Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 12, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 12, 1952
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i llrriu, iiiiiiiinmiiiiiminiiiiiiiiiiiiMiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHituiiHiiiiiiiiininiiiui Society MRS. KATHLEEN DOZIEI llllltlllllllllllHIIIIIIIIMIIIllllllllltllllliiiiiillllllllllilillllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIII Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . "A Sparrow Falls," Fine Arts Theatre, 8 IDrdtr Of Rainbow For Girls, Masonic Hall. 8 Sunday . . . Youth Orchestra Concert, University Cnnrert Hall, 3 Music History Class, University Concert Hall, 4 .Afternoon Of Music, University Concert Hall, 4 Fact Analysis Is Urged By Party Women John Gould Fletcher's "A Sparrow Falls" Firkusny Heard Thomas Rolhrock Of Springdale Named .ohn "Catch-phrase" criticism of cov- Gould Fletcher's "A Sparrow ernmcnt instead of t h o u g h t f u l Falls" at th^ Art Center Tlieatrr analysis of facts was deplored - under Virgil Baker's :l reel ion. by members of the Washington i though il c;m h a r d l y Presented In Fir: 1 ! Of Two Performances In Recital At The Field House By L I L L I A N MASSIE The first pcrfnrnt'uicc' "f Gould Fletcher's "A Sr rolk'Scs and u n i v e r s i t i e s are pru- ' v i d i i i R evcrythinc chr. The f i r r l .scene, beta-pen lhc bride and jituc'in. t a x e d the pow- cis of i h e younR actor?. Possibly, like the last scene in "Cyrano." it Head Of Arkansas Horticultural Society c -- Mcein,;,' h r i o vp.vtenUv, i Br BKITK BE.MVARI) .-».·, Sl.,U- Rudolf FirkuMiy, Hohcmian born '· r I r c t e d pianist, presented the t h i r d pro-; Spnnsdale - at h e r St,irr,r.-i orvlii.i aw. Mrs. Ethel Startler. iou' in HuH.v.-iJIe. Mrs. ; .suffering from J heart rnnyincinR K r a m i t , ' t h c Community Cnn'rn " ~ " Monday University Training School P.T.A. Dinner, Faculty Clubrooms, 6:30 B.P.W.C., Ferguson's Cafeteria, 6:30 Hi Si Club, Clubreom, 7 Washington Lodjre One, Masonic Hall, 7:30 Great Books Group, Mrs. Dclbcrt Swai-tz, 7:30 Women's Club Hears Review By Dr. Philip Trapp 'The University Women's Cluh+- met Friday afternoon at the Fac-i , ulty Clubrooms on the campus, j ]V«f *rc The program on ."The Psycho-; JTiAjIj logical Interpretation of Don Quixote," was presented lay Dr. Philip Trapp, psychology professor as the University. Doctor Trapp . --» /-.-i » reviewed briefly, Cervantes Jam-! A I* M I A ous novel, bringing out the facts; *· **· · · · · · · - · * * · · that Don Quixote is symbolic of all m a n k i n d in his efforts to turn .Jefferson School P.T.A. met in axvav from a tragic present into a the school auditorium Thursday golden past. | at 7:30 p.m. with about 150 members present. After the devotional by John with a Adkisson poured. I The hostess committee was corn-, posed of wives and staff members | · nf the Administration and G r a d - 1 uatc School, with Mrs. T. C. Carl-' Ferquson H. C who The t h f i i i c i^ we adopt the lazy man's · loin nf diffused f accepting and repealing ; an JIRC in which power is just be- \\aste the purpose of that privilege when way others' opinions without doin£ O.T own reasoning." members said. "As Democrats, we must remember, particularly in this presidential election year, that a major part of criticism being voiced now is criticism of our party's administration by our political opponents rather than of our system nf pov- ... . eminent, and is no reason for fear j take orders s t i l l from the that democracy is in danficr. 'sVc '· Apainsl his belter can take a political l a t t l e in this|j n s { m ' country t h a t elsewhere would ' 10 r mean a complete change in basic governmental systems. "We believe a completely h o n - i ""j'Jj ,j lc t n i r d act. Hobinson est a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of government j :;umcs f u u responsibility fnr come when every individual j disaster. B u t . is the whole re- citizen is thoroughly honest . . . j sponsibility his? Is not. Count no la.xpavcr even slightly falsifies j Caspard, who bribed the company his tax return, no salesman 'pads' I to have the plane held, nlso guilty? his expense account, no person ; Is not t h e c o m p a n y . "-' " applies for public welfare unless impersonal powci he is entitled to it, n o . o n e cheats his neighbor . . . and not because one political party ousts «nother. "Any form of dishonesty must be dealt with when it occurs, but [ by^iliVdclay, and suicly he had \vt are determined not to be m i s - j nn right to inconvenience them led by the political motives of our political opponents into accepting their t h i n k i n g and forgcrting vlial JS^^ithcJ^^-^.t^. .jnning In pass i n t o the h;mds of a new ruling clar.s. The priests of this class arc the research scientists who h a v e made pns-ible :aich s p a c e - a n d - t i m e - destroying machines as ;iirplniict:; the niislicrairy is made uo nf the tci-hnic.'tliy trained. At present, however, these men who know arc only cmcrgiiu as a r u l i n g class. They )ld "no. the pilot, wlio represents lhc co ,,, p . nny ,rm lire the nnrl p a r t i c u l a r l y in the second a c l , j rcsniratnry infection. ; in the ,ire. ( . Tim i - . t : ... ., . The program was u n i q u e in t h n t j f r a l u r i n ^ ;.:iiin-il:. !c , , . . , .K 111 ^ 1 '5 ; ihrre were no compositions from f the Jire.i '.honM e; S c.,,- 1 rcco,nplctcly J al, S fy,n K .1hat; l h c ,.,,, ^ M| . |y \^ ccnUll . jcs .| !,",,,,''·,;, f!,,,,,,,; , Firkusny started off w i t h t h e . lions, he y.iirl. Mn7.nrt Fantasy in C minor. K 39ti} R y i n s : a i * l l l i . i * v. which he did w i t h a great deal o f : \.ist land f r o n t i f : : ; r finesse. Following t h a t was t h e - States h;c. p d,: ;\y-\i V n n n t i n n s on a Mmuel by I h e . f r o n t i e r s if k n m v l r d c r hr-r brrn same composer. A l t h m j c h this; opened. Me i-.'Mcd fnr nn-rr.i'ed work lies technically w i t h i n t h e : p r o d u c h n n of f«f»| in i n e r t I'rfeiue of an u ci ea. c - fi)r i h e second act is particularly j effective, h i t t i n g exactly the r i g h t ' middle between the merely FUR- i;cstive and the realistic. His cor.- tinnc:. aie. in geocral. good, though ncrhaps tho.;p nf .Ionics Heathcr- inglnn and Count (laspard are MJincwhai inn exaRgcratcd. Hcath- cringtnn's derby is a bit too much, and nn Frenchman need look q u i t e so French ns Count Gaspard. ·In Corner's l i g h t i n g merits high praise, ar. does it.s realization in i h e hands of R i t a McCaskill and M a r i l y Pctzing. Personals raiiRc of m a n y hijrh schnnl p i a n : nerds and drm:iml: IMs, it abounds in detailed subtle- j ing p o p u l a t i o n ties which ret) u ire lhc m a t u r i t y of. in a spc-i;t] i r 0 u ! an a r t i s t fnr a finished p e r f o r m - ; c i a t i n n member: ;i ance. F i r k u f n y no dnubt had the v e r s i f y tn r e l j i n Pr necessary prc-rcfMiisilrs for p l a y - ' a s a member of Ihr ing Mo?.art well, and he made a n i t r t y . Prti/i^-m (,' itn'ih tlu- ·; .kcd tlir- t;ni- i f . .1 I!. tJn'i'Pi' f . u - t i l t y l u r l r l i - r. a IrH'ior i;tale yoai. rvpr h n r l i m l t u i ; t l n n - l r r - f n r l e t i r c - m e n l Set. Miu-inn awancy left t h i s . mornins for Pensacnla, Fla., w h e r e ' of the h a l l , for his Ecnerous use ie is stationed with the U.S. Air Even though whoever ordered Robinson to wait could not luiVc foreseen t h e crash, he did know t h a t a number of other passengers guiltyV Force, a f t e r spending line w t i h his parents, Mrs. W. W. Swanry. Word h;is been furlough Mr. and d by Mrs. very favorable impression \ v i t h j m t h i s particular number. In th*-; :jn Schubert I m p r o m p t u Opus III), age which followed, he may have o\ or! [ estimated I h r acoustical r j u a l i l y i officers n r e : Max t j j i w l c y of Hi'nt'nr. die, \'iec p r e y i d e n l ; D;m I n g r u i n t Sprins;d.'ile. l i e ; i : u r o r ; K.ul J. A - len of K i i y p t t c v i l l e . .·.e-i-rrlary; I . I t . Rnlhrock o f SprinycUitc. s t a t e m i . t r y 1.1 Other serx ires Sund.iy Sf h iol e.irh Sunday at 10 .1 ;n. ,tr.\ prayer services on Thui.'.d.iy n i n h t at 7:30 j'clock. ! Mu.. Robert C. Reed and ri^uzli- H'I. r.itt;., ^nd Mrs. Heed's par' c i i ^ , Mr. and Mrs. F^iRcnc Wam- ; plf r. of Sprinjificlrl, M n , u-er* I cu^-lr. of Mr. and Mrs. Fre.d Y,. ' Herri Sunday. Mrs. Reed And I ' . n t y w i l l join t h e i r husband and f.11 her. L i e u t e n a n t ( j g.) R f f d in ! C', Inrl.. t h i s wrek, wherr they w i l l ni.'tke their home. Lieutenant ; Rred was recently transferred : f r o m B.'tyrtnne, N. J., lo Jran*. I The G u l f rf California |jc amon( Ihi- fnic?.! fishing grounds in the world. of the su-staining pedal made it impossible to hear the fast pass- aj;^K clearly. , The tour dc fnrrc f°r the evening was the Liszt Sonata in R a d r h l i n n t n H u l l u n r k , IMhL ii iiuuiuvi ui uun-i M ...- J '-.. f ,v ... nuin ILIA uvvii iL-Lvm-u ".-· nn.i. : · . Tf, rnrr iinr tr. Die r might be seriously lnconvcmcncc.11 Zolma llis!:s . ,,,, South Univ c rMt.v " r - ' " ""?"['"? , " '^ has resigned as sixth grade teacher. A motion was made and carried to replace the old stage curtains with new ones. Room count was won by Mrs. . . oo son and Mrs. Adkisson as co-host-1 (jarslarphcn esses. Others on the committee j f o l l o w i n g ' t h e business session, M r 5 -1 Miss J u a n i t a Prater, principal, led - discussion on " W h a t . A Good the Democratic party means,' members said. Mrs. Glenn Rickctts. Club president, presided, and discussion was led by Miss Suzanne C. Lighton. program c h a i r m a n . merely because Count Gaspard was rich and i n f l u e n t i a l . b Play Unorthodox Structurally, the play is u n o r - · thodox. The decisive a u t i u n : · .were Mrs. .luu Covington, *L. D. Triiucr, Mrs. Guy M. Kin man. Mrs. Jacob Sharp. Mrs. Carter Short, Mrs. Fount Richardson. Mrs. Harrison Butler, Mrs. George Stubblcficld. Mrs. Fred Kerr, Mrs. J. Bruce Kcllar, Mrs. K. Burl. Mrs. J.* K. Pomfrct, Mrs. John Shoemaker, Miss .leannctle Scudder, Mrs. L. L. Browns. Miss Louise Chenault, and Mrs. "W. J. Good. Ancient Music To Be Presented In UA Recital i School Can Do For Your Child." She was assisted by a panel of ] parents composed of the Rev. : Arnold Simpr.on, M. W. Slusher, j Mrs. W. A. Davis, and Mrs. W. D. ' Wylie. The discussion emphasized 1 the importance of Christian ideals, h-vlth. character training and friendship between parent and teacher. Various school activities including reading of poetry, f l a n - nclgraph, shadowgraph, art work and dancing, were demonstrated ... , . , and explained by a group of chil- "asnm-ton drcn. The Study Group will meet January 24, at the homo of Mrs, Jack Budd. Mrs. W. A. Davis will An u n u s u a l program of music, be in charge of the program on written before Ifinn will be pro-, "Responsibilities Scaled to Size.' Edited in a public recital given j tomorrow at 4 p.m., in the Arts Center Concert Hall at the U n i ; j vcrsily. All kinds of instr aiH vocal combinations used. Modern instruments t used have been carefully chosen in order tn obtain the n n f l c n t instruments. merit of the period, th' will be used in some instances. Compositions will ^ prc 5 cntcd| engagement of Miss Anne in their chronological order, fiom H ££. f Bethlehem Pa Chinese Composition wnttcn f o ° r ^ t ^ ^5^7^ Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Huntington of Fayettevillc, was announced bv her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. King of Bethlehem. Miss King is a graduate of the University of Rochester, and Mothers March Chairmen Meet At Hathcock Home taken early in ACL 1. when R o b - j v i l l r . mson obeys orders. John Smith':;: appearance signals T h a t the o u t - 1 M r come is sure John Smith concern:*! himself only with companies j which have £onc mil of business; j the plane will crash. Novcrthclesi-, j suspense is m a i n t a i n e d , and the · fimility nf Hobinson's act inn i s ' clear only in retrospect. U n t i l t h e j end of Act 1. theie in ;i ··hancc Avenue, that her husband, SKI.I : K e n n e t h O. UipcF. serving with Prov Company 12fiP, arrived t h e f i t r t of this month in Korea, lie was f o r m e r l y a member of the 142nd Field Artillery in KayeUe- jiram notes it niskcs (he severest demands upon the performer. II mijfhl h a v e been added t h a t it also makes the severest demand:* upon t h e listener since it requires about .10 minutes to play. Furthermore, from lhc viewpoint of the I audience it is not particularly re- w a r d i n g . allhoiiKh to be sure it "'" .-··-»"- 1 J ; , i , pianistic in style and t h o r o u e h - br.. ot Baxter Springs. Kan., are l v ' r _ x h a u s t s , hc melo( , k . p o s s |hili- expected tn nmve here the firsH -. of ihe week to visit w i t h Mr. and , ' Mrs. -Limes L. Smith, Jr. and f.-unily. j Plrinl Hoard reprc.'.entiili\ e; and I W. M. W a t t s and H. O. \rncs nf l - ' a \ r t t e v i l l e , R. T. P u t s of Lincoln. II. II. Homier of Sprinfidalr. A. llardcastlc "( Ornlry. I h i n e y G r a h a m of Lmvcll, a n i l H^rlie.t Russell of n e n l n n v i l i e . directnrs. Not white, not wheat, not rye, hut a f l a v o r blend of all threfr-- Junjje's Roman Meat Bread. JWutuallotwwtxt Hinds ville heme. Lis/t; '· the Scc-onri Lt. Joseph H. DcRoul- t h a l the wcathoi reports w i l l pro-1 line. USAF, hii? recently been as- vcnl t a k e - o f f . T h i n u f i h o u t Act liJsipnprl lo the lODOth USAF Spc- therc seems lo bo n chance for « , r i a l R e p o r t i n g Group, Snndla succe^ful cinerscncy l a n d i n g . ! n a . :0j Albiiftucrfiiie, N. M. Prior; I even afler Robinson deciden not t o this^nmcnl he was s t H l i o n ; lo set the plunc down ;U Gr.iiKl- found m a t inn of theme" which really means t h a t he used il as a basi.s for nearly all sections of the composition. My programming I h i ? number Mr, F i r k u s n y proved t h i s i superiority in t h e mastery of t h e ; I W V P i r h i r n e r l!)lh century virtuoso style. I H u n L s v i l l o foil j A f t e r intermission came a c i o u p Mrs. F,*il Bownia'i has entered F.-iyettcvill' 1 hospital for sur- ty'pc o? d c v c l n p r n p n l i R ' " 1 l i e a t m e n t . r'Sonata a " t r a n s f o r ! Miss C a r m e l i l n Mayfield, d.-ui^h- t r of Mr. and Mrs. Conner M a y field, hns r r l u r n r d to Rirsrllvil!r. J where she is a s t u d e n t at A r k a n - sas Tech. Mrs. ILv.el Bink:- n t d children to t h e i r home in w i n g visit w i t h I he. parents. M i . ami Mrs. (J. M. Mrs. Alfred Hathcock c i l y , ' " sci me oown |u ^»-H at Kc( . s | rr Air Force Base,! ,,,'chopi,,"uTMk 5 ;'th, BarTM : ollc,! Bri.lwr. Mr,. Burks nml chairman for the Mothers March j J u n c n o n I I n . p u u u i * . M j w Hr am| h i f v . i f c .,,.,. , TS|H . ( h c aro rocovcrins from .111 jltatk On Polio, was hostess to 20 r1is-!"TMt tho r v . i i . i s n .u La y D| . jv A , bu trict chairmen of the r ] r i v( ..pomchow he does 1,0, b^c\e it. , the U n i - i l J. i I/' « Miss Anne King ,«E± 5 SiEngaged To An inslru- r I/ .he recorder, I r R inOO years B.C., "Entrance Hymn for the Emperor." to "O Bonne Jcsu" by Palestrina. University music students ivbo will give the program are Marietta Barham, Mcna; Marjorie Bond, ··Monticcllo; Thomas Gray, Harrison: Marion Groff, Pampa, Texas; Eva Jorda, Vienna, Austria; Vivian Jorgcnscn, Rogers; Robert .Torsen- .scn, Rogers; Mary Kay Keel, Newport; Jack LaFcvers. Tahlcquah. Okla.; lluth Moss, University City, Mn.; Dorothy Oswald. Scligman, Mo.; Priscilla Parson, Fayettevillc; Penny Rice, North Little Rock; Mack Walker. Eureka Springs; Mary Jane Watkins, Springdale: Ida Weir. Little Rock, and Neal Widdcr, Milwaukee, Wis. · Neat and Smarllr Styltd Hair- cult and Good Clean Shim HAIRCUTS ONLY 50c WHITE'S BARBER SHOP 405 W. DICKSOH now attending Bethlehem Business College. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Huntlngton is a graduate of the University of Rochester, and now attending the University of Rochester Medical School. He is a member of Beta Delta Gamma social fraternity and Phi Beta Kappa. MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL Girl Scouts Elect Troop Officers i ! Girl Scout Troop 32, of Jeffer' son Sehnol met yesterday after- j noon at Wiggins Memorial Church ! and elected officers for the coming i term as follows: I Sue Rice, president; Barbara Laughlin. vice president; Perry Griffin, secretary; Wanda Trammel, treasurer. The girls divided into three patrols, with one group baking and serving pink and white pimvhecl cookies, another palrol sewing and crocheting, and the Ihird group making plans for the investiture ceremony which will be held in February. In Pakistan, nine yards of cotton cloth must make a year's wardrobe. W A R N I N G ! TO ALL MERCHANTS Several checks arc being forgtd on the Northern Bag Co. Do not accept any checks on this company until further notice. Check series 9921 to 9950 are thai* that are being forged. A n y o n · receiving chtcks with these numbers please notify the local sheriff. NORTHERN BAG CO. Thursday morning at her home on i Although venue, at a coffee! l i'l )CS - they and business meeting. .Jack Joyce, city chairman for the March of Dimes, was there to explain the purpose of the drive and to map out the district." the characters arc arc d r a w n :-hHrply Jn'ouj-h t h n t nobody would be content to have .James He-alhei-ingUm called simply "an "Id man" or Katy "a little Rirl." Mary, the frightened bride, possibly neurotic, is not fully .su fully realized us one In ncneral, however, Dog Lovers Take Case To Carolina Governor I The propram ttaleinh. N. C.-f/Pi-Indiananl | rxrc |i cnl n nih rloK lovers have won a promise from t h e Governor's o f f i c e t h a t an will be made of sev- ral riop m u t i l a t i o n incidents in Walt?, in C sharp minor, and t h c j ' t r o recove.rinR .Scheiv.o No. 2. The program i;lo.«;-| the f l u , ed with a set of fivn compositions! The l l i n d s v i l l n from later periods of musical \ C'liurrh announce.': wrilinjr. Particularly appeal in;; was the Allegro Barbaro by Bar- Mothers March on Polo will beisonagcs what t r a i l during the hour, those who wish; Ulc ' '^y t h r o u s h rehearsals. to contribute will have porch j p r o b n bly would n a v e mucle i lights on. Contributions w i l l u " · " ": - - "-- "' picked up by the rcprcsentati yesterday. The covernor is out of . , the s t a l e on a Caribbean cruise. L-hanges. For onu lhin«. the play l i j A m ^^ fir , f r n m 7i aymon d J. incom. . s u f f i c i e n t l y oul of focus Hint peo- ^ ' who will be properly identified! pic quite as competent in i l e U - i - . with credentials of the drive. Afler I mine as is this reviewer may f e e l ; _ r c i . C L a i collcclons are made, the money sure that the central idea is not will bfi picked up by members ol|t"c ctl ncal c l ue ^ l °" of Ifl' 0 '^'the police and fire departments. M V but » mystical consideration Following the meeting c o f f c c j £ ,, . . , ,, ,, ] was served by Mrs. Leslie Presbyterian rhance in t h e time of services. The Sundiiv School Is now held at i n a.m. each Sunday A n d the Rev. Tom Wilsnn is a whole was! of H n n t s v i l l e w i l l conduct services from the s t a n d - 1 Ihi* first and i h i r d Simdas of point of performance and p r o - j each m o n t h at 11 H.m. crnmminR, and it is scarcely n e w s j t h a t Firkusny in an outstanding I j artist. As one New York critic put j it, "H would indeed br news if a j really poor pianist gave a concert I in Carnegie H a l l this season-I there are so many good pianists ! around." Mrs. M a r t h a ("lark nf S p r i n g - . has linen I h e Riic:.l of her Wright who presided at the coffee service. Meadow Valley Club Plans Hal Sale The. Meadow Valley Home Demonstration Club met Wednesday for a cooperative luncheon at the hav £ l i f e and death. p mother, Mr. Fletcher might i changed some lines. Some of i the verse seems to have been! written to be read silently, not i spoken. An occasion a 1 word j;irs [ in t h e context, for example, "pla-. cate" in Robinson's speech a b o u t . the reason for tho delay. j In justice to Mr. Fletcher, il i should bo noted t h a t there is no reason to assume thai he thought! the play, which he left in m a n u - ; script, ready for production.' Nonetheless, "A Sparrow Falls" | home of Mrs R.B. Maxwell. There dAC! j cr y cs( t h ° f i n c '^sources "'.H'c: were 25 members and two guests! A r t C c n t c r »"calrc far more t n a n present ' K 0 m c Broadway plays which Opening the meeting, the group, na }' c bccn K\vcn there, repeated The Lord's Prayer a n d ! " may not ho out of pl.K-0 tn K - ·· -l p rn j].! remark here thai w h a t regional a n f i c l d of New York, executive nf the N a t i o n a l DOR W e l f a r e G u i l d , urged action to r a p t u r e " c r i m i n a l s viciously murdering dORS." The year of highest U. S. farm was 1H47 when the total niched $17 billion. '2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Brcn. Locker Plant Two Cinturiis Old, Mutual Insurant* Givis You Protittion against th* UnforisitabU at Sinabli Savings · This company which In owned by its policyholriers and operated on mutual principles pioneered by Benjamin Frsnklin, will be pleased to demonstrate how s«v;n(H «re passed on; to these policy- · holders. Stop In, phone, or write, today. The Hitter Agency "Saving* for Pr«f«rr«d Ri»k»" U E. C*nt«r Phon« l«j WALT BEACH Guaranteed Watch RcpaMnfl With ·rw«'l ClMMfl . FAYITTIVILLI. »·«. PIMM UM o»i otr sang "Auld LanR Synr." The call was answered with "a recipe I would like to have." Reports were given on the do-, nations tn the Children's H o m e , and the club's work Jor the past vear. It was voted for each member to pay nne dollar tn help pay ofr the debt of the 4-H House bonds. Mrs. Gus Hcnbest cave a demonstration on the way to make a braided skein of embroidery thread in order In keep it from tanglinK u n t i l used. Mrs. Gcnrce Mankcr received the mystery packafic. There will he a hat sale at the next meeting, which will be held ;it the hnmc of Mrs. Gcnrce L.! Berry with Mrs. A. N. Shivcly as co-hostess. theatre needs most is writers. The I L O A N S Licenitd Pownbrektr Expert Wolch Ripairing ROCHIER'S JEWELRY South Sid* 9qum Announcements · University Trulninr Srhonl Tbc University Training School j P.T.A. will meet Monday fnr its a n n u a l covered dish d i n n e r to br ! held in the Factilly Clubrnnms af ' j fi:30 p. m. Mrs. Tlalph F,. Harnliart j Is chairman nf the committee ar| ranging the d i n n e r . Following the i dinner and brief business session, a movie will be shown ns one of i the features o( the program, i which will be in charge of Dr. : Jennie Ixu Melton. :citr Council r.T.A. j The City Council r.T.A. will · meet Tuesday at a. m. in t h e i office of the Virjil Blossom at the 'School Administration Building. flU r.ummi Mother* Cluh Thr Delta G a m m a M n t h e i s Cluh will mer!, fnr M dessert luncheon at Ferguson's Tuer.dAy at 1:30 f. m. HoKtMjiM will he Mr«. H. D. H»mmnnd unrt Mrs. Jennln Calf. D A N C E Tuesday Night January 15fh Starling Al 9P.M. Admission $1.25 Community Building Siloam Springs SHOE SALE! FURTHER REDUCTIONS ON ALL OUR SALE SHOES Hi Heels Loafers VALUES TO $17.95 Wedges $ 5 Cormellette Delmanette Troy I ing Penal jo Deb Be Here Monday at 9 a.m. Old Maine Trotter Town Country Junior Leaguer Trim Foot Ted Savol Sorry -No Refunds No Exchnages n It 10 y it. U y u t* it In n X .Ih :i ·n :* r- t- II It

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