Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 12, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1952
Page 7
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-NO OFFICIALS 9 CAUSING CONCERN I South America; two brothers. Kil , LEGAL NOTICES j \ V . Hutchinson nf Hoi Springs, and ; " ~ NOTICE Lev IlllllinUII I'l |)Vli OJJI !!!,,-%, (UIU I nV Dave A. Hutchin.-:on o! Lnnnkc; I tn^tlirr^u-ith"^ 12 grandchildren nnd two weal I Year HI- grandchildren. : in j·. |;|r i"u Funoral arran^rmenli In fl'inr^c* v]ijc''sr1' of Prison's Funeral Homr are in- : muifi. Cnunu. .u 1 complete. Awaiting word from the ' ""·"[ii^'Vr.' ol DI i ;tnd Mrs, Olint Winn ! Mrs. Olinc Winn, 73. dinrl Hi thr ; City Hospital ypptord.'iy nfternnnn. · · She had been ill since Dcccmher I. i Mrs. Winn \:r*f n retired music in- ' jftructnr and WHS the u-ife of HIP , i Intc James Milrs V/inn who died i i in 1940. She was a member of the ' : Lutheran Church and was a ITM- : dt-nt of Winslow for a number of ; yeai'5. ; ; Surviving her are one step-son, i ; Emmctt Winn of Westvillc, Okla.; : six step-daughters, Mr?. Mollic ' Davis, Vancouver, Wash., Mr.-;. : Dora Johnson. Colchester, IM., ; Mrs. Pearl Davis, San Bornaidino, ; Calif., Mrs. Lela Courtney, and ;:i;i.i;)iH,!i, xM it ihc budget To pro vine H.v 1. w Hmi iiml ih-rhm A. ! FOR SALE.-AUTOMOTIVE I J l l l ~ ~ C l i h V H O I . K T " p i c k - u p Phone 1948 OLDSMOBIIE 78 Club Sedan in excellent condition. Wholesale price $900.00. Can be finn tired. '. Call 459J a f t e r 6 P.M. NORTHWfST ARKANSM HMH, Hy»tt«Ti!l«, Arkiniat fvfvrtfny, J*nu«ry If, 1W1 JMHC SALE--kCAL ESTATF ! I tin. S A I *!--S Ml.'lAI. "t,r-l. "in 1 i"vntrd. St.*ilK» ; (lOOO' H M - f l ' t i r - l *nv 0""% it 11» tm i h,, iirr.~Phnnt'im.l ilti.-vi. r«i-ciltl I :?;W. j I'hnni- liil.1! ·imics .ill i - f i n . . . | r.ouM. rnuir :'. liltXPLORE'lll This Ad I Vc* , 1!:( . tl i c * IA , "ft. nrii 'I'hc I'Vtiarrt nT Uin-i-titrs Folk School IJiMni-l No. Ml tiiRioii Countv. A t k a h«- "NO OFFICIALS . . . oi any slalure arc causing me any concern,' ternal Revenue Commissioner John B. Dunlap tells reporters in Washington following President Truman's announcement of reorganization of thc\ax collection system. Kut he added, "That doesn't mean that , fiarf i cnia Cj , v CaHf . onp n( , [)hew lor Arknn^ib. M..MP rrp.irpH. ;i,i P'.i. somethinp mifiht not pop up tomorrow." The President proposes to in*,.*- M~,.,U~.'._ ·'.!.....i.",.. «»·....'i iinrl h( : r(v})V " 1; . tk(1 ['".I'lh- _ the _ nropo^'i pop ·boltsh 6i collectors and establish 'JO or i!0 district commissioners, with all but the top commissioner nmFrr ci\-il service. (International} "Casual Furniture," Designed To Avoid ' Giving Average Man A Scare, May Replace Modern Furnishings In Your Home 'Mr,. Hazol I.ndon, both of Van- I %F.,"',' 1.H/T AwmhJm .No! couvcr, and Mr«:. Clclla Kcllcy. .'"' t» the Coiisiituiinn oi iiu- Sui . ! of Arkntisitb. M/IM- prrp.trpfl. Oscar, Gramlon, Minn. ! csprnHmirVs'^fur i'i:);r Funeral arraiifiomcnls in charRO "' S4i.B(iti.un. wint-ii mciudrs .-ill i:r ·if Nelson's runoral Homo, arc in- ! "V^'proS 1 ' ior ih« fnroai.ini. P i complete awailinR word from rrl- pnsbri expi-ntiiiurp ihr Ho;?rd nf Di- atives. By SAM DAWSON New Yoi-k-(/P)-Don't ]nnk now Mini Grnnrl Rapid?. Even (ho lower-priced, furniture makers--the James Albert Gray James Albert Gray, RO, retired 1 foreman at the University \vh» ; died Wednesday aficrnon, wcrr held yesterday afternoon at o'clock at Watson's Mortuary hy the Rev. John Asbcll, minister nf the Christian Church. Rurin! was M.M.LM,,: .,m^-, B --i.,i: in thc Mt - Comfort ccmctpry un- but wsiial furnilurc may be coin- ones you can afford to know about j cicr tnr direction nf Nelson's Fun- inc into your life. I--nrc hiring rlrsinncrs In give ' cral Hnmc. It's the newest thine sim-e mnrl- 1 their furniture that casual lonk. ! Active pallbearers were Floyd ' rrn furniture, say the designers. '-. What Is It? | Paul - FrTMk Prince, J. R. Ilairiclci. woodwovkcrs and ptuppcrs for re-| Let's set nnc thins slraifiht i Ira Cook. William L. Hall, and tailcrs. Modern furniture has been i first. A casual chair isn't one that j ^ COI ""C Ccarlcy. Honorary pall-j around now for more than a quar- j ynur wife jusl happens to put he- ' bparcrs were Steve Bates. Jnr tcr of a century. i twecn the front door ami t h e ! ! J a t w - H -, E - Hvorachok. Hu-h! Chances arc your wife alre;uiy - stairs in case you cnme in late i ' IOIK '' J - _ ^ - DowcH, \V. B. P e t t i - ; knows all about casual and is jusl |carryinu your shoes. A easual · ^ 1CU '- C'C°ific Sanders. rank| and you'll find the ' LOWEST PRICES and ihe BEST VALUES 1950 Nosh Statesman 4-door. Overdrive, rcidio, healer. Good tiros. Very jlick. Priced under ceiling. 1949 Chevrolet ^J-door. V e r y nice and priced right. i 1949 Nash 600, 4-door 2-tone. C ' OMIM ' KTE Fully equipped. 1947 Nash Ambassador 4-door. Overdrive, elc. 1947 Noih 600, 4-door. Very FOR SALE in reft I 2 x ? 4-foot new f r o mo buildings suitable for going**, thicken houses, or could be made into small 2-room dwellings. Can bo seen al 813 Wesl Dickson Street. \ Manhattan Construction Co. wmfii. with motor 11' _i-;i!·'·»»Rr._\VrlIft Box J-8I. '.Titnn MMN'HOW .fhoUT : solTl daily. Phnnr SptincnHtc 3MI. O7j»rk Tmul Knrm ,%'rar Johrmnn._^ KLOWKHS---tht Ti'i'~nuis7~Tifp'rr-riii!^(| l.y c v r r y o n r . I'hnn.- :-a;i:i. Uerr.v'i T.S (1FFRKED Hit.. . !l. Wm,l-i\ );j.""^r,',"n",!; ^j^-- »""· '····"·· *·· f'On pJipci 1 hjuj;rr "r p iititftf, i'hon* '· ."U ^ W ·ur,l nn^d.livrr- ( - ^^ "^Q^ " SERV'ICV""6N"~" .yit in cnvviiiiv Hrmit itch ing, Ptcoling, Cov«r«d Buttoni, Button Holt*, Tailored r.ftio nrr. P n Bel:« and Bucklvi. --·-**, . . . I Special At (ft niton giv«n Ma ; l iitii-it Phttnr v.'tj i Oriiert. Satisfaction 9f Mon»y num. ^ h\«ruuhv : Bock. i s,'.u.'i' t V!rr«' 9 ' i: '''j SINGER SEW'NG MACHINE CO ··"^'·'^"Hi~fj(-cp'ATlNG"i B U L L D O Z I N G ; Grovel. Fill Din. Top Soil ' D. M. P A T T O N ! Phon» 249 ^(.'^(Eii Inn't. i room houw. 2 room h'nj::" i;4j. ol^rfrici'y lo tKtw. Cuy 'v^i^r V Hie door drilled wfH- j ; nnv in mr Phnr)» 21MH ^ CHICKEN'RANCH "L : i , I."";*. !/, 3Cf^« fvf JOfWl JjlOfl. Cl'^ · ' The R i t t c r Agency ' i »'. t c.-nirr I'ho'nc IM-H.'W . HOMElND INCOME" The 11 iiH*r nwnt rcKinn ·7.1 n) per month, T^R - *.·; unti m n-iiJ h^ndt* HETTEft ON THIS ONE: Ulley J Company, J. W. Hill ELECTRIC CO. Quality Inilallnn ; · PUMPS . ·POWERi rhon« 24. Wei Forl t.RNPKHS PveAH. :.2(M Rw AM utjfy 21:0.1. n« iwr \vaitins to pull it on you nfler ' s o f n / n r "bed-mi" ' thr I Do ' vc11 ' D ' H ' B °- yci - chnit word of the president of a leading cr, Guy Taylor and Ko M i l l - ! Fan buy.! Black iind Uccl:rr vnlvt- re- . (acme atirl v.ilvc rcse;iii]-,': MM- j rhines. Cuniplc'i- l u n k e sorvicr : cf | ill ·ni" i iil. tinny Hroiuihrr nnd ! Ellin Rubl) ;i!t- ihr new nrrMnrs of DIP KHmRt-. They an- .ippfiiilii-.^l J in this wiirk. All work Kii;ir;uiu-cd ! Try this r.nniKi: fur your :nn i- j pairs. We 11 ccnamly apprccmti- yniir pntmiuiKi'. Curai:" l-if-iircl at | the hack Of Whilcly Sr-i vii-c Sin- ; (I'm. Fro us f'i \ciiir f r e e rsluimics. W h i l c l y ;uiil Son r.-'r:ij-i* nl Whilrly ; S?rvici* Stalinn. corner nl AluuiUam i nnil Sfhonl. l-h'ine l'J.'7. i 1942 D o d g e 4-door. Priced right. 1942 Chevy 2-door. 1940 Chevy coupe. Several other good ones lo pick from MODERN MOTORS ]25 W._Mountain_St. Phone 252 CHRYSLER""" I»H MIGIII.ANIIKII ( ,lTMr. I'lnp »ll»|r. Oriuiiuil ouin-r. At- t) U A U T Y~~A I' PL KS OOI.IJEN ridlnniu. iim Wlnrs.-ip. Insprvtinn invite V.'lfRiins. Alkniua* Cold St "Win ritBe, 01 FOpTlNfiS-- »· I'.i'tlKV ,vpl . Ullk lldlo? DiffRlrIK s Call -.'S-'B Brj , r hrli'f r;i*pi. B-* linns. Inllrl k i t s . rH. A HAMPTON'S AITKV PP QUALITY lj5ED |iri '" ^omc preliminary remark? about how nlrl her KOI of modern looks-- furniture manufacturing compatn rsprcially in what she'll tell you is ;slill rlevolcH lo making traditional Wo Y nB Moon your "casual house." Because i chairs--is -informal, transitional i Bentonvillc-(Spccial)- Funeral easual furniture is designed for and contemporary--the modern o f . "0"'icc with military honors w i l l j PERSONAL the new. the casual home. And tomorrow." ' I hc fonductcd fnr Wayne Moon, a,DKTOHE yini caicli Ilini fjikl fome of the latest hnuses arc MI Or. in the word of a dcsicncr, i Bonlunvillo soldier whn was killed; n'wj" ^"' lhK "^"",'j' ra y" ' 5:i ( casual that you i-an KU in the i it's furniture "adapted lo informal ! in a motorcycle accident some-. _cnijcci : ,_p_ho l ,r_inH. front door and nut the hack a l - j modern architecture, furniture'le-i u ' hcre '" Ensland, January 1. al i ATTENTION most before you realize it. | sicncd In do the most and give i ln:3n a ' '"· M°" lli| . v »' lnc B u l n ^''Vo "pav'vmiT'Vr"iin'l'nm'l' Designers of modern furniture, j the inoM for the smallest space." '· Funeral Home. The Rev. James ,;,,·,, ',,,,. lrPC . however, aren't licked yet h.v any! Since that's what many a house : Overtoil, pastor of the I-list Bap- means. They opened their "1932 huilder seems set on giving you ; lisl . cllur f h ""';· «'''! ujriciate. good design exhibit" in Chiraisn -- the smallest soace--casual may ! Rurial wi " hc m f' ie ' N ' at '° nal yesterday with the blessing of the j he the coming thing. ·cemetery at Kayctlevillc. . Museum of Modern Art of New i It differs from modern by not | f York. And all agree file styles are : being so daring or arresting, by Frtd Roldin p»l. lr).iki Mint f.-'i he "advanced" over 1951--one way aiming at fitting your way of life I'M R i (I g e-(Specia])-l-'uneral er another. rather than al making your house services were conducted yc.-ter- But casual furniture is all the | look "advanced." In short, casual day afternoon at the Baptist rage at the current winter home } furniture docsn'.t frighten the or-: Church for Fred Bnlain. K, resi- ; Hnic. :n- Hi.ihcm-U MI.IB 1950 Bukk Special 2 door. Dynaflow drive. Radio and Heater. 16,833 miles. Like new ....... $1965 P I A N O S KCO.VOMICALl.V PII1CED S O U T H W E S T PIANO SERVICE 302 Soulh Collecj» Phone 3021_- 1332W. TERMS IDEAL'MATfRESS'CO. 212 Virtim.i A.v Plionc iHlUl, · ! FOR *V ' rayntcvillo ! FOR S.M.F OR TRADK r. .'iJn'i-rrilfhU HELP WANTEI)__ $Tnh"MON"tm^'.'~Bp^ r "''" w Auliiniiillc Mori'llii W« mtot or b«at any competition 4tn WEST DICKSON 1948 Olclb 66 Club Sedan.' " Radio and Healer. Low ' AC-WC | mileage. Local car $1195 J, 1 ,'^. 1946 Ford Super Dr.LuAO 2 door. Heater. Clean c a r . . $833 ! 1940 DeSolo 4 door. Really | a good r u n n i n g old | car $350 V A C N K W ' Marlrr. llpht* *!or new hytt vrr. H. M. Prlc Ulc (Iftllvrrv hvrir ' cucrl I'r it, 3CUM, irlc Cr fun markets in Chicago rlinpry mnn for the pnsi "0 j Obituary her ,,, ,ho p»crl In I ! Church and be- Idcnt of Pea VCMf. The I "-.luclo,, ,he »crvic«. Bur... i "' ' ca RldgC ccmclcr - v - ' · Automotive ·FW "Sating ""fuFdwing' j * Health Qnd A "ident · Disking - Brush Rake I ·Pol'Q ·Liability- Ponds -'RoaHs - Clearing W.)I.K.MF.N-S COMPENSATION H. H. JONES Conlractor * p l o t c Glo5S ·Burglary: '"' s ' nfKuRAHCE i Aulomobilc - Liability ! I Fir* - Exttnded Cov»rag»' 1 Poiio - Plale Glasi · 1 WAOi FINCHI* ; ; Arcack_Bldo. »ioni *01" ^TNlURANGE "Ti WITH SERVICE" * · Health and Aceidtnt I Workman! Compenjalion Plain Gloli Burglary Aulomobiln Polio --. i Poullry Fire. ; : liability Trip; j UTLEY · j ; I , _ , · ; j j ond Company, Inc. . . j Gtorgt'F. Caudlf ; . j Vie* Pr«hid«nt 4 Uuurtncf M«r." I i H. L. UHcy J. J- Py«o»t; : . ['rcntdcni Sicrttirff ; T«l«phon^ 2203 · · J. D. Eagle, Realtor. "'BUILT-IN'-QUALITY' NKW in p'^ntlnr rr»ldMi1l;il '.r-',i jt;ilH pa vine cnrn'-r. nnUun' *-ha . Inhiifl. c Ir cnn uy AU'nnJL *LOIC. bunt to iCHiity mid a [iiiitlnunn '( pkrcp. lovely Irtilflt! IMTJI ulnrl.ililf llvmil I'll William Francis Starns - William Francis Starns. 75. of Greenville, Mir?., died .JniKKiry 2. in ,n Grccnvillr hn;;nit;il. Mr. { Stnrns was hnrn in OttuniWH, linva *»nd livrrl most nf his life in l r ny- ftlevillp br'nrr ^oint: 1n Grrcn- villc, two years apn. Hc \v;i5 an interior decorator until 111 yonrs {i^o | ·\vhon hc rctirrtl. HP was a mem- · of Lnke Cliarles, L;i.; mo brother, L. A. Starns of Otlumwa; four snimlchilrlrcn. Funeral services were coiuluL-f- rrl in Greenville, with burial in ihr Grrenvillf! cemetery. .U,; .hrcc Bolain. lioth of Springfield. Mo.; one son, Ivan BUin of Dallas, Texas, and 12 grandchildren. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMMS Phont Celled 2353 ParetieTille, ArkantM Joplin Rendering Co. John D. Tisher Ko^eis-f.^pccinD-Jolm D. Tish- _ cr, 20, rlicrl this morning al Ihc i MATURE home of his sisler, Mrs. Kenneth! \vork C 'o. Tyrco. followinc an illn*;.s of altnitl "tor lahlc n ..... " HELP WANTKH--MALE fKnuiTbilV of aOO miles r.-nlin--; o to mnn Pt-ckin/; pcrmamtfit ninn lion. calling on ni-ij'" scrvin- lionF. Tcrrjtoi-y is partly c*tnh!nh llifih cninriiissuin p;iifl- WrMt: drlnils and si-nd picture. Aiiuc K forni Co., TO iiox 324. T. TATUM BUICK CO. 30 Eail Mountain Si. Phone 213 IIK '' P WANTED--FEMALE fh-c month.--. Hc was niicrainr cif j WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phont Collect 1819 Fayetteville Rendering Co. Jess B. Huichinson j Jess B. Iluu-'ninson, (i:i, tlicti last I iiishl Hi Rcgss, Okl.i.. where he Mr. Hii!i;hiiiHHi was HII electrician his i |lnr w. ,md v.-orkcd here (nr I!,,^rs Elce- SumyinR h,m arc h,s parents, .trie C«mpmiy nnd the University ^ lr - a , ntl M«.. John O. I ,sher of 1 before innviiiE to OkJahomn. He I'· o w c l l ; tH '° slslcr --"' ·'"· 'yTM 0 ' '.vas a inemlicr "f thc Methodist I "W^ an " »'"* «rl 1 ishcr of Church and belonged to thc Ma-I'· o u ' c l l : Rrandparentf, Jeff Town.'end of Lowell, T. E. Tishcr of I Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. Rcna llavin^lon, Convvay. Funeral arrangement.-: in charge of Callison-Porlcr Funeral Home are incomplete. l.icht h .nsonnbli: i' inlriest. ItmK terms ·|,, r i UTLKY AMD COMPANY, · I'linnn X'.n.l "T 1 ^! sonic Lodge. He WHS married to Ihc lonner Mis.-- Nettie Mac Bryant of Nashville. .Sun ivors are his wife of thc home; Ihrcc daughters. i\lrs. Huth Malhcy "t Tulsa. Okla.. -Mrs. B. , \\'. ' , ' u p p a , ^apulpa Okla.. and I Mrs. J. D. Mcfarlanrl of Faycttcvillc: tv.'o sons. Harrnld W. Huich- inson (if Rollins Fork. Mis?., and David B. Hutchinson of Venezuela, Abshier-Bryon Motor Co. "Your Friendly ford Dealer Since 1913" WOULD CANCEL-- CONTINUED KROM I'AOK OKU \vritlen in, but contained no ' in the box. The validity or Fovpral H votes was challenged juftt noon .vestorday. Those whose votes were challenged for various reasons, irregulnr, improperly mai'kcd. etc.--were M a u i- i c c Southern, Mr. ami Mrs. .lohn ::. Mahaffry, llollis Spencer. Pearl Thompson. Poarl Watts, W. Day, H. E. Waggoner, .'"hn 7,. Clark, W. S. Stuart and Howard Pritchard. WAITRESS. 21 YOUNG worSHiP pcimancnl pos if nKP. nil'.hl L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . m.ikc :ni!(i ;md fu us fJiKmro Ihn rhililn fcilr l-'ayrtlrvillc. Married c al employe FOR RENT--_M_lSCF.M-ANrniJS TnooM hniisc, nrw]v~dprornrrd~"|-»ir- i/nivcrirMy. ^0 Ofl Pho Pho 17*JI. «40W rTnicnt. "fill Lrverclt iM. or pan. no nrrt mil of lnv.-n. pnrll.v v;Hifin nr C""f) pitsti. 1 Innil North- uttMhlR cult!- NEIL SAWRRY, B R O K E R : : Standard Really Co. ! 2^ K MounUtin rli-nif 94" -J7ri'..J , On II Prerv' Jnr H lltlnc i RANCH STYLE" Who's For Service Mnrcllu J.iUt». . om, .121 W r s t Crnlcr '. SALESMAN _WANTE1J WANTKIX""npllnblo" hiifitlcr *'· KH : n l)U5illCSK EClllnR consumers i:iHl hmisi-- hold necessities. Suiii- ai;c. nri-uj;.i- linn. rca-rciu-cs. H:iw!i-ieli ?. IH-|)1. AKA-no-Y. Mrniphn. Tenn. ^.^^ SITUATION \VANTI-:»-- f m a l r F0~lf--prnrticnf n u r S j l l R - ( . :i n "" 2C73, Sprirr, ' ' INSTRUCTION '·ijltin 1 h ion. 1 ;, purchase of S K H V I C K STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 N"'U'th Block .St.. or our nsr'l · f;ir In;. Corner Center find Church i LARUR fr«iit 1 HOOM iTiifTir'ni.ihctf rlowiislHini Aiinrtmrnt. 41.1 \'nndrvrn!rr. ATTHACTIVK. 2~ h-rirnnm hninr""iil. tachrri RnraRp. 1,-trrp vnrd. Nrnr l.'nivcisllv nrtrl l.rv^rctl School Pimm; 227VJ. I'lirinc ^!1H.| CI.KAN sinpu' modern lioitfo!" Phnnr .'i ItOOM inoflfrti IUJIISP. close In. «Pd _nv:nvr nl 100 .South Grcgc a f t r r .* - n In-.-Hi'lrn |n ·olorcri Irith [lx Nrr plare nnd t pm-loii^ hrrtnintn sun r'Htni. 1'tVi frtol liviiijt nuini r-iiir nl nm1 InU I \- Ihr IMMI hi Consult You' Classified Service Directory . l hi*a*, j K.:· plrw- iWIL'SON-ADAMS · K nvirirrii rnnch *lylr , _, .j BKAUtY SHOP NOW u^ io*-n. 7 l f. Mountain SL c:oLVAnOSTMBtAOTY BHOP 1 ""* :04 W Mtadow--Phon« 3002 jM.Ti;li_S1 M-iiP. Cold w»Vj t5 up STAt»eb ML riortM* I FOR SALK--HQBIE NURDS j At" A n y Pr'.-r ' Fuller OullH'.li 'Pu-J.i All 1 i'.'i\ it Mtns r.:n i.indni fhon*- i.'Ma : N'OTICE B(-rInir*r;!vrd Moin- .jiray slupt in-.lhs or ^\t for the IninaKf I ivf \rnr RiMi-.Tiilrc. Lewis irt.s CO. Inr FOR RENT p ivriurnt Tlurr N n'tlhlni: In t In rnrnnnrr ss-lth 11. I'ncr has I I rcrl.lrrd I The Ritter Agency ! 1C K. Crn!r-r Pli'in'- r.t./J- ! (ionn liui](iiti« lots (or inlr nnv' icnl Cnrli-! Mtl-nuuhtui. V;ik- Una.I THIS IK IT vrtorl flown. prop;inr K." ;ir,i(jp, rhick'-ti h-nnr. ? , /rod hint-.':. ltirn. l rlctit pcrr-i f:^,^|!r^. pnruf, r r - » ({ra- V Motitli rhil »rUA*4,I Hlnrlt - - ; ANUP ! IIADIJNG IllltlllK H»y or nljihl Cull Glenn n«y SKRVItT Slorn building, wilh or v/ithout grocery f i x t u r e s BROWN GROCERY Ill W. tofoyette. Phone 2 4 1 5 " " ~ ' ~ ' ncrr l.roo.u school bu IN.SULATION--WEATHERSTRIPS 1 DECOHATING--WALLPAPER · ! V/1NDOW CLK/'MING Fully Insured Ciill or Wrltn ROBERT M. SMITH : SAND AND GRAVCL * Hurrka Spnncv LOST AND FOUND find i^ nntr.-i SlclU 'OKICII. Hum, has ni.irkiuRs tinki nuncr. Will I)nv ^7 'fl rmhpri ""ipdrtmc'Sr rt in porch, hpth. Phon f. Ov.ncr .i)'y rodcci I! m.ACK~;nu! LIII'IKIIIII''! .·MISCKI.I.AN'KOMS I plfrc Mine. . nrni i-hnir. 'i'.i [mil. 1 il.u: Ijul ; h M. I. VaiiBh" A r ! r ^ (Mil BI3JI. llcivnr.l MAI-K hliick JUKI v.hil. lnnl it vr-.-ir olfl. I^)$t*K;iM of lov. II row-red. fllCi' Dillrhinnn linullrv l.-.-.lrr ' fiin lort chain and Irni l(.ii;r t-'aj'v i ( l.v, '..Xlra f'urrti.^rd : Will r..MMlrr M..i..on.Tli.f oner. H W C'/iii.plicll. lotiir I. SimoH'lalc. phtin* HAMMOND RFAITY'CO. Tit A \SH)I!T,\1ld.N WANTFD lo K u l ' o r t o n . c.ili- m flirniihrri«pn. ntr/iiiee. On .South W A N T K O . ride lo f^rnin. \vlll help I'nivrrMiv o r ' Ph IM.(;IS i i:!u:n t , I I'lmnc HWi. I ' lUV.IhTHUJJ I- r.iitr Phonr -I02J 2 i;NKi:nNISHKIl ON M i . ' s c n i i ROAD AND DRIVEWAY · GRAVEI. - ALSO TOP SOIL Phone 15HJ und 305; C L A S S I F I E D A D S Ralr-: .I cent* per worrt mnRlc in- ncrtmn Thrrr consfriitive Inscrnnn«. 7 cenl* prr word. Minimum orrlrr 4'.'c ClNMiftrri Arls rnsh in ntlvancc--not taken over the telephone Deartlino lor rlasiihffi ads. ]f) .1(1 a. m flatly; fl;.1f| a. m. 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Especially interested in large quantities, but will buy any amount. Write, stating what you have and your prices. Haag's General Store Rudd, Arkansas c r. c; r u: '_. L.. ni [i '. TIIIII". WANTKII TO IIUV . rni nf ihu .St ( .Innuary 1W2. :l Srho-,1 D t M r x t if Wii-.hiiie(nn C" 1 M'-ATUKltS. nrw I p.ud l ,-ntt,,l IV j m* A \ "line. !;.·» I .SMA|.l7i)nr_wtiee \VA"N"I rn" A" n- Nn y, A r k ^ n ^ Roh«rt ¥.. WlllllMI, W. e. Dm, (Knur *ll-I*«t i:-m Hiiiler. H.-ilrj Drni il" pl.nti.Ki.ipl, m tm Iht NEW Peach Blossom Poppy Irail 01 Bros. Co., Inc. nrilr.,nm unliirnUheil IJ7 ill t u r n . ; IdM I7JM. (wo ludroom unlurn- i UlTil 17:'50. hill. unlit Hfndu! unfurnUhcr] |M 00, furnlihf ft It,.', oo, iwn hedrrnm iinfurnlihrri IB: no n^nrti* laundry nvullnhlp loOshwoflK HIH) huh'y (tltmjt. ' '· tf.tW :A"lfr'fnr"riiifi|fi'n*tn"*ni'y "nTniV Hullhfy A71 l.rv»rrlt Slrrfl " Mr» 1I71J AUTOMOBILE SPECIAL Now is the Hmc to buy a 9pod clean uud car or rruckt..whcn^h«-Q*orktt ii at o if and *rill. l;hoTt stocked my lot completely for the mod rush of the spring purchasers, but if you will buy now you will save. Come on down, take a look, drive ond try them. If I am too high, jew m*. Tacketts Auto Exchange SOUTH 71 HIWAY PHONI 2112

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