, a' tenant would never apply any fertilizer that was not a v a i l able in the year it was applied. slop , mri rhcn the owner who is making , 0 cscap( , | t heavy applications on cash crops I Th[ , n | 10 wcnt j n | n much detail mlclit wish to think in term.-; "'I a | )0l ,t a || the thinss he wanted besides what he bad. And do you know what they all cost 1 .' Kxactly nulhin'. テつキ He wanted to climb the highest hill and watch a sunset; to sit and .Smith on Maple Avenue. Mrs.' n r making more dollars than the I WC' 1 lotlas .. -lohn Dornian presided in the ab; fellow at hi/ elbow ean do so by Sirls it fired HS security ISKS on scner of Mrs. 1.. M. RIggs. Tbe t | r( ,,,ping out of the chase, b u t ' y e a r s ago and offerer] to retu.n pro-ram, presented by Mrs. J o e - f e w do They all dream of the!""TM '" I 1 " 1 " old J"" 5 , ana '''テつキ テつキ Stccle, was on "How Do You i im c when they can cct away'hem any money tnc.v .o.,t as a i Know You're Risht?" Ihc dis- ; [mm it all, hut they escapti only result of the dismissal.-.. I was led by Mrs. Roy R i t - i w h e n Old Father Time, with his Said Eleanor Beak. 2fi. of Jcr- 1 " mvn. Pa.: "It is regrettable that [our long, heart-sick year.-: for me and my family have had to pass before my grind name could he clearer!/' Grace Patton. 3.", of Charlotte, N'. C.. said: "It's been * Ion" fight, hut v:e made it. I'm awfully , ,/r, M .1 i v,,,'happy the case is all over with." nt t n e n o m e o , mrs. .;テつサテつォ, n.-". k -テつキテつキ Angeles-l/Pi-MTM that he statement Ways and Means. Mrs Joe liar- has been dec ared l e g a . v c o n p c - ^"^ c ' state can happcn rison, Mrs. Thurmond ['arsons,| tent, .lohn Michael 11a n ,,cil.\. in. i ,, c()plc tnc j,. ,. C p- nnd Mrs. Cra.T Fields: Card and! can go In the polls "テつォ l J 1 ^'TM ^ cn "^^, ,^\ court., are Flower, Mrs. Lewis Sisco. The i and "vole for raft and Waircn. P ^en a mes a loaders appointed for the year The .judge complimented Hag-| e \ o r ale.I The following rommiurcs were Tucstl".v Ct by ! 'lln! Friendly 'iNcish- hnrs Homo Demonstration Club nt the home nt Mrs. Ross Graham. Legally Competent, At 101 He Favors Taft They said Uicy didn't know whether or not they would take buck their old positions. In somt Malay weddings the bridegroom's party must engage the bridp's protectors in mimic battle and pay mock ransom. BOWi, FOR PLEASURE Benton Bowling Lanテつォs--Adv. Kテつォテつサ an ihc Tunn テつォテつキ'!テつサテつキ PLAN TO BUILD SM Our MittrliL Get Our PricH. Try Our tmtr.t. DYKE LUMBER CO. 101 SL Chirlo president IE E l ''!l^ Sne^'^m^fc^ta'an^ia^r'Ttuvl we,, dismissed from the j , m Food d NuriSon Mr.,! liquor. He said he voted JTop Pres- Army Finance Center m S.. Louis Cecil AnTM' Clothing anrt Home' idenl William Howarrt Taft and ,n March, 104S. Furnishings,' Mrs. Paul Lynn; wants to cast a ballot lor ^ his son. Home Management. Mrs. Mead; Home Industries, Grace' Fields; Discussion. was pelent in adjudged incom- . but bis niece and The Washington allorneys who represented them said the women wcrccbarscd v.-ith attending meet- pcicm in 1:1.11. .'" "- テつキ"--- ....... . guardian certified that he is nmv'ing.-; of subversive -roups. includ- capable of handling his own affairs. Used by thousands in reducinc diets--Junge's Roman Meal bread. ins one "open only to members of the Communist parly." Both denied attending such meetings. Both Miss Deak and Miss Patton 11-19-tf now hold private jobs in Washing- One thing I wish 1 could understand: Why a (armf boy glows up with a zcsl lo leave Ihc old homestead, go lo the big city, and gel rich so he can move back to the farm lo retire. Maybe so 'lis because when a body reaches a certain age he has that nostalgic longing lo go back and try to relive his youth. One. of our lellow columnists tells about dipping his tie in soup with a tent what's already acquired his ulcers. In the midst of the discourse the wealthy ulcerficd one was asked what he most desired in Ihi.-old lopsy turvy world, and he replied without ha\ing lo ; a thought, S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-WHITE' ROCKS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS U.S. APPROVED PULLORUM PASSED UCLPtrmnK nテつォitテつォ ^nv*テつサ ,テつキテつキテつキテつキテつキ TM^" r^ Phoni 347-2H EiLblUhtd 0テつォr IS YMM FM . ptiテつ」M And Truck Delimit! lo Miny LocsliliM | DelJTテつォry DalM SCHUCH1MAH HATCHERY BOX B. APPLETOM CITY. MO. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Year* SMITH RADIO SHOP CHARLEY DEALY BROILER CHICKS FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Phone 1913 U.S. Approved - Pullorum Passed As Near As Your Telephone Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS CITV HOSPITAL Phoni IV.t GAS . _PhomZIM C TT WATEB PLANT Phor. 711 LIGHT AND POWER Phoni1200 Phonテつォ TS FOLICE Phoiw II SUNDAY -! 2-6-8 MON-TUES 2:30-7:30 this year's costs nnrl would stick svilh tlic immediately available superphosphate. The problem is different willi owners who wish to mnkc an application do lor a number of year*. The problem is purtleularly illffcrent in pasture cstnlillshmcnt where the owner, wishes to avoid tearing into hi sod Jiirt a year or so after it is established. Thus in esUblishinK pastures one should apply around 2tテつォl 1 PLUS 12 DOUBLE PLUS watch the star.-: come out one by i one. Me wanted to net away from i the telephone, the clackcty clack j of the typewriter and ticker tap When it was all summed up ,hテつォ i wanted about what Ihc average hillman has right al his back door. I But the hitch of the whole thing , miL- niiuimi n t .(jij ...W....M -- . j s | lr) t that he wanted any such j pounds of immediately available | s iu((, Suppose he had really want- superphosphate lor the first year's j c ,| | n escape? All he would have use. Then he could well afford lo , ln ,| 0 j s KC i his hat and hie forth j apply a half Ion of raw rocki l n |], c | n)) of some mountain a n d ! phosphate lo carry him through' Ihc next f i v e to 10 years. In general crop farming the APOLLO H E R E IT IS-NEW- COULD WIN ACADEMY AWARD No Picture* Shown in 52 with This High Rating FIRST PICTURE SINCE "PINKY" AS GOOD MANY THINK IT BETTER problem Is a little different. The amount of organic matter In the soils determines the ability of the soils to break down raw rock phosphate into mailablc material. The black loam soils of Ihc North can use the raw material much more easily than the light colored soils of the South. They have more organic matter. H'liat is just another reason why we in Ihc South should pay more attention to manure and other organic matter -- lo break down and make available raw rock phosphate as well as the general storehouse of phosphorous and other minerals which arc in the soil in the unavailable state. In general cropping the farmer ran well afford lo think in terms of more organic matter and alsn the use of raw rock phosphate instead of superphosphate. o slay as lone as he wanted. He i.-: j like Ihc Icllovv who tells you he j wants to r|tiil a had habit, yet goes I mountain. In fact, he ' IJIHIW what to do when there except to look at his \ Springdale Mrs. Belli Backus, head of Ihc Junior-Senior High School musk' department, Mrs. Leah Cassady, a teacher in Central Grade School. and Lctha Wilborn, social , science teacher in the Junior High S c h o o l , have resigned. l\lrs. liackus resigned due lo ill health. The Washington County unit of right on indillcinc Ihsrc of The man with the ulcers w be bored to death 01) top ot テつキould Ihe 'ouldn't Rot watch n he could, to rlivc headlong inlo the vicious circle it is somewhat easy lo cct into, but hard to escape from. . 1 Send him "n a vacation for a i-ouple of weeks and he'll be hack . ... ten tlavs. Let them call him ' lo the old homestead to bury his テつキ father or mother, and he can'l I wail until they get Ihe burying over until he's heading back into the very thing he claims is repulsive lo him. Yes. I'll grant you it's a squuTcl- in-lhc-cagc exislcnce. But Ihc life of the man on the farm is routine loo. The cow mii.-t be milkec) though the heavens fall. Come spring, the manure must be spread. Ihe east 40 broke and planted to corn. There's the fence to be mended, the hay In rake, and all the things lhal (log a farmer's footsteps from morn until far inlo tile night. But you don't always have that feeling of being hurried and harried. There are not s" many Joneses lo be kept up with. Somc- ,,, t ,.,,., ,,.,.. -..,-..... times, when you have plowed a j the Arkansas Democratic Women's! straight furrow or built a good I Clubs met Wednesday night al 7 fence--you can even feel sllcccss- oVIock at' Ferguson's in Faycttc- v'illc. Mrs. Glenn Ricketts presided river Ihc meeting. The program t.vas an open forum. Members discussed. "Who Will Bo the Democratic Nnminee in I!lo2?" Mrs. Frank Volaw of Tucson. Ariz.. left Wednesday after spending the past week visiting relatives in Springdale. She visited her mother, Mrs. F,. B. Cummings, and her brothers and their wives, Mr. and Mrs. Krlw.irri Cummings.j and Mr, and Mrs. Paul Ciimmings. | The Missionary Guild of lhe| First Christian Church met Thursday evening at 7:30 at the home ot Mrs. L. S. Pugh, SM Meadow Siren. Mrs. rirmons served as co-hostess. A t the close of the meeting refreshments were served by the hostesses. 'The Wednesday Bridge Club met Wednesday afternoon nt 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Frrrl Mae- Chest'ney on North Mill Street. A desert course was served by Ihe hostess. The Truthscekers S u n d ay School Class of Ihe Flrsi Method- 1st Church met Wednesday afternoon at the borne of Mrs. B. B. nrogoVn on Maplf Street. The meeting refreshments were served talnmcnt. At Ihr closテつォ nf thi\ meeting refreshments were serve 1 テつキhy the hostess, nfslsted by Mrs. firarf Jours, Hurt Mrs. J. W, Phillips. Norman Ivey, who liver. KOtithi of Sprmgdnlr, was relumed lo hi* UNFORGETTABLE STORY OF A CHILD'S DESPERATE PLIGHT that Stopped a RactRiot... テつキhot United Raging Mobs... / that Touched the Heart Beat of an ,' / Entire Nation! MCOUNTIMG-WODIIIN テつキU1IH1U COOMH ""' TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOBS SECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS PHONE 13 H. O. DAVIS. PRES. LIQUORS' . FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY II EAST MOUNTAIN FAVEVTEVILLE, AH*. FHONE 774 CronkthoH Grinding MoMr RibuiMin* Parti Fテつサr All Can and Truck* 7 B (JiitiT- SAM'S LIQUOR STORE Foyefftv/He's Mosf Up-To-Oofe intalu MX ---^.^テつキll^l^iBBBBlPBl^lBBBBBlBB^tH^Pl"**^**"^"******"^*^""""^^""^TM FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. PASTEURIZED - HOMOGENIZED 130 North Wett MUTUAL INtURANCf Mwne 310 Washington County Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Organized 1922 1952"will, be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance Phone 180 209 North Block Street HIWI STAND "TO OUR MANY fAYETTHVILlE FRIENDS WHO CONTINUALLY ASK US TO ADVISE THEM WHEN THE FINER SHOWS ARE HERE ATTENTION Poultryman JUST RECEIVED: A new penicillin to be given poultry in drinking woter. ORAL THERAPY: Thot provides effective sustained blood levels. READY TO USE: No need to prepare suspension. STABLE: For 18 months in aqueous suspension at ordinary room temperatures. Given in all diseases where penicillin is recommended. For further information call at the SpringdaU Veterinary Supply. Now available at your fetd dealer. SPRINGDALE VETERINARY SUPPLY CO. CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Fotmテつォrly Fewltr'i Fruil and Ntwi Stind) "THE BIG LITTLE STOBE" . in FAYETTEVILLE I 412 WEST DICKSON PHONE SM PLUM1IMO -JOHNSON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACT OR REPAIR Corner Spring and School. Phonテつォ 1060 HADIATOR (HOP テつキ^"テつキ~~*'"~ "TM"~~~~^----テつキ HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP LテつォI Hirry inipテつォcl your cooling lyitem テつォnd rtcoodilion youi ridiilor for winltr wtilher. Nテつォw com inlltllテつォd. EAST OF MONTGOMERY WARD TIHE SHOP J2'/i E. Hock SI. P" 18 "* "テつキテつォ ""~ WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOB ALL CAM テつキBテつォr" WhMl Whfテつサl Bllincinf FRAME AND AXLE STIRMGHTEIMNQ I t 3 S. COUIOE, FAYETTIVIlll, ABK. PHONE in S H O E S FOR ^テつキST^OCHILDREN, $4.95 to $5.95 The New ROYAL Family can help You if テつサhテつォe it typing to do. New Italrit. New Stindertf. New PerteM*. ALEXANDER TYPEWRITER CO. SALE! PHONE Ml UHVICt

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